Sisters: Ch. 01

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Competition breeds...? (Note: Because the ending of this chapter got cut off, I'm reposting this one in its entirety.)

This is the second series from a group of nonfiction stories that begins with "Angelina" and concludes with "Stacey."

~ ~ ~

There we were, staring daggers at each other. They were friendly daggers, but daggers nonetheless

Strange lot, the four of us. We were childhood friends, having grown up together. As adults we lived apart, separated by four hundred miles of California coastline. Angie and I lived in San Francisco, while Julie and Matt made their home in Los Angeles.

For as long as any of us could remember, Angie and Julie were hyper-competitive with each other. Even though they were as close and loving as two sisters could be - stepsisters, in their case - they just hated losing to one another.

Maybe part of it was the fact that they were total opposites.

Despite their similar Sicilian ancestry Julie was fair of skin, with long, curly blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes; combined with her trim, athletic body and beautiful B-cup breasts, she looked like the prototypical California Golden Girl. She dressed like one too, her usual attire consisting of casual jeans or shorts, tennis shoes or flip flops and a t-shirt.

Angie on the other hand was Classic Italian Bombshell, with her darker olive complexion, luminous raven hair and full D-cup breasts. She had a much curvier figure, and whether we were at home or out in public she almost always wore stylish, sexy clothes.

Their personalities couldn't have been much more opposite either.

Julie was lighthearted and fun-loving, yet naturally cautious. When it came to sex, she was always a bit shy and reserved, preferring lights-off cuddling to wild, impulsive romps. Very much a people person, she lived to laugh and had lots of friends.

Again belying their sibling status, Angie was serious and intense. Considerably smarter and quite a bit more educated than her older sister of two years, she was much quieter in public. She was also a lot more aggressive, particularly in terms of competing. She absolutely loved to debate, and always had to win. Sexually, she was very confident and adventurous; little was beyond the pale for her.

Besides their maiden name, about the only thing those two sisters had in common was their obsessive competitiveness with each other.

In Angie's case that competitiveness also extended to Matt, Julie's husband. While the sisters were highly competitive with each other, the feeling of constant competition was even stronger between Matt and Angie. In fact, I'd wager that Angie would have rather lost to Julie than to Matt, and that's really saying something.

Speaking of wagering, it was a silly bet that started everything.

~ ~ ~

"Hey, little sister!" came Julie's happy voice through our speaker phone. "How would you like to have your big sister and her hubby come visit you guys for a week?"

"That would be awesome!" Angie exclaimed. "What's the occasion?"

"Matt has a week-long business seminar in Marin and we thought it would be fun to have me come along, you know, kind of like a mini-vacation. We figure we'll grab a hotel somewhere up there, but we can't go to San Francisco and not spend some quality time with you two lovebirds, right?"

"Definitely not. Don't be ridiculous, though. You guys are going to stay here with us. We have an empty guest bedroom, and we'd love to have you."

Two weeks later the four of us were sitting together at a nice harbor-view table in the airy, bustling dining room of Scoma's on Pier 47, enjoying an excellent dinner and a beautiful sunset on the water. After the usual pleasantries had been dispensed with and the wine had begun to lube everyone's tongues, the friendly bantering commenced in earnest.

The topic was Trivial Pursuit, which prompted Angie's teasing pronouncement that she and I as a team had never lost.

Matt laughed derisively. "Yeah, so? You're just along for the ride! Look at you taking credit for it, when we all know he's the one who answers nearly every question. The only ones you always answer are the movie questions and the 'Sports and Leisure' things about alcoholic beverages."

"Oh, bite me," said Angie, rolling her eyes. "I could beat you straight up."

"Great, and what are Dan and I supposed to do while you two idiots pound away at each other?" Julie asked.

"Fine," answered Angie. "Girls against boys. You guys up for it?" she grinned, putting her arm around Julie.

"Fine by me," I said.

"Fine by me too," smiled Matt. "You realize you have no chance against the two of us, right? Julie, what about you? What do you say?"

"Sounds fine to me. What do I care? It's just a silly game. It's not like we're playing for anything important."

"Ah, the built-in excuse," I teased. "'We weren't even trying, 'cause the game doesn't matter!'"

Man, Angie hated being teased about losing. Her dark eyes burned liked hot coals. "So what are the stakes then, smart ass?" she asked, her tone fairly dripping with sarcasm.

"What would you like them to be, sweetie?" Matt replied condescendingly.

"Oh, so it's 'sweetie' now, is it? You're that cocky about this, now that you've got Mister Trivia Geek on your side? Name the stakes. We're in."

Stiffening, Julie turned to Angie. "Whoa, hold on. I'm not agreeing to just anything here, not without knowing what it is first. I want some input in this too."

"Fair enough," I said. "Okay, how does this sound: We all pick the stakes."

"Oh, and how does that work, exactly? I know how you think. You're up to something, and knowing you, it's something totally perverted," Angie grinned.

"No shit," Julie said, smiling at me. "What's spinning through your devious little brain this time? I'm not running naked through a car wash, you freak."

She threw a crouton at me to punctuate her point.

"No, no, trust me, ye of little faith," I shot back. "You're so worried about me and what I'll pick for the stakes? As usual, I'm way ahead of you. I have it all figured out so that nobody can piss and moan about it. Like I said, we're all going to pick the stakes, and here's how we'll do it: We're each going to write down a command to the losing team."

"A command?" asked Angie.

"Yeah, a command. Or a set of instructions. Or a dare. Whatever you want the losing team to do, write it down. We'll each write down three things on separate pieces of paper. We'll throw all twelve things into a hat, and the losing team has to pick one each day. Just make sure you don't go too crazy with what you write down since you're going to have to pick blindly from the hat, and you may end up having to do your own command. See? We all pick the stakes, including you, Julie."

"What if I don't want to do the command?" she asked, ever the cautious one. "Like I said, I'm not running naked through the mall just because I lost a stupid game."

"Yeah," added Angie. "There has to be an 'out' rule, or something. I'm not so sure I'll be willing to do whatever it is you might come up with either."

"Ohhhh, lookie here, alert the media! The mighty Angelina is scared! Bwaaahahahaaa!!" taunted Matt.

"I'm not scared, you blockhead, I'm sensible. Who knows what sort of stupid things you might come up with? Besides, Julie's here too. You know, Julie, your wife? Julie, the cautious, conservative one?"

"You mean 'Julie the prude,' don't you? Just say it. I know that's what you guys all think," Julie said morosely.

