Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 19

Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 19

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An unexpected threesome...


An unexpected threesome...


Submitted: November 13, 2014

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Submitted: November 13, 2014



Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. Therte is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

Oh my god, but was that one of the hottest moments of my life. There I was, bent over a kitchen counter, offering up my bare ass for all the spanking my horny baby brother and our sexy new friend were willing to give me. Making it even better, she was openly stroking his huge erection, sometimes while rubbing it directly against my ass and pussy.

And all the while, we had Mom right there with us, cheering us on. Lord, but did they make me cum. Paul and Lucinda almost seemed to be in a competition, driving each other harder and harder, until they were simply assaulting my wet, pulsing bottom.

Which is why I really wanted to kill the person who rang the doorbell.

Lucinda instantly panicked, and so did Paul. He grabbed his shorts and ran upstairs, his bouncing erection looking like a boat oar slapping wildly out of control in its rowlock, while Lucinda dashed off to the nearest bathroom. She didn't even grab any of her things. She just bolted.

Meanwhile, Mom couldn't stop laughing. "Hey, what's going on? Why did you guys stop? She wasn't finished yet!" she said, managing to squeeze it in between fits of laughter.

"Mom," I giggled, "someone's at the door. When the doorbell rang, Paul and Lucinda totally bailed."

"Well then, sweetie, I guess you'd better go answer it."

I could totally picture her sexy smile.

"Like this?" I asked, giggling again.

"What were you wearing before Lucinda stripped you naked?"

"Just my pink Victoria's Secret panties and my Jayhawks tank top."

"As tender as your poor bottom probably feels right now, I would imagine that you really don't want to have to put your panties back on anytime soon. Maybe you should at least throw on your top, though."

"Yeah, you're probably right. Hold on...." I grabbed my little tank top and slipped it over my head. "Okay."

I went to the door and took a peek through one of the little side windows. No one was there, but someone had left a large box on the porch. It was only a few feet away, so I walked out and picked it up. A second later a UPS truck came rolling by, and the driver honked his horn at me.

"Woooo!" he shouted, and I shouted it right back.

"Woooo!" shouted Mom, adding to the chorus, and I waved to the man as he drove off.

Once I was back in the house, she asked, "Was he at least cute?"

"I guess so, for a middle-aged chubby guy."

"After that show you just put on for him, you know he's going to make a point of coming back...again and again and again."

"You mean like that one blond FedEx hunk back in Lawrence? Is that why he always comes to the door and waits to get a signature on everything?"

"I plead the Fifth!" she giggled. "Besides, little girl, it's not just me. You answer the door and sign for deliveries too, you know. And you're usually wearing a whole lot less than I am."

"Yeah, well, what are you always telling me? 'Like mother, like daughter,' right?"

"It sure is fun, isn't it? Anyway, okay, I probably need to get going here. We're having a few of your father's friends over tonight, and I still have a million things to do."

That reminded me of something.

"Mom, has Dad seemed a little off lately?"

"What do you mean, sweetie?"

"I mean 'off,' like kind of a weird 'off.' When he and I were talking just now, he totally forgot that he had spoken with Paul only two seconds earlier. Then, when I asked him about it, he seemed a little confused. Mom, he even used 'ummm' in a sentence, and he wasn't trying to be funny. I don't know. It was just weird."

"Honestly, honey, no, other than some nasty headaches he's had over the past few weeks I haven't noticed anything unusual. He was probably just distracted."

"And why would that be? What were you doing there in the kitchen, hmmmmm? Were you two being baaaaaad again? Just imagine, parents engaging in that sort of behavior. I swear, what is the world coming to?"

"Dawn Christina Summers!" she guffawed. "Why, I ought to put you over my knee and give you a good paddling! The problem is, I know you'd love it!"

"So does that mean you won't?" I answered, hitting her with my best pouty voice. "If it would help, I could always pretend that I don't like it."

That smile of hers, god, it could melt an iceberg. "Baby, what am I going to do with you? I miss you so damn much."

"Mom, you know exactly what you're going to do with me. You're going to fly out here next week and paddle me silly, then you're going to let me absolutely fuck your brains out. Paul, too."

"Mmmm, Paul too, huh? The two of you, teaming up on your sweet, innocent mother? It sounds like I better eat my Wheaties."

"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure we'll both come up with something nice for you to eat. Anyway, I should probably go let those two scaredy-cats know the coast is clear. I think Lucinda is still hiding in the bathroom."

After finishing up with Mom, I went to go find Lucinda. I knocked on the downstairs bathroom door, and when she opened it I offered her my hand. "False alarm. It was just the UPS guy. You can come on out." Rather than come with me, though, she pulled me right in, closing the door behind me.

"I can't believe we did that!" she said, hopping up onto the sink counter. "Come here, chica." I moved into her arms, and she whispered, "I can't believe you did that, and right in front of your brother. Have you done that before? I mean, with your brother watching?"

"Mmmm-hmmm, I have. He's watched me play with some of my cheerleader girlfriends. The girl he's with now, she and I were lovers long before I helped them hook up."

She spread her legs and looked into my eyes. "Would you like to finish what you started?"

"Mmmmmm-hmmm!" I purred, sliding down her body. I didn't go straight for her pussy, though. Instead, I took her breasts in my hands while tracing a line of kisses along her collarbone. From there I trailed that same line of kisses between her breasts, until I captured a dusky nipple between my teeth.

"Mmmm, I can tell you've done this many times. You are very skilled with your kisses. Lower, chica, lower. I love having my nipples sucked, but right now I need your pretty mouth on my pussy."

