Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 08

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

During a revealing late-night talk with Dawn at the kitchen table, Samantha and Paul have a hot little accident.

"Lisa? Our Lisa, the cheerleader? Really?"

"Yep…our Lisa," I said to Mom, beaming at her and Paul.

She grinned at Paul, who was staring bashfully into his plate of meatloaf. Although a bit embarrassed he was nevertheless smiling with pride, and rightfully so.

Having spent the night in Paul's bed, Lisa had only gone home just a few hours before Mom, Paul and I had sat down together at the kitchen table that following evening. By the time she'd said goodbye, she was one thoroughly worn out and very happy girl.

"Nine times," she whispered gleefully, hugging me at the door.

"Serious?" I giggled.

"Yep!" she squealed with excitement. "We did it five times yesterday, then four more today! Dawn, he came inside me nine times, and I loved every second of it! Thank you so much, baby. You have no idea how happy you've made me. I couldn't have done it without you."

"You did it. He did it. I just got out of the way," I said, hugging her.

"Yeah, right!" she laughed. "When you got naked in front of him and pulled my skirt up, you know that's what did it. That was definitely what set me off, especially after that awesome talk we had in the living room. I never would have lifted my skirt to show him my bare pussy like that, not if you hadn't first said all those wonderful things to me. Then, god, you took your panties off right in front of him, and you let Michelle totally show him your amazing ass! You were just so sexy, it was driving me crazy!

"Dawn, did you even realize that your pussy was showing the entire time you were sitting on the floor? Paul was up on the bed, looking right at it. We could all see it."

"Yep, I know. Michelle eventually told me, when you and Trish were wrestling over Paul's cum-filled underwear!"

"Hey, that's right!" she squealed. "He came that one other time, too, before we even got there! Your horny little brother came six times yesterday!"

"Maybe more!" I said, giggling. "Who knows whether that was even his first one of the day?"

We laughed like idiots, hugging at the door.

"God, he cums so much every time, too, and he makes me cum like a maniac. And you, missy, sticking your tongue up my ass like that, and drinking his cum from my pussy. It was so awesome, the way you kept sucking your brother's huge dick and letting him cum in your mouth. You were a naughty, naughty girl…" she grinned, touching our noses together.

"You asked me to help," I smiled.

"Yes, I did. I knew I needed you there." Becoming serious, she cupped my face. "God, girl, I will love you forever for what you did for me yesterday. All of it, baby; everything you said, and everything you did. You were so wonderful to me. You're the most beautiful person I've ever known, and the sexiest, hottest lover too. I love you, Dawn. I really do. I'm going to miss Paul and his amazing cock like crazy when you two are gone, but I'm going to miss you just as much."

"I love you, too. I wish you were coming with us."

We hugged again, and it was like we just couldn't stop. Finally I whispered in her ear, "His cock really is amazing, isn't it?"

She nodded happily. "It really is. That big, sexy cock of his made me cum a lot more than just those nine times…especially when I took it up my ass."

Grinning smugly, she gave me a wet kiss before heading home.

So there I was, sitting at the kitchen table later that same night, rubbing Paul's leg with my foot. Over a late dinner he and I had told Mom all about his wild weekend. Okay, I did most of the talking. He just nodded at the appropriate times, constantly blushing like a fiend.

He also became hard again. His cock was tenting his boxers so much, it pulled the fly open. Sneaking peeks into his lap, I could see his pubic hair and the side of his thick shaft through the large gap. I noticed his enormous bulge hadn't escaped Mom's attention either. She too was sneaking more than the occasional glance at his huge erection.

I flashed her a knowing grin. "Your son is a total stud."

"Mmmm-hmmmmm…and wow, Lisa Aragon…such a beautiful girl, and she gave Paul her virginity…" she said, smiling wistfully.

"She gave him a lot more than that! Mom, she only just left a few hours ago. She was here for more than a day, and she said Paul spent almost that entire time fucking her brains out!"

"I would imagine he did, as pretty as she is," she grinned. "I suppose you're right. I guess my son is a total stud."

Still grinning, she got up and walked around the table to give Paul a hug. Draping her arms around his neck, she sat down sidesaddle in his lap, and her eyes immediately shot wide open!

"See? I told you! He's a total stud!" I said, laughing at Mom's reaction to landing right on her son's enormous erection.

"Oh my god, Dawn, he's so big...and so hard…" she said in wonder. After moving her ass around for a few moments, almost as if double-checking, she sat up to let him reposition himself; when she lowered her bottom again, his eyes joined hers in shooting wide open!

