Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 10

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The road trip begins.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

"Killer past couple of weeks for you, huh, little brother?"

Paul and I were finally on the road, heading to California. We had the top down on my convertible Beetle, all our stuff was piled in the back seat, and I was grinning at him from behind the wheel. Although there really wasn't much to see out there in the middle of nowhere, we didn't care. We were excited to be rolling at last, just the two of us together on the open highway.

Driving along, I'd been teasing him about everything that'd happened.

"First you become this raging horndog with me, then you're just fucking Lisa like crazy! Are you sure you were a virgin, or was that all just some big sympathy scam?"

"You got me, sis. I engineered everything, right down to the finest detail. Behind your back I got Rick, Mom and Dad together, and we conspired to brainwash you into doing exactly what you've always done anyway. Then I hypnotized us both so that I'd get all excited by seeing you in your panties, and you would get turned on by seeing what you'd done to me."

I had to grin as I listened to him lay it all out.

Returning my grin, he pressed onward. "The hard part was always going to be finding a way to get Mom on board with my wicked scheme. I had to get you to play with her, otherwise she wouldn't go for it. Getting you to convince her to join in was a real bitch, but I knew it would be the key to the whole thing."

We both laughed, yet I wondered at his joke about getting me to play with Mom. He didn't know about her coming to my room. I hadn't told him about any of the things she and I had done together. As far as he knew, she just suddenly started being sexier with everyone all on her own.

"What do you mean?" I asked. "How did I play with Mom? Like you said, I've only been doing the same things I've always done. Mom just finally decided to enjoy herself and not worry about you guys getting hard from seeing us. You and she suddenly changed, not me."

"Sure, Dawn, and you had nothing to do with it. C'mon, are you saying you didn't encourage Mom to loosen up?"

"How did I encourage her? What do you think I did? She just decided to start having fun again, and she made that decision all on her own."

"You didn't give her some sort of pep talk, convincing her to start dressing more like you?"

"No!" I said, laughing. "What in the world ever gave you that idea? I didn't do anything, Paul. I didn't need to. All I did was tell her how great she looked and how awesome it was to see her being so sexy around the house. You told her the exact same things."

"I suppose you're also going to say that you had nothing to do with Lisa either," he grinned, dropping the hammer on me.

Fidgeting in my seat, I returned his grin. "I just gave her my blessing. I told her how wonderful she is, and that I was happy for her to be the one for you."

He simply sat there, smirking.

"Okay, fine," I laughed. "Maybe I might have also encouraged her to make the first move, just to get the ball rolling, since you were obviously never going to do it!"

"Hey! Who says I wasn't?"

"So, were you? When were you ever going to step up and finally make a move on her?"

He gave me a sheepish grin. "Probably never. I didn't even know she liked me, and I just assumed she was way out of my league anyway."

Exasperated, I turned to stare at him. "Why on earth would you assume that? Paul, you're absolutely gorgeous. All the girls say so. You heard them totally spazzing out over you."

"Yeah, I heard them. That day was the first time, though, and you basically put them up to it."

"I did not! I didn't have to put them up to anything, and I certainly didn't tell them to slobber all over you about how hot you are. 'You can fuck me anytime, Paul!' Yeah, right! You think I put them up to that? Baby brother, believe me, they came up with that all on their own."

"Yeah, okay, but you still started it."

"What do you mean?"

"Dawn, Lisa told me everything."

"If she really told you everything, then you know she already wanted you."

"Yeah, she admitted that, but you also told her to make a move on me before I left for our trip. She said it was your talk that put the thought in her head."

"Paul, she'd already told me point-blank, 'I want to fuck your brother.' She wanted you to be her first. She just didn't know how, or when, but she knew she wanted you. I didn't have to convince her of that."

"Fine, but she never would have done it, not without you. She hadn't planned on anything like that, at least not so soon. She said you really did it to her when you took off your panties in front of me, then you pulled her skirt up. She said it was all you."

Smiling smugly, he knew he'd won that one.

"Okay," I admitted, allowing him his little victory, "she told me the same thing. So? All I did was help speed things up a bit. Unless you're a total retard, you were eventually going to figure out that she wanted you. Jeez, she allowed herself to be completely naked for you. Wasn't that a subtle enough hint? I mean, sooner or later, even you would have picked up on her intentions."

