Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 20

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Awaking to paradise...

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

Loving fingertips tenderly caressing my cheek woke me from blissful sleep. "Mmmmmm, g'morning," I purred. Bringing my hand up, I held them against my face.

"You are so beautiful together...my perfect angels," came a soft, gentle voice.

My eyes shot open. "Mom!" I exclaimed in a hushed whisper. "You're here! Oh my god! You're here!"

"I wanted to surprise you, baby," she whispered back. Leaning down, she kissed me between my bare shoulder blades before kissing the hand that was holding hers to my face.

"But how—"

She nuzzled my fingers before kissing me over my ear. "Shhhh," she said, still whispering. "I took an early flight this morning. I grabbed a rental car at the airport, and all my things are already in the master suite. Sweetie, you need to be more careful. This isn't a small town, like Lawrence. Rather than ring the bell and possibly wake everyone, I jiggled the door handle, and it was open. I walked right in."

"That's doofus here's fault," I grinned, kissing Paul's chest. He was still breathing deeply, fast asleep. "He's in charge of locking up at night. I guess he got distracted."

"Oh? And why would he have been distracted?" she asked teasingly.

Turning to her, I smiled. "Because he loves me."

"He does, baby. He really does. Your brother is head-over-heels in love with you."

"You've always known, haven't you?"

She caressed my face again. "Yes, I have." She paused to give my shoulder a kiss. "The question is, are you in love with him?" She smiled, already knowing the answer.

"Madly," I whispered, and I squeezed her hand. "Almost as madly as I'm in love with you."

Her stunning blue eyes glistened with joyful tears, and my heart nearly broke. "Oh, angel," she said, her voice catching.

"Come on, beautiful, let's get you out of these things..." I grinned, reaching back to undo the buttons on her white silk blouse. "With the three of us, it'll be nice and cozy," I continued, lifting the covers in invitation.

Paul and I were in my bed, and I could tell by the sunlight filtering through the blinds that it had to be close to ten o'clock.

When we first set up camp in Dr. Carlisle's sprawling ranch-style house, my brother and I discussed how awesome it would be to share the master suite and its enormous king-sized bed. We knew we had to be careful around Lucinda, though, so we decided to play it safe. We would sleep together in my bedroom most nights, and stay in separate bedrooms for Lucinda's cleaning days. We still had sex those nights, but we would go to our own bedrooms afterward. Mom could have the master suite.

I watched as she stood and slipped off her thin blouse. 'Yay, Mom!' I thought, when her amazing breasts came into view. No bra. Even traveling solo for an early morning flight halfway across the country...no bra. Just perfect, heavy tits, and her perpetually erect nipples.

I couldn't help but grin proudly. "I bet everyone loved watching you walk through the airport. God, you are so unbelievably gorgeous."

"I'm fairly certain at least a few stray men did, and definitely one young lady. It was so cute. She didn't even try to hide her ogling," she answered, soaking in my worshipful gaze. "But I think what you would have enjoyed most was when I strolled by a group of businessmen having drinks in the concourse lounge. They really seemed to appreciate my skirt." She took a step to the side, then another, until she was standing in direct sunlight.

I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like the sexiest magic trick ever. Watching her, I'm sure I bit my lip.

"The same thing happened with my top, too, but I think they were more interested in this..." she continued, turning to face the window.

The morning light was shining right through her matching white silk skirt. Standing there in four-inch heels, she arched her back and gave me a tantalizing little hip-wiggle.

'Mouthwatering' wouldn't even begin to describe it. Her incredible legs seemed to go on forever, and her lush, curvy bottom was worthy of its own exclusive exhibit in the Louvre. The dramatic diamond-shaped gap at the top of her succulent thighs...absolute perfection.

She turned again to face me. "It was surprising, how much bright sunlight pours through that concourse. I mean, who knew?" Crossing one foot in front of the other while slowly unzipping her skirt, she catwalked the few steps back to my bedside. Pausing with her legs spread, she allowed me to drink in the vivid silhouette of her smooth hips and sculpted thighs framing her sexy bare pussy. Somehow, even her meticulously manicured patch of dark pubic hair stood out in stark relief, and her luscious lips in all their pouting glory made for the most wickedly erotic tableau I could ever imagine.

"I made quite a few trips up and down the concourse before I finally acceded to their friendly entreaties to join them for a drink. That lounge had such tall barstools, too. I knew my merry band of admirers had enjoyed the wide slit in the back of my skirt, and now they were presented with an even more provocative view through the dangerously revealing opening in the front. As I crossed my legs back and forth, I felt their eyes devouring my bare thighs...higher and higher and higher. It was really fun.

"When my boarding announcement was made, I allowed them to help me down from my lofty perch. Such gallant gentlemen...." She shimmied her hips, and her skirt fell to her feet. After stepping out of it, she leaned on the bed to balance herself while slipping off her heels. "Even as gallant as they were, however, I sensed the veneer of chivalry cracking as they watched me stride back through the bright light. It reminded me of your father's friends, and the dinner I mentioned the other day. Oh, how sullen their expressions, when your father came down with another nasty headache and I had to call an early end to the evening. Up to that point, I think they were rather enjoying my company."

"So it wasn't just your killer meatloaf, huh?" I snuggled up closer to Paul, leaving room for Mom to slide in behind me. Once we were all settled in, she curled her legs against mine, spooning me. Her moist pubic hair kissing my bare bottom felt so soft and sexy, and her erect nipples pressing against my back set me on fire.

