Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 21

Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 21

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Samantha meets Lucinda...sparks fly.


Samantha meets Lucinda...sparks fly.


Submitted: November 17, 2014

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Submitted: November 17, 2014



Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this chapter.

This will be my final story submission for a decent while. I hope to have chapter nine written, edited and posted by mid-December.

~ ~ ~

Paul and I had been going to the beach practically every day, and that certainly didn't change once Mom joined us in L.A. She was just as eager to hit the surf as we were. Dr. Carlisle's house already had a pool, and we used that too, but I think we all felt that it wasn't the same thing. The crashing waves were so much more fun.

One killer thing about going to the beach versus staying at the house was the fact that we somehow managed to make new friends almost every time we rolled our blankets out on the sand. And it wasn't just guys hitting on me and Mom, either. Sure, there was always a ton of that, but we also made friends with lots of girls too, including a fellow incoming freshman at UCLA named Megan. She was born and raised in L.A., and super friendly. She was your typical gorgeous California blonde, and it looked like she and I were even planning to sign up for some of the same classes. All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better tour guide.

Our house wasn't that far from Will Rogers State Beach, but Megan insisted that Zuma Beach was a million times better. "Especially by the rocks," she said. "And if you're brave enough, there's a nude beach on the other side. It's like a private cove."

Mom and I were definitely up for that, but Paul wasn't. "Sure, going nude is great for you two," he explained to us when Megan was out of earshot, "but what about me? That's all we need, for me to be naked and get a huge hard-on because of my hot mom and sister, right in front of one of your classmates. Dawn, you don't want that. We still need to be careful here."

Knowing he was right, Mom and I kept our enthusiasm over the nude beach idea to ourselves. We let Megan show us around Malibu, ooh-ing and aah-ing at all the touristy arts and crafts shops. We tried our very first fish tacos, and she bought us some freshly-popped kettle corn from this little stand next to a booth on the beach where a group of girls were having their bodies painted with all sorts of amazing airbrushed designs.

Paul was absolutely freaking out. "Mom, that does it. We are definitely moving to L.A.," he said, awestruck yet again.

The other great thing about Zuma Beach? That's where Laura and Jonathan did most of their bikini shoots, and I couldn't wait to show Mom the spot where they did mine. "If we come out here earlier enough, we might even get to watch one!"

And that's exactly what happened. Well, okay, I sort of cheated. Without telling Mom, I called Laura and asked her when she would be doing another Zuma shoot, explaining that my mother was in town for a short vacation visit and I wanted her to see a real photo shoot. She invited us to come by that following Saturday, bright and early.

When Saturday morning rolled around, that lazy slug Paul wouldn't get out of bed. Not that I could really blame him. It was still dark out, and Mom and I had kept him busy half the night. So, she and I hopped into my Beetle, grabbed some Starbucks -- hey, we were trying to be official L.A. people -- and motored down to Highway 1 and up the coast a few minutes, to a cool, clear Zuma Beach.

Of course I had another reason for wanting Laura to meet Mom, and immediately upon making the introductions I knew my plan was working. Laura tried to play it off and be Miss Casual about it, but I could tell she was totally flipping out. All morning long she kept stealing glances our way, and she couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating to us. When her crew broke for breakfast, she bounded straight over to us to see what Mom thought about the shoot.

"Well, Dawn told me all about hers, so I already had a fairly clear idea as to what to expect," she answered, adding, "I've seen some of your pictures. You're very talented."

"It helps to have a subject as photogenic as your lovely daughter is, Missus Summers. She is truly stunning."

"Please, call me Samantha. And thank you. I couldn't be prouder of her."

Maybe for the first time since I'd met her, Laura actually seemed nervous. She sort of shuffled her feet for a moment, looking down at the sand before raising her eyes back to Mom's. "It's obvious where your daughter gets her beauty, Samantha. If you don't mind my saying so, you are absolutely gorgeous. To be honest, I never would have you taken you for her mother."

"I know!" I chirped. "She could easily be my hot, sophisticated older sister, right?"

Laura nodded. "Late twenties, at most. Tell me you model. Better yet, tell me you'll model for me with your daughter. The two of you together? Shattering." Then she turned to me. "Dawn, seriously, why didn't you tell me about her?"

Smiling softly, Mom took Laura's hand. "Please, don't be too hard on her. She knows I'm no model. I'm just a happily married mother of two from a small town in Kansas. Before this little trip, I had never even been to California."

"Oh, come on!" I exclaimed. "Laura, I've been telling her FOREVER how amazing she is! In fact, I told her the day you did my photo shoot that the only reason she isn't the most famous model in the universe is because she's been stuck in Lawrence her entire life."

Laura took Mom's other hand. "In my professional opinion, Samantha, your daughter is absolutely right. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw Dawn. I've shot literally thousands of beautiful women during my career, and your daughter is the most stunning creature I've ever seen. But I have to say, you are—"

"That's right, tell her, Laura! She's way prettier than I am, huh?" I said, cutting her off. "You have to tell her. She might actually believe you."

While still holding Mom's hand, Laura took mine. "No, Dawn, that's not what I was going to say."

"I would certainly hope not, since you're a professional photographer. Presumably your eyes are in proper working order," Mom said, exchanging grins with Laura.

"Mom! Stop it! Everyone but you knows how incredible you are." I gave Laura a pleading look. "Would you please tell her?"