Sliding all the way down, I paused between her legs to give her a silly grin. "Yes, ma'am! Your wish is my command!" I dipped my head and gave her silky lips a teasing nip. Having licked her pussy in the kitchen, I already knew she was completely shaved. She didn't even have a small landing strip or anything. Nope, she was just like Trish and Lisa...baby smooth.

Fine by me. Mom and Michelle are also completely smooth, at least where it counts!

"So playful," she smiled, caressing my face as I planted light kisses all around her gorgeous sex. She could tell I was intentionally brushing past her shining pink opening. "Always teasing, aren't you? Exquisite little tortures...mmmm, your young girlfriends taught you this?"

"They taught me all sorts of things..." I said, ever so slowly pressing my tongue into her fragrant well. I began a steady tongue-fucking, debating as I was penetrating her whether to give her the full Lana Treatment. Did I really want to ravage her and send her screaming to the moon?

'No,' I decided, 'not this first time...not just yet. Save that for later. Let's just give her a nice, warm cum.'

It really was nice, too. Treating her to a slower, more gentle lovemaking, it reminded me of the night I spent in Mom's bed. Instead of trying to show her every trick I knew in an effort to pound her into a series of explosive orgasms, I took my time and savored her pussy, and her entire body. She had the sweetest, most delicate labia that blushed a deeper and deeper scarlet with every touch of my tongue, and her high, firm breasts with their achingly erect nipples seemed hardwired to her tantalizing clit. I think what I enjoyed most about her, though, was the way she was so beautifully responsive. Every teasing lick or caressing kiss resulted in another musical moan and a sexy writhing of her hips, until it felt like she was the one who was directing everything, even as she let me do whatever I wanted.

When I finally coaxed her into tender surrender, my reward was a lovely trembling of her thighs and tummy, accompanied by a gorgeous low moan and a warm flowing over my tongue.

Her pussy was like butter, melting in my mouth.

"Is that what you had in mind?" I grinned, sliding my way back up her body and into her welcoming arms.

"Ooh, chica, so good...soooooo good. Yes, baby, that is exactly what I had in mind." She brought her hands to my face, and for the first time we kissed. I quickly discovered that I loved kissing her, too. Her mouth was just like her pussy. It had the same sort of warmth and velvety softness, and it even had a similar taste. I can't explain it, but it made me think of cinnamon rolls...fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon rolls.

Pausing to gaze into her eyes, I said, "You just let me know, whenever you want me to do that for you. It really is my pleasure."

"Mmmm, between your soft lips and beautiful body, I think I may be in very deep trouble. What will I tell my husband?"

Her smile was pure serenity.

"And don't forget Señor Pretty Boy," I teased. "As much as you enjoy my soft lips, I think you like his 'hanging oak branch' even more."

"Young, wonderful Paul...gigante...so thick, so hot to the touch. I think where your handsome baby brother's polla enorme is concerned, perhaps there are some things my amorous husband would be happier not to know."

Casting a glance down at our bare breasts touching, she asked, "So are we going to remain naked?"

I pulled her close for another hug. "I don't see why not. Let's go check on Paul."

I led her out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, where we found him making a bagel. To Lucinda's clear disappointment, he had put his boxers back on. Even though he'd just been naked with us, his eyes still bugged out when he turned to see us pulling up a couple of chairs at the table. Returning to his bagel, he grinned and shook his head.

"Uh-uh, I don't think so, mister," I said, going to him and bringing him over to the table. I stood him directly before Lucinda and took a seat next to her. He wasn't hard, but that didn't matter. Even when soft, it made a powerful impression. I turned to Lucinda. "Would you like to do the honors?"

She didn't say a word. Instead, she brought her hands to his hips and carefully hooked her thumbs inside the stretchy waistband. Inch by inch, she slowly lowered those soft blue boxers. Right away, Paul began to grow hard. She left his boxers sitting halfway down his hips, to where his dark pubic hair was just beginning to show. Almost as if she were in a trance, she reached out and grasped the end of his rising bulge. Then, she simply held it.

"So strong," she whispered, seemingly to herself. Bringing her second hand into play, she set one behind the other. Even with both hands holding him, still there were a good three or four inches of hard shaft showing, never mind the large crown.

"I have to see," she said, and she slipped the waistband down until his full erection sprang forth, bobbing and swaying before her glazed eyes. Again she brought both hands to it; pulling it down, squeezing it, hefting it, tugging on it and stretching it, she wanted to see just how long and thick it really was. She set it alongside her slender forearm, and she looked up at him.

"You're as big as my arm." She turned to me. "Your brother's cock is as big as my arm."

"I know. It's incredible, isn't it? And it's so beautiful."

"It really is. It's so very beautiful." She cradled it in her open palm. With her other hand she caressed the top of the shaft. "It's like a sleeping dragon."

"Only it's not asleep," I said, watching as a drop of silky pre-cum seeped from the milky slit.

"It's stirring..." she answered. "It's hungry, readying to take flight."

She leaned forward, studying it closely. The pearly drop was growing. Her lips parted, and the tip of her tongue touched it. She held still, letting it pool there.

"Taste him," I whispered, breathing it into her ear.

Her eyes flickered, and her tongue slid beneath the tapered crown. Her bottom hand moved to cup his heavy balls. Drawing a sharp breath, he gave a slight hiss. Her caressing hand journeyed down his shaft, encircling the base. Then her tongue began to swirl. She laved his drooling tip, gathering those precious pearls.