"Mom! Wait!" he shouted.

"Oh, god, baby!" she exclaimed, half laughing, half moaning.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to!"

He was nearly in a panic, and they fidgeted again. She sat up a second time, fidgeting some more before settling back in with a playful hip-wriggle.

"Wow! Not even going to give a girl a little warning, huh?" she teased, with the hugest grin ever. Leaning in, she gave him a big, warm hug, including a happy kiss.

I noticed her forehead had become moist, and Paul was blushing furiously.

With her arms wrapped around his neck, I also noticed that her new white lace robe had opened to expose her breasts all the way to her bumpy areolas. Though her nipples were still covered, they were totally erect. I think she was really turned on by wearing her sexy new wrap in front of us.

'Paul's huge cock pressing into her naked bottom is probably also helping…' I thought, laughing to myself.

I could certainly see her nipples jutting through the sheer lace. Her golden skin and long, dark hair looked stunning in contrast to her bright white wrap.

When she'd gotten up to walk around the table, I saw her eye-catching patch of black pubic hair. I first caught a glimpse of it when she turned in her seat and slid her leg forward; then, once she was standing, I saw it through the sheer lace.

Paul saw it, too. He had practically been staring at Mom's tempting pussy.

Seeing her exposed nearly to the nipples, her beautiful breasts looked unbelievable. With the sheer size of her amazing boobs, there was just so much skin showing. Since her nipples and pussy showed right through her see-through wrap, we were treated to every luscious inch of her gorgeous body.

She had perched her wonderfully sexy ass in Paul's lap, and her wrap was so short that when she sat down it uncovered her up to the beginning curves of her smooth, pantiless bottom. She was completely naked below the waist, and I knew he had an amazing erection pressing into her.

I don't think I was helping matters much for Paul, either. I was only wearing a spaghetti-strapped t-shirt. No panties. That old t-shirt was even shorter than Mom's tiny wrap, plus it had huge arm holes. The lower hem was frayed at the edges, only just covering my ass when I was standing; sitting, my pussy was fully exposed, and I knew he'd been stealing peeks.

Noticing that she was looking at my pussy too, I brought my feet up onto the middle rungs of the chair and teasingly spread my legs for her.

While staring at my moistening lips, she fidgeted in his lap to such an extent that she didn't even notice when her entire breast finally popped out of her robe. I saw it, but I don't know whether Paul did also, since he was too busy squirming in his seat. He had his hands on her hips, moaning softly as he shifted her bottom in his lap.

"Mmmm, yes, right there…just like that. Jesus, baby, you feel so good…" she said hotly, lifting again before settling back down.

He seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

I grinned slyly at her. She gave me a wry smile in return.

When she'd lifted from his lap that second time, I'd managed to catch another glimpse of Paul's cock...his bare cock. It was jutting through his fly, and before he'd gotten it stuffed back into his boxers I'd noticed that it was shiny wet.

I thought she might have just sat on it lengthwise, drenching it with her wet pussy. Or maybe when she was fidgeting around in his lap she'd managed to work it loose from his boxers, and it had slipped inside her. Either way, as wet as she'd made it, she was obviously very turned on.

I giggled at her, and she stuck her tongue out at me. She had started to do that a lot, just like a little girl, and I loved it. I stuck my tongue out right back at her. "So, what were you about to say before you were so rudely interrupted by…ummm…."

She laughed, "You mean before I was so wonderfully interrupted by your brother showing me just how much of a stud he really is? That was almost a serious moment there! In fact, I think some states would say it already was a serious moment!"

She smiled at me and wrapped her arms around his neck again. Her breasts were barely covered as she kissed him, then she said, "Honey, I was going to say two things. First, while it's all fine and dandy that my handsome stud muffin of a son here is so happy to have gotten his first taste of a woman, I'm not quite ready yet to be a grandmother. So, Paul, did you two at least use protection?"

"She said she's on the pill," I grinned. "She told us she knew she was getting close to the day when she might be needing it, so she went on the pill a few months ago."

Paul nodded.

"Is that true? Or is your sister just covering for you?" she asked, smirking at me.

"As far as I know, it's true. That's what Lisa told us," said Paul.

"Us? You mean you, right?"

"Well, yeah, me too. Dawn asked her about it, so Lisa told everyone."

"My god, how many people were there?"

