Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 15

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dawn and Paul finally make it to L.A., and Samantha entertains the boys.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

‘God, I can’t believe I’m doing this. Trish and Michelle will absolutely die laughing when I tell them about it,’ I thought, giggling to myself while playfully wiggling my bikini-clad bottom for the flashing cameras amid the sunrise gloaming of Zuma Beach.

Sure enough, a few hours later my phone was blowing up with texts…

So you’re not just a model now, but an ASS model? How perfect is that?! LOL!

That was Michelle’s response, and of course Trish had to chip in her two cents…

I knew you’d make us proud, baby. There was no way Hollywood wasn’t going to notice that amazing ass of yours. I’m just wondering why it took so long. What was it again, a whole twenty minutes into your first day in L.A. before that Laura woman spotted you? Slacker! ~snerk~

Lisa’s was classic…

After what Paul did to it in that crazy strip club, I’m surprised you even have any ass left to show off! Then again, this is you we’re talking about here. Once he was finished, you and your wicked bottom probably just laughed and said, “More, please!”

A moment later, she sent another one…

Seriously, though, be careful out there. Keep your head on straight, and always remember why you went to California. I know you’re going to have a blast with this modeling thing, but don’t let it sidetrack you. School has to come first.

Then another…

That doesn’t mean I won’t still be expecting you to send me tons of sexy pictures from your first professional photo shoot! Come on, I need a new screensaver!

Trish wasn’t exaggerating. I really had been in town only twenty minutes or so before “that Laura woman” approached me on the beach and introduced herself.

During our drive through Arizona on our way to California, Paul and I had made an agreement that the very first thing we were going to do upon arriving in L.A. was hit the beach. Since the Santa Monica Pier represents the end of the famous Route 66, we decided that that would be our initial destination. Neither of us had ever seen an actual ocean in real life, so the moment we set foot on the warm sand we grinned at each other and started stripping off our clothes while racing down to the water. I had on my usual ‘scandalous’ see-through bikini and Paul was sporting a new pair of board shorts that Mom had bought him just for the trip, and with triumphant whoops of joy we dove headlong together into the rolling surf.

Yes! We’d done it! Paul and I were finally in L.A., laughing and frolicking in the ocean at Santa Monica Beach!

Pausing to catch our breath in the waist-high waves, we shook our heads in amazement and again exchanged excited grins. Honestly, I don’t think either of us could believe we were really there. Stepping into his arms, I gave him the biggest, longest hug ever, whispering to him, “I am so glad you’re here with me. This just wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you, baby...thank you so much.” Nuzzling his neck, I enjoyed the slightly salty tang. “Mmmm, you taste so good. I love my awesome baby brother.”

He lifted me by my ass, pulling me up until I had my legs wrapped around his hips. As I gazed into his wondrous eyes I felt his erection pressing against my pussy, and he offered me a guilty smile. “Dawn, you have no idea how badly I want to fuck you right now.”

“Mmmmmm…I think I do…” I moaned, grinding my pussy up and down his enormous shaft. “And no one’s stopping you. If you want me, just take me.”

“But what about….” He gestured with a furtive glance to the others nearby. Since it was approaching sunset, there really weren’t very many people around. Still, it wasn’t as if we had the beach all to ourselves, either.

“Don’t worry about them,” I whispered, reaching down to undo his shorts. “I told you, when we’re together, nothing else matters. We’re free here.”

Needing no further encouragement, seconds later he was thrusting deep inside me. There in the shallow surf, oblivious to our surroundings, we made love with wild abandon; crying out as one, we drove against each other in utter bliss, and it wasn’t until we erupted in a perfect shared climax and I was panting in his arms in the sweet afterglow that I noticed the two young guys at the water’s edge applauding our performance.

I couldn’t help but laugh, and I gave them a happy little wave.

Being the goofball gentleman that he is, Paul carried me in his arms back up the sand to where we’d left our towels. With comically overdone chivalry he set me down and arranged everything just so before joining me by my side to enjoy the spectacular sight of the sun setting on the shimmering horizon.

Lying together on our stomachs, we said hello to a woman who was walking her golden retriever along the beach only a few feet from our little spot. She smiled and waggled two fingers back to us in greeting, then she sort of paused before stopping to slide her Ray-Bans up onto the top of her head. With her gorgeous dog heeling patiently at her side, she reached into her coat pocket to fish out a treat for him, which he eagerly inhaled in a single gulp.

All the while, she never stopped smiling at us.

