Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 18

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Housekeeping Day will never be the same.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

"Rise and shine, chicas!" came Lucinda's musical greeting from the foyer, accompanied by the sound of a set of keys skittering across a glass table top.

"Oh, shit!"

Panicking, Paul quickly shoved me down beneath our thin Afghan blanket. He raised his knees, creating a small tent for me to curl up and hide in, and there was just enough light sneaking through that I could see his huge dick loll forward, right onto the top of my head.

"Well hello there!" I whisper-giggled, leaning up to plant a series of teasing kisses all along the underside of the soft, rubbery shaft.

Upon our return home following my first modeling shoot and our wild day at the beach talking with Mom about all her sexy escapades, I'd dragged my horny baby brother into the shower to do our version of Mom having Rick shave her legs and pussy for her. I say "dragged," but it wasn't as if Paul wasn't totally eager to get his shot at it. See, he had a point to prove...a point of pride. After listening to Mom and me go on and on about how sweet and wonderful Rick is, Paul was determined to show me just how loving he could be, too!

Wow. He definitely didn't disappoint. In between shaving everything but my little landing strip perfectly clean, he must have spent a solid hour simply kissing and nuzzling my legs, from the tips of my toes all the way up to my hips. Using only small handfuls of baby oil, he smoothed it in everywhere, while conspicuously avoiding my pussy. Instead, he kept circling near it, almost touching it, before slowly moving away. Inch by inch, he kept drawing closer, only to pull back.

Ooh, that bastard. He was torturing me. He sat worshipping my legs and ass, coaxing me forward with tingly eyelash kisses and tiny nibbles, right up to the very edge...then he'd slip away, leaving me teetering on the precipice. I have no idea where he learned that stuff, but he was just crazy good.

Well, eventually I'd had enough. I mean, come on. Even Mom broke down and had Rick lick her pussy, and she also let him fuck her a little.

"If you don't hurry up and start doing my pussy, I swear, I'm not going to suck you for a week!" I panted.

I guess he got the message. Circling his lips back to within a hair's breadth of my pouting lips, he stuck his tongue out just so, barely making contact with my smooth slit. I wiggled my hips forward, wanting more, and his tongue tickled its way down to my tight little asshole. "Oooooh, nice," I moaned, "but Mom said you should practice letting me do that to you, not the other way around...."

"Yeah, well, we'll see," he said with a coy smirk, which then morphed into an evil smile. "In the meantime, I know what you really want." Making a firm spearhead of his tongue, he slipped it inside me. Slowly, he began fucking me...in and out, in and out, deeper, faster, circling wider, opening me. Even though he'd only ever eaten my ass a couple of times, god, he was soooo good at it.

"Mmmm, where did you learn how to do all this?" I managed to ask, between appreciative moans. He had my hips and ass dancing like crazy, bouncing off the edge of the shower seat.

"Where do you think?" he answered, pausing to give me another evil grin.

"Mom? But you haven't even had the chance to go down on her yet, so how could she have taught you?"

Pausing again, he gazed up at me from between my legs. He stabbed into me before pulling out, then he treated me to a wonderful tap-tap-tapping of sexy licks all around my tiny hole.

"Nope, not Mom. Think about it, Dawn. I mean, come on...duh."

In my defense, I have to say that my ability to think clearly at that particular moment was probably just a bit compromised by the fact that MY HOT LITTLE BROTHER WAS TOTALLY EATING MY ASS OUT! Still, it finally came to me.

"Lisa? She taught you all these things?" 'Wow,' I thought. 'Girl, you certainly know your stuff. Remind me to thank you, the next time I see you.'

"Well, yeah, some of it," he answered sheepishly. "The rest I got from watching, well, you know...."

"Porn?" I yelped, jumping when he teasingly bit my soft inner lip.

Stopping to admire his handiwork, he laughed. "No, not porn, you idiot. Well, actually, I guess it was kind of like porn. Thank god for hot sisters and their horny cheerleader friends."

Again, with the evil grin.

"You mean thank god for pool parties and upstairs bedrooms for peeping!" Laughing right along with him, I added, "You learned all this just from watching us play?"

"Yep, and also from what you and Lisa have shown me, obviously. I have some killer teachers, you know. Lisa says you've shown her tons of awesome stuff too."

"We all show each other. Trish, though, she's the one who showed us the majority of our oral tricks. Most of what I know, I got it from her, and from Michelle, who also got it from Trish."

"And you learned a lot from Mom, right?"

"Mmmm, definitely. She is absolutely amaaaaaaazing. Even as incredible as Trish and the girls are, Mom is the master. I swear, she's like the High Queen of Sex. I'm almost surprised she hasn't started showing you some of her favorite tricks yet, but I guess you two haven't had much in the way of alone-time so far."

"Not really. Just the couple of times I told you about."