"Yeah, we probably would've gotten together eventually. It's not like I would ever say no to her."

"I would hope not, but she had to do everything. You were never going to make the first move, so you should be thanking me!"

"Dawn, are you under some weird impression that I'm not thanking you? Do you think I'm blaming you, like it's a bad thing? Of course I'm thanking you! That's what I've been trying to say this whole time! You have been totally awesome. I cannot possibly thank you enough for everything you've done. I'm not just talking about what you did with Lisa, either, even though that would already be way more than enough."

"What do you mean?"

"C'mon, look at everything you've done for me. Starting off, look what you've done just to you and me. It's all because of you that we've become so close. We used to ignore each other; now you're my best friend, and the coolest sister any guy ever had. Plus, god, you're so hot and sexy with me. In terms of sex, you've given me everything."

"Not everything. We were interrupted, remember?" I giggled.

He didn't laugh with me. He just grinned. "Yes, big sister, everything. First, you let me see you in your amazing little panties and tops, and even naked. You were happy to show me every inch of your insanely incredible body. You allowed me to get turned on by looking at you. Instead of trying to make me feel guilty about it, you encouraged me. Then you let me know that you like to see me too. Coming from you, the hottest girl in the whole school, that's a really big deal. And yes, we were interrupted, but you still made sure I got to have sex. You didn't just talk Lisa into it, you helped her do it. She even insisted on your help, because you were such an important part of it to her. You made it awesome for all of us. Dawn, you always make everything awesome."

"Oh, Paul..." I said, trying not to cry. "Don't you know how much I love you? I would do anything for you."

Noticing that my eyes were welling up, he took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "See? This is what I mean. Dawn, this is the best time of my life, and it's all because of you. Look how we're talking now. Check out where we are. I'm on a road trip! Me, on a road trip! And I'm with the most beautiful girl in the world. You even made this happen, by asking Mom and Dad to let me come with you. You're giving me the best experiences of my life, and since you're my sister I'll get to love you for it forever. Oh, and don't forget that one other thing..." he added, smiling mischievously.

I grinned, waiting.

"Look what you did to Mom. Look at the gift you've given all of us, with everything you've done to her. Jeez, just look what you've given me with her. Look how happy she is, how alive she is, and how happy she and Dad are together now. Have you ever seen them this happy? Dawn, you've turned Mom into the happiest, sexiest, most awesome wife, mother, friend and lover ever. None of us could ever thank you enough for that."

"Paul, I keep telling you, she did this all on her own. I didn't need to talk her into anything. She surprised me with it the same as she surprised you, Rick, Donny and Dad."

"You may not have specifically talked her into it, but you know you're the reason for it. No way these crazy past couple of weeks happen, not without you giving her your permission. You did that by setting the example every day, both before and after she gave you her blessing to wear whatever you want around the house. Whether it's Dad, me, or my friends, you're always totally sexy with us, giving us all constant hard-ons. You excite Mom, too. Dawn, you're the one who gave her permission to be sexy again. I'm sure Dad wasn't stopping her or anything, but she could only do it with your blessing, and your inspiration."

I grinned, "She certainly is inspiring, isn't she?"

"Yes, she is, but I said you, not her. You inspired her, not the other way around. She didn't have to talk you into being the way you are."

"Paul, I keep telling you, I didn't have to talk her into anything either. She's always been a huge flirt. C'mon, you've seen those outrageously sexy miniskirts and see-through tops she wears for Dad and his friends. Whenever she goes anywhere with them, she's usually half naked. The only thing that's changed is now she's also doing it around the house again."

"Fine, even though you didn't have to talk her into it, you're still the one who convinced her that it was okay to be that way around the house again. It was obviously inside her all along, and you gave her permission to let it back out."

Beaming at him, I debated whether to ask my next question. In the end, I simply had to know. Grinning, I just put it out there. "Speaking of things being inside her, were you ever going to tell me what was really going on when you and Mom had your little 'accident' at the kitchen table?"