"Dawn, what I was going to say to your mother is that even though you are undoubtedly the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, she is equally stunning. And how else could such a thing happen? I could easily go another twenty years and never find another girl like you, unless of course you had...a sister? And here she is, as if in answer to a dream."

"But Laura, here's what you don't understand," I said, with a leading grin. "When you first saw me, I was in a tiny bikini. That whole photo shoot, I was basically naked." I paused for effect. "You haven't seen my mother in a bikini. Oh my god, you haven't seen her naked. You think I'm beautiful? Wait until you see Mom. You won't believe it. And wait until you see her when she's feeling sexy. I'm telling you, she is an absolute goddess. There is no one like her."

Try as she might, Laura couldn't resist checking out Mom's body.

"You are so bad," Mom said, shooting me an amused little smirk. "You set me up, didn't you?"

"Honestly, Samantha, she never said a word to me about you, other than she wanted you to see one of my shoots." She shot me her own little smirk. "But she knew what would happen if she brought you here. Such a clever girl."

I gave her a high-five, and they both laughed.

"You know what's even more perfect about Mom being a model? She already dresses as sexily as any model ever would during a shoot, so it's not like she'd be the least bit uncomfortable in front of the camera. You say I'm a natural? She's a natural. Where do you think I get it from?"

"Yes," Laura replied, again studying Mom's flawless face and luscious body with a professional artist's critical eye, "I can see that. She's very comfortable in her skin, so to speak. Her body energy is wonderfully relaxed, despite her powerfully sensual curves. So many women with figures like your mother's struggle with issues of modesty. She doesn't seem to operate on that level. She simply...is. It's quite remarkable."

"Exactly!" I exclaimed. "She doesn't even have to try! It's just who she is, and she never gives it a moment's thought. She doesn't need to. She's happy simply being our beautiful Samantha."

"Mother and daughter," she said slowly. "You two even dress alike."

This was true. Since it was kind of cold out that early in the morning, we both had decided to wear stretchy yoga pants, tennis shoes, and warm hoodies. Laura could see Mom's perfect legs and lush, full ass, but there was no way to tell anything about her body from the waist up.

Recalling the stunt she pulled on me in front of the guys at our sexy pool party, I decided a little turnabout would be fair play. "Lift..." I said, taking hold of the bottom of her sweater.

"Baby, what are you doing?" she asked, her eyes sparkling with mirth.

"'Just this once, though with the tiny things you always wear, does it really even matter?'" I answered teasingly, hoping she would recognize her own line.

"So we're going to share this, too?" she smiled.

Oh yes, she definitely remembered what she'd said to me, Dad and the boys that day by the pool.

"I want Laura to see how beautiful you are. Lift..." I repeated, and this time I began pulling it up.

I knew she was wearing a threadbare tank top beneath her thick sweater, so I wouldn't be baring her breasts. 'I wonder if she would still let me do this if she had nothing else on?' I thought, and I decided she probably would. Even so, the arm holes were so large and the straps were so narrow on that white top that it was hardly any less revealing than if she actually had gone bare, and as I tugged her sweater over her head her skimpy t-shirt bunched up above her chest. For a few breathless moments she stood before us with her back arched and her arms stretched high, her gorgeous nipples showing deliciously erect in the early morning sunlight.

I heard Laura gasp, and I turned to her with a proud smile. "See? Just wait. Keep watching."

After handing me her sweater, Mom pulled her tank top down. Her knowing smirk was in full effect. "You definitely set me up, you little sneak." Then she turned to Laura. "Daughters, these days. You just can't trust 'em."

Sure, Mom was covered again, but now Laura could really see what I was talking about. Standing before us in her skintight stretch-pants and barely-there tank top, the dramatic flare of her hips flowing into her tiny waist combined with her classic V-shaped torso and full, heavy breasts to describe a perfect hourglass figure. Her tantalizing pussy lips formed a vivid camel toe, and those incredible nipples of hers may have looked even sexier showing through her semi-sheer top than when they were completely bare.

I held my hand over her head; reaching up to take it, she allowed me to spin her like a ballerina. My god, her long hair trailing down her elegant back, and her smooth, round ass was the stuff of legends.

"Venus, in the flesh," Laura smiled to me. "She truly is a goddess."

Mom hugged me close. "I am so wet right now," she whispered.

Grinning like an idiot, I presented her to Laura. "See? Compared to her, I'm just a pretty girl with a curvy bottom. She is the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the whole world."

"Honey, it's the age-old question: the gentle flowering of pristine youth, or a perfect rose in full bloom? Who's to say which is the more beautiful? I won't even try. What I can say is that individually you each possess a unique, once-in-a-lifetime beauty. Together, you're simply heartbreaking."

And that's how my gorgeous Samantha came to join me in my next few shoots, plus she did two on her own with Jonathan. We had an absolute blast together, and Paul was out of his head with familial pride. I'm surprised Dad's phone didn't crash and burn from all the pictures of us Paul kept sending him, and I know my excited baby brother sent each and every one to Rick and Donny, too.

Trish was pure smugness, unable to help herself from playing the I-told-you-so card. She wasn't the least bit surprised to learn that Mom had taken L.A. by storm. And as proud as Paul was of both his mother and sister, I got the feeling that Rick and Donny were equally proud of Mom, their unofficial 'girlfriend.'

I couldn't believe how much money we made, either. In just a few short weeks Mom and I made more than I ever thought I would see in my lifetime. Neither of us cared, especially Mom, since we both knew the whole modeling thing was never going to be more than a temporary fling. We were simply having fun with it, is all.