Reaching down to cup his face, I smiled. "And you still blew her away. You did everything right, to where she didn't need to show you anything. You know, you're just as much of a natural as she is."

"Yeah, well, like Trish said, and Mom agrees with her one hundred percent, you're the sexiest one of all. If anyone's a natural, a total sex goddess, it's you. Dawn, you blow everyone away."

"When it comes to being sexy no one can touch Mom, but thank you. Just as long as I blow you away...." Leaning back, I spread my legs.

"No worries there, little girl," he said, slipping his tongue back into my ass. At the same time, he drove two thick fingers into my pussy and began hammering away, igniting a starburst of rapid-fire orgasms that shook my entire body. It felt like sparks were shooting from between my legs, and I cried out in sheer joy.

Satisfied with the results of his initial assault, he slid up my body, until the tip of his swaying cock was nestled between my wet, quivering lips. Guiding my hands to it, he had me hold it steady, poised in my opening.

"Mom is definitely the master, but here's one thing she can't give you..." he breathed, staring into my eyes. God, he was so gorgeous. He was like the world's sexiest werewolf, with the biggest, hottest, most perfect cock.

And it was all for me.

"Mmmm, Paul, fuck me...fuck me deep, baby. No one can fuck me like you do," I moaned, pressing the head inside. "I love you...love you and your gorgeous cock...."

Again, god but did he fuck me, as well as make love to me. Just as Mom makes love to me in a way only she can, making me feel like the most loved, cherished girl in the whole world, Paul takes me to a place I can't even describe. In trying to compare them, the best I can manage is that Mom always makes my heart soar, taking flight on gossamer wings of boundless love and unbridled bliss.

Paul? He shows me heaven. For me, heaven is at the end of a massively long, thick cock, touching me places I never knew existed. It's at the end of a long, thick cock driven home by a man who loves me more than anything, and proves it to me every time I look into his eyes. I don't know that it's possible for me to love anyone more than I love my beautiful Samantha, but the feeling I get when Paul is inside me is something I will never willingly surrender.

"Baby," I panted, glorying in the feeling of his pounding cock stretching my pussy, "when we were driving through Texas you said you would marry me, if only you could. I want you to know something, little brother. I would marry you, too. I will always be yours, and I will never stop wanting you inside me. We're lovers, no different than if we really were married. Mmmm, so fuck me, Paul...make love to your forever girl...."

"Oh, god," he groaned, leaning in to kiss me. He kissed me for days, with so much passion that it took my breath away. No one had ever kissed me like that, and I was a goner. Moaning around his tongue, I drenched his cock with my longest gushing cum ever; still we kept making love, our bodies crashing together in never-ending waves of celebration until, with an anguished cry, he added his own torrent of cum to mine, filling my happy pussy to overflowing.

We made love all night, moving from the shower to the bedroom and finally into the living room, where we fell asleep in each other's arms while watching an old James Bond movie.

And that's where we were, still asleep on the couch, when Lucinda startled us awake the following morning.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. What are you doing sleeping out here?" she asked, breezing into the living room.

"Ummm...fell asleep watching TV, I guess," Paul answered. I gave his rubbery dick a sharp nip, and he clutched at me with his knees to keep me still. After tugging the Afghan up to his chest, he let out a big yawn while stretching his arms.

"You and your sister must have stayed out partying too late, huh? A couple of sweet, innocent babies from Kansas, can't keep up with these California vampires. Better take care, honey. These rich kids, they're real pros," she replied, with teasing glee.

"Who says we're so sweet and innocent? We can handle ourselves."

"Uh-huh, I can see that! It's ten-fifteen, and you're still zonked out on the couch. Very impressive, chica. I suppose your sister is still in bed too, isn't she?" The smile was clear in her voice as she playfully tugged on the blanket. "Anyway, it's time to get up. I need to get started in here."

"Ummm, I can't," he said, nervously.

"What do you mean you can't? Just go sleep in your room, lazy bones."

"No, I mean I really can't, not with you standing here. I'm, you know...."

I felt her tug at the blanket again. Giggling, she exclaimed, "Oooh, nice! Is our handsome gringo naked beneath his pretty blanket?"

Tugging back to hold it in place, Paul answered, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Yes, I fell asleep out here naked. You got me, okay? Busted."

I felt the pause in the room, and Lucinda said, "I don't see any clothes anywhere. Did you actually come out here naked? Where was Dawn?"

"Out, I guess. I'm not really sure. I didn't see her last night."

"So you decided to get naked and come sleep on the couch. Crazy boy."

'You got that right!' I thought, taking Paul's hardening cock into my mouth. Trying to picture how Mom did it that night on the couch when Rick and Donny were sitting right there, I slowly sucked him all the way down. He jumped a little, making me giggle to myself, and I dragged my teeth right back up his thick length. After doing a couple of long passes up and down, I began swirling my tongue around the head before pressing into his drooling slit. Cupping his balls, I lay perfectly still, savoring the taste of his flowing pre-cum.

