Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 17

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Samantha tells Dawn and Paul about her sexy breakfast with the boys.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

Paul said, “Mom, I think I’m going to have to correct you from earlier. You definitely made their entire lives, not just their summer.”

“I don’t know about that, but we certainly had a wonderful time together. When Donny finally returned to the truck he found Rick kissing and squeezing my breasts, and moments later they were both sucking my nipples. As with everything else, of course they had to turn even that into a competition, the object being to see who could make me squirm the most in pleasure…or was it who could make my nipples grow the hardest? I forget now, but I know that Donny was the first one to cheat.”

“How the hell does someone cheat at that?” asked Paul, sitting up to let me roll onto my side. He waited until I was all settled in on one hip, my head propped in my hand with my elbow bent. Continuing, he said, “They’re sucking your nipples. I can see how maybe you might be able to cheat there, but how are they supposed to?”

“Very easily!” laughed Mom. “Paul, remember who you’re talking about here. What is Donny’s absolute favorite thing about my body? And what’s Rick’s?”

“For Donny it’s definitely your ass. Forget touching it, just the sight of it turns him into a total retard. Rick? Your breasts, maybe?”

“I’ll bet it’s her pussy,” I said.

“It’s definitely your ass, on your body,” he smiled.

“Correctamundo, on every guess! For Dawn, yes, her amazing bottom is the favorite of all three of you boys. Regarding my body, it’s obvious that Donny loves my ass. He’s clearly a dyed-in-the-wool ass man if ever there was one. For Rick, though, it’s a little different, and you’re both right. He seems equally smitten by my breasts and my pussy.”

“Okay,” said Paul, “but what does any of that have to do with them cheating when the object is to see who can turn you on the most by sucking your nipples?”

Mom was having the best time dragging it out. “Dawn, would you like to take a stab at it?”

I lay there trying to come up with something, but I was drawing a blank. ‘They were sucking her nipples…they were on either side of her…they were trying to outdo each other…’ I thought.

Nothing. I had no clue.

“Mom, I’ve never been with two guys at the same time, and I don’t know anything about this nipples game.”

“Okay then, I’ll give you another little clue. Think of a seesaw.”

She was positively giddy.

“A seesaw?” I mulled it over, until recognition finally started to dawn on me. “You mean like…back and forth?”

“Someone’s getting warmer…” she answered, in a sing-song voice.

“Okay,” said Paul, jumping in, “so, what, they were taking turns back and forth? That still doesn’t really seem like cheating.”

“Paul,” I grinned, “remember her first clue: Donny and her ass; Rick and her breasts and pussy. She’s the seesaw.”

Mom started applauding again. “Give the gorgeous girl with the big brain a gold star! Paul, Donny would wait for Rick to pull me his way, then he’d fondle my ass. In the meantime, as they’re sucking my breasts, Rick is playing with my pussy. Donny was the first one, but soon they were both cheating like horny little fiends!”

Listening to all this, I was blown away. “God, Mom, what did you do? I would have lost my mind if I had them playing with my ass and pussy like that, never mind sucking my breasts. And at a drive-in, too? Just you and two wildly horny naked guys?”

“Knowing Mom, she was probably in hard-on heaven!” laughed Paul.

“Definitely!” she answered, laughing right back. “We spent the rest of the movie making out and fooling around like, well, a bunch of horny teenagers. Eventually it wasn’t enough for Rick to touch my pussy; oh no, he had to kiss it and lick it, too. Donny was still sucking my breasts, nipping and biting them like a starving wolf pup, and Rick was down between my legs happily exploring every nanometer of my wet pussy. Whether it was to caress it, or tug on the lips, or curl his fingers inside and fuck me, or just to bury his face there and eat me and eat me and eat me, he couldn’t get enough of my pussy. When he would finally come up for air, Donny would immediately trade places with him. Donny always wanted me on my side or stomach, though, so he could get to my ass. There I’d be, with Rick taking his turn devouring my breasts, and Donny is going his usual crazy on my bottom. Of course with both of them being constantly hard, I had to return the favor. Before long I was sucking whichever one wasn’t licking my ass or pussy, until I’d made them each cum in my mouth and all over my breasts another two or three times apiece.

“They were just insatiable, and not only at the drive-in. On the way home they insisted that I remain naked, even as we drove through our neighborhood and pulled up to the house. That was fine by me. Whenever I was worried that someone might see us, I simply ducked down and dropped my head into one or the other’s lap. I said that they were insatiable, but the truth is, so was I. It really was hard-on heaven for me, and I couldn’t get enough, either. Every time I dropped my head into their laps, I ended up staying there to suck their dicks.

“Once we were parked in the garage, Donny declared that ‘a goddess like you deserves a proper escort.’ Rick just sat there, nodding with a silly grin. The next thing I knew, they were carrying me over their heads into the house, like some Royal Guard ceremoniously bearing Cleopatra through the streets of ancient Egypt.”

“Sounds like they had some serious plans for their sexy queen,” I said, and Paul just rolled his eyes.

“See, that was the oddest thing. I thought just as you did, that they were planning on carrying me upstairs and ravishing me in my bed. Instead, they gently set me down in the den and graciously accepted it without complaint when I told them that I was really tired and wanted to take a nice, soothing shower before climbing beneath the sheets to enjoy a cozy long-distance chat with your father. They could tell that they weren’t in trouble or anything, and right away they took off for the pool. Whooping and hollering, they dove right in.”

Paul started at Mom’s mention of calling Dad. “So…did you actually tell Dad? I mean, you know…everything?”

“No, not everything, sweetie. Our secret is still safe. I did tell him all about my wonderful night with Donny and Rick though, which, of course, I think he was almost expecting. Laughing while reminding me again that I had ‘no reason to worry my pretty little head,’ he congratulated me on my ‘inventive use of my hall pass.’ He was amused by the ‘Bohemian aspect, just imagining you playing with the boys at a drive-in, of all places,’ adding that it sounded like we had enjoyed quite a special evening, and he was very happy for me.

