Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 11

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Continuing her day of sexy flirting fun, Samantha spends the evening naked with three horny teenaged boys.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

The sun had set, and Paul and I were laughing in the car, having a blast. I just had to hear everything about what had happened after the pool party, particularly since I'd spent that very night in Mom's bed.

"You guys sure got an eyeful that day! On top of Mom stripping me on the patio, could you believe that bikini she wore, especially in front of Rick and Donny? She made every one of you get a huge boner!"

"You both did," Paul chuckled. "It wasn't just her, you know. You put on quite a show yourself there, little girl. The way you were going, it looked like you were about to fuck her brains out!"

I gave him a huge grin. "Here's a little secret for you: I definitely wanted to. I even tried to get her to do it with me, but she wouldn't. She said we had to wait; that we couldn't do it in front of Rick and Donny."

"So did you ever get to?" he laughed, tickling my leg and making me giggle.

I nodded happily. "Yep...big time. It was later that same night, after I got back from the movies. You were already zonked out. I went to bed with her, but we didn't actually go to sleep until the sun was coming up. Wow, can you believe it? She had sex with Dad in the pool, she had sex all night with me, and you're saying that she'd already had sex with you, Donny and Rick before I came home. She is just an absolute goddess."

Paul laughed, "Whoa, hold on there! I did not say that! I said she had sex with me in front of Rick and Donny, but I didn't say she fucked them too! Jeez, Dawn!"

"Well, did she?" I grinned mischievously.

"No! Of course not!" he said, laughing even harder.

"Really? I have to say, I'm almost surprised. She definitely has way more self-control than I do. But wait a minute here! Why wouldn't she have sex with me in front of Rick and Donny, yet she did it with you in front of them? How come you always get to have all the fun with her?"

With a dopey grin he just shrugged.

Snerking, I playfully jabbed him in the ribs. "Still, I bet you guys had the hugest hard-ons for her that whole evening. I'm sure you were the worst, too, or I guess I should say the best, since yours is so big. Yeah, as horny as Mom was that day, and it was just the four of you alone together that night? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you told me that she ended up having sex with all of you. I mean, why not?"

"Nope, it was just me," he said, still grinning.

"Well, damn, I would've let you all do whatever you wanted to me. God, I was dying for at least one of you to fuck me when we were screwing around in the pool. I'm sure that had I been there that night, I would have let everyone have me. Actually, instead of waiting to be taken, I probably would've just full-on jumped somebody!

"So, c'mon, tell me! What happened after I left?"

"Okay, after you left, I guess Mom wanted some alone-time with Dad before he had to catch his flight. When we all went inside, she took him straight to their bedroom. As soon as they were gone, Donny and Rick started freaking out, just going apeshit about how hot you and Mom looked in your bikinis, and especially naked. Seriously, they were totally losing their minds over what you two said and did to each other at the pool.

"Listening to them, it was obvious that Rick had already told Donny about that first night when Mom busted out her kimono for us, and you took off your top. He was pretty much bragging, 'See? And you thought it was bullshit!'

"Donny just kept laughing that he couldn't believe it. He even said to me, 'Dude, your mom is just as hot as your sister, if that's even possible!'"

"While they were going on like that, what were you doing?"

"Nothing. What could I do? They saw the same things I did. I couldn't exactly deny any of it, and you know I wouldn't even begin to disagree with them about how hot you both are. No way.

"Anyway, an hour or so later, as we were arguing in the den over which movie to watch, Mom and Dad came laughing down the stairs. Dad was dressed, and he had his small carry-on suitcase. Holding her hand, he brought her into the den and said, 'Guys, I'm heading out now. Take care of Sam here for me while I'm gone, and try not to destroy the place. I'll be back tomorrow night.' We all got up to shake his hand, then the three of us walked Mom and Dad to his car. Once he was buckled in and ready to go, she leaned through the window to kiss him goodbye.

"Here's the thing, Dawn...."

I was nearly holding my breath. "What? C'mon, what happened? Tell me!"

He gave me a sly grin. "She was wearing that bikini cover-up wrap thing again, you know, the red one...and nothing else. She must have just thrown it on after they'd gone upstairs and fucked their brains out. I know that's what they did, too. In the middle of the early evening they hurry off to their bedroom, then they come back down an hour later all smiling and happy, her hair totally wild, and she doesn't even have any panties on?"

I nodded. "Yep, they definitely went upstairs to have sex. God, she had so much sex that day! I'm surprised they were so obvious about it, though, especially Mom coming into the den looking like she'd just been thoroughly fucked."

"Exactly. It was as if she was perfectly okay with letting us know that she'd just had sex again. Anyway, she was completely naked beneath her awesome little robe, so when she leaned into the car and gave him one of her forever long make-out kisses...can you imagine?"

"Oh my god. That tiny thing barely even goes to the bottom of her ass...."