Before we went to bed that night, Paul and I debated whether to play a joke on Mom and Lucinda. Mom didn't know the housekeeping schedule, so she wasn't aware that Lucinda was supposed to show up early the following morning. Ever since Mom's arrival the three of us had been sleeping together in the master suite's huge bed, and we hadn't yet needed to go through the whole sleep-in-our-own-bedrooms-to-fool-Lucinda song and dance routine. Most mornings, Mom was the last one to come stumbling into the kitchen, and often as not she had next-to-nothing on. Similarly, Lucinda didn't know Mom was already staying with us, and our sexy new friend was still in the habit of stripping down to her bra and panties as soon as she walked through the door.

What if we didn't warn them?

Such wicked possibilities.

We decided the risks were easily manageable, and to go for it. We just had to rumple our beds and make sure we were out of Mom's bedroom before Lucinda showed up. Piece of cake.

Well, I thought it would be, anyway. I hadn't counted on Paul and Mom fucking each other ragged until 3:00 a.m., rendering Paul a grouchy, uncooperative zombie when it was time to drag him out of her bed the next morning. Fortunately Mom was still totally unconscious, and I was able to shove my wobbly brother into the shower and get us both cleaned up with a half-hour to spare before Lucinda was due to arrive.

"What about Mom?" he asked, pouring himself a bowl of cereal at the kitchen table. "You know, the shower thing? What if she doesn't take one and just comes rolling in, looking and smelling like sex?"

"That's what she usually does, too," I said, wondering what we should do. "She loves cum. Yours, Dad's, mine, and her own. She's never in any big hurry to wash it off."

We were still having breakfast together when Lucinda walked in and set her things down. "Hola, my sexy underwear chicas! Buenos días!" We stood to greet her, and she gave us each a warm hug.

"She's right, actually," Paul said, watching her hug me. "You do have on some really hot panties today."

"And such a pretty top!" Lucinda added, stepping back to give me the thorough once-over.

"And what about you, hmmm?" I said to him. "Could those boxers possibly be any thinner? We can see every inch of you, and you're not even hard."

"Mmmm, very handsome, as always. I love his peek-a-boo underwear," she grinned, reaching out to run her fingertips along his growing length, tracing its shape. "And yours, too," she giggled, tickling my soft pubic hair through my pale pink panties. Sliding her hands up my tummy, she brought them to my breasts. "I can see everything, including these pretty gumdrops." She smiled as she twirled her thumbs over my nipples. I had on a matching pink baby tee of ribbed cotton, and we could all see my silver dollar-sized areolas and hard tips through the stretchy material.

"You're not doing too badly yourself there, señorita," I said, returning her smile while admiring her beautiful nipples through her tissue-thin 'Club Med Ixtapa' tank top. "And no bra today, either. Gorgeous."

She took my hands and set them on her soft breasts. "Like my pretty chica, who never wears a bra. I want to be beautiful too."

"Mmmm, you are, Lucinda," I said, hugging her again. "So beautiful...so hermosa...."

She giggled in my hair. "That is so sweet of you, to learn my words. Careful, baby, you're going to make me fall for you."

I nipped at her ear. "And why would I want to be careful?"

"She means it, Lucinda," Paul said, coming over to hug her from behind. "When it comes to flirting with beautiful women like you, 'careful' is the last thing she ever wants to be."

She reached down and pulled off her tank top. After playfully stretching it over his face, she tossed it into the empty dishwasher. "I don't want to be careful either," she grinned, hooking her arm around his head. With her other hand she unsnapped her jeans. "Take them off for me, handsome boy."

Paul and I exchanged sneaky grins, knowing Mom was in for a real treat whenever she finally woke up and joined us. He popped open the button fly on her faded 501's and started tugging them down. They were so tight, Lucinda had to help by shimmying her petite hips back and forth, and that's when we discovered our own treat.

"Mmmm, no panties...muuuuuy hermosa," I said softly, stroking her smooth mound.

She kicked off her Reeboks and stepped out of her jeans, leaving them in a pile on the kitchen floor. She wasn't even wearing her usual cute little ankle socks. She was totally, wonderfully naked, and her glowing smile was a sight to behold.

Moving back into my waiting arms, she gave me a sexy kiss. "Do you prefer to see me with no panties, mija?" She took my hand and kissed each finger before guiding them over her breasts and down her stomach to her warm, baby smooth pussy. "Is this what you like? When you see your beautiful mother with no panties on, do you dream of doing lustful things to her?" She slid her other hand straight into my panties. "Is this how you want to touch her?" Grinning, she caressed my dewy lips.

I slipped a finger inside her and started slowly stroking. She shifted her feet shoulder-width apart, and I added a second finger, making her gasp. Leaning into me, she reached back to take Paul by the hip and pull him against her bare bottom. "Push into me," she said, smiling to him over her shoulder. "Press against me, the way you do when you help your mother with the dishes."

"He usually isn't quite so obvious about it, and I honestly can't recall a time when Dawn and I ever stood at the kitchen table fingering each other while Paul pushed his erection into my bare bottom like that. I must say, though, it sure looks like a lot of fun."

Mom was watching us from the arched entryway, wearing nothing but her red silk kimono and a perfectly pleased, cat-that-got-the-cream grin. With her long, luxurious dark hair towel-dried wet and wild and her arms crossed insouciantly beneath her partially covered breasts, she was the picture of carefree sexiness.