I had to give Paul credit. Somehow he was maintaining his composure while continuing to carry on his end of the conversation. "I actually have no idea how I ended up in the living room, much less why I crashed out here naked," he said.

"You probably had a hot date and don't even remember. Did you drink a lot last night?"

"Yeah, that's probably it. Man, though, I really don't remember a thing."

"Poor baby," she cooed, sitting down beside him. Peering through the tiny holes in the Afghan weave, I saw her pat his bare chest. "I'll make you some strong black coffee. That'll help clear your head. In the meantime, why don't you hop up and go grab a shower. When you get out, I'll have a nice hot pot ready for you."

She gave the blanket another tug, pretending to take a peek beneath it. "Hmmm...handsome, naked men in my living room. I may have to tell Dr. Carlisle that his house is very dusty, and perhaps it would be best if I started coming by on Wednesdays and Fridays, too." Sliding her hand up to squeeze Paul's cheeks together, making him do kissy lips, she teased, "Such a pretty boy!" before heading off to the kitchen.

"Ha ha! Real funny there, Dawn!" he whispered, and I popped my head out from beneath the blanket to give him a sunny grin. He took me by the hand, and with the two of us exchanging hushed giggles we made a mad dash for our bedrooms.

~ ~ ~

"Oh, come on, it will be fun! You know she's totally hot for you, and it's what you normally do anyway, so why stop now? Please?"

Having thrown on my Kansas Jayhawks tank top, some tiny pink panties and a fluffy robe, I was sitting on Paul's bed, trying to convince him to head back out to the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy boxers. He'd just finished his shower, and was standing before me with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Watching as my hand made its way inside the towel and up his thigh, he smiled. "That was a close call out there. Did you see how she kept tugging on my blanket? And there you were, totally driving me crazy, sucking my dick! What if she had gone ahead and really pulled the blanket away?"

"I know! It was all I could do not to laugh. I think I actually did laugh once, when your big dick just flopped right down on top of my head!"

"Yep, I heard you giggle, you moron. You almost got us busted."

I couldn't help but giggle again. I don't know why, but whenever Paul affectionately calls me an "idiot" or a "moron" or whatever, it always makes me happy.

"We're fine. She had no idea I was down there. Jeez, she was so busy scoping you out, you know she didn't notice anything else. So, come on, give her a thrill. She will absolutely love seeing you bounce around in your thin little boxers. Here, let's get you started..." I said, undoing his towel and tossing it onto the bed. His hanging cock was already semi-hard, and I took it in my hand. God, it was so thick...so deliciously heavy. Staring up at him, I added, "And hey, you have to admit, she is kind of hot."

She really was, actually. Probably in her mid-thirties, and standing only an inch or two over five feet tall, and barely a hundred pounds soaking wet, she reminded me of a smaller Lisa; maybe like Lisa's flirty aunt, or something. She had the same sort of big, smoky dark eyes and long, straight, deep brown hair, and a spicy Venezuelan accent. Nice full lips, too. I could tell she also had quite the curvy little figure, though she wasn't exactly much of a show-off about it. Rather than a traditional sexy maid's outfit topped off by a slinky pair of high heels, which would have been so cool, she usually wore tight, faded jeans, Reebok tennis shoes and a snug t-shirt, always with a bra.

Very casual, but she definitely made it work.

"You think it would be fun, huh?" asked Paul, with a knowing grin. "And what will you be doing? For that matter, why should I be the only one? If I'm going out there in just my boxers, then you have to ditch your robe. Fair is fair."

Bringing his warm, pulsing cock to my mouth, I ran the tip around my lips while shrugging off my robe. "Fair is fair," I repeated, parting my lips to take him inside. After holding him there for just a few heartbeats, I pulled back with a happy sigh. "Mmmm, god, the way you feel when you grow hard inside my mouth. If I could bottle that feeling, we'd be instant millionaires. But okay, not too much now. We don't want you fully erect, jutting out a foot when you're drinking your coffee in front of her. She'd probably freak. No, thick, weighty and bouncy is good. It'll make her mouth water for sure, and it won't scare her off. Come on, let's find you some nice ones."

I led him over to his dresser and started rummaging through his underwear drawer. When I found the powder blue pair I wanted, I held it up to the morning light. "Perfect," I said, showing Paul how easily we could see my wiggling fingers through the thin material. "I love how you look in these. I bet she will, too. C'mere...."

He came over and stood at my side, and I knelt before him. "Lift..." I said. He raised one foot, then the other, and I slid those threadbare little boxers up his legs and over his hips, but only after pausing at his ass to give it a couple of playful squeezes. His massive erection was sticking straight out a solid foot or so, making his usual obscene tent. Giving it a friendly pat and a happy kiss, I smiled. "I'll go out first and chat her up over coffee. Once you have this guy somewhat under control," I continued, kissing his exposed shaft through the stretched-open fly, "come on out and join us."