His face sort of momentarily froze. "What...what do you mean? You were there. You saw what happened. What more did you want me to say?"

"Well, for starters, Mom later told me that just a wee bit more happened that night than you two sneaks had led me to believe," I said, giving him a huge grin.

"Ummm...she did? Like what? I mean, what did she say?"

Laughing to myself over his reluctance to spill the beans, I said, "Okay, just tell me what really happened that night. While you're at it, go ahead and tell me about any other little 'accidents' you two may have had. I'm guessing that couldn't have been the only one, not with the way she totally drools at the sight of your big cock. Come on, we have all the time in the world now to talk about everything, and I'm dying to know."

With the sign posts blurring against an endless horizon of rolling fields of grain, finally he turned to me, a small grin playing on his lips. He was obviously weighing what to say, so I gave him a gentle nudge. "Baby, there's no need for secrets anymore. It's just you and me out here, and you know I'm not going to say a word about this to anyone. Why would I? I'm involved in it too."

"You are? I thought you told me you weren't? In fact, I could have sworn you just said, 'I'm only doing the same things I've always done. It's you two who changed.' Are you now saying that things also happened with you?"

He had a total shit-eating grin.

"Paul, you know they have. I'm sitting here talking to one of those 'things that happened.' Baby, just think about what you and I have done. I'm definitely involved in this."

"Is that it, though? Just the things with me, plus what you do with the girls? Nothing else? No little 'accidents' of your own with Mom or Dad?"

It had clearly become my turn to weigh what to say, and he was watching me closely. Giving him a little grin, I made my decision. "No, it hasn't just been you. I've also done things with Mom...and Dad."

"Seriously? Dad, too?"

I nodded shyly. "Yes, kind of like what you did with Mom. Still, tell me. I want to know what really happened that night at the kitchen table."

"Okay, but you have to tell me your stuff too," he grinned.

"Of course. Fair is fair. I bet you have way more to tell, though."

"Way more about that night specifically, or just way more in general?"

"Both. You and Mom have done other stuff besides the kitchen table thing, haven't you?"

He nodded sheepishly.

"Okay then, start with that night in the kitchen. Fill me in. I know you two were hiding at least some of what was going on."

"Dawn, she really did it. Or we really did it. Actually, I'm not exactly sure who was doing it."

"Doing what?" I grinned.

"I was inside her," he said, nearly in a whisper.

"I know, you both told me that. You were inside her about halfway, for just a few seconds. Then, as we continued talking, you kept pressing into her, sort of sliding in and out a little. That's when you two would flinch."

He gave me a slow grin. "No, Dawn. She was messing with your head. Initially, yes, we had that accident, when I popped out of my boxers and slid inside her. A little later I popped out again, and she didn't jump away. She just let it press against her, skin to skin."

"Yes, I know. She said so at the time."

"What she didn't tell you was that the next time I accidentally slid inside her, she let me stay there; it wasn't just pressing between her lips, close to going inside. No, she let me go all the way. She was so wet, I slid right in. When I pushed inside, she held me there, squeezing me with her pussy. You started asking her about it; I mean really asking about the details, like how did it feel? Do you remember when she shifted in my lap, and my hands went to her hips? She said, 'I wouldn't keep moving on him this way if it didn't feel so good.'"

"Yes, I remember. I also remember that she said I should try it, too."

We exchanged grins, and I reached over to stroke him through his pants. "Baby, she was giving us her permission. She was even encouraging us to do it, telling me right in front of you that I should try sitting naked on your hard cock, the way she was. She said that I might enjoy letting her caress my bare breasts while your huge erection is pushing inside me. Then I remember her saying to you, 'It felt like you were fucking me before, and you loved it. Now it feels like you're fucking me again, only this time it's even better because it's no accident.'"

"Exactly. She'd positioned herself to where my erection was no longer just trapped between my legs, with the head pressing against her. She moved around until my legs came apart a little, freeing it to pop up, then she lifted and let it go inside her. We didn't have a good angle, so that's why you saw her continually shifting her hips. She was taking more inside, driving me crazy by grinding her ass and squeezing her pussy on me. When you saw her really obviously reposition herself, she wasn't trying to make it more comfortable to sit on."