“He’s awesome. What’s his name?” asked Paul, sitting up on his elbows.

She brought him over to us. “Allow me to introduce you to MacAllister, the most amorous goldie you may ever have the memorable misfortune to meet.”

Sure enough, when Paul offered him his fingers to sniff, MacAllister started licking his entire hand, wrist and forearm. As the woman stood there beaming, MacAllister turned his attentions to me and licked all over my face. Trying to endure his wet, tongue-lapping kisses, of course I was laughing and rolling around to protect myself, which he interpreted as an obvious sign that it was time to mate. The next thing I knew, he was straddling my bouncing bottom and just merrily humping away at me, making me laugh even more. Laughing right along with me, the embarrassed woman gave his leash a sharp tug accompanied by a mirthful shout. “MacAllister! No!”

MacAllister immediately returned to heel, and she just shook her head at him before turning back to us with a sheepish grin. “I’m really sorry about that. Even for him, that was a bit much. I’ve never seen him go that crazy on someone before.”

Paul sat up to give him a friendly skritch between the ears. “He’s a guy. What do you expect?”

Guffawing, I smacked him on the shoulder. “So?! Are you saying all guys should just automatically start humping me the second they meet me?”

Still skritching MacAllister, he grinned. “Only the lucky ones.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “You are horrible...just absolutely horrible. God, you’re as bad as he is. Maybe we should get you neutered.”

Kneeling, the smiling woman offered me her hand. “I think he’s still a bit young for that, don’t you? By the way, I’m Laura.”

“I’m Dawn, and this is my boyfriend Paul,” I said, shooting Paul a mischievous smirk. “And yes, I suppose you’re right. It’s probably too soon to have him snipped. But you never know….”

“Oh, I’d imagine you would definitely prefer him to remain intact for a good long while still,” answered Laura, with a knowing smile. “Anyway, I was about to head over to the snack stand to grab something to drink. Would you like to join me?”

“You two can go. I want to kick back here and watch this killer sunset,” said Paul.

“May I get you anything?” Laura asked, and I noticed that she seemed pleased that Paul had declined her offer to join us.

“Nah, I’m fine, thanks,” he said, rolling back onto his stomach.

“Shall we?” Holding out her hand, Laura helped me up, and with MacAllister leading the way, we headed over to the snack bar.

She insisted on paying for my lemonade, and as we stood together sipping our drinks and admiring the view of the sun setting over the ocean she said, “That’s quite a bikini you have on there.”

Grinning, I did a sassy pirouette for her. “So I hear,” I answered with a small giggle. “Everyone seems to love this old thing.”

“I can certainly see why. It looks absolutely lovely on you.”

She was smiling as she checked me out, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that she liked what she saw. Clearly trying to be subtle about it, she was nevertheless biting the tip of her straw while studying every inch of my body. In particular, I heard her sharp intake of breath when I turned away from her.

‘Here we go again,’ I thought, chuckling to myself.

She seemed to be debating whether to say whatever it was she was thinking, and I took that opportunity to return the favor and check her out. She was probably about forty or so, and definitely in great shape. With her perfect make-up, her stylish ‘casual beachwear’ outfit, her flawless tan and carefully streaked blonde hair, she looked like one of those Beverly Hills housewives who are always on TV. That impression was solidified in my mind when she pulled out a key fob and chirped her car. The lights of a white Mercedes-Benz parked twenty yards away lit up, and she walked over to it. Opening the door, she leaned in and grabbed something before returning to our little spot at the snack stand.

After another short pause, she handed me a business card. “Dawn, I’m going to be in town for the next few days, and I want you to call me.”

‘L.A. Models,’” I said, reading the card. “‘Laura Fontaine, Project Director, Exclusive Artists Management.’

“A silly title, if you ask me. I’m really just a glorified photographer. And that’s where you come in. Dawn, I would like you to consider modeling for me.”

Okay, I wasn’t expecting that. If anything, I thought she was maybe going to hit on me. I’m sure she must have recognized my look of surprise because she continued, “I work for one of the largest modeling agencies in the country, and perhaps my favorite part of the job is discovering new talent. Along with my partner Jonathan, we’ve probably done over a thousand photo shoots encompassing all manner of projects: haute couture runway pieces; glitzy red carpet affairs; glossy high-fashion magazine covers; swimsuit and lingerie catalogues; art exposés…you name it. Anything involving the proper presentation of beautiful women, that’s our bailiwick.