"Probably not," she grinned, nipping at my ear. "I suspect it had more to do with that same white skirt and top, the late afternoon sunlight pouring into the living room, and all the slow dancing we were doing. Before too long, things got just a tad handsy."

"Yours, or theirs?"

"Oh, both, I would say. They all love to take certain liberties with me, which I don't exactly discourage, and you know I can never resist a hard cock pressing against me. Anyway, your father enjoyed that outfit so much, he suggested I wear it for the flight today."

"I love Dad. God, he is so awesome. What's the story with his headaches, though? And did he tell you about his latest brainfart? The other day we were talking about movies and sports and stuff, and he forgot that we're called the 'Jayhawks.'"

"And what was that 'and stuff' you two were talking about, hmmm? You probably distracted him, just like you distracted Paul last night."

"Hey, you're the one who gets all freaky and downright unparental with Dad whenever he's on the phone with me. I'm just his sweet, innocent baby girl."

She cupped my chin and kissed me. "And you always will be. Your father loves you with all his heart, you know. You're his beautiful princess."

"Mmmmmm...and he's my knight in shining armor," I said, returning her kiss. "You, though," I continued, sliding down to take her breast in my mouth, "are my beautiful queen." After treating myself to a lingering taste, I gazed up into her loving eyes. "How may I serve thee, Your Highness?"

"Just love me, baby," she whispered, spreading her legs.

"Forever and ever and ever..." I answered, and I slid down until I was gazing upon the gates of heaven. That's really how I think of it, too. When she spreads her perfect legs for me, offering me her divine pussy and every ounce of her precious love, I always feel like I've been granted a sacred glimpse of heaven.

"I love my beautiful mother...my beautiful Samantha..." I whispered, breathing it across her delicate lips. I blew softly, and watched in fascination as her glistening petals trembled in response. "So wet...so sexy," I added in wonder.

"You make me wet," she said, smiling as I blew on her pubic hair. "You always have, more than anyone ever could. I want you, angel. I want to be with you. I want to feel you inside me, and all over me. I want to be inside you, every minute we're together. God, I want to be you, just to experience one moment of perfection. You are my waking dream."

"Mine, too. You both are, actually," Paul said sleepily, having finally woken. "Damn, what a sight to wake up to, the two most beautiful women on earth, naked in my bed. This is paradise."

As I pressed my tongue inside her, she opened her arms, beckoning to Paul with a breathy gasp. He slid over and gave her a warm embrace. "Hi, Mom. Welcome to California."

"Hi, baby. Good morning, by the way." Glancing down, she smiled when she saw my hand stroking him beneath the covers. "This really is a good morning, isn't it?"

"The best," he moaned, and I pulled back the covers so she could watch.

"God, and you get to wake up to that every morning now?" she asked, caressing my face as I drew a line from her swollen pink clit down to her enchanting pucker. Nodding happily, I slipped it straight inside, delighting in her sexy gasps.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned. "You drive me absolutely insane, you know that? Your pussy...and damn, your incredible ass. I could eat you all day." She was still watching me stroke Paul's spectacular erection, and I held it up nice and tall for her. "And this, too. Now we can both wake up to it. Here...." I took her hand and wrapped it around the base of his towering shaft.

"Baby, didn't you mention something about the two of you teaming up to fuck my brains out?" she asked coyly, stroking the lower third of his pulsing cock while I handled the top few inches, including the already-drooling tip. Every so often our hands met near the middle, and eventually we traded places.

"Mmmm-hmmmmm!" I answered, taking her clit between my teeth. Now that made her jump. "Gotcha," I grinned, and I moved my hand down to Paul's huge, hairless balls, leaving her his entire shaft.

Twisting her upper body to bring her head to his stomach, she said, "They didn't have any Wheaties on the plane, but I believe you also mentioned that you could both come up with something nice for me to eat." She added a second hand and began corkscrewing up and down the shaft, swirling her alternating palms around the crown with each pass.

She knew what she wanted, and didn't hesitate to take it. At the precise moment that I slid two fingers into her ass, she lowered her mouth to his erection.

"No cumming yet," I said to him. "It's her turn now. You're finally going to give her the full Lisa Treatment."

"Mmmm-hmmmmm!" she moaned, taking him all the way down. After holding steady at the bottom for one...two...three beats, she pulled off. "I want what he did to you in that strip club."

"All of it?" I asked teasingly. Pumping harder, I drove a third finger up her ass.

"Every bit of it, including that...especially that," she answered. "My mouth, my pussy, and deep in my ass...mmmmmm, all that wonderful cum filling my ass, making me scream."

"Mom, show me how you sucked him during that one Movie Night, with Rick and Donny there. I want to see how you managed to hide what you were doing."

Grinning, she held his cock to her lips. "Why? Are you planning on sucking him in front of Rick and Donny too?"

We both looked at him.

"That would be awesome," he said, watching as Mom fanned out her long, shiny hair over his thighs and stomach. "Dawn, your hair is perfect for doing that. I bet you'd be amazing."

"You know she would be. She's always amazing," said Mom, smiling around his cock.

"Would you guys let me? I mean, right in front of Rick and Donny?"

"Would you even bother trying to hide it?" she asked, turning her head and slowly taking him all the way down. She was showing me how she did it.

"At this point? Probably not."

Paul said, "You kind of already did it in front of them, at least a little. You know, that day in the pool."

"I didn't actually take yours out and suck it, though. I only did that to Rick."

"But you did put it in your mouth, and you sucked Donny's, too. It was through our shorts, but still."

"Did you want her to do it for real, with your friends right there watching?" Pausing again, Mom offered him a sweet smile, then she turned to me. "If you ever do decide to suck him in front of them, I hope I'm there to see it."

