Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 12

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Samantha treats the boys to a Movie Night experience they will never forget.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

Because I had to cut the last chapter off right in the middle of the scene, for the sake of continuity I'm including the last bit of it here again.

~ ~ ~

"Now quit stalling, and tell me what happened."

"Yeah, right, Dawn. Like I really did it all on my own. You know she's the one who orchestrated everything. She always does."

"Uh-huh, like the way she orchestrated your big boner to stick out of your boxers for her to sit on? I think that one was all on you, dude!"

"That...was...an...ACCIDENT!! How many times do I have to tell you? I didn't mean for that to happen! Besides, it WOULDN'T have happened if Mom had at least been wearing PANTIES!"

"Like you're complaining," I said, with a sly grin.

"Nope, definitely not. Okay, so she has us go into the den. Her little wrap is closed again, but only loosely tied. We're all standing there, and she just lies down on the couch. Stretched out on her side, she has one leg straight, the other bent at the hip. Amazing. We're talking curves for days. With her head resting in her hand, she's facing us and the TV. Totally showing off her awesome body, she gives us a sexy smile and asks, 'So, boys, what are we watching?'

"Rick sort of chuckled and said, 'You mean besides you?'

"It was so perfect, the way she casually reached up to move her hair away from her face. You would've loved it, especially when she grinned, 'That's not the only reason we came in here, is it? I'm sure you boys want to do more than just watch me.'"

As the road signs whooshed by, I turned to Paul and laughed, "Jeez, like that sure couldn't have been taken the wrong way, huh?"

Laughing too, he nodded. "Yep, definitely. She was having fun with her flirty little word games. So anyway, Donny's got the movies, and he says, 'You have three choices: a scary movie, a scary gross movie, or a scary gross movie with mutants.'

"With a cute laugh she shook her head and made a barfing gesture. Pausing to glance down at her exposed breasts, she looked back up and smiled, 'No mutants tonight. I'm not dressed for mutants. Just go with the least gross one.'

"After popping the movie in, Donny turned off all the lights. That's when she really blew us away."

"How? What'd she do?"

"She gave us this outrageously sexy grin and said, 'Oh, sure, just turn off all the lights too while you're at it! I'm telling you right now, you're certifiably crazy if you think I'm going to watch a scary movie all by myself in the dark. I want you boys right here on this couch. I'm warning you, though, if any of you try to spook me and make me jump by poking me during a scary scene, like you buttheads did last time, I swear I'm going to kick you.'

"So I sat on the left side of the couch, Rick sat in the middle, and Donny was on the other side of Rick."

"Where was she?"

"See, that was the amazing thing. The first thing she does, she wedges herself between Rick and me. She was on her left side, curled up into a little ball. She had her head in my lap, facing the TV. Her legs were in Rick's lap, her feet resting on Donny's thigh. The way she was positioned, it made her robe pull way above her hips. She was totally uncovered again, her naked bottom right out there in the open, pressing against Rick's leg. I'm sure both he and Donny could easily see her pussy, no problem."

Picturing how she must have looked spread out across their laps like that, I sighed, "God, Paul, she is so amazing. She always knows the sexiest ways to do anything."

He just nodded. "We were all blown away. She immediately noticed how hard I was, too. It was sticking straight up, threatening to poke through my boxers, so do you know what she did? She pulled it down to my thigh and rested the side of her face on it. Dawn, she was covering my dick with her face! That's how she watched the first part of the movie, with my boner pulsing against her cheek!

"Rick was definitely afraid to touch her bare legs. Eventually he sort of had to, though, after she shifted a little more onto his lap. At that point he really had nowhere else to put his hands. Being super careful, he rested one on her knee and the other on her calf, with his left forearm on her thigh. Her toes kept clenching against Donny's leg."

"What was she doing with her hands? She had her face resting on your dick, but where were her hands?"

"She had one hand on my thigh and the other next to her chin, pressing against my dick. Every time something scary happened, she jumped. You know the way she always jumps during scary movies. She'd jump, then she would totally clench up. I swear, I thought she was going to take a hunk of flesh out of me! When this one scene really made her jump, she squealed and rolled over, burying her face in my thigh. Turning away from the TV, she tried to hide in her hair.

"Now she was curled up with her ass facing the TV, and Donny and Rick could definitely see everything. Her bare bottom wasn't even pressing against Rick's hip anymore. It was by his lower thighs, high above his knees. Her ass and pussy were totally exposed, pointing straight at those two idiots.

"Rick laughed, 'Are you okay there, Samantha?'

"With her face still buried in my upper thigh, she squeaked, 'Oh, shut up! You know these scary movies always make me jump! Don't be mean!' Then she raised her foot and gently kicked him in the stomach."

"Wow, that must have spread her open a lot, huh?"

Paul grinned. "It sure did. You really are paying attention, aren't you?"