"Dawn, she showed us everything! Arching her back to lean through the window on her tiptoes, she stuck out her bare ass, and I about died. We all saw her wet pussy, and even her asshole. Donny couldn't help himself; he made this shocked little squeak sound. Rick smacked him across the head, telling him to keep quiet."

"Jesus. That must have been awesome," I giggled.

"It was! Totally! See, the other thing is she didn't even need to lean over."

"Wait...you mean she leaned way over on purpose, just to show you guys her ass and pussy?"

"Well, yeah, that too, probably. She also showed us her naked tits when she leaned way over."

"Then what do you mean?"

It was getting to be late in the day out there on the highway, and it wasn't overly warm beneath the setting sun. Even so, just imagining all the sexy things Mom did that night was making me hotter than hell.

"I mean, yeah, she probably bent at the waist a lot more than she needed to, on purpose. She didn't have to, though, not to show herself. Dawn, don't you remember that little bikini cover-up thing? It was completely see-through. Even before she leaned over we could already see every inch of her naked body, except maybe her asshole. When she came into the den with Dad, I could see her tits as plain as day, and definitely her pussy too. Following her to the garage, we were all staring at her bare ass, just like when she walked you to the pool after taking off your bikini. We could see her crack, her bouncing cheeks, her pussy lips...everything.

"That robe is a lot shorter and even more see-through than the white lace wrap she wore for us that night in the kitchen. The white one at least has those lacy parts. Her red cover-up has no lace or anything. It's just sheer netting, or gauze, or whatever you call it. You saw how easily we could all see her bikini through it. Without the bikini, she looked even more naked than you two do when your bikinis get wet. We could totally see her tits and ass freely bouncing around."

"I can imagine, plus it's ruby red, which always looks so hot on her with her long black hair and cherry lips. She must have just been sexy beyond belief," I sighed.

"No doubt! There she was, standing completely naked in front of me, Rick and Donny, and neither she nor Dad seemed to mind at all! Actually, I think Dad loved it, just like when she showed off her bikini for us out by the pool. He knew he was leaving his naked wife with three horny teenagers, and he had absolutely no problem with it!"

"God, Paul, weren't you just freaking out, knowing Donny was seeing all that for the first time? Even Rick hadn't seen her be that sexy before. Damn, I wish I'd stayed home that night. I would've died when she came down the stairs wearing nothing but a sheer little cover-up."

"You should have been there, Dawn. The two of you together, with just us three guys? You would've driven us completely insane. Remember, they haven't gotten to see what you usually wear around the house, and who knows what you would have trotted out that night? Something incredible, that's for sure."

"With Mom basically going naked, I think I would've worn this crazy new lace wrap she gave me that night we were all in the kitchen. Paul, it doesn't even begin to cover my ass. You will go full-on bonkers when you see me in it, and that would have been the perfect time to spring it on everyone. Still, I bet I would have just ended up taking it off halfway through the first movie. I'm sure Rick wouldn't have minded, plus it would've been so cool to see the look on Donny's face," I said, flashing a big grin.

"That's true, you probably would have just ended up going naked. With you and Mom competing to drive each other and all of us nuts, it would've been completely crazy."

Laughing, I punched him. "Paul, we do not! I've never tried to compete with her, and I don't push her to do things just to drive you guys nuts!"

"Yeah, well, she definitely competes with you, and you sure don't need a push. She sees what you do, and now she's being all sexy too, even around me and my friends. I know she's doing it at least partly to compete with you."

"Paul, you make it sound so horrible. She's just allowing herself to have some fun again. She feels beautiful, which is awesome, and she's simply enjoying the feeling of being turned on. It's not a competition."

"Okay, you're right, she's not trying to 'win,' or 'beat' you, or anything negative like that. I guess 'compete' is the wrong word. She just loves to feel sexy, and although she's not competing with you, she is doing it because of how sexy you are."

Again, I sighed. "She should feel sexy. God, she's way sexier than I am. I'm just a girl in pretty panties. She's a woman; a totally gorgeous woman. She is so much more aware of her body...how to show it, how to use it to turn people on, and especially how to enjoy it. I mean, come on, she just drips sex. What she did with the two of us in the kitchen, or when she was on the couch with you and Rick, with Dad right there? Amazing. I'm really happy for her, too.

"Okay, so what then?"

"Once Dad took off, I figured Mom would at least go put something on, maybe like her bikini panties or whatever. Nope. When the garage door finally closed, she just turned to us with a silly pouting face. Hooking her arm in mine, she gave us a sly grin and said, 'Well, boys, it looks like we're on our own tonight. I really don't want to go back to bed all alone either, not this early on a Friday evening. So, what do you say? If I promise to be good, would you little devils mind sharing me as your date for Movie Night?'"