"Okay, look," I answered, trying to rein them back in before everything fell apart, "here's the 'out' rule: The losers can decide to decline a command, but if they do then they also have to choose two more, and they have to do them one right after the other, no questions asked. There's no saying no on the second try. That'll make it risky to turn down a command, since there needs to be some sort of penalty for turning one down. Just keep in mind, half the picks in that hat will be things your team wrote, so you have a pretty decent chance of not picking something really bad. Besides, you never know, we may go easy on you."

"Oh, fuck off," Angie grinned, then she turned to Julie. "Quit worrying. Matt's not going to make us do anything too crazy since he knows you'll have to do it too. My hubby will also go easy on you...because he knows what's good for him."

Smirking, she gave me an evil leer.

"You know what? Screw this," Julie said. "I'm tired of being coddled. I'm your older sister, for Christ's sake. I don't need protecting, and I'm not a prude." She turned to Matt and me. "Let's do it. I'm in. Do your worst, you pricks. I'm looking forward to watching you two pay up."

"There you go! 'Atta girl!" laughed Angie, giving her sister a big hug.

Julie was beaming. She enjoyed being the center of attention, especially when it meant receiving praise from her sister.

"So, we're on? We're doing this for real?" asked Matt.

"Yes, we are," Julie smiled, "and like the saying goes, just be careful what you wish for...."

'Oh, I will. I am truly going to savor this,' thought Matt, staring intently at Angie.

Catching his stare, she returned it with even greater intensity.

~ ~ ~

"Okay, here are three slips of paper for each of us. Write down your commands, fold 'em up, and stick 'em in the hat," I said, pointing to the Cleveland Indians cap I'd placed in the center of the dining room table.

"Any rules about these commands?" asked Matt.

"Good point," I said. "Okay, I think we can all agree that no pain, physical danger or public humiliation will be allowed. Nothing illegal, either. We're not trying to be assholes to each other, okay? We're just having fun."

I looked around the table, and everyone nodded.

"Are we going to talk about what everyone wrote down, you know, before we actually have to draw from the hat, or are we keeping everything secret?" asked Julie.

"Everything has to remain secret," I said to the group. "We're not going to talk about 'em. Except for your own picks, nobody will know what's inside that cap. Again, though, don't go too crazy with your ideas. Remember, if you write down that the loser has to get naked and go grocery shopping, it's your cantaloupes that could end up on display."

"If I may," said Angie, "I suggest that we disallow any public nudity commands. None of us want to be put into that position, and I'm sure we can do better anyway. I'd like to think we can come up with much less juvenile ideas. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm planning something a bit more devious for the loser...something a little more personal," she added, giving Matt a sinister look.

She and Matt were always like brother and sister. They got along great, and genuinely liked one another; there were no ill feelings between them. They just plain hated losing to each other.

"I agree. No public nudity commands. Anything else?" I asked.

"Does the losing team have to pick tasks one at a time, so that each person picks something different to do, or do both people on the losing team have to do the same task?" asked Julie.

"Hmmm. Good question," I said.

"Both people have to do the same task," Angie said. "That way there's no risk of one of the losers getting something easy while the other gets something really bad. Besides, with two commands per day - if we did one for each loser - and only twelve slips, we'd run out of slips before the week was up."

Everyone agreed, and I gave us ten minutes to write down our three commands. Then, after making sure that the slips were properly folded before they were placed in the cap, I had Julie shake everything up. Once we were satisfied that the slips were all thoroughly mixed together, Angie spread the game out on the table.

"LET'S GET READY TO RUMMMMMMBLLLLLLE!!" I intoned, doing a crappy job of a Michael Buffer impersonation.

~a couple of hours later, Team Testicles had defeated Team Italian Titties~

"Two out of three! Two out of three!" pleaded Angie.

"Why should we? What's in it for us? We already won. Your asses are all ours now," I said.

"What do you want?" Julie asked fearfully.

"Well," I began, "in order for this to make sense for our team, since we would be the ones risking something here, I say we have to give ourselves the possibility of gaining something too. Wouldn't you agree, Matt?"

"Absolutely. We already won. Why should we give that up for free? So, yeah, what are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking we increase the stakes. See, I already know what I wrote. You might say that I held back a bit."

"I didn't," Matt said, looking right at Angie again.

She boiled under his possessive stare. "Fine. We almost beat you, so name your poison. We're going to win this time anyway."

"Okay," I said, "what's going to happen now is that Matt and I are going to add three more slips apiece, only this time our commands are going to be, shall we say, a bit more pleasing to us should we win. We'll still have to do them ourselves if we lose, so I know I'm not going to choose anything too crazy, but I'm definitely going to up the ante on these three slips. Matt, are you okay with that?"

"I'm good. I've got some ideas."

"Just remember, dude," I added, "don't go crazy with any 'hot lesbo action' commands, 'cause if we lose I will have to kill you."

"Yeah, baby!!" laughed Angie. "I'd love to see you two down on your knees, barking like dogs and blowing each other!"

"Not gonna happen," Matt smirked. "God, who knew you were such a freak?"

Julia grinned, "You're just now figuring that out? Jeez, honey, where have you been?"

"Yeah, yeah," smiled Angie. "Okay, so we're all agreed? Two out of three?"

Everyone agreed, and Matt and I added our six Extra Spicy recipes to the mix.

~two hours later~

"Fuck," Julie said, watching as I filled in our final slice of the pie to win the game.

Thank god for the 'Sports' part of the 'Sports and Leisure' category, because that was my ace in the hole. I just pounded away at those things, giving us more chances at the harder pie slices, until finally it was over.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this," I said.

"Oh, you definitely will," Matt added, grinning ominously at Angie.

"Good game, sis," she said, resignation in her eyes.

"I'm ready," Julie said, with a determined look. "I'm not scared. You watch. You guys all think I'm scared, but I'm fine. In fact, hey, I'm on vacation, so bring it on!"

We couldn't tell whether she was just trying to psyche herself up or if she really meant it. Either way, we had to give her credit for being a good sport.

"Go ahead then, Julie," I said. "Draw one from the cap."

Julie pulled out a slip and handed it to Angie, then she looked over her sister's shoulder as Angie read the message aloud...

The losing team serves breakfast in bed to the winning team for the entire each other's spouses!

Everyone laughed, and I looked at Matt. When he shrugged his shoulders, I made a face that said, "It wasn't me either."

Having figured it out right away, a smiling Angie turned to her sister.