“I woke up the next morning feeling absolutely fabulous, and absolutely famished. I knew the boys were probably still asleep, and I thought it would be fun to give them a nice surprise by fixing breakfast wearing nothing but my little ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron. I figured the cinnamon aroma from the French toast wafting through the house would seduce them into the kitchen, where they would find me standing at the counter with my back to them, my bare bottom framed by the tiny red apron strings.”

“Between the French toast and your bare bottom, it sounds like you really wanted to give Donny an awesome morning greeting,” Paul said. “I would’ve loved to have been there.”

“You know, I suppose you’re right. I probably did have Donny in mind when I decided to wear that apron without any panties, and I knew he would be delighted to wake up to the scent of his favorite breakfast. And sure enough, he was the first one to come rolling into the kitchen. ‘Wow,’ he said, simply. I turned to see him standing at the doorway, just staring at me. Shooting him a welcoming smile, I lifted the pan of French toast, playfully waving it in his direction. Wearing only his boxers, he came to me and snuck a peek over my shoulder into the pan. I reached back to bring his face close to mine so I could give him a nice kiss good morning, then I took his hands and wrapped them around my waist.

“‘Did you sleep well, sweetie?’ I asked, wiggling my bottom against the front of his boxers.

“‘Like a log,’ he answered, and already I could feel his growing erection.

“Kissing him again, I wiggled my bottom more teasingly on his thick length and said, ‘Mmmm, speaking of logs….’ Since it was just the two of us alone in the kitchen, again I felt his innate shyness come to the fore. Had Rick also been there, I’m sure that Donny would have jumped at the opportunity to play with me. Instead he stood stock-still, his hands seemingly frozen on my stomach. ‘Relax, honey,’ I whispered. ‘It’s okay to touch me.’ I turned to face him, knowing that he was usually more comfortable taking my ass in his hands that way. As soon as his fingertips slid down to rest upon my dancing cheeks, I turned back to my cooking. By that point he was fully hard and he moved right up against me, pressing his erection lengthwise into my bare crack.

“‘Mmmm…nice. Good morning, sweetie,’ I repeated, subtly sliding up and down his impressive bulge. Wanting to feel its heat, I reached back and pulled it out. I began stroking it, and he leaned forward to bury his face in the nape of my neck. Turning my head, we kissed…and kissed…and kissed. He’s become quite the accomplished kisser, applying just the right amount of pressure with his lips and tongue. He’s passionate, but not impatient. He doesn’t hurry things. For such a young man with so little experience, he seems to grasp the importance of proper pacing. That’s the key, and so many men lack that most basic understanding.

“Dawn, you’ll see. Paul is a wonderful kisser too, but eventually you’ll run into some guy who just immediately wants to harpoon you with his tongue, or he’ll be so sloppy wet with everything that you’ll swear you’re making out with a basset hound.”

I blushed with a twinge of embarrassment. “So far I’ve really enjoyed the way everyone has kissed me.”

“That’s because you’ve only kissed that one other boy besides your father and Paul, who are both excellent kissers, plus all your cheerleader girlfriends. I’m sure that some of them must have kissing you down to an art form by now, especially Michelle and Trish, right?”

“And Lisa, too…definitely Lisa,” I smiled. “I could kiss her all day.”

“That’s how I feel now about kissing Donny. He’s so sweet and tender and just so happy simply to be kissing me that I never want to stop. I’m sure he doesn’t realize it but he really does turn me on with the way he kisses me, and as he stood nibbling on my lip while pressing against me from behind I found myself arching my back and running his erection up and down my bare split. I released it to bring his hands to my breasts, smiling to myself when I felt his hot tip poking at my entrance. Taking his hard shaft back in my hand, I whispered into his mouth, ‘It’s not just Rick and Paul, you know. You have a truly wonderful cock, too. I love your beautiful cock.’ After stroking it a few more times, I released it again to return my hands to his atop my breasts. He was squeezing hard, and I could sense his growing urgency.

“Two things happened then, and knowing what I know now about Rick and Donny, I doubt that it was a coincidence. We heard a toilet flush upstairs, followed by a door opening. Almost at the same time, Donny pulled me to him. He gasped, and I felt his ridged crown penetrate me. He had a look of such sheer astonishment that I couldn’t help but melt in his arms, arching my back again and letting him push inside me. ‘Oh god,’ he moaned, and I was tempted to let him fuck me right there in the kitchen. As it was, he was probably halfway in. With his hands on my breasts and my back arched, we were in the perfect position to have standing sex.

“Feeding his fire, I whispered, ‘He’s going to be here any second….’ Then it was my turn to gasp when he thrust hard and drove deep inside my pussy. Holding me still, buried to the hilt, he bit my neck. We heard another door open, followed by heavy footsteps in the upstairs hallway.

“‘Whatever you’re making, it smells awesome!’ shouted Rick, and just as quickly as Donny had slid inside me, he was out again. A heartbeat later, he was dashing off to the safety of the nearest bathroom. I swear, it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

“I was back to flipping the French toast when Rick came bouncing into the kitchen. ‘Holy—’ he said abruptly, apparently having spotted me in my sexy little apron.

“Wiggling my bottom for him, I cooed, ‘You like? I’ve been told that I make a mean plate of French toast.’

“He paused before answering, ‘Wearing that thing, you could serve up a plate of stewed yak brains and it would still be a four-star dish. Jesus…look at you….’

“With a snarky grin I said, ‘Since I really can’t, I think I’ll let you do that.’

“‘No problem!’ he laughed, pulling up a seat at the table. Looking around, he asked, ‘Where’s stud boy? I thought I heard you two talking just a minute ago.’

“‘I’m right here,’ said Donny, breezing back into the kitchen. He gave me a sideways smirk. ‘Something came up, but I’m fine now.’”

Paul and I laughed, and so did Mom. Using the bottle of baby oil to imitate an erection, Paul pretended to be Donny. “No kidding, something came up! His dick, that’s what!”