"So does that mean you're okay with us having sex in front of Lucinda?" he asked.

Mom considered it for a moment. "That's different. Rick and Donny are like family."

"And you've already had sex with both of them," I added, giving her pussy a teasing nip.

"Well, yes, a little, anyway," she grinned. "But Dr. Carlisle doesn't know that, and neither does Lucinda. She also doesn't know about us. If I wasn't worried that she might tell Dr. Carlisle, I would have no problem with the two of you having sex in front of her. From what you've told me, I think she would love to make it a full-blown threesome."

"Make that a full-blown foursome, once she sees you," Paul quipped.

"Definitely," I said. "She would love for us all to have sex. When she finally meets you, god, she's going to lose her mind. But you're right, she could easily say something to Dr. Carlisle, and I know we don't want that."

I turned to Paul with a lascivious grin. "So we should probably limit it to Rick and Donny. In the meantime, we can still have sex with Lucinda."

"You are such a perv," he chuckled, shaking his head.

I reached up and squeezed Mom's breasts, making her moan around the huge cock in her mouth. "Tell him, Mom."

"Mmmm-hmmm! Like mother, like daughter!" she giggled.

"Always," I said, sliding up the bed to suck his balls. While swapping them back and forth with my tongue, I added my hand to hers again and stroked his shaft into her mouth.

"Here, baby..." she smiled, offering me his dick. "There's more than enough to share." We kissed on the lips, then we kissed either side of his thick shaft; beginning just below the head, we trailed kisses all the way down to his balls before licking and kissing our way back up to the head. Our tongues lashed out over the tip; taking turns, we pressed inside his seeping slit.

We spent the next ten minutes sucking his drooling cock, continually bringing him to the very edge before easing off. The entire time, I had three fingers buried deep in her pussy. With Paul looking on in stunned disbelief, Mom returned the favor, curling two fingers inside me. Now we were openly finger-fucking each other while happily sharing his oozing pre-cum.

"If we keep doing this, he's not going to be able to hold out much longer. He's almost there," she said, showing me his increasingly heavy flow.

"I was just thinking the same thing. So, Paul, are you ready?"

"Oh, fuck," he groaned.

"Exactly," she smiled. "Again and again and again."

"The Lisa Treatment," I said.

"With my beautiful baby girl right here with us, just like you were for her first time."

"Paul, don't hold back. I mean it. I want this to be like our first time. Mom is our goddess. She deserves the very best."

Sitting up, he stared at us both. "You have no idea how long I've wanted this." With a look of sexy confidence that practically melted me on the spot, he turned to her and said, "'Again and again and again' is right. Believe me, I am absolutely going to fuck your brains out."

"Come here, baby," she cooed, and he climbed between her legs. Taking my hand, she set it on his swaying erection. "Dawn, I want you to put it inside me."

Pressing it down, I laid it atop her pussy. "Look..." I whispered, showing it to her. "It goes all the way up to here." My hand marking the tip of his cock was halfway up her stomach.

"I know," she said, gazing into his eyes. "I've always known. Paul, make love to me."

He sat back, and I guided his immense shaft over her clit, pausing to rub the underside of his crown against her sensitive bud. Her thighs gave a slight tremble. I did it again, and she tilted her hips just so, increasing her pleasure.

His rock-hard dick was so big, I had to have him scoot back quite a ways just to give me room to angle the tip down to her waiting entrance. Her moist, delicate lips splayed open, stretching wide to envelop him. I fed only the ridged crown inside, before pulling it out. Her eyes fluttered. "Again," I whispered, pressing the entire head inside. This time, I held it there.

"Mmmm..." she moaned, barely above a whisper. "More...."

He started to inch his way forward. "Not yet," I said, setting my hand on his stomach to stop him. "Slow, baby. You're too close to cumming. Let's just take it nice and easy, until you're really ready. I want this to last."

Mom reached down to add her hand to mine on his throbbing length. "Honey, you know it doesn't matter with him. He always stays hard afterward, and he cums just as much every time."

Grinning, I removed her hand and set it on her breast. "I don't care. I want this first one to be absolutely epic."

"So bossy!" she grinned.

"Yeah, she can be a little bossy sometimes," said Paul, exchanging smiles with her. "But that's okay. She's really good at this stuff." He turned his smile to me. "Let me guess. 'Trust me, little brother, I have a plan,' right? This is like the strip club all over again for you."

"Uh-huh," I answered, slowly circling his enormous plum-colored head in the grasping mouth of her pussy; round and round, then in and out, again and again. I wasn't so much fucking her as simply making introductions. "I have a plan. It just came to me."

"Care to let us in on it?" asked Mom, circling her hips in response.

"Actually, yes, I do." I kissed Paul on the lips before leaning down to kiss Mom's gorgeous erect nipple. "I want him to give you the full Lisa Treatment, only with a twist. More than anything, it's not going to be about 'fucking your brains out.' You two can do that anytime. No, for this first one, I want—"

"Baby, you know this is not our first time, or even our second."

"It is, to me. This is the first time you two will really be able to hold each other and love each other, and do everything you've always wanted."

"You mean like with you and me, and you and Dad," Paul added. "Until that night in the strip club, you still considered yourself a virgin, even though Dad and I had both already fucked you a little."

"Wait a second," Mom said, flashing us an accusing grin. "Dawn, I know about you and your father having sex, but—"

"'Know about'?!" I exclaimed, laughing sarcastically. "You were the one who made it happen!"