"She was trying to take more of it inside her," I grinned.

He returned my grin. "Not just more of it. All of it. Dawn, she took the whole thing. She was telling you that she didn't need to be curious about how I'd feel inside her, remember? By that point I was completely stuffed inside her pussy. She kept moving in my lap, occasionally letting it slip halfway out before sliding it back in, until finally she just sank all the way down and stayed there. That's when you saw her really start grinding her ass, like nonstop. We were totally fucking almost that entire time.

"Did you see when Dad came in? Remember how reluctantly she climbed off my lap? If she hadn't felt my panic, god, I think she would have stayed right where she was and just continued fucking me. In fact, I'm sure of it. She would've kept me all the way inside her, even with Dad there. When she finally went back to her own seat, didn't you notice how I was sticking straight up out of my boxers, all wet and shiny? I barely had time to put it away!"

I shook my head. "Nope, I didn't. I was behind you when she got up, so I couldn't see it. By the time I made it to your lap you were already covered again. You really think she would've kept doing it, even in front of Dad?"

He gave me another accusing grin. "I'm positive. She had no panic reaction at all. Dawn, she was doing it because of you. Just like with everything else, you inspired her, and gave her permission. All those questions you were asking us, that's what really turned her on. She started off by being surprised over what had happened, but definitely okay with it, then she became super playful and mischievous about it. Once she saw that you were completely fine with everything, it made her want to do even more, simply to see how far we could go while still keeping it as sort of our own sneaky little secret. Dawn, you've turned her into a horny goofball teenager again!"

I couldn't help but laugh, then he laughed too. We laughed even more when, after a bazillion crows flew right over us, my windshield was suddenly bombed by two of the biggest meatloaf-sized turds ever. I spritzed the washers and flipped on the wipers, and we laughed again as the bird poop smeared all over the place. Once it eventually began to clear up, we settled back down.

"Paul, you might be reading way too much into it. Maybe she just wanted your big, hard cock, and my being there was the only thing stopping her from totally fucking your brains out. We both know she wanted to feel it inside her. She made that perfectly clear. When you were waving it at her, god, she even came right out and said, 'I love it!' She was saying she wants to fuck you again. I think that what happened was she simply surrendered to temptation and let you fuck her, hoping I wouldn't catch on.

"It worked, too. I didn't know, not exactly. I definitely didn't realize it had gone that far, and she certainly didn't get the idea to do it from me! How could she? I can't get anyone to fuck me!"

I laughed, but he only grinned. "You just keep thinking that. See, I know better. I could feel what was making her respond. It was you, Dawn. It was your questions. It was when you touched her and put my hands on her. You were telling her it was okay, giving her permission, encouraging her to keep going. You were turning her on. The thought of you wanting to watch us have sex was driving her crazy.

"I'm also sure that if Dad had just stayed upstairs a little longer she would have started moving all the way up and down on me. She would've openly fucked me, right in front of you. She wasn't going to play her sneaky game too much longer. She was squirming so much, I could tell she really wanted to fuck. She would have done it, too, even with you watching us."

"Yep, I think you're right. I also think that at some point there, if Dad hadn't come down, she would've put me in your lap and had you fuck me, too. She would have watched us and played with me as we had sex, just like I played with her while you two were fucking."

I let out a wistful sigh.

"That's what I mean, Dawn. Again, just like with you giving me yourself, and even Lisa, you gave me Mom, too. She never would have done the things she's been doing with me these past few weeks - or any of the amazing things she's been doing with all of us lately - if not for you. You did this to her. You turn her on like crazy."

"Wow," I said, slowly shaking my head in wonder. "You and Mom had sex, and you did it right in front of me. Paul, that is just completely awesome."

I knew they had, or at least she'd already told me they had, and Paul had just confirmed it. She hadn't merely been teasing me. I'd thought that maybe she was just trying to make me crazy by telling me she'd taken him all the way, but nope, they'd really done it.

"Dawn, we also had sex a few days later, right in front of Rick and Donny."

"No way!" I shouted. "When was this?"

"It was after she blew everyone away at the pool party, later that night. Dad had to go to Denver, and you went to the movies with Michelle and Lisa, remember?"