"That might take a while," he answered, grinning at the sight of his enormous dick, and my lips trailing kisses up and down his steely length.

"Okay, I'll be good now," I said, with an innocent grin. I came to my feet and did a little twirl for him, showing him my ass in my tiny panties. "So you really want me to go out there like this? Other than for the giant hard-on it'll give you, I doubt she'll even notice. She wants to see what's in your underwear, not mine."

"Don't be so sure, Dawn. I've already caught her checking you out a couple of times. She likes what she sees, even when you're just wearing your little running shorts and a tank top. In those panties, and with your awesome breasts showing the way they do in that teensy top? Oh yeah, she's going to notice, big time."

"That would be awesome! God, I hope you're right. This could wind up being even more fun than I thought!"

He just shook his head and laughed. "You're retarded, you know that?"

Jumping into his arms, I gave him a big, happy hug and a million sloppy kisses. "That's why you love me!" I crowed.

"Well, not only because of that. There's also this...." Setting me down, he took me by the hips and spun me around, then he pulled my panties to my knees and gave my bare ass a huge motorboat, just like Mom does it! "Bwoooooarrrrr!" he growled, thrashing his face back and forth between my bouncing cheeks, until I collapsed onto his bed in a fit of hysterical giggles.

That wasn't enough for him, though. Oh no, not my ass-crazy baby brother!



"Ooh, yes..." I moaned, pooching my hips up nice and high, encouraging him to spank my bare bottom to his heart's content, until finally I was cumming and cumming and cumming....

~ ~ ~

"Mmmm, g'morning," I said sleepily, yawning and stretching as I swayed my hips back and forth beneath the marble archway. Standing at the edge of the kitchen, with the brilliant late-morning sunlight pouring over me through the open windows, I greeted Lucinda with a contented purr. "Whatcha doing?" I asked, raising my crossed arms high above my head, continuing my sexy wake-up performance. Still dancing my hips with my arms held aloft, I turned a skosh to the side, offering her the sight of my feline preening in fully illuminated profile.

She smiled in seeming appreciation. "Another lazy bones, I see."

"Another?" Bouncing on the balls of my feet, I thrust my ass out and stretched my arms as high as they would go before turning to her with an answering smile.

"Your baby brother was asleep too, just now. I think I caught him by surprise."

She gave me a gleeful smirk.

"You already did his room?"

"Oh no, chica, I haven't gotten to the bedrooms yet. He was asleep on the couch in the living room when I showed up. He was a little embarrassed about it, too. He was naked."

We both laughed, and I said, "Seriously? You caught him naked on the couch? That's awesome!"

"Well, yes and no. I didn't actually see him naked. He was covered up to his stomach by a blanket. When I told him to go sleep in his bedroom so I could start doing the living room, he admitted he was naked, but couldn't remember how he ended up that way. I teased him, saying, 'I think our handsome boy might have had too many cervezas last night!'"

"Yep, that sounds like Paul, for sure. When it comes to alcohol, he's a total lightweight."

"Perhaps so," she said, pausing for effect. "But I don't really think that's what happened last night."

"What do you mean?" I replied, worried that she might know more than she was letting on. Entering the kitchen, I tried to act as casual as possible. "What do you think happened?" I asked, opening the fridge and sticking my head inside.

I knew then that Paul was right. I could tell she was checking out my ass. So, remaining bent at the waist, I continued to poke around inside the fridge, thinking, 'If I do a good enough job of distracting her, maybe I can get her to change the subject.'

It almost worked. Her voice sort of caught in her throat before she paused again and said, "There was no alcohol on his breath, or anywhere else. The only thing I noticed was the scent of, well...."

"Of...?" I repeated, turning to her with a mischievous smile.

She leveled her gaze at me, and I could see that it was a real struggle for her to tear her eyes from my bare thighs. Try as she might, her glance kept stealing down my body. I felt my nipples beginning to harden, and I crossed my arms beneath my breasts in exaggerated anticipation.

"Of sex," she continued, flashing her own mischievous grin. "That wasn't alcohol, oh no, chica. It was some pretty girl. That's why he was naked. He tried to act like he couldn't remember, but I know better."

"And you let him off the hook? Oh my god, you should have teased him to death about it. I would have, if I were you."

"Oh, believe me, I definitely considered it. And I did tease him, honey...just not about that."

"Well, it would serve him right. Next time, I hope you show him no mercy. If he's going to let you catch him naked, he deserves all the teasing you can give him.

"So, wow, he really smelled like sex? I mean, you could smell the girl, too?"

I resisted the temptation to run my hands down my body and bring them to my nose. Instead, I watched as her attention seemed to shift from her recollections of Paul and the scents in the living room to a discreet yet unmistakable studying of my body. In particular, her furtive glances kept returning to my tiny panties. I was very wet, and I knew she could see my moist strip of pubic hair and smooth lips through the sheer fabric. Raising her glance, her subtle gaze drifted to my barely-covered breasts. My nipples were fully erect.