"Just the five of us," I said. "Paul and I, plus Lisa, Trish and Michelle."

With an amused little guffaw Mom asked Paul, "You two were doing it with your sister and the girls right there watching? Weren't you embarrassed? Wasn't Lisa embarrassed?"

Paul squirmed again, only this time I think it was from a different kind of discomfort. "I guess," he said, clearly agitated. "I wasn't exactly thinking about it that way. I was kinda busy, you know, and I was actually more nervous, and excited, and—"

She put her finger to his lips. "Shhh. It's okay, baby. I was just asking. I totally understand that you were nervous. I bet she was, too, especially once she saw the size of what you were about to put inside her."

"Mom! Oh my god!" I exclaimed, laughing in shock.

"What?" she giggled. "Baby, I just sat on it, and felt it pushing—" she began to say, before stopping herself. "Let's put it this way: Your brother is very large, okay? I can only imagine what a sweet young virgin like Lisa must have thought when she first saw it. If I were her, and this was my first one," - she sexily wiggled her ass in his lap - "I probably would've ran off screaming in terror."

Paul grinned at me. "I'm sure glad Lisa didn't."

"Having survived her first time with this big guy, I'm sure she is too! I'll bet that's one decision she'll never regret!" laughed Mom. Wiggling on him again, she made an obvious show of grinding her naked bottom on his cock. "That brings me to my second point, which I can now say without any reservations, since I know you didn't get her pregnant."

We both looked at her.

"I came over here to hug you, sweetie, because I'm so happy for you! From what Dawn is saying, you were an absolutely wonderful lover. Lisa was, too, and you all shared a beautiful experience. I'm really proud of you for waiting for the right girl, and for treating her the way you did. You made her feel like a goddess, and most men have no idea how important that is to a woman. I truly am super proud of you, baby boy." She gave him a long hug, kissing him all over his eyes, cheeks and chin before planting a big, joyful smooch square on his lips. "MWUUUAA!" she said, ending the kiss with a wet, lip-smacking sound. "I love Lisa, and I'm glad she was your first," she added, reaching up to caress his face.

"I know she's glad he was her first," I said, smiling at them. "Paul, you really were awesome. She's totally happy that she waited. I'm so proud of you too." I leaned over to hug him, and he pulled me close with one arm while hugging Mom with the other.

Leaning into him that way, I noticed what he was seeing. Mom's wrap had separated over her thighs, and a hint of her sexy little landing strip was peeking out. The only reason I couldn't see more of it was she had her legs held tightly together. Her breast was also completely exposed.

Feeling silly, I reached out and tickled her nipple. "Kitchy koo…" I giggled.

She jerked in his lap, which made Paul's eyes light up again. Giggling while swatting playfully at my hand, she said, "Why, you little imp! I should paddle your pretty bottom, young lady! Or maybe I should have Stud Boy here spank your bare ass again? Mmmmmm, yes, that might be just the thing to help him work off some of this wonderful horniness I feel poking between my legs…." Grinning, she happily ground her ass on him.

"Oh, I don't know, Mom, I think he'd rather paddle you. You're the naked, gorgeous MILF in the beautiful robe grinding your bare bottom on his ginormous erection. You're also the one who caused him to get that way in the first place, remember?"

"He was already like this when I got here," she said, smiling at him before smirking at me.

"Of course he was! He saw you in that awesome robe, looking completely naked!" I laughed.

Paul just sat there in silence, listening in amusement to the two of us bantering back and forth about him.

"Oh, please," she grinned. "That tiny t-shirt you're wearing is even shorter than my robe. You were out here long before I was, so he probably got this way because of you."

I touched her nipple again, but in a less tickly way, and she let me. Caressing her hard tip, I smiled accusingly. "Sure, Mom, that's how it happened. You merely wandered in, totally minding your own business, completely innocent, and just happened to reap the benefits."

"Mmmm-hmmmmm, I sure did…big benefits," she purred, wiggling in his lap again.

I couldn't help but snerk. "See? You're doing it again!"

We exchanged warm smiles as I continued caressing her breast. Moaning sultrily, she pressed her erect nipple into my palm. "Mmmmmm, yes, my beautiful, sexy daughter, I am doing it again. It feels so good, I think I'll keep doing it. In fact, maybe you should try sitting in your brother's lap while I caress your naked breasts. Leave your gorgeous sex and mouthwatering bottom completely bare, the way you are now, wearing such a skimpy t-shirt with no panties, and I'll bet you find that his 'ginormous' erection feels just as good to you as it does to me."