I laughed, "Jeez, Mom! You might as well have said, 'That's right, I just had tons of awesome sex, and guess what? I'm still horny! Wanna play?' My god, Paul, you must've been flipping out! What did Rick and Donny do?"

"I was totally flipping out! About everything! It was her, it was them seeing her, it was what she said, and it was definitely her smile. I could tell that her sexy grin was meant as a direct challenge to me.

"Rick and Donny just stared at her like idiots, which made her giggle, then she led us into the kitchen. Leaning into the fridge to grab some sodas and snacks for everyone, she totally showed us everything again. She even wiggled her ass a little!

"With the bright lights of the kitchen we could see every inch of her anyway, even before her wrap slid all the way up to her hips again. It was just awesome, Dawn, the way she wiggled her ass at us once she knew it was completely uncovered.

"When she was done grabbing things from the fridge, she handed us the drinks. She asked Donny to go get the movie started, then she asked Rick to turn off the pool lights and toss all the towels from the patio into the laundry room."

"What did she want you to do?"

"Nothing. That was the point. She wanted a moment alone with me. As soon as we were by ourselves, she leaned back against the fridge, just to let me look at her. She asked if I stood by my position that I don't mind her running around the house dressed any way she wants, even in front of my friends. She wanted to know whether that still held true where she was concerned, or did it really only apply to you?

"I told her exactly what I thought, which was no, I don't mind. I love it, actually. I told her she's the coolest mom ever, which made her laugh, even though I was being serious. I also told her how lucky I am to have the most beautiful sister in the world, and an equally beautiful mom."

Smiling, I squeezed his thigh. "You are so awesome. That was a great answer, Paul. I bet she loved you for that one."

"She had this huge, happy smile, and she gave me a big hug. So, yeah, I guess she liked it.

"I told her again how gorgeous she is, and how we all think you two are the most beautiful girls we've ever seen. I also told her how Donny just about crapped himself at the sight of her leaning into Dad's car."

We both laughed, then Paul imitated Donny's pained expression, which made me laugh even more. He looked totally constipated!

"Dawn, keep your eyes on the road, you dork!"

I'd crossed the center line, I was laughing so hard. Since there were no other cars out there, we just continued to laugh while I did random zigzags across the desolate two-lane highway.

When I finally quit screwing around and got us back in our lane, he pinched my nipple, making me jump and giggle.

"You know what was really cool, though?" he grinned. "While we were hugging, I asked her the one question that had been running through my mind ever since she first hit us with that tiny kimono."

"Let me guess. You wanted to know why she was suddenly being so sexy?"

Pausing, he had a thoughtful expression. "Nope. I know why she started doing it. She told us herself, that night in the kitchen. She does it because she loves feeling sexy and turned on, plus she loves turning other people on. She knows everyone loves when you do it, so why shouldn't she do it too, especially since we're all encouraging her so much. I think it's really that simple.

"Dawn, isn't that why you do it? I bet you're just like Mom."

I had to stop and think about that one.

"Paul, honestly, before that night when you came to my bedroom and got all hard from looking at my ass in the mirror, I'd never even thought about it. I was dressing that way around the house for the same reason I always had: because I always had! The idea that I needed to change what I was doing simply never occurred to me. Why would it? I never paid attention to how any of you were reacting. I had no clue. I was naked a lot with my girlfriends too, and we were forever doing things to each other. It was no big deal. To me, that was just 'girl stuff,' you know? It was what our little group liked to do. I didn't really think of it as sex, the way I think of sex now. I know that's stupid, but that's how I felt."

"It doesn't seem stupid to me at all. I get it. When you were with the girls, it was just playing. It wasn't like 'making love,' right?"

Grinning, I affectionately rubbed his thigh. "Exactly. I have to admit, though, it's becoming more. I can see it in their eyes now that they're making love to me, and I'm starting to feel that way too.

"Anyway, you know that day when we all had our big talk about this road trip? After you took off, Mom and Dad started to hint to me that you definitely notice what I wear. They told me how it affects you. Once Mom and I were alone, she told me that it affects Dad the same way.

"Then that stuff happened when we wrestled on my bed. Your reaction to me that night really began to open my eyes.

"The biggest thing, though, was that morning in the pool with you and Rick. You told me what Mom was saying to Dad, wondering whether I was teasing everyone on purpose. Then I discovered how much I show through in my bikini. I was basically naked, and you and Rick totally loved it. I realized it wasn't just you two, either; it was Donny, it was my girlfriends, it was even Mom and Dad. I thought about how you all want me naked, or in nothing more than tiny panties, and that's when it hit me...everyone loves my ass.

"I swear, before that day, I never paid any attention to what I was showing or what you guys might have been thinking as you looked at my body. Now I'm always thinking about it."

"Okay, so what do you think? Are you like Mom, doing it on purpose because it turns you on?"

