Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 14

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Her time has come: Dawn hits the stage.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

"...and coming all the way from lil' ol' Kansas, please welcome to the stage...MEGAN FOX!"

I giggled when I heard Tank introduce me that way to the audience. I guess I must really look like her, since Tank just took it upon himself to give me that stage name. I also giggled over the thought that none of those horny guys out there who fantasized about Megan Fox ever dreamed they would see her do the things I was planning on doing that night.

Niki had convinced me to put on a g-string and a single garter just so I'd be able to take off the panties on stage, which she said was always a bigger crowd-pleaser than simply coming out pantiless. So, with the strutting opening drum beat of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" accompanying me as I burst through the curtains, there I was, dancing on stage in a strip club!

Going for sort of a 'sexy school girl' look, I started off with my hair tied up and my blouse tucked into my tiny skirt. Rather than begin dancing right away, however, the first thing I did was simply prowl the edge of the stage; remembering how she'd done it that night when she walked up the stairs for me, I did an exaggerated version of Mom's sexy strut.

Part of the reason I started out that way was just to do something different. I didn't want to jump right on the stripper pole or go straight to the floor and writhe around, like so many of the other girls seemed to do. No, I wanted to appear feral and fully in charge as I stalked the stage.

Also, I really couldn't see any of the faces in the audience, at least not until my eyes adjusted to the bright stage lights. By staying near the edge of the stage I was able to peer out into the relative darkness, until finally I spotted Paul sitting alone at his table.

I was having a blast just prowling the stage, giving everyone my sexiest strut. I felt like a caged tiger, plus I knew all those guys were looking right up my skirt as I vamped my way above their leering faces. Stopping and starting to the rhythm of the song, I was dancing without really dancing. On every fourth beat I swung my hips and did something flirty, cupping my ass or flipping my skirt while pivoting on my heels to change direction with a sassy flash of my thighs.

Once the guitar solo began, I stepped forward and stood proudly at the edge of the stage, directly above a couple of horny construction workers. Rocking my hips like a music video slut, I totally stared them down while unclipping my hair, letting my long, wild mane fall free. After shaking it out and whipping it around, I pointed to the cuter of the two guys; using that same finger, I slowly ran it between my breasts and over my bare stomach before slipping it into the camel toe of my tight g-string panties.

Lifting my stiletto heel onto the foot-high brass railing encircling the stage, I spread my legs for my two leering construction guys. As I rocked my hips for them, I stroked my pussy with one hand while using the other to untie the loose knot that held my top together.

Peering out into the audience again, I noticed that Paul had been joined at his table by our waitress. He was laughing and shaking his head at me in disbelief, and I blew him a kiss. Teasing him about our long-distance banter, the waitress tickled him in the ribs, making him lurch out of his seat. Everyone in his area laughed, but they stopped laughing when she whispered something in his ear while reaching into his lap to stroke his cock.

He shot me a panicked look, and I just blew him another kiss. Although he didn't exactly relax then, he did at least sit back in his seat, allowing the waitress to nibble on his ear and fondle his huge erection in front of everyone.

With the crowd whooping and hollering, I finally began to dance...well, sort of, anyway. It was mostly just showing off my ass, plus a series of spins and splits, including lots of touching. More than anything I was simply going through all the moves I did as a cheerleader, only I was doing them the way I'd always fantasized about doing them: sexier, more seductively, with people watching me touch and otherwise fully display myself.

Returning to the edge of the stage, I grinned at my two admirers. Leaning down, I grabbed the cuter one's head and pressed it to my breasts while reaching into the other guy's lap to stroke his obvious bulge. I switched back and forth for a few moments, alternating whose cock I'd stroke and whose head I'd press to my breasts.

Releasing them, I went into a sideways split, bouncing my ass in their faces. When I looked back over my shoulder, I noticed the cute one had pulled his cock out and was openly stroking it for me.

Slithering around sexily on my ass, I rolled onto my back; with my head facing the audience and my feet pointed towards the center of the stage I planted my heels, spread my legs and began undulating my hips in rhythmic circles, as if I were being fucked. Undoing my top, I urgently cupped and squeezed my naked breasts while hanging my head and shoulders over the side of the stage.

My cute construction worker wasted no time in feeding his good-sized cock into my inviting open mouth. The angle I was offering made it easy for him to push straight into my throat, and as I pinched my nipples he began to saw himself in and out, fully face-fucking me.

Even upside down I managed to sneak a peek at Paul, who was receiving his own killer blowjob. With the nearby tables cheering her on, our waitress was leaning into his lap and wetly slurping up and down his enormous dick. Using two hands to pump the base of my baby brother's thick shaft, that girl was clearly giving it everything she had, and still she was only able to take a little less than half of him into her mouth.

My two construction workers quickly switched places, the second guy feeding me his longer, slimmer cock. I was just starting to orient myself to the new shaft sliding down my throat when I felt a pair of hands grasping my writhing ass, then a warm, wet mouth was pressing against my panties-covered pussy. With my head dipped below the edge of the stage I couldn't see who was between my legs, and at that point I didn't care.