Smiling, she kissed Paul. "I'm sure you wouldn't complain, would you?"

"I'm not complaining now, am I?" he laughed.

She wiggled again. "You did before, when I first sat down."

He grinned smugly. "Not when you first sat down. You had issues then, not me."

"Okay, the second time. You complained the second time," she said, moving in his lap.

"Do you blame me? I was shocked!"

"So was I, but you didn't hear me complain, did you? It was just an accident, right?" she giggled.

Turning to me with a sexy grin, she said, "It's a good thing Lisa already took his cherry; otherwise, technically, he might now be able to say I took it." She reached up to pinch my hard nipple through my t-shirt, making me yelp. Flashing another sexy grin, she moved my shirt aside to tug on my bare nipple. I moaned, and she gave me a happy smile. She began caressing and stroking my erect tip, openly fondling me as she exposed my naked breast to Paul.

"C'mon, Mom, you know that was an accident," he said, tickling her.

She wiggled again in his lap, and he jumped. "Oh, I'm not so sure about that, baby boy. I let you reposition it, figuring you'd give me somewhere to sit. I lifted my bottom for you, and somehow your super hard cock chose that precise moment to pop out of your boxers? Then it just happened to point straight up, aiming right where you knew I was about to sit? I don't know, sweetie, I don't know…" she teased, giving him a comically suspicious look.

I smiled knowingly. "Even if that were true—"

"It is true. That's exactly what happened," she grinned.

"Okay, but what I was going to say was that even if he did it on purpose, could you blame him?"

She studied him for a long moment before giving him a wonderful smile. "No, I couldn't, and I don't," she said, squeezing him tight.

"Of course not," I said, smiling as I watched them hug. "He just spent the whole weekend having sex. Now you're here, looking and feeling amazing. When you sit down naked on him, he's naturally going to get hard and want to do it with you, isn't he? You obviously love how it feels, so why wouldn't he love it, too?"

Paul just continued to sit there in silence, staring at her naked breast.

She gently touched his lips. "Is that true, baby? Are you enjoying this? Do you like how I feel?"

"Yes, I do, and I really liked how you felt that second time," he chuckled, looking up from her breast.

"If you liked it so much, why did you complain? Why didn't you just hold me in place and do it to me, hoping I wouldn't say anything…keeping it our little secret?"

"I don't know. It just happened, and I reacted." He gave her a look that said, "What do you expect? I'm an idiot!"

"What 'just happened'? Your panicked reaction, or what actually happened?" she asked, smiling warmly. She was clearly enjoying their little game.

"Both," he laughed.

She leaned in to nuzzle his neck. "So if it 'just happened' a third time, what would you do? Would you blame me again? Would you try to keep it a secret and act like nothing happened, chalking it up as just another accident? Would you stop it, or would you simply hold me in place and take me right here in front of your sister?"

Moving her ass in subtle figure-eights, she nipped his ear before sitting back with a coy little grin.

Poor Paul, all he could manage was a dopey look.

"What's the matter, baby? Cat got your tongue? Okay, let's try another question. What if your sister wanted to give you a hug? What if she and I swapped seats, and you had an 'accident' with her too? What would you do then?"

"I'm not in a seat. I'm standing," I giggled.

She giggled too. "Okay, Miss Smarty Pants.…"

"I'm not wearing any smarty pants, or any other kind of pants. See?" I lifted my little shirt, showing her my pussy.

"God, baby, I'm trying to stay focused here, and you're not playing fair," she moaned, biting her lip as she stared at my naked pussy. Wiggling again in his lap, she made them both flinch.

"Enjoying yourself?" I cooed, smiling sweetly.

"Mmmm, yes, I am…very much so. Baby, you know your brother can see your pussy, too," she grinned.

"So? It's your fault," I smirked, lowering my shirt.

"It's my fault that you're showing your baby brother your beautiful pussy? You're letting him see that perfect ass, and I'm to blame? Hmmm…how so? Wait. Don't make me lose my train of thought. Oh yeah, now I remember. My point was, what would you two do if you were to sit in his lap like this, and something 'just happened'?"

"That's different. I'm only his sister, not his mother. I can't get mad and ground him, or worse, like you can. He can't get me in trouble either."

"That's really not what she's asking you," Paul said.

She smiled at us. "Exactly. Dawn, I'm not asking you to compare risk factors. I'm asking how would you react - how would you feel - if you were the one sitting where I am right now?"

