Sisters: Ch. 03

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The next command: "Date Night" at the dance club. Trading spouses for an evening of sexy flirting, Angelina turns up the heat, and Julia embraces her wild side.

Dinner was quite pleasant, though mostly uneventful. It was a bit chilly that night, and Julie didn't want to sit half naked in a nice restaurant, so the women wore long overcoats over their sexy outfits.

Once we arrived at the dance club, however, I instructed our dates to leave their coats in the car, telling them it would be plenty warm inside. Besides, there was the valet to consider, particularly in Julie's case. Angie had sat up front with me, and we all watched as Matt helped Julie exit the back seat.

She never stood a chance. As soon as she leaned forward for Matt to take her hand, her toga slipped below her gently swaying breast; then, carefully placing one foot in front of the other, she stepped out of the car, and there for our viewing pleasure was her precious pelt of golden blonde hair shining above her gleaming slit.

She was just achingly beautiful.

Grinning like a bandit, Matt finished helping her from the car before handing her over to me, her date for the evening.

Fully aware of what she was showing the valet, Julie demurely pulled her dress back over her breast. Though she covered the nipple, the pink crescent forming the top half of her areola remained exposed. She made another move to cover it, then changed her mind. Giving me a sly smile, she just let it go.

With the girls snuggling tightly against our sides, we thanked the gawking valet before heading inside. After scoping the place out for a bit, we grabbed a spot only a few feet from the dance floor. It wasn't a booth; it was just four tall stools encircling a small table.

Once we were settled in, a waitress immediately came over to take our drink order. Before she took off, though, she whispered to Julie, "Awesome outfit!"

Julie beamed at Angie, who couldn't hear what the waitress had said yet knew from her sister's reaction that it must have been something good. She gave Julie a thumbs-up, and our giggling blonde goddess happily pulled herself even closer against my side.

A few minutes later we were all laughing and joking when I got up to go find the restroom. On my way back, I saw Julie's long legs and naked hip from across the room. A moving spotlight was shining beneath our table, making for a vivid display of Julie's bare bottom exposed on the wooden seat.

Returning to our table, I saw two guys walking nearby just stop in their tracks. Julie's breast was completely out in the open, the lower slope resting atop her toga; her bright pink and very erect nipple a shining beacon that couldn't be missed. As the jubilant guys simply drank her in, Julie sat laughing with Matt while playing with the little straw in her drink.

"Shall we dance now?" Angie asked us all at once. Rather than wait for an answer, she grabbed Matt's hand and pulled him to the dance floor.

"Let's just watch them for a bit first," Julie said, again pulling herself close to me.

I think she was mainly hiding.

They were dancing to "Is This Love" by Whitesnake, which is a slow, grinding love song. While Matt had one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder, her arms were around his waist. They were moving smoothly together, yet their bodies weren't touching.

After glancing over at us, Angie smiled for Matt. "Relax, baby. I'm not going to bite you."

Draping her arms around his neck, she pulled herself against him as his hands met at the small of her back. "That's better," she said, and again they began to move together.

"Are you proud of your wife tonight?" she asked after a short while, looking up into his eyes, then at Julie, who beamed back at her.

"I can't even begin to describe how proud of her I am tonight," he grinned, also looking over at Julie. "Baby, I still can't believe it. Ever since we've been married I've wanted you to be this way. It's almost a shame that the one time you're doing it is when you're on a date with another man!"

We all laughed, then Angie said, "Sweetie, don't think of it as the 'one time' she's doing it; think of it as the first time. I promise you, she'll do it again. Oh, and if it's any consolation, you're on a date with another woman too, you know. Things could be a lot worse, don't you think?"

Grinning seductively, she began to move her ass, sexily rolling her hips beneath his exploring fingers; her sensual movements were like a magnet, drawing his hands lower and lower.

"There she goes," Julie whispered, watching her sister's amazing ass. "It won't be long now, will it?"

"Nope. Pretty soon here, she's going to begin working him over," I whispered back.

"She's going to make him cum, isn't she?"

"If at all possible, yes. She can't touch him, though, so that'll make it harder."

"He's already harder," she quipped. "Look."