"Okay, fine, I wrote that one!" giggled Julie. "I thought it would be really nice, and maybe even a little naughty too, so sue me."

She was grinning happily, evidently very pleased with herself and her good fortune over drawing her own command.

As it had become quite late, I suggested we call it a night, saying the fun would commence the following morning. Everyone agreed, and after Angie set Matt and Julie up in our guest bedroom we all adjourned for the evening.

~ ~ ~

I woke to the clinking of dishes and the pressing of something heavy on my bed. My eyes blinked open, and I sat up to see what was happening. It was still somewhat dark in the room, so I couldn't make out much.

The light on my nightstand suddenly clicked on, and there was Julie sitting beside me on the bed.

Angie was gone.

"Good morning, jerk face," said Julie, with a quirky smile. "As promised, I've come to pay my debt to society."

She'd placed a loaded TV tray on my nightstand and was sitting next to me as I sat up against the headboard. She had on a little slip of a nightgown; it was very pretty, though nothing overtly sexy or see-through. It was just a simple cotton nightie, white with lace edging, cut to a fairly low neckline. The lower hemline was about mid-thigh.

"Sleep well?" she asked; a bit too politely, I thought, noticing she was dividing her attention between my face and bare chest.

Angie and I slept in the nude, and even though Julie had seen me many times over the years without a shirt on, that morning was the closest she'd ever been to me when she knew I was naked.

My sheet was bunched up near my belly button, and I followed her eyes down my chest, over my stomach, to my...morning erection, which was making a very obvious tent in my sheet!

'Oh fuck. Not good,' I thought.

"Looks like someone was sleeping really well. Did I come too soon?" she smiled, all sugar and spice sweetness.

'Wow! Is my innocent sister-in-law actually flirting with me?' I thought, grinning to myself.

Without waiting for an answer, she stood and leaned down to grab the TV tray. Her nightie flittered up to where I got a really nice look at the backs of her thighs, all the way to the beginning of her ass. All I could see was just the start of her ass cheeks, and only for a brief moment. I couldn't tell whether she was wearing panties.

Turning back with the tray to set it on my lap, she exposed the tops of her bare breasts.

'Nice,' I thought. I couldn't see much, but what I saw looked really good.

When she lowered the tray to my lap, she bumped it into my hard-on, jostling the dishes.

"Oops!" she giggled. "Sorry about that. It seems I ran into a little problem there," she said, shooting me a mischievous grin. "Well, more of a really big problem, I should say."

'She is flirting with me! Okay, fine. Two can play at this game,' I decided. "Here, hold on to it a sec," I said, scooting up a bit higher. She looked at me with wide eyes, and I grinned, "The tray, smarty pants."

"Oh," she said, giving me a cute pout. Once I was situated again, she asked, "All better now?"

"Yeah, let's eat," I said.

Nodding, she bit her lip and stared.

While repositioning myself I'd made sure to rest the food across the tops of my thighs, well below my erection. Though my hard-on was still covered by the sheet, it was standing prominently above the tray. Knowing she was looking at it, I purposely bumped my cock with my forearm each time I reached for my plate, making it lurch and wobble for her.

She just sat there, nibbling on her toast while ogling my enormous erection.

I casually said, "I think I'm glad we won."

"I definitely wanted to win, but I guess as punishments go, this isn't so bad," she said, sporting a wry smile. "If we had won, it probably would have been kind of boring for you."

"Oh? How so?"

"Unlike you, obviously, I usually wear at least a little something to bed," she said, grinning as she stared at my cock.

"Well, like you said, you are on vacation. You know, when in Rome...."

"Hmmm, you may have something there. Still, I doubt it would be so obvious with me, the way it is with you." Nibbling on her toast again, she gave me another wry smile. "Yes, I think it's probably better that you won. This is much more interesting." After a lengthy pause, she added, "So can I expect a similar greeting every morning?"

"If you come when I'm just waking up, yeah, probably," I grinned.

I finished eating, and she lifted the tray away, uncovering me but for the thin sheet. While staring at my swaying length, she put her hand on my thigh. "Then I guess I'll have to make a point of booting Angie from your bed before you wake up. If you greet me like this every morning, breakfast may not be the only thing I serve you."

Giving me a sexy smile, she slowly slid her hand up my thigh. When my cock visibly throbbed beneath the sheet, she took it in her hand. Still smiling, she stroked it a few times and gave it a firm squeeze before releasing it.

Giggling, she took the tray out to the kitchen.

As I watched her saunter away, I thought, 'Holy fuck! What was all that about?'

After getting up to take an awkward piss, I threw on some sweatpants and headed to the kitchen, where I found the sisters whispering excitedly at the sink. Julie was checking the feel of Angie's silk nightie by lifting the hem and running the material through her fingers. When I entered the kitchen, they stopped what they were doing and started giggling.

"Oh my!" said Angie, beaming as she walked over to me. "Wow, honey, look at you. I guess you must have really enjoyed your breakfast in bed," she grinned, reaching down to grasp the conspicuous bulge of my cock, which was still semi-hard even after taking my piss. While caressing my resurgent erection, she smiled at Julie, who stood blushing as she watched her sister's hand travel up and down my jutting shaft.

I noticed Angie's robe reached the middle of her thighs, which meant she was wearing the more conservative of her two silk nighties. Even so, the wide gap between the lapels exposed a large expanse of her obviously bare breasts, and her long, thick nipples were showing erect through the thin wrap.

When she stepped in front of me and began teasingly pressing her ass against my hard-on, Julie went to her and playfully opened and closed the silk robe peekaboo style, prompting a laughing Angie to slap at her sister's hands.

Angie's tanned legs looked amazing in that robe; while the silk wasn't see-through, the wispy, clinging material vividly defined her smooth contours, in particular the deep cleft of her bare ass.

The overall effect was simply spectacular.

Taking a seat, I sheepishly looked up at the grinning minxes.

"So? Did you two have a nice time in bed together?" asked Angie, flashing Julie a bright smile.

Before either of us could answer, Matt came ambling into the kitchen wearing casual business clothes and a bemused grin. He shot a quick glance at Angie, who gave him a smug little smirk.

Julie laughed when she saw Angie's look of victory. "So, sweetie," she giggled to Matt, "did you enjoy your morning in bed with my gorgeous baby sister?"

"Yes, Matt," smiled Angie, "was breakfast served to your satisfaction?"

"Dude," he said, giving me a goofy lopsided grin. He shook his head and sighed, "I'm outta here. I gotta get going to my seminar, so I'll see you all tonight. Later!"