I just grinned. "How convenient for him, since he never answered any of your questions in the first place. He still hasn't said what he would do if it happened again with you, or if I were in his lap and we had an accident of our own. Now you're totally letting him off the hook, and putting it all on me."

"Uh-huh, I am," she said, giving me a silly smirk.

I sniggered to Paul, "You suck." Shaking my head, I grinned again at Mom. "Okay, my first reaction would of course be fear that we'd get caught, and we'd be in big trouble with you."

That one made her laugh. "'Busted!' huh? That's really all you'd be thinking? Seriously…that's it? The only thing you'd care about is whether or not you were in trouble with me? Wow. I highly doubt that, baby, but okay, what if you could tell that I hadn't noticed, and you knew you could get away with it? What would be your first reaction?"

"Shock, I suppose, then maybe pain, if it hurt. I've noticed you flinching a few times, so I'm thinking it might be hurting you a little when he pokes you."

She laughed even more, and I said, "Hey, you asked, and I'm just trying to give an honest answer. Unlike some people, at least I didn't chicken out and totally dodge the question!"

Grinning, I kicked Paul, who laughed right along with Mom.

She pulled me in for a big hug. "I'm sorry, honey, I really am. I don't mean to laugh. Sometimes you're just so adorable that I can't help it," she said, caressing my face. After giving me a tender kiss on the lips, she released me with a warm, loving smile. "No, baby, he's not hurting me. If you notice me occasionally reacting, I assure you that it's not pain you're seeing. Your brother's long, thick cock feels absolutely wonderful. It just shocked me a few times, like you said, but those were definitely good, pleasurable shocks, not pain."

Deciding to turn the tables, I smiled, "Okay, since it's not hurting you, what would you have done if Paul hadn't complained that second time?"

Paul looked intently at her. I noticed he was still staring at her exposed nipple, so I took his hand and brought it to her smooth, soft breast. Holding it in place, I made him give her a firm squeeze.

She flinched, then they both looked up at me.

Shrugging, I said, "You're letting us see your awesome breasts, and he's been drooling over your nipples this whole time. I figured he might as well finally feel them."

She nodded. "See? That's what I'm talking about. That was shock; not pain, but shock. It was a good shock, yet I still flinched."

"I notice you aren't moving his hand away," I grinned.

She gave Paul an inviting smile. "Were you wanting to touch me, baby?"

Savoring their fullness, exploring her lush contours and supple textures, he stared in awe at her naked breasts. "God, yes, I've been wanting to touch you. You're so beautiful, it drives me crazy. When you dress like this, all I can ever think is that I want to touch you."

Kissing him, she nuzzled his lips. "Then touch me, baby boy. Touch me any way you want…" she purred, opening her robe and placing his hands on her breasts. Turning in his lap, she offered a nipple to his mouth, and he gently took it inside.

I grinned at her again. "See? What if that had been his reaction when you sat on his erection that second time? What if instead of freaking out he'd simply told you how beautiful you are, and how amazing you feel?"

"That's exactly what I should've done," he said, without even looking up.

She smiled, watching as he sucked her beautiful tip. Sighing, she gave me a quirky grin. "I don't know, honey. Maybe I would've done exactly what I've been doing this entire time."

Grinning sexily, she wiggled her hips again, making Paul flinch.

I touched his face. "Does she feel good?"

"Oh yeah," he said, squeezing her breasts, which made her erect nipples extend really far. With a breathy moan she arched her back, and he treated each thick bud to a slow torture of teasing nibbles and playful bites. "She feels fantastic. You're both just so amazing," he said, finally looking up at me.

I leaned down to kiss him on the cheek. "Sweetie, I meant does her bare bottom feel good, touching you this way? To have her naked and moving so sensually on your hard cock, how does it feel?"

"Dawn, she's driving me insane."

I looked to her. "How good does it feel, what he's doing to you?"

She flashed me a gorgeous smile. "This?" She pressed her breasts into his hands, moaning again when he gave them another firm squeeze. "Or this?" She wiggled her hips in his lap, making him flinch and groan.

"Both," I grinned.

"Mmmm, you already know how wonderful it feels to be touched here…" she said, guiding his hands all over her bare breasts. "The way he feels against my naked bottom, and especially between my legs, it's simply amazing. Baby, if I didn't love how he feels, I wouldn't still be sitting in his lap, moving this way…." Letting out the sexiest little moan, she finished her thought with another sensual grinding of her hips.

