Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 09

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dawn contemplates death by teasing.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

Because the word-count limit here forced me to cut short the last chapter at a decidedly inopportune moment, I am including the final part of that scene as a proper lead-in to this one...

~ ~ ~

Grinning mischievously, Mom turned again to me. "You asked if I like to go without panties because it turns me on? See, baby, what's happening right now, this is why I find it so exciting to leave my sex bare. Yes, I love the physical sensation of going without panties. It just plain feels good, and I would do it for that one reason alone, but that's not the main reason I do it. The thing I love most about going pantiless is knowing that something like this can so easily happen. When my ass and pussy are naked and available, it makes me want to have sex. Honey, I love that feeling. I also love it when simply giving a man a flirty glimpse between my legs makes him want me so much that his cock instantly gets hard. I always love to imagine what he's thinking as he ogles me, knowing he's trying to catch another peek up my short skirt. It's not that I'm necessarily going to act on being so turned on; still, as the saying goes, it's the thought that counts, and all my thoughts are sexy ones when I don't wear panties."

Jesus, I was so turned on. Writhing against Paul's shoulder, I felt my pussy dripping down my thighs.

Sensing my need, she smiled. "Tell me, baby. It's okay."

"Mom, it's killing me, because I know exactly what you mean. I'm discovering that the less I wear, the more turned on I become. The more I know people are getting turned on by me…the more it turns me on. God, it just keeps feeding on itself."

Her eyes were filled with compassion as she squeezed my hand. "I know, baby. I can see your hunger. I can feel it when we're together, and it's growing stronger every day. I know you feel like you're about to explode, so let me finish answering your question. Dawn, it's just like you said. When I'm dressed this way and sitting in his lap, Paul's natural physical response is to want to have sex with me. You added that I could hardly blame him, and I agreed.

"Baby, I feel the same way about you. No matter who it is, if you're naked in someone's lap, moving your bare bottom on his erection, I wouldn't blame either of you at all for wanting to have sex. The thing is, just make sure you're not sending the wrong message. Before you go and tempt a guy or yourself like that, make sure it's what you really want."

"But what if that's exactly what I really want? Mom, I'm just like you. I went without panties tonight because I want to have sex!"

Grinding in Paul's lap, she closed her eyes and gently moaned. Opening them again, she gave me a penetrating smile. "So what are you waiting for? Baby, you don't need to fight it. Have all the sex you want, and revel in it. Honey, it's your time to start enjoying the gift of sex, of fucking, and not just with your beautiful girlfriends but with men, too. Let yourself go…dive right in. Sweetheart, you get so turned on now by showing off your gorgeous pussy and amazing ass that very soon here I know you're going to be having nonstop sex with everyone in this house, and all your friends. And you know what? Mother to daughter, woman to woman, I'll be truly thrilled for you. It really is your time."

"Yeah, but my cherry was already gone by the time you plunked your bare bottom onto my erection tonight, and it wasn't just from some goofy accident! Dawn is still a virgin!" laughed Paul.

"Oh, whatever!" I said, puffing up to defend myself. "I promise you that when I lose my virginity, it isn't going to be from some accidental stab that only went halfway in. Uh-uh. No way. I want it all, and not just for a few seconds. If I lost my cherry the way you two just did it, I wouldn't let you pull out! I'd make you stay inside me until we both came, then, just to be sure, we'd do it about a million more times! I want to be deeply and thoroughly fucked, not just poked!"

Mom fell back laughing into Paul's arms. "That's my girl! You tell him, baby! Look out, world, my beautiful daughter wants The Lisa Treatment!"

"You're damn right I do!" I shouted, adding a petulant foot-stomp.

"Hey, now! What's with the potty mouth I'm hearing from my baby girl?" laughed Dad, calling out from the top of the stairs.