“While I’m sure you must have heard this before, I’m telling you straight-up, as a professional who has shot literally thousands of beautiful women, you are truly something special. The camera will love you. It will absolutely worship you. With your figure, I can easily see you working in very short order with Jule Campbell on a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.”

She paused once again, giving me a moment to let that all sink in.

“Dawn, do you live here in L.A.?”

“Umm, sort of. I’m about to start classes at UCLA, so I’ll pretty much be living here. Well, at least during the school year, anyway. To be honest, this is actually my first day in L.A. We just got here. We haven’t even found a place to stay yet. Before we did anything else, we wanted to see the ocean.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, where are you from? You make it sound like you’re new to California.”

“We are. I mean, Paul and I. We just drove all the way from Kansas. That’s where we live, in Lawrence. Our parents work at KU.”

Realizing that I was getting in way over my head, I took a leap of faith….

“Laura, I have a confession to make. Paul isn’t my boyfriend. He’s—”

“Oh, he’s not?” she asked, smiling sweetly.

“No, he’s not. He’s my baby brother. We decided to have him come along on this trip to keep me safe. Mom wouldn’t let me go by myself.”

After a quick pause, I said, “Laura, excuse me for just a minute. I’ll be right back.”

I went over to Paul, who right away started teasing me. “Uh-oh, don’t look now, but I think someone is smitten by ‘the girl with the most perfect, awesome, spankable ass ever!’ Does my hot older sister already have another new admirer?”

Dropping onto my stomach beside him, I said, “Paul, that’s just it. She knows we’re brother and sister. That’s what I came here to tell you.”

“She knows? How?”

“Because I told her. I don’t know why, but I just blurted it out. I told her that you’re my brother, but she doesn’t know anything about us being lovers.”

“Are you sure? What if she saw us in the water?”

“No, I guess I’m not one hundred percent positive, but I’m pretty sure. I didn’t see her anywhere on the beach until we were already back here on our towels. She would be kind of hard to miss, especially with MacAllister. I think we’re fine.”

“Okay, so now what?”

“Yeah, see, that’s the other thing. Paul, you won’t believe this. She offered me a job.”

“A job? Doing what? She doesn’t even know you.”

“I know, but check it out. She’s a photographer for some big modeling agency, and she wants me to model for her!”

Paul’s expression immediately darkened. “What kind of modeling? Is this just some porn thing?”

I sat there blinking for a second. I honestly hadn’t even considered that possibility. Now that he’d brought it up, though, yep, maybe that’s all any of it was about. On the one hand I thought it kind of oogey, but then I actually laughed. I mean, how cliché, right? ‘Find some pretty girl straight off the bus from Small Town, USA, and trick her into doing porn.’

Besides, come on, the idea of me doing porn? Puh-leeaze.

Now that would really make Trish and Michelle laugh.

Anyway, no, I didn’t get any sort of skeezy vibe like that from Laura, and that’s what I told Paul. “Nope, I think this is for real. The way she describes it, she does all kinds of stuff. Look. Here’s her card.”

Once he’d read it, he started flipping the card round and round between his fingers while staring off blankly into the distance. He always did that whenever he was thinking about something, and finally he turned to me. “So what sort of modeling does she want you to do for her?”

“You know, she didn’t actually say. The only thing she mentioned was something about working with a woman named Jule for Sports Illustrated. She said she could picture me doing that. You know what? You should come with me to talk to her.”

“Definitely,” he said, jumping right up. “I want to see what this is really all about. Let’s go.”

I led Paul over to the snack bar, where Laura was sitting at a table texting someone. Hitting one last button before clicking off her phone, she looked up at us with another pleased smile. “Well hello again, handsome. I trust that you and your sister had an interesting little chat? So, okay, what do you think?”

I could tell that Paul wasn’t quite sure what to make of her. His initial reaction upon meeting her on the beach had of course been nothing but positive. She seemed perfectly normal, and as friendly as can be. Now, though, his brotherly instinct had kicked in. He was all about protecting his sister.

Choosing his words carefully, he answered in his best Dad-like ‘reasonable’ tone. “Well, what sort of modeling would she be doing? She said that you pretty much do a little bit of everything, but she’s just a nice girl who’s getting ready for her first semester of college. She’s here to go to school.” Apparently deciding that he needed to lay down the law right up front, he added, “Dawn is not going to do any crazy porn stuff, if that’s what you have in mind.”