While trying to keep my eyes on the road, I turned to him and nodded. "Definitely. Ever since that day, I've been checking in my mirror to see how I look before coming downstairs in the morning, and also at night. Now I intentionally pick the skimpiest, sexiest things, especially the ones that show my ass. Everyone has been making such a big deal lately about my ass that I find myself wanting you all to see it, to touch it...to take it. I want every one of you to be as turned on as I am. The thought of you guys lusting after my ass, god, it drives me insane."

Giving me a knowing grin, he pinched my suddenly erect nipple. "I can tell, and I can also tell how much you really have changed lately. Damn, sometimes you even go without any panties at all now, totally showing us your pussy, like that night in the kitchen. Ever since our little wrestling match on your bed, you've been showing off your body a lot more than you used to, and you always seem hella horny."

I nodded. "I have, and I am. It's weird, actually. It's almost like I don't even pay any attention now to whether you guys can see my pussy or my breasts. You'd think I would become the most turned on by the thought of showing off my pussy, and everyone wanting to fuck my pussy, but that's not how it seems to work with me; it's my ass. Don't get me wrong, I love turning everyone on with my pussy too, but the thing that does it for me the most is your crazy desire for my ass. My ultimate thrill is when every one of you gets a huge erection at the sight of my bare bottom, and I know you're all dying to fuck me there.

"Mom started it, actually. You say I've inspired her? The truth is she inspired me. She was the one who made me aware that you all love my ass so much. She even made a point of showing me how horny Dad gets from seeing it. Seriously, she loves it when everyone gets hard from sneaking peeks at me. In Dad's case, it usually means she gets lots of sex. In your case...well, I think you can figure it out. I just know it really turns her on.

"Anyway, what about you? Once you two were alone in the kitchen, what did you ask her?"

Paul laughed, "Wait...back up a second! Dawn, why do you think Mom loves it when you run around in your panties or whatever, totally turning me on. Duh! It's because you turn her on too, you big dummy! She likes feeling horny, and seeing you makes her horny! Can't you tell?"

"Okay, fine, but you're still missing the most obvious answer. When you get turned on, what happens? Your cock becomes a mile long, and harder than steel! That turns her on like crazy. She absolutely loves your huge dick, little brother. If anything, it's almost like she sits back and waits for me to make you and Dad hard, knowing it'll be to her benefit. Think about it. Whenever Dad gets hard because of me, she looks forward to lots of wild fucking. She actually told me that my ass is like Viagra, the way it makes you all get such awesome hard-ons. She said she definitely enjoys the benefits of Dad staring at my ass, and now she's obviously enjoying those same benefits with you. That's why she has no problem with me wearing skimpy things, or even going naked. She loves your hard cocks. If it were up to Mom, every one of you would have a permanent erection!"

Pausing, he grinned. "Well, okay, maybe that too, at least in terms of me and Dad, but what about Rick and Donny? She doesn't get any real benefit from their hard-ons. Dawn, I guarantee you, it's mainly the fact that watching you turns her on."

"Yes, she did admit that the reason she's never tried to get me to wear less revealing things is she simply doesn't want to. She said that she likes looking at me too much. She even joked about it that day at the pool, telling me, 'You are so gorgeous naked, I should forbid you from ever wearing a stitch of clothing around this house.' Still, I know she loves it when you guys get hard-ons from perving over me, and that includes Rick and Donny. I'm telling you, Mom just loves hard cocks. She's a natural flirt who wants us all to be as constantly horny as she is. She loves that sexy tension when everyone is really turned on. I can't blame her, either, since I'm the same way.

"Damn it, though, come on, what was your question to her? We keep getting off track!"

"Okay, okay!" he laughed. "While we were hugging, I asked her about Dad."

"Dad? What about him?"

"I wanted to know what he thinks about all this? I mean, sure, I know he loves it when she acts sexy around him, but what about the way she's suddenly letting me, Rick and Donny see her? Isn't he concerned that his mega-hot wife is running around naked in front of us? Here she was, telling Dad how you and your little bikini are liable to drive us hormone-crazed teenagers crazy with lust, and now she's wearing even less around me and my friends than you do."

"Paul, it sounds like you really don't approve of what she's doing."

"No, that's not it at all. I swear, that has nothing to do with it. Dawn, don't misunderstand me, I love what she's doing. You know I do. I was just worried what Dad might be thinking. I didn't want her getting into any trouble with him over this. See, we've all got her convinced that it's okay to be sexy with us simply because you're so sexy with us. The thing is, great, that's fine for you, but you're not married to Dad. No one will get jealous or suspicious if you run around naked in front of me and my friends."

"Okay, yes, I see your point. Remember, though, and you said it yourself, Dad is totally jazzed about everything she's doing. He's ecstatic about it. He sees what she's wearing. He saw what she showed everyone on the couch in her kimono, and she did a lot more than that at the pool party. He let his naked, thoroughly well-fucked wife accompany him to say goodbye to you boys in the den, then she offered up her ass and pussy to you as she leaned into his car. You know he absolutely loved it, too. Come on, he didn't even mind her spending the night naked with three wildly horny eighteen-year-olds who were all going to want to fuck her brains out. No, I don't think we have any 'insecure husband' issues to worry about, not with Dad.

