Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 05

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dawn and Samantha torture poor Doug.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

I apologize for the maddening brevity of this chapter. This and the next chapter were written as a single piece, but BooksieSilk's word-count limit won't allow me to submit it that way. Instead, I had to split it into two parts, with the only natural break occuring at the conclusion of this sexy vignette in the kitchen; a vignette that was merely intended to serve as an appetizer for the main course, not as its own stand-alone story. The second part flows directly from this initial scene, so it's very frustrating to have to chop things up in this manner.

On the plus side, the second part will be three times longer than this one, and, I think, significantly hotter. Once that one posts (on Saturday), my suggestion would be to go back and read this chapter again before diving into that one. For the proper effect, read them one right after the other.

~ ~ ~

"Whatever you did yesterday to loosen up your mother, I really need to thank you for it."

I was leaning into the fridge when I felt Dad's arms come around my stomach, hugging me from behind. I glanced down, and instead of his usual big, woolly 'Dad robe' I noticed his arms were covered in royal blue silk.

Looking back over my shoulder, I smiled when I saw he was wearing a new, much sexier robe. "Wow, Dad! Got a hot date, or what?" I grinned, hugging his arms to my stomach. I felt him pressing against me, his hips and especially his large bulge pushing into my ass.

"I just had one, thanks to you. I don't know what's gotten into your mother lately."

"I bet you have, a lot!" I giggled.

He laughed and said, "You know what I mean, sweetie. I couldn't believe that amazing little robe she hit us with us last night, could you? Then, once she came to bed, she literally threw me down and went crazy on me! She was raring to go again this morning, too. She was so fired up, she didn't even wait for me. She just climbed aboard and started riding while I was still asleep. I know I owe this all to you, so maybe someday you'll tell your dear ol' dad your secret. Whatever you did to her, it sure worked, and I want more."

Smiling, I turned my head to him. "She was so beautiful, wasn't she?"

"She's always been stunningly beautiful. My god, though, she was just incredible yesterday. She hasn't dressed and behaved that provocatively around the house since you and the boys started high school," he said, squeezing me tightly.

"No doubt. Right up until we started ninth grade she had no problem with wearing the skimpiest things imaginable around the boys, and I know she loves to wear super short miniskirts and see-through tops for you and your friends when you all go out together, but she hasn't dressed that way around the house in forever. Still, I should be thanking you for sticking up for me, and not just yesterday, either. You always stick up for me...."

Pressing my ass against him as he hugged me, I couldn't tell for certain whether he had anything on beneath his silk robe. All I had on were my sheer mesh panties, in bright pink - my tiniest, most revealing panties.

Doing a quick check in the mirror that morning, I'd noticed those panties were much smaller than my bikini bottoms. Like my bikini, they exposed a good three inches of my curving cleft above the waistband, but they also left my entire ass exposed. They were basically a g-string, and didn't need to be wet to be see-through. They were totally sheer. I knew they were one of the pairs of panties Paul had been talking about since they clearly revealed my little patch of black pubic hair, some of which actually stuck out through the holes in the open mesh.

Still looking in the mirror, I'd tried another test. Sitting on the bed, I hooked my arms around my knees and raised them to my chest, the way Mom had done it in her kimono on the couch for the guys.

The panties split my pussy, down by the bottom. Looking through the mesh material above my slit, I could see and even touch my pubic hair. In the center, I could make out my clit and soft lips. My shining pink bud pressed through a hole in the open mesh, just like my pubic hair. Towards the bottom, though, yow, those panties became so narrow that they dipped inside my pussy, disappearing completely to expose the larger outer labia, which almost seemed to be swallowing the g-string. A thin strip of material reappeared over my smooth little asshole, covering about half of it. I could make out the slightly rosier indentation, and certainly the tight crinkle, but the tiny opening was covered.

It was a good thing that except for my little patch above my slit I was shaved bare, otherwise hair would've been sticking out everywhere.

I'd also thrown on one of Paul's old sleeveless sweatshirts, which was cut off at my belly button and missing nearly all of the sides. I could see my breasts, almost to the tips. If I reached my arms forward or angled my upper body even a little bit, such as the way I was leaning into the fridge when Dad entered the kitchen, the fullness of each breast would bobble into view, nipples and everything.

I was still on such a high from the day before that despite seeing how exposed I was I'd decided to go ahead and wear those panties and that top around the house anyway. To be honest, that's why I chose them. I knew it would excite me to wear such revealing things. Yep, I was quickly coming to understand that letting everyone see my body was my biggest turn-on.

So, between my barely-there panties and the thinness of Dad's silk robe, mmmm, I was really able to enjoy the feeling of his heavy cock pressing against my smooth, naked bottom.