Laura actually laughed! “Oh, god no. Porn? Is that what you’re worried about?” She turned to MacAllister and gave him an affectionate pat on the snout. “Did you hear that, boy? I guess we don’t look as trustworthy as I thought!” Then she turned back to us. “Let me assure you that no, my agency does not deal in porn, nor do I on any individual basis. I will say, however, that with Dawn’s incredible body I think she would be ideal for figure modeling, at least to start. As beautiful as she is and as tall and fit as she is, I have no doubt that she will be highly sought after by the various fashion houses of Paris, Milan and New York, but for now I’m thinking more along the lines of getting her feet wet with a few swimsuit and fitness-wear projects, and we’ll go from there.”

And that’s how I came to be thrusting my ass out in a skimpy bikini at the crack of dawn on Zuma Beach for Laura’s and Jonathan’s flashing cameras. After talking things through with her over a lengthy dinner that first night in Santa Monica, Paul and I agreed that she was on the up-and-up, and she arranged for me to take some basic test shots at a studio in Century City. From there I was brought in to meet a dizzying number of her associates at the agency, and the Saturday morning date for my initial shoot in Malibu was set.

Laura had explained to me that while she would normally be the only photographer on hand for her assignments, her partner Jonathan was also going to be there for that first Malibu shoot. Apparently her shots were going to be for some new bikini company, while Jonathan’s would be more specifically about me. Between the two, it made for a hella long morning and just a bazillion outfit changes.

One thing for certain was that by the time we took a break around ten o’clock, and I started texting back and forth with the girls back home, wooo, everyone on that beach had seen me naked! I’m talking not just Laura and Jonathan and the lighting guys with their big umbrella thingies, but also the “gofers” who always magically appeared whenever it was time for me to strip down and slip into another bikini or one of Jonathan’s sexy little numbers. Despite the early hour, there were already quite a few people walking the beach, and they seemingly all just had to make their way over to our rocky cove where Laura had decided to do the shoot.

“Just get used to it, honey. Once the bright lights come out, it’s like moths to a flame,” she said, taking me aside during a short break. We were laughing together about this one guy with a metal detector who, for some strange reason, seemed absolutely convinced that the patch of sand immediately surrounding our little photo-shoot area was where he would have the best luck in locating buried treasures.

“We call him ‘The Hoverer.’ He’s one of our regulars here. I have to say, though, I’ve never seen him be so obvious about it. I think he really fancies you!” she giggled.

Like a lot of people, I suppose, I had always assumed that most of the guys who work on these sorts of film crews must be gay. Hanging around so many gorgeous young models, come on, what straight guy wouldn’t lose his mind, right? Well, my crew definitely liked girls! Besides the fact that on more than one occasion Jonathan paused to adjust his obvious hard-on in his thin white pants, at least two of the lighting guys were sporting erections in their cargo shorts nearly the entire shoot. It was really apparent during Jonathan’s set, since he had me doing all kinds of sexy poses in these awesome sheer chiffon wraps and things. It was pretty much like one of those Playboy shoots, only I was never totally naked.

Almost, though! At one point he did have me completely naked, holding a gauzy white scarf over my body as I leaned against the rocks with the surf crashing all around me. That thing was absolutely see-through anyway, and with the constant spray from the churning waves plastering it to my bare skin I may as well have been posing there fully nude.

Once that set was finished, one of the gofers offered me a blanket to use as a cover-up while Jonathan and Laura scrolled through our first few series of pictures. I think the poor guy was a bit stunned when I declined his offer. The thing was, I had already spent so much time naked in front of everyone that I decided it was kind of silly to keep covering up between sets. I mean, what was the point?

Besides, it’s not as if I didn’t love being naked on the beach! God, it felt so amazing, and I was coming to love it more and more every time I caught another ‘innocent’ passerby sneakily snapping off cellphone pictures of me. Probably my favorite thing, though, was when Jonathan would have his helpers oil me up, making my skin glisten in the early morning sunlight. I would just stand there grinning while these two hot young guys smoothed down my legs and ass, even going right into my crack. All I had to do was wiggle my bottom a little and they would keep their hands right there…lingering.


Paul had insisted on attending that first shoot, and Laura had no problem with it. In fact, she encouraged him to come along. Graciously acknowledging his concern for my safety, she wanted him to see for himself that he had no reason to worry. As far as she was concerned, he was more than welcome to witness firsthand what it was all about.

Having finished my texting session with the girls, I was lying naked on my stomach atop a beach towel with Paul sitting beside me in a small fold-up chair when my phone went bonkers again, this time ringing instead of buzzing.