"It was that same night? Damn it! Okay, tell me what happened!"

~ ~ ~

He was talking about the day Donny's eyes just about popped out of his head when Mom came and joined us at the pool.

Her bikini was basically just a new, sexier version of mine. It was even smaller, though, especially with her big boobs overflowing the barely-there top. Whereas my little bikini was simply threadbare and thin, hers was totally teensy and wispy, plus it was unlined. Completely see-through wet or dry, it was really more of a sheer bra and thong panties set than a bikini.

The guys about died when they saw her, and so did I.

"Damn, honey! Look at you! You're just trying to give us all hard-ons, aren't you?" laughed Dad, obviously beside himself with excitement over the sight of his amazing wife standing basically naked before us.

"Mom, you look incredible! You are totally gorgeous! Jesus, you're even giving me a hard-on!" I grinned, and everyone laughed.

Blowing me a sexy kiss, she let us all ogle her for another few moments before laughing, "So I guess everyone approves of my new bikini then? I just bought it, and I thought today would be the perfect occasion to take it out for a little test drive." Grinning, she did this awesome thing with her hands, trailing them up her thighs and over her stomach to her breasts. She slowed to linger there, smiling as her fingertips caressed her beautiful curves.

God, even her bikini cover-up was incredibly sexy. It was just a sheer scarlet wrap that was a lot shorter than her kimono and way more transparent than her white lace robe.

Of course Rick had already been treated to the mouthwatering sights of her bare breasts and naked pussy, and I'm sure he was still buzzing over the flirty hug she'd given him that night in her silky kimono; nevertheless, he was clearly stunned when she came out to the patio wearing something so revealing.

Her bright white bikini was skimpier than anything she had ever worn to go swimming with us, which her red cover-up made painfully evident. Even though we could already see her killer bikini anyway, we were all on pins and needles waiting for her to take off her tiny robe.

Grinning at Dad, who gave her a horny leer in return, she performed this wicked little striptease for us. Shimmying her hips, she slowly peeled her wrap away before simply letting it float to the ground. Wearing only her see-through bikini, she raised her arms above her head and did the hottest twirl ever, proudly showing off every inch of her lush, perfect body.

If Rick was pleasantly stunned, Donny was in complete shock. He wasn't there the night she first displayed herself in her kimono, so seeing her be so mind-blowingly sexy at the pool was definitely a whole new experience for him. When she took off that wrap and did her awesome little dance for us, he instantly got a crazy hard-on, which was obvious even through the water.

Noticing his huge erection, she gave him a happy smile before slinking her way over to the steps and tiptoeing into the pool to join us. Once she'd waded in about waist high, she paused to dunk herself. When she came back up, she slowly ran her hands through her long, dark hair.

As she knew it would, her bikini had essentially disappeared, rendering her completely naked. With her firm, flawless breasts thrusting out so provocatively, dazzling like diamonds in the bright sunlight reflecting off the sparkling water, words like 'spectacular' and 'awe inspiring' wouldn't even begin to do her justice.

We all gasped, and she beamed at me.

I slid through the water, making a beeline for her. Still beaming brightly, she spread her arms in welcome, and I moved into her warm embrace. Leaning back to drink in her gorgeous nudity, I grinned, "You are so amazing. God, I want to fuck you."

She smiled at the boys, who were clearly shocked by what I'd said. They were also openly gawking at the two of us hugging right in front of them, pretty much naked. When I reached up to cup her breasts, she shot them a flirty smile. Turning back to me, she slipped her hands inside my tiny bikini bottoms and squeezed my ass. "Baby, the feeling is quite mutual," she purred, shocking them further.

When she finally released me, she followed their eyes down to her breasts. "Oops! I guess this bikini really wasn't designed for swimming," she said, offering them another flirty grin.

"If they put me in charge, that's definitely how I'd design 'em!" answered Dad, making us all laugh.

Dry, the two sliding triangles on top barely obscured her perfectly defined areolas. We could still see them, including their light brown color. Wet, her white suit became invisible. Her two-inch caps were like magnets to our eyes, and her erect nipples stood tall and gorgeous.