"Take him." This time, I slipped my tongue into her ear.

Holding him steady, she opened her mouth and slid it over my baby brother's heavily ridged, mushroom-shaped head. She could barely make it fit.

"Wider...open nice and wide...take him..." I said, and I slid my hand up her back and over her shoulder. Paul was simply enormous; as thick and throbbing hard as I'd ever seen him. I slipped my hand down her arm and across to her breast. She made a hissing sound very much like Paul's when I captured her nipple, then her mouth stretched around his shaft.

Slowly, methodically, like a python taking a wild boar, she worked her jaws along the first few inches. She gave a muffled cry of delight when she suddenly slid halfway down, then she began sucking him.

Lord, but did she suck him. Once she'd managed to get it started, it was as if the floodgates had come crashing open. She was on fire; a woman possessed. She clearly wasn't going for style points. No, she was hell-bent on taking his cock and earning his cum.

I giggled to myself, imagining the shock she would be in for when Paul finally did give her what she wanted. 'Don't be thinking you're going to get away with just one mouthful, or one big swallow. As much cum as those giant balls have stored up after all the teasing we've subjected them to today, he's going to blow your head off. Just keep swallowing, girl...keep swallowing. Even when you think he has to be done and you can't take any more, keep swallowing.'

"Ay dios mío! It's like sucking a horse!" she laughed, pulling back to catch her breath.

"Mess with the bull, you get the horns," Paul said, clearly feeling way too full of himself, and I reached over and smacked him. "Hey!" he shouted. "What was that for?"

"Be nice, Paul, or she might just leave you hanging."

She sat up, as if to consider it. "I do need to get back to work, you know."

"Okay, I'm sorry! I'll be nice, I promise," he whimpered, looking down hopefully at her.

"Who said I was complaining? Your sister smacked you. It wasn't me." Grinning, she took him back into her mouth.

"Ahhh, daaaaamn," he moaned.

"You like?" she asked, pulling off to smile at his praise.

"I like! I like!" he said, guiding himself back into her mouth.

It took another five minutes or so, but eventually she had him on the brink. As much as I wanted to join her in sucking him, I figured it probably wouldn't be a good idea. So, to keep myself busy, I spent that time happily eating her ass and pussy. She had long since slid down from her chair and was on her knees, and I was kneeling behind her, fondling and spreading her tight little bottom with both hands.

When I was certain he was about ready to blow, I went to town on her tiny pucker. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she moaned around his huge shaft, in rhythm with my stabbing tongue. The girls all tell me that I have a really long tongue, and I was jamming it up her ass as far as it would go.

"Oh gawwwwwwd!" he finally moaned, and I held on as he unloaded in her mouth. Her back went rigid, her taut thighs were shaking, and it was all she could to try and keep up. Eventually it was too much for her, and she pulled back laughing deliriously as his cock continued to shoot like a fire hose! He covered her face, he blasted her breasts, and still he kept firing away.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried, showering herself in rocketing ropes of thick, hot cum.

When he was finally finished, we collapsed in a heap. Sprawled out on the kitchen floor, our arms and legs akimbo, she continued to laugh and laugh and laugh, using her fingertips to spread his cum all over her face, breasts, chest and stomach.

"He is a horse! Dawn, did you see that? Did you see how much cum he has?"

"You did it to him," I said, reaching over to brush a lock of hair off her face. "That was all you, girl."

"Come here," she answered, pulling me on top of her. She held me close, making our breasts kiss again, and she took two handfuls of my ass and squeezed. Smiling, she purred, "Give me that pretty mouth." I leaned down and kissed her, and we couldn't stop. It was just a full-on make-out session.

"You two are awesome," Paul said. "I could watch you all day."

I rolled off of her, and she beckoned him into her arms. "You too, chica. You also deserve a proper thank-you kiss." I could tell he wasn't quite sure how he ought to lie on her, what with his awkward attempts at keeping his hips at a safe distance, but she wasn't having it. "No, come here, sexy boy." Spreading her legs, she pulled him right on top of her. "Mmmm, baby, how can you still be so hard? Didn't you get enough?"

She wrapped her legs around him, and I knew he had no chance. She wanted him, and she was going to have him. After pulling him down for a steamy kiss, she tilted her hips and let out a long, blissful gasp. "Ooh, baby," she moaned. Spreading her legs again, she took his ass in both hands and drove him home. "Fuck me, chica...mmmm, yes, fuck me deep...."

And that's what he did. Seemingly resigned to his fate, once he was inside her he didn't hold back. Slowly pulling out before slamming down hard, he made her scream to the high heavens. And the thing is, he'd just had a major cum. With that first big one out of the way, he would be able to go forever.

I knew Lucinda was in for the ride of her life.

Even as he drew back to plunge into her again, he cast a worried glance at me. It wasn't the same as the strip club, where I knew he only wanted to have sex with me. No, he was fine with fucking Lucinda. From the looks of things, he was downright eager to ravage her tight little body. His concern was Lisa. Having sex with anyone but me - and Mom too, had Lisa known - was supposed to be off-limits.

"I'll handle Lisa," I silently mouthed to him. "She'll understand."

And I knew she would, too. As long as I told her how it all came about, leaving nothing out, she would be okay with it. He's a young, horny guy, and we seduced him. Plain and simple. It's not as if he threw himself at her. Plus, come on, a lot of it was my doing. Pretty much, I set the ball rolling for Paul and Lucinda to go much farther than either of them ever had in mind when this whole teasing game started.