"Absolutely. I'm totally picturing every detail. This is awesome!"

"Cool. So, yeah, when she kicked him, we could see every inch of her between her legs. The crazy thing is she just went ahead and left her foot in his lap. She had it right on top of his erection, which was tenting his swim shorts.

"When she eventually rolled onto her stomach to take a peek at the movie, her tiny robe climbed to her lower back. Dawn, this wasn't a side view. This was her ass facing straight up, even pooched in the air a little, with her legs stretched across their laps. Her thighs were spread a good eight inches, too. She was giving Donny and Rick just a perfect look at her ass and pussy."

"Jesus, Paul...."

I couldn't take it any longer. Holding the wheel with one hand, I used the other to slide my panties aside and pound my pussy. I was so wet, and my evil little brother just sat there grinning as I desperately fucked myself.

"Dawn, how do you think I felt, especially when the next scary scene made her jump again, and she buried her face right back into my dick! The thing is, this time her lips were pressing directly against it, just below the head. Still, c'mon, I figured that would be it, she wouldn't go any further...then she sank her teeth in! She totally bit me!

"Anyway, the guys started rubbing her legs while teasing her about the movie, saying, 'There, there, Samantha, the scary monster is gone now.'

"Biting my dick even harder, she giggled, 'I can't help it! I get scared, and you guys are such jerks!'

"We all laughed, and they continued to caress her legs. Donny was rubbing her feet and calves while Rick was stroking her thighs, all the way up to her ass. I could tell he really wanted to keep going, and I'd bet anything she would have let him, but he was too chicken. So, I did it. The next time his hands drew close, she raised her ass a few more inches and started moving it in these awesome circles, like she was dying to be touched there. Since I was already doing her lower back anyway, I slid my fingers down and began to rub her bottom, just sort of fondling it and squeezing it. She let out this hot little moan and said, 'Mmmmmm, verrrry nice, boys...much better than scary monsters.' Rick finally worked up the courage to do her ass too, first with one hand, then both, and she moaned again when she felt the additional hands sweeping so close to her pussy. The second I went back to caressing her shoulders Rick took over on her ass, pulling on it, petting it, and squeezing it like crazy. He was totally spreading her open."

"Ohhhhh god..." I moaned, slamming my fingers deep into my dripping sex. "You guys were fondling her bare ass...and staring at her gorgeous pussy! Mmmmmm...fuck...what was she doing?"

"She had her long hair fanned out over my lap, and as she was grinding her ass in Rick's hands she tugged aside the leg of my boxers. Moaning, she slipped the tip of my dick between her lips and just held it there, gently sucking it. She was barely even moving her head. She kept licking the slit and pressing her tongue inside, until finally she slid my entire cock into her mouth. Taking it all the way down, she sucked it really hard while Donny and Rick rubbed her legs and ass. Eventually she pulled away and rested her face back on it, after covering it up again."

"No way! She sucked your dick right in front of them?"

"Uh-huh, but she sort of kept it hidden."

"How long did she do it?"

"Not too long. I'd say maybe only a minute or two. It was like she just found it, pulled it out, put it in her mouth, licked it, sucked it for a while, and tucked it back away."

"Paul, a minute or two is a long time, especially with her head moving all the way up and down your huge cock. Didn't they see what she was doing? I mean, seriously, couldn't they tell that she was sucking your dick?"

"I don't think so. She had her hair covering us, plus it looked like they were so freaked out over touching her and ogling her naked pussy that they weren't even paying attention to what we were doing. Also, she was really moving her ass a lot. It was almost as if they were hypnotized, just staring at her writhing pussy."

"Okay, but what did you do?"

"What could I do? I didn't want them to know, so all I did was keep petting her. I don't even think she planned it as much as it just sort of happened. I mean her face was right on it, and it was totally poking her in the mouth."

"Yeah, I can definitely see that. If your dick was poking me in the mouth, or even if it was anywhere near my mouth, I would do the same thing. Still, my god, Paul, she was giving you guys her bare ass and pussy while sucking your dick right in front of your two best friends! That's just totally amazing, don't you think? I'm surprised you didn't cum."

"I'm sure I would have, except she was sucking me really slowly. I guess she didn't want the motion of her head moving up and down to be too obvious. She wasn't trying to make me cum, although she did do some hella sexy slurping sounds that almost got me. I think she just wanted it in her mouth. She was doing this low moan as her lips moved all along my dick, and with the way she was licking it and sucking it, I don't know, it was more like she was simply savoring it rather than trying to make me cum.

"But check this out. After she put it away, she rolled onto her back, with her robe wide open. Her breasts and pussy were completely exposed. God, we could all see everything. She didn't try to cover her awesome tits at all, and she let us stare at her little strip of pussy hair and pink slit. We could see her soft lips, which were really wet and shiny. I even saw a little bit of Dad's cum leaking from her pussy."