Quickly pulling Mom's wide-open robe together, Paul tried to hurry her back to her seat. The crazy thing is, she wasn't budging an inch. Even with Dad coming down the stairs, she wanted to keep going. Wrapping her arms around Paul's neck, she planted another long, smacking wet kiss on his lips while playfully bouncing her ass in his lap. Finally, though, grinning sweetly, she gave him a cute pout and a chaste kiss on the cheek before grudgingly returning to her original spot at the table.

I thought it would probably be a good idea to hide Paul's massive erection, so I scurried around his chair to take her place in his lap; setting myself down sidesaddle just the way she had, I lowered my bare bottom directly onto his rock-solid shaft.

That's how we were sitting when Dad came strolling into the kitchen. Immediately surmising that he'd interrupted something, he grinned, "Okay…what's going on? What'd I miss?"

Beaming, Mom gestured to Paul. "Oh, nothing much, honey. We were just congratulating your son on becoming a man, that's all."

"Jeez, Mom!" laughed Paul.

She laughed right back, "Okay, maybe not a man, but definitely a stud, just like his father."

Dad laughed, too. "Whoa! When was this? I thought we said no wild parties while we were gone?"

I wrapped my arms around Paul's neck and hugged him. "Sorry, Dad! You know Paul, he's a total horndog! Leave him alone for one minute, and he ends up bagging the hottest girl in school...NINE TIMES!"

"PAUL! NINE TIMES?!" Mom exclaimed, then she totally lost it, laughing and whooping it up so much that she nearly fell out of her chair.

"Oh, didn't I tell you that part?'' I asked, grinning innocently. ''Yep, as Lisa was leaving, she told me that he did her nine times in two days! She said that he went nine times, but she came a lot more than that!"

"Dawn, would you shut up already? Jesus!" Paul shouted, pinching me in the ribs. With a squeal of laughter I jumped, landing right on the head of his cock. It wasn't skin to skin, unfortunately, since he'd managed to stay inside his boxers, but it still felt amazing.

Giggling, I blatantly wriggled on his erection while cooing in a sexy Lisa-voice, "Oooh, Paul! Do me nine times!"

Watching me grind my bare ass on him, Mom gave me a gorgeous smile.

"Dawn, I think I have to agree with your brother," Dad chuckled. "Way too much information. We are his parents, after all." Then, with a look of surprise, he turned to Paul. "Lisa? As in Lisa Aragon, the cheerleader?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Mom folded her arms beneath her breasts, which nearly pushed them right out into the open again. We all noticed it, Dad included, and she smiled smugly. "Yep, Lisa Aragon, the gorgeous cheerleader. That's the one."

"Prettiest girl in the whole school," I added proudly.

"You mean the second prettiest…" said Paul, hugging me around my waist and kissing me on the cheek.

"Bravo, my son! We'll make a politician out of you yet!" Dad said, laughing along with Mom. "Still, wow…Lisa Aragon? And it went that well, did it?"

Mom became serious again. "Honey, the reason I'm congratulating him - the reason I'm truly proud of him - is that he treated her so well. When Lisa finally went home this afternoon, that wonderful girl was still on cloud nine. Clearly, Paul isn't just some selfish jerk. He waited for the right girl, she waited for the right boy, and they made magic. You can be very proud of your handsome son. I know I am."

Dad's expression immediately darkened at the mention of making magic.

"Lisa is on the pill, honey. No grandchildren for us, not just yet," she grinned.

Letting out a huge whoop, Dad scooped up Mom by the waist and swung her around in circles, making her squeal with laughter as her lace wrap flew up to the middle of her back. Swinging her over near the table, he reached out and high-fived Paul. "That's my boy! You did it with style - and no grandkids!" he shouted in exaggerated triumph.

I'd never seen Dad be so goofy! God, it was great to see him carry on like such a clown.


"Dad! You're talking about Lisa! Our Lisa! You know, one of my best friends in the whole world? She's over here all the time, remember? She's not just some trophy! Jeez!" I said, playfully slapping at him.

As if genuinely chastened, Dad made this totally serious face...then he laughed at me! "Some other time, sweetheart! Right now she's just a major hottie, and my boy treated her right!"