“Uh-oh! Mom’s calling!” he said, rubbing his hands together in evil glee.

“Big whoop. She already knows, Mister Smarty Pants. I told her last night.” I stuck my tongue out at him, making him laugh.

All throughout our trip I had called Mom every night to let her know we were okay, and often as not I also ended up talking with Dad. He always seemed to want to know about the logistics of everything. What sort of room were we staying in? How was the car holding up? Were there any problems signing in and paying at the front desk? Mom on the other hand seemed far more interested in hearing about what we were doing. Did Paul and I have a proper dinner? Did any strangers follow us anywhere? Were we having fun together?

That was her biggest thing, and her most frequent question. She always wanted to hear all the details about what he and I had done together, and I told her everything.

Of course she was absolutely blown away by our wild night at Tank’s place.

“Oh my god! You two had sex on stage?! That’s what you finally decided to do for your first time together…have an orgy in a strip club?” she exclaimed, laughing right into the phone. Once she’d calmed down a bit, she added, “I must say, I definitely have to hand it to you. That was a proper Lisa Treatment. And why am I not surprised? You never did do anything in half-measures.”

I explained to her that no, it wasn’t a full-on orgy. I mean, come on, not counting what I did with Lana, Niki and that one scaredy-cat waitress, I only had actual sex with Paul, and he only had sex with me. Blowjobs and girl-girl sex wasn’t really an ‘orgy,’ was it?

She agreed that no, it really wasn’t, but she couldn’t stop giggling over my description of how deliriously happy I was when Paul filled first my pussy then my ass with his patented huge loads of cum.

“I keep telling you, sweetie…like mother, like daughter. I knew you would love it in your ass. Doesn’t it feel amazing?”

God, I adore her. She is totally beyond awesome.

Anyway, as I was lying there talking to Mom, I could tell that Paul thought the whole situation fairly hilarious. Every couple of minutes those same two gofer dudes would come by, asking whether they could get me anything. It was obvious that all they were doing was looking for any excuse to keep perving over me, and Paul was totally egging them on.

“You guys should probably rub some more oil on her. It looks like it’s starting to wear off….

“Hey, you missed a spot….

“Dawn, why don’t you go ahead and roll over now. They need to do your front, too….”

I was trying not to laugh, especially when he’d hit them with, “Hey, you missed a spot. Yep, right there….” He kept saying that each time they ran their hands deep into my bare split, and of course they would dutifully stroke right over my tingly asshole and shining wet pussy lips.

Quite the dedicated professionals, they were nothing if not downright meticulous in doing their job!

Yes, ha ha, it was really funny and all; still, it was turning me on like crazy, and Paul knew it. In a sort of reverse deal compared to what he had me do to poor Tony in the strip club, this time I was the one being tortured. Mom could hear Paul doling out suggestions, and she asked me to hand him the phone.

I heard her say something to him, and he responded, “Yes, baby oil. It makes her skin look awesome when the light hits it just right. This Jonathan guy, the photographer, he loves it.”

She said something else, followed by a cute giggle.

“Absolutely!” he answered. “Yep, front and back…. Yeah, there too, without a doubt…. I know! It couldn’t be more perfect, right?” Whatever she said next, it made them both laugh. “Okay, I will…” he continued, and with a sly grin he glanced at my ass and motioned with his eyes for me to pooch it up a bit higher for my two horny helpers. Obviously Mom had sussed out the situation and couldn’t resist joining him in mischief, feeding him instructions which he was more than happy to pass along.

Not that I really needed to fake anything since I was already seriously turned on anyway, but I started hamming it up a little, pressing my ass into their hands while grinding my hips like a total nympho. I was basically just writhing there on my stomach, encouraging my eager cabana boys to help themselves to every inch of my sexy naked bottom.

Grinning to myself, I had a pretty good idea that that’s exactly what Mom would do. Given such a perfect opportunity to flirt, she would take full advantage of it, and I knew she wanted me to enjoy those moments just as much as she does.

During one pass through my moist slit the guy kneeling to my right dipped a finger into my pussy, making me bite my bottom lip. Paul saw my eyes light up, and he could barely keep from laughing. When I was on my back it was just as bad, particularly when they took turns alternating between my bare breasts, slippery thighs and wet pussy, swapping places each time their hands met at my stomach. As slick as they were in all their movements, it was obvious that they’d definitely had a lot of practice. Working smoothly in tandem, they clearly knew what they were doing.

Handing me back the phone, a grinning Paul shook his head at the guys. “You two actually get paid to do this? Man, where can I get a job like that?”

