Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 16

Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 16

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


As Dawn and Paul play on the beach, Samantha tells them about her wild night with the boys at the drive-in theater.


As Dawn and Paul play on the beach, Samantha tells them about her wild night with the boys at the drive-in theater.


Submitted: November 07, 2014

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Submitted: November 07, 2014



Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

Because I was again forced by this site's word-count limit to cut the last scene short, I'm including the final bit of it here as an intro to this chapter.

~ ~ ~

"It’s not as if I spent the entire weekend naked.” Grinning, Mom paused. “We did go out a couple of times, you know. Oh, wait…that’s right. Ummm…never mind!”

Her happy laughter was always so gorgeous anyway, but this time it was just too awesome.

“What?!” Paul exclaimed. “You’re telling me that they took you out naked?”

“Well, no, not exactly, though I’m sure that that would have been perfectly fine with them. No, it was more like they got me naked once we were out and about. Sweetie, I’m telling you, those two just can’t get enough of seeing me naked!” she said, and this time we all laughed.

“Okay, but where on earth did they take you that allowed you to go nude?” I asked.

Paul shook his head again. “Let me guess. They took you to a drive-in movie, didn’t they?”

“Yep! Now that was fun. Baby, how did you know?”

“Mom, ever since that first Movie Night on the couch, all they’ve been talking about is how awesome it would be to get you and Dawn to go on a double-date with them to the drive-in. Donny is just obsessed with the idea. He thinks it would be the coolest thing ever, having you all to himself in the back of his truck while Rick is making out with Dawn in the front seat.”

“Well, he didn’t quite have me all to himself. Rick was there too, at least some of the time. We were sort of playing musical chairs the entire night, until finally we all just stayed together in the back. Those two are simply incorrigible.”

She said it with a smile.

“Hmmm, I think I would be up for that. How about you, Mom? Maybe we could even do a little swapping,” I teased.

“You’ll hear no arguments from me, baby. As insatiable as those two are, I could use the help!”

“Wow, Mom, so you actually did have sex with them? First Paul, and now Rick and Donny? You sure do love Movie Nights!” I said, making Paul laugh.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” she answered, teasing right back.

Listening to our banter, Paul couldn’t help but smile. “Okay, you two, enough already. Mom, just take it from the start. We’re all ears.”

I knew right away that that was too much of a softball for Mom to resist, and sure enough…

“Paul, please, I’ve seen you both naked. You two are most definitely not all ears. Not even close.”

Again with the coy smile.

“So, okay, our weekend started with the two of them showing up in Donny’s old Suburban. It was probably only about seven o’ clock, so it was still light out. Along with one of those ridiculously huge pizzas you guys always get from Paesanos, they also brought just a huge stack of movies plus a couple of two-liter bottles of Pepsi.

“‘Armed for battle, I see,’ I said.

“‘Fully stocked and reporting for duty!’ answered Donny, offering me a crisp salute, and a smirking Rick kicked him in the butt, calling him a ‘total kiss-ass.’

“‘That’s definitely the plan. This time I’m getting the good seat, and I can’t wait to kiss her ass!’ Donny replied, shooting me a loopy grin.”

“So, okay, I have to ask,” I said, cutting in. “Knowing they were coming over and that it would be just the three of you alone all night, what were you wearing?”

“Honestly, nothing special. I was in the middle of cleaning when Donny called about the two of them coming over, and all I had on was my pale yellow sundress. I was still doing laundry and scrubbing the kitchen floor when they showed up. I hadn’t had time to shower and change or whatever…not that it really mattered,” she added, again sounding quite pleased with herself.

“Why? What happened?” asked Paul.

“Well, you know the way those two never use the front door, or even knock. They always just go around and come through the patio, which leads directly into the kitchen. So, there I was, on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, with my ass pointed right at them. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but apparently my little sundress had worked its way up a bit….”

“And since you never wear panties, you were giving them just the perfect greeting,” I continued, slipping my hand between my legs. I checked on Laura, Jonathan, and the crew. All clear. They were still busy prepping for the next set.

Looking up at Paul, I slid two fingers into my pussy as Mom explained, “Like I said, I hadn’t realized it at the time, but they soon clued me in. I heard a muffled gasp from Rick followed by Donny saying, ‘Damn, I think I’m going to ask Dawn if I can have her room while she’s gone. I seriously want to live here.’

“Of course it didn’t take long for me to realize what was happening. Laughing to myself, I thought, ‘Nice, Samantha. Way to start off the evening, girl.’ I felt like an idiot, knowing they would think I’d done it on purpose. It really wasn’t intentional, though. It was just bad timing.”

“Or awesome timing, at least for them,” said Paul. “So what did you do?”

“Since it was too late to do anything about it, I just went with it. Rather than hop up in embarrassment, I decided to get the ball rolling right then and there with a little teasing. Playfully wiggling my bottom at them, I asked if they were ready to eat. Donny didn’t get it, but Rick sure did. ‘I definitely am, and you can have this all to yourself,’ he answered, handing Donny the pizza.

“‘My, aren’t you just raring to go!’ I said, after he came over and planted a kiss directly on my bare ass.

“Guffawing, Donny tossed the pizza onto the table and shouted, ‘Hey! I’m the one who’s supposed to do that!’ Kneeling behind me, he shoved Rick aside before taking my hips in both hands. I was laughing at their silly antics, especially when Donny starting raining kisses all over my raised bottom. Rick tried to shove him back out of the way, but Donny wasn’t having it. ‘Mine!’ he growled, imitating the Cookie Monster. ‘All mine!’ Then he really went crazy with the kissing and biting, all the while growling, ‘Nom nom nom nom….’

“Rolling away laughing, I came to my feet and said, ‘You boys haven’t been here two minutes and already you’re fighting? There will be no fighting during Movie Night!’ After wagging my finger at them, I moved into their arms for a three-way hug. I was facing Donny, with Rick behind me. ‘Okay…much better. At least let me give my handsome men a proper greeting before you start molesting me,’ I smiled, hooking my arms around Donny’s neck.

“‘But we like molesting you,’ he grinned, sliding his hands down to my ass.