"Yes, I did. And you know you deserved it, too." God, what a smug little smile. "But what's this about you and Paul now? Before your wild adventure together at the strip club, did you and your horny baby brother also have a happy 'accident' or two that you conveniently neglected to mention to your loving mother?"

Paul couldn't hide his sheepish grin, and he ran his hand over my hip, onto my bare ass. "Just one, Mom. That first day with Lisa."

I trailed kisses across her breasts, up to her waiting lips. Giving her a quick, playful tongue-kiss, I said, "I'll tell you all about it later. Right now I have a job to do, so stop interrupting me."

"Bossy girl," she teased, her shining blue eyes sparkling with delight.

"And you love it," I grinned, sliding back down to her pussy.

"Mmmm, I do," she purred. "I love my sexy, bossy girl."

"Bad boy! So impatient!" I said, taking hold again of Paul's cock. While I'd been kissing Mom, Paul had sneakily slid halfway in. Even so, there was still a good two or three inches of hard, gleaming shaft showing above my hand, and I gripped him firmly.

Mom spread her legs as far as they would go. "Give it to me, baby. Let him come back inside."

My god, what an incredible sight: the most beautiful woman in the history of ever, gloriously naked and spread wide, her glistening pink lips stretched in a tight embrace around her gorgeous son's impossibly thick shaft shining with her wetness. 'Now this really does belong in the Louvre,' I thought, marveling at their perfect union.

"God...is that how we look?" I asked Paul. I slid my hand back a bit, revealing another few inches of his gleaming wet erection. I realized then that he had already gone all the way inside her while she and I were kissing, and an electric chill shot through my entire body.

I began feeding him into her, slowly moving him in and out.

"That's exactly how we look," he breathed. "I can't believe it. She looks just like you." Pulling out on his own, he took what felt to me like an excruciatingly long time sliding back in. "I can never get enough of it. Whenever we're apart, that image is all I ever think about. And now I won't be able to get this image of my dick spreading Mom's perfect pussy out of my head either."

I set my chin on his shoulder and simply watched for a few moments. Grinning, Mom sat up to take a peek. "Mmmmmm, that may be my favorite thing about having sex with a really large one like Paul's, or your father's. As much as I love how it feels inside me, I think the sight of it stretching open my pussy as it slides in and out almost turns me on even more." She fixed her sexy smile on me. "I can't wait to see him slide in and out of your gorgeous pussy. Touching myself right there in my seat during this morning's flight, that was all I could think about, too, Paul's beautiful cock spreading my darling angel's sweet, perfect pussy...."

Returning her sexy grin, I said, "I bet your fellow passengers must have loved that."

"I had the window seat. Only the two men directly beside me really noticed anything," she moaned, closing her eyes. She was clearly reliving the scene in her mind. "Maybe the stewardess, too," she added, slowly circling her hips again. "I was so turned on, I didn't care. Mmmm, yes, fuck me, baby...all the way inside me...."

"Your cock looks incredible," I whispered to him. "Pull it out again, to the very tip. I want to see it."

I knew he didn't want to, but he pulled out for me. Mom moaned, and thrust her hips. She desperately wanted him back inside.

"God, she's so wet," I continued, awestruck. I ran my fingertip from the base of his glistening shaft all the way to the raised ridge poised menacingly within her grasping lips. "Slow...just one inch at a time. I don't care if it takes all day with your huge dick, only give her one slow inch at a time, until her pussy is pressing against your balls. Then, even more slowly, draw it back out again."

It was almost as if time stood still; it seemed to take that long before he had completed his task.

"Oh my god," he said, equally awestruck.

"See?" I whispered proudly.

"You knew that would happen?"

"Oh god, baby. I can't believe you showed him," Mom finally answered, barely able to get it out.

"Hey, he wanted to know that he could make you do that, right? I told you I had a plan."

When I'd released Paul and allowed him to slide all the way in, Mom had nearly lost it. That was all it took to bring her to the brink of a massive orgasm, and I knew what would happen if I had Paul torture her just as slowly on the way out. Sure enough, as his enormous shaft was only halfway through its maddeningly sexy retreat, her pussy rewarded us with a long arcing of clear, hot cum. Her thighs and hips went into delicious spasms, and I exulted at the blessed strains of her unchained melody. Mom always made the most beautiful sounds when she came, and this was her crowning symphony.

"He just needed to pull out at the right time to see it. That was perfect!" I grinned.

"You big show-off," Mom cooed, her smile as warm and bright as the morning sunshine. "I told you, he's already made me have a gushing orgasm before, that night on the couch with Rick and Donny."

Paul was nearly giddy. "But I didn't get to see it then, not like this! Oh my god, Mom! You are AWESOME!"

"And she's just getting started," I said, exchanging knowing smiles with her. "Paul, that was only an appetizer. She hasn't even begun to make love to you yet."

Paul sat kneeling between her legs, his cock still poised at the mouth of her pussy, his stomach and chest shining with her dripping joy. His sweetly innocent expression revealed not only lust and awe but also a growing wonder. It dawned on me then that he didn't quite understand.

"Baby, what did you think this would be? Just sex?" I asked, gently. "No, honey. This isn't just sex for her. She loves us with all her heart. You'll see. You'll feel it, and it will be unlike anything you've ever experienced."

Mom took my hand. "Oh, I think he has, angel. I'm sure your baby brother will never forget your first time with him in that windswept Texas desert, the two of you making love beneath an endless sea of shining stars. Nothing will ever feel as perfect to him as you did that night."

"I'm no you, though," I answered, squeezing her hand. "No one makes love the way you do. You are pure magic."