Her thong bottoms were similar to my bikini panties in that they became totally sheer when wet while also leaving the top few inches of her ass crack exposed. Her neatly trimmed landing strip and smooth pussy lips were every bit as easy to see as mine are, plus a lot more of her sexy ass was showing since my panties aren't nearly as tiny as hers.

It was so funny, the way the boys just wouldn't let her get out of the pool. Every time she tried to go, they just wrestled her back into the water. We ended up doing chicken fights, beginning with Mom and Rick squaring off against Donny and me. Dad and Paul stayed on the sidelines, laughing and shouting encouragements to both teams while firing up the barbecue to grill some steaks.

With Mom's ass pooching out as she struggled to maintain her balance atop Rick's shoulders, it wasn't long before her little panties were barely covering anything. "Hey!" she giggled, slapping at Paul's hands when he leaned into the pool and tugged her bottoms all the way below her ass. Still giggling while trying to reposition herself, she managed to pull her bottoms down so far that she bared not only her ass but her pussy too. Apparently deciding to make the best of it, she squeezed Rick's head between her thighs. "It's too bad you're facing the wrong way..." she grinned, playfully rubbing her naked pussy against the back of his neck.

Once the chicken fight resumed, we began laughing, shouting and hand fighting like wild savages. Mom being Mom, she just couldn't resist the temptation to tug my top away from my breasts. Rick cheered, and when I immediately retaliated by pulling her top aside too, Donny shouted, "Holy crap!" Battling tooth and nail, we played the rest of the game that way, with our bikini tops merely framing our naked bouncing boobs; all the while, our flirty Samantha was happily kissing Rick's neck with her bare pussy.

Seeing her incredible body on display like that, Rick and Donny must have thought they'd died and gone to heaven.

"About ten more minutes on the steaks..." Dad called out, watching us play.

"Then take a break and come join us!" I answered. Splashing Mom, I tried to imitate her by grinding my pussy against Donny's neck. Of course it wasn't quite the same since my panties were in the way, but Donny still let out a little yelp of surprise, and Mom applauded my efforts.

Setting their things aside, Paul and Dad jumped into the pool. Paul instantly went on the attack, yanking me down off of Donny's shoulders and lifting me onto his own, prompting Donny to tackle us both. Meanwhile, it didn't take two seconds before Mom and Dad were wrestling and dunking each other over by the side of the steps, about stomach high. She ended up with her arms and legs hooked around him, and they began kissing like fiends. I mean they were fully making out, and we all laughingly cheered them on.

"Jeez, you two, get a room!" I shouted, giggling when I saw her hands sneak into the back of his shorts, and suddenly the top of his snow white butt was showing beneath the water. She'd pulled his shorts down! Grinning at us over his shoulder, she stuck her tongue out at me before slipping her arms around his neck again and just totally making out with him.

I couldn't be certain because of the water, and because they didn't go too crazy, but it looked like they were fucking. I know I saw her hand slide down between their bodies and move around for a few seconds, like she was guiding him inside her, then they went right back to making out. He was smoothly thrusting his hips, and her bare breasts were juddering in rhythm. When her eyes opened, they were fluttering. She locked her legs more tightly around his waist and started grinding against him, moaning as she drove her tongue into his mouth.

They were definitely fucking.

Rather than stand there and watch them like a bunch of pervs, the boys and I went back to splashing and fooling around, and immediately they all ganged up on me. Wrestling with them, it was obvious that they were super horny. God, they were just freely copping feels. Every two seconds there was another hard cock pressing into me, and my breasts were simply mauled. I let them touch me as much as they wanted, anywhere they wanted, encouraging them by rubbing my tits and pussy against their dicks. They were constantly slipping their hands inside my panties to squeeze my ass, and before I knew it I was being finger-fucked from every direction. For my part, I blatantly played with their cocks, eventually going inside their shorts to fondle and stroke their huge erections. I mouthed their hard-ons underwater, including Paul's, which made Rick and Donny really lose their minds, and I even pulled Rick's out to give him a quick blowjob. Giggling as I sucked him, I was blowing silly bubbles up and down his blurry dick when suddenly a bunch of long, squiggly ribbons of white cum started firing out of his peehole.