"Yes," she answered, scarcely above a whisper. "I could smell their lovemaking. It filled the room." She glanced down at her own gorgeous breasts, and her suddenly erect nipples. Taking a deep breath, she thrust them out with obvious pride. "Honey, I'm a wife as well as a mother. I know that lovely aroma. His skin held the scent of a woman's precious flower."

"Lucinda, that is absolutely beautiful," I said, staring at her in wonder. God, she reminded me more and more of Lisa every minute.

"Isn't it?" she answered, her smiling eyes shining sweetly.

"Definitely. So, there were no clothes at all? Not even his shorts or whatever?"

"Nope, nothing. No girl's clothes, either. The least she could have done was leave him her panties as a nice memento."

"Maybe she wasn't wearing any," I said, making her grin. "But wait, you're sure it was actual sex you smelled, and not just, you know...." I made the universal motion of a guy jacking off.

We both laughed.

"No, chica, absolutely not. It wasn't only the scent of your handsome brother's pleasure filling the room. I was certainly aware of that, too, but her scent was also there. It was all over him. I could smell her in his hair, on his chest and stomach, and even on his face. Somewhere this morning walks one very happy girl."

I loved the elegant, almost formal way she phrased things, complemented by her sexy Spanish accent. Grinning delightedly, I gave her a big hug. "You are just the coolest chick ever," I gushed. Although she seemed a bit taken aback, nevertheless she returned my hug with equal affection. Thankfully I had also grabbed a quick shower while Paul took his, so I wasn't worried that my scent would be too obvious to our hot little South American bloodhound.

"So you think my baby brother is handsome, huh?" I teased, pulling back to give her an accusing smile.

"Mmmm, muy guapo, from his pretty head right down to his gigante feet," she answered dreamily. Taking me by the hands, she made a show of looking me up and down. "You are both so very beautiful," she added, and I hugged her again.

"Wait until you see my mom," I said, with a quiet giggle.

"I can only imagine," she sighed. "She must be like a shimmering goddess, descended from the heavens."

Beaming, I pulled back again. "That's exactly how I always describe her: a total goddess! God, you are so awesome!"

I hugged her excitedly, and I think she was just as delighted as I was. She certainly seemed to share my joy, laughing with me and hugging me like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"What are you guys so happy about?" we heard Paul ask with a wary chuckle, and Lucinda's eyes practically popped out of her head before she managed to get hold of herself. Paul had come sauntering into the kitchen, his amazing cock leading the way, and I felt Lucinda stiffen in my arms.

"Muy guapo...muy, muy guapo..." she whispered to me, and again I had to stifle a giggle.

"What were you just saying, about something being gigante?" I whispered back, nipping at her ear.

"Dios mío, chica. It looks like a hanging oak branch."

"I know, and the best thing is, he has no idea. He always walks around the house like that. It drives Mom crazy."

"Again, I can only imagine," she said wistfully, eyeing his mouthwatering bulge. "What is that woman feeding you two, anyway?"

Leaning close, I whispered, "She says he takes after his father. Anyway, don't say anything. Just enjoy it. Muy guapo, right?"

"Mmmm-hmmmmm, muy guapo..." she repeated, nipping my ear right back. "May I at least tease him some more, like when we were in the living room?"

"You'd better!" I answered, and this time I couldn't prevent myself from giggling out loud.

"Okay, enough already, you two. What's with all the whispering and giggling?" Pouring himself a cup of coffee, Paul stood facing us at the kitchen counter with another accusing smirk.

Lucinda slid her hands down to give my exposed bottom a playful squeeze and a couple of affectionate pats. "Oh, your sister here was just telling me about your beautiful mother, is all. Nothing to worry your pretty head about, crazy naked boy."

"Yeah, Paul, what's all this Lucinda was telling me about finding you naked on the couch, hmmm?" I moved over to him and snapped the waistband of his skimpy boxers. "You usually at least wear these around the house. So, what, now that you're in California you're going to start running around totally naked?"

I think Lucinda's little trick of letting Paul see her touch my bare ass had achieved the intended effect. Whereas Paul had entered the kitchen with his cock showing nicely long and thick, but still hanging soft and heavy, already it had started to grow. Stretching conspicuously down his left thigh, the lengthening bulge was beginning to tent its ultra-lightweight covering.

Grinning sheepishly, he shook his head at the two of us. "If she told you all that, then she also told you that she didn't actually see anything, and that I don't even know how I wound up sleeping naked on the couch."

"Suuuuure..." I answered, grinning at Lucinda, who was fighting a losing battle in her efforts to avoid ogling my baby brother's noticeably hardening cock.