"Silly girl," she whispered, her crystal blue eyes again filling with tears. "My silly, eternally beautiful girl who doesn't even realize the true magic you share with all of us...."

"She's right, you know," Paul said, his own soulful blue eyes shining moistly. "You have no idea what you do to me...what you do to everyone. Mom is magic, and so are you." He paused to gather himself. "Dawn, our magical mother gave me the most beautiful girl in heaven."

I broke down sobbing in his arms. "Oh, baby, I love you so much," I whispered through my sniffles. Then I turned to Mom. "And you gave me the perfect man."

Smiling like the angel she is, Mom said, "Your father had just as much to do with that as I did, you know. It was hardly all me. Who do you think you see in your beautiful brother, if not your beautiful father?"

"I just know who I see in my beautiful sister," Paul said, giving me a loving hug as we knelt together, smiling down at our gorgeous mother.

"I could only wish," I answered, guiding him into her welcoming arms.

"Your sister is right, baby," she purred. "I do love you with all my heart." She pulled him close, pressing her breasts to his chest in a crushing hug. "Both of you, my perfect angels...with all my heart." She took his face in her hands. "And I always will."

I moved over beside her. "Show him," I said, and I caressed her cheek.

She turned to me and smiled. "I love you, baby girl. And thank you."

"Show him," I said again, and I watched as she took him deep inside.

It's hard to describe what she does or even how she does it, but I saw her do it then to Paul. Starting at his face and neck, it moved into his shoulders and upper back; when it passed through his muscular ass and down into his strong legs, I knew she had done it to him, too. I saw each and every tremor.

He looked up at me in astonishment.

"I know," I smiled. "She's magic. Just let her love you."

Using her arms and legs to hold him inside her, she spoke to him in subtle undulations; registering each new revelation, his eyes were a swirling kaleidoscope of joyous discovery. I felt a sudden flash of despair, knowing I could never make love like her. The spell she casts is too beautiful, too hopelessly irresistible, and one day I would lose him to her.

Almost as if reading my thoughts, she clasped our hands together. "Baby, thank you for sharing him with me. You will always be his first love, as you should be, and I couldn't be happier for you."

Paul looked up at me, and I saw the depth of passion in his steely gaze. Pulling me to him, he kissed me fiercely on the lips. "Always," he proclaimed, and my moment of doubt was washed away forever.

"You're his beautiful mother. You will always be his true first love," I said, kissing them both, "and mine, too. But now that we're all in love together, I want you to show me how you do that magic thing you always do when you make love to us. Mom, I have to know."

She was still holding him tight, dancing her hips beneath him. Her breathy moans were the sweetest music to my ears. "What magic thing, baby? I just make love."

I looked at Paul, putting him on the spot. "Tell her," I said. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. She does it to me every time, and I just saw her do it to you, too. As awesome as our sex is, I never make you freak out like that. You always cum like crazy, but you don't do that all-over trembling thing she made you do. It's like she's speaking directly to your heart. Tell her."

Paul tried gamely to put it into words, until Mom hushed him with a kiss. "Shhh. It's okay, sweetheart. Of course I know what your sister is talking about." She squeezed my hand again. "Baby, there's nothing to show you. I just make love. I love you both more than you may ever understand, and I let you feel it, no holding back. It's not a technique; it's simply a matter of letting go. That's all it is."

"Don't I let go?" I asked. "I mean, with both of you?"

"Oh god, baby, yes, you do, you really do. Can't you tell? What you're saying I do to you when we make love, you do it to me every time."

I thought about it for a moment. She was right. I always gave her those same trembles.

"Still," I continued, "what about Paul? How come I'm not doing that to him, too?"

Paul cut in then. "Dawn, it's not like you aren't totally awesome. You know you drive me insane. It's a different kind of insane, but it's just as intense."

Mom was now guiding his hips with her hands, making him long-stroke her immaculate pussy. She wasn't driving him in and out as slowly as I'd had him do it, but it wasn't much faster either. She was definitely savoring the feeling. "I haven't watched you two have sex yet, but do you make love to him with your heart, the way you do with me? Or is it more about making up for lost time and having the wildest sex possible?"

Paul broke out laughing. "My perpetually horny sister, wanting the wildest sex possible? As in anytime, anywhere, as crazy as can be? What would ever give you that idea?"

Giggling with Mom, I knew she was right. As much as I love Paul and love making love to him, most of the sex we'd had was definitely as wild as I could make it. I was always trying to turn him on, blow him away, and make him cum as hard as possible: lust versus intimacy; passion as opposed to togetherness; sexiness instead of love.

"That's all it is," she said, giving me a supportive kiss on the cheek. "Baby, when you and I make love, I can feel it. Yes, you do all those sexy things to me that you learned from your girlfriends, but everything you do is filled to bursting with love and adoration. You truly want me. You're not just trying to turn me on or show me what you can do. You make love to me, angel.

"That's what you're feeling from me when I make love with you, and that's also what you saw with Paul just now: pure love. I promise you, baby, it won't be long before you're making love the same way with Paul."

"God help me," he said, with a snarky little grin.

I leaned back and threw my arms around him. "I'm sorry, baby. She's right. I love you, and you deserve more than just wild sex. You'll see. From now on, I promise to—"

"Oh, come on, have you ever heard me complain?" he interjected. "Don't sell yourself short, Dawn. While I know what Mom is getting at, I'm not the least bit worried. She's also right that we'll get there soon enough, and you know what? We have all the time in the world. We're only just starting out, learning about sex together. Mom is a pro, so of course she—"

"Hey, watch it there, mister! I am not a 'pro'! I'm strictly amateur, all the way!" she laughed.