"Ohhhh fuuuuck!" I moaned, drenching my car seat as I came.

I was completely blown away. He held the wheel steady while I finished cumming, then he said, "Believe me, I know. You would have died seeing her like that. She simply stayed on her back, knees raised and legs spread, her head turned towards the TV. She stayed there for what seemed like forever. It was as if she was letting us choose between drooling over her wet pussy or her naked tits. She had one arm behind her head, the other on her tummy. Her feet were planted on Donny, and Rick was caressing all over her thighs and even between her legs, right up to her pussy. She just let him. She didn't mind at all.

"Eventually she reached up to cup her breast and tug on her long nipple. At the same time, she reached down to stroke her pussy. She slowly slid a fingertip through her pink lips, spreading them a little before returning that hand to her stomach. The whole thing took maybe ten seconds. She did it in such a relaxed way that it seemed completely natural, almost like it was unconscious."

"Paul, she was masturbating! God, after totally making out with everyone and sucking your dick right in front of Rick and Donny, she must have been insanely horny. I bet she wanted you to fuck her then. She was letting all three of you fondle her bare ass, and Rick had to have been playing with her pussy while she was sucking you. She definitely wanted to be fucked, don't you think?"

"You mean totally out in the open, just lying on her back and letting them watch us fuck? I don't know about that, Dawn. I think she still wanted to keep some things a secret from Rick and Donny.

"Anyway, after a few more minutes of lying there on top of us with her robe wide open, she slid her legs off the couch and sat up. Rolling onto her right hip, she pulled me tight against her back while wedging herself between me and Rick. Facing the TV again, she was hugging his side, her head resting on his shoulder. Since none of us were wearing shirts, her breasts were smooshing into his bare ribs.

"Watching all this, Donny said to Rick, 'Dude, this is totally unfair. I want to switch places with you!'

"Rick laughed, 'Yeah, so? Too bad, beeyotch! Who said life is fair? I've been dying to switch places with Paul ever since we caught Little Missus Awesome here making out with him in the kitchen. Now that I've finally got the best spot, you think I'm just going to give it up?'

"We all laughed, Mom probably laughing the most. She reached behind Rick's head to ruffle Donny's hair while giggling, 'Sweetie, you can have the middle spot next time, I promise!'"

"Paul, okay, if she's leaning against Rick's shoulder with her face right there above his chest, what about his boner? She must have noticed it tenting his shorts."

"You don't miss a thing, do you? Yep, you're right, and Rick was already worrying about it, too."

"Don't tell me he pulled that cheesy cover-it-with-a-pillow trick...."

"Hell yeah, he did! They both did. I would've too, if I were them. They're not just going to sit there with full-on boners right beneath her face! Mom, though, she noticed right away."

"How do you know? What did she do?"

"She rubbed his stomach and said, 'You know, Rick, I'm sensing a bit of a double standard here. You ask me to wear next to nothing for you yet you won't strip down to your underwear for me, and now you're even covering yourself with a pillow? Why is it perfectly okay for me to be naked while you and Donny get to cover yourselves?'

"Donny blurted out, 'Because we aren't giving you a huge boner, that's why!'"

"You tell her, Donny!" I said, cracking up.

"Mom laughed too. She was still laughing when she said, 'Hey, don't blame me! Blame your horny friend here. He requested this, and nobody said you two had to go and get huge boners!' Laughing softly in Rick's ear, teasing him with her nose to distract him, she quickly snatched away his pillow and flung it across the room! We all laughed as Rick tried to cover himself with his hands while Mom fought to wrestle them away. After managing to yank his shorts loose, she made a big show of peeking inside. 'Aha! You do have a huge boner!' she crowed, and Donny just fell off the couch, laughing himself to the floor."

Paul and I were busting up to the point of tears.

"Wait...hold on," he said, trying to get me to stop laughing. "Then she asked Donny, 'Are you sure you still want the middle seat? The middle-seat guy has to deal with me, and who knows what I'll do to him? Right, Rick?'

"Donny grinned, 'Yeah, that's okay, I still think I'll take my chances with you. I'd much rather feel you pressing against me, plus I want to play with your amazing butt some more. Sitting next to you would be awesome. Sitting next to him sucks! Whenever you're with us, he always gets a huge boner!'

"We all laughed again, then Rick kicked Donny, which made Donny laugh even more.

"Mom said, 'I swear, guys are so silly sometimes. I don't know why you all get so embarrassed about letting me see your erections. Don't you realize that girls love to see them? I find it very flattering when a man gets an erection, and of course I want to see it at its biggest and hardest. I'll never understand why you always feel the need to hide it. That's the last thing you should do. When your gorgeous cock is fully erect, god, show it off to me. Make me drool over it every chance you get. Seriously, you should want me to see your hard cock.'"