"Anyway, what did she say? And what about you and her having sex in the kitchen? Did you ask her about that?"

"She said that Dad saw what she was showing everyone when she first wore her kimono, and it's basically The Dawn Effect in reverse for him. If his wife is going to get super turned on by wearing sexy things around the house, then he's all for it. He's the one getting the benefit since she's always so horny now. She said he even told her that he thanked you for whatever you did to make her suddenly become so sexy again."

"Yes, he did. He's just like you, the big goof. He thinks this is all because of me, as if Mom couldn't do it on her own. He came into the kitchen the other morning and hugged me from behind, totally blaming me for Mom's new sexiness," I laughed.

"Correction...he gave you the credit for it, not the blame," Paul said, laughing too. "So, yeah, she said he has no problem with it at all. He doesn't worry about me and my friends seeing her in skimpy things, or even naked. He just sees it as harmless fun. If it turns her on - even better! Why should he mind? She also said that he realizes he's in no position to complain since he sure enjoys watching you running around doing the same thing. If he can get excited over you, why can't she get excited over letting us see her? Either way, they both get the benefit. She said those were his words, not hers."

"I can definitely see how that would work. Mom gets turned on, Dad gets more sex. Dad gets turned on, Mom gets more sex. It's harmless and fun, and they both love it. But okay, what about you? What did Mom say about you two having sex?"

"Honestly, that was the one question I didn't have the balls to ask. It was no problem for Mom, though. She just went ahead and brought it up on her own."

"No way! What did she say?"

"Yep, after telling me how Dad gets the benefit of her being so horny lately, she added, 'And nothing has made me hornier than what you and I did in the kitchen with Dawn. I hope you don't regret it, because I certainly don't. I thought it was absolutely wonderful. Wasn't it fun?' Just like that! 'Wasn't it fun?'

"Laughing, I admitted that I was just hoping she wouldn't have any regrets, but she assured me that she was only worried about me. She added that she hadn't said anything about it to Dad, mainly because she and I still hadn't talked about it. Since she wasn't sure how I would feel about him knowing, she didn't want to put that sort of pressure on me."

"So what did you say? You know, come to think of it, I never even asked you about that. I just assumed from your panicked reaction when we heard Dad coming down the stairs that you didn't want him to know."

"You assumed right! Of course I don't want him to know! In fact, that's what I ended up telling Mom."

"Okay, what did she say then?"

"Dawn, that was the coolest thing of all. She just hugged me more tightly and said, 'Then I won't tell him. You aren't merely some other man, nor am I cheating on your father. I will never cheat on him. You're my beautiful boy, and what we have together is special. Anything we do is just between us, mother and son. If you don't want me to tell him, then I won't, not as long as you live in this house. I wouldn't do that to you. Someday, though, I will tell him, and so will you. We have to, honey. Besides, I know he'll understand. Baby, I could tell him tonight that you and I had sex. Because it's you, and because it makes me so happy, he would be perfectly fine with it.' Then she added, 'I'm only protecting your feelings by not telling him; not mine, and not your father's. As far as I'm concerned, I want him to know, and Dawn already knows everything anyway. We pretty much told her what we were doing, right? She thought it was wonderful. She loved it.'

"I then had to remind her that I didn't tell you anything. She was the one who told you."

"That's definitely true. You weren't saying a word! You probably would've kept it a secret from me forever, huh?"

"Oh, I'm sure I would have eventually clued you in. I'm telling you things now, aren't I?"

"Yeah, but only after you made me beg for it. Would you have told me even if Mom had never said a word?"

"No, probably not, or at least not right away. I would have needed to work up to it, and it would've depended on how I thought you'd react."

Turning to him, I grinned. "Such a sneaky little brother! So, okay, let's get back to your story. What happened next?"

"First thing, Mom asked the same question again, double-checking to see whether I was sure I was okay with her wearing her skimpy cover-up around the guys. She was rubbing against me...you know, down there. I laughed and told her that even if I wasn't sure, her rubbing against me that way was going to make me sure! She laughed too, saying, 'Sounds like a plan!' That's when Donny and Rick came back into the kitchen to let her know everything was all set and they were just waiting for us.

"She had her arms around my neck, and my hands were on her lower back. Because she was reaching up on her tiptoes her little wrap had climbed really high again, all the way to the top of her ass. We could see every inch of her long, bare legs and completely naked bottom. Rick laughed when he saw how we were hugging. He told us to get a room, just like you'd told her and Dad in the pool."

"Oh my god, he actually told you and Mom to get a room? What did you say?"