“‘Hey, watch it, you big fag!’ shouted Rick. ‘The back of your hand almost rubbed my dick!’

“‘I told you he was raring to go,’ I cooed to Donny. ‘Your horny friend is already pressing everyone’s favorite huge boner against my ass, so you probably want to be careful where you grab.’ Moving my hips in circles, I felt Donny’s equally obvious erection pressing against my pussy. ‘Mmmm, it feels like he’s not the only one…’ I added, reaching down to squeeze his firm bulge.

“Recalling how excited he got from kissing me that first Movie Night when all four of us were together, I—”

“You mean the night you and Paul had sex and you let him cum in your pussy while you were making out with Rick and stroking his dick?” I asked, gleefully chiming in.

Mom laughed and said, “Why yes, the night Paul and I had sex and I let him cum in my pussy while I made out with Rick and stroked his dick. I have to say, sweetie, I do love the way you seem to have every last detail memorized. It’s almost as if you were there!”

“Oh, believe me, you have no idea how badly I wish I had been there. As wild as all that was, I mean you two having sex while you were fooling around with Rick, the part that still blows me away the most is that you actually sucked Paul’s dick right in front of Rick and Donny. God, Mom, just how horny were you that night?”

“Pretty darn horny, I must admit. I’m sorry, but once I felt it pressing against my cheek that way, I just had to have it…I had to taste it…mmmmmm, I had to take it into my mouth and suck it. I wasn’t too worried, though. I knew Rick and Donny were fully occupied with what they were doing down at my other end.

“Anyway, yes, remembering how excited Donny became that first night in the kitchen, I leaned in and gave him a nice hot kiss. ‘Now this is how you two should always greet me,’ I said, slipping my tongue into his mouth. Right away his hard cock throbbed against my pussy, and he pulled my little dress way up over my hips, baring my ass not just to Rick but to his own groping hands. Rick was still grinding away, so I reached back and took his cock in my hand, too. I was letting Donny rub his erection against my pussy as I squeezed the shaft, and I was stroking Rick’s up and down between my legs.

“I guess Rick had finally had enough of watching me and Donny kiss because he turned my head and captured my mouth with his, wasting no time in driving his tongue inside. I think we all moaned then. I know I definitely moaned when Donny slipped his hands inside my top and began fondling my naked breasts. Unlike that first night when he was mostly goofing around, this time it was pure lust. He wanted my breasts in the worst way, just as Rick couldn’t get enough of fondling my ass.

“With all that going on, I was a bit shocked when Rick suddenly stopped and said to Donny, ‘Dude, I think we should do it. I mean, come on, this is perfect.’

“‘Do what?’ I asked, practically panting.

“‘Seriously? You think she would go for it?’ asked Donny.

“‘Go for what?’ I repeated, only this time I reached into their shorts and grabbed their erections. Pulling them out, I stood there squeezing them. ‘Tell me, or you aren’t getting these back,’ I added ominously.

“‘Okay, yeah, I think she’ll go for it!’ laughed Donny.

“Rick nodded while staring at my hands clutching their cocks. ‘You think? God, why didn’t we come up with this before? Come on, let’s ask her!’

“‘Fine, but if she gets all pissed off or whatever, it’s your fault,’ Donny answered. ‘It may have been my idea, but I would never have the balls to ask her.’

“Rick said, ‘Okay then, I’ll do it.’ Pausing, he gave me this ridiculous little cherubic grin. ‘Missus—I mean…oh crap. Wait. Let me start over again. Samantha, since we’re doing Movie Night anyway, what do you think about the three of us going to the drive-in together?’

“Releasing their hard-ons, I couldn’t help but laugh. ‘That’s your big secret? That’s all you wanted to ask me? My god, why was that so difficult?’

“Apparently that wasn’t the reaction Rick was expecting. ‘I don’t know,’ he started to say. ‘We just thought that maybe you—’

“‘Boys, I’d be more than happy to go to the drive-in with you,’ I said, saving him from having to explain everything. ‘Why wouldn’t I? That sounds like an absolute blast. So what’s playing?’ Then I paused. ‘Oh, wait. It doesn’t matter what’s playing, right? That’s the whole point. No one goes to a drive-in to watch the movie.’

“Shifting nervously from foot to foot, Donny asked, ‘So do you still want to go? We can always stay here, if you don’t want to. We brought tons of movies.’”

“You know, Mom, it’s not just Paul. Donny is pretty adorkable too,” I said, and Paul made a motion like he was barfing.

“Oh, definitely,” Mom answered, with a happy sigh. “He really is. You all are, and that includes Rick. When it gets right down to it, every one of you is just as sweet as can be.

“So, yes, of course I told Donny that I was still fine with the idea, if that’s what he really wanted. ‘It sounds like we’re in for another hot Movie Night,’ I smiled, adding, ‘especially if you two are planning on sharing me again as your date for the evening. That could prove to be quite entertaining, and not just for the three of us….’”

By that point I was only slowly stroking my pussy, which Paul was eyeing hungrily. Doing another check of the crew, I saw that they were taking a breakfast break. I sat up and moved between Paul’s legs, making him turn away from the set.

“Okay, Mom, keep going…” I said while reaching up to undo Paul’s shorts. He looked at me with panic in his eyes, but when I pulled his dick out and started sucking it right there on the beach he just drew his arms around me and kept a steady watch for the crew.

God, I love sucking his cock. I love everything about it; in fact, I almost didn’t care whether Laura, Jonathan or anyone else saw me doing it. I love it that much.

I guess I must have been making too many telltale slurping noises because it didn’t take Mom but ten seconds before she asked with a knowing giggle, “Paul, what is your sister doing?”

To Paul’s credit, he wasn’t exactly Mister Suave about it. Nope, when he stammered while trying to pant a response she laughed triumphantly. “I knew it! You two are doing it right there on the beach, aren’t you?” Then she lowered her voice, which I found kind of silly, all things considered. “Aren’t you worried that the others will see you? How far away are they?”

“Mom,” I said, pulling the head from my mouth with an audible ‘pop,’ “don’t worry, no one can see anything. They’re all a good thirty yards away, and Paul is shielding me with his body. Besides, we’re not actually having sex.”