"He's right, chica," she said, biting her bottom lip, which I thought was a sexy touch. This woman was a killer tease. "I didn't see him naked. He was always covered by his blanket."

I was having too much fun, and I decided to turn up the heat. Stretching again onto the balls of my feet, I leaned up and over the counter, ostensibly to look through the cupboards for a coffee cup. The main thing was to offer them both a clear shot of my ass. "Fine," I continued, taking my sweet time, "but that still doesn't explain what he was doing out there in the first place, sleeping naked on the couch. Come on, Paul, you have to do better than some lame 'I don't remember!' story. Spill it, little brother."

When I eventually turned back to them, I noticed Lucinda's nipples were as hard as rocks. Paul followed my guiding glance, and Lucinda brought her hand to her breast, pretending to pick at some imaginary piece of lint or something. She was letting him look.

That little devil, she was enjoying our teasing game as much as I was.

A wicked idea hit me, and I said, "Hold that thought. I'll be right back." I ran upstairs to my bedroom and grabbed my phone. My plan was to get Mom involved, knowing she would absolutely tease the bejeezus out of poor Paul and, by extension, Lucinda too. I also thought it would be good to give those two a little alone-time, especially with Paul well on his way to sporting another of his usual ginormous hard-ons. Lucinda showing off her breasts for him was just icing on the cake.

Unfortunately, Mom said she couldn't talk just then, explaining that she had both hands buried in an Italian meatloaf she was making for a casual dinner party that night. "Give me about ten minutes, sweetie. In the meantime, here, talk to your father."

"Hi, Daddy!" I chirped while bounding back down the stairs.

"Hi yourself there, punkin'. What's shakin'?"

"Oh, I was just—" I started to say, but I was stunned into silence. I think my jaw literally dropped.

"Honey? Are you okay?"

"Oh my god!" I whispered into the phone. "I can't believe it...."

And I really couldn't. As I entered the kitchen, I saw Paul still leaning on the counter, with his arms crossed. Noticing the smug look on his face, I turned to see Lucinda...shimmying out of her skintight jeans! And she had already taken off her t-shirt!

Paul was standing there with his semi-hard cock making a massive bulge in his boxers, and Lucinda stood to face him in just her bra and panties, sporting the same smug smile.

"Hey, chica!" she said, laughing at my shocked expression.

Paul was hella proud of himself. "Dawn, whatever you do, never give Lucinda a dare. As you can see, she won't back down."

"Oh no, never. My tía Maria sat me on her lap one day when I was just a little niña and said, 'Chica, if someone is foolish enough to offer my brave sobrina a dare, you must always make him eat his words!'" Still sporting that same smug grin, she turned back to Paul. "Chomp chomp, pretty boy...chomp chomp!"

"Dawn?! What's going on?" came Dad's laughing voice through the phone.

Paul grabbed the phone from me. "Hey, Dad. Dawn's freaking out because I dared Lucinda to strip down to her bra and panties, and she actually did it!" I heard Dad's laughter, then he said something, and Paul answered, "Yeah, Lucinda is right here in the kitchen with us, wearing nothing but her underwear. Anyway, I figured, you know, why not? Dawn and I are in our underwear, so why shouldn't she join us? She made such a big, happy fuss about catching me naked on the couch, and—"

Again with Dad's laughter, followed by more jibber-jabber.

"Nah, it wasn't like that. I was under a blanket. She didn't see nuthin', but these two are still making a big deal over it. So, what the hell, since they're having so much fun, why not try to even things up a bit, right?"

Dad said something, and Paul handed me back the phone.

"Well hello again, kitten. You know this is pure torture for your poor mother, not being able to hear all this."

"I know! That's why I called!" I put my hand over my mouth and spoke in a whisper. "I wanted to get Mom in on it, but I never expected Paul to do something like that. And I definitely didn't expect to come back down and find Lucinda in just her bra and panties! This is so cool!"

"So what now?" he asked.

"Good question," I answered, and I repeated it to Paul and Lucinda. "So, okay, you two, what now? Paul, do you have any more crazy dares for Little Miss Ballsy here?"

Lucinda actually blushed, which was so adorable. "Hey, he started it," she said shyly. She was still smiling, though.

What an amazing woman. And now that I could see her entire body, I thought she was even more amazing.

"Does your husband know you wear such sexy things to work?" I teased.

She struck a sassy pose for us, setting her hands on her hips and thrusting out her tits. "He likes for me to wear pretty things. My husband is a very amorous man!"

We all laughed, and she added, "Like my tía Maria, my husband also wouldn't approve of his brave esposa backing down from a dare, especially from Señor Pretty Boy here."

"Well, you done good!" I said, scoping her up and down.

"Gracias. It's not just beautiful chicas like you, you know. Sometimes I like to be pretty, too."

"Girl, 'pretty' doesn't even begin to describe you. I mean, wow...." I turned to Paul. "Amazing, huh?"