"Oh, god," Lucinda whispered, burying her face in my neck. "Mija, why didn't you tell me she was here?"

I whisper-giggled back, "Because you probably wouldn't have gotten naked then, silly! Duh!"

She looked up at me with an expression of incredulous bemusement and slowly shook her head. "Mi diablita..." she smiled. Whereas initially her body had stiffened in panic, now I felt it relax again. Turning to Mom, she offered her a gorgeous shy grin. "Hola, Samantha. I am so pleased to meet you. Forgive me for my state of dress." She gave me a playful kick.

Mom came over to us, her smile as warm and welcoming as ever. After giving Paul and me each a nice kiss good morning, she took Lucinda's hand. "You're right, they're a couple of scheming little devils. If it makes you feel any better, they didn't tell me either. I think they planned this whole thing."

I reached up, and Paul high-fived me. Mom and Lucinda exchanged happy smirks, as if to say, "Kids...."

To Lucinda's everlasting surprise, I'm sure, Mom took Lucinda's other hand and pulled her away from me. Holding hands at arm's length, she said, "Hello, Lucinda, and good morning to you too. After everything Dawn and Paul have told me about you, I couldn't wait to meet you. And please, don't be embarrassed. You are absolutely beautiful, and my children love you. From one mother to another, thank you for all that you do, and for treating them so wonderfully. You are such a blessing."

If Lucinda seemed surprised before, it was nothing compared to her look of happy bewilderment when Mom gave her a long hug. As they stood embracing, Lucinda turned to me and sighed in relief. "Oh my god," she mouthed.

I moved to her side and kissed her on the cheek. "You have to nothing to worry about. I told you, Mom doesn't mind. You can just be yourself with us."

Mom cradled her face for a moment before kissing her sweetly on the lips. Pulling back, she nodded.

Lucinda gathered herself and said, "Señora, I never meant for any of this to happen. It's just that your daughter is so beautiful, like her mother, and your son is so handsome. He's—"

"'Handsome' is certainly one way of putting it," Mom smiled. She took Paul by the waist and had him press right up against Lucinda's backside. From head to toe, Paul went stiff as a board. Mom touched his face, then she trailed her fingertips down his neck to his chest. She shifted her smile to him, wordlessly asking him to relax. She drew him in again, and after a moment's hesitation he returned her smile.

"As I was saying," she continued, "yes, my son most certainly is very handsome, but I don't think that's really the main reason you find him so attractive, is it, Lucinda?"

"Mmmm, no, Samantha, I'm afraid there is something more. I am sorry, but your son...his...."

"'Polla gigante,' is what she wants to say, Mom," I grinned.

"Mmmmmm," purred Lucinda, "sí...gigante...mi dios.... So gigante, so handsome, and so hard every moment, I cannot resist."

Mom hugged her again. "There's no need to apologize. You don't need to resist, either. If it makes you happy, go ahead and enjoy each other. You're all adults. You can do as you please."

"And you don't mind watching...seeing them have sex...even with me?"

Paul cupped her breasts, taking one in each hand. She gave a quiet moan and arched her back. "You say I don't need to resist," she breathed, "but how do you do it...and your sexy daughter, too. She tells me you all tease each other this way. If I lived in such a house, I would not be able to control myself."

"Practice...many years of practice," Mom said, her soft smile as sweet as rain.

"Besides," Paul added, "it's not like Dawn and I were even aware of any of it until very recently. Mom knew, but Dawn and I were totally clueless."

"It's different for you, though, Lucinda," I said, turning her to face Paul. "You're a woman. You're not just some goofy young girl, like me..." I continued, gently pressing her to her knees. His enormous tent was staring her directly in the face. "You would have known to look, and you would've recognized exactly what you were seeing. You would have loved what you were doing to him, and would've teased him every day to make him just like this for you."

Mom knelt by her side. After planting a tender kiss on her shoulder, she pulled a stray lock of hair away from Lucinda's beautiful face. "Yes, you would have, just as I always have. And now, just as Dawn always does. But you would have taken him. I couldn't. We couldn't."

Paul was practically hyperventilating, watching such an intensely erotic scene unfold at his very feet. His erection was so large, he had to angle it off to the side. It was far too big to jut straight out and remain in his boxers. Because of this, we could see every thick, wondrous inch of his incredible shaft stretching across his groin, all the way to his hip...and the temptation proved too much for Lucinda to resist. She had to see it.

She also wanted Mom to see it, probably thinking, 'She's never actually seen it in the flesh.' She started to turn to Mom, as if to ask permission, before changing her mind. Instead, she slowly ran her hand back and forth over it three times, from one end to the other. On the third stroke she squeezed it just beneath the head, making the shape and size of the circumcised crown show in explicit detail. Then, reaching up, she confidently drew the waistband down.

Whap!, as his enormous erection sprang forth and struck her in the face. She gasped, I laughed, and Mom just smiled. She pulled Mom closer, then she hefted it in her hand before pulling down on it and releasing it, making it bap her in the face again. This time she giggled with me, while Mom simply continued to smile. Reaching up with her other hand, she began a series of one-behind-the-other alternating strokes. "So strong...so beautiful..." she said to herself, or to Mom and me, or to all of us, I'm not sure, and she repeated it in a solemn whisper.