“Yeah, well, a lot of these girls are nowhere near as cool with this as your sister is…” said the taller one, who was casually squeezing my breasts. Sure, he was also working the baby oil in all over my arms and shoulders, but he was mainly just fondling my breasts. It seemed his favorite trick was to tease my nipples to full erection by brushing them again and again with his circling palms. Man, was he ever good at that.

“No doubt,” added his partner, continuing to stroke up and down and very often directly between my partially spread legs. “We usually get stuck with some lame princess-type who just always has to feign all kinds of righteous indignation the second any of us lay our hands on her. Don’t get me wrong, this is still an awesome gig even then, but it’s so much better when we get someone who’s as chill as your sister has been this whole shoot.”

“Yeah, I think you’re fine there,” said Paul, giving me a snarky grin. “I highly doubt that you guys are ever going to have a problem when it comes to Dawn letting you play with her ass.”

“Jesus, Paul!” Mom exclaimed from fifteen hundred miles away, and we both laughed. “Did he really just say that? Tell your brother that his mother still isn’t above putting him over her knee and teaching him some manners!”

Looking up sweetly at Paul, I showed him the phone. “Mom says that if you keep talking like that about your wonderful sister, she’s going to spank your little bottom the next time she sees you.”

“Talking like what?” he asked, grinning cheekily. “It’s true, isn’t it? I mean, come on now.”

God, was he having a blast. Of course he was right, which was hardly news to Mom. “Baby, he’s got you there. Don’t even try to deny that you’re loving this. We all know better,” she teased, a sunny smile evident in her voice.

“Yeah, okay, fine, as if Samantha the Super MILF has any room to talk! Paul told me about your naked Movie Night with the boys. You thought you could just slip that one by me, didn’t you? Busted!” I teased right back, then I said to Paul, “For what it’s worth, Mom agrees with you. That doesn’t mean you aren’t still a big fat jerk for saying it, though. You’re definitely going to pay for that one, mister.”

Rolling back onto my stomach, I returned to my conversation with Mom, and my two guys reluctantly took off when Jonathan called them over to help with the next set-up. First things first, Mom told me how delighted she was to know that I was already having so much fun in California. She was genuinely thrilled to hear about my every little adventure, and she was just as delighted to tell me about her own flirty escapades. She didn’t try to deny any of what Paul had told me about her night alone with him and his friends; in fact, she said that the moment Dad came home from his trip she filled him in on all the juicy details…well, except for the part about her having sex with Paul. On that score she had made a promise to her son, and she fully intended to keep her promise.

Otherwise, she knew that Dad would love hearing about her “naked night with the boys,” as she put it, and sure enough, she was right. “Baby, he thought it was the sexiest thing imaginable,” she said, almost in a whisper. Then she added, “And he hoped that I would do it again, perhaps with him there to help it along, although he also loved the idea of letting us play on our own.” She paused, and I heard her take a deep breath. “And we have…just the three of us. Dawn, even though you and Paul are away, of course Rick and Donny know that they’re always welcome to come over anytime they want.”

“They’re family,” I said. “There’s no reason they shouldn’t still hang out and go swimming or whatever. I mean, why not?”

“Exactly, and that’s what your father and I told them. Even so, I was pleasantly surprised when Donny called to ask if it would be okay for them to bring some movies over that evening. This was two days after you and your brother had left for California. I told him, ‘Don’t be silly. This is still your home. You both have house keys, and you don’t have to ask before coming over.’ When he mentioned bringing some pizza too, I let him know that that would be fine, but he only needed to order enough for the three of us since your father was leaving for a weekend golf trip with Dr. Carlisle.”

“Speaking of whom, my god, Mom, please make sure to thank Dr. Carlisle again for us. His house is just awesome. I can’t believe he’s letting us use it.”

“Remember, sweetie, it’s not permanent. This arrangement is only for the rest of the summer and probably your first semester. Still, yes, that was a wonderful stroke of good fortune. I take it that the Brentwood area is quite nice.”

“Nice? Christ, Mom, wait till you see the neighborhood we’re in. Everything is so green and beautiful, and we’re super close to the campus. It’s just perfect, all the way around. You definitely have to thank him for us. That was so incredible of him.”

“Oh, we have, and we certainly will again. I’m so glad that you like it. Just make sure to be extra nice to…what was her name again?”

“You mean Lucinda? Oh, don’t worry. She’s a doll. We already love her.”