I kept grinning. "You love how he feels against you…or inside you?"

"Both," she said, returning my grin.

"He was inside you?"

"Yes, baby, he was. Your brother's wonderful erection slid inside me. Mmmmmm, his warm, thick cock spread my lips and pushed deep into my pussy."

I took her by the hand. "Was it just an awesome feeling? How far inside you did he go?"

"Honey, I really didn't get much of a chance to enjoy it before he went into a panic and pulled right back out. All I felt - I guess all we both felt - was that initial shock of unexpected penetration. He only slid maybe half of it inside me, but your brother is so large that it felt like he was splitting me open. He was as deep in my pussy as most men are when they're buried to the hilt."

"For him to be able to slide such a thick cock inside you so easily, you must have been very wet," I said, softly kissing her hand.

Nodding, she gave me a shy grin. "Yes, I was. I'm even wetter now."

I smiled at the thought of her naked, dripping wet pussy clenching Paul's enormous erection. Squeezing her hand, I said, "Your pussy must feel incredible. What got you so excited that you were already wet even before you moved over to hug him?"

She moaned, and I watched her hips move in his lap. "You," she said, pointedly looking up at me.

"Me? What'd I do?" I asked in surprise, squirming against Paul's shoulder. Releasing one of her breasts, he pulled me against him, holding me close.

She let her wrap remain open as she said, "First, when I came into the kitchen, I saw that you weren't wearing any panties."

"Neither are you," I smiled.

"No, I'm not, and that also makes me wet."

"Is that why you do it?" I asked.

"Absolutely. Going without panties always turns me on. Like right now, I've noticed you both constantly sneaking peeks at my bare pussy, which simply drives me insane. Then there's the fact that Paul is just so hard between my legs, and I know his thick, throbbing shaft is dying to push all the way inside me. My baby's beautiful cock keeps slipping into my wet pussy…god, he feels so good…mmmm, sitting in your brother's lap would never feel this amazing if I was wearing panties."

"Because everything always feels way better without panties," I grinned.

"Definitely. You'll see. You'll soon find out for yourself all the ways everything feels better when you go bare. The other thing you did, baby, besides letting me see your perfect bottom without any panties, was you kept looking at your brother's erection. Of course I had to see what you were checking out so intently; then I saw it, too. His cock was just so big and hard, and you were staring right at it."

"Is that when you decided to hug me?" asked Paul, shifting beneath her.

She moaned gently into his shoulder. "Mmmm, I love when you do that. No, baby, I was already going to hug you. I couldn't wait to hug you, but when I saw your huge erection, it made me nervous."

"Really? You, nervous? Wow."

"Yes, baby, I was nervous. I've hugged you many times when you were hard, though you may not know it. Sweetie, you're always hard. For years now, you've been getting erections from watching me and your sister. The first time I noticed it was during Dawn's fourteenth-birthday pool party, and you've been doing it ever since."

He looked up at me and blushed. Grinning, I patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry. I never knew."

She laughed, "Well I sure did! A million times I've felt it pushing into me when we would hug, or when he'd move behind me while we were doing the dishes, and definitely whenever we snuggled together on the couch during movies. All those nights you were stretched out on your stomach in front of us wearing nothing but a teensy pair of see-through panties, believe me, he was constantly drooling over your curvy little bottom. He would just become huge, sweetie, and he always pressed it against my ass.

"Like I said, he's been doing that for years. Now, though, he's almost fully grown and even more well-endowed, and this was the first time I was going to be sitting in his lap when I had nothing on, not even a short sundress or one of my tiny bikinis. I knew he would feel how wet I am, and I knew I'd feel him, too. I was about to lower my naked pussy directly onto his beautiful erection, and he was as big and hard as I've ever seen him.

"Yes, baby, I was a little nervous.

"When I finally did go to sit in his lap, I thought he would move it up against his stomach, out of the way. Instead he pushed it down, across his thigh. I sat right on it, and it split my bare lips."

"That's when you first jumped," I said.

"Right. I lifted straight up, giving him room to reposition it. I thought for sure he would put it against his stomach then, so I'd have somewhere to sit."

Paul chimed in. "I tried to reposition it, but it popped through the front. I was just reaching to put it back in my boxers and move it out of the way when you sat back down again."

"That's when you saw me really jump, and that's also when Paul freaked out," she said, smiling brightly.