'I guess it's starting right away, and we're skipping the dancing. Fine by me,' I thought. I'd intended to dance a couple of songs before anything major really happened, but once I saw my cute construction guy's naked cock I no longer cared about dancing. I just wanted to have sex. My only concern centered on Paul potentially cumming in our waitress's mouth. I was hoping she'd been given instructions that she wasn't to make him cum, at least not until I'd gotten him first.

'Such a crazy thing to be thinking right now,' I giggled to myself, realizing that I was worrying about Paul's cum even while happily sucking two strangers' cocks and having my pussy licked by some unknown person who'd pulled aside my panties. 'It has to be a girl,' I thought, noticing the softness of the kisses, and the hands on my thighs felt softly feminine too. Deciding that it was definitely a girl between my legs, I closed my eyes and gave myself over to pure lust.

I truly love sucking cock, and I also love having my pussy eaten. I know it will never take the place of eating someone else, or of being thoroughly filled and fucked, but I'm learning to love all the different oral techniques people use on me.

Trish simply attacks my pussy, and especially my ass. With the way she takes me into her mouth and chews on me, she almost literally eats me. Lisa is usually more gentle, at least initially, until she totally loses it and goes crazy. Like a werewolf devouring her kill, she becomes frantic as she thrashes her face between my legs. I absolutely love that. Michelle just always has to fuck me, using everything she can in both my holes. Once she gets going, it's rare for her not to double-penetrate me. The bigger the better, and the more the merrier, those seem to be her credos. "If two fingers are great, then three would be awesome! Since my tongue up her ass is already driving her insane, let's go ahead and jam my whole hand inside her pussy! That'll really rocket her to the moon!"

I just love all the different ways girls fuck me. As I lay on the stage that night, I was thinking that I couldn't wait to experience all the different ways boys would fuck me too.

The girl on stage had a unique technique, licking me with long, fast strokes up and down my slit. Moaning into my pussy as I continued humming around the cock I was hungrily taking down my throat, she was definitely turning me on.

We'd been going at it for a few minutes, and I was really getting into sucking their dicks. I was stroking them into my mouth with both hands, letting my saliva freely coat my chin, when suddenly I felt myself being physically hauled away. Three sets of hands were lifting me, and finally I could see what was happening. Lana, Niki and our waitress were carrying me over to a chair that someone had positioned near the center of the stage. Sitting there was Paul, wearing an expression that was equal parts astonishment, fear, and lust. His pants were open, and he was trying to cover his huge erection with his shirt and hands.

I couldn't help but giggle at the absurdity of it all. Even after receiving a public blowjob from a hot stripper, he still didn't want people to see his enormous dick. He just looked ridiculous trying to cover himself, and I loved him even more for it.

The girls set me down sidesaddle in his lap, then they pulled me by my arms and legs, stretching me out. Having regained my bearings, it hit me that Whitesnake's "Still of the Night" was playing. Knowing the considerable length of that song, I was thinking I could scarcely imagine what was in store for me.

Well, I immediately began to find out. The first thing the girls did was synchronize their combined seduction with the staccato rhythm of the song. "Still of the Night" comes in continual fits and starts, and so did their attacks on my face and pussy. They were moving around us in a constantly rotating circle, each girl taking up a position either between my legs, over my face, or sucking Paul's cock.

There's this long, flowing portion of the song that comes to a crescendo with the singer climactically crying out just before the guitar solo. When the singer let loose with his awesome wail, the girls simultaneously pulled open my top and tore off my panties, assaulting me with their mouths, hands and pussies. Lana bit my cunt, making me scream into Niki's pussy, which made her scream too. The waitress had climbed all the way over Paul's shoulder and hooked her legs around his head as she sucked his cock, basically forcing him to eat her pussy at the same time.

"Don't make him cum!" hissed Lana, shooting me a reassuring smile. When I took a break from licking Niki's superb cunt to blow the gorgeous blonde dancer a kiss of gratitude, she grinned and dove right back between my legs.

I relaxed, knowing that the girls really did have everything all worked out. They were going to make sure that I got what I wanted: Paul's first load of cum, deep in my pussy.

I began to thrust my hips and cry out in time with the song, completely letting go. I bit Niki's cunt harder than Lana bit mine, and I also reached up with both hands to pull her down to me by her nipples. After she screamed even louder than she had in the dressing room, I brought her mouth alongside the other girl's onto Paul's huge cock. Grinning, I spread her wicked little ass and jammed my tongue back inside her tight hole. Praying that she wouldn't bite him too hard, I took her tiny star between my teeth while pushing my entire hand inside her pussy. When I bit her asshole, she cried out so passionately that both the waitress and Lana paused to see what had happened. As I ravaged Niki's ass and pussy her only response was this adorable little hopping motion on the balls of her feet, and we all laughed when the waitress ran off the stage in fright upon seeing what I was doing to her friend.

"Dawn, look what you did! You scared her away!" said Paul, laughing between moans.