Now that was just too cool!

When I looked over to check on Mom and Dad, it was equally obvious that they had thoroughly enjoyed their awesome episode of sneaky sex. Draped over the side of the pool, Dad was lazily kicking his feet near the steps where his gorgeous, happy wife lay stretched out languidly on her back. With only her lower body in the water and her arms spread wide, she was offering us the most spectacular view ever of her perfect naked breasts.

Watching us play our flirty games, she looked nothing less than a goddess, and she flashed me a sweet, sexy smile.

Dad finally climbed out of the pool, though not before stopping to give her one last wicked tongue-kiss, which she hotly returned.

She and I spent the rest of the afternoon that way, fully exposed in our sheer bikinis. God, it was such an awesome feeling, going basically naked in front of Dad and the boys. More than anything, I think we were all blown away by the simple fact that Mom was allowing herself to be on display for us, and we knew she was just as turned on as we were.

Telling her again how amazing she looked, I gushed over her perfect body. I also told her how happy I was that she was sharing her incredible beauty and sexy passion with us.

The guys all agreed, particularly on the "sexy passion" thing! Everyone raved about how great it was to see her like that, then Dad went over and gave her the most loving hug ever, squeezing her from behind while whispering something in her ear.

"I love you too, baby," she giggled.

Turning back to the table, she became super serious with Paul, Rick and Donny. "Boys, I truly appreciate everything you're saying. I really do. I admit it, all this attention feels amazing. I love the way everyone is looking at me lately, especially my own husband. Being wanted like this, it's the greatest feeling in the world. Knowing that you think I'm sexy turns me on to no end, yet here's the thing. I don't want any of you to start taking Dawn for granted now. You all know what a wonderful girl she is. You certainly don't need me to tell you that, but—"

"We know, Mom. Believe me, we know. We all love her," Paul said, taking my hand.

She grinned happily. "I know you do, but I want you to look at her now. Really look at her, the same way you've all been looking at me. Don't you see? It's not just today; it's every single moment with her. She's always this beautiful for us. Dawn is so incredibly sexy that sometimes she even drives me insane, so I can't imagine how you boys can stand it. My god, just look at her. How can you take your eyes off of her? I know I can't."

She gave me a dazzling smile, and they all turned to me. Blushing, I dropped my head to the table, hiding my face in my hair.

"Just look at her..." she repeated, getting up to come over to my side of the table. "Let us see you, baby," she said, taking my hand and having me stand before her. Casting lingering glances down my body, she appeared to be deep in thought before finally adding, "Maybe just this one time, boys, though with this tiny thing she always wears, does it really even matter?"

My heart jumped into my throat when she simply untied my bikini top and tossed it aside. Smiling sweetly, she slid my bottoms off too.

Facing me forward, she set my naked body on full display. "This perfect daughter is truly the most beautiful girl in the world, and far beyond anything I could ever dream of being. She's the one you should be staring at and complimenting. All your gorgeous erections today, they ought to be for her. My god, just look at this girl..." she said yet again, hugging me from behind. Hooking her arms around my stomach, she left my breasts and pussy exposed.

They could see me shaking. I was absolutely on fire, and didn't care that we were on the patio. If they had all jumped me right then and there, I would have eagerly dived in and never come up for air.

She grinned at the wide-eyed boys before giving me a heartbreaking smile. "Thank you, angel. Thank you for everything you said. You make me feel so beautiful. You always do, and you deserve to feel that beautiful too, so let them see you...let them show their hunger for you. I want you to enjoy the feeling of being desired, the same as I do. Let us all see your sexy passion, baby."

Kissing my shoulder, she took me by the hand, and with everyone watching she never let go while slowly leading me back to the water.

Those few seconds were the sexiest moments of my life, when my beautiful mother and I walked side by side to the pool. I knew she was showing me off in the simplest, most elegant way, even as I knew everyone's eyes were also feasting on her.