"But you easily could be," I grinned.

"Oh, hell yeah," added Paul, making an obvious show of eyeing her up and down. "With that stunning face and amazing body, and as sexy as you are? You would make a fortune. Jeez, you could retire to your own island in Tahiti in six months."

"I would rather just fuck you every day," she moaned, slamming him into her. She drove her hips against him, and god but was she the hottest thing ever. I had never really gotten to watch her have full-on, non-sneaky sex with a man before, other than the one time in the kitchen with Dad. Even there, though, that was more of a wild, tag-team assault on her pussy, and she was basically helpless. This was different. This time there were no teasing games. This was straight sex.

And when it comes to having straight sex, Mom is the very definition of the word 'goddess.'

"Mmmmmm, god, baby..." she moaned, dancing her hips in smooth, concentric circles. I'd never seen anything like it; not during actual sex, anyway. Even as enormous as Paul is, she was making his cock kiss every bit of her talented pussy. It wasn't enough merely to make it pound her cervix or drag against her clit; no, she wanted to own it. "Fuck me...fuck me...love me..." she moaned even more hotly, and I could tell that Paul was overwhelmed by her loving passion.

Man or woman, it doesn't matter, Mom just has a certain way of combining her siren's voice, the love in her eyes, and the skill of her pussy to transport her lover to another world. Watching her was like sitting in on a master class of sex, and I was definitely taking notes.

Paul, meanwhile, was definitely losing his mind. "Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh fuck," he kept groaning, and what did Mom do? Did she push him over the edge by speeding up, or by urging him on with sexy commands?

No, she didn't. And this was the lesson I needed to learn. Anyone could make him cum then. That's easy. What Mom showed me was the much deeper beauty in making love, instead of just having sex. Rather than make him cum, she slowed down and hugged him close, whispering, "I love you," again and again. She didn't pull back to gauge his response, either.

And that's just it. She didn't need to see his response. She wasn't performing for him. She was making love to him. He could cum or not cum, and it truly didn't matter to her. They would cum eventually, she knew. All she wanted was to feel him inside her, and to give him her love.

It was an amazing thing to witness. For the first time, I saw Paul not cum and remain perfectly content. Following her lead, he didn't try to force it, and they were able to journey as one into the longest, sweetest, hottest, sexiest lovemaking I could ever imagine. She used his insatiable cock not merely for her own pleasure but as a bridge, joining them together in shared bliss; practiced thrusts, answering moans, hands seeking, tongues intertwining, higher and higher they climbed.

I knew from experience that Mom could cum in a nearly continuous wave, until there was no discernible beginning or end, and she was gifting Paul with a cresting orgasm for the ages; over and over her sexy cries accompanied the resonant rhythms of their hips slapping and the bed springs squeaking, and we all laughed when he eventually drove her into the headboard and that started banging away in perfect sync, as well.

If Paul's sturdy erection was a study in power-in-motion, the ideal ramrod for stoking Mom's unquenchable fire, her sexy gasps and lush, fuckable body were sheer inspiration, driving him ever onward. They moved in perfect harmony together: he couldn't stop; she couldn't get enough. His relentless pounding had her continually crying out for more, until his floodgates finally burst open, and she answered with a long, low, otherworldly moan. Grasping his ass with both hands, she crashed their hips together, wanting every thick, incredible inch of him inside her as he erupted with an anguished wail.

"Oh god..." she whispered, turning to hold on to me. "So much cum...soooooo much cum. Mmmmmm, he just goes and goes and goes...." She waited until his last spasm was finished, then she rolled onto her hands and knees. "Okay," she said, shooting us a sassy smile while wiggling her ass, "now he can fuck my brains out."

"Yay!" I giggled, spotting my opening. I quickly slithered down beneath her, until I was right where I wanted to be: directly below her pussy, with Paul's dripping erection swaying only inches above my face. I was like a kid in a candy store.

"And just what do you have in mind down there, little girl?" she asked, wagging her tail in invitation.

"First things first," I answered, and I reached up to pull Paul's immense hard-on down to my mouth. "Cleanliness is next to godliness, you know."

Paul grinned, watching as I sucked him clean. "At least that's what Lucinda always says, anyway. I get the impression she's kind of a perv, though, like you."

"Sounds like a smart woman," Mom said, and we both giggled when a warm dollop of Paul's cum dripped from her pussy, right onto my chin.

"She's very thorough, too." Releasing Paul's yummy dick, I grinned at the sight of Mom flexing her pussy for me. "She insists we never leave a mess," I added, opening my mouth in gleeful anticipation.

"And I bet you never do, baby," she replied. While still wagging her ass for Paul's benefit, she flexed her vaginal muscles for mine, and a thick pool of white cum came pouring out.

"Mmmmmm, yes," I moaned, opening wide. I let it all drain into my mouth, savoring every last drop. 'And it's coming from Mom's pussy,' I thought, which totally fried my brain. I couldn't imagine anything ever being sexier, and I eagerly drove my tongue into her dripping slit. Once again, I was in awe over how much cum Paul had unloaded. I licked and licked and licked, and still it kept coming. I swear to god, her pussy was like one of those self-serve ice cream machines, only it wouldn't stop! It was awesome!

Making things even hotter, Mom reached back and guided the tip of Paul's crazy bouncing dick to her tiny rosebud. She was still wiggling her ass, and she brought my hand up to replace hers on his throbbing pole. Then, just as I was pressing the head inside her tight pucker, I felt a blush of warm breath on my pussy. "Mmmm...absolutely gorgeous..." she moaned, spreading my lips with her snaking tongue.