“No, you’re just sucking your brother’s huge dick on the set of your first professional photo shoot! Keep it up and pretty soon here they’ll have you two starring in Taboo XIV: The Dawn and Paul Chronicles. God, I can’t wait to see it! Paul’s massive cumshots will look amazing in high-def!” she laughed.

“Well, fine, when you put it that way!” I giggled. Going back down on him, I made sure to be as wet and slurpy about it as possible so Mom could hear every little detail. I’m not sure, but I think her favorite part was probably Paul’s quiet moans, although it also may have been my continuous “mmmmm…mmmmm…mmmmm…” refrain as I bobbed up and down his enormous pole.

“Dawn, I swear, when it comes to being constantly horny, I think you may even have Rick and Donny beat,” she said, without the slightest bit of reproach. “So I guess I’ll just tell my little story while you sit there sucking your brother’s dick. Nice. And yes, I’m totally jealous. If I were there, I’d probably do the exact same thing.”

I pulled away again just long enough to say, “If you were here, we probably would end up shooting a porno!”

“Baby, you’re probably right. Okay, so I told Rick and Donny that I needed to go hop into the shower. When I came back out, I decided that they deserved to have their minds played with a little. They were sitting in the den eating pizza, and I walked right over and plopped myself down in Donny’s lap…completely naked. I’m talking not a stitch of clothing. Turning to straddle him, I grabbed a slice of pizza and started bouncing teasingly in his lap. He immediately grew hard again, which only made things worse for him since now I had something specific on which to focus my bouncing. Taking a slice of pepperoni, I spread it around my areola before perching it on my nipple. Even though his eyes were fairly bugging out, he nevertheless took my breast into his mouth and started sucking. After swallowing the pepperoni, he continued to lick, kiss and suck my breasts while using both hands to squeeze my ass. ‘Mmmm, we’re going to have so much fun tonight...’ I whispered, and I gasped when he gently clamped down on my nipple with his front teeth.”

I could tell Paul was getting close, so I began sucking the top few inches really hard and fast while corkscrewing the rest of his throbbing shaft with two hands.

Hearing me speed up, Mom laughed. “Oh, you like that, do you? Paul, are you going to cum?”

“Unnnhhh…oh Jesus…almost there…” he groaned.

“Make sure to do it in her mouth, baby, not on her face. You wouldn’t want to make her all messy for her next round of pictures!”

I started laughing again. I couldn’t help it. The idea of Mom giving us funny sex tips over the phone was just too awesome. Still, I had a job to finish, and I attacked it with relish.

“Is she good, baby?” Mom asked sweetly, hearing my renewed assault on Paul’s towering cock. “I’ll bet she’s amazing, isn’t she?”

“Oh god…” was all Paul could manage in response. Seconds later, he was cumming…and cumming…and cumming. I could barely keep up, there was so much hot, thick cum shooting into my mouth.

Mom obviously heard his groans and all my gasps and swallowing sounds, and she cheered us on. “Mmmmmm, give it to her, Paul! You know she loves it, so give her every last drop. That’s a good girl, Dawn…take your brother’s wonderful cum…drink it all down….”

Once we were finished, I lovingly ran his softening length all over my face, alternately cooing to it and kissing it. Paul was pretty much in a daze, seemingly in shock over what the three of us had just done.

Mom, though, she remained as chipper as ever. “You two are just so beautiful together. I can’t wait to come out there and see you again.”

Still sort of catching his breath, Paul said, “Okay, so what was Rick doing the whole time you were torturing Donny?”

“He was probably spanking his monkey!” I laughed, and so did Mom.

“No, not quite, though his monkey was certainly ready to be spanked. I went over to him and straddled his lap next, and he was so hard that it was standing straight up. The head was actually peeking out over his waistband, and he was dripping pre-cum. I swiped it with my fingertip and popped it into my mouth with a happy grin. ‘Mmmmmm…nice,’ I said. ‘See how much more fun it is when you boys aren’t always trying to hide your wonderful erections from me?’ Pulling his shorts open, I took him in my hand again and started stroking him. ‘So,’ I continued, ‘what were you two planning on having me wear tonight for our sexy date at the drive-in...hmmm?’

“Watching us, Donny spoke right up. ‘You know what would be perfect? I mean, as long as you don’t go to the snack bar or whatever. That thin little tank top with the skinny straps, you know, the white one.’

“‘You mean that old Pink Floyd concert t-shirt I wore with the blue skirt to our last big barbecue?’ I asked, smiling when Rick’s hips lurched off the seat a bit.

“‘Exactly,’ answered Donny. ‘That’s the one…only without the skirt, or anything else.’”

“Rick must have been all for that idea, huh?” said Paul. “That whole day at the park, he was totally going apeshit over the way you looked in that top.”

“I never knew that, but yes, Rick certainly offered his approval, saying, ‘Oh my god, that would be perfect. You, in that top…no skirt or panties…holy fuck.’

“The thing is, Dawn, remember that night in the kitchen, when you wore your little tee with no panties?”

“How could I ever forget? I mean, come on!”

“Okay, well, imagine me looking the same as you did in that tiny t-shirt, only make my top a skosh shorter.”

“Wow, so it really doesn’t even cover your pussy then, and every inch of your ass must show.”

“Yes, and my breasts show quite a bit, as well. With those narrow straps it doesn’t cover much to begin with, and it’s always falling off my shoulders. You saw what a time I had, trying to keep covered that day at the park. That was your father’s idea, obviously, having me wear that top to a public gathering.

“So that’s what they asked me to wear, and within reason I wasn’t going to say no to any of their requests. Deciding to give them the entire fantasy, I took off to the bedroom and did my hair up nice and wild, plus I put on some deep red lip gloss. As the final coup de grâce, I slipped on my sexiest high heels, the white satin ones. I don’t think the boys were quite ready for that because when I strutted back out to the living room in that tiny t-shirt all they could do was stare at my legs. Then, all during the ride to the drive-in, they still couldn’t take their eyes off of them. I have to admit that with those heels, the silky lotion I’d applied to my calves and thighs, and that super short top, it was just long, smooth legs for days as I sat between them in the front seat.

