Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 13

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dawn is determined to lose her virginity...spectacularly.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

"You must be Amber, the feature dancer from Dallas I've been hearing so much about. I thought you weren't supposed to make your way up here until next week? Anyway, welcome to our little slice of heaven. I'm Toby, but everyone just calls me Tank."

Paul and I were standing at the double doors to the strip club, and this giant of a man was offering me his hand.

"I guess I don't have to ask why they call you Tank," I grinned, looking almost straight up at him as we shook hands. He had to be the biggest guy I'd ever seen. In addition to being a full head taller than Paul, who's already six-two, he was simply massive. Weighing an easy three hundred-plus pounds, all of it solid rock, he was built like...well, like a tank.

"Do you play football? We sure could use you!" I gushed.

"We? Where y'all from?"

"We're from Lawrence. You know, KU! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, baby! Woooo!" I shouted, whooping it up like a Kansas cheerleader.

"Lil' darlin', you sure are a long way from home. Kansas, huh? Awww, crap. Now I have to feel sorry for you. Back when I played for Missouri, we used to beat the tar out of your poor little Jaysquawks."

"Missouri?! Booooo!!"

We both laughed, and so did Paul, even though he was still clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

I smiled at Tank. "Besides, Tiger Boy, you're even farther from home than we are. What's a guy from Missouri doing way out here in the middle of nowhere, working at a club in the Texas Panhandle?"

He gave me a smug grin. "I said I played ball for Missouri, but I was born and raised in the Great State of Texas. Lord Almighty, we sure used to love whuppin' up on you Rock Chalkers. These days, my buddy and I run this place."

"Okay, Tank, pleased to meet you. I'm still not your Amber, though. I'm not a dancer either."

"Get out of here! Darlin', just look at you. If you're not a dancer, then I'm Tiny Tim!"

Returning his smug grin, I shook his hand again. "Well, Tiny, my name is Dawn, and I'm definitely not a dancer. I am a cheerleader, though, and we do dance a lot. Does that count?"

"'Round these parts, damn straight it counts! So whatcha doin' here? Like you said, this is way out in the middle of nowhere. Where y'all headed?"

"We're road-tripping to California!" Paul said excitedly, finally joining the conversation. "I'm Paul, by the way," he added, and they shook hands.

"California? Why would you want to go there? All they got are weirdos, freaks and fags!" roared Tank, laughing his ass off.

After exchanging grins with my little brother, I turned back to Tank. "I'm headed to UCLA to begin school in the fall, and we thought it would be fun to have him come along for the ride."

Just from the subtle change in his expression, I could tell that Paul was getting ready to offer a more specific explanation. Before he could blurt anything out, I stopped him. "Honey, why don't you go grab us a table, okay? I just need a moment alone with Tank, then I'll come find you."

Giving me a dubious look, he nevertheless turned and disappeared into the club, but only after I'd waved him away with both hands while giggling, "Shoo! Shoo!"

Now I was standing alone with Tank. He'd been a little iffy about letting Paul in, teasing that I'd need to vouch for him first. After I smiled and promised I would, Tank let him in without carding him. Come to think of it, he never did card me either. Once Paul had gone inside, the big man just grinned, "So, what can I do for a pretty lil' thing like you?"

Although he wore a friendly smile, he was still openly eyeing me up and down.

I let him look me over. I wanted him to look me over. All I had on were my sexiest black heels, a tiny pleated flippy skirt in bright red, and a men's white dress shirt that I'd left completely unbuttoned. The sleeves were rolled up to my forearms, and the bottom of the shirt was tied at my belly button, exposing bare skin down to the top of the obscenely short, low-riding miniskirt I'd borrowed from Trish for the trip. Having already slipped off my panties in the car, I also wore nothing beneath the shirt. The inner halves of my bare breasts were showing, and Tank was taking full advantage of the view.

Following his eyes, I noticed that he kept glancing at the panties hanging from my car's rearview mirror. He'd probably even watched me put them there. He'd probably also watched me grab Trish's teensy skirt from my bag in the back seat. Right there in the parking lot, with people pulling in and out all around us, I'd swapped my skirt for Trish's much shorter one. Then I'd undone my shirt and tied it up.

Standing before him in a barely-there miniskirt and fully unbuttoned top, I smiled as he drank me in. I wore my long dark hair down, letting it remain windblown and wild. I'd also touched up my lips with bright red lipstick and a shining wet coat of clear gloss.

I looked like a sexy slut who wanted to be fucked. I'd dressed to ensure it.

"Tank, I wanted to ask you for a favor. I need to speak with the manager in private, and I was hoping you could introduce me to him."

"Well, that's something I can happily do ya for, seeing as how I'm the manager. Like I said, I run this place, along with one other guy. We're co-owners. I'm pretty much the floor manager, and he's the business genius. I was just out here watching the door until my guy Eddie got back from his smoke break. Normally I'm inside, keeping an eye on things. So, okay, what do you need?"

I told him my plan, making sure to leave out the part about Paul being my brother. I said he was just my friend.

Once I was finished, Tank gave me another smug grin. "Are you sure you want to go through with all that?"

"Absolutely. You probably can't even imagine just how sure I am."

Grinning as I lifted my foot onto the railing, I offered my bare thigh to his hungry gaze.

"Okay, no bullshittin' now. If I let you do this, how old are you?"

"I'm eighteen, Tank. I'll be nineteen next month."

With a slow grin, he looked me up and down one more time. "You know, darlin' - what did you say your name was again?"

"Dawn...Dawn Summers...cheerleader," I flirted, shaking his hand again while subtly swinging my bent knee in and out, teasing him with fleeting glimpses of my naked pussy. I wasn't sure whether he was noticing, though, since he couldn't stop looking inside my open top.

"Okay then, Dawn Summers, if you really want to go through with this, I can give you all the access you need. It just depends on how crazy you want to go?"

"All the way crazy, Tank. I want this to be the craziest, most memorable night of my life. Whatever you suggest, I'm up for anything."

"Whoa, hold on there, little girl. You need to be careful with that kinda talk. 'Round these parts, 'up for anything' might just mean a whole lot more than you bargained for."

Looking up at him, a chill ran down my spine. He was probably right. Was I prepared to do...anything? Without having the slightest clue as to what that might entail?

Okay, maybe not.

"Well, let's just say that I want to go as crazy as I possibly can. I want to do everything I laid out for you, and I'm very interested in hearing any other suggestions you may have."

Smiling seductively, I traced my fingertip between my breasts. He was still staring there, and I subtly nudged the shirt aside a bit more, exposing the edge of my nipple.