"Yep, I knew it," Paul said, watching his two pussy-hungry girls devour each other in a sexy sixty-nine. Taking Mom's writhing hips in his hands, he slid his huge cock straight up her ass. "Somewhere along the line, I died and went to heaven."

"Oh god, baby, I think I did too," she moaned, and she arched her back. "I've waited so long to feel your perfect cock in my ass, and now I also get to eat Dawn's pussy. If this isn't heaven, I don't know what is...."

"Heaven is right here, just where it's always been," I said, between licks of her dripping flower. "I could lick your pussy for an eternity."

She pressed her mouth to me, and I spread my legs in welcome. "Fuck her ass, baby," I moaned, and I drove my tongue as far up her pussy as it would go. Watching him spear her quivering bottom, I reached for his cock and slammed it home. "I want more cum. Don't make me wait."

Her hot moan felt amazing in my pussy, and it was almost like we were taking turns to see who could drive the other more insane. I gently bit her gorgeous clit; she trailed her tongue down to my ass and slithered it inside. I slid two fingers into her pussy; she slammed three into mine. Back and forth we went, wantonly molesting each other like a couple of horny sluts partying on Nympho Island, and all the while Paul and his didgeridoo of a cock was savaging her happy bottom.

I began trading off, cock then pussy, cock then pussy, pulling his gleaming erection from her ass to suck it for a few extended beats before forcing it back in and returning my lips to her cum-drenched sex. I quickly figured out that every time I drove his dick up her ass, she stabbed her tongue into mine, rimming me with even greater passion. She would also grind her fingers harder inside my pussy, so I kept doing it. We were all racing towards the finish line, and I don't think any of us cared who got there first.

As it turned out, I was the one who broke the tape. I was sucking Paul's pendulous balls when Mom playfully bit my asshole, and I was done for. "Eeeeee!" she exclaimed, letting me douse her face in my gushing stream. She was an expert at making me cum, so I knew she'd done it on purpose. Her timing was impeccable as always, too. Just as I was going off like the fountain at Caesar's Palace, Paul was unleashing all the king's horses and all the king's men to storm her castle, filling her very core with a deluge of precious baby-brother sperm. Not to be left out, Mom went into a whole-body spasm, then she was matching me gush for gush, squirt for squirt. Laughing deliriously as she drowned me in sweet cum, I nearly swooned when Paul pulled out to shoot a few more hot ropes all over my face. Adding the perfect finishing touch, Mom sat up and offered me her ass, and another thick torrent of Paul's creamy cum poured into my mouth.

"God, Mom, why did you wait so long to come to L.A.? We could have been doing this every day," I sighed, once we'd all regained a semblance of sanity. We were lying together in a heap, with Mom at the center of our happy jumble.

"I don't know, but I think between the three of us we could probably end the drought they always seem to be having here," she answered, with a cute snicker.

Paul could only shake his head. "I still can't believe this. How in the world did I ever get so lucky?"

"Speaking of getting lucky, I believe your beautiful sister here is still waiting for her turn. What do you say, Mister Super Stud? Do you think you have one more good one left in you this morning?"

Rolling up onto my hands and knees, I shook my ass in his face while pretending to pant like an overheated St. Bernard.



The first one was from Mom. The second two were from Paul, and a moment later his strong hands were spreading my cheeks. In the next breath, I felt his tongue pressing into my tiny hole. Leaning up on her elbow to watch, Mom beamed with pride as Paul expertly rimmed my eager crinkle.

"He's a quick learner!" I grinned.

"I can see that," she said, smiling happily. "If I didn't know better, I would almost say it looks like he's had a fair bit of practice."

"Mmmm, he definitely has, and like I said, he's a quick learner. One thing he figured out right away is how much I love it when he tongues my ass. In fact, come to think of it...."

"Oh, jeez," he laughed when I spun around, moving into another sixty-nine with him. "Mom, ever since our big phone talk that day at the beach, Dawn has gone crazy with this licking-each-other's-ass stuff."

"Practice makes perfect!" I replied, leaning up to suck his balls.

"Absolutely," said Mom. "Sweetie, you're not complaining, are you?"

He brought his face right down between my legs and slid his tongue back inside my bottom. "With an ass like hers? What am I, an idiot?"

"Oh, I'm sure you love doing it to her, but that was never the issue, was it?" Giving him a coy grin, she reached over and started stroking his still-nearly-erect cock.

"Don't let him fool you, Mom. He loves it now almost as much as we do. He's awesome. Just watch." I sucked his balls for a few moments before slowly pressing my tongue into his ass. He jumped a little, but nothing major, then it was clear sailing. He let me lick and suck him as much as I wanted, and Mom was right, he definitely loved doing it to me.

"See? Nothing to it. He's fully housebroken now," I said, sliding out from under him to return to my position on my hands and knees. Lowering my face and chest to the sheets, I arched my back and pooched my ass way up high. Paul moved behind me, and I noticed Mom staring at his bobbing cock. I took her hand and wrapped it around the base of his semi-erection. "This time, you get to put him inside me," I breathed, imitating her sexy ass-wiggle.

"You two do realize that I'm a big boy now and can do it myself, right?" he asked, with a good-natured grin.

"Oh, hush," Mom answered, and she gave him a couple of slow, teasing strokes before taking him into her mouth. "Let us have our fun," she added, sucking him to full hardness.

"I think he's ready," I said, continuing to wiggle my ass for him.