“When we pulled up to our spot, that wise guy Donny thought it would be funny to have me go grab the little speaker thing and put it in our window. I knew he just wanted to see me go outside in that tiny t-shirt and heels and show off my bare ass and pussy. Doing a quick check of our immediate area, I didn’t see any families parked close by, and with Rick also encouraging me to do it I decided to go for it. Of course it wasn’t until I had already hopped out and sauntered all the way around the front of the truck that Donny waved me back in, laughing that drive-ins don’t use those things anymore.

“‘So you two just wanted to watch me walk around half naked, giving everyone a show,’ I grinned, returning to my cozy little space between them on the front seat.

“‘Duh!’ they answered together, and Donny said, ‘Did you hear all those horns honking? It was awesome!’

“Once we were all settled in, it became obvious that those two were going to spend the entire night engaged in a constant tug-of-war over who would get to cuddle with me. Since he ‘got cheated out of the good spot’ during the last Movie Night, this time Donny was bound and determined to get the lion’s share of my attention. It was almost as if they had each other on a timer, the way they kept handing me back and forth every few minutes. Rick eventually decided to be the ‘noble one,’ offering Donny some ‘alone time’ with me by volunteering to make the first run to the snack bar. As soon as he was gone, Donny drew me into his arms, basically sliding me up into his lap. It was an odd thing, too, because I hadn’t realized how strong he’s become. The way he moved me around, I was very impressed.”

“Yeah,” Paul said, “he’s been working out like a maniac these past few months. He’s put on a good twenty pounds. ‘All muscle!’ he says. Whatever. He’s still a pipsqueak to me.”

It was really cute, seeing Paul show some actual jealousy. Mom being Mom, she picked up on it right away.

“Oh, I don’t know, sweetie. He certainly didn’t feel like a pipsqueak to me. He felt wonderfully strong, and I have to say, it was a real turn-on. His hard-on pressing between my legs as I sat in his lap kissing him certainly didn’t feel small either. I don’t know what that young man has been doing lately, but whatever it is, it’s working. The one thing that’s obvious is that he’s much more assertive now. Yes, he’s still a sweet, shy boy, but once he decides that he wants something he definitely doesn’t hesitate to take it.”

“You mean like you, for instance?” I giggled.

“How did you ever guess?” she answered, with a cute giggle of her own. “Yes, he made that point abundantly clear. Instead of trying to hide his erection from me like he always has in the past, this time he was happy to push it right up into my pussy. I was straddling him again, and he was basically dry-fucking me through his shorts. I teasingly reminded him about our conversation from our last Movie Night when I told the boys that next time I was going to have them all go naked for me. I was making a point of grinding my wet pussy directly on the head of his cock, and he was squeezing my ass while sucking my nipple through my skimpy t-shirt.

“‘So do you still want us to go naked tonight?’ he asked. Thrusting with a sudden urgency, his jutting bulge penetrated me, and I let out a quiet gasp.

“‘That would be lovely,’ I answered, reaching between my legs to fondle his immensely hard shaft.

“‘You mean right here? Not just at the house? Wow!’ he exclaimed, his eyes flashing in surprise.

“Grinning, I said, ‘Of course, silly. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do at a drive-in? I thought the whole point was to get naked and fool around in the back seat, knowing that everyone else is probably doing the same thing.’ Sitting up, I paused to show him my tiny top, which wasn’t covering much of anything. The lower hem had risen well above my hips, leaving my small strip of pubic hair and smooth slit fully exposed. One strap had fallen to my elbow, revealing most of my breast. ‘And this is how you dressed me,’ I continued. ‘You wanted me naked tonight.’ Guiding his fingertips to my moist lips, I had him stroke my pussy. ‘This is why you brought me here. When you thought of taking me to a drive-in, this is what you imagined.’”

“Jesus, Mom!” I laughed, picturing her just torturing poor Donny. “Give the guy a heart attack, why don’t you!”

“I’ll bet he nutted right then and there, didn’t he?” asked Paul, with an evil smirk.

“No, that came a bit later…” she said, again sounding pleased as punch. “While he certainly seemed excited to be touching my pussy, I could tell that he really didn’t know what to do. Considering his lack of experience, perhaps he didn’t know how to approach it, or maybe he was simply nervous. Where my bare bottom was concerned though, whoa! Katie, bar the door! That little horndog had absolutely no problem going for my ass, attacking it with zero hesitation. After tentatively stroking my pussy for a few moments, he returned that hand as well as the other to my bouncing cheeks, and god but does he love to squeeze my ass. It’s like he becomes possessed. And the thing is, as he groped and fondled me, I could feel my wetness on his fingertips, so he had to know just how turned on I was. The way he kept—”

“Not only that,” I said, cutting in again, “but he doesn’t know that you go totally bonkers whenever someone plays with your ass. He has no idea that that’s probably your biggest turn-on.”

“Yeah,” said Paul, “but that sure didn’t stop him from going apeshit over her ass that night in the kitchen. Remember, Mom? That was all he could do as you gave him that big hug. He just kept squeezing your ass, and when we were in the den later, what did he tell you? ‘I want to play with your amazing butt some more!’”

She giggled sweetly. “He and I make a great team, don’t we? We both love the same thing! And we’re not the only ones, are we, Dawn?”

Rolling onto my stomach directly beneath Paul’s appreciative gaze, I wiggled my bottom for him. “Nope, I’m right there with you. I am definitely my mother’s daughter….” I added a slight arching of my hips to my inviting little ass-wiggle, hoping Paul would take the hint.

Thankfully, he did. After taking a quick look over his shoulder to check on the crew, he knelt beside me and grabbed the bottle of baby oil. Pouring two handfuls, he began smoothing it into my inner thighs, just the way my two gofers loved to do it. When he ran his hands up onto my welcoming globes, we heard one of the guys call out, “Hey, cool your jets there, Romeo! That’s our job!”

Turning deep scarlet, Paul quickly jumped back into his rickety little folding chair. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed, falling over backwards in his comical haste.

“You okay there, little bro?” came a sardonic shout from the group.

“That’ll teach you, Dawn!” came another, amid a chorus of laughter. “When you want your ass fondled, don’t ask some rote amateur to do it! You have a whole team here of highly trained professionals!”