“Mom does tend to have that effect on men,” I added proudly.

“I certainly seem to on Rick and Donny, anyway…and Paul, too.”

Again, with her happy smile.

Paul sat back, grinning. “And Dad, and that one check-out guy at the market, and Kevin next door, and—”

“And all Dad’s friends!” I laughed. “Let’s not forget them!”

“I rarely do, sweetie,” she replied, her soft voice just dripping with mirth.

Just as I was about to tease Mom that she ought to take Dad and his friends to the drive-in too, the ever-impatient Paul said, “Come on, get back to your story. Donny almost fucked you – I guess he actually did fuck you, at least a little – but then he chickened out and totally bailed. Now you have them both drooling over you in the kitchen, with your bare ass showing….”

“Pretty much,” she answered. “I was just standing with my back to them at the stove, happily cooking breakfast. I really hadn’t planned any of it, but almost right from the start I found myself reveling in the thought of giving them their ultimate fantasy weekend. From that very first moment the day before when they walked in on me scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees and I knew they were staring at my bare bottom, something clicked inside me. I went from thinking we would simply have another fun, sexy Movie Night together to wanting to tease them into utter submission. Given free rein, how far would they go? For that matter, how far would I go? I knew I wanted to get them naked with me. I admit it, I wanted to see their hard cocks. Of course I had already seen and felt Rick’s. Truth be told, I was sorely tempted to lean down and take it into my mouth when Paul and I were having sex that night on the couch. I hadn’t seen or felt Donny’s yet, though, not in the flesh, and I knew that was next on my agenda.

“The thing is, in my hazy brain I thought that I would probably end up touching them and, if things became really naughty, perhaps even tasting them. But that was it.

“Now, though, it had clearly turned into something different; something more than I had ever imagined. What I had originally assumed would be merely another hot, flirty Friday night with the boys was obviously becoming an entire weekend of sexy play. Instead of simple teasing and flirting, it was almost as if we were lovers. And the curious thing is that I was fine with it. I was enjoying it every bit as much as they were. I certainly wasn’t doing anything to discourage it; in fact, I was already thinking of ways to turn up the heat.

“Flashing Donny a wry smile, I set their plates on the table and slid down sidesaddle into his lap. ‘Enjoy your breakfast, boys. Eat up!’ I grinned. Leaning into him, I rested my head on his shoulder. Right away I felt his erection returning, and I responded with a happy wriggle.

“Watching us, Rick smirked at him. ‘You definitely can’t complain this time about not getting the good seat. Both last night and this morning, I’d say she’s more than made up for it.’

“I nibbled on Donny’s ear and purred, ‘So, sweetie, how do you like being the middle-seat guy? Has it been as much fun as you thought it would be?’ Reaching down to give his wonderful erection a teasing squeeze, I added, ‘And it’s not just Rick, either. You’re every bit as much of a Boner Boy as he is.’

“‘Yeah, you big hypocrite!’ laughed Rick. ‘You gave me all that crap about it, and look at you now, with your constant boners! Dude, you’re even worse than me!’

“Shooting Rick a cheesy grin, Donny slid his hands beneath my apron, onto my bare breasts. ‘Look, moron,’ he said, squeezing them for his benefit, ‘I never blamed you for being Boner Boy whenever she’s with us. I mean, what guy wouldn’t be? I just don’t want you sitting next to me when you’re all hard-up, sporting major wood!’

“‘Hey, look on the bright side. At least he managed not to blast off in the wrong direction,’ I said, smiling coyly. ‘I must say, you both have excellent aim.’

“Returning my smile, Rick eyed me up and down. ‘Yeah, well, you make it pretty easy to hit a bullseye.’

“‘Oh, and what’s your favorite target?’ I asked, drawing random fingertip circles over my breasts. ‘These…or this?’ I continued, bringing a finger to my mouth. Biting it suggestively, I left it poised on my bottom lip. ‘You both seemed like you just couldn’t decide.’

“The phone rang then, and I hopped up to get it. It was your father calling to see how things were going. Grinning at the boys as I stood sidelong to them while chatting at the counter, I explained that the boys and I had just sat down and were enjoying a nice breakfast together. Curling my finger at Rick, I mouthed, ‘C’mere.’ He came to me, uncertainty showing in his every step. Again, I found his shyness absolutely adorable. Standing at my side, shifting anxiously from foot to foot, he didn’t know what to do. I brought my finger to my lips, giving him the ‘sshhh’ gesture, then I leaned in and licked a sprinkle of powdered sugar from the corner of his mouth. ‘Messy!’ I whispered, smiling brightly. Next I pointed to the bottle of syrup on the table, motioning to Donny to bring it to me. When I had the two boys on either side of me, I mouthed to them, ‘Strip.’ They gave each other blank looks, and I repeated, ‘Strip. Take off your shorts for me.’

“Grinning nervously, they stepped out of their boxers and stood smirking back and forth, holding their hands over their erections. I switched the call to speakerphone and batted their hands aside. ‘Say hi to the boys, honey,’ I said, reaching down to grasp their lovely cocks.

“‘Good morning, boys! What’s for breakfast?’ he chirped. ‘I hear you three had yourselves a fun night at the drive-in!’

“‘Hey, Mister Summers,’ said Donny.

“‘Morning, sir,’ added Rick, and both your father and I burst out laughing.”

“‘Sir?!’” crowed Paul. “He actually called Dad ‘sir’? Jesus, Mom, look what you did to him! Rick has never called anyone ‘sir’ in his entire life! That is just awesome!”

“Well, your father was certainly amused, I can tell you that. ‘Did you hear that, honey?’ I asked him. ‘It may have taken eighteen years, but I think Rick is finally turning into a respectful young man! What do you think about that?

“Donny reached over and gave Rick a playful punch. ‘You are such a big pussy!’ he laughed, making us all laugh.