"Exactly!" I shouted with glee. "See, Paul? That's what I was telling you! Girls want to see your big cock, so stop hiding it!

"So, okay, what'd they say then?"

"Believe it or not, Rick laughed, 'Fine! You want to see huge boners so much, here you go!' He pulled his dick out and started waving it right at Mom, who was just laughing hysterically.

"Donny shouted, 'See? I don't want to sit next to that freak!'"

Even though I was cracking up, a thought did cross my mind. "Paul, he waved his dick at her? I swear, what is it with you guys? You're always waving your hard-ons at Mom! I bet Donny is waving his crazy dick at her right now! Damn it, why doesn't anyone ever wave their dick at me?

"Okay, so what happened then?"

"She actually reached down and held Rick's erection while pulling his shorts back over it. Giggling, she said, 'Sweetie, as much as I appreciate the thought, I think you're scaring Donny. You should probably keep this wonderful cock covered up, at least until your best friend isn't sitting right beneath you. Just imagine if you blast off in the wrong direction! Donny might never speak to you again!'

"We all laughed, and Donny said, 'Or I might just have to kill him!'

"Mom grinned, 'Oh, don't be such a worrywart. I'm sure Rick has excellent aim. Besides, a little extra protein never hurt anyone.'

"Donny shouted, 'GROSS!' He began rolling around on the floor, acting like he'd been poisoned, and we were all busting up."

I was laughing too, but I had to ask, "Paul, what about Mom having her hand on Rick's erection? You said she was holding it while covering it up."

"Yep, and once she had it tucked away, she continued to hold it. She even began to stroke it, until eventually she just pulled it out again. She was leaning against him, pressing her naked tits to his side, talking, smiling and watching the movie while stroking his bare dick like it was no big deal. During this one long quiet scene she was slowly running the backs of her fingertips up and down the length of his shaft when she gave him one of her sexy grins and said, 'Mmmm, very flattering indeed. I love your huge boner, as Donny so accurately refers to it. Honey, you have a beautiful cock. Next time, I really should have you boys all go naked.' Giving it a firm squeeze before covering it up again, she finished with a prim pat on the tip."

I just stared slack-jawed at Paul. "God, I missed so much, not being there that night. You shouldn't have let me go out. I would've had way more fun with you guys."

"I think you probably would have gotten attacked," he snickered.

"Like I said...way more fun," I grinned. "Okay, wow, so what happened next?"

"Donny said, 'If I can't have the middle seat, then I'm staying down here on the floor. I'm not sitting next to Boner Boy anymore,' which made us all laugh."

"What about Rick? What did he do?"

"Rick pulled another pillow onto his lap and started to watch the movie again. Mom patted his pillow and said, 'Chicken.'

"He grinned, 'Smart, not chicken. I can't just sit here all night with you staring at my boner.'

"She laughed, 'Still sounds like chicken to me! Besides, I would think you'd be flattered if I stared at your boner all night. I know I'd be flattered and very happy if you kept it up all night for me...you big chicken.' Then she took his ear between her teeth and gave it a little nip.

"She kept her hand on his pillow, menacingly tapping it. Finally she rested her head on his shoulder, again facing the TV. She had nowhere to put her right arm, so she just hooked it around his neck and snuggled more closely to him. With her free arm she pulled me into a tighter spoons position, where she immediately felt me pressing against her naked bottom. Grinning at me over her shoulder, she said, 'Oh my, another flatterer!'

"Donny laughed, 'You too, huh?'

"I sort of gave him an embarrassed shrug, but she just grinned at him and said, 'Mmmmmm-hmmm! It seems all three of you want to flatter me tonight.'

"Rick asked, 'Can you blame us?'

"She flashed him a flirty smile and said, 'Oh, no, I'm definitely not blaming any of you. I love this kind of flattery. When it comes to your strong, beautiful cocks pressing between my legs, I'll take as much as I can get.'

"Donny laughed, 'Even Paul's?'

"Being really obvious about it so they would know exactly what she was doing, she moved her ass in sexy circles on my dick and said, 'Mmmm, yes, especially Paul's. Think about it, Donny. I love you and Rick like you're my own sons, but I'm not your mother. When you kiss me and touch me and feel my wet, naked pussy grinding on your hungry cocks, it's perfectly normal for you to become hard. You're healthy, horny teenagers, and I've been letting you fondle my bare bottom all night, so of course you want to fuck me. I wouldn't expect anything less. To make Paul grow fully erect for me, though, even despite you two being here? Isn't that quite a bit different? To feel my gorgeous boy's rock-hard cock pressing against me, wanting me the same way your eager cocks want me, isn't that the ultimate compliment?'

"Donny said, 'That is totally awesome!'