He gave her a mischievous grin. "Are you wishing now that I hadn't jumped or said anything?"

She returned his grin, even adding a pretty smirk. "Let's just say that I can imagine now how Lisa must have felt as she took every thick, satisfying inch of you, only she got to enjoy it for two straight solid days. Baby, that is one very fortunate girl."

I kissed Paul on the lips. "She's got that right. Lisa is definitely a very lucky girl." Then I giggled to Mom, "And yeah, I'm sure you can imagine it! So, do you regret that he didn't go all the way inside you, even if it had only been for just a moment?"

She smiled thoughtfully. "I definitely would have regretted that, yes, and I never want to regret anything. Baby, your father is also extremely large, so I knew that I would love the feeling of your brother completely filling me. It was always just going to be a matter of getting past the initial shock of letting it happen. Like I said earlier, even though he only managed to slide maybe half of it in, already I felt wonderfully full. If it weren't for the size of your father, absolutely, I would've been very curious to see how a really big one like this would feel all the way inside me."

Raising her hips while repositioning herself again, she gave him a long, wet tongue-kiss, then they both moaned as she slowly slid back down. Settling into his arms, she resumed her sexy little lap dance. With a soft smile she turned to me and purred, "Baby, this isn't curiosity. This is just the wonderful feeling I knew it would be. He's even larger than your father, and yes, I absolutely love it. Sweetie, I have no regrets that he didn't go all the way inside me."

"Any regrets that it even happened at all?" I asked.

She turned back to Paul. "Honey, does it bother you that we had our little accident?"

"No, like I told you, my only regret is that I spazzed out so badly. I just wish I hadn't jumped, or made you jump."

"Did you want to put it all the way inside me?" Smiling softly, she caressed his face.

"I wasn't trying to, not that first time. Once I felt it, though, yes, I found myself wishing that I'd put it all the way inside and kept it there. I know it was only for a few seconds, and it's not as if the whole thing slid in, but it felt like…like.…"

She moved her hips, making obvious grinding motions in his lap. "It felt like you were fucking me, and you loved it. Now it feels like you're fucking me again, only this time it's no accident, and it feels even better."

Nodding, he brought his hands back to her bare hips as she continued moving in his lap. She let out another quiet moan before looking up at me with a warm smile. "See, baby? No, I don't regret that it even happened at all. If you were me, and you knew Paul wasn't upset, would you have any regrets?"

I couldn't help but grin. "Not if we were both enjoying it, and I knew you weren't getting mad at us. I'd want him to take me by the hips and fuck my brains out."

"Well, there you go. Like mother, like daughter…" she said, flashing a bewitching smile. Moaning a little more as she moved her ass in sexy circles, she added, "So, are you getting mad at us?"

"Mad? No. Turned on like crazy? Yes. Wishing it was me? God, yes."

I totally meant it, too. Watching her perfect ass grind away on his cock was just killing me.

She took my hand. "Of course I wouldn't get mad either, honey. How could I? C'mon, with some of the things you wear, and as horny as you make your brother every time he sees you? Baby, I'll be very surprised if you two don't start having a whole bunch of happy little accidents together. In fact, as hard as every one of our boys already gets just from seeing you in your bikini, I can only imagine what's coming next. If you start going bottomless like this in their laps, or when you're fooling around with them in the pool, or even when you're just watching TV together, they're all going to 'fuck your brains out,' as you so eloquently put it."

"And you wouldn't mind?'' I asked.

Paul joined me in staring intently at her.

"If that's what you wanted? No, baby, I wouldn't mind. I love sex. I absolutely adore it, and I want you to love it, too. Besides, you're all eighteen now. As far as I'm concerned, you're free to do whatever you want. You're also all truly wonderful, caring people, so I'm not worried about any of you getting hurt. Beautiful girl, if you want to have sex with every man in this house, that would be fine by me. I'll probably end up right there with you, cheering you on. Angel, if that's what you really want, then go for it. Just don't get pregnant, that's all I ask."

Wagging her finger, she gave me a silly stern-looking face.

She turned to Paul, grinning while slowly circling her hips in his lap. "That goes for you, too, mister. As amazingly well-endowed, devastatingly good-looking and downright charming as you are, every woman on the planet is going to want to have sex with you."

We all laughed at her "downright charming" description, Mom most of all.

"Seriously, though," she continued, "just be careful not to get anyone pregnant, especially with a houseful of naked, horny cheerleaders lusting after you."