As he left the house, the laughing sisters high-fived.

Once Matt was gone, Julie couldn't stop laughing. "Angie, he may never eat my cooking again! Look at you, you little slut! I could never wear something like that around your husband!"

"Better get used to it, Jules," I said. "That's about as 'PTA mom' as Angie gets with her robes. She went easy on him."

"God, Matt's never going to want to go home now. How am I supposed to compete with...that!" she exclaimed, using both hands to gesture to Angie's lush curves. "You two won't even know I'm here, not with her running around the house practically naked."

Leaning over, Angie whispered something in her ear. With a look of shock, Julie guffawed, bringing her hands to her mouth. "Oh my god, Angie! You're bad!" she giggled.

"I'm right, though. You know I am," Angie said, flashing another smug grin.

"Yes, you probably are," smiled Julie.

"Besides," Angie added, looking over at me, "judging by the condition he was in following your breakfast in bed together, I'd say my wonderfully excitable husband definitely noticed you."

"She certainly knows how to start a guy's day," I grinned.

"See?" laughed Angie.

Julie teased me with a coy smile. "I have to admit, it sure looked like you were enjoying yourself." Then she turned to give Angie's ass a playful pinch. "Even if I wasn't half naked, like my baby sister...."

Slipping her hand beneath Angie's robe to caress her smooth bottom, Julie gave me another sexy grin, and was that even a bit of a challenge in her eyes?

~ ~ ~

Angie and I had taken the week off from work so we could keep our guests company during their stay at our place. Specifically, Angie wanted us to entertain Julie while Matt was away. We just hung around during the day, catching up on our lives. We took Julie over to Sausalito for lunch, where we enjoyed a nice view of the Bay as we sat outside and watched the people go by.

Matt returned late in the afternoon, and he wasn't wasting any time. Leading Julie straight to the baseball cap full of commands, he had her grab a slip of paper.

Julie read it aloud...

Losers perform a sexy car wash for the winners, then it's time for some even sexier massages!

Everyone looked right at Matt, who grinned triumphantly. He'd been complaining about how badly his car had gotten blasted by bugs on the drive up from L.A., and Angie had always made it known that she was a sucker for a good full-body massage.

"Yep, that one was mine," he said, clearly quite proud of himself.

"I never would have guessed, honey!" teased Julie. "We all know how you've always wanted to give Angie a sexy massage, but what's this about a sexy car wash too? What do you expect us to do?"

"I think I can answer that," Angie grinned. "He wants us to be like the girls in those David Lee Roth videos. He wants us all wet and soapy, hosing each other down as we bounce around in skimpy bikinis. Right, Matt?"

"Works for me," he smiled.

"Fine by me," said Julie. "Considering this one's from the guys, I'd say it's still fairly tame."

"That depends," Angie said.

"On what?"

"The massages, mostly, and also the skimpiness of the bikinis. Hubby's massages can get pretty intense."

"I take it we'll be massaging each other's spouses, not our own," Julie said, blushing.

"They're a couple of horny little perverts, so who do you think they're going to choose? They're probably going to want to massage us, though maybe they'll want to get the massages themselves, hoping we'll give them a 'happy ending.' Either way, c'mon, you know they're going to want to do it with each other's wife."

"Yep!" I added cheerfully.

"Bingo!" said Matt. "C'mon, girls, we've only got a couple of hours of daylight left, so get those pretty bottoms in gear!"

"Wait," Julie said. "I wasn't planning on going swimming this trip. I didn't bring my bikini."

"You can borrow one of Angie's," Matt said.

"Yeah, right! Umm, in case you hadn't noticed?" She cupped her breasts through her t-shirt before cupping and bobbling Angie's much larger breasts, bouncing them for effect. "I don't think any of her tops will fit me, doofus."

"Better figure something out, ladies," I said. "Just be glad we're letting you wear anything at all, since the only thing we agreed on was no public nudity. Nobody said anything about stuff around the house, so you're lucky he isn't making you do it naked."

"Fine, fine," Angie said. "C'mon, Julie, we'll come up with something. Let's go."

She took Julie by the hand, and the girls headed off to our bedroom.

Ten minutes later, having gathered the buckets, sponges, soap and towels, Matt and I were kicking back on lawn chairs in the driveway. We had the hose all set up and ready to go.

"Well fuck me running," Matt said, looking back towards the sound of the girls coming through the garage. "Can you believe it?"

No, I really couldn't.

"Just shut up, you two. Nothing I had would fit her, so we had to improvise," Angie grinned, enjoying her older sister's predicament. "C'mon, Julie, let's give them their silly little show."

Like Vanna White presenting a vowel, she held her hand above Julie's head. Getting into the spirit of things, Julie did a full pirouette for us, with Angie using both hands to display her.

"Never thought I'd see the day," smiled Matt, shaking his head.

"That makes two of us," Julie said, with a wide grin.

She was actually fairly well covered, at least as bikinis go. The thing is, it wasn't a bikini. Nope, it was a pair of very sheer light blue panties and a white tank top. That poor t-shirt was really old and threadbare, plus it was cut to shreds. Riddled with open slashes, it didn't quite reach Julie's belly button.

"See? This covers as much as any of my swimsuits," Julie said, smiling brightly. "It also covers way more than her teensy bikini," she added, gesturing to Angie with a knowing grin.

Yes indeed, it sure did.

Angie was wearing a simple white bikini. Just three tiny triangles. It sounds tame enough, but with that body and her Mediterranean skin tone it was truly intense. Her silver-dollar areolas were only barely covered, and her tiny see-through panties clearly revealed that she shaved her pussy, though she allowed a bit of her small landing strip to peek out over the top of the bikini bottoms.

While Julie's tight golden bottom was partially covered, Angie's curvier heart-shaped, olive-toned ass was totally bare except for a small triangle at the top of her deep crescent split.

"All ready for us?" Angie smirked, posing sexily for Matt.

Like a horny statue, he just stared at her. "Uhhh, yeah, here you go..." he said, handing her the hose.

Julie opened the spigot, and the first thing Angie did was drill me and Matt with two solid blasts of cold water.

"Serves you perverts right!" laughed Julie. "We shouldn't be the only ones who are wet!"

Grinning, Angie deadpanned, "Speak for yourself, babe."

"Huh? Oh! No, not like that!" giggled Julie, blushing again.