"I didn't say anything. Mom, though, she just giggled and wiggled her ass for him before pressing even more tightly against me. With her head resting on my shoulder, she gave him a big smile and said, 'Honey, we're already in a room. The den is a room, too. Which room would you suggest?'

"Rick wasn't expecting that! He started stammering, and she piled on, saying, 'Besides, if Paul and I get a room we'll definitely have fun, but what about you two? Without a woman to keep you company tonight, won't you become sad and lonely?'

"Rick looked like he was about to swallow his own head! Mom piled on even more by grinning, 'The other day you said there was no reason why Dawn and I shouldn't wear our usual skimpy things around the house when you come to visit. Well, sweetie, here I am, and now you're trying to run me off!'

"Dawn, she was totally messing with him!"

"Yeah! Get 'im, girl!" I laughed, pumping my fist.

"Rick tried to stand his ground, but he couldn't help laughing and blushing. He said he wasn't trying to run her off; he was just joking about us making out, like we should get a room, the way she had with Dad.

"She gave him this awesome grin and said, 'Yes, and I think you know what happened when I got a room with my husband after you saw us making out. Now you would have me take Paul right back to that same bed and make love with him too? Sweetie, he's my son, so we can't exactly do that, can we?'"

"Wow, Mom! God, she was totally messing with Rick's head!" I said, slapping the steering wheel in laughter. I accidentally bumped the stereo controls, and suddenly we were blasted by mariachi music.

Laughing right along with me, Paul turned the radio off. "Rick said he only asked you and Mom to start wearing panties or whatever when he's there because we told him that's what you normally wear around the house, so why not?"

"Yes, and he also asked me to go naked, since I'm basically naked in my bikini anyway. So what did Mom say then?"

"Still giving him that killer grin, she said, 'Doesn't this count as panties-or-whatever? Would you rather I go slip my little bikini bottoms back on? If you really want me to, I will, but I'd prefer to stay properly undressed for a night of sexy fun with all my wonderfully horny boys. It turns me on when my bare ass and naked pussy are exposed and available like this, so I'm hoping you'll let me enjoy going without panties tonight while we snuggle together and watch movies.'"

"Alright, Mom! God, I can totally picture her saying that!"

"Yep! She was awesome. Apparently wanting to mess with him some more, she asked, 'Anyway, can't a girl give her handsome son a hug, even if she's not wearing any panties?' Still grinning, she pressed against me a little harder. I lifted her into the air, twirling her as I hugged her, and she did that happy squeal thing she always does. We all laughed once I set her down, then she said, 'Besides, silly boy, we weren't making out. We weren't even kissing. Where I come from, making out requires kissing. See, now this would be making out....' With her arms crossed behind my neck, she went to her tiptoes and kissed me. I started to pull away, but she brought my head down and really kissed me. I lifted her again, which flung her tiny robe up, and she just giggled. After wrapping her legs around my waist, she slipped me her tongue. Dawn, we were fully Frenching! She was making a big show of it too, moaning and grinding against me. When I set her down that second time, she became even more serious about her kissing, making out with me for a solid minute - full tongues and everything. She was rubbing her breasts and pussy against me, doing these super sexy moans and loud, wet smacking noises with each kiss.

"Her wrap was up around her waist the entire time so she was absolutely bottomless, pressing her naked pussy directly against my dick. Remember, I was leaning back against the counter. She was holding on to me, hugging me, so I wasn't covering her at all. She was wide open, completely nude, making out like crazy with me in the middle of the kitchen! She just let them watch!"

"Jesus, Paul. How were you able to control yourself? I would have totally attacked her."

"I know, and you're going to love what she did next. When we were finally through kissing, she took a deep breath. Looking down, she noticed that her wrap had come undone. Her breasts were right out in the open, and so was her pussy. Grinning as she blew a lock of hair from her face, she turned to Rick and said, 'Whew! See? Now that's making out! He's still my son, though, so we can't exactly do that either, can we?'"

I just laughed and laughed, and Paul started laughing too.

"She was being a real devil that night, wasn't she? She was just torturing you guys!" I said, amazed at her brazenness.

"Dawn, you should have seen the looks on their faces. You would've died laughing. With her wrap still wide open, she went right over to Rick and hugged him too. Pressing her bare tits to his chest, she said, 'See? Hugs are good!' Then she gave him a big, wet, sloppy kiss, and we all busted up.

"After finishing her hug with Rick, she turned to Donny and smiled, 'You too, mister.' She went to hug him, but the thing is, he was ready for her. When she kissed him, he kissed her even harder. A few seconds later they were seriously making out, full tongues and everything. Her little robe was pulled way up above her hips again, and she didn't mind at all. He was squeezing her bare ass with both hands and sort of stroking her pussy, just totally going crazy on her. She let him do whatever he wanted. It was amazing."

"Jeez, watching all that, you must have been as hard as a rock."