Matt was cupping Angie's bottom, and she was grinding her pussy on his obvious bulge.

With a warm, sexy smile Angie said to him, "Mmmm, this is really nice, dancing so close with you. Why haven't we ever done this before?"

"I don't know, but we're definitely going to do it a lot more, at least if I have any say-so," he grinned, firmly squeezing her ass.

"Mmmm-hmmm...a lot more," she breathed, arching her back for him. "I love having you hold me like this. The way you're touching me, it feels like last night, doesn't it, with your hands exploring my bare bottom."

"Unnnh..." he groaned. Angie had captured the flared tip of his cock between her visibly wet lips and was grinding her hips, milking it. Returning the favor, he pushed his rampant erection into her slit, making them both smile. "Yes...this is a lot like last night," he said, beginning to pant. "Somehow, your ass still feels the same. Your tights are amazing...they're like naked skin. Jesus, I can even feel your warmth."

"I know," she grinned. "This is one of my favorite things to wear for dancing. Even though it covers me, it's as if there's nothing there. It feels like I'm naked to me, too."

"The one difference is that last night you really were naked, so I could feel all the way down through your ass. Massages are awesome," he smiled.

"You could feel me there, yet you stopped. Why didn't you keep going? Seriously, why didn't you slip a finger into my ass, or at least touch my pussy? You know I wanted you to. I was so wet, I could feel it dripping down my thighs. Couldn't you tell by the way I was moving? I was trying to get you to go inside me."

"Angie, I didn't know what to do. Boundaries and all that, you know?"

"Your wife sure didn't seem to mind those boundaries, nor did my husband. He slid his finger all the way inside her pretty little bottom, and she came on his hand when he was fucking her pussy. Didn't you see?"

"No, I didn't. I was too busy looking at your pretty little bottom. I finally had your perfect ass in my hands, and that was all I could think about."

"Don't lie," she laughed. "That wasn't all you were thinking about. You were staring at my pussy, too. I felt you move the towel out of the way, completely uncovering me. You spread me wide open. You were looking deep inside my pussy...and my ass."

"Okay, so you caught me. Busted," he grinned.

"Sweetie, you really didn't need to be so sneaky about it. I was spreading my legs and lifting my ass for you like a bitch in heat. I was trying to make it easy for you," she said, writhing her ass in his hands. "As far as what you did touch, did it at least feel nice?"

"You know it did, Angie. You have amazing skin, and your whole body is just painfully sexy. Your ass is perfect. You know that."

Listening to him, her smoky eyes were mere slits. "Is that all?" she asked teasingly.

"Honestly? No, it isn't. You also had an awesome scent."

"You could smell me?"

"Oh, god yes, I could smell your gorgeous pussy. That's why I wasn't even watching Julie and Dan. Your pussy was just driving me crazy."

"I bet you wanted to touch it...and taste it," she said, smiling softly.

Grinning, he nodded. "My mouth was watering."

Answering him with another sexy grinding of her pussy on his enormous bulge, her hips continued their lethal dance of seduction. "Mmmm, and I bet you were nice and hard for me...the way you are now."

"Yes, I was."

With her arms still draped around his neck, she gazed into his eyes. "You wanted to fuck me."

"You know I did," he said, gripping her dancing bottom.

"Then do it now. Go ahead, slide your hands inside. Really feel me this time. I promise, I won't stop you. Baby, that's what tonight is all about. You can do anything you want to me...anything."

Still staring into his eyes, she reached down to grasp his cock. He gasped, and she gave him a warm, sexy kiss; that kiss was followed by a series of increasingly passionate kisses, which led to a long, scorching make-out session. Holding him by the back of his head with one hand, she stroked and fondled his jutting erection with the other.

When they finally came up for air, she trailed her fingertips all along his solid length and over the bulbous crown, finishing with a provocative squeezing of his balls.

"Anything," she said again with a sultry grin, crossing her arms back around his neck.

"Jesus, Angie..." he moaned, sliding his hands inside her tights; one going straight for her ass, the other diving directly to her pussy.

"Mmmmmm, yes, that's it," she breathed hotly. "Do it, baby. Pull down my tights and fuck me."