Now Niki had his cock all to herself, and she began fisting and sucking it as hard as she could. She was really going wild on him, moaning up a storm as she pumped his shining wet shaft into her mouth, until finally she pulled off, panting, "Darlin', I'm sorry, but you're just way too big for me to get it all down."

Paul gave her a curious look, and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

Mom, Lisa, Michelle, Trish and I were the only girls who had ever sucked his cock, and we all took the whole thing, so naturally he expected every girl to be able to do it. He figured that's just what's supposed to happen when a guy gets a blowjob, right? Isn't that how it always goes?

"Niki, here, let me..." I said, twisting from his lap to kneel between his knees.

"Go ahead and try, but you'll never—" she began to say, only to be cut short when I immediately took him all the way down my throat. Pressing my lips to his balls while moaning around his cock, I gave her a happy smile.

"No you didn't! No ma'am! Nuh-uh! You did not just take that whole thing all the way inside your mouth like that, easy as pie!" shouted Niki, watching in amazement as I enthusiastically bobbed up and down his entire length.

"She always does," said Paul, nonchalantly.

I briefly lifted my head to give her a satisfied smile. "Isn't that what I'm supposed to do?"

"My lord.... Girl, that just ain't right," grinned Niki.

Returning her grin, I went back down on Paul before drawing away with a little giggle. "See? It's easy! Just open your throat and push, like this...." Again taking every inch of him, I stopped to linger at the base of his shaft, my nose buried in his pubic hair. Pulling up, I said, "Now, you try."

Switching places with me, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and began to lower it onto his huge, pulsing cock.

"Relax your throat. Just let him slide right in..." I said, gently pushing on the back of her head.

"Mmmmmphhh!" she grunted, then she gagged and pulled up.

"Hey! She made it about halfway that time!" Lana giggled.

"Hey, my lily white behind! You wanna try it, if you think it's so easy?" giggled Niki right back.

"I'll surely be glad to suck his dick again, but I already know I won't get it all the way down. Not even close," she grinned, and they switched places.

As soon as Lana was in position, I said to Paul, "You have to hear her! She makes the most awesome sound ever! Watch this...."

I got down on my knees behind Lana...and simply mauled her. There is no other way to describe it. With a wolf's howl I latched on to her ass, but not before taking her g-string in my teeth and violently ripping it off her. She screamed when I tugged it into her pussy, but that was nothing compared to what I did to her once I'd spat out her panties onto the stage.

"Oh my god, Lana...LOOK OUT!" shouted Niki, but it was too late. Lana had only just begun to turn back to me when I tried to punch four fingers straight into her cunt, along with three fingers from my other hand into her asshole. I managed to force the flat part of my hand inside her pussy, but my fingers bounced right off her ass. So, I tried it again. With my hand still inside her pussy, I jammed those other three fingers into her pussy. After moistening them and drooling some saliva into her ass, I wedged rather than punched my way into her tightest little hole.

God, but did she let loose the most gorgeous shriek!

"Don't bite him!" cried Niki, but that was also too late, as Paul had already added his own sudden yelp in response to Lana's teeth apparently clamping down on his shaft.

"Lana! Cock biting is not allowed!" I giggled. "Girl, you need to practice your table manners!" I removed my hand from her ass to slap her breasts, which made us all giggle. Well, all but Paul, anyway. He just stared at us, partly in shock and partly in amusement. While grinning at him over Lana's shoulder, I asked sweetly, "Are you okay, baby?"

"Uhh, yeah, but just be more careful next time, will ya? At least give her some warning before you do that to her, especially when she's got someone's dick in her mouth! Jesus, Dawn, she's not a cheerleader, you know," he groaned, which made me laugh until my sides hurt.

"Sowwy!" I mewled in a cloying baby-talk voice, then I began really fucking the hell out of Lana. Fisting her clenching pussy with one hand while alternating the other between her asshole, mouth, breasts and nipples, I just pummeled away at her.

'Michelle would be so proud,' I grinned to myself.

Niki looked on in stunned bewilderment as I assaulted her friend, who at first tried gamely to continue sucking Paul's cock before eventually just giving up and shakily bracing herself against him as I drove her crazy.

"Listen, Paul! Listen!" I cried triumphantly when I felt Lana's owl sounds beginning to resonate throughout her body and into my pummeling hands. I could literally feel her vibrating through her ass and pussy; her breasts started trembling, and a perfectly rising warble began issuing from deep within her chest.

"Dawn! What the...what are you doing to her?!" exclaimed Paul, watching Lana pour out from both ends. From her mouth came her best owl sounds yet, and from her pussy came so much clear, gushing cum that Niki fell back in dismay onto her ass.

Laughing in sheer delight, I quickly pulled my hand out of Lana's pulsating cunt, and with her owl hoots turning into a higher-pitched shriek of mindless ecstasy a gorgeous torrent of stripper cum shot out onto the stage.

"Lana! What are you doing?! Stop that! Stop that!" cried Niki, shuffling on her ass and hands away from her shattered friend, who just kept gushing out an ever-widening pool of clear pussy-joy.