With a sly grin he told me his plan, adding that he'd personally see to all the arrangements. When I quickly agreed, he motioned for me to head on in. "You just enjoy yourself tonight..." he chuckled, holding the door open before escorting me into the club.

~ ~ ~

"I told Tank you're my friend...just a guy I'm dating. Do not let on to anyone here that you're my brother," I said to Paul, joining him at the little table he'd chosen in the center of the room.

"You're not going to tell me what you needed to talk to him about, are you?" he smirked.

"Nope! It's my little secret, little brother. Sit tight. Soon enough, all will be revealed. I told you, I have a plan." Grinning, I ran my hand up his thigh. "After talking with Tank, now I have another plan too. It turns out that he's not just the bouncer, he's also the owner, as well as the floor manager."

The moment my fingertips reached his thick bulge, Paul instantly began to get hard. Right beside us were two guys intently watching my every move, and I smiled at them while making an obvious show of stroking Paul's big dick.

Looking down at my hand, he leaned into me and whispered, "This is why I'm not your brother tonight, right?"

I nodded happily. "Baby brother, just so you know, the only time you're my brother from now on is when we're alone, or we're with our family and friends. When we're out together during this trip, or any other time, you're not my brother anymore. You're my sexy boyfriend with a huge cock, and I'm your horny girlfriend. Getting to go crazy on each other in public without having to hide it, we're going to have a total blast."

"What if we ever have to show ID? We have the same last name and address. People are going to figure it out."

He flinched when I playfully pinched his dick. "Paul, it's not going to come up very often. Unless you plan on us going to lots of bars and strip clubs, we're not going to get carded much. Most of the time, we won't need to keep anything secret. We will tonight, but you already know why..." I grinned, caressing his cock again.

"Because of what you're planning on doing with me here," he whispered, his breathing becoming shallow and uneven. "Are you planning on letting people watch us...you know..." he asked, and there was such a cute urgency in his strained voice.

I looked back over to the two guys. Despite the naked girls dancing on stage it was like they couldn't take their eyes off me, and I smiled brightly. "I'm sorry, but he has such an awesome cock that I just can't help myself. I always want to play with it."

I was really getting into stroking Paul's dick, which looked positively enormous in his tented slacks. Leaning into him, I whispered, "Yes, baby, it's because of what I'm planning on doing with you here tonight. Before we leave this place, I'm going to suck your amazing dick like crazy, and you're absolutely going to fuck my brains out. I don't care how many people watch us, but it'd probably be better if they didn't know you were using this monster on your own sister."

Looking around, I saw that we were encircled by loud, laughing partiers. Our table was situated between three lighted stages in the center of the large seating area, with the bustling bar directly behind us. To the far left, just off the hallway we used to enter the main club, was a large room with smoked glass windows. There was a bouncer standing at the door, and I saw people accompanied by various dancers constantly entering and exiting that room. It was obviously the "VIP Lounge," as Tank had described it to me.

Nodding towards the dark hallway, I grinned to Paul. "Chris Rock says there's no sex in the Champagne Room. Do you believe him?"

All around us, people were enjoying table dances and lap dances. One thing I noticed right away was that besides myself and the dancers, there were only two other women in the whole place. Sitting together, giggling and carrying on with a large, rowdy group of friends, they were whooping it up just as much as the guys were, and everyone was throwing down shots like there was no tomorrow.

"Drinks are on the house for you two," one of the serving girls said, flashing me a warm, co-conspirator's smile. Setting her hands on my shoulders, she added, "Darlin', Tank's got you all set up this evening."

My two admirers from earlier just erupted, shouting, "Hey, we're with them! We want in on that!" Laughing with us like we were old friends, they began scooting their chairs our way, so I went ahead and waved them over.

"See?" one of them crowed, grinning smugly at the waitress.

Laughing along with the rest of us, she said to the taller of the two guys, "Sugar, I'll have to check with Tank on that one."

"What for? Why them, but not us?"

"Honey, take a good look at her. I'll let you figure it out."

Grinning, she took our drink orders before heading off across the room.

Once she was gone, I turned back to them. "So, now that we've become this cozy little foursome, what are your names?"

"I'm Tony, and he's Eric," said the dark-haired one.

Introducing ourselves, Paul and I shook their hands.

The girl who'd been giving lap dances to the rowdy group behind us came to our table, grinning up a storm. Without saying a word she began to dance for us, beginning with Tony and Eric.

Never having been in a strip club before, I really had no idea what to expect. I didn't know what she'd do. Tank and I had talked about some basic things I might enjoy doing, but we didn't get into any details. He just told me to play it by ear and have fun, and he'd make sure the other girls were clued into everything. The specifics would be up to me.

"I'm Niki. How y'all doing tonight?" she smiled, gyrating in front of Eric before switching to Tony. She was a wicked dancer with shoulder-length jet black hair. Maybe five-one and all of a hundred pounds, she had the sleekest body ever. The only thing she had on was a sparkly white g-string, and her body was covered in glitter. When she moved near me, I caught the scent of strawberries. Her champagne glass-sized breasts were simply the prettiest little tits, with no shaded circles whatsoever...just long, gorgeous nipples. She also had a golden heart pendant dangling from her belly button.

Turning her back to the guys, she moved her ass in seductive circles, each rotation drawing nearer to Tony's leering face. I could tell he really wanted to reach out and grab her ass, or maybe even bite it. He obviously wanted to touch her, to make contact with her, yet he was stiffly holding his arms at his sides.

She quickly spun back to Eric and dropped into his lap, briefly grinding on him. He too kept his hands to his sides.

When she silently got up and slithered over in front of Paul, her coy demeanor instantly changed. No more mere teasing, she climbed into his lap and gave him a really hot lap dance. Paul did his best to keep his arms at his sides, following the example set by the others, at least until she reached down to take him by the hands. Bringing them to her lips, she kissed his fingers before placing his hands at the top of her ass, near her hips. "You two are allowed to touch as much as you want..." she grinned, turning from Paul to me.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him, pressing her small breasts to his lips. Tony and Eric whooped it up when Niki's nipples became erect, and my god but did they become erect! Fully excited, her nipples were just massively long and thick. Seeming so drastic in profile against her sweet little breasts, the overall effect was incredibly sexy. Jesus, that girl had pretty tits, and she was expertly teasing those temptingly erect morsels across Paul's face. The whole time she was moving on him, she never took her smiling eyes off me. Whenever she'd pull back a bit I'd catch the silhouette of her nipples, and in the flickering lights from the stage she looked like some gorgeous witch goddess writhing in ecstasy.