He pressed his thumb against her bare asshole, and she arched her back, inviting entry. His middle two fingers were probing her slit, seeking her opening, then they pushed inside and began fucking her.

"Oh god, yes, fuck me," she moaned. "After all this many years...mmmm, you're finally inside my pussy. Take it, baby...fuck me...."

As he drove in and out of her silky depths from the rear, his other hand was stroking her clit from the front. Writhing against both hands, wanting more contact, she pressed her breasts to his chest. When he pinched her hyper-sensitive bud while pumping two fingers deep into her pussy from behind, she came beautifully for him, her thighs trembling in concert with the quaking spasms of her glorious ass. Riding it out, she panted sexily through her long, sensual release.

"Mmmmmm, that was perfect," she purred, smiling contentedly upon her return to earth. "Let me go the other way now. I want to feel you."

Turning to face away from him, she guided his hands to her waist while pressing her ass against his crotch. Leaning back, she crossed her arms around his neck and brought her mouth to his ear. "That's what I want, baby. I want to feel your cock in my ass."

When he began to move against her, she moaned, "Yes, just like that. Grind it into me. Imagine that's your bare cock sliding in and out of my naked bottom...then between my wet lips kissing every sexy inch of your hot, delicious dick as it slips inside my pussy...."

So, that's what he did; while pulling on her stomach, he drove his erection into her ass.

"God..." Julie whispered, awestruck. Sliding over, she climbed up into my lap and wrapped my arms around her. Once she'd settled in, she began grinding her pussy on me while moaning, "Is she always like this?"

"When she's on a mission, yes, she can be pretty ruthless," I grinned, enjoying the sensation of Julie's warm naked bottom moving against me. "He made her cum, so she's definitely going to make him cum. She's usually not this vocal about everything, though. She's only doing that for you and Matt. Since she has to make him lose it without touching him, she's just being more verbal."

"What about her arms around his neck? Doesn't that count as touching?" she asked, giving me a sexy smile while bouncing on my growing erection.

"Look again," I said. "No arms. She's not touching him at all now. He's touching her, but she's not touching him."

Turning back to them, Julie saw that it was true. Angie had her arms extended in front of her; she was using them for balance while bending forward at the waist to grind her ass against Matt's erection.

Noticing that Julie had left her seat to take up residence bouncing in my lap, Angie looked over her shoulder at Matt. "Your sexy wife is watching us, and she's riding my horny husband. Go ahead, baby, do it. Pull my tights down, then hold me up by my breasts and fuck me with your hard cock."

"Oh my god..." Julie moaned, squeezing my shaft with her naked pussy; she came so hard, I felt it drenching my pants.

With his stunning wife still writhing in my lap, Matt slid his hands up Angie's stomach until he was cupping her breasts through her top. She was clearly becoming impatient; shimmying her hips, she took it upon herself to tug her tights down to her thighs. Using her hands to press her smooth cheeks around his bulge, she squeezed him as he moved against her naked bottom. When he pressed his arrowhead-shaped tip to her tiny star, she moaned, "Oh, god yes, you want to fuck me in the ass? Baby, I love being taken in my ass. Can you see it? Does it look nice and tight for you? Mmmm, I can't wait to feel your long, thick cock pushing all the way inside my hot little hole...."

Matt finally gave up the fight. Shooting off like a Roman candle, just one pulse after another, he soaked his entire crotch.

Leaning back, Angie cupped his face and kissed him on the cheek. "That was wonderful," she said, slipping from his arms. After pulling her tights up, she moved back to our table and took a seat, leaving Matt standing in a daze at the edge of the dance floor. Appearing totally wiped out, he stumbled over to us before plopping himself onto his bar stool.

"Holy fuck," he said, smiling goofily.

Angie gave Julie a smug little smirk. "See? Completely harmless. I always knew he would be easy."

"You are one wicked woman," I said, which she correctly took as a statement of admiration.

"Come on," she grinned to Julie, grabbing her by the hand. "Let's go to the bar and get some more drinks. We need to show you off now. It's time for my sexy sister to break some hearts."