“Eventually your father said, ‘I don’t know, honey. I’m not so sure that I like the idea, insofar as it appears to have come about only as a result of his spending Movie Night naked with my blushing bride. Maybe I’m just a cynic, but it seems more than a bit suspicious to me….’ His teasing smile was plainly evident, and Rick exhaled in relief. ‘And what about you, Donny?’ he added. ‘How has the ravishing Missus Summers been treating you this fine weekend? Everything good? Would you like to register any complaints with the management?’

“Flinching at my squeezing of his throbbing tip, he sort of coughed out a tepid, ‘Everything’s good, dude….’ If we all laughed a lot at Rick’s ‘sir’ faux pas, we positively lost it over Donny calling your father ‘dude.’ Donny gave me an embarrassed shrug, and I turned to plant a happy kiss on his lips.

“‘So you boys never did answer me,’ continued your father. ‘What’s for breakfast?’

“Rick chimed in with, ‘French toast. This whole weekend, Samantha has been spoiling Donny like crazy. I have to say, it’s really kind of embarrassing. I mean, come on, what did that little butthole ever do to deserve all this?’

“Your father replied, ‘French toast? Impressive. Rick, you don’t know how right you are. Although we all love it, Sam has never really been a huge fan of French toast, not even her own. She only makes that for you boys...Donny in particular. Haven’t you ever noticed that she rarely has any herself? She usually skips breakfast those mornings.’

“Grinning mischievously, I said, ‘Well, I do like the syrup.’ Grabbing the bottle, I squeezed out a long line of maple syrup on both their bobbing erections before going to my knees. ‘I just like it on some things more than others…’ I smiled, licking first Rick’s then Donny’s shaft from the base to the very tip. After spreading it around a bit with my tongue, I took Rick’s cock into my mouth and began sucking while stroking Donny’s with my free hand. Swapping back and forth, I gave them each a wet, sticky blowjob, always keeping one in my mouth and the other in my hand.

“Apparently figuring someone had better say something, Donny chuckled, ‘Yeah, the syrup mixed with the powdered sugar is probably my favorite part.’ With a sly smirk he untied my apron, then he snatched the bottle from the counter and squeezed out a big glob of the stuff all over my breasts. He exchanged looks with Rick, and suddenly they were lifting me onto the counter. I was giggling like a schoolgirl, trying not to laugh out loud as they started in on licking and sucking my breasts.

“Your father laughed enough for the both of us, though, saying, ‘It sounds like you three really like maple syrup! Hmmm, maybe I should order up some room service….’

“In the meantime, Rick and Donny were fighting over the bottle. When Rick eventually wrested it away, he held it aloft in triumph before squirting gobs and gobs of gooey syrup all over my belly button, thighs and pussy. Diving between my legs, he imitated Donny’s Cookie Monster growl while going absolutely crazy in his devouring of my legs and pussy. Pushing my legs back with both hands, spreading me until my feet were perched on the counter top, he attacked with a vengeance. He was eating my pussy so hungrily, he even made Donny laugh.

“I guess it was becoming too much for your father to bear in silence, and he gleefully asked, ‘Do I even want to know what the boys are doing to you right now?’

“Giggling out of control, I panted, ‘They’re just enjoying a little syrup, sweetie!’ Like a couple of hungry bulldogs going to town on a girl covered in peanut butter, the boys continued to lick every inch of me, making a sticky mess of my entire body. Writhing beneath their busy tongues, I laughed, ‘God, honey, I never knew French toast could be so much fun!’

“Donny had been licking and sucking my breasts the whole time, but suddenly he flipped me onto my stomach and knelt behind me. Pulling me down from the counter, he had me bent at the waist, legs spread, my ass only inches from his face. ‘Gimme…’ he said to Rick, motioning for the bottle. Setting the tip at the base of my spine, he squeezed out a line of syrup directly in my crack and straight into my asshole before finishing it off with a teasing squirt right in my pussy. Obviously this was driving me crazy, and I took Rick’s cock back into my mouth. Sucking him as wildly as Donny was eating my ass, I’m sure we must have made for quite the interesting phone call. If your father still had any doubts whatsoever as to what was going on, they were answered to a fare-thee-well when I began sucking Rick’s balls while stroking his shaft and moaning, ‘Cum for me, baby…cum for me….’

“Returning my lips to the head of his cock, I moaned in delight as he erupted in my mouth, firing off shot after shot of thick, sweet cum onto my tongue. Happily gulping it all down, I kept sucking and sucking, thoroughly enjoying his electric spasms. He was hopping and yelping, gasping for me to stop because it was too much. Still I kept sucking, adding to his torture by cupping his balls while pressing my finger back into his ass. Now that really made him jump, and he skittered out of my wicked clutches.

“We could hear your father laughing, and he said, ‘You okay there, champ? Maybe you oughtta go for a little less syrup next time!’ Then he said to me, ‘And how about you, honey? Perhaps a bit of a sugar overload?’

“Donny was still pressing his tongue as deep as it would go into my ass and pussy, just one right after the other, all the while squeezing my ass like a maniac. Wiggling my bottom for him, I answered, ‘Talk to them about it! They’re the ones who seem to love their sugar so much. I’m just the innocent cook here.’ With Rick having regained a modicum of composure he looked on in laughter as his friend continued to thrash away at me like there was no tomorrow, until finally Donny returned to his feet and gave me a playful swat on the behind.

“‘Honey,’ I giggled, ‘I think the boys are finished with their breakfast. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go take a long, hot, soapy shower now. Those two, I swear, they’re such messy eaters!’

“‘I guess you’re just going to have to do a better job then of housetraining them,’ he said, his deep amusement as evident as ever. ‘Okay, enjoy your shower, and hopefully I’ll talk to you tonight. Love you.’

“The boys and I said goodbye to him, and right away Donny raced upstairs, shouting, ‘I call dibs on the other shower!’