Besides, Lisa didn't exactly have much to worry about with Lucinda. A happily married, thirty-something woman with two young children, who lives in Los Angeles? Definitely not a threat. She wasn't out to steal anyone's boyfriend; she had simply gotten caught up in the moment. Paul would be returning home in a couple of weeks, and that would be that. Along with our wild night at the strip club, all this extra-curricular fun would soon be nothing more than a crazy memory.

Sitting up, I gave his driving hips a reassuring caress, and he seemed to relax. Right there in mid-stroke, all the tension in his face and body melted away. With a single touch, he was back to being our sweet, lovable, sexy Paul...our sweet, lovable, sexy, insatiably horny Paul!

God, he was just bombing away at her. I could almost hear him thinking, "'Pretty little boy,' huh? How's this for a little boy!" He had her hips, breasts and ass quaking with every devastating stroke from his pile-driver cock, and her low moans had long since given way to a rising crescendo of breathy, high-pitched gasps. Whatever she was used to, in terms of lovemaking from her "amorous husband," I had a pretty good idea that it was nothing like what my awesome baby brother was doing to her.

I loved her frantic "Dios mío! Dios mío!" chants. Paul did, too. Every time she gasped or cried out, he would rail her even harder. He had this determined look, which always drives me crazy. He gets to a point where I can tell the only thing that matters to him is making me lose my mind, then it's game on. He simply starts hammering away, until I'm completely at his mercy. And the thing is, his cock is so huge and goes in so far, it almost feels like he's reaching for my heart...just pound, pound, pound.

And Lucinda is much smaller than I am, so I could only imagine how full she must have felt.

When she finally hit her peak, god but did she let herself go. Accompanying her sexy shrieks, her hips went wild as she clawed at his ass with both hands. Even as big as he is, she was pulling him in with all her might, wanting every mind-boggling inch inside her. She didn't really gush or squirt; instead, I saw a white foaming around his pistoning shaft. I knew it wasn't Paul's, either. He looked over at me with wild eyes, as if to say, "Check it out! What is that?"

I love the way everything is always so new and exciting to Paul. It's the coolest thing ever, seeing his sweet wonder over each of his "firsts." To be honest, I had never seen a woman foam up like that either, and I was just as excited to see it as he was.

"Mmmmmm, chica, look what you do to me..." she moaned, noticing our stares. "So hot and hard...so gigante...so sexy...." Turning to me, she panted, "Does he do this to everyone? I know he does."

"Every time," I whispered, nodding happily. "He's amazing."

"Has he...have you two..." she continued, after a sexy pause.

I was still caressing his hip, and I leaned over to kiss her. Closing her eyes, her surrender was complete. Her moans in my mouth sent shivers down my spine, even as his powerful thrusts registered on my tongue. She took my hand and set it on his ass, then she had me help pump him into her. "Mmmm, my beautiful chicas...brother and sister...fuck me...fuck me together."

Paul was still nowhere close to cumming again, which she eventually figured out. Finishing our kiss with a playful tongue-bite, she looked up with a wondrous smile. "Come here, chica. Lie down for me," she said, and she rolled onto her stomach. Rising to her knees, she pulled me in front of her while wagging her tempting tail at Paul. "Yes, right here..." she moaned, lowering her face to my pussy. "You've only been watching. Now it's your turn."

Straight into my pussy...so deep. Oh god, what an amazing tongue she had. If that wasn't already sexy enough, her moans became a million times hotter as she guided Paul's glistening wet monster erection back inside her pussy. Now she was moaning inside me, matching the cadence of Paul's heavy thrusts. "So good...so good, baby. Your brother fucks me so good."

"Better than your husband?" I asked, being a real imp. "And you're pretty awesome yourself there, Miss Talented Tongue!"

"Mmmm, I love your pussy...so perfect...so soft, sweet, and pretty. My husband tries, but no, sexy chica, he cannot fuck me like your handsome, gigante brother does. No one has ever fucked me like this...no one. He makes love like a god."

"And like you said, our mom is a shimmering goddess!" I giggled. "See? That explains everything!"

Laughing, Paul shook his head at me, and Lucinda laughed too. "If she's anything like you, beautiful niña, then maybe I do have to meet her." With a salacious grin, she dove back in.

"You should show her," said Paul, watching as Lucinda's expert tongue brought me close.

"Mmmm, baby...show me what?" she moaned, breathing it into my pussy. Paul had slowed his pace, drawing all the way out on each stroke before taking what seemed like forever to slide his never-ending cock back inside her.

"How she cums," he answered, pulling out again before drilling her hard, making her breasts bounce.

"I'm still no Trish," I said, smiling at Lucinda's happy responses. "You really love having sex, don't you?" Stroking her long hair, I gazed into her joyous eyes.

"I guess my secret is out of the bag," she grinned. "Mmmm, yes, I love having sex, but this...this is different. This is like nothing I have ever experienced: a sexy young girl, and her handsome brother who's hung like a horse, and can't seem to get enough of my pussy...the two of you, taking me to the ends of the earth...."

I noticed Paul watching his cock sliding in and out of her, and I knew what he was thinking.

"Careful there, Lucinda," I said. "I don't think he's going to stop at your gorgeous pussy."

Paul shot me one of his knowing smirks. He was circling his thumb over her smooth pucker.

Lucinda looked back at him. "My culo? Only my husband has ever taken me there." Pausing to wiggle her hips, she gave him her wickedest grin yet. "I dare you."