Matt and I watched as Angie led Julie around the dance floor, until they leaned up against the bar and called to the bartender.

What an amazing sight that was, those two sisters standing at the bar, each with one leg raised on the low foot railing. Angie's lush, curvy ass was awe-inspiring; so rich and succulent, with a beautifully defined deep split. Julie's gorgeous bottom was a whispered rumor, her nudity revealed ever so temptingly beneath the translucent white silk. Since it was her left leg she'd raised, the majority of that smooth cheek was kissed by the open air.

Handing the girls their drinks, the bartender stood frozen in place as the two sisters leaned into him. Julie's breast was fully exposed again, the fact of which Angie made abundantly clear when she reached over to cup it and jiggle it for his benefit. When he shook his head and laughed, the girls turned to face each other. Julie's toga was hanging quite low, leaving one breast completely uncovered. Seeking assurance, she glanced back to our table; she appeared nervous, certainly, yet clearly thrilled as well.

She looked like Grecian antiquity; a fountain goddess offering her bounty to the dancing cherubs below.

The girls laughed and carried on some more, then Angie led Julie out onto the floor where they began dancing wildly together to Eddie Money's "Shakin'," totally apropos of the moment. Angie's arms were high above her head, her hips flying. Unable to resist the temptation, Julie cupped her sister's breasts and started bouncing them around, making both girls laugh like crazy.

Dancing her way behind her sister, Angie began moving her hands up and down Julie's thighs, exposing her bare ass and shining pussy in the glow of the dance floor spotlights. A laughing Julie pulled Angie's hands around her waist, holding her sister close against her back.

Together they moved, crotch to ass, until finally Julie raised her arms above her head, inviting Angie to slide her hands inside the toga. Laughing again as her baby sister attacked her breasts, Julie began grinding sexy ass-circles against Angie's pussy. Angie pulled hard on those gorgeously erect nipples, making Julie gasp, then she dropped quickly to her knees. Lifting the toga, she cupped Julie's golden bottom with both hands and spread it open. Placing her blonde playmate on vivid display, she leaned in and gave her sister's dancing pussy a wet, hungry tongue-lashing before jumping up to gyrate wildly again within the exuberant embrace of our giggling goddess.

Her eyes flashing with desire, Angie draped her arms around Julie's neck, their lips meeting in a fiery kiss. Grinding against each other as Julie squeezed and fondled Angie's nude-seeming bottom, their fluid movements were sheer erotic poetry.

After allowing her sister an entire song's worth of sexy ass-groping, Angie grabbed the first guy she could reach and pulled him over to Julie's backside. Setting his hands on Julie's hips, she helped them find their rhythm together before dancing her way back to our table.

"Having fun?" I asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"One down, one to go," Angie said, returning my grin.

"Dude, is she...she isn't seriously going to..." stammered Matt, thoroughly tongue-tied.

"Yes, she is," I laughed. "Watch. Julie's going to make this guy cum in his pants without even touching him. I guarantee you that's what they were giggling about together at the bar."

Giving Matt a sexy smile, Angie nodded. "Yep. Your wife is going to be so hot, you won't believe it."

A few feet away, Julie was alone with her guy. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Julia," she said, grinning at us.

"You look incredible tonight, Julia," he said, moving against her hips.

"I feel incredible tonight," she laughed, pressing her ass against his cock; which, as she pointed out to us with a perfectly smug look, was just as hard as Matt's had been when he dry-humped Angie. Keeping her knees together, she began gyrating her hips in those same gorgeous little ass-circles.

He slid his hand down her thigh, then back up to her bare hip. "What happened to your panties?" he asked bluntly. "Not that I'm complaining," he added, giving her ass a gentle pat.

"We decided it would be sexier to have me go pantiless tonight," Julie said, giggling at us.

"It definitely is, but who's this 'we' you're talking about?" he asked, subtly pulling up the back of her dress to check out her bare ass.

"My sister, mostly. You just met her. She's not wearing any panties either," grinned Julie, and Angie blew her a kiss.

"Her? For real? That amazing brunette who just licked your pussy is your sister?"