Lana was lost to the world, but I at least wanted some of her sweet nectar before it was all gone. While continuing to plunder her asshole, I twisted down onto my back, positioning my face below her gushing fountain. Both Paul and Niki looked on in astonishment when I clamped my mouth over her lips and began swallowing and swallowing again. With as much thrashing as she was doing, wow, it wasn't easy to maintain any solid purchase on her bucking pussy. At one point she thrashed so much that my teeth bonked into her clit, causing her to scream and jump a foot in the air before landing in Paul's lap, like an insanely sexy grasshopper.

Trembling in his arms as her yummy pussy surrendered its final pulses of clear cum onto my lapping tongue, she was shaking all over.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh fuck..." she kept moaning, and her body wouldn't stop quaking. Paul wrapped both arms around her, as if she were shivering from being cold. She curled herself into a little ball, letting him completely envelop her with his arms and legs.

Niki went to Lana, taking the wild-eyed girl by the hand. As she led her wobbly friend away, I noticed a much slower song was playing, Foreigner's "I've Been Waiting." Making eyes at me to indicate the song, Niki mouthed, "Now."

I laughed when I realized what they had done, setting us up with that specific song for our first time together.

"Yes, I have been waiting," I said, climbing up into Paul's lap to straddle him. Mimicking the song's lyrics, I whispered, "Have you been waiting...for a girl like me...to come into your life?"

"Dawn, holy shit! What...what did you do to that poor girl?" he stammered in amazement.

"Shhhh. I promise you, she's fine."

"Pssst..." came Niki's voice. We turned and saw her holding Lana in her arms just offstage. Both girls were positively beaming. Niki nodded happily, and Lana mouthed to me, "Wow!"

I gave Paul a little grin. "See? Toldja she's fine."

"Okay, maybe she is, but will I be?" he grinned right back, staring at me in wonder.

"Not if we do it right..." I smiled, peeling off and tossing away my torn top. Gazing deeply into his eyes, I reached between our legs and guided his cock to my steaming entrance. "Paul, make love to me."

"Right here? Are you sure?" he asked nervously.

"Yes, baby, right here. Make love to your sister now."

"I love you, Dawn," he whispered, and I let out the most satisfied moan of my life when he thrust his hips and pushed inside me. God, I was so wet that even despite his massive size he slid right in. Completely filling me, he stretched my soft lips to the point that I thought he might tear me open, and still he kept moving deeper and deeper into my flowing pussy. Lifting my tiny skirt to cup my bare ass, he finally pushed my bottom the rest of the way down, burying himself all the way inside me, and again he whispered, "I love you, big sister."

"Then show me, little brother. Give me everything, Paul. Make love to me as sweetly as you made love to Lisa. It's just us now, and no one is going to stop you this time. Fuck me, then keep fucking me, and don't ever stop. Baby, from now on I want you to fuck me every day...every single day...."

Grinding on him, I began moving in his lap, then I noticed Lana making a move to come back onto the stage. When I gestured for her to stop, she motioned that my skirt was in the way, so I whispered to Paul, "Take my last piece of clothing. Make me naked, and let everyone see your perfect cock fucking your sister's virgin pussy."

He tentatively reached for my hip to unzip my skirt. Coming to my feet, I shimmied it down my hips. Stepping out of it, I kicked it over to Lana, who giggled and gave me the thumbs-up sign.

Wanting to taste my pussy, I went to my knees, offering my ass to the audience as I took Paul's cock into my mouth. While sucking him, I realized that I couldn't wait to suck him again after he'd cum inside me. I wanted to taste us both together, the same way I'd tasted his cum mixed with Lisa's.

He was holding me by my heavy breasts, gently tugging on my nipples, and I was barely even aware of the audience, who seemed to have become silent. All I could hear was the Foreigner song plus the slurping sound of my mouth on his cock. Deciding that I wanted to hear the slurping sound of my pussy sucking his cock, I climbed back into his lap and whispered, "Hold it up straight for me." He grasped his long, steely shaft, and I sat high above his lap, facing him. Spreading my legs, I slowly lowered my hips, taking him inch by glorious inch all the way into my grateful pussy while moaning, "Mmmmm, god...fuck me, baby." Once I'd taken him completely inside, I lifted and did it again, happily dying over every silky inch of liberating penetration.

I knew then that I would forever be a slave to cock. I would always need to be filled with delicious lengths of warm, solid flesh, pounding me into ecstasy. I would live for that moment of exquisite surrender, when I welcome a man's hard body deep inside my softer one.

I also knew that my pussy would always be Paul's. Whenever, wherever or however he wanted me, I would take Paul's cock for life. I would share his wonderful gift, but I would never give it up.

As I made love for the first time with a man, I was completely oblivious to my surroundings. So many thoughts were going through my head, yet all I really knew was that I'd been a fool to wait so long. From the very first day Paul became hard because of me, we should've been having sex. I envied my dazzlingly beautiful mother for fucking him before I had, and especially for having such incredible sex with him in front of Rick and Donny. I knew full well that had I been there that night I would have fucked him too, and I wouldn't have cared who watched. I knew that if Mom, the boys and I were ever together again in the pool or watching movies she and I would end up having sex in front of them, then we'd all fuck. I also knew that I was going to take her to Paul's bed where the three of us would have sex all day, and I would join her and Dad in their bed so they could fuck me all night.