"From the sounds of things, she treated him right, too!" Mom said, bursting with laughter when Dad went right back to whipping her through the air, again making her wrap fly up her back. "Baby, keep swinging me around like this and our whole block is going to see your wife's bare bottom…" she added, giving him a sexy grin as he continued to whirl her around the kitchen.

"So? Let 'em look! Let 'em all look! You're absolutely gorgeous! Dawn is, too! And my boy's a stud!" he shouted, squeezing her ass with both hands while laughing like an idiot for effect.

Eventually he set her down next to us. "Paul, seriously, congratulations. I'm really happy for you. We'll talk about this some other time, hopefully when I'm feeling more like an adult."

He put his hand on Paul's shoulder, giving him a friendly jostle.

"No problem," said an obviously pleased Paul.

Dad grabbed Mom again, swinging her around in a wide arc before lifting her onto the kitchen counter. Standing between her spread legs as they hugged and kissed, he had his back to us.

"Now would be a good time for you to make your escape, while Dad isn't looking…" I whispered to Paul. "That is, unless you want him to see us like this, with his son's giant erection pressing into his daughter's naked pussy."

I reached down and grabbed his cock, which was still as big and hard as ever.

He turned to check on Mom, who smiled to us over Dad's shoulder while pulling him in for a closer hug. She playfully lifted her little robe, and Dad went back to squeezing and fondling her bare bottom. Wiggling her hips for him, she gave us another of her sexy grins.

When Paul and I got up and stood beside the table, my eyes went wide, then my hands went to my mouth. He had the most enormous tent ever in his boxers. I mean it was just insane, and I tried not to giggle out loud.

The moment Mom caught sight of his crazy erection jutting out so obscenely in his baggy underwear, she made a completely silly happy-face. As huge as his hard-on had looked when he was sitting in his chair, somehow it seemed even more outrageously colossal with him standing in the middle of the kitchen. I swear, it was like he had a baseball bat in his shorts.

"Wow!" she mouthed, her eyes shining with delight.

Having listened to both his sister and his mother plus a houseful of beautiful cheerleaders rave about his spectacular cock for two solid days, I guess Paul must've been feeling pretty full of himself. Giving Mom a goofy grin, he wrapped his hand around the base of his dick, showing off his length. He began to move it around, making his oversized purple crown slip through his open fly.

Mom and I were desperately trying not to giggle when suddenly he pulled his cock all the way out and started wagging it at her!

Wildly exclaiming with her eyes, she tried to cover her giggles. He was having a blast showing off for her, and she beamed brightly. Biting her lip, she held her hands way far apart, demonstrating how big he was. "Wow!" she said again, and as he continued to wave it around she mouthed, "I love it!"

Grinning like a circus chimp, Paul pulled my t-shirt up and slapped his dick against my bare bottom, making me jump. Mom held her hands tightly over her mouth to stifle her giggles; then, realizing it wasn't working, she started kissing Dad all over his neck.

As Paul sauntered happily out of the kitchen, he stopped to look back at me. "I can't believe I did that!" he whispered.

"She loved it! She wants your big cock!" I whispered back.

Still grinning, he shook his head in amazement. "I'll see you guys later. I'm gonna go take a shower," he said loudly before running upstairs.

I went over to Dad, hugging him from behind as he held Mom. With her arms and legs wrapped around him, he lifted her from the counter before turning to face me. Her tiny robe was raised to the middle of her back, and he was holding her by her bare ass.

After giving her a solid smack right on her crack, I took hold of her bottom, adding my groping paws to Dad's. "Welcome home, my little lovebirds! Didja have a fun time at the lake? I betcha did!" I giggled, squeezing her ass with both hands.

"Honey, help! Your daughter is abusing me!"