"Yep! She's completely crazy, huh? That's my baby sister Angelina, and the blond guy next to her is Dan, her husband. The other guy, the one with his jaw practically hanging down to the floor, that's my husband Matt," Julie said, pointing us out one by one.

We all waved or nodded; in return, he offered a confused smile.

Grinning, Angie said to him, "We're doing Date Night tonight, and you're the lucky guy who just happened to get the first dance with my gorgeous sister."

"What's Date Night?" he asked, leaning into Julie.

Giving him a slinky swish of her hips, she giggled, "I'm on a hot, sexy date with my sister's husband, and she's on one with mine!"

"Seriously? Are you guys swingers? I mean like swapping spouses and having orgies and all that?"

"Yes, no, and not yet," smiled Julie, which made us all laugh.

"Julia, god, then let me fuck you. As sexy as you look, and with the way you're dancing, you have to want to fuck."

She moved against him, wantonly grinding on his dick. "Yes, I do. Wearing this tiny thing, believe me, I'm going crazy. I want a hard cock inside my pussy so badly right now, I can almost taste it. It isn't just that I want to fuck; I need to be fucked. But here? Now? That would be pretty bold of us to have sex right here in front of everybody, including my husband, don't you think?"

Julie had discovered a power she never even knew she possessed. Even better, she was clearly loving it.

"Whatever!" he blurted. "I could take you out to my car, or we could do it in the bathroom. I don't care where we go. Let's just fuck. You're too gorgeous not to!"

Turning sidelong to our table, Julie leaned against her partner to clutch his cock with her ass. Then, grinning at Angie, she flipped her toga up onto her lower back. "I can't touch you, and you can't put your bare cock inside me, but until this song ends you can do anything else you want to me."

Taking that as a green light, he pulled out his erection.

I started to get up, but Angie put her hand on my shoulder to stop me. "Wait. Let her work this guy. She knows what she's doing. Let her first time be a success, with no drama."

I sat back down, watching to make sure the guy didn't try to penetrate her. Matt was also on edge, staring intently, and Angie told him to wait too.

"Just watch..." she said.

Julie smiled when the guy slipped her strap over her shoulder, causing her toga to fall to her waist. Suddenly she was topless, and with the bottom of her dress pulled above her hips she was for all intents and purposes dancing completely naked. When she felt his bare cock touch her pussy, she looked back over her shoulder. "Remember, you can do anything else, but you can't go inside me. Got it?"

"C'mon, I'm dying here! I swear, it won't even take long. Let me just fuck you for the rest of this one song."

"Sorry, but rules are rules," she said, grinning again when she felt him slide his naked cock through her ass crack, wedging it inside.

"You're the hottest woman I've ever seen," he panted into her ear, reaching around to fondle her bare breasts.

"And you have a great cock," she said, arching her back while holding her arms high above her head. Pressing her breasts into his hands, she writhed on his dick. "Mmmm, you feel amazing in my ass," she purred, dancing her tight, beautiful bottom up and down his shaft.

She wasn't touching him, and his humping of her ass had become frantic. He was simply mauling her breasts, making her moan. When he slid a hand down to her shining wet slit and started caressing her pussy before slipping two thick fingers inside, she looked back over her shoulder again. "God, I want your cock, not just your fingers," she breathed sultrily. "I want to let you fuck me, but now I need you to cum for me, right here on this dance floor. You know you want to cum on my bare ass, so go for it. Let me feel it, baby. Do it. Cum all over me."

"Arrrggghhhh!!" he groaned, shooting rope after rope of thick cum onto her golden bottom.

Turning to face him, Julie ran her fingertip through a trail of cum on her hip and brought it to his lips. Bewildered, he took it into his mouth, where she held it until he swallowed. Then, as he watched in stunned disbelief, she stuffed his cock back into his pants and zipped him up. Giggling cutely, she used his shirt to clean the rest of the cum from her ass.

"That was a lot," she smiled happily, pulling her top over her shoulder. Once her breasts were somewhat covered again, she shook her hips, enticing the shimmering silk to flow in gentle ripples down her dancing bottom. "Thank you, sweetie. You were great," she grinned, giving him a kiss on the cheek before sashaying back to our table, leaving him standing alone on the dance floor.