I couldn't wait to have my gorgeous mother again, with Paul fucking us both. I also couldn't wait to spend a whole night in bed with Paul and Lisa.

God, I was just driving myself crazy.

As Paul kept spearing his cock into me, I noticed that his eyes were closed. He was holding me by my naked hips, and I was smoothly thrusting myself up and down his long shaft. Leaning forward, I offered my erect tips to his lips; pressing them together, he took both inside. When his eyes fluttered open, I grinned and whispered, "What are you thinking?"

"A thousand things, and nothing at all," he moaned. "Mostly, that I can't believe how lucky I am to have a sister like you...a beautiful girl like you. This is even more amazing than my first time with Lisa...because this is with you." Suddenly his eyes opened wide. "You're the one I love, and this is what I want."

"Will you share me with her, and with Mom?" I asked, panting for him to fuck me harder.

"They will have to be willing to share. Dawn, I have to have you."

"I'm sure it won't be a problem, baby. Mom wants us both, and so does Lisa." Twisting my hips, I squeezed him with my pussy. "I can't give this up now any more than you can. God, when you first started getting hard-ons from looking at my ass, I wish you would've pressed your erections into me too, instead of only doing it to Mom. If you would have ever done that to me during a movie, I would've pulled my panties aside and let you put it inside me. I would've been dying for you to fuck me, and it wouldn't have mattered whether or not Mom and Dad were there. I know we would have found a way."

He drove really hard into me, and I moaned, "Mmmmm...keep fucking me...your cock feels amazing...." Panting as I rode him, I continued, "God, if only I'd known. We could've been fucking our brains out every day, morning, noon and night...in our bedrooms...in the pool...on the living room floor as we all watched TV...in the back seat of the car anytime Mom was driving...everywhere at school...." Moaning again, I leaned down to devour his lips. We kissed like crazy, with a passion that set my soul on fire. Finally we were making love, our hearts wildly pounding together, our eyes locked in desperation. We couldn't get enough of each other; his thick cock fucking me was a more perfect feeling than anything I had ever imagined.

I was so happy, I began to cry. Noticing my tears, he immediately pulled back, and I shouted, "No! Don't stop!" When I felt his body tensing, I slid my tongue all the way into his mouth, wanting us to be fully joined the first time my beautiful baby brother came deep inside my pussy.

"Oh, god...god...Dawn!!" he roared, his entire body going rigid. His face took on an expression of incredible anguish, the tendons in his neck becoming steel cords, and I let loose the loudest scream of my life when his pounding cock erupted inside me. I was instantly filled with such a huge flood of liquid warmth that it felt like a water balloon had burst inside my pussy!

Having no idea what I was doing, I just thrashed away, screaming in his lap. I somehow managed to uncouple us, only to land with his cock driving straight into my little asshole, and I let out an unholy shriek. "YES!!" I cried, forcing myself down onto his incredibly hot, thick shaft. Taking him all the way, I threw my arms around his neck while frantically kissing him. "Do it! Take my ass!" I shouted, dying again over the feeling of his pulsing cock firing jet after jet of burning cum deep inside my very core. When he was finally done cumming, I started hopping up and down in his lap, thrusting my hips into the air to create space before howling like a bitch in heat with each wonderfully painful descent.

During one frenzied lifting motion I went too far, and he popped out. He quickly grabbed me and spun me around, positioning me between his legs to face the audience. When he slammed his cock right back into my ass, god, I cried out in sheer victory. He tugged on my hips, and I fell against him with my ass still impaled on his massive dick, my legs spread wide. Grasping the backs of my thighs, he pulled my knees up to my breasts. Spreading me all the way open, he lewdly exposed me to the audience while frantically driving his powerful shaft in and out of my tight asshole, making me scream, "Yes! Fuck that slutty ass!"

I laughed to myself then, thinking, 'I sound just like Lisa!'

I was thrashing and shrieking like crazy, just going out of my mind with wild exultation, when suddenly I felt mouths on my pussy. Looking down, I saw Lana and Niki hungrily lapping at my slit and swapping our cum back and forth as they kissed. Niki pulled Paul's cock out of my ass and sucked it like it was the last cock on earth before offering it to Lana, who greedily accepted. While Lana sucked my brother's gorgeous dick, Niki stood and gave me a hot kiss, letting our combined cum flow into my mouth. After Lana had sucked Paul's enormous erection for a few moments and licked his cum from my ass, she stuffed his shining dick back inside my pussy.

"Mmmmm, yes," I moaned, loving Niki's cum cocktail to death even as I wished Lisa was the one sharing it with me, and I vowed to myself that one day soon she would.

Lana stood and joined our kiss, adding the cum from my ass to our three-way tongue battle.