“Now it was just the two of us alone together in the kitchen again, and I took Rick by the hand. ‘You look like you could use one, too. Care to join me?’ I smiled, gesturing with a pointed glance to my bedroom.

“‘Me…shower with you? Jesus…ummm…’ he stammered, with a lopsided grin.

“‘I’ll take that as a yes,’ I said teasingly, leading him up the stairs. When I felt him pause at my open bedroom door, I gave him a moment to take it all in. Staring at my unmade bed and the fluorescent pink vibrator nestled among the rumpled silk sheets, he was still sporting that same goofy grin. Answering his grin with an innocent smile, I brought him into the master bathroom.”

“Okay,” I said, imagining what Rick was thinking, “he had to have been totally freaking out.”

“No doubt,” added Paul. “I sure would be. I’d be nervous as hell.”

I asked, “Mom, was he just absolutely terrified?”

“Yes, I think he was. He wasn’t trembling or anything, but he seemed stiff as a board. He wasn’t saying anything, either. He just stood there, clearly unsure as to what to do. Noticing all this, I clasped his hands together in mine and said, ‘Relax, honey. We’re just going to enjoy a nice shower together. You’ll see. It’ll be fun.’

“Opening the glass door, I stepped in first. I started the shower, setting the temperature just so. I had a specific plan, and I didn’t want the bathroom to become so hot and steamy that we wouldn’t be able to take it for long. Guiding his hand beneath the warm spray, I asked him if it was okay. When he said it was fine, I pulled him in with me. Right away, he sort of retreated into a far corner. Turning to face him, I held out my arms, beckoning him to come to me.”

Paul was seriously eating this up. He just loved hearing about Donny and especially Rick being so shy and awkward, and he said, “Swear to god, Mom, we need to set up some hidden cameras around the house for when it’s just you, Rick and Donny there. They give me so much grief about being quiet and bashful, and look at them! You basically already had sex with them and they still don’t have a clue! At least once any of you girls start in with me, I figure it out easily enough. This is beautiful…absolutely beautiful. The next time I talk to those two clowns, I am going to give them so much shit….”

“Better be careful there, sweetie,” I grinned. “It’s not as if you weren’t every bit as shy and uncertain with me and Lisa in the beginning, and look how freaked out you still get with Mom. Be nice, Paul. Donny and Rick are virgins too, just like you were.”

“Yeah, but I never gave them massive shit about it, the way Rick has always teased me. Hell, I never gave either of them any crap about it at all.”

Mom said, “Baby, again, you’re more mature than they are, especially Rick. And your sister has been an absolute angel to you every step of the way. Sweetie, you’ve had a much easier go of it. Besides, once the game starts, it’s not as if those two don’t step up to the plate. Their thing simply seems to be that they almost need you and each other together as a group in order to feel confident. Even on their own, though, they both do just fine…eventually.”

“Yeah, okay, I know I have it way better than they ever did. Still, come on…” he answered, grinning smugly. “So did he at least step up and give you a hug, like you were asking him to?”

Mom sighed sweetly. “Yes, he did, and once he did he wouldn’t let go. Like you said, it was beautiful…absolutely beautiful. Even though we had already made out quite a few times, it almost felt like this was really our first genuine kiss. No one was watching; there were no friends around for him to worry about or show off for. This was real. It was also truly heartbreaking, in the most wonderful way.”

“Why?” I asked. “What happened?”

“Baby, we kissed so tenderly, so completely, and it lasted forever. We just stood beneath the shower kissing and kissing, locked in a warm embrace. When we finally paused to catch our breath, he started to say something. His lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear him over the shower, he was speaking so softly. Reaching up to cup his face, I said, ‘It’s okay, honey. Whatever it is, it’s okay. Tell me.’

“Dawn, that wonderful boy raised his eyes to mine and whispered, ‘I love you.’ Just like that: ‘I love you.’ Nothing else, and it was perfect. So, yes, Paul, listen to your sister and think about maybe going easy on them. Rick definitely had a clue, and when his time came he did himself proud.”

“Yeah, whatever,” he said, still grinning. “Like there’s any chance he wouldn’t fall in love with you, and it’s the same for Donny. How are they not supposed to fall madly in love with you? I mean, please. There’s no way.”

“Nope, not a prayer,” I added. “And you too, huh? When did you first realize that you were in love with her?”

Pausing to ponder it, he sat back on his hands. “I don’t know that there was ever a time when I wasn’t in love with her…and with you too, for that matter. To be honest, I think I’ve always known. I just didn’t know what I was supposed to do about it, but it was always there.”

“Dawn, Paul has always been in love with you, that much I can say with absolute certainty. It started to become more of a ‘present’ love when you two were just beginning high school, and it’s only grown deeper ever since. With me, I would say that he didn’t really become aware of it until his junior year, when he began spooning me and otherwise rubbing against me every chance he got. The harder he grew, the more he’d want to do it. He never said anything, but I’m his mother. I could see it in his eyes. He would always look away, unwilling to let on as to what he was feeling. Instead, he let our physical closeness do the talking.

“And now Rick was doing the same, only he was also willing to say it.”

“Easy for him,” Paul grumbled. “You’re not his mother. It’s hardly the same thing.”

“No, it isn’t,” she replied. “And don’t think that I’m not aware of that fact, sweetie. I know how difficult all of this has been for you and Dawn. And you know what? I couldn’t be prouder of both of you, for everything you’ve done. No mother was ever blessed with two more wonderful children. I told you that what Rick said truly broke my heart, it was so perfect, and I feel that way every minute of every day when I think about you two. The way you love me, the way you love each other and also your father, you really are my angels.”

“It’s all you, Mom,” I smiled. “It always has been. You’re our everything. Paul pointed out to me during our road trip just how important you are to us; how awesome you make each day for everyone. He tried to convince me that it was all because of me, that you only started being this way again in response to watching me, but I know better. If anyone in this family is an angel, it’s you. You’re the one we all turn to. You show us what love really is.”