Laura got in on it, too. “Paul, don’t mind these cretins! They’re barely even housebroken! Hey, you two should come grab something to eat. We have a lovely catered spread here.”

“Thank you, but we’re good,” I answered, knowing that Paul wasn’t about to go back over there anytime soon.

“Sounds like I’m missing all sorts of fun,” said Mom. “Paul, for heaven’s sake, what did you do?”

“Oh, he was just being Mister Adorkable again,” I grinned, reaching over to give his foot a playful tickle. “He had a bit of an equipment malfunction, that’s all.”

“You two must be having the best time ever, being together there.”

“Oh, please, Mom, it sounds like you’ve been having just as much fun as we have.”

“Not a chance,” smiled Paul. “She’s having all her fun with those two dorks. I have you.”

“Score one for your silver-tongued brother, sweetie. Still, you’re right, I can hardly complain. Between your delightfully randy father and my two priapic Lotharios, I’ve been having an absolute ball.”

I think Mom must have sensed the gears grinding to a halt in Paul’s brain. After a short pause, she added, “Dawn, if you’ll do the honors, please….”

I could barely contain my smug grin. “Paul, she’s saying that Rick and Donny are constantly hard and always trying to mack on her.”

“Yeah, no shit,” he said, returning my grin.

“Mom, speaking of which, where were we? Oh, that’s right. You were sitting in Donny’s lap at the drive-in, and he was totally squeezing your bare bottom while trying to jam his crazy erection inside you….”

“He was, and he was also trying to nudge my thin strap down far enough to uncover my nipple. Finally he just grabbed it and tugged it the rest of the way down. I was straddling his lap with one breast out and the other almost there, and he was squeezing my ass while sucking my nipple. He kept thrusting into my pussy, but his shorts were in the way.

“‘I think it’s about time we even things up a bit,’ I said, pulling down the center console between the front seats. Taking him by the hand and leading him into the back, I discovered that the rear seats were already folded flat. Everything was all set up with an air mattress, sleeping bags and three large pillows, and again I couldn’t help but laugh. ‘And what do we have here?’ I teased. ‘For someone who was supposedly too shy to ask, you sure did come prepared!’

“‘It must be all that Boy Scout training,’ he said, blushing like mad.

“I offered him an approving grin. ‘I must say, the zipped-together sleeping bags are a nice touch. I’m guessing that was Rick’s idea?’

“‘Yep,’ he laughed. ‘The three pillows, too. He didn’t want to be left out.’

“‘Rick always was a subtle one,’ I said, grinning while shaking my head. ‘So I take it then that the air mattress idea was yours?’

“‘I didn’t want you to be uncomfortable,’ he admitted.

“‘Aha!’ I laughed. ‘So you did plan on taking me to the drive-in tonight, and you also planned on getting me back here and having your touchy-feely way with me! That whole song and dance about being too afraid to ask, god, what a sham!’

“Grinning shyly, he stretched out on a sleeping bag. ‘Well, I didn’t think it would really happen. To me it was just a fantasy, like you said. I’m sure I never would have asked. No way.’

“Snuggling in beside him, I caressed his chin and asked, ‘Aren’t you glad now that you did?’

“He sort of stared up at the roof of the car and said, ‘But see, I didn’t. That was Rick, not me.’

“I slipped my hand beneath his t-shirt and undid the snap on his waistband. Unzipping him, I kissed my way down his chest, pausing at his belly button. ‘Lift…’ I said, tugging on his shorts. He raised his hips for me, and I slid them off. ‘These too,’ I whispered, running my hand over the bulge in his boxers. ‘I want you completely naked.’ I slid those off as well, then I sat up and pulled my top over my head. After tossing everything aside, I had him take his shirt off and add it to the pile.”

“Wow, Mom, you weren’t kidding,” I said. “You really did want it to be a naked Movie Night.”

“Oh, that first night with the boys, I was sort of semi-joking. I honestly didn’t expect them to whip off their shorts in front of each other and get naked for me.”

Paul asked, “But did you want us to?”

She thought about it for a moment before answering. “Yes, I would have enjoyed that. It would’ve been tricky though, obviously, because of you. I suppose we’ll have to cross that bridge some other time.”

I wanted her to keep going. “So what happened with Donny? Now you’re both naked, and he had to have been totally freaking out.”

“First thing, I went back to kissing him. I started at the hollow at the base of his neck and began working my way down again. By the time I was nearing his belly button I could see and feel his entire body shivering. It was just the most precious thing. I hadn’t experienced that in ages, and I was reminded of just how much I always used to love it when I could make a man do that.

“To be honest, I started to see Donny in a different light then. Instead of simply being our Donny, the fun-loving goofball who loves my French toast, girls in bikinis and all those other things, now he was a beautiful young man who was utterly vulnerable. He was as nervous as could be, but he trusted me. I wasn’t about to abuse that trust. No matter what I did with him that night, I wanted him to come away from it with a memory to cherish forever.”

Looking at me, Paul was sporting one of his signature smirks. “It sounds like Mom took another cherry.”

Of course I reached out and smacked him. “Never mind Mister Romantic here, Mom. Go on….”

“Actually, Dawn, your brother isn’t too far from the truth. As I was kissing my way down Donny’s stomach, he could tell that I was noticing his shivers. He didn’t understand what was happening to him, and was clearly embarrassed about it. ‘I’ve…you know…never done this,’ he finally said, as quiet as a church mouse.

“‘Shhhhh…’ I answered. ‘You’re fine, baby. It’s perfectly normal.’ I paused again at his belly button, this time nipping gently at it while trailing the very tips of my fingernails up his thigh in graceful swirl patterns. When I dipped between his legs to his inner thigh, he jumped. It was as if an electric current had zapped him. Pressing my hand softly to his trembling flesh, I held it there, letting him acclimate to the feeling of my touch on his skin. Once I sensed that he was able to handle it, I moved on.