"Your man here feels all kinds of huge between my legs," she said, grinning as she reached down to grasp Paul's cock. Taking him in her hand, she giggled, "Holy shit, darlin', what are you packin' down there?"

Paul shot me a goofy lopsided grin, but he also squeezed her ass before giving it a playful spank. With a cute yelp she giggled again, then it was game on! She began seriously dry-fucking him, grinding herself directly on his thick shaft.

"Bet you're glad now that I made you go commando," I laughed to Paul, leaning in to rub his shoulder.

"I don't know about him, but I sure am! He feels incredible..." said Niki. Arching her back, she pressed her breast into Paul's welcoming mouth. When he closed his lips around her nipple and started sucking hard, she cried out, "Oh, yeah!"

I noticed that she was really going after his cock, alternating thrusts with her pussy and strokes with her hand.

"Don't you dare cum yet," I said to Paul, teasing him.

"Darlin', let me take him back to our private lounge. I'll make him cum all night," Niki moaned, moving her ass in wide circles.

I reached over to add my hand to hers on his cock. "I'm sure you would, Niki, and you can do whatever you want to him after I've had him, but his first one tonight is going inside me."

She moaned again and leaned over to pull my head to hers. "Tank said I can fuck you...both of you..." she whispered, taking my face in her hands for a wet, hungry kiss.

"You'd better. I want you all to fuck me," I hotly whispered back, and she let out a long moan in my mouth when I slid my tongue inside.

Being such a small girl, she was able to do one of the cutest things I'd ever seen when she simply lifted her leg and swung it around to stretch out on her back, neatly fitting herself into the small space across our laps. She had her ass and legs in Paul's lap, with the rest of her body atop mine. She looked so adorable, like a sexy teddy bear.

"I want a preview," she grinned, pulling me down for a deep kiss. As she held my head with one hand, the other slid inside her sparkly g-string, where we all could see her fingers plunging into her pussy. Once she'd established the rhythm of our tongue-kiss, she covered her breast with my hand. "Hard! Pinch it! Tug on it! Do it hard. I cum like firecrackers from having my nipples played with..." she hissed, showing me how to attack her long, thick tips.

I began fondling her breasts, rubbing the nipples between my fingers to savor their rough, pebbly texture. She squealed when I clamped down and tugged really hard. "Mmmphhh...yeah!" she moaned, releasing my kiss, her hips bucking beneath her hand as she brought herself to the quickest climax I'd ever seen. It'd barely been thirty seconds since she'd rolled onto her back, and already she'd cum!

Panting through a gorgeous smile, she slithered off our laps and onto her knees. She put her hands on Paul's thighs and forcibly spread them, wasting no time in pressing her face and breasts to his erection. First her cheek, then her mouth, she slid up and down, trailing her lips, chin, neck and each erect nipple along his entire length. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she brought her face back to his huge bulge. With a playful growl, she bit his cock! Baring her teeth as she gave his spectacular shaft a series of delicious little nips and bites, she kept growling like a hungry tiger cub.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck..." groaned Paul, beginning to thrust his hips.

Before he totally lost it, she grinned and quickly slid over in front of me. "We'll save him for later. Now let's see about you, pretty darlin'." She repeated the process on me, except that when she spread my thighs she also let out a sudden gasp. Sitting back to display me, she just stared between my legs and exclaimed, "Baby, thank god Mister Big Dick here wasn't the only one who went commando tonight! Good lord, but ain't you a gorgeous thing without any panties!" Almost as the words were leaving her mouth, she was leaning in to kiss and lick my glistening pussy. She leaned back and pressed a hard nipple inside me, jabbing her incredibly long bud into my steaming wet cunt, then she took her nipple and pressed it against my clit, pinching them together. I howled in delight, which made her giggle like a fiend. Grinning again, she slid her hands inside my top to cup and squeeze my naked breasts, pulling them right out into the open.

Tony was beating Eric over the head with his big stupid cowboy hat when Niki slid her hands down the backs of my thighs. Lifting, she spread me and again stared at my pussy. Smoothing her fingertips towards my hot center, she rolled me onto my side before leaning in to give me another series of playful nips and kisses between my legs.

Suddenly she froze again. Peering lower, she rolled me a little more onto my side, nearly bringing my knees to my chest. With a strange inscrutable gleam in her eyes, she whispered, "I may be in a serious heap of trouble with you."

"Hey! Why'd you stop?!" blurted Eric.

"Dawn, honey..." she said, gently lowering my legs. She tenderly pressed them together before setting her hands on my waist. She began to lift, indicating that she wanted me to stand.

I slowly rose from my seat, unsure of what she wanted me to do. I saw Paul exchanging serious looks with her.

Grinning, he finally said, "Niki, don't do it. I'm telling you, don't do it."

She had a glazed look on her face; using her hands to guide my waist and hips, she began turning me.

"Niki, you already know. Wait. Not here. Wait..." Paul said, and it was as if he and Niki were engaged in some strange battle of wills.

Noticing her fixed expression, Paul exhaled in defeat. "Dawn, I hope you're ready. Now it's really on." Taking my hand, he slid over and sat in my chair. Opening his legs, he stood me between them. "Here we go..." he grinned, cupping my face in his hands. Unblinking, still grinning, he stared at me...waiting.

I felt soft hands finish the process of turning me, then a slight nudging of my hips compelled me to bend forward at the waist. Those same soft hands slipped down to my thighs before circling their way up...up...up. I felt my tiny skirt lifting.

A gasp. "Oh...my...lord."

Another gasp, then many gasps, but Niki's was the one I really noticed. I looked back, and she was on her knees, her hands covering her mouth.

Paul turned my face, making me hold his gaze.

I felt Niki's hands go to my ass, and she simply...touched. Oh so gently, she hovered her hands over my bottom. Then she was caressing, cupping...pressing her face to me...wrapping her arms around my waist, holding me tight.

Her halting voice...

"The most beautiful...perfect...holy god...so beautiful...."

Paul reached out to lock hands with her on my tummy. Her fingers were clenching and unclenching, tightly squeezing.

"Dawn, I saw the look come over her face when she realized what she was seeing. I recognize that look now; it's the moment when someone first catches a glimpse of your perfect ass. Now she knows. Now everyone is going to know."

Pausing, he gave me an evil grin. "You may never get out of here."

Niki was still nuzzling and murmuring into my bottom when our waitress returned with our drinks. She leaned down to whisper something to Niki, who grinned brightly in response, and the waitress nodded. Letting out a happy little whoop, Niki stood and quickly dashed behind some curtains to the rear of the left stage.