I started to cry, and Paul scooted up to cradle my head and kiss my tears away. I couldn’t help it. I love her so much, it felt like I was going to burst.

Worried that the crew might be watching us, I had Paul return to his little chair. Mom, though, she wasn’t fooled. I could hear her crying too.

“Oh, baby…” she said, beaming between sniffles.

Steadying himself in his chair, Paul sat chuckling. “Mom, just so you know, Donny is in love with you too. Did he ever get around to telling you?”

“Yes, eventually. We were snuggling on the living room floor beneath a blanket when I told him that I really do love him like my very own. I let him know that he’s welcome to stay with us if things ever become too difficult for him at home. ‘I love you, sweetheart,’ I said. ‘We all love you.’

“Pressing his face to my chest, he whispered as softly as can be, ‘I love you too. God, I love you.’ Then he looked up and said, ‘I mean it. I really do love you. I always have, and I always will.’”

“See, Mom?” laughed Paul. “Everyone is crazy in love with you!”

Mom also laughed, but her sweet laughter was tempered by a deeper appreciation. “Baby, I know how blessed I am. I really do. I feel it every day, from all of you. It was driven home to me that morning in the shower with Rick. You both know how difficult it is for him to be serious about anything, and yet there he was, pouring his heart out to me. Trying to keep the mood light, I squeezed his dick and told him that I loved him too, but I had a feeling that he might have been confusing me with Dawn. ‘Be honest, now,’ I added, smiling while stroking his thickening length. ‘As much as you and Donny love me, Dawn is the one you truly dream about.’

“I had to give him credit, because he didn’t wimp out. Nope, he just grinned and said, ‘Can’t we love you both? I mean, yes, Dawn is my absolute dream girl. She’s any guy’s ultimate fantasy…but so are you. Believe me, so are you.’

“‘And Dawn isn’t already married,’ I grinned. Reaching over to grab a bar of soap, I handed it to him before turning away to offer him my back. Looking over my shoulder, I wiggled my bottom for him. ‘Lucky you, she’s still available, and her ass is even better than mine.’”

Paul sat up then. “Just so you two know, no, Dawn is not ‘available.’ Definitely not to that cheese dick. No way. If I can’t marry her, fine, whatever, but there is no way in hell that Rick gets to have her.”

Mom giggled in delight. “Oooh, did you hear that, Dawn? You’ve got all our boys fighting for the honor of your hand!”

“Yeah…somehow I don’t think it’s my hand they want….” Grinning, I wiggled my ass for Paul just the way I pictured Mom doing it for Rick in the shower.

“Oh, we want your hand too, as well as your amazing ass,” he said, reaching down to give each cheek a playful swat. “It’s pretty much a package deal.”

Whack! Whack!

Mom squealed happily at the sound. “Your brother just cannot resist the temptation to spank your luscious bottom, can he? God, he always has to have his hands on it!”

I laughed, “Seriously! It’s like every guy we know is a total ass monkey!”

“Speaking of which,” said Paul, “okay, Mom, so now you’re wiggling your bare bottom for Rick in the shower….”

“I was, and Rick gladly took the hint. Running the bar of soap all up and down my back and legs, he took his time, making sure to cover every inch of me. He wasn’t about to miss a spot, particularly if that spot happened to be between my legs. I knew he wasn’t quite the ass-fanatic that Donny is, so I thought it would be fun to give him a bit of direction. Guiding his fingertips through my soapy split, I pooched out my bottom. I wanted to see whether he would take the additional hint.

“Unfortunately, this time he didn’t, at least not in the way that I wanted him to. I had to hold his hand in place while dancing my bottom on his fingertips, until finally he got the message. ‘Wow…’ he said, watching as I pressed against him. It took a moment, but then his finger popped right inside, and from there it slid straight in.

“‘Give me more…’ I breathed, arching my back as he slid another finger past my tight ring. Leaning against the wall, I let out a lusty moan as he began to fuck me. I wanted to cum, and I told him so. ‘Keep going…’ I panted. ‘Make me cum for you.’ He began driving in and out at a steady pace, and I felt his hard shaft occasionally bopping against my pussy as it swayed between my legs. I was so focused on his fingers pounding deep in my ass that I doubt I would have even noticed had his cock slipped inside my pussy.”

Becoming totally turned on again, I asked her, “Could you tell whether it was going to be one of your big cums?”

I could almost see her shaking her head as she laughed, “I guess you told your brother about those too, didn’t you?”

“Yep!” he grinned. “Thar she blows! Aye, matey, she’s a real gusher, that one!”

“Paul Christopher Summers!” she guffawed. “When I come out there, I really am going to put you over my knee and paddle your cute little bottom! I can’t believe you!”

“Me?!” he said, guffawing right back. “I should paddle your cute little bottom for not gushing like that for me! How come you only do it for Dawn?”

“Like I said earlier, sweetie, I guess you’re just going to have to practice some more. Dawn did tell me that you make her squirt like a fountain now, so don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get me there, too.”

“Well, to be fair,” I said, coming to Paul’s defense, “it’s not like he’s had any real opportunities to do that to you. You two have only had sex twice, right? Once in the kitchen with me there, plus that night with Rick and Donny on the couch. Both times, you guys weren’t really able to go for it. When I made you gush, it was different. We made love all night. I got to spend forever licking and fucking every gorgeous inch of you. Oh, and that’s right! Paul hasn’t even gotten to eat you yet, has he?”

“Nope!” she laughed. “One more for the bucket list!”

“Definitely!” I giggled. “Believe me, though, if Paul ever gets to give you the full Lisa Treatment, he’ll make you gush like crazy. That much, I can promise you.”

“Baby, I have no doubts about that. In fact, I’m surprised you couldn’t tell that I was only teasing. He already did make me gush. Paul, you felt how wet I became that night on the couch. Right before you exploded inside me, you made me cum all over your amazing cock. You’re just so big that it probably had nowhere to go.”

“You did tell me that she was just blazing hot and incredibly wet,” I said, looking up at him with an even smile.