The car washing finally began, and Matt had the bright idea of setting the stereo in the garage to an '80s Hair Metal station. When "Cherry Pie" by Warrant came blaring out at us, even Julie laughed at the absurdity of it all, then the girls just went for it! They dove headlong into the clichéd 'hot chicks cavorting about in a rock video' shtick, soaping each other with sponges, pressing their tits against the glass, lewdly grinding their bodies together...the whole nine yards.

We all laughed, but make no mistake, they were fucking hot! Once wet, everything they had on became various degrees of see-through, with Angie's unlined white bikini taking the prize for being the most revealingly transparent. With her light brown nipples and dark landing strip showing through clear as day, she may as well have been nude.

Though Julie's little blonde triangle of pubic hair and pink areolas showed clearly too, she still at least appeared to be somewhat clothed; unlike Angie, who looked completely naked.

They both really got into it, with Angie making a big show of cupping her soapy breasts for our benefit and Julie bending over the hood of the car, inviting her sister to play. Angie held the hose like it was a hard cock and humped Julie's ass with it, as if she were fucking her with a strap-on. Their pretend-fucking had the girls squealing and laughing hysterically, then in one quick motion Angie pantsed her sister! When Julie screamed, Angie dropped the hose and ran giggling to the other side of the car.

Julie instantly took off in hot pursuit, though her ability to give chase was greatly hampered by her efforts at pulling her panties back up!

Jesus, what a sight they were. It couldn't have been any better, not unless Julie caught Angie, which she did, after Angie slipped on the wet grass and went flying! She landed on her back, her legs up in the air, and Julie pounced. "Gotcha, you sneaky bitch!" she crowed, then she pantsed Angie right back! She had those bikini bottoms all the way to her sister's knees before Angie rolled to the side, preventing Julie from finishing the job. Though Angie's evasive maneuver momentarily got her away from her sister, it also afforded us a clear shot of her full, pouting labia.

"Okay! Okay! You win! I give up!!" she shouted, and the laughing sisters collapsed together on the lawn, arms and legs akimbo.

Angie's bikini bottoms were down around her shins, so she slipped one foot out and lay back on the grass, knees bent, legs spread, her wet panties dangling from her right ankle.

Noticing that Angie was going bottomless in front of Matt, Julie whispered something to her. After exchanging grins, Julie nodded eagerly, then Angie leaned over and slowly pulled her sister's panties down. Beaming at us, Julie let her take them all the way off, leaving both girls completely nude below the waist. As they lay whispering in the grass and tickling each other, Julie tugged Angie's bikini top aside, baring her sister's breasts while laughing, "What difference does it make? Your bikini doesn't hide anything anyway!"

Squealing excitedly, the girls let loose with peals of sexy giggling. When Julie cupped and began playing with Angie's gorgeous naked tits, squeezing them and pinching the nipples, she sent her beautiful little sister into paroxysms of crazy laughter.

"Dude..." Matt said quietly to me.

"No doubt. Holy fuck. Great idea, man."

"Are you seeing this?" he exclaimed. "I can't believe Julie! She's showing everything! And Angie is letting us see her incredible tits...and even her amazing pussy!"

Realizing what he'd just said, he backpedaled. "Oh shit, sorry. I didn't mean—"

"No problem. They're both doing it, and they both look amazing. You never thought you'd see Angie's pussy, and I sure as hell never thought I would ever see Julie's. It ain't just you, dude."

"This really is amazing," he said. "Never in a million years would I have believed that Julie would let you see her like this."

"Well, like I told her, 'When in Rome....'"

"When was that?"

"This morning, when she served me breakfast in bed. She was talking about how she always wears at least a little something to bed."

"Yeah, she does. I take it Angie doesn't," he said, with a knowing smile.

"Nope, not a stitch. She actually dressed conservatively for you this morning."

"That's gotta be part of what's going on then," Matt said. "Because of Angie, Julie's loosening up. You know she can't stand to be shown up by her 'baby sister.' She's trying to keep pace so Angie won't get all our attention."

"Yep, and Angie's obviously pushing her. Sometimes I catch them talking quietly and giggling together, and I know they're scheming. I saw Angie whisper something to Julie this morning that shocked her, though obviously in a good way."

"What do you think it was about?" Matt asked, sitting up.

"I have a pretty good idea what it was about, though I don't know exactly what she said. Julie was teasing Angie about the way she was running around 'practically naked' in front of you all morning, so how was she supposed to compete with that? Meaning how was she supposed to compete with Angie's body? Angie whispered something to her in response, and it shocked Julie. Angie obviously said something about what she did with you in bed, or maybe what Julie needs to do to compete. Whatever it was, they didn't want me to hear it, and they both went into a giggling fit over it."

"Wow. I think I like this 'sister competition' thing."

"We both know it isn't just the sisters," I grinned. "Angie's trying to get your goat too."

"Yep, she is. With those two competing against each other to see who will blink first, and with Angie wanting to get over on me so badly, I think we're in for some real fireworks."

"Are you okay with all this?" I asked. "I'm used to Angie being a flirt and everything, but she never actually does much about it. It's not like she fucks guys in clubs or anything. It's exciting for us, sure, yet it's all just harmless fun. Julie, though, how are you with her doing this? You know, with Julie suddenly trying to keep up with Angie?"

"Seriously? I love it. It's about fucking time, I say. I've always wanted her to be more fun, like Angie. Julie's a beautiful woman. She doesn't need to be such a prude. She hates being thought of that way, but for the most part, yeah, she pretty much is a prude. Maybe trying to compete with Angie for our attention is exactly what she needs. It's as if she's trying to prove she's desirable too."

"Like Julie isn't desirable," I said, rolling my eyes. "Jesus, she can be so silly. That girl has always been totally hot, and there's no reason for her to be a prude. She should enjoy herself, the same as Angie. You sure would get the benefit of it."

While watching the girls laugh and roll around naked together on the grass, he nodded. "No shit. Look at her. This is the sexiest she's ever been, and she's excited and happy. I love seeing her like this. I just wish she would always be this way. The main thing now is I gotta figure out how to make sure she doesn't go back into her shell."

"Want a suggestion?"

"Sure. Fire away."

"Let's keep working her. We need to continue making her feel not just pretty but totally hot and sexy, like Angie. Also, keep flirting with Angie, and let her flirt with you. Push her. Challenge her. Force her to come back at you, knowing she'll have to see your bet and raise you. Use her competitiveness with you to your advantage. Make Julie jealous. That's when she steps up and tries to win back our attention. Most of all, act like everything is perfectly okay. Make her realize that she's the only one who's being weird about it. Everyone else is having fun, and she's more than welcome to have fun too. Show her that you like seeing her play."