The waitress turned to Tony and Eric with a charitable smirk. "Okay, boys, Tank says you're on the house too, at least as long as you're with this one here...." Giving me a warm smile, she caressed my shoulder while moving a lock of hair away from my face. When I reached up to touch her hand, she squeezed my fingers and whispered in my ear, "I'll keep an eye on you guys. Once you've finished your drinks, I'll come get you."

I nodded, and she grinned, gesturing to Paul. "He's right, you know. After what I just saw, you may never get out of here."

The way she touched my shoulder, then the sound of her breathy voice so close to my ear...chills down my spine. My skin was on fire.

When Paul pulled me into his lap, I couldn't help but moan, "God, I am so turned on, you wouldn't even believe it. Baby, I need you to fuck me."

Straddling him the same way Niki had, I opened my shirt and brought his face to my breasts, then I reached down to grasp his cock through his pants. He was as hard as a rock, and I giggled, "This big guy is just going to explode the second I put him inside me, isn't he?"

Nodding, he gave me another goofy grin. "I won't stand a chance."

"That's okay, baby, you'll have plenty of opportunities tonight to fuck me long and hard. Our first one, I know you're going to cum in buckets, so I won't mind if you cum right away. That's the one I just have to feel shooting inside me, filling my pussy to overflowing."

Listening to everything we were saying, Tony's eyes were just bugging out.

While returning his panting hound dog expression with a sexy grin, I leaned into Paul and whispered, "Like when you fucked Mom in front of Rick and Donny, and you poured so much cum inside her that she couldn't even hold it all. My virgin pussy deserves at least that much cum, little brother. I want to feel you go off like a fire hose inside me."

As I continued sliding my pussy up and down his huge dick, I looked over and gave Tony an even sexier grin.

"Holy shit, girl, what do I gotta do to get a lap dance from you?" he asked, watching me grind on Paul.

"Just ask nicely," I said, with a friendly smile.

We all laughed when Tony quickly went to his knees in a formal begging posture, his hands clasped together in prayer. "Please, please, please! I'd trade a hundred lap dances from every girl here for just one from you!"

"He's begging for you," Paul smirked.

While grinning at Tony, I asked Paul, "Should I show him mercy?"

Paul laughed, "Honestly? I think you should show him no mercy. Isn't that what tonight's all about?" Then, pausing for effect, he added, "What would Samantha do to him?"

Ooh, that sexy bastard, using Mom's name like that! He gave me his hottest smile, and my pussy was totally on fire. I swear, it was melting in his lap. Grinding super hard on his cock, I smiled, "Samantha, huh? You know she'd make him go totally crazy, but I think she'd also say that tonight is all about you taking my virginity, and everything else will just be awesome memories."

Tony freaked. "No way! You're a virgin?!"

I slid off Paul and took Tony by the hand. Guiding him back to his seat, I climbed up into his lap, straddling him. After taking his hands and placing them on my hips, I hooked my arms around his neck and began to rock in his lap. Feeling his erection pressing through his pants against my aching pussy, I started moving more forcefully against him, grinding my drenched slit firmly against his shaft. I totally got off on his hungry moans, and I wanted everyone there to see my ass, so I slid his hands beneath my skirt, directly onto my bare bottom. Cupping me, squeezing me, he began lifting me by my ass like we were fucking.

His wild eyes were locked on to my naked bouncing breasts, and I felt the urgency in his hands; I could tell his crisis was already approaching. I pressed down harder, spreading my lips around his shaft, then I took his dick in my hand, squeezing it through his pants. Centering my clit on his solid length, I began rubbing against it while moaning, "Uh-huh, I'm still a virgin, but not for much longer. I'm going to fuck my brains out tonight, right here in this club...just like this, the way I'm riding your hard cock...mmmm, it feels so good...only I want it deep inside my pussy. That's why I wore such a tiny skirt, with no panties. I want my ass and pussy to be bare, open and inviting. All I want to do tonight is fuck."

Totally losing it, he began wildly jerking his hips and groaning on my nipple as his cock went into spasms against my pussy. When I felt liquid warmth quickly spreading across the front of his pants, I squeezed my wet pussy around his pulsing shaft and held his face to my breasts. "Mmmm, yes, cum for me...cum for me..." I implored, loving the feel of his trembling body.

Once his orgasm was finished, I looked over at Paul, who was just shaking his head and laughing. "See? Very merciful," I said, smiling coyly. When I turned back to Tony, he profusely apologized for cumming so quickly. "It's okay, sweetie. Really, it's okay," I grinned, holding his hands. "He has to be the first one to take me anyway..." I explained, gesturing to Paul.

When I moved back into Paul's lap, Tony quickly got up to leave. Eric didn't want to go, but Tony said he wasn't about to hang around with his pants full of cum. As we watched the two guys head on out of there, Paul hugged me tight and laughed, "That was totally mean! Mom would've been hella proud of you, for sure!"

"Oh, I don't know. 'Mean' is not allowing someone to cum. I know what mean feels like, and that wasn't mean. Besides, you told me to show him no mercy."

"Yeah, like it would've made any difference! We both know you were going to own that guy no matter what I told you to do!"

"But he asked for it! I only gave him what he wanted, didn't I? Besides, everything I said was the truth, wasn't it, and that's what Samantha would have done to him, right?"

Grinning, I pinched him in the ribs.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, and our waitress was standing there with a big smile. "Girl, you sure do put on an amazing show. Poor guy, he never stood a chance."

Leaning in, she whispered, "Are you ready?"

After giving Paul a long, hot kiss on the lips, I climbed out of his lap. "I am so ready. See you in a little bit, sweetie," I smiled, trailing my fingers across his chin.

"Dawn, wait! Where are you going?"

As she led me away, I giggled, "You'll see! Keep an eye out for me!"

~ ~ ~

"You've never danced before?"

I was standing in front of a full-length mirror in a backstage dressing room, and a beautiful blonde dancer in her mid-twenties named Lana was eyeing me up and down, just like Tank had been doing earlier. With Niki helping, we were trying to decide what I should wear.

"Only cheerleading and going to clubs. I've never done this, no," I said, looking over their racks of sexy clothes.

"Do you know what you want to do out there?"

She was studying me while playing with my skirt, running it between her fingertips.

"How so?"

"I mean do you know what you want to dance to, and do you have any idea what you want to do out there? How far do you want to go?"

I looked at the two sexy dancers. "How far can I go? Like I told Tank, I intend to get pretty crazy tonight."