We were all laughing as he set her down. Grinning in anticipation, she pulled up my t-shirt and gave my naked bottom a huge swat. When I jumped forward, right into Dad's surprised embrace, she lifted my shirt again and swatted the other cheek. I yelped and tried to get away, yet all I managed to do was grind myself against Dad, who was apparently still in the midst of a flinging-girls-around frenzy. Snaking his arms around my waist, he immediately snatched me into the air; his forearms tugged my shirt over my hips, exposing my rosy red bottom and bare pussy to Mom.

I didn't think Dad could really see too much, though, since my chest was pressed against him, blocking his view down below.

"Serves you right, attacking your defenseless mother like that…" said Mom, gently patting my naked cheeks. Kneeling to give each one a tender kiss, she smiled sweetly. "There…all better now."

As Dad set me down, I could feel his thickening cock pressing against my tummy. My t-shirt was still above my hips, and with the way my devilish mother was caressing my bottom I was sure she was getting ready to haul off and whack me again.

"Sorry, but I don't trust you back there," I giggled, quickly turning to face her.

She gave me a totally phony look of pure innocence and wounded sunshine.

Smiling, I slipped my arms around her neck. "Oh, please. Don't even try that sad puppy dog act on me. I know better. I also know you can't do as much damage from this side."

"Oh really?" she grinned.

Ignoring her implied threat, I asked, "So, how was your trip? You never answered me. Did you two have fun?" I looked back at Dad, who gave me a silly smile. Returning his goofball grin, I grabbed his arm and pulled him against me. "My tender bottom requires protection from Mom's wicked hands, and I nominate you."

Oh, Jesus. He cock was humongous, pressing against my bare ass. His forearms held my flimsy t-shirt above my hips, leaving me naked from the waist down, and since it was late in the evening he was wearing his new silk robe again.

Mom pulled Dad closer against me, then she smiled to him. "And here I thought we'd raised a smart daughter. Even though she knows she has a hungry wolf lurking at her back door, she's worrying about an attack from the chickens!"

Squeezing my bare hips, Dad gave us a playful growl.

"He's no wolf, silly!" I giggled. "Dad is completely safe and harmless. You're the one I have to watch out for. You always want to paddle my bottom. It's only my dear, sweet mother who—"

Whack! Right on my naked bottom.

I hadn't expected that, not from Dad, and of course Mom gave him a very pleased "'Atta boy!" smile over my shoulder.

"That was a good one," I grinned, reaching out to grasp her nipples.

She jumped, then she looked down at my hands on her bare breasts. "Baby, what are you planning on doing with my boobs?" she asked whimsically.

After giving them a firm squeeze, I turned back to Dad. "Look, Wolf Boy, here I am, your sweet, innocent and oh-so-trusting daughter, and all I'm trying to do is ask my wonderful, sexy parents how their romantic trip to the lake went? The next thing I know I'm having my bottom paddled, even by you, my sworn protector. So, here's the deal. For every swat you give me, Mom gets a titty-twister."

He grinned smugly. "You wouldn't dare. How do you miscreants say it, when you imitate the fat kid on South Park? 'Respect my author-i-tay!' That's your precious, loving mother, my dear. You must respect her at all times."

"Oh, I respect you like crazy. You know I do," I said, turning back to her.

"She does, honey. She respects me lots and lots."

I leaned over, about to whisper in her ear.

Bad move. As soon as I did that, Wolf Boy's enormous erection went from resting in my crack to pressing against my pussy. It was the exact same situation I'd found myself in with Paul at his bedroom window.

Unable to resist the temptation, Dad gave my vulnerable bottom two more delicious swats, making me totally horny.

Mom saw my expression quickly change. She gave me another devilish look, wordlessly teasing me. "So you were saying, just a few minutes ago? You know, when I was sitting in Paul's lap? It would seem that the shoe is firmly on the other foot now, isn't it?"

I went ahead and pulled her down to whisper in her ear anyway. "Mom, you don't understand! Spanking me makes me cum!"

"Isn't that a coincidence?" she whispered right back, smiling even more wickedly. "You know what makes me cum? My beautiful daughter playing with my nipples…that makes me cum. My husband's rampant cock I see sliding through your perfect naked bottom right now? That silk-covered cock and your heavenly ass, they both make me cum."