"Dawn, sweetheart, I'd say you're definitely no longer a virgin," grinned Niki, watching as Paul's thick cock kept pumping into my dripping wet pussy.

"Uh-huh...he's fucking me...oh god...so good...fucking me..." was all I could manage to moan, especially once Paul lifted me by my thighs and started tossing me around like a rag doll, spreading me open as he pounded into me again and again.

"You haven't cum for me yet, and until you cum on my cock I'll still consider you a virgin," hissed Paul in my ear, nipping at it while Niki and Lana sucked my breasts.

Pausing for a moment, Niki asked him, "Can you make her do that thing she made Lana do, you know, with the big gushing when she cums?"

Paul turned my head so he could see my face. "Can you? I don't think I've ever really seen you cum yet, have I?"

"Uh-uh...no..." I panted again. "You haven't...not a big one. Keep fucking me...ooh...and you will. I'm going to cum...cum so much...if you keep spreading me wide open like this...where everybody can see you going deep inside me!"

Niki grinned, "Will you gush like Lana? I just gotta see that again!"

"Hey! You told me to stop it when I was doing it, and now you want to see it again?" giggled Lana.

"Well, yeah! Shoot, I thought she was hurtin' you or something! Now that I know you loved it, and she meant to make you do it, you're darn right I wanna see it again! Dawn, darlin', can you squirt that stuff for us too?"

Apparently Paul really wanted to hear the answer to that one, since he actually slowed down for a moment. We sort of grinned at each other, then I said, "I don't know, baby, I only squirt a little. Trish is the big gusher. It shoots out of her like crazy, and mine have never gone anywhere near that far. Is that what you want?"

Despite the fact that I was getting royally fucked on stage in a strip club, I had to laugh at myself. 'Is that what he wants? Duh, Dawn!'

Paul, though, he didn't miss a beat. "Oh yeah! I want to feel it when you do that!"

"I can't believe we're talking about this right now!" I giggled. "Even if I could gush like that, it won't shoot the way you want it to, not if you stay inside me. To see it really gush you have to pull out, like I pulled out of Lana."

"I don't want to pull out! I want to feel you cum on me!" he moaned.

"I don't want you to pull out either! Stay inside me, all the way! I want you inside me when I cum!" I panted, moaning as my gorgeous brother went back to fucking my brains out.

Niki and Lana each took one of my legs, and along with Paul lifting me by my ass all three of them began to fuck me up and down his cock, the girls laughing and shouting encouragements as they helped Paul drill me. The more they did it, and the more I shrieked each time they impaled me, the more they cried out for me to cum.

Finally I could feel it rising inside me, and I hissed, "Harder! Faster!" With Lana slapping my clit, I felt my explosion rocking through me. "Yes!! Yes!!" I shouted, completely out of control.

I was too busy cumming to notice what was happening, at least until Lana exclaimed, "She's gushing! She's gushing!" I looked down, and sure enough, clear cum was gushing out around Paul's driving cock. It wasn't cleanly arcing, it was just making a wild mess, but I was definitely splattering her hand and Paul's heavy balls with my orgasm.

When I saw them all watching my pussy instead of fucking me, I moaned, "Don't stop!" As if breaking out of a trance, Niki and Lana quickly snapped to attention and resumed lifting and dropping me, fucking me again and again. "Harder! Give me more cum!" I panted, leaning back to kiss Paul while the girls slammed my pussy up and down what felt like a foot-wide flagpole!

Moments later Niki squealed with joy when she saw Paul's cum foaming up around his shaft, which was still pounding away deep inside me. I already knew, having felt his dam burst inside me again, but Niki shouted, "He's cumming! It's coming right out of her!"

Paul's whole body trembled as he held me against his chest, and together we rocked ourselves through our shattering orgasms. He stayed inside me, tightly hugging me as my pussy embraced his wonderful cock. I didn't think I would ever want to let him go, and while kissing his neck I told him so. "You know this is where you should always be, baby. You belong deep inside my pussy, letting me love you," I purred.

"I just hope you think this one counts as The Lisa Treatment, 'cause I'm officially counting it," he grinned, kissing me happily.

"Mmmmmm...oh yes, this one definitely counts. I'm no virgin anymore, and it was everything I dreamed it would be. You're an awesome lover, just like Lisa says." With a wobbly grin, I cooed, "Are you going to fuck me five times tonight too, and four more tomorrow? Please?" Then I leaned up to whisper in his mouth, "Mom was right. God, was she right. No wonder she loves to fuck you so much. You have an amazing cock, little brother. It feels incredible when you cum...and cum...and cum! Baby, it's just like she told you. The way you make love to me, I really do feel like a beautiful princess."

"Anything for my two beautiful princesses. You know I love you both like crazy," he smiled, kissing me on the lips.

I didn't know whether Lana or Niki had heard all that, nor did I really care anymore. Paul seemed truly happy as he held me in his arms, and that was all that mattered to me. Just seeing him that way made my heart soar.