And with that, she turned back to my overheated pussy, which she attacked with renewed desire. "Show me how you cum, pretty chica," she moaned, slipping two fingers deep inside. Straight away, she started fucking me like a wild woman, until she located my G-spot. "There it is..." she said to herself, beginning a steady stroking.

"Oh, god," I moaned, raising my hips for her. "Mmmm, yes, right there...."

Paul had stopped to watch, but Lucinda was on the case. Reaching back to spread her ass for him, she purred, "Do it. Put it inside me. I want to feel your huge dick in my hot little culo." Then she added, "Perhaps that will make your sexy sister show me how she cums, no?"

"Sí!" I laughed. "Sí! Sí! It definitely will! Paul, fuck her brains out!"

Smiling softly, she turned back to him again. ", handsome boy, do it. Fuck my brains out."

Paul gave her ass a loud two-hand whack, making her squeal in delight. I spread my legs for her, and she took the hint. "Don't worry, honey, I haven't forgotten your pretty pussy. You still owe me, chica."

"What do I still owe you, baby?" Grinning innocently, I batted my eyes at her.

"A long orgasm throughout your entire body, like you gave me in the bathroom, that's what, mija." Batting her eyes right back at me, she returned her fingers to my G-spot. "Only I don't think I will be so gentle, the way you were with me. No, I think you deserve a big explosion."

"Definitely," said Paul. "Go totally crazy on her."

"Fuck my brains out," I said, repeating our new favorite sexy command. "I dare you."

"Ooh, chica, that is the wrong thing to say to me."

There was no more talking. The woman knew what she was doing. In fact, she was like a cross between Trish and Michelle, combining Trish's practiced, skillful techniques and Michelle's playful passion. She didn't make love to me the way Mom and Lisa do, pouring everything they have into showing me how much they truly love me; instead, her goal seemed to be to have as much fun as possible with my body.

Just like before, I felt it in my pussy when Paul entered her ass. God, I loved the way her mouth communicated to me what Paul's cock was doing to her. She didn't need to say a word. Her stiffening tongue, the increased intensity of her kisses, and especially the sudden fire in her eyes, they all spoke volumes. With every inch of his colossal erection sliding into her welcoming bottom, I came that much more for Lucinda. I know she was expecting to have to work a little to get me there, so she was surprised when I immediately began cumming for her.

I couldn't help it, nor did I want to help it. I wanted to cum for her. I wanted to give her everything she may have imagined, and more.

I wanted to be a goddess, like Mom. I knew I couldn't -- or at least shouldn't -- break down and have sex with Paul in front of Lucinda, even though I suspected that she wouldn't have had the slightest problem with it. She could tell that I wanted to, obviously. There was no hiding the fact that his incredible cock turned me on every bit as much as it turned her on. I think there probably was also no hiding how much Paul and I loved each other...or how much we were in love with each other.

She's a mother. I'm sure she knew.

'Which only makes all these teasing games that much sexier,' I thought. 'So what would Mom do in this situation, if she were me?'

I decided that she would make Lucinda the primary focus of our risqué charade, particularly since Lucinda seemed more than eager to play along.

Even though she had already made me cum, I began grinding my hips for her. I wanted her to know that I wasn't nearly finished, and she picked up on it with heightened anticipation. "Mmmm, the sexy chica is just like her brother...always wanting more..." she cooed. "Turn over, baby. I know what you need."

I hadn't even finished rolling onto my stomach and already she was pulling me up to my hands and knees; the same position she was offering to Paul. As he continued to drill her shapely ass from behind, she took me by the hips and buried her face between my legs. I think we both knew she was planning a little payback for what I had done to her in the bathroom. Sure enough, the next thing I felt was her tongue flitting around my back door.

"Mmmm, I think you're right..." I grinned, arching my back for her while lowering my upper body to the cool tile flooring.

"I could tell, right from the start. You know you have the hottest, sexiest culo. You want everyone to see it, and I don't blame you, chica. An ass like this -- she conspicuously said it our way, instead of saying it in Spanish again -- deserves to be worshipped. You love to drive everyone loco with it, even poor, innocent housekeepers...." She dipped her tongue inside and swirled it around oh so sexily, before pulling away. "Even poor, innocent, handsome little brothers..." she continued, pressing back in.

"That's for damn sure!" laughed Paul. "Lucinda, you have no idea. She is straight-up the world's biggest tease ever. Even Mom says so."

"Mmmm, but your beautiful mother still lets her do it, doesn't she?"

"Lets me?" I guffawed, and Paul and I laughed. "Girl, where do you think I get it from? Mom's a way bigger tease than I am! At least I wear panties sometimes!"

"That's true," Paul admitted. "Mom is an awesome tease."

"And you have this gigante erection every time, no matter whether it's your sister or your mother doing the teasing. They show off for you, and you show off right back."

Slamming into her, he said, "Hey, it's not like they only do it to me. They both do it all the time, to everyone."

"Mmmm, but your mother loves to see how big her handsome mijo grows for her," she grinned, driving her hips against him. "And so does your playful sister."

"Wouldn't you?" I asked, as she spread my pussy with two fingers from each hand.

"With a polla like he has? Mmmm, sí, chica, I would try to drive him loco every day. I don't know how you and your mother can stand it. I say I would try to drive him crazy just to see him grow so big for me, but the truth is, he would drive me even crazier."

"Yeah, it definitely drives Mom crazy, but at least she has Dad to take care of her later," I sighed, and she slid her fingers inside me. She quickly found my G-spot again, making me moan.

"And your mother says that your brother inherited his oak branch from him, so maybe she isn't going too loco from unfulfilled desire, but what about his sexy sister? All you have are your pretty girlfriends, no?"