"Hey, I thought you two wanted to gab about our trip? What's with all the whispering? I'm getting a complex back here…" Dad said, menacingly patting my bottom. "By the way, sweetheart, your panties seem to have gone missing tonight," he added, continuing with his ominous pats on my soft curves.

Any second, I was expecting to get whacked again. Still, I couldn't give them the satisfaction.

"My panties must be hiding somewhere. Actually, come to think of it, they're probably hiding with Mom's."

"You impudent little devil," she said, with an imperious grin.

I smiled challengingly. "Dad, I think your underwear is hiding too. Either that, or they're the thinnest, sexiest, most I-can't-even-tell-they're-there underwear you ever wore. In fact, I'd bet anything that the only thing beneath your robe is Mom's favorite toy."

Giving me a look of pure sin, she whispered, "Is that how it seems? Does it feel like there's a big, long, hungry cock sliding up and down your naked bottom, separated only by a thin layer of silk? Now you know how I felt with your brother's throbbing erection driving me crazy, only his was uncovered nearly the entire time; it was touching me skin to skin, hard cock to warm, welcoming pussy. He slid inside me a lot more than just the one or two times, sweetie. From the moment I first repositioned myself in his lap, he was deep in my pussy. I took him all the way inside me…every thick, glorious inch. Baby, we were fucking. We had sex right in front of you."

Wide-eyed, I stared at her, and she nodded.

"Wow!" I mouthed.

"Now here you are, and I'll bet you're every bit as turned on as I was. You want to feel that wonderful cock inside you, fucking you, just like I did."

"You know I do!" I whisper-hissed.

"But baby, what about regrets?" she asked, flashing her sweetest smile.

She was totally teasing me!

'Okay, I can play this game, too,' I thought, grinning to myself. Nibbling on her lower lip, I whispered, "Why would I have regrets? I haven't had any really good accidents yet."

"Touché," she smiled.

"You guys are whispering again!" came Dad's impatient voice from behind me.

"Honey, I want to give Dawn her gift now, okay?" she giggled.

"Your timing always was impeccable," he said, shaking his head in admiration.

"Isn't it, though?" Giggling again, she raced up the stairs, and the sight of her gorgeous bottom churning with each smooth stride made my mouth water.

Once she'd disappeared upstairs, Dad pulled me close, hugging me again from behind. I swished my ass against him, working my way inside his robe until his bare cock was touching me. He pressed straight into my firm, round cheek, which made me giggle. Shifting forward a bit, I felt his large crown spring up between my legs, smacking against my dripping pussy with an audible slap. Looking down, I saw his tip poking through my lips.

"See? I knew you weren't wearing any underwear either," I grinned, playfully touching his pee slit.

"Fine, so you caught me. As you already discovered yesterday morning, your mother is insisting that I always be 'available' now, with no underwear in the way. I asked her whether she wanted that also to include those times when you and I hug or snuggle and you're basically naked. She said, 'Absolutely.' So, here we are, and you still haven't answered my question. What happened to your panties, sweetie? Normally you at least wear a little something around the house to cover your pretty bottom."

"I am wearing a little something to cover my pretty bottom. It's not my fault that you and Mom pulled it up, making me naked."

He slid back, slowly dragging the top of his shaft through my wet lips. "No, I suppose it isn't," he said softly.

"Mmmm, it feels so good when you slide it back and forth like that. God, how does Mom ever take you? You're just sooooo big…." Moaning, I bent forward.

"Oh, god, baby," he groaned. Taking a firm grip on my hips, he sawed between my legs.

I leaned all the way forward against the kitchen table, until I felt him press the flared mushroom tip of his enormous weapon against my slit. Arching my back, I reached between my legs and spread my lips.

"Show me how she takes it…" I whispered.