"Of course I always stick up for you. I'm just a sucker for a pretty smile. Why do you think I married your sexy mother?" he grinned.

Detecting the scent of warm, spicy perfume, I felt a lock of long hair brush against my cheek. I smiled happily. Mom had come to join our little hug.

"You were mighty sexy yourself last night, and absolutely incredible just now..." she said to Dad, a contented smile evident in her voice. Leaning in, she kissed me over the ear. "As for you, little one, I'm sorry about yesterday. I shouldn't have questioned anything. Honey, your father has always been right to defend you. I think maybe I was just a skosh jealous."

Turning to face her, I was thrilled to see that she was again wearing her tiny kimono. "Oh yes, we are definitely going to have to get you a dozen more of these little robes. I just love how you look in this...especially right after you've had sex," I grinned, scoping her up and down. Glancing back at Dad, I teasingly wiggled my bottom against him. "See what you did to her? Isn't she awesome?"

While still hugging me from behind, Dad said to her, "Absolutely. Baby, you are truly amazing."

Mom seriously blushed. God, she was gorgeous.

"And anyway," I continued, staring into her dazzling eyes, "you should never be jealous of me. You're a total knockout. You're much better built than I am, and way sexier. There isn't a mom in our whole school who can touch you."

"I bet there are more than a few who would like to, along with all the sons and dads," he chuckled.

I gave her a cheeky little smile. "A lot of the daughters, too. You'd be surprised at how many of my girlfriends think you're a total MILF."

"Dawn! I'm nobody's MILF but your father's!" she laughed.

Dad shook his head and grinned, then he leaned around me to poke his head into the fridge. Taking advantage of the situation, I whispered to her, "That's not true. You're my MILF too, you know."

She quickly glanced at Dad. He wasn't looking, and she gave me a playful kiss on the lips. "Yes, I do, and you're definitely my DILF," she whispered with a giggle. As we stood hugging, she flinched. "Wow, baby, you should warn someone when you hug them with that thing on. It's kind of scratchy," she said, tugging on the bottom of my sweatshirt. She ran her hand over the raised lettering, which had become a bit worn and frayed after so many washings. "You look absolutely wonderful in that top, honey, but you need to be gentle. My skin is really tender here...." Smiling sweetly, she traced her fingertips over the exposed inner halves of her bare breasts where my shirt had scratched her.

"Be right back!" I said, racing up the stairs to my bedroom. Peeling off my sweatshirt, I grabbed a tiny, see-through baby doll top. It was just nice, soft lingerie, and the pink matched my mesh panties. Slipping it on, I knew it would feel much nicer against her. Like her kimono, it left most of my breasts bare. What little coverage it did offer consisted of a very fine gauze material decorating the sides and bottoms, allowing the inside swells and teardrop pout to remain completely out in the open. My nipples were barely concealed.

I figured that with my breasts almost fully exposed, our hugs wouldn't be scratchy at all to her.

I ran back downstairs, giggling as my boobs bounced right out of my top. Pausing at the bottom of the stairs to tuck them back in, I noticed my nipples were erect. They were making obvious pokies, and I could easily see them through the wispy material anyway.

Dad was eating a pear at the table while reading the morning paper. Mom was standing by the coffee maker, beaming brightly as I came back into the kitchen.

"Better?" I asked, moving into her welcoming arms to resume our hug. Feeling mischievous, and knowing Dad wasn't looking, I gently rubbed my breasts against hers until our bare nipples were touching.

"Mmmmmm, much better, sweetie...much, much better. Soft, beautiful skin...no more scratchies...." She leaned in to kiss me, and I moaned into her mouth as she rubbed her naked boobs against mine. Though we were trying to keep an eye on Dad, within moments our tongues were passionately dancing together. Immediately my hands went to her pantiless bottom, cupping and squeezing her perfect curves. One of her hands went to my ass while the other slipped between my legs to stroke my clit, which was poking through a large opening in the pink mesh. "Naughty panties!" she whisper-giggled, then we simply made out; hugging, touching and noisily kissing, we were going at it hot and heavy despite Dad sitting only a few feet away.

My eyes went wide, though, when she said, "Baby, show your father." With a devilish smile she pulled me over to Dad, who stood at her playful command. "Doesn't she feel much nicer to hug now, without that scratchy top against your chest?" she grinned, taking his arms and wrapping them around me. Leaning over my shoulder, she tugged his robe open to the waist before gently hip-checking me into his warm embrace.

Expecting him to be reluctant to hug me skin to skin, I was happily surprised when he pulled me close while smiling at the sight of my naked breasts kissing his chest. Leaning back a bit, I saw his thickening shaft pressing against my pussy; with his enormous crown wedged below my baby-smooth slit, the detailed shape and sheer mind-blowing size of his spectacular cock was obvious in the thin, silky robe.