"She continued to make a sexy show of wiggling her naked bottom against me while saying, 'Mmmmmm-hmmm, it really is awesome. He's giving me such a big, thick, wonderful compliment. As far as I'm concerned, he can flatter me all night long.'"

Paul was grinning, and I giggled, "You're just loving this, aren't you?"

"Hey, you said you wanted to know everything, right?"

"Yes, I want to know. Go on."

"Okay, so we went back to watching the movie, and it wasn't long before another scary scene made her jump. She accidentally knocked Rick's pillow away, and as she was leaning across his lap to retrieve it she pressed her bottom really hard against me. When she moved her ass sideways just a little, she managed to pull the opening of my fly right over the head of my dick."

"Uh-oh, here we go again!" I laughed. "Paul's big dick is poking through his boxers, straight into Mom's naked bottom!"

"Yep, here we go again is right. As soon as she felt it poking through, she shifted her hips, skootching forward until she had me centered between her legs. Once she had the tip right where she wanted it, she tickled Rick's ear, distracting him while asking, 'Are you enjoying your movie?' At the same time, her other hand slowly reached down to her bare hip. Pulling her ass open, she spread her pussy and settled onto me. I could only get a little in, so she made a motion like she was just repositioning her legs before pushing back against me, taking me all the way inside. My balls were pressed to her thighs, and she hugged Rick's shoulder.

"Jesus, her pussy was incredible. She was literally grasping my dick, tightly clutching me...squeezing, squeezing, squeezing. God, she was so soft, warm and silky wet. The way she was fucking me, her pussy felt absolutely amazing.

"She flashed Rick and Donny a sunny grin and said, 'This is even more fun than I thought it would be! I think I like watching movies with you boys.' Then she added, 'Even if some of you are chicken.'

"Rick gave her a little smirk. He also pushed down on his pillow, securing it just in case she was planning any more sneak attacks.

"Meanwhile, whenever something scary happened in the movie she would always make a big show of pressing against him, giving me room to slide out of her pussy. Then she'd relax and move back, taking me all the way inside. I could feel myself going to the deepest part of her, to where I was touching the far wall of her pussy. Each time, she would wiggle her hips, pretending to be excited by the movie.

"As our fucking grew steadier, with my free hand subtly guiding her naked hip back and forth, I looked over her shoulder and noticed that her wrap was still untied. Her breasts were right out in the open, and Rick was staring at them.

"She asked him, 'Do you like them?' Grinning, he nodded, and she said, 'Then show me. Let me move your pillow.' She gently pulled it away, and they both stared at his tent. First she squeezed him through his shorts, then she slid her hand inside and began stroking him again, saying, 'Mmmmmm, you're still so hard for me. Go ahead, baby, look at my breasts.' Giving him a warm smile, she released his dick and took off her little wrap.

"His eyes totally bugged out, and she playfully draped her wrap over his head. She leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, only to have him turn his head at the same time. Their lips brushed, then they really kissed. When they finally came up for air, she squeezed his dick again and giggled, 'So, do we need to get a room now too?'

"Sliding both hands up to his face, she kissed him hard, turning her shoulders and slipping her tongue in for a real make-out kiss. Moaning in his mouth, she pushed her ass against me, moving back and forth as she pressed her naked breasts to his chest. She was fucking me, I mean really fucking me, aggressively driving her hips while holding his face and wildly kissing him."

"You must have been absolutely dying," I said, caressing my breast and trying to catch my breath as I listened to his amazing story.

"I was totally dying. That first time in the kitchen, with you watching, we couldn't really fuck. I was inside her, but we couldn't move very much. This time she was creating separation, and I was fully stroking into her. When she slid forward all the way twice in a row, exposing my wet cock before slamming me back inside her pussy, I knew I was a goner. I felt her cumming on my dick, and I just lost it, exploding deep inside her."

"Holy crap, Paul! You came inside Mom's pussy? What did she do?"

"As I kept shooting and shooting, she just continued to moan in Rick's mouth while moving her ass in those cool little circles she always does. My god, she was so blazing hot, her pussy felt like liquid velvet. I must have filled her with cum for thirty seconds straight; I mean it was nonstop, and she was totally making out with Rick the entire time. When I was finally done cumming, she pulled away from her kiss with him to laugh, 'Wow! Now that was a real make-out kiss! Maybe we should get a room!'

"Rick was stunned, yet he laughed through the wrap hanging down over his face and said, 'New rule: Whenever I'm here, the only things you and Dawn are allowed to wear are your sexy bedtime clothes! Oh yeah, and you both have to make out with me anytime we watch movies together!'

"Mom laughed, 'Hey now, I'm only in charge of choosing my Movie Night make-out partners! When it comes to Dawn, you boys are on your own!'"

"God, did she really say that?" I asked in amazement.

"Yeah, she did, then Donny said, 'All I know is even if I have to kill someone, I'm getting that middle seat next time.'