“Eventually I drew my hand very near to his pulsing erection. And when I say that it was pulsing, that’s precisely what I mean. It was throbbing so hard, I could literally see it pulsing. I wanted to avoid shocking him again so instead of touching him there I smoothly palmed his balls before closing my hand around them in a comforting cocoon. I simply held him. I didn’t give too firm a squeeze, and I didn’t bounce them. I just held them. At the same time, I brought my mouth closer to his glistening wet tip. As lightly as possible, I touched my tongue to it, then I painted a slow line all the way around the crown. Moving my hand from his balls to the base of his firm shaft, I gave it a soft, reassuring squeeze while taking the head into my mouth.

“As soon as my lips enveloped him, he erupted. I wasn’t caught by surprise, though. No, I was almost expecting it. I held steady as his hips bucked, and the sound of his breathy gasps filled the car. His cum was scorching hot; hotter than any I’ve ever tasted. It was like his entire being was on fire; his cum a beautiful magma finally bursting free.

“I just let his silky warmth flow over my tongue, happy to accept his precious gift. Taking him all the way down, I began sucking in earnest. He kept shooting and shooting, then it was smaller pulses, and finally there was no more. Still I kept licking and sucking, laving and kissing. I think I wanted it as much as he did, and he definitely wanted it. Watching as I drove my lips all along his solid shaft, he was moaning up a storm.

“I felt the car shake, and suddenly there was Rick climbing back in with two armfuls of sodas, burgers and fries. I didn’t stop, though. I merely looked up to confirm that it was Rick who had opened the door before I returned to the business at hand.”

“Hand…mouth…whatever…” I grinned, making them both laugh.

“Well, true,” Mom said. “I was certainly using my hand as well as my mouth. I was pumping his shaft, which, you will be interested to learn, is just like Paul’s, at least in one respect. After Donny cums, he doesn’t go soft. He keeps on going. Honey, it’s really the most wonderful thing. He’s obviously not as large as Paul, and he doesn’t cum in anything like the same massive volumes, and you know what? It’s still wonderful.”

Timing it just right, I said, “Because sex is like pizza!”

“Exactly! So you were listening! Baby, you were so intent that night on diving back between my legs, I was worried that everything went in one ear and right out the other.”

“Oh, no, absolutely not. Mom, you never have to worry about that. When it comes to anything having to do with sex, I pay super close attention to everything you tell me. Believe me, I don’t miss a word.”

Paul wasn’t a part of that conversation, so he had no clue what we were talking about. He just wanted her to get back to her story. “So, damn, Mom, okay, what did Rick say when he stumbled in on that?”

“See, that was the funny thing. As soon as we heard the door open, Donny froze. I was still sucking him, and was perfectly content to keep going, but Donny made a motion like he wanted me to stop. I guess he didn’t want Rick to see what we were doing. Knowing how nervous he already was about everything, I didn’t want to make things any more uncomfortable for him, so I went ahead and slid back up into his arms. Right away he pulled the sleeping bag over us, and by the time Rick set the food down and looked back over the seat we were just innocently snuggling and kissing again.

“‘Wow,’ he said. ‘You actually got her to go back there with you. Dude, I am majorly impressed.’

“Pausing between kisses, Donny answered, ‘Yeah, right. I didn’t get her to do anything. This was her idea. She brought me back here.’

“Laughing, Rick shook his head. ‘Like you’re complaining. I’m sure she totally had to twist your arm!’

“‘Nope!’ he grinned. After kissing me a few more times, he slid his hand around to squeeze my breast, adding, ‘This is the most awesome night ever….’ Since we were hidden by the sleeping bag, I reached down to answer his sneaky little squeeze with one of my own, making him gasp into my mouth when I took hold of his cock and began stroking it again.

“‘Oh, he definitely didn’t complain,’ I said, shooting Rick a happy smile, ‘and no arm twisting was necessary. In fact, I think he was rather pleased when I took the initiative and brought him back here. This is just what he was hoping for when he came up with this whole take-Samantha-to-the-drive-in thing, wasn’t it?’

“Taking a bite of his fries, Rick kept chuckling at Donny. ‘You got that right,’ he said. ‘Ever since that pool party when you and Dawn stripped each other and spent half the day naked with us, he’s been talking about how amazing it would be to go to a drive-in with you. Actually, come to think of it, it goes back even further than that. The drive-in thing with you has been his favorite fantasy for god knows how long now.’

“‘Well, I’m just as happy as he is to be here. This is wonderful…’ I said, leaning in to give Donny a nice tongue-kiss. Still stroking his slippery wet erection beneath the cover of the sleeping bag, I looked up at Rick and asked, ‘And what about you, Mister Movie Night Make-Out Boy? What’s your fantasy?’

Paul burst out laughing then. “Oh, I can answer that one easily enough! You…” he said, poking my bare bottom with his foot, “…and you, both naked, either on the couch or in the back seat at the drive-in. He’s not exactly very original. He and Donny have the same fantasy!”

“Dawn, your brother is correct again,” Mom grinned. “When I asked Rick about his favorite fantasy, that was his answer: ‘Pretty much, what Donny has right this moment. Having you naked in my arms and making out with you at a drive-in? It doesn’t get any better than that.’

“Wanting to tease him, I asked, ‘But what if Dawn was here, too? Wouldn’t that make it even better?’

“Rick and Donny exchanged looks, and Rick answered, ‘Well, yeah, okay, that would be the ultimate. Still…’ he continued, gesturing to the two of us holding each other, ‘nothing could ever top that. You really are naked, aren’t you?’

“Rolling into a spoons position with Donny, I pulled the sleeping bag down to my waist. ‘Mmmm-hmmm,’ I smiled, guiding Donny’s hand back to my bare breast. I made sure to keep him covered, though, while wiggling my bottom against him. ‘Very naked,’ I continued, ‘just the way you both want me.’”

“Just the way you want you, too!” I exclaimed, joining Paul in laughter.

“Well, true,” she giggled, “but the point was that they wanted me naked for their fantasy night at the drive-in, and neither of them denied it.”

“Well no duh,” I said, still laughing. “As if those two pervs would ever not want you naked. That goes for all of us, actually. It’s like you said about me: You’re so gorgeous naked, you should be forbidden from ever wearing a stitch of clothing around the house.”