Then she parted her lips and took it inside. "Mmmmmm," she moaned, swirling her tongue all around the ridged tip before sliding her lips down the first few inches. Mom was caressing Lucinda's elegant jawline with the backs of her fingers, and our beautiful Latina's eyes smiled in appreciation. The room was absolutely silent, other than for her sexy slurping sounds. Mom continued to caress her cheek, and Lucinda pulled off to kiss Mom's hand. Trailing kisses up her forearm and wrist until they were almost touching noses, she closed her eyes and kissed my gorgeous mother. I saw their mouths open, and their tongues slashed in and out. All the while, she was stroking Paul's huge dick.

Giving Lucinda's bottom lip a finishing bite, Mom urged her back to her waiting cock. Now Lucinda attacked it with a vengeance, moaning up and down the entire length, and this time she was able to take it all the way down her throat, until her mouth was pressing against his scrotum. She pulled off with a triumphant gasp, then she did it again. Up and down she went, slower and faster, faster and slower; steady strokes and random jags, with no seeming rhythm or rhyme. She was happy simply to be sucking Paul's cock, and glorying in the moment.

When she next pulled off and resumed her alternating hand strokes, she slowed while turning to kiss Mom again. Drawing her in close rather than lean awkwardly to reach her, she brought their faces to within a warm breath of the angry purple head. She slid her lips to Mom's cheek, effectively nudging my mother's face forward the short distance necessary to bring her mouth into contact with Paul's erection.

"Do it," she whispered. "Show me how a goddess loves her gigante son."

Mom smiled at me, and I knelt to join her. She placed a gentle kiss on the side of the shaft, then another an inch further down, and two more following the same pattern. Trailing kisses along the imposing length, she nibbled her way back up before taking the head into her mouth and tonguing the slit. Paul jerked, making her smile happily, and that was it. She took him.

God, did she take him. This was the most passionate oral sex I have ever witnessed. Mom possesses every sexual skill imaginable, and she used them all then, but that wasn't it; no, it was her pure, loving hunger. She loves Paul, and she loves his cock like only a devoted mother can. She played her instrument like a master musician, following his eyes while focusing on his pounding heart.

Time and again she brought him to the edge; he would cry out in anguished gasps, and she would squeeze his shaft at the exact right spot and with the exact right pressure, until his moment of crisis ebbed. All the while, she and I were sharing her pleasure, and his as well.

She knew how badly I was dying from watching her virtuoso performance, and she kept working it. This was their sneaky sex in the kitchen all over again, with Mom delighting in torturing me.

'Not this time,' I thought. 'Enough is enough.' Grinning like the little devil she and Lucinda took such glee in labeling me, I dove right in; with Mom sliding to one side of his shaft, her face reflecting sheer joy over making me snap, I took the other, and together we ravaged Paul's dick like a slutty tsunami.

"Mmmm, yes, the temptation is too strong...no more being careful," Lucinda whispered, peering over my shoulder to watch as we sucked my baby brother's lips-stretching cock. "You and the sensual goddess are so good together. It's as if you've done this before. Such beauty in every motion, now I can't imagine how he can stand it...."

And he couldn't, which he proved by flat-out going Mount Vesuvius in Mom's mouth. "Gawwwwwd...fuuuucuck!" be bellowed, and I could tell it was going to be a huge one, even for Paul. Her cheeks quickly bulged with cum; throwing her head back in euphoric laughter, she let me take the next twenty seconds or so of hot, ginormous cum blasts, until both our mouths were overflowing, at which point I aimed his rocketing tip right at Lucinda's angelic face.

"Yes! There he goes! Horse boy! Horse boy! Give it to me!" she exclaimed, joining Mom in joyous laughter as Paul's giant balls simply unloaded god knows how much pent-up cum all over her face and breasts.

When the deluge finally came to an end, I jumped straight into action, licking up every drop of warm, sweet cum from their faces and bodies. Mom had managed to keep most of it in her mouth, while Lucinda looked like someone had blasted her with a whipped cream pie; regardless, I wanted it all, and I swallowed everything except for what Mom wouldn't share with me.

Eventually Paul and I collected Lucinda and took her into the living room where we fucked her every way imaginable until she was too obliterated to lift a finger, and we had to promise to do that day's housekeeping for her. In the meantime, Mom made herself some coffee before heading back to her bedroom, saying she wanted to check in on Dad.

Paul and I still didn't have sex in front of Lucinda, and though she and Mom spent an entire afternoon the following week fucking each other to oblivion Mom also never had actual sex with Paul in front of her. Nope. The three of us gave Lucinda everything she desired and as much crazy sex as she could take, but other than blowing Paul a million times, swapping countless mouthfuls of his cum and eating each other's pussy like we were dying of thirst, we made a point of not having any real sex together in her presence.

And I know she wanted us to go for it.

~ ~ ~

"Aww, come on, please? For meeeeee?" teased Megan, batting her eyes for effect.

"No way. Not a chance in hell. I can't believe you even got me to go this far," answered Paul, and Megan playfully elbowed me in the side. Mom just stood smiling, with her hand covering her mouth.

"But it's what all the guys are wearing now," Megan continued, eyeing my little brother up and down, but mainly right in the middle.

Paul was blushing like crazy. "Maybe in Rio or the Riviera or somewhere, but not here. We haven't seen a single person wearing one of these. You're on crack, Megan."

She was committed to milking it for all it was worth, and she gave him a cloying smile. "But you want to stand out, don't you?"

"Not like this!" he whispered, taking a furtive glance around the shop. "This is ridiculous! I mean, jeez, Megan...."

"Well, sweetie, you certainly do 'stand out' in those," said Mom, emphasizing the obvious.