We raised our glasses to him, and after nodding his acknowledgment he disappeared into the writhing throngs of people.

Shaking from excitement, Julie exclaimed, "That was awesome!"

Angie gushed, "See? I knew you could do it! You were the hottest one out there by far! Wasn't that a total blast?"

"It was amazing! God, this is the most fun I've ever had dancing! We have to do this more!"

Happily running her hands through her hair, she gave Matt a gorgeous smile. "From now on, I'll be as hot and sexy as you've always wanted me to be. You just watch, baby. You'll see. Whether it's for the two of us going out together or for the horny guys at my work, or even if I'm only picking up a few things from the store, I'm going to start 'dressing to impress' like this every day." She glanced down at her bare breast, which had again escaped her little toga. Leaving it fully exposed, she grinned, "Okay, maybe it won't be quite this revealing every time, but it will always be something really sexy."

"Won't the guys at your work just love that!" laughed Angie.

Grinning, Matt nodded. "They'll totally freak, and so will all our friends. Jesus, baby, it'll be awesome. You are just going to be constantly turned on."

Julie smiled as she reached over to rub his cock. "Oh, absolutely. I'll be ungodly horny, and you better be ready for it. Which reminds me, there will be no more staying home for us every night. When the weekend comes, that's our time to play. If I'm going to show off my body and flirt the way Angie does, then Friday nights and maybe even Saturday nights too are for taking me out dancing!"

"You'll definitely hear no arguments from me. Hey, what are you doing? Don't stop!" said Matt when Julie pulled her hand away, making us all laugh.

Julie giggled, "By the way, Angie, did that one count? You said we had to make them cum in their pants, but my guy took it out of his pants!"

Laughing softly, Angie gave her a loving hug. "Baby, seeing as how it was your first time, I think we'll go ahead and let that one slide." Lingering in their sweet embrace, she affectionately caressed her sister's bare back all the way down to her naked bottom. "Besides, you didn't take it out. He did that entirely on his own. You never touched him, yet you made him cum. That one definitely counts."

"Mmmm, your hands feel so good. I love your touch," Julie purred, painting fingertip circles of her own on Angie's bare shoulders.

"It feels good to me, too. Your skin is so perfectly smooth and sexy. I just love you in this dress," Angie said, giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. "You do need to be a little careful, though. When you're naked like this, wearing a really short skirt with no panties, you don't want guys rubbing their bare cocks against your pussy...unless that is what you want, then go for it!" she grinned, playfully tickling her sister's ass.

Julie nodded enthusiastically. "Oh, without a doubt. If that's the way men are always going to respond to seeing my pussy, I'll never wear panties again. Girl, you are definitely taking me shopping tomorrow for some sexy mini-dresses and a whole closet full of the tiniest skirts imaginable. I'm talking the shorter the better. God, just look how horny our husbands have been for me tonight, and now that guy too.

"Speaking of which, I still haven't danced with my date. My wicked little slut of a baby sister got to dance with my husband - if the two of you basically having sex can be called 'dancing' - and I made a guy cum, but I haven't gotten to dance yet with your husband. C'mon..." she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me onto the dance floor.

"I guess I'm going dancing," I said to Angie, with a dopey grin.

"It'll do you some good. You could use a little loosening up there yourself," she laughed.

Julie led me to a quiet nook, where she crossed her arms around my neck. After slipping mine down to encircle her tiny waist, we settled into a nice slow groove, until finally I said, "Julie, you really do look absolutely incredible tonight. You're every man's fantasy of the perfect California blonde."

Gazing up at me, her dreamy expression melted into a warm, sweet smile. "Thank you, and I really mean it. Thank you so much. You don't know how exciting all this has been for me. You're with Angie every day, so you probably can't even imagine. I swear, I never would have believed any of this. Okay, maybe the massage. That was incredible, but at least it was only the four of us. I can sort of see how I might let something like that happen. This, though? Shy, conservative Julie, wearing this dress in public? No way. Dan, people have seen my pussy tonight, and I was just dancing topless with a total stranger. I let him fondle my breasts and finger my pussy. I even let him put his bare cock in my ass. My god, I almost had sex with him."