"I didn't notice any scratchiness before but I agree, she feels fantastic like this..." he said, smirking over my shoulder at Mom.

Since he was being so smug, I decided to mess with him a little. Sliding my hands down his hips, I reached inside his robe, and he gasped when I grasped his naked cock. Grinning wickedly as I gave it a good squeeze, I pulled it out and began slowly stroking it while rubbing the head against my wet clit.

"He feels fantastic too like this..." I said, smirking over my shoulder at Mom just the way he had. Positioning his hardening cock between my legs, I pressed it to my pussy, then, moving back into our hug, I rubbed my naked breasts against his chest.

"That's another thing that's going to change around here. We're going to hug more as a family, and just be more affectionate in general. No more being stuffy and distant with each other," Mom said, hugging me into a sandwich with him. They kissed beside my face, and she drove her hips forward, pushing me firmly onto Dad's bare cock. His awesome dick was still lengthening as it pressed against my pussy, which was protected only by that tiny barrier of mesh material.

"Sounds good to me. I don't think I'll ever complain about having to take more of this kind of affection from my two beautiful girls," he grinned, kissing me when he was done kissing her. Mom held us close together as Dad and I made out for about thirty seconds, his naked cock sawing between my wet pussy lips the entire time.

"You won't hear any arguments from me either," I finally said, turning to face her. I looped my arms around her neck as she hooked hers around my bare waist, then we simply dropped our heads onto each other's shoulder. We were the perfect heights for hugging.

She was about to say something when suddenly she flinched, then her eyes lit up.

After I'd turned to face her, Dad had continued our sandwich hug. The thing is, by that point his huge dick had become fully erect and was pressing into my ass cheek. Rising to my tiptoes, I'd leaned over a little to relieve the poking pressure, and it'd slipped back between my legs. I felt the top of his shaft throbbing against my pussy; his cock was so big, it had gone all the way between my legs to the front, where it was pushing against Mom's pussy as she hugged me.

Her face was a picture, once she realized what was happening. Looking down, she giggled when she saw his dick poking her. Flashing me a goofy grin, she opened her robe and playfully ground her pussy onto the shining head of his cock.

Dad yelped and quickly pulled away, apparently startled by the unexpected sensation of penetrating a wet pussy. God, he looked so cute as he sheepishly shuffled over to sit down again at the table. I think that might have been the first time I'd ever seen him become embarrassed, and it was just absolutely adorable!

In a sing-song voice Mom teased, "What's the matter, honeeeey? Maybe a little too much affection?" He just grunted, and she giggled, "Once you let that big guy out of his cage, you have to keep track of him! I mean, seriously, with the way he loves to go exploring, who knows where he'll end up? Keep letting him come out to play with us, and you'll see your two beautiful girls become really affectionate! All sorts of happy accidents are just bound to happen when your friendly monster is being affectionate to us, especially down here...." Still giggling, she accentuated her point by patting my bare bottom with both hands, making it quiver.

Giggling right along with her, I looked over my shoulder to see Dad staring open-mouthed at my ass.

When I turned back to Mom, she gave me a cute smirk while gesturing with her eyes to his huge erection, which he tried to hide by sliding his chair beneath the table. He was blushing as he attempted to read his paper again.

She mouthed to me, "See? Look what you did to him!"

I nodded, mouthing back, "It's so big!"

"Duh! I told you!" Grinning, she made a silly face.

"I even pressed it against my pussy!"

"I know! I saw you rubbing it against your clit!"

"You did?!"

Giggling at my surprised reaction, she grinned and nodded happily before pulling me close. "When you pressed it between your legs, I thought for sure you were going to tug your panties out of the way and put it inside you. God, baby, you're so beautiful, I don't know how he ever resisted," she whispered. I leaned in to kiss her, and we began making out again. I went straight for her pussy, slipping two fingers deep inside. Her eyes went wide, but she let me do it, even returning the favor by sliding a finger into my pussy from behind. Moaning through our hungry kisses, we gently fucked each other until we both came.

I don't know about her, but that was probably my fastest cum ever!

Releasing me after one last kiss, she took Dad by the hand and pulled him up from the table. Turning to face away from him, she wrapped his arms around her waist and slowly circled her sexy hips, rubbing her ass against what must have still been a really big, hard cock. While basically giving him a standing lap dance right there in the kitchen, she brought her lips to his ear and breathed, "Baby, take me back to bed."

Grinning, he shot me a sheepish glance over her shoulder.

Twice in one morning I saw Dad become embarrassed, just like a little boy! Awesome!

"Why are you looking at me? You heard her! Your beautiful wife isn't about to let that thing go to waste, so go give it to her!" I said, laughing as they hugged their way out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

~to be continued~

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Submitted: October 16, 2014

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