Again, I had to hand it to him. He sure wasn't being bashful. Nope, he was fully ogling her gorgeous tits, which were showcased to perfection in her push-up white lace bra. Her rosy areolas and delectably erect nipples showed through clear as day through the gauzy lace, and she wasn't the least bit shy about letting us check her out. And while her matching white panties weren't quite as tiny and totally sheer as the ones I was wearing, she still looked absolutely spectacular in them.

She was stunning, and she knew it. Basking in the heat of our open stares, she was reveling in it.

Strutting over to Paul, she set her hand directly on his growing bulge. "So, do you have any other cocky dares for me, crazy naked boy?"

Poor Paul. He took a big gulp and stammered, "I...ummm...nope, I'm good."

"Are you suuuure?" she asked in a sing-song voice, mimicking the teasing tone I'd used on him earlier. He was now fully hard, and she started in on a long, slow stroking of his immense shaft. "I see the way you look at me, and this erección gigante doesn't lie." At her mention of 'gigante' she gave me a sly wink.

"Dad, you should see this," I said, laughing over Lucinda's wicked performance. "Paul is blushing like a schoolgirl!"

"Paul's there too?" he asked.

'Huh?' I thought. Confused, I sort of just stared at the phone. "Dad, of course Paul's here. What do you mean?"

"Oh. I mean, ummm...right. So how is everything going out there in sunny California?"

Pausing, I said, "Everything's going great, Dad. Things couldn't be better. I love it here."

By that point Paul was too flummoxed to form complete sentences, and Lucinda proudly stepped back to show me the insane hard-on she'd given him.

"I think Paul pretty much loves it here, too!" I continued, making Lucinda laugh.

She came over and stood beside me. Motioning to Paul, she smiled happily. "What is that old American movie saying, 'I think my job here is done,' or something like that?" She gestured to Paul, who immediately sought refuge at the kitchen table. Sliding his chair in until his stomach was touching the table top, he tried to hide his towering erection.

"I should probably get to work now," she continued, with a proud gleam in her eye. "I mean actual housekeeping work, the kind Dr. Carlisle pays me to do, you know?"

"If you must," I answered, giving her a theatrical sigh.

"This is so much fun!" she whispered. "If you don't mind, I think I'll leave my jeans and top off, okay?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way," I whispered back. "In fact, if you want to take your bra and panties off too...." Shooting her an evil grin, I comically raised my eyebrows.

She slid her arm around my waist. "I will if you will."

"Ooh, is that a dare?" I asked, swishing my hips.

"Crazy baby," she answered, and she gave me a sisterly squeeze. "You are so bad."

"What do you think, Dad?" I whispered. "Should we ease up on him, or what?"

"Sweetie, this stuff is way more up your mother's alley. And hey, look! Here she is now! Bye!"

"Coward!" I called after him, as he handed Mom the phone.

"Shit howdy!" I heard him say, laughing off into the distance.

"Hi, baby! Hi, Paul! Hi, Lucinda!"

Just pure Mom, as happy and gorgeous as ever.

With his flagpole cock now only showing at half-mast, Paul sat smirking at me. "You suck. You really, truly suck."

I stuck my tongue out at him and switched to speakerphone. "Hi, Mom! The gang's all here! Would you like to meet Lucinda? You'll love her. She is an absolute doll."

Lucinda's warm, shining eyes registered both surprise and gratitude as I handed her the phone. "Buenos días, señora...excuse me, Missus Summers," she added, apparently feeling the need to correct herself. "It is my pleasure to meet you. I must say, you have two very lovely children."

"Oh my! Thank you, Lucinda. And yes, I am awfully proud of them. I miss my beautiful babies every day."

"Your daughter has told me so much about you. As proud of her as you are, I think she's even more proud of her gorgeous mother. She says she can't wait for me to meet you."

She squeezed me again, and I slid my hand up her back, to her bra clasp.

I stared into her eyes, and she nodded. "A dare is a dare," I said, glancing over at Paul.

"A dare is a dare," she repeated, and I unhooked the clasp. She rolled her shoulders one at a time, allowing me to slip the straps down each arm. With her breasts bared, she tossed her bra onto the table.

"Ooh, what's the dare this time?" asked Mom.

"Holy crap," said Paul. "I think Dawn dared Lucinda to strip totally naked, and Lucinda is actually doing it."

"Yes, she did," Lucinda answered, grinning as I began tugging down her lacy panties. I went to my knees before her and slid them the rest of the way off. Holding them up like a trophy, I twirled them around my finger, until Lucinda grabbed them from me and flipped them onto the counter.

"But there's still the other part of the dare," she said, staring down at me. "Now the beautiful chica also has to strip naked. Señora, does your daughter have your permission to take off all her clothes in front of us? I should tell you, your son is right here watching us."