"Since he was still sitting on the floor, on the other side of Rick, she had to reach way over to him. Giving him a kiss and a formal handshake, she told him he had himself a deal, and no murdering would be necessary.

"I was worried, though. I was still inside her, and I could feel my cum dripping out. Stretching her naked body across Rick's lap like that, she was really in danger of exposing us, but I guess she knew what she was doing. After kissing Donny and shaking his hand, she smoothly sat back up and returned to our little wedge position. Rick and Donny were so busy staring at her naked boobs, they never noticed anything else.

"As she sat pressing against me again, just sort of milking my cock, Donny and Rick got up to go hit the bathrooms. It was so funny because Rick wouldn't take that wrap off! He wore it over his head the whole night!"

We both laughed, then I giggled, "Okay, so now it was just you and Mom, alone on the couch. My god, Paul, what did she say?"

"First thing, she kissed me and said, 'God, baby, that was a lot! No one has ever cum that much inside me. I swear, I was beginning to think you were never going to stop! Jesus, honey, do you always cum like that? I can already feel it overflowing my pussy.'"

Grinning, I reached down and stroked his cock. "Lisa says you cum forever too. Little brother, I cannot wait for you to do that to me. I can't even imagine how such a powerful explosion of cum inside my pussy will feel! God, Paul!

"Still, okay, go on, you're alone on the couch with her now...."

"Yeah, I just shrugged, not knowing what to say, and she smiled, 'Baby, no wonder Lisa is always dying for you to fuck her. You feel absolutely incredible. I can't believe it, even after you came that much, how can you still be so hard? God, I just want you to keep taking me, and never stop.'"

As I stroked him through his pants, I felt his growing heat. "Paul, you need to go to bed with her. Actually, you need to take us both to bed, together. You just have to fuck her brains out sometime. Mmmm, I'd love to see you two really go for it. She deserves The Lisa Treatment too, you know.

"So, okay, damn, you're still hard, and you're still inside her...."

"Yeah, I was. I never went soft. She pulled me down and had me fuck her again, and I mean hard. This time she was on her back, her legs spread wide. She wanted to be thoroughly fucked, just like you were saying. We did it that way for a couple of minutes, then she wrapped her legs around me. We were kissing and moaning as I pounded away, no holding back, our bodies smacking together in a constant rhythm, until we heard a toilet flush in the hallway bathroom. We quickly sat up, but she wouldn't let me pull out. We went back to our upright wedge position and I stayed inside her for the rest of the movie, slowly and deeply fucking her.

"Rick and Donny? They just watched the movie. They seemed oblivious, though maybe Rick might have suspected something, especially towards the end."

"What happened towards the end? Could she just not stand it anymore? Did she start wildly fucking you, no longer giving a damn if they watched? That's what I would've done. God, I would have sucked their cocks dry while you fucked me silly. There is no way I could've stayed all calm and patient."

"No, it wasn't anything like that; it was when we came at the same time again. Right at the end there, I mean we were really fucking. Sometimes I could even hear how wet her pussy was. I would think Rick must have felt the couch cushions moving, though maybe not, since she always made it seem like she was just shifting her hips, or she'd pretend to act scared by hugging him more tightly.

"Once the movie was over, I stayed inside her. When Rick and Donny jumped up to go to the kitchen, she finally pulled off and quickly took me into her mouth. Moaning happily while drinking my final pulses of cum, she spent another minute or two sucking me, again taking it all the way down. She licked me clean, including my balls, before tucking me back into my boxers. Beaming brightly, she gave me a big hug and whispered, 'Thank you, baby. The way you touch me...so warm and wonderful, moving deep inside me...just everything you do...you make me feel like a beautiful princess.'"

He was blushing, so I took his hand. "She said it, not you. Don't be embarrassed, baby. You're not bragging. Besides, I know everything she said is true. I've watched you make love, and Lisa's told me how special you make her feel. You just make it totally wonderful for the girl. Although I haven't gotten to experience it firsthand yet, I've seen how much you cum, and I can only imagine how incredible it must feel when you're all the way inside, shooting like that.

"Paul, I know what it's going to do to me. Like I said earlier, I've done some things too with Mom and Dad. I told you that I made love with Mom the night of the pool party. For hours and hours, we did everything imaginable. We just went crazy on each other, completely letting go. I mean it, we couldn't stop. I ate her pussy and drank everything her amazing body could give me, and she did the same to me. She made me cum so many times that I lost count, and she swallowed every drop. We fucked each other in every hole, every way possible.

"I ate her pussy this one other time, too, while Dad was fucking her. That was the same night she fucked you in the kitchen. There was also the day you overheard Mom and Dad talking about me as they watched us play in the pool. After you and Rick went upstairs, I took her to my room. We ended up getting naked together and exploring each other's body before spending the rest of the afternoon making out on my bed. I got to eat her pussy twice that first day, including once when you and Rick were in the kitchen grabbing snacks for everyone. We've also sucked each other's breasts a few times, in addition to the night we made love."