Lana grinned. "Yes, Tank let us know that you're a virgin, and you plan on having sex here tonight...a lot of sex."

"Lana, you need to check out the guy she's with," giggled Niki.

Lana just continued smiling at me. "That's who you plan on doing it with to lose your virginity, right?"

I nodded, grinning.

"If you don't mind my asking, why here? And why go so crazy with it? From what I'm hearing, you plan on doing a whole lot more than just having virgin sex with your boyfriend, right?"

"Girl, she said I can fuck her boyfriend, and Tank said so too. You need to see what that kid is packin'," grinned Niki.

Lana laughed and touched her face. "Niki, you're always the one who says you won't have sex with the customers. That's always been your big rule. Listen to you now! What's gotten into you?"

"I don't know! Tank took me aside to tell me about these two and their plans, and he said I could fuck them if I wanted. He said he'd keep an eye out for any cops, but since he knows everyone who's here tonight he figured it'd be okay if we let Dawn go as far as she wants. All he said was that we'd have to tone it down some if the wrong people came in."

"Fat chance of that on a Wednesday night," Lana said.

"Yep. I'm sure it'll be a slow night. Anyway, once Tank said I could play with them, I wanted to see what the big deal was about these two. When I saw them, god, they both turned me on. She even told me she wants me to fuck them both, and that made me really want to. At first I thought maybe I'd just want to fuck her boyfriend, but holy hell, Lana, are you seeing this girl? She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! She's got that one Hollywood star's face, what's her name, the gorgeous brunette from that robot movie, but are you seeing this girl's legs, and especially her ass?"

Niki looked at me, grinning while intentionally talking about me as if I weren't even there, and I returned her smile. Lana was also grinning at me, still waiting for my answer.

"I didn't plan on this, not at first," I said. "Originally I thought I'd just take him to a motel, you know, where we could do whatever we wanted. I've been wanting him to fuck me but we kept getting our wires crossed, then he went and lost his virginity to one of my best friends. I sort of helped them because she was also a virgin, and now they're together. She says that since I helped her so much with her first time, she doesn't mind loaning me her boyfriend for mine."

"Okay, I get that," Lana said. "You want to lose your virginity, you've got this totally hot guy with a crazy huge dick, and that's who you want to do it with. I get that. But why here, and why go so wild with it?"

"Well, when I saw your sign out on the highway, it got me to thinking. See, his first time was with one of my cheerleader girlfriends. Lisa had me give her a little help in getting them started, and two of my other girlfriends were also there. As Paul was fucking her, we were all playing with both of them. One of us would bite her nipples while another would lick her pussy or whatever, and the third girl would either suck Paul's dick or just fully make out with him, then we'd trade places. God, it was the hottest thing ever. They had an awesome first time, and I knew I wanted mine to be every bit as amazing.

"So, anyway, once I saw your sign, something suddenly came over me. I don't know why, but I started thinking, 'Do I really want my first time to be in some anonymous motel? Wouldn't it be way hotter and much more memorable if we went totally crazy with a bunch of beautiful dancers?'

"Also, I love having sex with girls - a lot. Paul and I, neither of us had ever been to a strip club before, but I figured I'd find some beautiful, sexy girls here who would love to help Paul fuck me."

I grinned at Niki, who nodded, "You got that right."

"And what about Paul? You don't mind if other girls here have sex with your guy?" Lana continued, eyeing me curiously.

"I don't think I'll mind. I know I love watching him have sex with Lisa, so I think I'll be okay with seeing him fuck other girls too. Like I said, he's Lisa's boyfriend, not mine, and she's just loaning him to me. As far as I'm concerned, he can do whatever he wants. Seriously, I hope he has just as wild of a night as I plan to. After he fucks me, I'm actually looking forward to watching him fuck Niki. I really do love watching him fuck. He's awesome."

A smiling Niki nodded eagerly, making us all laugh.

"And what about you?" Lana asked. "What are your rules for tonight? I know you plan on having sex with your guy, but what else?"

I watched as she gently touched my leg. "Lana, I don't know that I have any rules for tonight. I know I want Niki. I know I want to have sex. I mean a lot of sex, just like you said. I want to experience new things, completely letting myself go. That's why I came here tonight." When she slid her hand further up my thigh, I grinned, "I'm hoping you'll fuck me too."

"Oh, you can be certain of that, pretty girl," she said, returning my grin while hungrily eyeing my legs, which I spread a few inches for her; a none-too-subtle invitation. "What about other guys, though? You know that every man here will want to fuck you. If you and Tank say it's okay, you're going to end up getting fully gangbanged. No exaggeration, they're going to take you in every hole, probably all at once. You won't be forced into anything, but if you truly do want to go crazy, you're going to get fucked like you won't believe. Is that what you really want?"

Still watching intently as her hand slowly made its way up my thigh, I thought to myself, 'Good question. Do I really want to get fucked out of my mind tonight by an entire bar full of guys?'

I have to admit, a part of me thought it sounded very tempting.

Trish raves about having multiple men at the same time, saying it feels totally awesome to be endlessly fucked in every hole...to be completely filled...just gorging herself on cock. Mom has also told me how much she loves being fucked in the ass, even by something as enormous as Dad's dick. God, that day at the pool party I know I would've taken Paul, Rick and Donny, and Dad too. They all could have fucked me. I definitely wanted it.

I'm sure that at some point I'll take on a bunch of guys all at once - probably Paul, Rick and Donny. I'll at least try it, and I bet I'll totally love it. The thing is, it won't be a situation where men are simply lined up waiting for a turn. No way. It would need to be something like the pool party, or Mom's Movie Night with the boys. It would have to be when I was with people I knew, nothing was planned, and it just happened.

'Not here, though...not with Paul and a bunch of total strangers...not for my first time,' I decided.

Lana was staring at me, again waiting for my answer. After pausing another few moments, I gave her a little grin. "I'll take every girl here, and you can all do anything you want to me. I guarantee you that not only will I absolutely love it, I'll keep wanting more. You already know that I want Paul to fuck me and cum in my pussy. He has to be my first, and I have to be the one who gets his first load tonight. I swear, he cums like you won't believe. I just have to feel it exploding inside me that first time."

I grinned at Niki, who playfully stuck her tongue out at me. She laughed when I stuck my tongue out right back before giving her hand an affectionate squeeze. "I also want him to fuck me in the ass. I really, really want to be fucked in my ass tonight, and he has to be the first one there too. Other than that, I don't know. Tank said just to play it by ear, so that's what I thought I'd do. Do I have to decide on everything right now?"