I was curious as to how Mom would respond to that one. I knew she wouldn't say too much, yet I also knew that she couldn't resist adding fuel to the fire. A teasing opportunity like this? It was tailor-made for her.

"What is Dawn doing now, Lucinda? Where is she?"

"She's down on her knees, staring up at me. She just removed my panties."

"Uh-oh!" laughed Mom. "Girl, you better watch out!"

'Alright, Mom!' I silently exclaimed. She was giving me the okay to play!

"What do I need to watch out—" Lucinda started to say, then she let out a breathy gasp.

"That's what you need to watch out for!" giggled Mom. "Let me guess...hmmm...teasing fingertip circles, or tender kisses...inner thighs, or something even sweeter...."

"All four, Mom!" crowed Paul. "She started off tickling and kissing her thighs before moving right to the very top!"

"Oh, Madre de Dios!" laughed Lucinda, practically jumping through the roof when I licked her glistening pussy. "Ooh, pretty chica!"

"Hey, a dare is a dare..." I said, reaching around to take her ass in my hands. I made her shriek when I pressed my face directly to her slit and stabbed my tongue inside. Pausing to flash her a sinister smile, I added, "And nobody said I couldn't play a little, right?"

"Ooh, you sneaky little devil, get up here!" She pulled me to my feet and spun me around.

"What?!" I exclaimed, laughing my head off. "I'm innocent! I'm a good girl! Mom, tell her!"

"Oh, you're a very good girl, but you're also a big, fat cheater. And I bet Lucinda knows exactly how to deal with big, fat cheaters, don't you?"

"You know it, Missus Summers. When my little angels get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they know just what to expect from their mother," she said, tugging down my panties.

"You're not going to spank her, are you? You would never do that, would you? Dawn is eighteen now. She's a grown woman. You can't spank a grown woman's bare bottom!"

God, she was laying it on thick. Knowing what it does to me when someone spanks my bare ass, she couldn't wait to hear Lucinda have at me.

"Señora, grown woman or not, your beautiful angel is going to get what's coming to her." She tugged my panties all the way to my feet, and I stepped out of them. "This too," she said, pulling my Kansas Jayhawks top over my head. "The other part of the dare," she added gleefully.

Paul was beside himself. "Mom, holy shit, Lucinda stripped Dawn totally naked, and now she has her bent over the kitchen counter. I think she's going to do it. I seriously think she's going to spank her!"

I couldn't suppress my grin. "Hey, what about you, naked boy? You were the one who started this, and now we're doing all the dares?" I looked over my shoulder at Lucinda. "Let's get 'im."

"Wait!" he said. "Okay, fine. You don't need to attack me. Jeez!" Pulling his chair out, he stood and whipped off his boxers in a single motion. "There! Are you two happy now?" he laughed, and with Lucinda looking on in wide-eyed astonishment he waved his cock at us, showing her every inch of his majestic erection.

"Mom, Paul is doing it again! He's waving his gigantic naked boner at us!" I shouted, nearly doubling over in laughter.

"Missus Summers—" Lucinda said, her eyes locked on Paul's massive hard-on.

"Please, call me Samantha."

"Okay, Samantha, from one mother to another, I really do want to know what you fed these two growing up. Whatever your secret is, please, you have to tell me. Your son, he has the biggest, most gorgeous polla I've ever seen, and your daughter's amazing culo is like the work of a master sculptor."

"I told you, wait until you meet my mom," I said. "Once you see her, you'll know. She's the most beautiful woman in the whole world."

"That's enough about me," said Mom. "Lucinda, weren't you about to teach my wicked daughter a lesson?"

"Excellent point," Paul replied. He came over and stood right by my side, then he gave me a gentle nudge in the lower back. Once he had me bent at the waist with my back properly arched, he grinned at Lucinda. "Give it to her good."

Lucinda appeared torn. She was staring at my waiting ass, and also at Paul's swaying erection, which just happened to be bumping both my bare ass cheek and her curvy hip. She and I exchanged looks, and I nodded.

"I think we should both give it to her good," she said, with another of her coy grins. Setting her left hand on one side of my ass, she guided his near hand to my other cheek.

"What about your right hand?" he asked.

"Oh, don't worry. I have a plan for that one, too." With practiced grace, she ran her palm over the length of his bobbing shaft. "Now, you first...."

Oh my god, but was that one of the hottest moments of my life. There I was, bent over a kitchen counter, offering up my bare ass for all the spanking my horny baby brother and our sexy new friend were willing to give me. Making it even better, she was openly stroking his huge erection, sometimes while rubbing it directly against my ass and pussy.

And all the while, we had Mom right there with us, cheering us on. Lord, but did they make me cum. Paul and Lucinda almost seemed to be in a competition, driving each other harder and harder, until they were simply assaulting my wet, pulsing bottom.

Which is why I really wanted to kill the person who rang the doorbell.

~to be continued~

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Submitted: November 11, 2014

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