We held each other until the girls lifted me away, Lana taking my hand to pull me backstage. "Honey, before you start in on your table dances, let's get you cleaned up a bit," she grinned, draping a comforting arm around my shoulders.

As we walked off the stage together, the last thing I saw was Niki sucking Paul's cock again.

No, that isn't entirely true. I also saw the look on Paul's face as he watched Lana lead me away. His expression was saying that he didn't want me to go. Rather than appearing pleased by the awesome blowjob he was receiving, he seemed unhappy, almost...sad.

~ ~ ~

I was all alone in the dressing room. Lana had taken off, saying she would be right back with towels, washcloths, and something to drink. With time to think about everything, I found myself becoming worried over Paul's reaction. Something wasn't sitting right with me, and his unhappy expression only added to my growing feeling of disquiet.

My Blackberry beeped in my purse. Pulling it out, I saw that I had a message from Lisa.

Oh, god...Lisa.

I sensed the gathering thunder clouds of my darkening mood, a hazy somber feeling that cleared into stark focus when I read her message...

Hope you're having a magical first time with our beautiful boy. I wish I could be there with you! Please take care of him, like only his sexy, gorgeous, wonderful sister can. He loves you like crazy, you know, and I made him give me his word that he would totally fuck your brains out the entire trip, just the way you want. I sure didn't have to twist his arm either, especially since you're the only other girl he's allowed to have sex with!


I already miss you two. Can't wait to see you again. When Paul comes back, I'm going to tell him that I love him! I hope he loves me too! Baby, I love you both...today, tomorrow, and forever.


She'd also sent me a few pictures. One was of the three of us wrestling together on the couch. I was trying to hold Paul's arms down, and he was laughing. God, he looked so happy. Lisa was on my back tickling me, and we were both laughing too. Trish took that one. The next picture was a shot of Lisa and Paul in bed. Lisa was beaming like an angel as she lay in his arms beneath the covers, her head on his chest. She looked supremely happy...and heartbreakingly beautiful. Paul had major bed-head. He looked totally goofy, and just as serene as could be.

That one gave me a serious lump in my throat. I couldn't help but recall the sunlit morning following their first night together in bed, when I'd snuck into Paul's room to take their picture. As I snapped off shot after shot of them snuggling so sweetly, a bashful Lisa threw her pillow at me before collapsing in a giggling fit onto his chest.

She was truly the most beautiful girl in the world that morning.

The next picture, though, that one really did me in. I started crying, and couldn't stop.

It was a picture of me and Paul holding hands as we sat together on the couch watching a movie. Lisa had taken it without our knowing, showing it to me in the bathroom the next morning. While Paul slept, she and I had been having warm, wonderful sex in the tub. Touching and kissing, splashing, laughing and simply being silly, we were just two girls in love.

When we'd finished making out and fucking, she told me to stay put. Naked and soapy, she ran giggling out of the bathroom, returning a few moments later with my camera. Climbing back into the tub, she curled up in my arms and gave me a tender kiss. "Baby, I want you to see these..." she said, showing me a series of pictures she'd taken over those past two days - pictures of me and Paul together. We never even knew she'd been taking them, the little sneak! Each one showed us sharing some small, quiet moment together, and we were always touching. Either we were holding hands, or I had my fingertips on his chest, or his arm was around my waist, but in every picture...we were touching.

"You and Paul are in love," she said that morning in the bathtub, her eyes filled with tears. The thing is, she wasn't the least bit jealous, angry or sad. No, it was quite the opposite. Hers were happy tears. "You two together are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I adore how you're so close...so deeply in love. You should be in love, and I hope it lasts forever," she whispered, caressing my face.

Sitting alone backstage at the club, I was wracked with sobs when I recalled the last thing she said to me that morning. "Please, let me share in your love. Share him with me, and share yourself with me. I promise, I will never try to come between you and your brother. Just let me be with you." She scrolled forward to a half-dozen shots of the three of us together. While some were playful wrestling pictures, others captured gentle moments of her and Paul snuggling with me beneath a blanket on the living room floor. In each one, we were all so happy. Turning in my arms, she looked into my eyes and whispered, "Like this...the three of us as lovers. It's magic, Dawn."

'God, what am I doing here?!' I silently screamed to myself in that dressing room.

When Lana finally returned, she found me curled up in a ball on the floor, holding myself and crying. Dropping what she was carrying, she rushed to my side. "Baby, what is it? Are you okay? What happened?" she blurted out, rapid-fire.

I handed her my Blackberry, showing her what Lisa had sent me. After reading the message and scrolling through the pictures, she put her arms around me, hugging me close. As I sobbed into her chest, she whispered, "So he is your brother. God, I thought so all along. You two look so much alike...and what you said to him out there, you know, about your mother...."

Nodding, I kept my head buried in her chest, and she gently drew my chin up to look into my eyes. "Shhhh...sweetheart, it's okay. I'm not judging you. Honey, what you two have together is beautiful beyond words. I promise, I'm not judging you."

When I finally returned her gaze, she caressed my cheek. Cupping my face with both hands, she stared right through me. "Baby, you don't want to do any of those other things we talked about anymore, do you?"