"Yeah, sounds like good advice. I'd love to see this continue. Hell, purely on a selfish level, no one has to twist my arm to make me want to keep playing with Angie. I mean if you're cool with it, I'm sure enjoying it!"

"I'm fine with it, and obviously Angie is too or else she wouldn't be pushing forward with both you and Julie. Speaking of which...."

The girls were standing before us, their arms folded below their breasts. They'd put their wet things back on, and Angie had obviously been waiting for us to finish talking.

"Okay, you jerks, are you happy now? Was that a proper sexy car wash?" she grinned.

"You went above and beyond the call of duty. You are both to be commended," I said, saluting her.

"Great," she smirked. "We really appreciate the vote of confidence. Such a discriminating audience and all, hard to please."

She was really laying it on thick.

Giving her a big grin, I stroked her thigh. "Yes, ladies, and to show our appreciation for your fine efforts, let us now proceed to your soothing massages. I do believe you've earned them."

"Damn right, we earned them!" giggled Julie. "After that performance we just put on for you two horndogs, these massages had better be good!"

~ ~ ~

"Here they are, the guests of honor! All ready for your massages?" I grinned, gesturing to the two tables I'd set up in the living room.

There was only one real massage table, the other merely being a narrow dining room table. In an attempt to provide a measure of full-body padding for that one I'd added a sleeping bag pad, a bunch of thick towels, and a pillow. I'd also dimmed the lights, lit some candles and turned on some soothing New Age music featuring quiet, relaxing sounds of the ocean.

"Ladies," I said, motioning for Julie to climb up onto my table, and Matt did the same with Angie.

Both girls had changed into dry panties and t-shirts.

"On your stomachs first," I said.

I placed a towel across Julie's bottom, and Matt did likewise with Angie. After pouring some citrus-scented massage oil into my hands, I rubbed my palms together to warm the oil before gently smoothing my hands over Julie's shoulders.

Matt did the same with Angie; since I had a massage therapy license, he was clearly trying to mirror my actions.

The obvious problem immediately presented itself, which Angie noticed when she felt the pause in the room. Looking up, she saw me hovering my oily hands over Julie's back. I was reluctant to touch her t-shirt. Glancing at Matt, Angie saw him doing the same hovering motion.

"Julie, I told you we would probably have to take off our tops," she said. "They're doing Swedish massage, using oil, so we can't wear anything."

"Okay," Julie said uncertainly.

Grinning, Angie shimmied out of her top, flinging it to the floor while trying to keep her breasts pressed to the table.

After only a bit of hesitation, Julie did the same. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she said, returning Angie's grin.

"Julie, place your arms down by your sides," I said before simply positioning them myself.

Angie moved hers into place on her own.

"Okay," I continued, "we're going to begin with light effleurage strokes, smoothing our way down your backs in soothing circles."

I moved slowly down the center of Julie's lissome torso, spreading my hands at the bottom before circling back up in the same manner. After making a few round trips, I began doing larger swirls, following an obvious pattern along her spine.

Her body started to soften, indicating that she was really beginning to relax, though she tensed up a bit when I transitioned to her upper arms, coming close to her breasts.

"Shhhh," I said gently. "Let me know if anything I do makes you uncomfortable, and I'll move on. Otherwise, just let yourself go."

"Okay," she said again, relaxing all over.

I slid my hands to the inner part of her upper arms, and she let me knead the soft flesh there. When I moved to her back and began stroking her sides, however, she jumped as if I'd tickled her.

"Shhhhh. Soft...relax," I whispered in her ear. Then, giving her consistent pressure so she would get used to the feeling of my hands on her body, I began circling up and down her sides.

I glanced over at Angie, who had her head turned to where she could watch my massage of her sister. She looked up at me and smiled.

When Matt started stroking her the same way, Angie raised her arms above her shoulders. Immediately her large breasts appeared at her sides, bulging out beneath her. Matt continued up her body, until his hands were pressing into the sides of her breasts.

Angie always loved having her breasts touched anyway, and she particularly enjoyed it during a massage.

Sure enough, she gave me a happy smile before closing her eyes.

Meanwhile, Julie let out a quiet moan when my fingertips brushed the sides of her smaller breasts.

Hearing her sister's response, Angie opened her eyes and blew me a kiss.

Following my lead, Matt changed direction when I turned towards Julie's legs. I began to smooth my hands down her lower back all the way to the top of her ass, where I ran into the waistband of her panties; there I paused to do a series of light circles, running my fingertips beneath the lacy trim.

Softening further, Julie melted into the table while Angie wriggled invitingly side-to-side.

Moving to Julie's hip, I folded the towel to the center of her ass, exposing her left cheek. I began doing long strokes up and down her hip and side, reaching to the top of her thigh. After slipping the panties into her sweet divide, giving her a bit of a thong, I took firm hold of her warm, smooth mound.

Startled, she lifted her head, and Angie reached over to hold her hand. Julie looked back at me for a moment before returning her head to the table, facing her sister.

"It's okay. Your husband is doing me, too..." Angie said, gesturing to her own bottom and Matt's hands working there.

After a few minutes of deep kneading to soften Julie's delicious ass, I covered her with the towel. Leaving my hand there to maintain contact, I walked around the table and began working on the other side, again folding back the towel before kneading and stroking her tight cheek.

I noticed Matt had done the same thing, only he hadn't covered Angie's first cheek before moving around the table to do the other. I also noticed that Angie had begun a constant side-to-side wriggling motion of her ass, indicating she was definitely enjoying herself.

I moved to the center of Julie's ass to do a bit of full palm-massage, pulling, pressing and separating, only I kept running into her panties.

Looking over at us, Angie reached back and pulled her own panties down. Lifting her hips to raise her ass, she gave Matt a seductive smile. "Take my panties off," she whispered.

Gulping, he pulled her panties over her ass and down her thighs. Angie raised each knee, allowing him to slip her panties all the way off.

Watching as her sister lay completely naked and happy beside her, Julie looked over her shoulder and smiled, "Do my ass." She raised her hips, inviting me to remove her panties. Once I'd slid them off and tossed them aside, she settled back down onto her stomach, sexily wriggling her bottom for me.

After pouring more oil into my hands, I resumed her massage. Sweeping my palms in opposing circles, I spread her open. I had covered her ass on the other side, but on my side I'd moved the towel over just enough to treat myself to a glorious view of her mouthwatering center.