"I know. I saw everything. You were amazing."

"He kept asking if he could fuck me! Just like that. 'Can I fuck you, Julia?' He really wanted to fuck me, right there on the dance floor. He was going to do it, too."

"Did you want to?"

"Honestly? I don't know. Since we were only playing a game, the thought really never crossed my mind. I knew the rules, so I didn't even think about it. I was on autopilot, just playing the role. You heard me tell him that I wanted him to fuck me, but that was only to help make him cum."

"Okay, but now that you're somewhat removed from the situation, what do you think?"

"Would I have liked for him to fuck me? I was certainly more than horny enough, so yeah, maybe. Oh, c'mon, who am I kidding? Of course I wanted him to fuck me. It would have felt incredible to let a total stranger fuck me on a crowded dance floor. The thing is, it wasn't about having sex there, so I really didn't feel that kind of horny. I was more excited and nervous, like I was on stage in a play and didn't want to mess up my lines."

She pressed her pussy against me before reaching down to squeeze my growing cock. "Mmmm, now I am feeling that kind of horny. I want you to fuck me," she said, her eyes smoldering.

Grinning, I took her ass in my hands. "How do you feel now though, overall? Are you glad we're playing this game, or are you really just going along with it to keep everyone off your back about being a prude?"

"Ooooh, you are such a tease. God, I can't wait to get you in bed tomorrow morning," she smiled, releasing my shaft to cross her hands back around my neck. "At first, yes, I just didn't want to be the wet blanket to everyone's fun. I know how Angie is, and I know how you are, obviously."

I immediately halted my caressing explorations of her sexy bottom. With another guilty grin, I returned my hands to her lower back.

"No, Dan, I didn't mean it like that. I want you to keep touching me. Please, put your hands back where they belong," she said, sultrily breathing it in my ear. When I returned my fingertips to her supple bare globes, her ass did a happy dance. "There, that's better. Now don't stop," she smiled, after I gave her a few firm squeezes. "Anyway, I just meant that I know how you and Angie are, and believe me, I'm not complaining. I love the way you're always so sexual, and I would never want you to change. I also know how badly Matt wants me to be more like Angie. He says it's not about her, but I'm not stupid. Of course it's about her; she's the most obvious comparison. It's a weird thing, too, with us. She's my baby sister, yet I've always looked up to her. She's the smart one. She's the hot, exotic-looking one with the big, full lips and that comic book body. She's the one with the great job. She's the adventurous one who does whatever she wants and always gets away with it."

As we moved together in our quiet little alcove, Julie was grinding her pussy against me while I continued to explore her naked bottom. After a few long moments of seductive silence, I looked deep into her eyes. "You really don't know how beautiful you are, do you?"

"Me? C'mon, you know I've always just been the older one...the blonde one. She's always the 'better' one. She always leads, and I always follow. I'm tired of that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not tired of her; it's not her fault. I'm sick of myself for always being so weak and passive. I hated how you all tried to coddle me when I wanted to wimp out on this game. I don't want to be that person anymore.

"The point being, no, I'm not doing this just to make you guys happy. It might have started out that way, but now I'm doing this for me. I'm having an absolute blast learning how fun it is to let go and enjoy feeling sexy. I never want to go back to being the old Julie."

"I don't think you have to worry about that," I said, letting the side of my hand linger in her warm divide. "I know Matt is totally on board with this, so I doubt you'll ever get any flak from him about it.

"The one thing I would tell you, though, is to try to keep your head on straight. I know it will be difficult at first since you're new to it, but the main thing is not to abuse this new toy you have. Don't use it to hurt people. Also, don't use it as a weapon against Matt. If you do - if you use it as a reward and punishment thing - he'll soon grow to resent it. Just enjoy it, I guess is what I'm saying. Enjoy those moments when you can make yourself and others happy simply by sharing your beauty. That's a tremendous gift."

"Do you really think I'm beautiful in this dress, and not just slutty-looking?" she asked, staring up hopefully into my eyes.