"No doubt," I grinned. "Don't you want all the beach bunnies to fall in love with you? Come on, 'little' brother, give 'em a show!"

"I think I'm already falling in love," said Megan, still conspicuously eyeing Paul's bathing suit, if that's what it could be called.

After seeing the things Mom and I were wearing to the beach every day, she'd decided that Paul needed a "showier" swimsuit "to match your amazing mom and sister." She took us to a surf shop on Pacific Coast Highway, and right away she dragged us over to the men's Speedo section. "Since you won't go to the nude beach with us, at least let us show you off a teensy bit!" she giggled, holding up a tiny scrap of stretchy white nothing. It almost looked like a pair of women's bikini panties, but I knew it really was a men's suit meant for serious swimming.

"You have got to be kidding," he said, staring at her with a look of utter incredulity. "If I won't go to the nude beach with you guys, what in the world makes you think I would ever be willing to wear something like that at the beach? I may as well just go naked."

Mom patiently crossed her arms. "Baby, just humor her and try it on for us. We don't have to buy it. Who knows, though, you may find that you like it."

He looked to me for support. As badly as I wanted him to try it on -- god, as badly as I wanted him to get naked at the beach with us and show off his cock to Megan -- I knew I needed to stick up for him. "Like Mom said, if you're not okay with it we'll get something else. Still, it won't kill you just to try it on."

"Why do I get the idea you guys are ganging up on me here?" he sighed, with a shy smile.

"Oh, quit being so dramatic," Megan countered. "It's just a bathing suit. Look what Dawn is wearing. My god, look what Samantha has on, and nobody had to twist their arms. Get your butt in there," she added, holding the dressing room curtain open for him.

"You suck," he said with that same little smile, shaking his head as he closed the curtain behind him.

"Ooh, believe me, I would love to," she said to me in a conspiratorial whisper, cupping her hand over her mouth.

"You are positively evil," I whispered back, and Mom rolled her eyes at us as we exchanged happy giggles.

"I told you I would get him to show it to me!" Megan gushed. "This is going to be awesome."

Now it was Mom and I who exchanged knowing grins. "She has no idea..." I mouthed to her, turning so Megan couldn't see what I was saying.

"This will certainly be interesting," Mom said evenly, flashing us a Mona Lisa smile, and Megan nodded eagerly.

"Yep," Paul said over the curtain, "you girls are out of your minds if you think I'm going to wear this at the beach. But, okay, here goes...."

He pulled the curtain aside and stepped out.

Right away, Mom took charge. "Stop that, Paul. Move your hands out of the way, and stand up straight and tall for us. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You have a beautiful body, baby. Let us see you."

Reluctantly, he moved his hands to his sides and straightened his shoulders.

'Well, at least he's not erect,' I thought, grinning to myself over Megan's astonished gasp.

"Hey, you asked for it," he said, setting his hands on his hips while staring into her eyes.

"Jesus, Dawn..." she said quietly, again with her hand over her mouth.

"I know," I answered. "Believe me, I know. I see it every day."

"He's beautiful, isn't he?" Mom said, beaming. She let her eyes trail down his bare chest and chiseled stomach to his enormous bulge dressed to his left, stretching nearly to his hip. "Absolutely beautiful," she said again, moving to his side. Reaching down, she adjusted the waistband, pulling it out from where it was trapped beneath the top few inches of his resting shaft. "There...nice and neat," she continued, straightening it across his lower abdomen.

Stepping back, she hooked her arm around my waist. "What do you think?" she asked, smiling to Megan. "And how about you, Paul? It's not so bad, is it?"

Megan turned to Mom. "He's...amazing."

"I bet you wish more guys wore Speedos now, huh?" I grinned, hooking my arms around both their waists.

"Oh...my...god," she said, returning my grin. "If they all looked like that, I would never leave the beach."

Still beaming with pride, Mom fixed her warm smile back on Paul. "So, baby? What's the verdict?"

When Paul took a pained glanced down to check himself out, Megan whispered to me, "I've never seen one anywhere near that big. Your brother has the most perfect cock ever."

"And he's not even a little hard," I answered. "That tiny suit will never keep him covered if he gets hard. At least half of it will stick out."

"Damn, Dawn, and look at his huge balls. I mean, seriously, what the hell...."

Feeling our eyes feasting on him, Paul did in fact begin to grow erect then, and he raised his eyes to Mom's. "Is something like this even legal? How could I ever get away with this in public?"

"Sweetie, I admit, on you that suit is rather revealing, but yes, it's perfectly legal. I promise you, no one is going to arrest you for wearing a Speedo at the beach."

That's when Megan and I had started teasing him, trying to convince him to wear it for us. I desperately wanted him to let us buy it for him, but his pleading look combined with the fact that his dick was beginning to stretch up and to the left so obscenely made my decision clear. "Honey, I think that one might be a bit too much for the beach. I can't see you being comfortable at all in something like that. Isn't it awfully tight? It looks so restricting."

"Exactly!" he said, jumping on the plausible deniability lifeline I'd just offered him. "It's hella tight, like crazy tight. I don't see how anyone can wear these things. It's way uncomfortable."

"Go back inside and I'll find you something else," I said, shooing him into his dressing room.

"Now listen here, missy, don't go spoiling all my fun! You better still pick something hot!" giggled Megan, playfully grabbing my arm as I turned to go check out another pair I'd noticed when we first walked through the store.

"Don't worry, I think you'll definitely like it," I said, and I held up the one I had in mind.