When I glanced over at Matt, he gestured with his eyes for me to check out what he was doing while mouthing, "Holy shit!"

I saw Angie's sumptuous split, and with each pull towards his body her ass would spread that much more, until we could see her cute crinkled pucker; her little star was nearly the same rich olive-tan color as the rest of her ass, only slightly pinker. It was opening and closing with the concentric movements of his hands, and Matt was grinning like he'd just won the lottery.

I raised my eyebrows, giving him a congratulatory smirk. He just smiled and shook his head in wonder over his amazing good fortune.

Looking down at Julie again, I took note of her much lighter-hued flesh. Her ass was more golden honey, with a ring of darker pink surrounding her shocking pink asshole. I moved her cheeks back and forth, making her tiny mouth wink at me, then I smoothed more oil all over her flawless bottom, including down into her crack. When the sides of my fingers glided over her tiny asterisk, she tensed before relaxing again and letting me continue.

Lingering to stroke lightly there, I gently pressed my fingertip inside her tightest hole.

Along with a whole-body shudder there was a perceptible rising of her ass, accompanied by a very definite moan. "Mmmm...more..." she whispered.

I pressed in firmly, sinking more of my finger into her hot bottom. Pushing back against me until it was all the way inside, she raised her hips and began moving her ass in needy undulations. As I gently fucked her, her breath was coming in short gasps, and it didn't take long before she had a small, sweet orgasm, her ass literally vibrating on my hand.

Looking over at Angie, I noticed Matt was running his fingers through her deep crevice. She was lifting her ass too, encouraging his caresses, but he never stopped to linger at any one spot the way I had with Julie.

Angie's eyes were hooded and slightly fluttering as she smiled dreamily at me.

Covering Julie's trembling bottom with the towel, I slid down her smooth legs to her feet, and Matt did the same to Angie. Julie jumped when I touched her instep while Angie just bent her knee, offering Matt her pretty toes.

"Relax, sweetie...relax," she said again, squeezing Julie's hand.

Julie tried to relax but she kept flinching whenever I touched the bottom of her foot, so I slid up to her ankle and silky calf.

Matt followed right along, though Angie's knee was still bent, her calf raised high.

Julie kept her knee straight, her leg pressed flat to the table. She moaned when I pressed into the back of her knee, but she didn't flinch.

Angie relaxed with her head in her arms while Matt stroked her calf.

I moved to Julie's thigh, starting with long strokes on the outside. When I drifted to the softer flesh on the inside, she whimpered just a little, but didn't flinch. As I began sliding up her thigh, Angie again squeezed her hand.

I noticed Angie had kept her foot raised in the air and was doing languid figure-eights with it while Matt stroked her inner thigh. She moved her leg out just a skosh, opening herself that little bit more.

When I circled my way to the top of Julie's thigh, lightly caressing the bottom of her cheek, she spread her legs. I'd managed to lift her towel to where I could see her beautiful pussy; rubbing in tandem circles, I felt her heat against the sides of my palms. The sweep of my hands was spreading her lips open and closed, open and closed, revealing her shining pink center. As her wet lips were pushed together and pulled apart with each rotation, her pussy began making moist smacking sounds. Her moans became louder, and her ass moved in a more obvious thrusting motion. Taking her by the hips and raising them higher, I reveled at the sight of her swollen clit.

Grinning to myself, I ran a gentle fingertip through her flowering lips, slowly penetrating her wet slit until I was deeply fucking her. Her silken walls clenched tightly around my finger; she quickly came again, her pussy squirting a small stream of warm, clear joy in my palm...and still she kept flexing her ass and moving her hips, wanting more.

Angie was receiving similar treatment, though she didn't cum. She later told me that Matt never even touched her pussy or asshole. He spread her ass and thighs to where he could gaze at her pussy, yet he never actually touched her where she most wanted to be touched. She said that had he pressed into her asshole or at least slipped a finger inside her pussy she would have gone off like a rocket.

Instead, she was left feeling wet, tingling, and very wanting.

Returning my attention to Julie, I lightly squeezed her thigh. "Ready to do your front?"

While Julie took a moment to catch her breath, Angie grinned, "Baby, I think that's probably enough for her first time."

Julie finally panted, "Wooo, that was amaaaaaazing! God, that felt so incredible. Angie, are you positive we lost? It sure feels to me like we won." Smiling serenely, she happily wriggled her ass beneath my hand. "Mmmmmm-hmmm, we definitely won," she purred.

With the glorious scent of wet pussy filling the room, I leaned down to give her pretty bottom a finishing kiss.

"Baby, could you go grab us some robes, please?" Angie asked me, smiling softly while caressing Julie's bare back.

I went to fetch a couple of robes for them, returning with Angie's revealing number from that morning for Julie and a wickedly short one for Angie, which was really just a silk cover-up to a set of lingerie. When I laid the wraps atop each girl's bottom, Angie said, "Thank you, baby. Please give us a moment of privacy to get dressed."

Heading off to the kitchen, Matt and I fixed some drinks and sat down at the table.

Silence. Deafening silence, then slow grins.

~ ~ ~

"So how did you like your first Swedish massage?" Angie asked, giving Julie a warm smile as they sat up to pull their robes on.

Julie was over the moon with excitement. "Angie, did you see? I came! Twice! The second time, I squirted right on his hand! Oh my god, that was awesome!"

"And just imagine, they didn't even do our fronts. They still owe us the most fun part of the massage," grinned Angie. Hugging her happy sister, they laughed together. "Seriously, though, are you okay?"

"Okay? I'm way better than okay! Had someone told me two days ago that I'd be rolling around in your front yard, pulling your bikini bottoms off of you right in front of my husband - much less having you peel my panties off of me in front of your husband - I never would have believed it. Had someone told me that I would also be letting my husband rub oil into your pussy while your husband fingered mine and made me cum, I really wouldn't have believed it...but I totally loved it!"

Angie grinned. "Well, to be fair, your hubby never touched my pussy. All he did was rub oil into my ass and everywhere around my slit. Not like you, you big slut, letting my husband finger-fuck your pussy...and your tight little asshole."

"You saw that?" squealed Julie excitedly, blushing deep scarlet.

"Yes, pretty girl, I most certainly did, and I also saw you squirt cum on his hand. Jeez, and you call me the show off! The way you're seducing our men, I should take lessons from you!"

Beaming sweetly, Julie said, "'Show him your beautiful blonde pussy! He'll pay attention to you for sure!' Right in front of your hubby this morning, that's what I seem to recall my baby sister telling me to do."