She laughed, and Paul laughed too. "You should see them, Lucinda! You think you're horny? Those girls, sheesh!"

She turned back to him with a conspiratorial smile. "And do you wear nothing but your underpants around them too, letting them see how big you are? I don't blame them for being horny."

"Nope," I said, and I let out a gasp when she stabbed her tongue back up my ass. "He only does that around me and Mom."

"Come on, I do it around Dad, too. It's not like we don't all do it when it's just the four of us home alone."

"Dad doesn't," I said. "Not really, anyway. Except for these sexy little robes Mom started making him wear a few weeks ago, Dad never bops around in his underwear the way you, Mom and I do."

"He hasn't worn anything like that around me, thank god," laughed Paul.

It struck me then that this was just the most ridiculous situation, the three of us joking and laughing even as we were all trying to make each other cum. Lucinda was desperate to make Paul cum inside her, Paul wanted Lucinda to witness one of my gushing orgasms, and I couldn't wait to see what would happen to Lucinda when Paul finally let go with one of his massive loads in her ass. In the same way that she'd never been fucked by a cock like Paul's, I was certain that she had also never felt anything like one of Paul's half-minute-long cum-explosions in her ass or pussy.

Lucinda was the key. As much fun as we all were having, I knew I had to get her back on track. Without giving too much away, I needed to play on her obvious interest in the thought of Paul, Mom and me turning each other on.

"You're right, though," I breathed, spreading my ass for her. "Mom says Paul has been getting hard-ons from seeing us in our skimpy panties, tops and bikinis for years now. She says it started at my fourteenth birthday pool party. Ever since then, whenever they're doing dishes or sharing the couch while watching movies together or whatever, he's always pressing it against her. She never wears panties either, so I guess his huge erections are really noticeable against her ass."

"Mmmm, dios mío, I can't even imagine," she moaned. "Such a big, thick cock pressing against her like that? It must make her so wet."

Paul quickly figured out what I was doing, and started pounding into her the same way he'd pounded her pussy.

"AYYYEEEIIII...FUCK!" she shouted, before burying her face in my ass. "Cum for me, chica, cum for me...mmmm, cum for me...."

The crazy thing is, I wasn't sure whether she was moaning to Paul or to me. I don't think he knew, either. Heck, at that point she probably didn't even know.

She thrashed her face against my pussy and ass for a few seconds, then she panted, "Your mother never wears panties? She shows her pussy to everyone, even her son and his friends? She lets him press his huge dick against her bare ass? Oooooh...."

She was cumming, and I could tell Paul was getting close.

"Only twice," I said, feeding their fire. "Normally she at least wears a sundress or bikini bottoms or something, but there were a couple of times when all she had on was one of her tiny robes -- they don't even cover her ass, Lucinda -- and she sat straight down on Paul's gigantic erection. He was in his boxers, and you're right, it definitely made her sooooo horny. She was grinding her naked pussy on it, and everything."

Paul's face lit up, and he gestured to where his cock was savaging her yummy bottom. She was cumming like crazy, her hips trembling, her sexy voice warbling. He slid his hand down to her pussy and brought it back up, showing me her white, foamy cream.

"That's her cum!" he mouthed excitedly.

Have I mentioned how much I love my little brother? In particular, the way he responds like a rambunctious puppy to every new sexual experience? I swear, I wanted to jump up right then and there and hug the stuffing out of him.

"She loves your big cock!" I mouthed back, just as excitedly. "Wait until she feels you cum inside her! Don't pull out, either! Let her feel the whole thing!"

That's what I really wanted to see. I couldn't wait to see Lucinda's face when Paul started filling her with cum, only to keep filling her, and filling her, and filling her. I knew she would never be able to hold it all in her tiny bottom.

She wasn't quite hooting like Lana in the strip club, but she was making a totally killer cooing sound. She was doing it right into my pussy, too, which made it that much more awesome.

"And you're also right about how horny it makes me every time I see my baby brother's huge dick," I continued. "Watching Mom wiggle around in his lap that night, knowing she was sitting directly on his crazy erection -- I saw it pop out of his boxers, and it was sticking straight up, right into her pussy -- I wanted to scream. It was so hot. God, can you imagine? As beautiful and sexy as Mom is -- as you are -- and your son's gigante hard cock is pressing straight into your wet pussy?"

I have to admit, it wasn't just Lucinda. My sexy little spiel was also turning me on. Her mouth ravaging my ass and pussy was sure helping things along, as well. Still, what finally sent me rocketing into outer space was Paul's anguished growl, followed by Lucinda's unearthly shriek inside my pussy.

"Ohhhhh, my sweet Jeeeeesuuuuuuus!" she cried, and I knew Paul had finally 'released the Kraken,' as my smug little doofus brother liked to describe it. And this was a big one...a really big one. Having been there before, I turned and started counting the spasms that wracked his chest, neck and face. Each one was a reflection of another searing rope of hot, thick cum erupting from his enormous balls, and with every electric jerking of his granite shoulders Lucinda let loose a longer, sexier wail into my pussy.

Wanting to do my part, I thought back to my first 'official' time with Paul, when he absolutely assaulted my pussy and then my ass on stage at Tank's strip club. I also thought of Mom taking Paul's incredibly powerful load in her already-drenched pussy, right in front of Rick and Donny, and I knew exactly what Lucinda was feeling that very moment.