Standing at the side of the pool, she took me in her arms. "You can't imagine how spectacular you looked just now, gliding fully nude across the patio, your golden body bathed in warm sunlight. Baby, you are so gorgeous naked that I almost want to forbid you from ever wearing anything around this house. You are absolutely perfect without a stitch of clothing on." She smiled and slid her hands down to caress my ass, vividly demonstrating her point to the guys. "Your sexy back...your tiny waist...your incredible legs...and, god help us all, your beautiful bottom...." Moaning softly, she cupped and squeezed my ass, further showing it off to them.

I was becoming desperate. "Oh my god, you're going to make me cum, right here in front of everybody," I whispered. "You know what it does to me when you touch me there, and you're showing them!"

"Yes, I am," she grinned.

"Then damn it, if you really want them to see me cum, let's quit teasing and just do it. I want you like crazy, and I don't care if they watch. Let's get them so turned on that they'll all be dying to fuck us," I whispered, caressing and squeezing her ass the same way she was doing it to me.

What a sight we must have been.

"Baby, they're already dying to fuck us," she whispered back, her little grin growing brighter.

"Doesn't that turn you on, knowing they all want to fuck you? It's driving me crazy."

It really was driving me insane. I was ready for them to come and take us.

"Yes, baby, it's turning me on like crazy, knowing your father and the boys all want to fuck me."

"Then let's do it!" I moaned.

"Angel, I want to...you know I do. We just can't, though, not here. We can't have sex in front of Rick and Donny. Baby, come to my bedroom tonight. Your father is leaving this evening for his conference in Denver, and he won't be back until late tomorrow. When you get home from your movie, take off all your clothes, then come slip into my bed. I'll be waiting for you, naked and wet. We'll make love all night, I promise," she whispered, urgently squeezing my bottom.

Writhing in her arms, I came. I know she felt it; more importantly, she knew I was cumming. As my thighs shook and my heart pounded, she held me close. "You are so beautiful when you cum. Mmmm, I can't wait to make love to you," she cooed, stroking my hair.

I kissed her neck and whispered, "I won't wait any longer than tonight. I'm in love with you. I'm not just saying that, either. I truly am in love with you, and I have to have you. Promise me!"

"Tonight, baby. Take me tonight. I want you to sleep with me. Dawn, promise me you'll come to my bed tonight."

I was still shaking. It was my orgasm, it was my burning need, but mostly it was my overwhelming desire for her. "Okay, I'll wait, and I promise to sleep with you tonight, but I want you to share this with me now..." I said, unclipping her bikini top. Nodding her understanding, she just smiled and stood still. I tossed her top into the pool, then I pulled her bottoms down, and she sexily stepped out of them.

"I'm in love with you too, angel. Thank you for sharing this with me," she whispered, again looking like a total goddess.

Showing her off as much as possible, I stroked and squeezed her ass while giving her one of her own loving smiles. "I want you to share in this. Just like you said about me, I want them all to see you. I want the boys to go crazy with lust for you, and I want you to show them your desire. I love that you had sex with Dad in front of us. God, I loved seeing you like that."

She shivered in my arms. "I had a feeling you noticed what we were doing. I noticed what you were doing, too. I saw you playing with the boys."

"Oh, definitely. As we were wrestling around, they kept pushing their erections into me, plus I was already super horny from watching you. I just had to do something. Once Dad got out of the pool though, god, you should've come over and joined us. We could have all played together, and you know I would've kept Rick and Donny busy while you and Paul had yourselves another awesome sneaky fuck."

"Oh god, baby," she moaned into my neck.

"See, that's what I'm talking about! I love when you show us how turned on you are! Watching you tease everyone, and especially watching you have sex, it's the most beautiful thing in the world to me."

Completely naked, we hugged again, pressing our breasts together while holding each other's ass. I was so wrapped up in the moment that I was only vaguely aware of the sound of applause coming from the guys.

Bursting with pride, I loved that she wasn't trying to hide. Unashamed, she let us all enjoy every gorgeous inch of her gloriously naked body. When she walked us hand-in-hand into the pool, it felt like we were two sexy mermaids returning to the sea. As we glided back and forth, making smooth ripples, I was floating on soft, pillowy clouds. Time and again we came together for gentle kisses on the lips...a happy pair of water nymphs.

It was the most beautiful feeling I had ever experienced.

~to be continued~

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Submitted: October 26, 2014

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