“You mean you love having her pick up after you,” she said, laughing. “Dawn, try not to take advantage of her, okay? That goes for Paul, too.”

“Mom, she only comes by once a week to clean the house and drop off groceries. It’s not like she’ll be cooking for us and doing our laundry and stuff. Don’t worry, she’ll hardly know we’re there.

“Anyway, come on, get back to your story. I have a feeling this is going to be good!”

“Oh, I think you would have been quite proud of me. I did some serious flirting, and it was for the entire weekend. They spent all three nights here. What made it even spicier was the little talk that your father and I had just before he took off for his trip. Sweetie, have you ever heard of a hall pass?”

“Well, sure, we had those in school. It must mean something else then, right?”

“Yes, it does. It means that your significant other is giving you the freedom to do anything you want for a specified period of time, and that really does mean anything…including having sex with other people. Before he left, your father told me that as far as he was concerned I had a hall pass for that weekend with the boys. I think he was just having fun teasing me, since we had already discussed the possibilities of what might happen with Paul and his horny friends once I started wearing sexy things again around the house, and all that. Still, when I told him about our wild Movie Night, he let me know that he would have no problem with it if I wanted to take it further. He knew I would always tell him everything, and he really does love it when I come to him fully turned on after a night of playful flirting.

“So, in light of this, it certainly made for a much more interesting weekend, at least from my perspective. Obviously the boys were not aware that I had my husband’s semi-serious permission to go all the way with them. And see, here’s the thing. I knew I wouldn’t. It didn’t matter that your father had basically said I was free to do whatever I wanted. He’s done so before, and rarely have I ever taken him up on it. When I do fool around with other men, he’s usually right by my side.”

“You mean like those parties you go to with Dad and his friends. That’s when you always wear your hottest outfits. I swear, a lot of times you just look totally dressed for sex.”

“Yes, sweetie, sometimes when we go out I do like to play. More often than not, though, it’s all just harmless flirting. That’s what I knew would be the case in this instance, as well. I wasn’t going to let it go too far, even if I may have had my husband’s permission. Still, simply knowing that I could and that I always can, yes, it does make such evenings that much more exciting. Who’s to say that I might not surrender to temptation?”

“Like you finally did with Paul, that night in the kitchen.”

“That was a long time coming, but yes, like I finally did with Paul…and like you finally did with him, too. Honey, I was wondering when it would eventually happen between you two. I didn’t necessarily think that you would be each other’s first, but once you became aware of how you were affecting him and that knowledge only made you want to do it even more, I knew it was simply a matter of time. The truly wonderful thing to me is that you two are so deeply in love. Everything you do together comes from a beautiful place, and I couldn’t be happier for you.”

Sitting there watching and listening, Paul was probably getting the basic gist of the conversation, but at my mentioning of his name and our amazing night in the kitchen with Mom, followed by her lengthy response, he asked, “Okay, what are you two going on about now?”

“Oh, nothing much,” I said with a pointed smirk, making sure they could both hear me. “Mom was just getting ready to tell me about her latest sexy adventure. It seems that she had the house all to herself again while Dad was away on his golfing trip, and guess who decided to come over and keep her company for the entire weekend?”

“Plus half the day on Monday! We sure watched a lot of movies!” she added happily, her musical voice ringing nice and clear through the little speaker.

Grinning, Paul just shook his head. “Those little bastards….”

“Yep,” I said. “From what Mom was starting to say, it sounds like she treated Rick and Donny to the weekend of a lifetime.”

“I don’t know about a lifetime, but it probably made for a pretty fair summer.” There was Mom’s happy voice again. I had to say, she sounded quite pleased with herself.

“Okay, I definitely need to hear this. Put her on speakerphone already,” said Paul.

I hit the little ‘speaker’ icon and said, “Hi, Mom!”

Laughing sweetly, she answered, “Hi, Dawn! Hi, Paul! Okay, before I say another word, are you two by yourselves there?”

“Actually, the entire crew just showed up,” I answered. “That’s fine, though. I want them all to know what total pervs we Kansans are, so go right ahead. They won’t mind.”

With a look of sheer panic, Paul, a.k.a. Captain Gullible, shot a quick glance over his shoulder, the big doofus.

“Sharp as a marble, your baby boy,” I said teasingly, and a grinning Paul flipped me the bird. “Yes, Mom, Paul and I are the only ones here, so lay it on us.”

“I hope you bit their dicks off!” Paul shouted, making me laugh.