Without a further word, he slipped the heavily ridged head between my lips. The second I felt the huge shaft slide inside me I thrust myself back against him, crying out with joy when his granite-hard erection drove all the way home inside my tight, virgin pussy. I grabbed him by his hips, holding him right up against me; pumping my ass, I just stood there, fucking myself on his mile-long cock.

"Like this, sweetheart…she takes it just like this…over and over and over…" he whispered, squeezing my hips as he hammered his amazing pole deep into my desperately needy cunt.

"Mmmmmm, yes, fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…" I moaned, reaching back with both hands to spread my ass while pressing my face to the kitchen table.

I'd only gotten to enjoy a few sweet moments of deep, hard fucking, his hips rhythmically smacking against my quivering cheeks, when Mom returned from upstairs. Breezing into the kitchen, she came and hugged me, giving me a warm, loving smile that went straight through my soul.

There I was, bent over the kitchen table, with her husband's enormous cock buried inside my clenching pussy; there she was, hugging me and giving me a beautiful smile.

'Can this possibly get any crazier?' I thought, holding on to her.

After kissing me on the lips she gently cradled my face, staring into my eyes as Dad continued to pound away at me. "I told you, baby, as beautiful as you are, accidents are just bound to happen," she finally whispered, then I felt that wondrous cock slipping out of me. A moment later it was resting again, nestled wet and throbbing in the deep split of my ass.

"Oh, god, make him put it back in!" I moaned, urgently bouncing on the balls of my feet.

"Shhh…" she said, caressing my face. "Baby, you want The Lisa Treatment for your first time, and that's exactly what you deserve. Wait for it, angel. I promise you, it'll be worth it."

God, I wanted to be fucked. I wanted it more than anything. Between my false-start with Paul, then Dad pulling out just when it was beginning to feel like the real thing, I could almost taste it. I was being teased so cruelly that I thought I was going to die, right there in our kitchen.

I could already picture the coroner's report...

Dawn Summers

Born: October 31st, 1988

Died: August 27th, 2007

Cause of Death: Fatal teasing by hard cocks…that almost fucked her.

I was shaking in Mom's arms, my need was so great, and Dad was holding me from behind. They kissed each other over my shoulder before taking turns kissing me. When they were finished, Mom held up what she'd brought down from her bedroom.

Laughing, I loved her for breaking the tension in such a funny way. She was posing in her lace wrap, moving from one hip-cocked position to another; turning her back to us, she let her gorgeous ass peek out. Finally she held up a hot fuchsia lace wrap, identical to hers except for the color. "We liked this little robe so much on me that we just had to get one for you. We wanted you to have something pretty to wear when you go to California."

"Mom, I have tons of pretty things!" I giggled.

"Nothing like this, though, and certainly nothing like this that your wildly grateful mother gave you," she smiled.

I jumped into her arms, hugging her.

"C'mon, try it on!" she said, laughing as I kissed all over her face.

"Here?" I giggled again.

"Oh, okay, go put it on, then come right back," she said, patting me on the bottom.

I dashed to my bedroom, slipping off my t-shirt halfway up the stairs. I laughed out loud when I tried on my new robe, and I was still giggling in the mirror as I tied the tiny belt. I ran right back downstairs and into the kitchen, where I found Mom and Dad hugging against the counter.

"Very funny, Mom…" I said drolly, smiling as I stood before them. I did a ballerina's twirl, giving them the whole picture, and when I turned back to face them she was grinning behind her hand. Dad? That big goof was down on his knees, bowing at my feet like a total dork. Giggling over his silly antics, I playfully kicked him. "You can get up now, cock blocker, or do you just want a closer peek?"

Mom spoke from behind her hand. "Sweetie, I swear I didn't mean for it to be like that. Still, now that I see it on you, I wouldn't have chosen it any other way. Honey, you look absolutely spectacular."

Smiling, I felt my thighs becoming wet again from my dripping pussy. Standing before them that way, just openly displaying myself, god, I was so turned on. "You guys really want me to bring this with me to California?" I asked, giggling at the thought.