"Damn, Dawn, you and Mom have done a lot! Still, that's all stuff you did with her. You said you've also done some things with Dad."

"I have, a couple of times, including sucking his dick once while he was fucking Mom, sort of like how I did it with you and Lisa. It was right after you took off to go take a shower that night you and Mom had sex at the kitchen table. She teased me like crazy, until I wanted to scream. She ended up having Dad fuck me, but only for a few moments. It was like torture! Don't get me wrong, I wanted him to take me. I wanted it so badly, especially after I'd just watched you and her do it. Since I'd teased her quite a bit, I guess she wanted to return the favor."

"You teased Mom?"

"Uh-huh, like the night I bared her ass and played with her pussy on the couch in front of you and Rick, or when I went down on her while you guys were in the kitchen. You know, stuff like that. After all the times I'd sucked her breasts and licked her pussy, totally making her crazy, she definitely wanted some revenge. She also thought I deserved a little payback for having so much fun watching you two have your sneaky sex. She wanted me to know how it felt to be in that same position. She got me back by having Dad fuck me, only to take it away," I giggled.

"Wow, Dawn, so you're not a virgin anymore!"

"Yes, I am! All I got was teased! While the rest of you are getting to have full-blown awesome sex, I'm always left hanging. As far as I'm concerned I'm still a virgin, since that one with Dad didn't even count. It was like when you and I did it. I only got to enjoy a few strokes. I was just starting to get into it, then, bam, it was over. I didn't cum, and he certainly didn't either.

"Like I told you and Mom - and this was before she and Dad tortured me - when I lose my virginity, I want the whole enchilada. I want The Lisa Treatment. Mom even reminded me of that after she made Dad pull out. She didn't want my first time to be a quick fuck on the kitchen table. She wants me to have the same kind of awesome experience Lisa had, and that's exactly what I want, too.

"Baby, you are going to fuck me like crazy tonight, and that's when I'll no longer consider myself a virgin. I didn't get to be your first, at least not all the way to the finish, but by the time the sun comes up tomorrow, oh yes, you will have fucked my brains out, and I will definitely no longer be a virgin."

Listening patiently, almost as if he was just waiting for me to pause and take a breath, he had this maddening little grin.

"What?!" I exclaimed. "You know how badly I need to be fucked, and who else could it be for me? It has to be you, Paul! Damn it, why are you grinning at me?"

"Dawn, I can't. I'm with Lisa now."

I just stared at him. I was seriously considering crashing the car, just to wipe that smug look off his face.

"You can't be serious. This whole road trip, you won't fuck me?"

He kept grinning.

"Well? Don't just give me that goofy grin! Am I going to have to lose my virginity to some trucker or whatever? Would you really let me do that?"

He started laughing.

"Paul! How can you laugh at me now? I thought you loved me?" I shouted. I was totally pissed, and was about to start crying. After everything we'd been through, how could he laugh at me that way?

I was ready to smack him, until his smarmy grin suddenly melted into something warmer, then he put his hand on my thigh. "Dawn, I do love you, and Lisa told me that not only am I allowed to fuck you during this trip, but after what you did for her, she wants me to double the amount of orgasms I give you. She told me to make sure your first time is even better than hers was, though she said that won't be possible since she won't be there to share it with us."

I stared daggers at him. Part of me wanted to hug and kiss him. Another part of me wanted to put the car on cruise control and have him steer while I sucked his dick. Still another part of me wanted to strangle him for teasing me like that, especially after I'd just told him how Mom and Dad had tortured me.

"Paul, you better be glad you were only joking. I would have to kill you if you were being serious. You have no idea how badly I want you to fuck me, little brother. With the way everything turned out, I wish we would have just kept going when the girls came in. They should've watched you and me, instead of you and Lisa. They all knew how much I wanted it anyway, so I did myself no favors by panicking and making us stop. God, I should have been your first. Believe me, I love Lisa, and I love that you're with her, but you should've had us both that day, doing me first. If I had it to do over again, I would have simply grinned and let them watch you slide deep inside my pussy. Then, after you totally ravaged me and filled me with gallons and gallons of cum, we would've fucked Lisa together."

He squeezed my thigh and kept grinning. "Dawn, I would have totally freaked if they had caught us, at least initially, but after seeing how they all reacted to what eventually happened, yeah, I guess it would've ended up being awesome.

"The main thing is I still can't believe all this is happening. Just one month ago, imagine someone telling me I would soon be having sex with our beautiful Mom and my even more beautiful sister, plus her gorgeous friend. Oh, and you and I would also be going to California together...by ourselves. I never would have dreamed such crazy things. Any one of them on their own would be more than I ever would've believed. God, I'm still blown away by the idea that you want to be with me."