“Well, those ‘two pervs’ certainly did their best to hold me to that rule for the entire weekend. About the only time they ever let me put anything on at all was when we went to the store together to pick up some things for breakfast. Even then they insisted on no panties and my most see-through sundress, and before we left the house Donny had me undo the first four buttons on top so he could see my breasts from the side. That was probably his favorite part of the trip, just ogling my breasts at the check-out counter while trading smirks with the cashier.

“Anyway, the aroma of the burgers and fries filling the car was driving me crazy, so I told Rick to bring the food and come join us. For the next twenty minutes we lay on our stomachs eating greasy drive-in fare and slurping on sodas while watching some silly Sci-Fi catastrophe about evil bug-eyed aliens plotting to enslave all mankind. I noticed Rick constantly sneaking peeks at my bare back and the side of my breast, until finally he asked, ‘Mind if I join you in there?’

“I threw back the sleeping bag to show him the rest of my naked body and said, ‘You’re welcome to join the party, but you know my little rule.’ Grinning, he whipped off his shirt, shoes, socks and shorts in about two milliseconds before sliding in beside me. ‘Not quite,’ I said, reaching over to squeeze his ass, which was still covered by his boxers. ‘Nice try, though.’ Grinning a bit more sheepishly, he pulled the sleeping bag over us before slithering out of his underwear. Fully naked, he settled back in. Again I reached over to squeeze his ass, this time saying, ‘Very nice. Mmmm, both my beautiful boys, wonderfully naked for me...a perfect Movie Night….’

“Rick leaned up on his elbows and looked over at Donny, who was grinning even more sheepishly than Rick had been just a moment earlier. ‘Dude…’ he smiled accusingly. ‘This whole time, you’ve been making out totally naked with her?’

“With his sheepish grin morphing into one of pure smugness Donny casually popped a fry into his mouth, just as cool as could be.

“‘You are such an asshole,’ laughed Rick, shaking his head in admiration.

“Answering in his goofy Elvis voice, Donny quipped, ‘Thank you…thank you very much….’

“Man, I wish Dad had never gone on that Elvis kick,” said Paul. “Now Donny just won’t shut up with that crap.”

“Yep, and Rick even did it too, high-fiving Donny over my back while play-singing, ‘We’re gonna win this race….’ They were being so silly. It was like they were thirteen again.

“A few minutes later Donny grabbed his clothes and put them back on, saying, ‘I’m going to hit the restroom.’

“‘Take your time!’ said Rick, twisting onto his side to face me as Donny gathered up our wrappers, napkins and cups on his way out of the truck. Pausing at the door to roll his eyes at us, he made Rick and me laugh.”

“So did Rick totally pounce on you the moment Donny was gone?” asked Paul. “I bet he did. He probably couldn’t wait another second, huh?”

“Actually, no, he didn’t. It was the strangest thing, too. As soon as that door slammed and it was just the two of us on our own, he turned into a different Rick. Suddenly he was no longer Mister Glib. It was like someone had flipped a switch and now with no one there to show off for, the real Rick emerged. He was still facing me, but it was obvious that he was every bit as nervous as Donny had been.”

“I can so picture that,” I said. “The few times I was ever alone with Rick, he became super sweet and shy, just like Donny.”

“Just like Paul, too,” Mom added. “The only difference is that Paul is that way all the time.”

Smiling, I reached over and stroked his calf. “That’s true. Paul is a total doll every minute of every day. He never tries to be someone he’s not. He’s perfectly comfortable just being Paul. I always loved that about him.”

“Well, Paul is just a bit more mature than Rick. For one thing, sweetie, he’s always had you there, and you set such a good example. Being an only-child, Rick doesn’t have a wonderful older sister to show him the ropes.”

Paul leaned down to squeeze my hand. “Not only that, but Rick also doesn’t have the two best parents in the world, the way we do. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Mister and Missus Donaldson, but we have you and Dad. Nothing could ever top that.”

“It’s the same with Donny,” I continued. “It’s almost like you and Dad are his parents, and we’re his real family.”

“We pretty much are,” said Paul. “Ever since his parents split up, he hasn’t had much of a home life. It really sucks.”

Mom sighed. “And still he’s an absolute angel. Even though he had every right, he never became the typical angry teen. Honestly, I wish those two really were my sons. They’re both as wonderful as can be.”

Paul released my hand and took a seat beside me. Grabbing the baby oil again, he poured some into his palm and began confidently smoothing it into my shoulders. “Mom, believe me, they feel the same way. They love you and Dad to death, and they definitely consider us to be family.”

Lowering my head into my arms, I nodded. “You know, for all my teasing and kidding, I consider them to be family too. I also don’t mind Rick’s immaturity. I know he’s a total sweetheart, just like Donny is. I mean, look at the way they each took off for a while so that the other could have some real alone-time with you. I think that was pretty awesome of them.

“So, okay, now Rick has you all to himself, and he’s crazy nervous without his friend there. Was he sporting another ‘huge boner,’ like Donny said he always does whenever you’re with them? Come on, I know you checked.”

Mom broke out laughing. “Jeez, Paul, did you tell Dawn literally every last detail about that entire night? Anyway, no, I didn’t check. I didn’t have to! The instant he rolled onto his side to face me, I felt it poking my hip. Turning so we were face to face, I moved closer to him, letting his erection press against me. I lowered my head into the crook of his arm and gently cupped his cheek. For the next minute or so we lay there with our noses touching, simply breathing together. He was staring so intently into my eyes…searching. When he finally brought his hand to my hip, I slid mine from his face down to his waist, drawing him closer. His shaft sprang up between us, and he lifted his top leg to give me room.

“‘I think we have this backwards, sweetie,’ I said, setting my thigh atop his hip. ‘If one of us is going to lie between the other’s legs, you should be between mine.’ Taking his hand, I guided it to my welcoming bottom. ‘It’s so much nicer this way,’ I whispered, smiling when I felt his fingertips begin to explore. He was as tentative as a hummingbird, just barely brushing my split. That was fine. It was really adorable, actually. I know I keep saying that about him, and about Donny too, but it’s true. I find everything about their gentle caution to be sweetly adorable.”

“You always were a sucker for a cute puppy,” I said, grinning at the thought of Mom petting Rick on the nose.