"Of course we do. You look truly gorgeous, sweetheart," she answered.

"If there was ever another woman on Earth who looked as beautiful as your mother does right now, it's you, Dawn, this very moment," Dad said, having returned to his feet, and Mom didn't even punch him. She just grinned and nodded.

The little white wrap she had on was definitely short. It only came to her upper thighs, and even when the belt was cinched tight it still opened wide over her chest, revealing most of her breasts. In the back she was decent, as long as she stood straight.

Well, she was decent, besides the fact that her sexy robe was so see-through that we could very clearly see her ass, her pussy, and her hard nipples.

The one she gave me? It was the same as hers, except mine was apparently made for a midget! Even when I was standing straight and tall, it only reached the top of my pussy slit. In the back, which I checked in my bedroom mirror, it had a really pretty way of resting on the uppermost curve of my ass. It wasn't quite long enough to continue the journey south, though. Nope, it just draped over the top halves of my rounded cheeks, leaving nearly my entire ass bare. My breasts were also bare, right to the areolas. I didn't need to bend or make it gap, either. Its coverage only extended to the edges of my nipples.

Like Mom's, it was also almost totally see-through, so the little that it covered was clearly revealed anyway.

"If there's a way to make you look even sexier than when you're naked, this is it," she said, beaming with pride.

I was practically melting. Shifting from foot to foot, I felt their eyes scanning every inch of me, and it was making me crazy. Staring at them, I slid two fingers between my exposed lips before pushing all the way inside. "Every time I wear this, you know I'll be dying to have sex," I said, slowly and deeply fucking myself.

"Baby, that's the whole idea," smiled Mom. "I feel the same way in this one, and in my kimono too. That's why I wanted you to have it. Think of it as something for special occasions."

Dad grinned at her. "Honey, I think that goes without saying. Dawn wearing that wrap is the very definition of a special occasion."

"Absolutely," she answered, nodding.

"Mom, think back to a week ago, and look at us now," I said, moaning a little as I continued to fuck myself right in front of them.

Stepping forward to hug me, she brought my pussy-drenched hand to her lips; one by one, she kissed each wet finger. "I'm so glad I listened to you, angel."

"I am, too," chuckled Dad, hugging her from behind.

"Oh, hush. You were never worried in the first place, so of course you're glad. You're such a guy," she said, giving him a pretty giggle as she leaned back against his chest.

"Mom, he's talking about you…and this…" I said, untying her robe. Dad slowly pulled it from her shoulders, until it floated to the floor.

There she stood, completely naked, with his arms curled around her waist. I kissed her on the lips, then I moved to his side. "You can't leave her hanging like this…the way you tortured me," I whispered, making sure they both heard me. Reaching into his robe to stroke his incredible cock, I drew it up and down her perfect ass before placing his hands on her breasts. "Now…finish the job," I breathed in his ear, again making sure she could hear me. "Fuck my beautiful mother the way you wouldn't fuck me. Don't stop fucking her, even if she begs for mercy. Make her gorgeous pussy pay for teasing me…for not letting me have what I want."

She let out a sudden gasp, and her knees buckled. Thankfully, he was there to hold her steady.

I took his cock and positioned the head between her flowering lips. When he pushed inside and began thrusting on his own, I moved back in front of her. "Payback's a bitch…" I smiled, kneeling before her. Reaching up, I twisted her erect nipples while gently biting her horny clit.

Letting loose a perfect scream, she instantly came on my chin. I wanted more of her pussy so I slipped my tongue inside, treating myself to a long, sweet taste. Dad's thick cock was filling her, and I licked all along his shaft before pulling it out to suck on it. Taking the head into my mouth, I pressed the tip of my tongue to his drooling pee slit, rimming it for a few seconds before leaning forward to deep-throat him. I was hungrily moving up and down, giving him the best blowjob possible from such an awkward position, when I heard Mom start to whimper. Popping his cock from between my lips, I fed it back inside her pussy, and he immediately began fucking her again. As he drove into her, I kept nipping at her clit and twisting her nipples, until I'd counted off at least four more of her thigh-quaking orgasms.