She was quite pleased to be going on the offensive for once.

"Yeah, well," answered Angie, "I didn't think you would really do it, at least not like that, anyway. I didn't know we'd be doing all this crazy stuff, and you'd get such a perfect opportunity to show off your gorgeous pussy. How could I have known? I was only talking about maybe teasing them around the house, like when we're in the kitchen, or when you go to serve Dan his breakfast in bed. You know, just little flashes and things. I didn't know we'd be totally naked together, with their hands all over us."

"Suuuure you didn't..." laughed Julie. "So when you were in bed with Matt this morning, did you show him your hot little landing-strip pussy? He looked awfully pleased when he came into the kitchen, and this robe of yours leaves almost nothing to the imagination, especially when you wear it!"

"Nope, I'm innocent," smiled Angie. "I never showed him anything."

Julie smirked at her.

"Okay, fine, but I didn't show him everything. I teased him with some good shots down the front of my robe, and I may have bent over a little with my back to him, but I never let it ride up high enough to show my pussy. Nope. My nipples sure got hard, though, which he definitely noticed, especially since that robe doesn't do anything but highlight them.

"And what about you? What happened this morning with you two that got Dan so excited?"

Julie grinned happily. "Oh, nothing much. As you saw, my nightie wasn't nearly as revealing as yours. About the most he saw of me was maybe a peek down my front, which doesn't show much. Maybe he also got a peek up my nightie from behind, just a little, but I don't think he saw too much there, either. It was more what I saw, actually."

She smiled at her naughty little revelation. Staid, conservative Julie was really starting to enjoy their sexy game.

Angie was enjoying it too. She loved seeing her sister open up and have fun, and she squeezed Julie's hand. "Oh? And what might that have been, you little hussy?"

"Oh, nothing but a morning construction project, I'd say."

Angie laughed out loud. "He didn't! He showed you his morning hard-on? Seriously?"

"No, not exactly. It was certainly popping up the sheet, though, and he made sure I could see it, nice and clear. I think he thought I was flirting with him - and he was right, I was definitely flirting with him - so I guess he decided to flirt right back. God, it was really fun."

"You enjoyed that, did you?" smiled Angie, genuinely happy for her sister.

"Yes, I did! I had never done anything like that before, and it was so cool to see him trying to sneak peeks at me, the way Matt always does with you. It was awesome, seeing his huge hard-on like that! Knowing he was letting me see it, that was the coolest part of all. I even reached out and squeezed it through the sheet!"

Giving her bemused younger sister a mischievous grin, Julie added, "Angie, you have got to let me wake him up again tomorrow. I just have to feel that big dick of his, with no sheet in the way."

"Of course you can, sweetie. I think that's awesome. We'll get up at the same time tomorrow, but this time when you go to him you have to wear something much sexier than your cotton nightie."

"You mean something like this barely-there silk robe, with no panties, so I can show him my 'beautiful blonde pussy' as much as I want?" she giggled.

Grinning, Angie nodded. "Definitely. Make him totally drool, and don't forget to show off the rest of your body too. God, with your amazing legs and ass, and those perfect tits? Woooo, look out, world! Run for your lives! Julie's discovered the fun of flirting and being sexy, and playing with hard cocks! Lord help us!"

Affectionately caressing her thigh, she added, "Now that you're out of your cage, what are we going to do with you?"

"Me? What about you? I know Matt must have had a raging hard-on the whole time you were in bed with him this morning. Besides, it's more like what are they going to do with us? We lost, remember?"

~ ~ ~

"Ready for tomorrow, girls?" grinned Matt.

Angie had called us back to the living room, where we found the two of them hugging on my massage table.

"Yes, sir! Ready, willing and able!" Julie said, saluting him the same way I'd saluted Angie earlier, and we all laughed together.

'Julie is becoming the life of the party! How cool is that?' I thought, smiling to myself.

"Remember, guys, don't go too crazy here," Angie said, trying to bring us all back to reality a bit. "We let you get a little carried away there. We allowed you to take some extra liberties with us, and that's fine, since we clearly enjoyed it. Certainly no one was complaining. I just want you to keep in mind that Julie and I are sisters, and we're also your wives. We're not a couple of random Hooters girls you're partying with on some pleasure cruise. When this silly game is over, we need you to remember who we are, okay?"

She looked at Matt, then me, and I nodded for both of us.

"Maybe more importantly, we need you to remember who we are during the game," she added, turning back to Matt. "Especially you. I'm going to try not to let this competitive thing you and I have get the best of me. I hope you care enough about me to do the same. Don't worry, we'll still let you have your fun with us. We'll honor our debt and do whatever you want. Just remember who we are, and always respect us. That's all I'm asking."

Startled by her direct admission of their one-on-one competition and the dangerous areas into which it could lead them, Matt was stopped cold. Instead of trying to come back with something glib, he simply nodded to both girls. "You got it, Angie. You too, honey. Nothing too crazy."

Angie gave him a warm smile before hugging her sister close. When they were done hugging, Julie looked up at us with a determined grin. "Don't think that somehow, some way, we're still not going to try to beat you in this thing. I promise you that Angie and I are not going to be the only ones having uncomfortable moments this week."

Angie smiled wickedly at Matt. "Oh, you definitely got that right, sweet Julia. Believe me, I'm going to find a way. Come hell or high water, your hubby's cute little ass is going to be mine."

"So we're still on for our breakfasts in bed tomorrow, right?" I asked, sensing that the evening was winding towards its conclusion.

"Yep, a bet's a bet," grinned Julie. "Bright and early, I'll be serving you in bed every morning for the rest of the week."

"Looking forward to it," I said, returning her grin.

"He's not the only one," Julie smirked to her sister. She said it under her breath, though still loudly enough that I could hear her as they turned to leave the living room.

"Go easy on him, tiger," Angie whispered, reaching beneath Julie's robe to pinch her ass.

Julie pinched Angie's bare bottom right back, whispering, "Jeez, Angelina! Which is it? First it was, 'Flash him your blonde pussy!' Now it's, 'Go easy on him.' Girl, I need to have a solid game plan here, so make up your mind!"

Looking over their shoulders, they shot us matching sexy grins while catwalking away together, slender arms embracing hourglass waists. Julie reached down to lift Angie's robe, and Angie returned the favor, each beautiful giggling sister baring the other's gorgeous bottom as they strutted off towards the bedrooms....

~to be continued~

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