Mom came over and slid her hand through the leg hole. "This will only be slightly less revealing than the Speedo, especially once it's wet. Look..." she said, moving her hand around inside.

She was right. Sure, it was a lot longer than the Speedo, and it wasn't so skintight and stretchy, but it was still white, and it was surprisingly thin. Plus it was unlined.

"Hey, check it out!" Megan said, sticking her finger through the unzipped fly. She started wiggling it around like it was a worm on a fishing hook.

"Paul's won't look anything like that. It'll be more like this..." I grinned, pushing my fist and forearm through the fly and waving it in wide circles.

Watching us, Mom smiled. "At least he'll be willing to wear this one, so you'll still get your wish, Megan. Mission accomplished, I'd say."

"Yeah, come on, let's go!" she squealed, dragging us back to Paul's dressing room. "Here, Mister Shy Boy. And no complaining this time. If this one fits, we're buying it."

"Yeah, whatever," he smiled, catching it when she tossed it to him over the curtain. "Oh, and here..." he added, stretching the Speedo like a slingshot before firing it at Megan's face. She squealed even more delightedly, and Mom and I laughed at her silly antics. She was totally hamming it up for his benefit, chomping on the tiny swimsuit like a rabid dog.

"Well, I guess now we have to buy it," Mom deadpanned.

"Yep!" answered Megan, happily twirling it around her finger. "And just you watch! I'm going to get him to wear it for us again, guaranteed."

"You need to seek professional help," Paul said, stepping out from behind the curtain. "You definitely have a screw loose."

"Wow," she said, suddenly becoming quiet again. Her intent smile as she ogled the clear outline of his semi-stiff shaft showing over his left thigh told him everything he needed to know.

"So is this one okay then, you big perv?" he asked, and the cool thing was I could tell that Paul was now enjoying the spectacle he knew he was putting on for us. Maybe the Speedo was more than he could handle wearing in public, but as long as whatever he was asked to wear seemed reasonably 'normal' he was willing to indulge us a little.

"Uh-huh...very okay," she answered, and I swear it looked like she was about to reach out and grab his dick, she was staring at it so hungrily.

For that matter, so was I. The difference is, I at least did something about it. "Here..." I said, taking her by the hand. I had us kneel before him, positioning her so her face was only inches from his thickening cock, and I smoothed out the twisted lower hem of the leg hole on my side. I had her do the same to the other leg, and she shot me a wicked smirk.

"I think they approve!" chirped Mom. "Paul, go ahead and leave those on. Just grab me the tag so I can go pay for them."

"And don't forget these..." I laughed, tossing her the Speedo.

"Oh, I doubt I ever will," she smiled. "Megan, can you please get his tag for me, honey?"

"Sure thing, Samantha," she answered, happy to be given an excuse to remain kneeling before Paul's awe-inspiring bulge. Setting her hand on the snap closure of his waistband, she held him steady while tugging on the tag. With each tug we could see his dick move inside his swimsuit, until finally she stopped teasing him and broke the tag free.

An hour later she and I were lying together on our towels at Zuma Beach, and Paul and Mom were standing together halfway down the sand, facing the ocean. "God, you guys are so awesome," she sighed, watching as Paul wrapped his arms around Mom from behind. He leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek, and she reached up to hold his face to hers. "I wish my family was more like yours."

I looked over my shoulder and smiled. Paul and Mom really were beautiful together, and I knew he and I looked just like that whenever he held me. "It's because of Mom," I answered, after a long pause. "She just loves us, and that's all that matters."

"But what about...you know..." she said hesitantly. "I mean, the way Paul is always so big and hard, and you and your mother never seem to mind. You even seem to encourage it sometimes, which I think is the coolest thing ever." Sitting up, she grinned. "Check it out. It's happening again...."

Paul still had his arms around Mom's waist, but now her arms were crossed back behind his head. He was resting his chin on her shoulder, and as they stared out at the waves together they looked for all the world like lovers. More to Megan's point, though, was the fact that Paul clearly had a full erection, which he was pressing against her ass. Mom wasn't exactly discouraging him, either. Her back was slightly arched, and the only bikini she brought with her to California was that same incredible white one she wore for us at the pool party.

Right from the start, Megan was amazed at our bikinis. Of course mine was my usual threadbare thing that no longer covered the top half of my ass crack, never mind how see-through it became when wet. Mom's was even more revealing, being much tinier and completely see-through, wet or dry. Since we were constantly at the beach together, those bikinis were just about the only things Megan ever saw us wear, and I guess the thought of us wearing such sexy things around Paul totally blew her away.

"Mom says he's always like that," I said. "And she's not going to stop hugging him or being affectionate with him just because he's a 'horny teenager with raging hormones,' as she puts it. Not that she even minds, either. She thinks it's beautiful. She thinks he's beautiful."

"And you know what, Dawn? It really is. All three of you are just awesome together. What about you, though?"


"Yeah, I mean, what do you think about all this, especially the way he always gets so hard every time he so much as looks at either of you. As big as he is, come on, it's not like you can miss it. Does it ever bother you?"

Paul and Mom were headed back our way, and I turned to Megan. "Honestly? Not at all. I guess I'm just like Mom."

"You think he's beautiful? Even his huge erections?"

"Don't you?" I asked, trying not to grin too much.