"I was! We all were! Every time she hugged me, she pressed her pussy against my dick and rubbed up and down. She moved her hips the same way on them, too. She had to know we were all hard."

I laughed, "Oh, she knew, alright! You can count on that! If I've learned one thing, it's that Mom always knows whose cock is hard!"

"She definitely knew then, that's for sure. She even told us to go change into our pajamas or boxers or whatever, saying she shouldn't be the only one dressed for bed. When Rick and Donny said they were planning on sleeping in their shorts, she smirked, 'That's really weak, guys. Considering what I'm wearing, the least you could do is change into some nice sexy boxers for me. You know, come to think of it, I should just make you all go naked tonight. Wouldn't that be awesome?' She had this coy little grin, and we couldn't tell whether she was being serious."

"Alright, Mom! It's naked Movie Night! Woohoo!" I shouted, throwing both arms in the air.

"Dawn, I think she was only joking. I'm pretty sure she didn't really mean that stuff about, you know, having us all go naked. She probably just wanted us in our underwear, and that was her teasing way of trying to make it happen. In any case, she ended up letting them off the hook. She made me go change, though, laughing, 'You always strip down to your boxers at night anyway, so get a move on!'

"When I came back into the kitchen, the three of them were still screwing around. Donny was totally feeling her up from behind, making Mom and Rick laugh at the way he was humping her bare ass like a dog in heat. He was obviously going way overboard with it on purpose, exaggerating everything to make it funny, and she was playing right along. Anyway, as soon as I was within arm's reach she tugged me by my waistband to her side, then she teasingly ran her hand down the front of my thin little boxers, directly over my dick. 'Mmmm, now we're getting somewhere...' she smiled. Being as dopey as she could about it, she reached back and playfully squeezed Donny's dick through his much thicker shorts before shooting Rick and Donny a comical boo-boo face. It was just awesome."

Grinning, I couldn't help but shake my head. "Yeah, well, even if she was only joking, you know she would have loved it had you all just whipped out your dicks for her and gone naked the rest of the night. Still, Paul...wow. She knew you would get an enormous erection the second you snuggled up against her bare bottom in your boxers, and she made you go put them on anyway. At that point were you becoming suspicious? I sure would have. I also would have been wondering what she had in mind for Rick and Donny. Not that I think she would actually have sex with them, I guess, considering what she said about never cheating on Dad, but she was definitely planning something. If nothing else, she wanted a good look at their hard-ons."

"I wasn't thinking about any of that. You know what I was thinking? 'Oh, shit. You'll never be able to hide your boner now. Whatever you do, you big doofus, at least make sure it doesn't pop out of your boxers again!'"

We both laughed, and I reached over and gave his thick bulge a sympathetic couple of pats. "It must suck to be a guy, always having to worry about your erections. When I get excited, people can't even tell; or, if they can, they seem to like it. Besides, I don't mind if my hard nipples are showing. You, though, my god, you have to find a way to hide this humongous thing that sticks out ten feet! So, okay, is it really such a big deal to make sure your friends don't see it? With my girlfriends, we love it anytime one of us becomes visibly turned on. Why is it so different with guys?"

"Dawn, think about what you're saying! It was just the three of us, plus Mom! Why should I be getting a boner?"

"Oh! Duh! Jeez, don't mind me, I'm an idiot. You don't want them thinking you're gay, and you also don't want them to know that Mom excites you. Okay, I get it. Still, would it seriously be that big of a deal? I mean, come on, as hot as she is? They were getting boners over her themselves, and Rick already knows what you said to me about wanting to see us naked. Would finding out that Mom turns you on really come as any major shock to them? Look what she was wearing, plus she's hugging you and saying all those sexy things! Of course you'd get a huge erection! What guy wouldn't? They'd have to understand that."

"Yeah, I'm sure they'd understand, but I still don't want them to see it! You never want other guys to see your dick, especially when you're sporting wood over your own mom! Believe me, they were trying to hide theirs too. They didn't want her to see, or me to see, or each other to see. I'm sure they wouldn't want to see mine either."

"I'm sure they wouldn't, since yours is way bigger," I giggled. "Paul, as big as yours is, I would think you'd want to show it off."

"You mean like you wanting to show off your ass?"

"Exactly. Even more so with you, though. Simply by letting people see your ginormous cock, you're advertising how much awesome pleasure you can give."

"Dawn, you don't think your ass does the same thing?"

"Yes, I do, and that's what I'm talking about. I get excited by letting people check out my ass. You know Mom loves to show hers off, and so do Michelle and Trish. Since you're so much larger than most guys, I would think you'd want to do the same thing. Baby, you're easily as big as my whole forearm! Even Trish says you're way huge, like full-on porn star huge. She told us you have the biggest cock she's ever seen, and you should show it off every chance you get. Lisa smacked her, saying, 'No, he shouldn't! Stop trying to get other girls to want to fuck him!'