That's when it all came pouring out of me.

"No, I don't! I just want to be with Paul! I don't want to be with any other men tonight, and I don't want him fucking any other girls! God, I'm such an idiot! How could I even think of doing that to Lisa? Lana, we have to stop them before Niki fucks him! Paul doesn't want to! I saw it in his face! Oh my god, how can I do this to Lisa? She loves him! She's trusting me to protect him, and I'm the only other girl he's supposed to be with! Just me!" I cried, babbling away like a lunatic.

I was about to run out and grab Paul when suddenly he, Niki, and Tank burst into the dressing room. Niki was oblivious, grinning as she twirled Trish's tiny skirt around her finger, but Paul immediately hurried over and held me, wanting to know what was wrong. While hugging me with Paul, Lana handed him my phone. Once he was through reading Lisa's message I had him show it to Tank, who then showed it to Niki. After she read it, she caressed my face and gave me a warm, comforting smile before putting the phone back in my purse.

"I'm so sorry, Tank, but I don't want us to do any more. We have to stop," I whispered.

Kneeling beside me, Tank took my hand. "Darlin', you don't need to apologize for nuthin'. You're our guest here, and in this house you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. That goes for you too, little bro," he added, turning to Paul.

I looked up hesitantly at Niki. I knew how badly she wanted to fuck Paul, and I apologized to her most of all.

That wonderful girl, she just offered me a small yet sincere smile. "Darlin', I won't lie, I wanted your man here something fierce. Still, no way do I want it like that. I'm not about to come between what you two have. Besides, I could tell that he really didn't want to anyway. Baby, with him having a beautiful girl like you, plus a sweet thing like Lisa waiting for him back home, I don't blame him, not one little bit. Look, I've never had sex with a customer, and that's how I always wanted to keep it. I'll be okay."

Kneeling beside Tank, she took my other hand. "You sure did show us all a good time tonight. Angel heart, you showed me some stuff I didn't even know existed, so don't you be frettin' over nuthin'."

Smirking at Lana, Tank hooted, "OOoooo! OOoooo!"

"Oh, bite me," she grinned. Turning back to me, she again gently caressed my face. "It was all your fault, you know. I've never done that before, and I sure as shootin' have never done anything like that other thing you made me do out there."

"Girl, you went off like a busted fire hydrant!" said Niki, giggling at her gorgeous friend.

Lana playfully punched her and laughed, "Hey, don't act like you didn't go a whole lotta bitch-in-heat crazy yourself there, Miss Bootie Freak! This little one here turned you completely inside out!"

Niki flashed the beautiful blonde a sexy grin. "Damn straight she did, but now that I know what you can do, and how to make you do it, don't go thinkin' you'll be safe once our little sex devil here is gone. The other girls and I, we're gonna have all kinds of fun playin' Hootie the Owl games with you!"

"Oh, lord," grinned a blushing Lana.

Tank laughed and shook his head at them before turning back to Paul and me. "So, what now, folks? Hey, are you hungry? Let me at least buy a couple of Rock Chalkers a nice steak dinner. We have ourselves a pretty fine chuck wagon here, and we just got some particularly choice cuts in today. I'll tell you what, you two definitely earned 'em!"

Despite still being totally nude, I got up and hugged Tank, thanking him for his kind understanding and gracious hospitality. He seemed a little taken aback by my naked hug, but at least I'd stopped crying, and I was definitely smiling again.

Paul shook his hand, adding his thanks to mine for the dinner offer, then he gave Lana and Niki each a big hug before collecting my purse and Trish's skirt. Handing them to me, he scooped me up and cradled me in his arms. Grinning at Tank and the girls, he said, "I cannot thank you guys enough for treating us so well, but if you don't mind, I think I want this little one here all to myself now."

And with that, he proudly carried me right on out of there.

Completely naked, I was giggling in his arms as we passed tables of gawking customers, then I squealed with delight when he kicked open the swinging double doors. Kissing him all the way to the car, I finally chirped the alarm on my Beetle just before he set me down in the passenger seat. After he climbed in and fired up the motor, we waved to Tank, Lana and Niki, who were laughing and applauding from the club's sunbaked porch railing. With disbelieving grins they waved goodbye, and we kicked up a cloud of dust on our way out of the gravel parking lot.

Once we were well out of town, I had Paul pull into a moonlit field of desert scrub brush and rolling tumbleweeds just off the road. Beside a windswept desolate highway we made love all night, fucking each other into a perfect oblivion beneath a black velvet canopy of dazzling stars, somewhere in the lonesome Texas Panhandle.

~to be continued~

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DrecoStar Productions

I have been waiting on this particular scene four 14 chapters lol it was sweet that she stopped him from having sex with others girls for a moment I thought you were going to let it happen. That's Dawn's man she just rents him out to her tight circle of girls. thanks for another great read ~Asa

Wed, November 5th, 2014 5:01pm


"The waaaaaaaiting is the haaaardest part...." - Tom Petty

Wed, November 5th, 2014 9:39am

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