“Guilty as charged,” she replied. “And all our boys are as cute as any puppy. But yes, even though he was that same sort of adorable to me, I can’t say that I wasn’t also becoming nicely turned on. I would be lying if I tried to claim otherwise. It was a very sexy moment, especially when he began slowly thrusting his hips, sliding the underside of his shaft back and forth through my pubic hair. He was just grinding it against my lower stomach, using his hand on my ass to hold me steady. ‘Mmmmmm, there’s that wonderful huge boner of yours again…’ I said teasingly, smiling as I took it in my hand. I leaned in to kiss him, and we spent the next few minutes simply making out. He continued to squeeze and furtively explore my bare bottom, finally dipping his fingertips into my pussy in response to my stroking of his erection.

“‘I can’t help it,’ he said, his breath sharpening. ‘It’s you…you do this to me every time.’

“‘I don’t want you to help it. I told you before, I love your beautiful cock…and I never want you to hide it from me, especially when it’s nice and hard like this…’ I whispered, trailing kisses all down his body. His voice caught in his throat when I kissed my way past his stomach, continuing down, down, down. I was still fondling him, and I paused to plant a line of tender kisses on his throbbing shaft. ‘Mmmm…see what happens when you show it to me and let me drool over it...’ I continued, surprising him when I moved even lower to cover his smooth scrotum in kisses too. Taking his balls into my mouth one at a time, I sucked them while pumping his rigid staff. I wanted to treat him to the full experience, so as I was sucking him I slipped my finger into his ass, but he jumped so badly that it made me giggle. Trying a different tact, I replaced my finger with my tongue, sliding it right inside. That only made him jump even worse, though, and we both started laughing.”

“I know!” I gushed. “Whenever I do that to Paul, he always jumps like crazy! I love making him jump!”

Still rubbing the baby oil into my back, his grin was obvious. “Yeah, well, sue me. You’d jump too if I did that to you.”

Smiling smugly, I looked over my shoulder at him. “Really? What about that day in your bedroom, when the girls were playing down by the pool? And what about that night in the desert?”

“Oh, that’s right,” he chuckled. “Okay, fine, so you don’t jump. That’s hardly the same, though. I mean, come on, you’re our official Little Miss Ass Model. You love it when people do things to your ass. You’ve already had tons of experience with that stuff.”

Mom’s delighted smirk was as plain as day. “Well then, sweetie, I guess you just need more practice, don’t you? And hey, you’re in luck. I’m sure your sexy sister there will be more than happy to help you with that.”

“Yeah, and so will you, the second you see him again!” I laughed. “Jeez, Mom, where do you think I get it from?”

I was pretty sure that Paul didn’t know nearly as much as I did about Mom’s amazing sex life, which he confirmed by crowing, “Oh really? Is that true, Mom? See, here I thought that the inspiration for all of Dawn’s incredible ass-shenanigans came from Trish and maybe Michelle too, but they actually come from you? Ooh, do tell!”

God, was he laying it on thick. It was just awesome.

Mom was obviously still smirking. “Like you said, Paul, ‘Yeah, well, sue me.’ What can I say? I love your cute little bottoms.”

“You love yours, too!” I shouted with glee.

Paul nodded sagely. “We all do. It’s way beyond hot.”

“But not as hot as your sister’s,” she giggled. “No one ever asked me to be an ass model.”

“That’s only because you never went to L.A.,” I answered. “I have zero doubt that they would have swooped you right up as soon as you stepped off the plane. If you hadn’t spent your entire life in Lawrence, god, you could have been the hottest model ever.”

“Thank you, honey, but I could never be you. You’re a born star. Besides, I don’t need any of that. I have your father, and I have you and Paul. I absolutely love my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Paul laughed, “You also have Rick and Donny! Don’t forget that!”

“Yay! Two more hard cocks for Mom!” I added, with another happy shout.

“Mmmmmm-hmmm…definitely,” she sighed. “When I slipped my tongue into Rick’s ass and started rimming him, my god, his erection became as hard as any I have ever experienced. I don’t even think Paul’s grows any harder. And it just kept pulsing and pulsing in my hand, until I thought it was going to burst. Sliding up between his legs, I went back to planting kisses over every inch of his granite length, all the while thoroughly loving his quiet moans and sudden gasps. Again I said to him, ‘See? This is why you should always want to show me your beautiful hard cock….’ Blowing warm breath directly on the tip, I watched in fascination as it responded with a gorgeous pearl of pre-cum, and I couldn’t wait any longer. Lowering my head, I took him into my mouth. Unlike Donny, he didn’t cum right away; he merely yelped, then he let out a nervous laugh. He wasn’t making any motions for me to stop, though, so I threw myself into sucking his rampant cock with everything I had. Knowing how most guys love to see and hear what the girl is doing when she’s sucking them, I curled my hair over my ear and made sure to coat him with as much saliva as possible as I hungrily slurped away. I could tell that he really got off on that, and he began thrusting harder and faster, driving deep into my throat.

“It didn’t take long before his moans grew more urgent, and it was obvious that he was almost there. I looked up so he could see the desire in my eyes and said, ‘Cum for me, baby…cum in my mouth….’”

“That’s my favorite part,” I grinned. “I just love that moment when I know the guy is about to cum.”

“Oh, absolutely. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything that leads up to it, too, but I want that final payoff. I need that cum. There really is no sweeter feeling, and this time was no exception. Giving the sleeping bag a mortal death grip, he was trying not to shout too loudly as he exploded in my mouth. Mmmmmm, he just came and came and came, crying out, ‘God! Oh god! Samantha, I can’t believe it! God, I can’t believe it!’ I never knew Rick was so religious!”

The three of us cracked up at that, and Paul said, “Mom, I think I’m going to have to correct you from earlier. You definitely made their entire lives, not just their summer.”

“I don’t know about that, but we certainly had a wonderful time together. When Donny finally returned to the truck he found Rick kissing and squeezing my breasts, and moments later they were both sucking my nipples. As with everything else, of course they had to turn even that into a competition, the object being to see who could make me squirm the most in pleasure…or was it who could make my nipples grow the hardest? I forget now, but I know that Donny was the first one to cheat.”

~to be continued~

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