Mom laughed too. “No, not quite. At one point I definitely considered it, though. So, okay, I was telling your sister that she would probably be very proud of me for all the sexy fun I’ve been having with your two delightfully eager friends. They really are a couple of horny devils, especially when—”

“Now wait a minute,” interrupted Paul. “Why would Dawn be proud of you for flirting with my friends? She swears up and down that she has never gone out of her way to encourage you to act all sexy and stuff and drive us crazy. She’s always telling me that you started doing that entirely on your own, no daughterly pep talks necessary. Is my sweet, innocent sister fibbing again?”

Staring right through me, he had his arms folded across his chest while sporting the smuggest shit-eating grin ever.

No biggie. I had it covered. Returning his grin, I said, “Just because I’m totally proud of her for letting her hair down and having some fun again, that doesn’t mean I had to talk her into anything. Try again, Judge Judy.”

Mom burst out in applause. “Paul, I believe this is where you bow graciously to your clever sister and say, ‘Touché!’”

“Yeah, whatever….” Still grinning, he offered me this totally sarcastic doffing of some imaginary D’Artagnan hat while bowing ostentatiously before me.

“Mom,” I said, beaming at his comical display, “your son is an absolute dork, but he’s just so adorable.”

“I know,” she answered. “He really is adorkable, isn’t he?”

Oh my god, but did that make me laugh. “Did I just hear my mother say ‘adorkable’? That is absolutely awesome! Mom, where did you ever come up with that?”

Shaking his head, Paul smiled in resignation. “Hey, Dad says things like ‘cock block’ now, so why not?”

“Yeah, why not?” seconded Mom, pretending to be offended. “What, you think your mother doesn’t get cable?”

“Okay,” said Paul, “so just how much ‘sexy fun’ are we talking here? When I get back home, am I going to have to kill those two perverts?”

“I don’t know about killing them, and I probably wouldn’t go so far as to call them ‘perverts,’ but you’re right, when it comes to those two wanting to get me naked and play their sneaky games, god, they are just constantly hot to trot. I have never seen two boys who were so perpetually hard and always ready to go. I swear, Dawn, I don’t even think Paul is that nonstop horny. They’re like a couple of MILF-crazy satyrs!

“Oh, and by the way, that’s their term, not mine. When they think I can’t hear them, they love to go on and on about how I’m ‘such a hot MILF.’ Apparently that’s their new favorite expression. And to be honest, I don’t have a problem with it. I actually think it’s kind of cute. They’re so wonderfully enthusiastic about everything, how could I possibly mind?”

Grinning, Paul rolled his eyes. “Yeah, no shit, of course they’re ‘wonderfully enthusiastic.’ With you running around naked, who wouldn’t be? I’ll bet you were naked pretty much the whole time, right?”

“Well, no, it’s not as if I spent the entire weekend naked.” Grinning, she paused. “We did go out a couple of times, you know. Oh, wait…that’s right. Ummm…never mind!”

Her happy laughter was always so gorgeous anyway, but this time it was just too awesome.

“What?!” Paul exclaimed. “You’re telling me that they took you out naked?”

“Well, no, not exactly, though I’m sure that that would have been perfectly fine with them. No, it was more like they got me naked once we were out and about. Sweetie, I’m telling you, those two just can’t get enough of seeing me naked!” she said, and this time we all laughed.

“Okay, but where on earth did they take you that allowed you to go nude?” I asked.

Paul shook his head again. “Let me guess. They took you to a drive-in movie, didn’t they?”

“Yep! Now that was fun. Baby, how did you know?”

“Mom, ever since that first Movie Night on the couch, all they’ve been talking about is how awesome it would be to get you and Dawn to go on a double-date with them to the drive-in. Donny is just obsessed with the idea. He thinks it would be the coolest thing ever, having you all to himself in the back of his truck while Rick is making out with Dawn in the front seat.”

“Well, he didn’t quite have me all to himself. Rick was there too, at least some of the time. We were sort of playing musical chairs the entire night, until finally we all just stayed together in the back. Those two are simply incorrigible.”

She said it with a smile.

“Hmmm, I think I would be up for that. How about you, Mom? Maybe we could even do a little swapping,” I teased.

“You’ll hear no arguments from me, baby. As insatiable as those two are, I could use the help!”

“Wow, Mom, so you actually did have sex with them? First Paul, and now Rick and Donny? You sure do love Movie Nights!” I said, making Paul laugh.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” she answered, teasing right back.

~to be continued~

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Submitted: November 05, 2014

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