"Ohhh, Paaaaaaul!" I moaned, and Lucinda couldn't have timed it more perfectly. Just as I was starting a nice cum she rolled me over again and slammed her mouth against my clit while forcing three fingers straight up my ass, and that was it. The water show was on!

"There it is! There it is! Look!" shouted Paul, and Lucinda tried gamely to pull back and watch as a clear, hot gush of silky girl-cum came arcing forth from my spasming pussy. That first one splashed against her left cheek, then a staccato series of high-pressure bursts showered her entire face. She started laughing and laughing, sheer ecstasy overtaking her at both ends, until I was certain she was no longer entirely with us in any real, 'present' sense. Her physical body had become but a pure vessel of lust, filled to overflowing.

It was a really great cum, for all of us. Lucinda, though, wooo, I knew she would never be the same. One thing for sure, it took her hecka long to come back down. Continuing to laugh, almost out of control, she simply couldn't stop. Eventually she began a sweet mewling while nuzzling her lips and nose against my soaked thighs and pussy, then it was playful bites, until finally she rested her face where my thigh joins my hip.

"And you two live with this temptation every day, and so does your sexy mother?" she purred, caressing my glistening lips with soft fingertips. Sliding them through my flowering slit, she began a slow, loving skritching of my matted patch of pubic hair, and for the next few minutes she continued to purr her contentment while affectionately grooming my drenched little landing strip.

"Such a wonderful scent...such a warm, sexy, wonderful scent," she said, and she kissed my shining pussy.

I sat up to kiss her, tasting my cum on her lips, and she giggled when I started licking her face. "A girl should always clean up after herself!" I said happily, licking from the top of her forehead down to her gorgeous nipples. "Mmmm...tasty!" I added, looking up from between her breasts.

"So tasty, chica, so very tasty," she grinned, cupping my face in her hands to give me another kiss. "Clean and sweet, like a blossoming pink rose."

Paul remained kneeling behind her, his cock still buried deep in her ass. She finished her kiss with a playful nibble on my bottom lip and said, "You're right, a girl should always clean up her mess. Your mother taught you well."

She began to lean forward very slowly, pulling herself inch by glorious inch off of Paul's gleaming spear, until finally with a moist pop the enormous, dripping wet head sprang free. Turning on her knees to face him, she took his shimmering shaft in her hands. "And since I made this mess, I'll be happy to clean up after myself."

One thing I had learned about Paul was that he really loved it when a girl sucked him clean after he'd cum inside her. Similar to how he expected the girl to be able to take him all the way down her throat, he thought it was simply the usual way to finish, with the girl licking and sucking him clean once he'd cum. And why not? I always did that for him, and so did Mom and Lisa. As far as he knew, it was completely normal. A girl is supposed to take his entire cock in her mouth, and of course she would want to taste their combined cum afterward.

That's how we'd trained him, and until Niki and Lana had expressed so much shock and awe over the ease with which I swallowed every inch of him, he never knew any better.

So, nope, he wasn't the least bit surprised when Lucinda set about cleaning his cock. He knows how much I love sucking him right after he's shot a gallon of cum in my ass or pussy, and apparently she was just like me. She went straight down on him. I noticed he was no longer completely hard, but it almost didn't matter. He was still massively long and thick, even if he was now a tad rubbery. She was taking him like a champ, slurping up a happy storm, nearly all the way to his balls. She couldn't quite make it, though. Maybe two inches from the base, that seemed to be as far as she could go.

Watching as she sucked him, he shot me another smug smirk. "She's no you," he mouthed. "She can't do the whole thing."

I answered with a happy smile, playfully hugging myself. Blowing him a kiss, I mouthed, "She's still really good, though. You know she is."

He nodded dopily. "Oh, yeah. No doubt."

A shiny something caught my eye, and I glanced down. 'Awesome,' I thought. Deciding to push the limit a little, I said to Lucinda, "Keep going. I'll finish the rest."

"Hmmm?" she asked, turning to me.

Kneeling behind her again, I offered her a friendly smile. "Unless you're Gumby, I doubt you'll be able to do a properly thorough job. We're good girls, right? We wouldn't want our mothers to scold us for leaving a mess."

When I leaned down and planted my lips directly in her dripping crack, her curious smile turned smoky hot. "Mmmm, no, we wouldn't. We know better than to disappoint our sainted mothers."

"Damn, Dawn..." Paul said, watching as I licked an ascending line between Lucinda's spread globes. Starting at the mouth of her pussy, I slipped my probing tongue deep inside before drawing it up through her beautiful divide, all the way to her dripping star. Pausing there to trace insistent circles around her waiting pucker, I delighted in her anxious hip-wriggles. She wanted me to press my tongue into her ass and lick up every drop of my baby brother's rich cum, and I wanted the exact same thing, probably a gazillion times more than she did. That was as close as I was likely going to come to taking Paul with Lucinda there, and I was determined to make the most of it.

"It's not my fault you made such a mess inside her pretty bottom," I said, pausing to wipe my chin before popping my fingers into my mouth. "I'm just helping a girl out."

"Mmmm-hmmmmm!" came Lucinda's muffled moan, her face positively stuffed with young, semi-hard cock.

Returning to my fun, I went full-on ninja assassin on our sexy Latina's sumptuous bottom. Picturing all the crazy things my cheerleader girlfriends liked to do to me, I set about trying to recreate our Friday night naked romps in the locker room. I didn't have any hair brushes, giant blue dildos or "best ass" trophies handy, but I figured I could get the job done anyway. Besides, she was an easy mark. Paul and I had both already made her cum like crazy, so how hard would it be to coax one more out of her?