"Well, yeah, I think he's amazing, but he's not my brother." Still sitting up, she couldn't help but smile as they walked up the sand together. She was full-on staring at his bouncing bulge, which his wet swimsuit did almost nothing to hide. Mom was right. That suit was nearly as revealing as the Speedo. Because it became see-through when wet, I would say it showed him off even more clearly. That fact was definitely not lost on Megan, who sighed, "Never mind. If my brother looked like that, it wouldn't bother me either if he always had a huge hard-on. God, Dawn...."

"Can you blame him? Look at Mom."

They were both dripping wet from playing together in the surf, and with their hair slicked back they couldn't have looked any sexier. As easily as we could see every inch of Paul's swaying snake, Mom really may as well have been naked, her teensy white bikini was so transparent.

"No, I can't," said Megan. She looked straight ahead as she added, "And I was never into girls. Not until I met you and Samantha, anyway."

I reached out and took her hand. I gave it an affectionate squeeze, and she squeezed mine right back. A moment later Mom led Paul over to our cozy little spot on the sand, where they resumed their tender hug. Again facing the water with her son pressing into her from behind, she smiled at the sight of Megan holding my hand. Turning in Paul's arms, she draped hers around his waist before resting her head against his chest. "I see you two are becoming fast friends," she said, and if she noticed his erection pressing against her stomach she didn't let on to us about it. All she did was snuggle in closer.

I think Megan surprised us all when she grabbed my bottle of tanning cream and said, "Dawn, let me do this for you." She popped the cap and squeezed out two big palmfuls, then her hands went directly to my ass.

"It looks like they're becoming better friends all the time," Paul quipped, and I purred while wiggling my bottom for Megan. She certainly wasn't shy about doing me, that's for sure. After smoothing the cream round and round for a few minutes, she tugged my bikini bottoms deep into my split, turning them into a thong. "See?" he laughed. "Just better and better and better...."

"Okay, now your turn," she said, surprising us even more. Grinning like a bandit, she handed Paul the bottle. "And don't miss a spot. You three are coming to my party tomorrow night, and we can't have Dawn's perfect bottom all sunburned and sore."

I think she wanted to shock him with her sneaky stunt; little did she know that rubbing, squeezing and caressing my ass was now old hat for Paul. It's not that it didn't still make him instantly grow as hard as a rock; it was more that he was no longer the least bit bashful about letting people see him touch my body. If anything, he turned the tables on her, surprising her with how casually he took over and began smoothing the cool, thick cream into my happy bottom.

"A party?" Mom asked, grinning not only at the sight of Paul rubbing my ass for Megan, but also at Megan so blatantly ogling Paul's bulging erection. See, that was the other thing that was becoming old hat for him: letting appreciative girls check out his big dick all they wanted.

"Yep, my parents are in Chicago for a week on a business trip, and they said that as long as it's nothing too crazy and we mostly stay outside by the pool then they're okay with me throwing a proper party while they're gone. There will probably be forty or fifty people there, easy. It's going to be totally chill. You guys are definitely coming."

"I guess we're going to a party then," Mom said, smiling sweetly. "But are you sure you want me there? A thirty-seven-year-old married woman, who also happens to be the mother of two of your guests?"

Paul and I looked at each other and laughed. "Yeah, right, Mom!" I grinned, rolling my eyes. "Because you're just some boring old hausfrau who wears mom jeans while shuttling a minivan full of sixth-graders to soccer practice. You wouldn't fit in at all at a pool party!"

Shaking his head at her, Paul took a break from rubbing my thighs and ass. "Mom, you didn't really just say that, did you? 'A thirty-seven-year-old...are you sure you want me there?' Seriously? Jesus, there won't be a guy there who wouldn't give his left nut to spend ten seconds alone with you."

"Don't assume it'll just be the guys, either," added Megan. "Every girl there is going to freak when they see you, Samantha. Half of them will probably try to drag you off for themselves to one of the bedrooms. Yeah, you won't exactly have to worry about 'fitting in.'"

"And what will our gorgeous blonde hostess be doing while all this rampant debauchery is going on, hmmm?" Mom asked.

"Debauching right along with everyone else, hopefully," she answered, playfully wiggling her ass for us. "That is, assuming every last person there hasn't already dragged Miss Perfect Everything here upstairs, along with her über MILF mom and porn star brother."

"My 'porn star brother'? Hmmm, now where have I heard that before?" I asked, smiling happily over my shoulder at Paul.

"Hush, Miss Perfect Everything," he said teasingly, giving my ass a long, deep squeeze.

Kneeling beside me, Mom added her hand to Paul's. Instead of squeezing, though, she trailed her fingertips down my thighs, back over my bare cheeks and up my spine. "Megan's right, you know. Baby, it's hardly just your beautiful bottom. Every last inch of you is absolutely...positively...deliciously perfect, from your rich, lustrous raven hair all the way down to your flawless legs and pretty little toes." The way she slowly breathed each word as she ran her nails along my warm, creamy skin, god, it made my entire body shudder.

"Megan," Paul said, guiding her hands back to my smooth mounds, "since you're planning on debauching her anyway, here's a little tip for you. If you really want to drive Dawn crazy, this is her weak spot: her ass."

"Yes, Megan," Mom added with barely restrained glee, "whatever you do, don't even think of spanking my daughter's perfect bottom." Sliding her hands back over my ass, she paused there. "You simply can't stand that, can you, sweetie?" Just in case she hadn't already made her point clearly enough, she gave each cheek a lingering caress followed by a teasing swat.

"Ohhhh god," I moaned, raising my hips for more....

~to be continued~

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