Paul blinked once…twice. “So she actually did gush on me?”

“Yes, honey, I did. And if your father had waited just a few more minutes before coming downstairs to join us, I would have gushed on you like a broken faucet that night at the kitchen table.”

“He shoots…and he scores! Yes!” Paul exclaimed, leaning down to give me an exultant high-five.

“And honey,” Mom continued, hearing Paul whoop it up, “you’ll be equally delighted to learn that no, I didn’t have one of my ‘big cums,’ as your sister so delicately puts it, that morning in the shower with Rick. I only had a small one, which was triggered mainly by the exquisite feeling of his fingers pounding away inside my ass.”

“Mainly?” I asked, giggling in suspicion.

Mom laughed at my little giggle. “You caught that, did you? Well, yes…mainly. I guess I should also add that there was the small matter of Rick’s cock slipping inside me at the exact moment he leaned in to bite me between my shoulder blades. That sort of helped, too.”

“Yep, like I said, it’s hard-on heaven for Mom!” crowed Paul again, joining her in laughter.

“Hey, is it my fault that you boys are all so perpetually horny? Every time I simply sit on someone’s lap or give one of you a nice hug, someone sticks a rock-hard cock inside me. What am I supposed to do?”

She knew we didn’t believe a word she was saying, which made it all the funnier.

“Okay, fine,” she continued, “I suppose I did tell Dawn that before she sits naked on some guy’s throbbing erection she really ought to make sure that she’s not sending the wrong message.”

“And where does taking a hot, sexy shower with a wildly horny guy who’s just dying to fuck you fit into that equation?” I asked, exchanging smirks with Paul. “What sort of message does that send?”

“The correct one!” she laughed, and Paul and I laughed too. “Okay, but no, I really wasn’t trying to have actual sex with him. I was only planning on some nice, sexy shower play, including an intimate little project I had in mind for later. Once he sank his teeth into my back and slid inside me, though, I did let him go a bit further than I ever thought I would. Baby, all our men have wonderfully tempting cocks, and I’m nothing if not a sucker for a lonely erection. So, even though it wasn’t on my original setlist, I thought it might be fun to change up a song or two.

“Pushing against him as he continued to drive his fingers up my ass, I took his eager cock all the way inside me while moaning, ‘See? Aren’t showers fun?’ Returning my hands to the wall, I arched my back and went to my tiptoes; moving my ass in needy circles, I was encouraging his dual penetrations. I guess the sight of my swaying breasts must have gotten the better of him, though, because he pulled his fingers from my ass and reached around to grab two firm handfuls. Holding me by my juddering breasts, he thrust deep into my pussy and began fucking me hard and fast.

“In my muddled mind I hadn’t entirely committed to having full-blown sex with him, and fortunately I ended up not having to make that decision just yet; after only thirty seconds or so of hammering away inside me, he popped out. It wasn’t that he meant to, either; rather, it was more the result of an awkward angle, and I think he simply lost his place. In any case, he gave a startled yelp. Turning to see what had happened, I saw that he was about to cum. His face reflected his anguish as he tried to hold it back, and I quickly went to my knees before him. Guiding him to the little seating area in the corner of the shower, I’d barely set my lips upon the tip of his shaft when he began rocketing rope after rope of warm, creamy cum into my mouth. It wasn’t as much as the last time, yet somehow it was even thicker and sweeter. Holding my head exactly where he wanted it, his entire body went rigid as he unloaded down my throat.

“This time, however, I wanted to keep him right where he was, so I made sure not to do anything that might make him jump and skitter away. Holding him by his hips, I applied soft, even pressure with my lips. More than anything, I avoided using my tongue on his sensitive crown, especially in his still-oozing slit. Instead, I simply gave him a warm, wet place in which to drain every last drop, until finally he was comfortable again with the feeling of my lips on his shaft. Patiently waiting out his last spasms, I took special care to coddle him in my mouth.”

“If he didn’t already love you before that weekend, he would have been a definite goner by the time Monday rolled around,” I said with a sigh. “God, Mom, you really are a goddess.”

“Sweetie, you all say things like that, but the thing none of you seem to understand is that those moments are just as wonderful for me as they are for you, your father, and the boys. You make it sound like it’s entirely about everyone else’s pleasure, never mind the fact that I probably love it more than any of you.”

“And that’s why you’re a goddess,” I smiled.

Paul said, “Mom, the thing I get from you is that you never make excuses. You don’t try to hide behind lame rationalizations. You love sex. You love to make love. You love us, and that’s all that matters.”

Sitting up on my forearms, I nodded. “Exactly. In her world, love is the only thing that matters. When there’s love, who needs excuses?

“So, okay, what’s this about that ‘intimate little project’ you mentioned?”

“I swear, Dawn, you really don’t miss a thing. Yes, my intimate little project. I was still between Rick’s legs, almost just nursing on his cock. After everything we had gone through together that weekend, ‘tenderness’ had become my overriding theme for the day…and, obviously, intimacy. It’s not as if we weren’t already close; but now, like I said, it was as if we were lovers. Towards that end, I thought it would be nice to share a special private moment with him.

“Helping him up, I had us switch places. ‘Sweetie, will you hand me that, please,’ I asked, motioning to a bottle of skin conditioner sitting alongside a few other things in a nook of the shower. He passed it over to me, and I smiled. ‘Would you like to help me shave my legs?’

“He looked at me in wonder; possibly even greater wonder than before. Studying my eyes, perhaps searching for clues, he offered a barely perceptible shake of his head. Just above a whisper he asked, ‘Why me? You’re so perfect in every way, and I’m such a total loser. Why are you so good to me?’

“Taking him into my arms, I answered, ‘Because I love you, and you deserve to be loved.’ I didn’t want to embarrass him, but he’d made me start crying. Burying my face in his neck, I said, ‘I love you so much, baby. You are not a loser. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that. You’re a smart, talented, beautiful young man, and we’re all very fortunate to have you in our lives.’