Lana gently took my hand. "No, sweetie, you don't have to decide anything right now. It'd just be good to know whether you want us to set you up with a gangbang, mainly so Tank can clue everyone in. Do you think you will?"

"No, I don't want a full-on organized gangbang. I want Paul, and I want you girls. Anything more than that, it'll just have to happen. I don't want a bunch of guys lined up, expecting a turn. I'd rather do whatever comes to me at the time. I think that's what Tank had in mind when he said, 'Just play it by ear.' Other than taking Paul, and definitely you two, and maybe Tank too, yeah, I just want to play the rest by ear. Anything else has to happen naturally."

"Okay then, darlin', I'll tell Tank there won't be any gangbang, not unless you change your mind and tell him so yourself. Also, just in case you do change your mind, everyone who fucks you has to use a condom."

"Not Paul, though, right? He has to cum inside me!"

Smiling, she squeezed my hand. "Sweetie, I don't mean Paul. I mean anyone else. Of course you can do your own man however you want."

"Lana, will Paul need to use one with me? He's nearly a virgin too, and his girl was a virgin. I'm sure he's safe, and I hate using those things," Niki said.

"Niki, darlin', that's entirely up to you.

"Now, Dawn, back to the dancing. What do you want to wear, and what do you want to do?"

Niki said, "You couldn't possibly look any hotter than you already do, so why don't you wear what you have on now? Maybe you could add some panties, just so you can take them off. Guys love to see us take off our panties."

"Sounds fine by me," I said. "As for what do I want to do? You know what I think I'd like? Do you ever do any girl-girl shows, you know, where maybe two girls dance together?"

Lana and Niki exchanged grins, then Niki giggled, "Only two?"

With a friendly smile, Lana caressed my thigh. "Just pay Niki no never mind. Yes, darlin', we've been known to do the occasional girl-girl show."

"How far can you go, you know, on stage?"

"Depends. If Tank says we have to keep it toned down, then all we can do is some light touching and kissing. If it's like tonight, when he's saying anything goes, then anything goes."

"What about girl-boy? Do you ever do that?"

"I have. On two different occasions I've pulled a guy onto the stage and fucked him. One was my boyfriend at the time, so that barely counts. Niki has never done it. Again, though, it's the same rules: If Tank says anything goes, hey, anything goes."

"Okay then, that's what I want: anything goes. I'd like to not know what's going to happen. I just want to know that anything and everything could happen. Simply knowing that, it'll make it way more exciting. Maybe you could let me dance a song or two by myself, then you could surprise me, and whatever happens...happens. You can do anything you want to me, except pain. I don't want to be whipped, or tied up, or hurt, or anything like that. Anything sexual - whatever you want me to do to you, or you want to do to me - I'm fine with it. You can all fuck me any way you like. I want to be ravaged tonight, completely losing myself in sex. If it's on stage with everyone watching, all the better. I'll love it. Oh yeah, I also want to do what you guys are doing, you know, out in the audience. When I'm done on the stage, I want to do some lap dances."

"If you go to their tables and do one-on-ones with them, especially on a night when anything goes, you know they'll all want you extra bad. Some of them will probably even whip it out and try to put it inside you," Niki said.

"Some of them will at least try to get you to give them a blowjob, and I guarantee that someone will offer you money for sex," added Lana.

"Good. I hope they really are that horny. When I climb into their laps to grind my naked pussy on their big erections, I want them all just dying to fuck me. Even if it's only for one night, I want to feel that kind of power."

"Will you let them fuck you? I mean, as long as you've already fucked Paul first?" asked Lana.

"I don't know. Maybe. If they turn me on enough, yes, I probably will. Once they take their hard cocks out and start rubbing them against my bare pussy, I'm sure I won't be able to resist. Definitely not for money, though. No way. It'd have to be because the guy totally turned me on."

Niki grinned. "What about private dances in the VIP Room?"

"What actually goes on in there?" I asked.

"Tonight? Anything you want, darlin'," Lana said.

"Okay then, yes, I want to do those too. Again, though, I don't want anybody's money. I mean I'll be taking away from you girls, right, so any tips I get tonight I'll just give to you."

"Oh yes, you'll definitely be taking away from us. The minute they see you, every hard dick in the room will instantly forget about the rest of us," Lana grinned.

"Will you mind then, as long as I give you all my tips?"

"Not at all, sweetheart. It's not a problem, and thank you. I appreciate your wanting to look out for us."

"Yes, thank you. That's sweet," added Niki.

"Girl, you should be thanking her! She'll probably make more by herself in an hour than all the rest of us combined will make the entire night!" Lana teased.

"Probably so! I know I'd pay to have her dance for me!" laughed Niki.

Laughing along with them, I asked, "Do people ever have sex in that VIP Room? I mean like actual fucking?"

"I never have," Niki said, "but then I've never had sex with any customer before, not even away from the club. The most I've ever done is sex with other dancers - never anything with a guy."

Lana added, "For the most part, no, there's no sex going on in the VIP Room. Most nights, Tank won't allow it. He always has a bouncer watching over things. There have been some instances though, yes, when people have had sex there. I've done it in the VIP Room a bunch of times with that same ex-boyfriend, and once with a customer. During some of our wilder parties I've fucked Tank a few times there, too. At least a couple of the other girls have also had sex with customers there. One did it strictly for the money. The guy offered her a thousand bucks to let him fuck her doggie style and cum in her mouth. This other girl, she did it out of good ol' horniness. Some guy turned her on so much, she just had to fuck him.

"That's the only reason I ever have sex with a customer. I'll never fuck for money, but if a guy turns me on enough, hey, we're only human, right?"

"I can imagine," I said, giving her a wicked little grin. "I don't see how you girls aren't always fucking. I'd get so horny from doing lap dances, damn, I'd be having sex every night. God, if a guy like Paul got hard for me as I was grinding on him? I'd probably fuck him right there at his table, and I'd definitely fuck him in that VIP Room. I wouldn't be able to stop myself. Seriously, how are you not constantly having sex?"

Niki laughed, "Sugar, believe me, they're not all like your Paul. Most of your customers, you wouldn't want to let them anywhere near that gorgeous pussy."

"Okay, but what about when they are like Paul?"

"Well, you saw what happened," Niki grinned.

"You want to fuck him."

"Exactly. Fortunately for us dancers, or maybe unfortunately, we don't run into too many Pauls and Dawns who just make us forget all about our rules.

"Lana, I've been here, what, six months?"

"Yeah, something like that. I can hardly believe it," grinned Lana.

"See, Dawn? Six months, and you two are the first customers I've ever wanted to fuck."