"You're both, and the best kind of both. You're breathtakingly beautiful; even you must realize that now. Yes, you also look spectacularly slutty in that dress, especially when your breast comes out, but it's such an unusual look that you really don't seem slutty, at least not in the way we normally think of it. You're just incredibly desirable and other-worldly sexy. You're like a vision of feminine beauty; it's as if you aren't real."

"That's always the effect Angie has," Julie said, sighing wistfully. "I've seen her do it to people my whole life. I want that."

"You have it, Julie; you always have. You've just kept it hidden away. If you want to enjoy it, simply let it out."

"I will. You just watch. I swear, you don't know how much this means to me, what you and Angie have given me this week. This is the Julie I've always wanted to be.

"Oh, and what's all this about taking sexy pictures of us later, hmmmmm? Are you sure you two aren't swingers? I have to say, I'm beginning to wonder. In fact, I think you're both nothing but a couple of horny little devils."

Giving me a dazzling smile, she added, "Again, not that I'm complaining."

She was loose and relaxed in my arms, seemingly without a care in the world, including the fact that her bare breast was exposed again, just begging to be kissed as we swayed back and forth to the music.

"You really love seeing them, don't you?" she smiled, noticing where my attention had strayed.

"Yes," was all I could say, staring like a lummox at her gorgeous nipple.

"Why? What's the big deal? You've seen a million breasts before, and Angie's are so much better than mine."

"Julie, your breasts are beautiful. They're every bit as perfect as Angie's. They're just as flawless, and they fit your body the same way Angie's fit hers. Believe me, most breasts are nowhere near as gorgeous as yours. You truly have a world-class body, including your stunning breasts."

Grinning, she glanced down at her exposure. "So will you be taking pictures of them? Are they part of your master plan?"

"Honestly, I hadn't gotten that far. I guess my fuzzy idea was just to see how everything flows, then we'll go with whatever the mood dictates. I'm fine with anything you want to do."

"Well, I hope you do take pictures of them."

"You do?"

"Yes. I want you to take pictures of my breasts, and of my whole body. I hope you make me look beautiful, so I'll have a wonderful record of this night."

"Count on it. With subjects like you and Angie, I can't help but produce beautiful pictures."

"Okay then, let's get out of here. I'm totally turned on right now, so this is the perfect time to do it. Let's go take some sexy pictures," she said, tugging on my hand.

Heading off in search of Angie and Matt, we found them right where we'd left them, talking quietly together at our table.

"Hey, you two, it seems our hot blonde here wants us to head back to the ranch," I grinned.

"Yeah, let's go," smiled Julie, lifting her dress to press her bare bottom against me. "We still have one more command to fulfill tonight, remember?"

Hoping to get a rise out of her sister, Angie said, "Ah yes, hubby's sordid pictures. How could we ever forget? Honey, do we need to drag out the whips and ball gags again?"

Julie didn't even blink. She just kept smiling while grinding her ass in sexy circles on my obvious erection.

Angie laughed, "Hello? Is anyone home?" Snapping her fingers in Julie's face, she turned to me with an incredulous look. "She's like a happy zombie now. What did you do to her?"

"Don't blame him. It was mostly you, beautiful girl, and thank you," Julie said, pulling her close for a grateful hug.

Angie gave her sister a tender kiss before silently mouthing to me, "What's gotten into her?"

With a proud smile I made a motion of taking a picture.

Pressing her lips to Julie's shining blonde hair, Angie subtly nodded her understanding. Returning my smile, her eyes fairly sparkled with mischief.

~to be continued~

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Submitted: July 06, 2014

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Stunning ....really enjoying this ..... keep em coming

Mon, July 7th, 2014 8:05am


The final chapter of "Sisters" will post tomorrow. As you might imagine, it ends with quite a bang. :-)

Mon, July 7th, 2014 7:36am


Speechless and horny. Can't wait for more!

Mon, July 7th, 2014 10:58am


But see, that's okay. Speechless can still work with horny!

Mon, July 7th, 2014 7:37am


You have captured the moment... With a hot, delicious style...

Wed, July 9th, 2014 8:59am


And I finally learned how to reply to your comments! Woohoo!

Wed, July 9th, 2014 6:45am

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