Teasing her with one last nipple-pinch, I stood and moved into her warm embrace. "God help Paul," I whispered.

"No doubt, baby," she said, quietly giggling in my hair. "He won't be safe around either one of us now." Giving me a serene smile, she took a deep breath before closing her eyes and surrendering to the wonderful feeling of her husband's thrusting cock thoroughly fucking her gorgeous, happy pussy.

~ ~ ~

Oddly enough, my final few days at home passed in relative quiet, mostly without incident. Other than a sexy pool party we had with Rick and Donny, not much else happened. As far as I could tell, everyone kept their hands to themselves, and Mom and Dad didn't seem nearly as sad about my leaving for California as I thought they would be.

That is, until one day I came home unexpectedly on a sleepy Wednesday afternoon. The house seemed empty, yet Mom's car was still in the garage. I went looking for her, and was about to shout her name when I heard soft sounds coming from the den. I found her sitting alone on an old wooden keepsake chest, quietly sobbing into a baby blanket of mine she'd kept stowed away all those years.

Looking up through her beautiful tears, she offered me a small, sad smile. I immediately dropped my books and rushed over to hug her; as she cried in my arms, I held her close and wouldn't let go, telling her again and again how much I loved her.

Staring into my eyes, she tenderly caressed my cheek while whispering, "Honey, I love you more than you will ever know. God, I'm going to miss you…every day and every night. Even for just the short time that Paul will be gone, I won't be able to stand it."

"Mom, he probably won't be with me more than a couple of weeks. I'm sure it'll be no more than a month."

Kissing my hands, she laid them together on her knee. "We haven't told you this yet, but your father and I have been talking, and we've made a decision. Baby, if you really love it in California and want to stay there, then we're coming too. I'm not going to live halfway across the country from you. I just can't do it. Come hell or high water, I will not lose the closeness we have now. Darling, it means too much to me. I need my family. I need you."

"My god, Mom, if you only knew how badly I want you to come too. I want you with me, always. Until you guys can make the move, you at least have to fly out and visit me. Come by yourself if that's all you can do, but I have to have my sexy Samantha in California. It would be so awesome for us to be together there. Please, come stay with me, as much as you can. You could never come often enough for me."

"I will," she said, smiling brightly. Flashing me a look that revealed more of her recent fire and teasing mischief, she added, "You bet I will, and I hope you don't think I've already forgotten that little stunt you pulled on me in the kitchen with your father. You say payback is a bitch? Baby, you just wait. Once I have you all to myself in California, I'll show you some real payback."

"Hey, missy, I let you cum like crazy, and I also made sure that you received a proper fucking. You totally left me hanging, so you have no reason whatsoever to complain. If anything, you now owe me, big time!" I said, playfully wagging my finger in her face.

"I guess I do, huh?" she laughed, grabbing my finger and kissing it.

"Definitely…but you'll have to catch me first," I giggled.

"Oh? Will you run and hide from me?" she pouted, pretending to be crushed.

"Never," I said, hugging her again. "I love you too much, and I want you more than anything in this whole world. You know I'll always let you catch me."

"God, baby…" she whispered, casting a spell on me with her enchanting eyes, "I love you with all my heart. I completely adore you, my beautiful angel."

We sat together for a long time, just quietly rocking in each other's arms...until her hands slowly traveled down to cup my bottom. At first it was gentle caresses, then it became hungry squeezes. Growling playfully, she buried her face in my neck, nipping at me. "Besides," she finally said, her full, pouting lips curling into a smoky grin, "even if you tried to run, it wouldn't matter."

"Oh, and why is that?" I asked, with an expectant smile.

"Sweetheart, don't you get it yet?"

"Get what yet?" I giggled.

"Baby, you could never hide that ass."

~to be continued~

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Submitted: October 24, 2014

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