Lana nodded. "Other than my ex-boyfriend, I've only ever fucked those two other customers; the one on stage and the one in the VIP Room. Those were just like you said, Dawn. They turned me on so much that I had to fuck them. It doesn't happen very often. Your Paul must be very special for Niki to want to break her rule. I already know you are," she smiled, again squeezing my hand.

She was giving me shivers with the way she was caressing the top of my hand with her thumb. My pussy was so wet, I thought I was going to drip right onto the floor.

"How long until I go on?" I asked.

"At least another half-hour," Lana said. "There are two girls ahead of you right now, and Tank will want to check on you before he sends you out there."

"Perfect," I said, pulling Lana down onto the couch. "I can't take it anymore. I at least need a taste...." Growling like an idiot, I pushed my head beneath her tight skirt and quickly slid her panties off before burying my face between her legs.

I just had to eat that gorgeous blonde goddess.

Clutching my head while spreading her legs for me, she leaned back into the corner cushions and hooked a knee over the arm of the couch. Her legs were so long and sleek, she easily draped the other one over the back of the couch. Without even pulling her lips apart, she'd spread herself to where I could see well inside her pink, shining cunt.

Wasting no time, I slid two fingers into her hot sex to moisten them before pressing them into her asshole while clamping my mouth on her pussy lips. Instantly frantic, I alternated between sucking her clit and plunging my tongue deep inside her, and she was yelping and crying out in rhythm to my fingers plundering her tight ass.

Lifting my head, I grinned. "Baby, are you starting to get the idea now? I am so turned on, you probably wouldn't even understand it. I want everything you can give me tonight."

I reached out with my other hand to grab Niki's nipple, pinching it hard. "I want you both to cum for me," I hissed. Twisting her tip, I made her cry out in pleasure and pain.

When her head lolled onto Lana's chest, I began switching back and forth between their legs, first slurping on Lana's pussy, then jamming my tongue deep inside Niki's. Pressing a third finger into Lana's ass, I punched my hand again and again into her tight clutch, until I had her yelping and recoiling with each thrust. Using my other hand to squeeze and fondle Niki's breasts, I delighted in how amazingly firm and perky they were, especially her incredible nipples. Eventually I slid my fingers into her gorgeous slit...mmmm, so nice. Once they were good and slick, I rubbed her sweet pussy juice all over her soft pink lips before offering my fingertips to her mouth, making her suck them clean. Returning to her breasts, I alternated healthy boob-slaps with extended bouts of aggressive nipple-pinching.

She was thrashing about, her hips wildly bucking off the couch, and we began trading hands on her tight, wet pussy. When mine would fuck her, she'd pinch her nipples and arch her back. If I slid my hand up to her breasts, she'd stuff hers between her legs, rubbing and slapping her clit with one while fucking herself with the other. My god, the way she just came like crazy, it was so awesome.

In the meantime, I continued alternating between punch-fucking Lana's deliciously spread pussy and gaping asshole. She was quaking, her thighs wildly trembling, and still I kept nipping at and sucking on her clit. Insane with lust, I called out, "On my face! Send me onto that stage with your cum all over my face! Do it! I want you both to cum on my face!"

I was as delirious as they were, wishing only that a fourth person had been there to take me from behind. With my tiny skirt flipped up onto my back, I was just blindly humping the air.

God, I so desperately needed to be fucked.

After Niki had finished cumming, I slid my hand back down to her pussy to wet it again, then I curled my middle and ring fingers into her asshole. Letting loose a perfect moan, she spread her legs as wide as Lana's, and I slipped right through her tight little ring. With my fingers buried in Niki's ass, I leaned up and bit Lana's belly button; tightening her arms and legs around me, she shook as she came. When I felt her cumming, I quickly moved to cover her pussy with my mouth. She didn't seem to be a squirter, though. No, she just flowed more thickly, so I flattened my tongue and pressed it to her sex, letting her orgasm pour into my mouth.

Once she was done cumming, I trailed my tongue all the way up her body before sliding over to Niki's breasts. Taking one into my mouth, I nursed on her gorgeous nipple, sucking it like a baby as I continued to fuck their writhing bottoms. By that point I had three fingers in each girl's ass, and my thumbs were driving inside their pussies. I was violently clutching them, even lifting them off the couch by their assholes while thrashing my face on Niki's chest in my manic devouring of her sexy breasts.

"Holy god...holy god!" cried Niki, and she began to whimper, begging me to stop.

"But we're just getting started," I giggled. "You should see me with my girlfriends. This is only your appetizer...."

Then there was Lana, who wasn't even forming coherent words. Between panted breaths, all she could manage were these awesome hooting-owl sounds.

"Ooo...oooo...oooaaaaAAHH!" she moaned, and I attacked her gorgeous mouth. Although she was startled when I kissed her so aggressively, she was so far gone that she simply let me savage her mouth with my tongue while I pounded away at their assholes and pussies with my hands. Then she began to cry! As beautiful tears spilled from her wild, unfocused eyes, she just kept happily moaning...and I came! No one had even touched me! I came simply from seeing her cry for me!

That was certainly a first for me, cumming without being touched. It wasn't a huge cum, but I definitely came. Seeing Lana's sheer ecstasy over her utter loss of control, god, it went straight to my pussy, and I was dripping down my thighs as my orgasm rocked through me.

Niki screamed like a banshee when I added a fourth finger, forcing it deep into her ass. Tugging my head away from Lana's, she gave me a ravenous kiss.

When I slipped my hand out of Lana's pussy, she snapped, pulling my face right back to kiss me as ferociously as I'd kissed her. Crying out in lust, Niki frantically thrust her face into our kiss.

There we were, enjoying a three-way tongue-lashing while I continued to fuck Niki's asshole and pussy. Since we were all upright again, I immediately began slapping Lana's shining wet slit. They weren't hard slaps but they were insistent, and growing harder each time. Focusing more and more on her clit, I wanted to hear her make that hooting-owl sound again, and I wanted us all to be kissing when she did it.

"I've watched her cum a million times, and she's never done that before!" Niki said in shock when Lana's eyes rolled back into her head and out came that hooting sound.

"Then we need to work on finding out what other fun tricks she can do...and you too..." I smiled, making her cry out again with a twist of my fingers in her ass.

"God, girl, you've already made me do more than anyone ever has. I don't think I've ever screamed like that, and I know I've never taken so much down there, you know, in that place."

"I love your ass," I said, steadily fucking her. "I can't believe no one has ever played with you there before."