Grinning mischievously, she turned again to me. "You asked if I like to go without panties because it turns me on? See, baby, what's happening right now, this is why I find it so exciting to leave my sex bare. Yes, I love the physical sensation of going without panties. It just plain feels good, and I would do it for that one reason alone, but that's not the main reason I do it. The thing I love most about going pantiless is knowing that something like this can so easily happen. When my ass and pussy are naked and available, it makes me want to have sex. Honey, I love that feeling. I also love it when simply giving a man a flirty glimpse between my legs makes him want me so much that his cock instantly gets hard. I always love to imagine what he's thinking as he ogles me, knowing he's trying to catch another peek up my short skirt. It's not that I'm necessarily going to act on being so turned on; still, as the saying goes, it's the thought that counts, and all my thoughts are sexy ones when I don't wear panties."

Jesus, I was so turned on. Writhing against Paul's shoulder, I felt my pussy dripping down my thighs.

Sensing my need, she smiled. "Tell me, baby. It's okay."

"Mom, it's killing me, because I know exactly what you mean. I'm discovering that the less I wear, the more turned on I become. The more I know people are getting turned on by me…the more it turns me on. God, it just keeps feeding on itself."

Her eyes were filled with compassion as she squeezed my hand. "I know, baby. I can see your hunger. I can feel it when we're together, and it's growing stronger every day. I know you feel like you're about to explode, so let me finish answering your question. Dawn, it's just like you said. When I'm dressed this way and sitting in his lap, Paul's natural physical response is to want to have sex with me. You added that I could hardly blame him, and I agreed.

"Baby, I feel the same way about you. No matter who it is, if you're naked in someone's lap, moving your bare bottom on his erection, I wouldn't blame either of you at all for wanting to have sex. The thing is, just make sure you're not sending the wrong message. Before you go and tempt a guy or yourself like that, make sure it's what you really want."

"But what if that's exactly what I really want? Mom, I'm just like you. I went without panties tonight because I want to have sex!"

Grinding in Paul's lap, she closed her eyes and gently moaned. Opening them again, she gave me a penetrating smile. "So what are you waiting for? Baby, you don't need to fight it. Have all the sex you want, and revel in it. Honey, it's your time to start enjoying the gift of sex, of fucking, and not just with your beautiful girlfriends but with men, too. Let yourself go…dive right in. Sweetheart, you get so turned on now by showing off your gorgeous pussy and amazing ass that very soon here I know you're going to be having nonstop sex with everyone in this house, and all your friends. And you know what? Mother to daughter, woman to woman, I'll be truly thrilled for you. It really is your time."

"Yeah, but my cherry was already gone by the time you plunked your bare bottom onto my erection tonight, and it wasn't just from some goofy accident! Dawn is still a virgin!" laughed Paul.

"Oh, whatever!" I said, puffing up to defend myself. "I promise you that when I lose my virginity, it isn't going to be from some accidental stab that only went halfway in. Uh-uh. No way. I want it all, and not just for a few seconds. If I lost my cherry the way you two just did it, I wouldn't let you pull out! I'd make you stay inside me until we both came, then, just to be sure, we'd do it about a million more times! I want to be deeply and thoroughly fucked, not just poked!"

Mom fell back laughing into Paul's arms. "That's my girl! You tell him, baby! Look out, world, my beautiful daughter wants The Lisa Treatment!"

"You're damn right I do!" I shouted, adding a petulant foot-stomp.

"Hey, now! What's with the potty mouth I'm hearing from my baby girl?" laughed Dad, calling out from the top of the stairs.

Quickly pulling Mom's wide-open robe together, Paul tried to hurry her back to her seat. The crazy thing is, she wasn't budging an inch. Even with Dad coming down the stairs, she wanted to keep going. Wrapping her arms around Paul's neck, she planted another long, smacking wet kiss on his lips while playfully bouncing her ass in his lap. Finally, though, grinning sweetly, she gave him a cute pout and a chaste kiss on the cheek before grudgingly returning to her original spot at the table.

I thought it would probably be a good idea to hide Paul's massive erection, so I scurried around his chair to take her place in his lap; setting myself down sidesaddle just the way she had, I lowered my bare bottom directly onto his rock-solid shaft.

That's how we were sitting when Dad came strolling into the kitchen. Immediately surmising that he'd interrupted something, he grinned, "Okay…what's going on? What'd I miss?"

~to be continued~

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Submitted: October 22, 2014

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