Not very, as it turned out. She started cumming immediately, the second I hit her with the double-pronged attack of stabbing my tongue up her ass while curling my hand into a tight ball and stuffing it into her pussy. Well, most of it, anyway. I couldn't quite get my thumb in there before she totally spazzed, shrieking on Paul's cock as her ass went into these hella cool twerking bounces.

And speaking of cool, god but Paul had shot a ridiculously insane amount of cum in her ass. I sort of figured that since this was his second orgasm in relatively short order, come on, there wouldn't be that much this time, right? Not like the first one he fired into her mouth and all over her face when she simply couldn't handle swallowing it all, anyway.

Nope, this was another typical massive Paul load. As much as he cums buckets the first time, somehow he still seems to manage every bit as much for round two (and round three, and round four, and...), even if it's one right after the other. The only real difference is in how long it takes him to cum. The sheer volume never changes.

Awesome. Absolutely awesome. And Trish tells me it's definitely not normal. "Baby, no, guys simply don't do that. As much cum as Paul shoots, jeez, that's like a week's worth for most men. No way they come right back and do it again, over and over and over. When it comes to sex, Paul is like an Olympic athlete. You both are."

'Mom, too,' I thought, grinning to myself, but I didn't say it.

Anyway, once I was finally finished tidying up, I pulled Lucinda off of Paul's cock and turned her to face me. Grinning awkwardly, I brought my index finger to her lips. She knew what I wanted, and she obediently tilted her head back. I lowered my lips to hers and opened my mouth, letting Paul's warm, thick cum pour onto her tongue. For the next minute or so we swapped it back and forth, swishing it over our teeth and past our parted lips, making a sexy mess of each other's face.

Taking in the sight of me, with my brother's cum smeared all over my chin, she smiled sweetly. "A woman's work is never done," she said, leaning forward to lick me clean.

"Like I said," Paul smiled, "I could watch you two all day. You guys really are awesome."

Lucinda ran her fingers across her own chin, gathering up the last few glistening trails before sucking her fingers one by one. With a satisfied grin she said, "And just imagine, Dr. Carlisle is actually paying me for this. I think this week I should be paying him."

She and I spent the rest of the morning naked, sharing the housework. She thought that was the sweetest thing ever, having a guest help her with her chores, but I didn't mind at all. I had a blast, actually. We were like goofy sisters who couldn't keep our hands off each other. The second she would stretch on her tiptoes to reach for some hard-to-get-to place with her feather duster, there I'd be, tickling her bare pussy. When I would lean into a bay window with my paper towels and a bottle of glass cleaner, I'd hear a cute growl, then I'd feel her teeth chomping down on my bottom like a hungry tiger.

The best thing was that for the remainder of our stay she always took her jeans and top off as soon as she walked through the front door. Every week we looked forward to her sunny "Hola, chicas!" greeting, and she seemed just as happy to see us as we were to see her. Of course I wouldn't let Paul wear anything except his skimpy boxers whenever she was there, but I don't think he really minded all that much. Lucinda definitely didn't mind, that's for sure. I came downstairs one morning after taking a shower, and there she was, bent over the back of the couch, her panties around her ankles, with Paul pounding away at her pussy.

She loved to tease him all around the house with her luscious bottom, and he was more than willing to take the bait. She never let him fuck her in a bed, though. She was happy to have sex with him out on the patio or in any room in the place, as long as it wasn't in an actual bed.

"That's for my husband," she explained one day, after riding my semi-delirious baby brother for a solid hour in the oversized leather easy chair in the den. "The marital bed is his, and his alone."

We all knew that Paul was only going to stay through the end of the month before heading back home for the start of the fall semester, and that Mom would soon be joining us. Lucinda was eager to meet her, but also a bit nervous about it. "She and I are almost the same age, and she knows I'm having sex with her beautiful son. What must she think of me?" she'd say, even though I tried to tell her that Mom was absolutely fine with the idea.

God, if anything, Mom was thrilled.

"I told you, sweetie, just don't get anyone pregnant, that's all I ask," she reminded him, during one of our nightly phone calls. "Otherwise, you know how I feel. I love sex, and I want you both to enjoy it as much I do." Mom being Mom, she was fairly bursting with pride over her "studly son." She was worried about Lisa, though, and I was happy to inform her that not only had Paul and I told Lisa everything, and she was totally cool with it, but that it even turned her on. The thing that really did it for her, she said, was that whole 'are they or aren't they?' question that had to be running through Lucinda's mind every time she saw us together.

And that's just it; we never did let Lucinda in on our little secret. We continued to run around in our skimpy things in front of her, and Paul was like Old Faithful in the way he never failed to grow hugely erect whenever I teased him with my sexy bottom, but she could never be sure whether that was the extent of it. Were we just having fun flirting with each other for her benefit, or was all our teasing play merely the tip of the iceberg, and we were fucking our brains out the minute she left us alone?

Lisa immediately recognized the teasing potential there, and she ate it up. Lucinda? I could tell she didn't quite know what to make of us, and she definitely wanted to know more.

"Are you ever going to tell her?" asked Mom.

Paul spoke up then. "We decided we'd let you handle it, if anyone's going to tell her."

"Knowing you, you'll probably just show her," I added gleefully.

"The way you think of me...my own baby daughter..." she sighed, pretending to pout. She wasn't fooling anyone, and her laughably fake pout turned into a happy giggle. "Okay, so maybe I am just a teensy bit more proud than most moms are, when it comes to showing off my gorgeous son and daughter. So sue me."

~to be continued~

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