“Pulling back, he saw my tears. ‘Oh god,’ he whispered, returning to my warm embrace. I felt him trembling. We were both crying.”

And so was I. Paul was the only one who wasn’t, and I think even he was doing his best to hide it.

“Mom,” I said, “you are the most amazing person in the whole world.”

Gathering himself, Paul grudgingly added, “That was really awesome of you, Mom. Rick and Donny…both of them. You probably have no idea how much you mean to them, but what you did for them – what you always do for them – is the best thing ever.”

That’s when he finally broke down. Well, just a little. This is Paul we’re talking about here, after all. Still, I saw his eyes water. It was definitely an emotional moment for him.

“Mom, I think what he’s trying to say is that he’s super proud of you. We both are.” Looking up at Paul, I mouthed, “You big softy!”

Obstinately shaking his head, he said, “So what then? Did he whip out a violin and play you a love song right there in the shower?”

“Not quite, honey. I eventually handed him the bottle, telling him I was all his. Sitting back for a moment, he took in every inch of me, though it was obvious that he was mainly focusing on my legs and my small patch of pubic hair. I spread my legs for him, showing him my smooth pussy. His eyes lit up, as if to say, ‘Are you serious? There, too?’

“Grinning, I said, ‘Let’s start with the easy parts. Here….’ I had him take two handfuls of conditioner and smooth them up and down my shins and calves. He really seemed to enjoy that, so I just stretched out and encouraged him to do his thing. When he moved to my thighs, I spread my legs and watched as he took his time stroking and caressing right up to my pussy. I let him apply a lot more oil than I would ever need, and finally I handed him my razor.

“That’s when he actually said what he had appeared to be thinking earlier: ‘No way. Seriously?’ I told him, yes, he was going to shave my legs for me.

“‘Just go slowly and be very careful,’ I said. ‘The key is to do everything smoothly. No sudden changes of direction. Long, easy strokes…smooooooth. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.’

“Grinning nervously, he started just below my knee and went down my shin. ‘Perfect!’ I smiled, and he did another stroke an inch or so over…again, a success. The more he did it, the more confident he became; pretty soon, he was moving like an expert. Better still, I could tell that he was genuinely enjoying himself. Before long he was making a game of it, pretending the razor was a race car zooming around the track. At least in terms of doing my legs, probably his favorite part was when I rolled onto my stomach to offer him the backs of my thighs. ‘What’s this track called?’ I asked coyly, swishing my hips back and forth.

“And so it went, until it was time to do my pussy. Rolling back onto my bottom, I sat up and spread my legs nice and wide for him. ‘I’ll want lots of oil here…’ I purred, running a fingertip through my soft petals. ‘No race track action, either. Think of this as your very own Sistine Chapel. Gentle strokes…smooth lines…delicate caresses.’ And I have to hand it to him, for that is precisely how he approached it. Just as he had done at the drive-in, again he treated my sensitive pussy with the utmost care. He already seemed to know every fold, and he confidently went about his business. When he was finished, it was obvious that he had done a perfect job. Visually, there wasn’t a single hair where they shouldn’t be; doing a thorough inspection with my fingertips, it was just as flawless. From the top of my slit all the way to my puckered rosebud, he hadn’t missed a spot. He was rightfully proud of his work, and his reward was a long, languorous licking of my pussy.”

“Guess what we’re going to do as soon as we get home,” I said, grinning to Paul.

Swatting me on the ass again, he laughed, “I’m surprised you’re even willing to wait that long. Knowing you, I half expected you to say, ‘Let’s borrow a razor from those guys and do it right here!’”

“Hmmm,” I smiled, inching my legs open.

“Dawn, don’t even think about it. It’s not gonna happen.”

Fake-pouting, I petulantly tossed the bottle of baby oil at him. “Spoilsport!”

Laughing, Mom took his side. “Baby…not a good idea. Listen to your brother.”

“Okay, fine. We’ll wait until we get home tonight. But once we walk through that door, ooh, watch out. No way will the Paul I know let Rick be the king of the leg worshippers.”

“Nope, not our Paul. You won’t stand for that, will you, sweetie?”

For the umpteenth time that morning, Paul rolled his eyes. “Oh, please. Rick, worship you two better than I can? Never.”

Mom was in her element. “Don’t look now, Dawn, but I think we have a challenge on our hands!”

“Yep, I think we do!” I grinned, spreading my legs that slight bit more.

“Still…” she added, “as much as I love Rick and Donny and their unquenchable desire to please, I really don’t think Paul has anything to worry about. When it comes to making me feel like a beautiful princess, he and his incredible Wonder Cock can’t be beat.”

“Mom, don’t tell him that! If he thinks the game is already won, he won’t keep trying so hard!”

Paul knew I was only kidding, and I gave him a teasing smile.

“Baby, in case you hadn’t noticed, your brother was born hard. Where you’re concerned, ‘hard’ is all he knows. Well, okay, he also knows ‘tremendously long’ and ‘mouthwateringly thick,’ not to mention ‘horny as all get-out.’”

“Don’t forget ‘cums like a geyser!’ That’s probably my favorite part.”

“Oooh, mine too,” she said. “You’re right, we can’t forget that.”

Until Paul had mentioned them again I’d almost forgotten about Laura, Jonathan and the rest of the crew, but apparently they were ready to start the next shoot. Calling to me from the rocks, Laura was waving me over.

“Okay, you two, have fun!” Mom said cheerily. “We’ll talk some more tonight.”

“Bye, Mom!” Paul shouted, and he actually waved goodbye to her.

Mom heard me laugh, and she said, “Let me guess. He’s waving right into the phone, isn’t he?”

“Yep,” I answered, grinning from ear to ear.

“Like I said, sweetie…absolutely adorkable.”

“Oh, yeah…definitely adorkable. Talk to you tonight, Mom. Love you.”

~to be continued~

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Submitted: November 09, 2014

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