"Paul, please, enough already with that. What do I need to do to get you to understand how much I love you? Why wouldn't I want to be with you, and have you be my first? Is it because you're my brother? I'm telling you, that doesn't bother me. I know it's supposed to, but it just doesn't. It doesn't bother Mom either, and from what she told you, it also doesn't bother Dad. My girlfriends understand it too. They all say they would still want you if you were their brother. Baby, you're everything I could ever hope for in a lover. There isn't another man on this planet I would rather have make love to me, especially for my first time. It's you, little brother...only you."

He just stared at me. I had never seen a look like that - so deeply intense, yet also so full of hope. Finally, he took a deep breath and said, "I'm so happy, all I can say is...I don't know what to say! I'll do anything you want, but you need to understand something. Dawn, whatever you feel for me, I feel it a thousand times stronger for you. I worship you, and always have. For me, being with you isn't about wanting to be your first, or my first. It's much more than that...it's a dream come true. Just the thought of you loving me, do you have any idea what that means to me? If I could, I would marry you right now. I'm talking literally, as in tonight. I really will do anything you want, and if that means fucking you every second we're not driving, then that's exactly what I'm going to do."

"Why not while we're driving, too? I bet we could work it out," I said, offering him a sexy grin.

"Okay, we can even do it while we're driving, but you better not crash," he laughed.

"What about Lisa?" I asked, trying again to be serious.

"I don't know what to say there, either. I love being with Lisa. I may even love her, but I know I love you. I want you both. Make me choose, and I would always pick you, yet I do want the chance to fall in love with her. We just haven't had enough time together. The thing is, even if I fall completely head-over-heels in love with her, I'm still going to want you. That would be my perfect world."

It had become a pitch-black evening way out there in the middle of Nowhere, Texas, and still we kept driving. We were approaching the outskirts of a small, dusty town when I happened to notice a billboard ad for a strip club.

Gazing at the starry night sky, all I knew was that I needed to find a motel, and soon. I was more than ready to have my little brother royally fuck my brains out. As I read that billboard, though, a wicked thought flashed through my mind.

"Paul, have you ever been to a strip club?" I asked, with a sly smile.

"Nope. I don't know where they are in our town. Do we even have any?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure we do. Here's my real question, though. How would you like to go to one with your extremely horny sister?"

He gave me a lopsided grin. "Okay, what's your devious little mind cooking up now?"

"Oh, I don't know, but it seems to me that maybe the two of us might be able to have big fun in a strip club. For starters, I have some serious plans for you tonight, Mister Awesome Lover. Also, I'd imagine a girl like me would be very welcome in a place like that. In fact, I wouldn't exactly be shocked if I ended up becoming rather popular."

"Dawn, remember that little checklist you said we'd make sure to take with us on this trip?"

"Uh-huh," I giggled.

"Did you bring everything?"

Smiling confidently, I cupped my breasts. "Check." Then I reached over and squeezed his dick. "Check. Everything seems to be in order."

"What about the most important item?" he asked, flashing a knowing grin.

I sat up in my seat and wiggled my bottom for him before giving it a good smack. "Check. That's definitely there."

"Okay then, here's what I want to know. As horny as you are right now, do you have any idea what will happen if you bring that ass into some crazy redneck strip joint?"


"And you're prepared for that?"

"Not only am I prepared for it, I'm counting on it. Trust me, little brother, I have a plan. Are you game?"

"Hey, like I said, I'll do anything my lunatic sister wants," he chuckled, shaking his head in bemusement.

We continued to cruise on down the highway, and a few minutes later I spotted the strip club off in the distance. After taking the next exit, I pulled into their gravel parking lot. Needing a moment to steel our nerves, Paul and I sat together in silence, just staring up at the blinking neon lights.

Finally killing the motor, I shot him a sexy grin. "Little brother, we are never going to forget this night."

With Paul looking on in astonishment, I reached beneath my skirt and slipped off my wet panties.

"God help us..." he smiled, watching as I coyly twirled the tiny scrap of white lace around my finger before hooking it over the rearview mirror....

~to be continued~

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Submitted: October 30, 2014

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I just did 2 hours of binge reading. I love this series, truly And now I'm am incredibly horny so if you will excuse me I'm going to call my boyfriend home early from work lol I kid. But seriously this story has gotten so interesting I never imagine things would end up like this from the first two chapters but that is the genus of your writing. Please keep me updated this is by far my favorite book to read. ~Asa

Thu, October 30th, 2014 7:08pm


I don't know how to send new-story notifications here, so just plan on a new chapter posting every other day. Chapter thirteen will show up Saturday morning.

Thu, October 30th, 2014 12:22pm

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