She planted a loving kiss on each cheek of my upturned bottom, and another on my naked pussy. Smiling at my happy little hip-shimmy, she said, "I think you are, too."

I closed my eyes, held my breath, and waited.

At first there was just the slightest brush...the tip touching my thigh. Then another. A slight dragging across my soft skin. Now slow wanderings, painting a circuitous path over my left cheek...an arcing across my open divide, onto my other rounded moon.

"Jesus...you're killing me here," Paul whispered.

"Shhh..." she answered.

A warm, massive shaft placed lengthwise through my split triggered my animal impulses. Pure instinct. My breath caught. Two gentle hands pressed my flesh around the granite pillar. Of their own volition my hips began to rise and fall, begging for the dance.

Then it was pressing, pressing, forcing its way inside me, and I felt my lips spreading in welcome.

"Mmmm," I moaned, squeezing him. Her mouth returned to my raised bottom, tracing a line of kisses from cheek to cheek and down to his hot shaft splitting me. She lingered there, swirling her tongue in my pussy before drawing it up through my gap, into my tingling asshole. "Take me," I whispered. "All of me...both of you, just take me."

One inch...two inches...now three...a fifth, sixth, and seventh penetrated me before my mind went to mush and I stopped counting. Exhaling, I took his entire exquisite cock, and I knew I was in heaven.

Mom moved in front of me and brought my face up until she could gaze into my eyes. As Paul began to stroke deep into my pussy, she kissed me. It reminded me of the tender kiss she gave me while Dad was fucking me from behind that first night in the kitchen, only this time she didn't pull away, and neither did Paul. No, this was the real thing. She wanted to feel him through my kisses. "The girl of my dreams," she whispered. "The most beautiful girl in the whole world. You cannot imagine how beautiful you are when you make love."

"I love you," I whispered in return.

She cradled my face and kissed me and kissed me and kissed me, until I was seeing stars. I wanted more of her, and I had Paul lie flat so I could straddle him. "You too," I said, moving her onto his chest, facing me.

"Oh my god," Paul said, realizing what I wanted. When Mom scooted her hips back, he took her ass in his hands and spread her open. Together we lowered ourselves onto him; I impaled myself on his monumental erection; she spread her legs and gave him her pussy.

"Having a nice vacation so far, little brother?" I asked, grinning at the thought of Paul finally getting to eat Mom's ass and pussy. I could tell she loved everything he was doing to her, just as she loved watching him make love to me.

"The best ever!" came his muffled reply. "If at least one of you doesn't come back home with me, I'm never leaving this house!"

"Don't worry," I said, "you'll still have the sexiest MILF on the planet to keep you busy back home, not to mention a certain stunningly gorgeous cheerleader who can't wait to fuck you again."

"He's really good at this," Mom smiled, dancing her hips. "I think I owe you a debt of gratitude, honey. You've taught him well."

"Come here, you..." I cooed, taking her into my arms.

"Mmmm, is this what you want, baby? Your brother's cock in your pussy as you and I make out?" Pausing, she added, "I sure hope so, because that's what I want."

"Mmmmmm-hmmm. All day, every day. I can't think of anything I could ever want more, as long as I get to watch you fuck him, too."

"No worries there, sweetie. You know how badly I crave your brother's wonderful cock, so you'll have all the opportunities your little heart desires to watch us have sex. I plan on having him in my mouth, ass or pussy every day."

"Only 'or'?" I asked teasingly.

"You're right. Make that 'and.' I plan on having him in my mouth, ass and pussy every day. Is that better?"

"Much," I grinned, slipping my tongue into her mouth. "You know I love watching you have sex. I never want to miss a minute."

I could tell by the way she returned my kiss tell that the idea of me watching her have sex turned her on. Again, almost as if she could read my mind, she said, "And not just with Paul and your father, either. You want to watch me have sex with Rick and Donny."

"Don't forget Dad's touchy-feely friends, too. I told you, Dawn is a total perv!" Paul crowed, and we all laughed.

"Baby," she said, "in case you hadn't noticed, I love watching Dawn have sex, too. I guess I'm just as big of a 'perv' as she is. And so are you, sweetie."

"No doubt!" I laughed. "Who do you think started all this, way back when? Why, it was Mister Huge Hard-Ons For His Fourteen-Year-Old Sister, that's who!"

"And for his bikini-clad mother, too," she added, sticking her tongue out at me.

I gave it a playful nibble. "Well, of course. No one could ever blame him for that."

"No shit! Look at her!" was Paul's entirely guilt-free reply.

"He has a point, you know," I said. "If I had a cock, you would have definitely given me a hard-on all these years, too."

"Baby, between his incredible erections and that amazing ass of yours, god, you've both kept me so constantly horny, you're lucky I ever let either of you out of the house.

"Anyway, let's get back to business. Mmmmmm, you have no idea how gorgeous you look, riding your brother's long, thick cock. I swear, it's as if you two were made for each other."

"You too," Paul said. "I fit perfectly inside you."

She shifted on his face, and I could see his tongue darting in and out of her pussy. "You do, baby," she moaned. "You really do."

"And you two are amazing together," I said.

"Just let him love you, angel, and love him right back. That's all you ever need to do."

And that's how we spent the rest of our first day together in L.A., making love all morning and well into the afternoon. Mom truly loved watching us, and not once did she try to give us any sexual pointers. Instead, she happily celebrated each beautiful moment we shared, drinking his cum from my ass and pussy with the same hunger I have for her, and I watched them make perfect love long into the night.

She taught me so much that day, without ever saying a word.

~to be continued~

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Submitted: November 15, 2014

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