"Not like that, they haven't! Are you sure you're a virgin?" she panted.

"I told you, I'm definitely no virgin when it comes to doing things like this. I just haven't been properly fucked by a man yet. My girlfriends, though, they tend to get pretty aggressive with me...especially my bottom," I grinned.

Lana wasn't even with us anymore. She was just cumming...nonstop cumming. She kept cooing and cumming, cooing and cumming. Her voice was rising in pitch as her back arched, and her pussy spilled forth onto my hand. She hadn't uttered an intelligible word in quite a while.

There was a knock on the door, and Tank stuck his head inside. When he saw what we were doing, he just grinned. "Five minutes, ladies. Best start getting yourself ready, Dawn. Lana will tell you everything you need to do."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that! Lana here doesn't look to be tellin' nobody nuthin' anytime soon. She might just be down for the count," Niki said, grinning at us.

"Lana? You okay, sweetheart?" chuckled Tank.

"OOoooo! OOoooo!" she hooted, completely out of her mind.

Tank guffawed, "Jesus tarnation! What'd y'all do to her? I've never seen her like this before! And you too, Niki! You look like you just saw a ghost, and now you're in love!"

Crying out and cumming again from my fingers continuing to pound away deep in her ass, Niki lurched up off the couch and laughed, "Hey, don't blame me! You wanna blame someone, blame yourself! You're the one who dropped this here sex devil girl on us!

"Gaaaawd, Dawn! Fuck!!"

Tank just stood there, staring incredulously. "She did this all by herself? In just these few minutes?"

Slowing my attack, I let the girls catch their breath. After a few moments, Niki gave him a sheepish grin along with a bit of a stunned nod. "Uh-huh. I'm tellin' you, boss, you ain't never seen nuthin' like this one before."

He answered her flickering grin with a bemused smirk. "I reckon I probably haven't. Dawn Summers, what kind of havoc have you unleashed on my girls?"

"Oh, nothing much. I just wanted a little snack before dinner. I told you, I'm really hungry," I said, smiling innocently while batting my eyes.

"Yeah, well, you just go easy on them. Anyway, you're up next, so you better start getting ready. That is, if you still want to head on out there...."

Niki had flipped my tiny skirt way above my hips, and Tank was staring at my bare ass and pussy. Arching my back and spreading my legs, I wagged my tail invitingly. "Does it look like I've had a change of heart?" I asked, peeking over my shoulder to give him a sexy grin.

He let out a long, low whistle, and Niki giggled, "Is that not the most beautiful backside you've ever seen? I mean, my lord, I work in a strip joint, and still I've never seen nuthin' like her in all my days."

Tank just shook his head. "Can't say that I disagree, and I've seen more dancers than you can shake a stick at. It's been my privilege to scout out some of the choicest female flesh in these United States, and I've never seen anything that even comes close to this little filly. She ain't just perfectly flawless, she's also got that certain 'it' thing going on, that 'I'm a star!' quality you either have or you don't. She's got it all day long, and you're right, she has the finest saddle I've ever laid eyes on. Ain't no two ways about it."

While still staring at my naked bottom, he grinned, "Darlin', if you can dance even a lick, you could make a fortune here at this club. Are you sure you don't wanna put that whole college thing on hold for a spell to make yourself a serious buttload of money?"

I looked up at Lana and Niki. Lana's eyes were fluttering, and she wasn't making a sound. All she was doing was panting while running her hands all over herself. Watching her, I had to grin. She just wanted more sex. Niki, though, was nodding her head at me. "He's right, you know. Lotta girls pay for college by dancin'. A girl like you? Shoot, you could write your own ticket. Not only would you make enough in a year or two to cover your whole college career, you'd also find some rich guy to marry you...'bout two or three times a week!"

Smoothing my skirt down over my hips, I laughed as I came to my feet. "I don't know about all that! I just want to have a wild time tonight. Who knows, maybe I'll like dancing enough to where I could see myself doing it for real, but I've always dreamed of living in California, and my dreams are about to come true."

Smiling sweetly, I took Lana and Niki by their hands. "Tonight my dreams include you. Will you help a young girl from lil' ol' Kansas make her dreams come true?"

"Anything you want, baby," Niki said.

Squeezing my fingers, Lana just nodded. "Anything..." she finally whispered, her eyes opening to hooded slits. "Anything..." she said again, beginning to focus as she looked up dreamily at me. Slowly, shakily, she rose from the couch before moving to Tank's side. When he tried to put a steadying arm around her, she took his hand and led him out of the room.

"You're on in five minutes. I gotta tell ya, little girl, I can't wait to see this..." he grinned, looking back at me over his shoulder.

As they were leaving, I heard Lana say, "Tank, listen to me. You need to be really careful with this girl. She'sā€”"

The door closed behind them before I could catch the rest.

~to be continued~

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Submitted: November 01, 2014

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DrecoStar Productions

I'm not entirely sure but i think Lana might have died at some point and no one checked her pulse lol Dawn is dangerous. I'm all caught up please drop by our page and let us know when u update ~Andreco

Sun, November 2nd, 2014 3:42pm


Expect an update tomorrow, and every other day. As for Lana, I love her hooting owl thing. I had a girlfriend who did that, and I just had to include it in one of my stories.

Sun, November 2nd, 2014 7:54am

DrecoStar Productions

I'm not entirely sure but i think Lana might have died at some point and no one checked her pulse lol Dawn is dangerous. I'm all caught up please drop by our page and let us know when u update ~Andreco

Sun, November 2nd, 2014 3:42pm


Well, that's one way for my stories to receive more comments! :-)

Sun, November 2nd, 2014 7:56am


Dear God and all this from your imagination ???? OR is there a little spark of a former life lurking here somewhere ??? Man I'd love to know where this came from .... I have a very vivid imagination , but it all has to start with something or someone I've encountered in my life .....

Wed, December 17th, 2014 2:57am


Well, yes and no. I have no sisters and zero experience with anything even remotely resembling this family's relationship dynamics. I wrote "Ass" in response to a request from a fellow author, who's also a good friend. He specializes in these types of stories, and challenged me to write one for him. The idea was to increase my readership, since this genre is wildly popular in certain erotica circles. So, no, in that regard I draw upon no real-life experiences. On the other hand, yes, if you read my "Angelina"/"Sisters"/"Stacey" nonfiction trilogy of stories, you'll discover the real-life woman who inspires everything I write. Although she doesn't appear in each story by name, rest assured that even in my fiction pieces a high percentage of the narratives you read are taken from my time with the real-life Angelina.

Tue, December 16th, 2014 10:08pm

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