"See, that's what I mean. If you really set out to show off your amazing cock, that crazy new phone of yours would probably explode from eight zillion girls frantically trying to hook up with you. I'm just surprised you're not already doing everything you can to make sure all the girls know about it. If I were you, I definitely would. I'd want every cute girl in school to see it."

He gave me a silly grin.

"What?" I asked, dopily returning his grin.

"Dawn, until a couple of weeks ago I had never even been with a girl, and nobody ever told me I was big or anything. I really didn't know about any of this stuff. It was just me, you know? It was kind of like you, with your ass. You didn't know there was anything special about it, not until people started telling you."

"Yeah, but don't guys check each other out? You know, like in the showers?"

"I don't know. I guess they do. It's not like I've studied other guys, and I'm not in public showers very often. Our school doesn't make us do that anymore. Besides, nobody ever gets hard in the showers so I really wouldn't be able to tell much anyway, right? I'm just saying, I didn't know.

"Now that everyone keeps telling me, and especially with the way Mom reacted that night in the kitchen, yeah, I'm starting to enjoy letting people see it. I'm only talking about Mom, though, or Lisa, or you, not other guys! It's fun when Mom checks me out, like the morning she came into the bathroom while I was showering. She was supposedly just dropping off some towels, yet she stayed and watched with a big grin as I soaped myself up. I liked showing it off to her because I knew she wanted to see it, but I don't want to show it off to Rick and Donny! Hell no!"

"Well, sweetie, I've seen and felt Rick's and Donny's, and you're much larger, you big stud muffin. I've also seen two other guys' dicks, and theirs were nowhere near as long and thick as yours is. Mom says you're 'extremely well-endowed,' even more so than Dad, and he's absolutely huge. Besides, look what you do to Lisa. You were awesome when you fucked her, and you obviously drive Mom crazy too. It's not just your size, you know. You're really good at sex," I grinned.

"Maybe, but only because you showed me how to do everything. You've given me all my firsts. Until you decided to help me by making us open up to each other, I was totally stuck on stupid."

"Paul, that's ridiculous. Besides, you went out of your way to come to my room that first night, remember? I should be thanking you."

"Dawn, I came to your room to thank you for inviting me on this trip. You were the one who broke the ice. You've been doing everything for me. You literally even put me inside my first girl!"

He laughed, and I shot him a rueful look. "I wanted to be your first girl. I put you inside me first, only we were interrupted. You say I gave you all your firsts, but that was the one I really wanted to give you. I wanted it so badly, for both of us. Now you've had two girls!"

"Yeah, but one of them is Mom!" he shouted, throwing his head back in laughter, and I laughed so hard that I quickly had to correct my steering before I ran us off the road. "You even set Mom up for me, too! You've given me all the sex I've ever had, Little Miss Perfect Ass!"

"Whatever! Like she needed any help from me. Speaking of which, I wasn't even there the second time you fucked her. That one was entirely on your own, buddy boy. Now quit stalling, and tell me what happened."

"Yeah, right, Dawn. Like I really did that one all on my own. You know she's the one who orchestrated everything. She always does."

"Uh-huh, like the way she orchestrated your big boner to stick out of your boxers for her to sit on? I think that one was all on you, dude!"

"That...was...an...ACCIDENT!! How many times do I have to tell you? I didn't mean for that to happen! Besides, it WOULDN'T have happened if Mom had at least been wearing PANTIES!"

"Like you're complaining," I said, with a sly grin.

"Nope, definitely not. Okay, so she has us go into the den. Her little wrap is closed again, but only loosely tied. We're all standing there, and she just lies down on the couch. Stretched out on her side, she has one leg straight, the other bent at the hip. Amazing. We're talking curves for days. With her head resting in her hand, she's facing us and the TV. Totally showing off her awesome body, she gives us a sexy smile and asks, 'So, boys, what are we watching?'

"Rick sort of chuckled and said, 'You mean besides you?'

"It was so perfect, the way she casually reached up to move her hair away from her face. You would've loved it, especially when she grinned, 'That's not the only reason we came in here, is it? I'm sure you boys want to do more than just watch me.'"

As the road signs whooshed by, I turned to Paul and laughed, "Jeez, like that sure couldn't have been taken the wrong way, huh?"

Laughing too, he nodded. "Yep, definitely. She was having fun with her flirty little word games. So anyway, Donny's got the movies, and he says, 'You have three choices: a scary movie, a scary gross movie, or a scary gross movie with mutants.'

"With a cute laugh she shook her head and made a barfing gesture. Pausing to glance down at her exposed breasts, she looked back up and smiled, 'No mutants tonight. I'm not dressed for mutants. Just go with the least gross one.'

"After popping the movie in, Donny turned off all the lights. That's when she really blew us away."

~to be continued~

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Submitted: October 28, 2014

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