Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 04

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The "birds and the bees" talk, Samantha and Dawn-style.

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

It was early in the evening, and I was feeling mischievous.

Mom and I had spent the better part of the afternoon asleep in each other's arms. Giving me one last sweet kiss on the lips before slipping from my bed, she picked up her sundress and strutted off naked and giggling to her bedroom.

As far as I knew, the boys were still in Paul's room, though I was thinking maybe they'd already gone out for the night. I'd come downstairs in my bikini to get a glass of ice water from the fridge, and I noticed that Dad was stretched out reading on the couch while having a cup of coffee and some toast. When I saw him all by his lonesome, I went over and plopped myself down beside him, intentionally jostling his book.

Sitting up a little, he fixed me with an accusing grin. "Still feeling a bit impish, are we? I must say, that was quite a performance you put on out there today. With the way you and Paul were talking while constantly glancing back towards your mother and me, then your antics with Rick at the other end of the pool, it almost seemed as if you were somehow privy to our conversation. Have you now added 'mind reader' to all your other sterling qualities?"

Looking through my glass of water, I gave him a coy smile. "What do you think?"

"I think you had a spy working for you," he said, smugly returning my smile. "My guess is that he spilled the beans on us, and you decided to rub your mother's nose in it. Am I at least in the ballpark?"

"More like a direct bull's-eye," I grinned. "How did you know? Did Paul tell you?"

Setting his book down, he gave me a gentle smile. "No, kitten, he didn't need to. It was really quite simple to figure out. See, your brother is a bit of a heavy breather, and he had to pass us to go back outside. I take it he overheard us talking and stopped behind the corner to listen. Then he just had to rush out and tell you all the juicy details."

"You know, for a professor you're pretty smart," I said, clapping politely.

He bopped me on the head with a throw pillow. "Sweetie, seriously, take it easy on your mother. Don't go out of your way to make her crazy, that's all I ask."

"I wasn't before, and she thought I was anyway, so what difference does it make? Besides, she doesn't mind. She said so herself, remember?"

Grinning, I threw the pillow back at him. He caught it and immediately put it over his lap.

That's when I noticed Mom standing naked at the top of the stairs, watching us. She saw me sneak a peek at her, and she silently giggled. I tried not to giggle too, but Dad caught me.

"And just what is so funny, Miss Silly Giggles?"

"Oh, nothing. Don't you think Mom is totally gorgeous? Well, okay, I know you do, but I'm talking the most-perfect-woman-who-ever-lived type of gorgeous."

Swear to god, he looked at me like a pterodactyl had suddenly just perched on my shoulder.

I smiled, pressing the issue.

"Why on earth would you ask a question like that, and why would it make you giggle? What's going on inside that duplicitous little head of yours?"

"Nothing much. I just think she's so beautiful, and the best mom ever. I sure hope I grow up to be like her," I said, subtly glancing her way.

Blowing me a kiss, she snuck back to her bedroom with a happy smile.

"Sweetie, that's a wonderful thing to say. You should say it to your mother, though. I'm sure she'd love to hear it from you. Any mother would take that as the highest compliment her daughter could ever pay her."

"It still wouldn't be enough. No compliment I could pay her would ever be enough, and the same goes for how much I love you. I wouldn't even know the words to express just how wonderful you are to me." Grabbing the pillow he was holding in his lap, I tossed it aside and climbed aboard to give him a full-body hug, just like the one I'd given Mom on my bed. Kissing his neck and jawline, I whispered, "I love you, Daddy. Always know that. You two are the greatest parents any girl ever had."

"So I take it you're no longer mad at your mother for accusing you of being an evil, wicked tease?" he grinned, wrapping his arms around me.

"I was never mad at her. I just didn't understand. Still, thank you for defending me," I said, kissing him on the lips. "Mmmm, you taste like strawberry jam. I like kissing you," I whispered. After lingering a moment to nibble on his bottom lip, I sat up and straddled him.

"You never needed defending," he said, smiling up at me as I towered over him. "Your mother wasn't accusing you of anything. She was merely wondering out loud. Sweetie, you do that to all of us, you know."

I flopped back down on top of him, resting my chin on his chest. When I plucked a hair that had strayed outside his shirt, he playfully yelped. Grinning, I asked, "So what do you wonder about me?"

Right away, his expression turned sad. "I wonder how I'll ever manage without you, once you go away to college. Even though that will be one of the happiest days of my life, it will also be one of the most heartbreaking. Honey, a lot of parents can't wait to become empty-nesters, meaning the kids are finally grown and gone so they have the house to themselves again. While your mother and I will enjoy reconnecting, we're not looking forward to seeing you go. First off, it's not as if we lack privacy just because you kids are here. You don't cramp our style at all."

"Cramp your style? Dad, nobody talks like that anymore! I swear, you're such an old hippie!"

He laughed, "Fine, you young whippersnapper! Having you here, it's not like you cock-block us, okay?"

"Oh my god! Tell me the words 'cock-block' did not just come out of my father the professor's mouth!" I shouted, completely cracking up. As I was pounding on his chest, laughing my ass off, he began pummeling me with pillows. I couldn't stop laughing, and he added a tickle attack to his pillow assault. While trying to defend myself, I began tickling him right back.

Pretty soon we fell off the couch, landing on the floor with a thump. He was on top of me, tickling me again. "Gotcha now! Cock-block! Cock-block! Cock-block!" he crowed, and I screamed with laughter.

I guess we were being too loud because suddenly Paul, Rick and Mom were gathered at the top of the stairs, laughing and cheering us on.

"Paul, Dad called us COCK BLOCKERS!" I yelled, laughing and squirming beneath him.

"I most certainly did not! Get your story straight, young lady! I said you don't cock-block us!" he grinned, sitting up.

"Veeeeery mature lingo there, dear. So professorial…so fatherly," Mom said, laughing as she descended the stairs. Strolling into the living room, she playfully kicked Dad in the butt. "Move it, frat boy."

Dad scooted over to give her room to get by. She curled up on the couch, then Paul and Rick came down to join us.

"Wow, honey, did I miss a memo? Is today Casual Friday, or what?" asked Dad, grinning like a fiend when he noticed what Mom was wearing.

Or, more to the point, what she wasn't wearing.

"Are you complaining? I could always go back upstairs and change," she said, her sexy smile telling him that he'd better just sit back and enjoy it, if he knew what was good for him.

He gave her a huge grin. "No, no, please, not on my account! As far as I'm concerned, you can have Mind-Blowing Mondays and Wild Wednesdays too. What the hell, just go ahead and consider it Sexy Wear 2007, how's that?"

"Wow, Mom. You look...wow…" Paul said, demonstrating his usual verbal brilliance.

"Umm, thanks, honey…I think," she replied, giggling over his sudden inability to form even a single coherent sentence.

I beamed at her. "See how amazing you are? That's what started this whole thing. I asked Dad a simple question, 'Don't you think Mom is incredibly beautiful?' And here you are, looking absolutely gorgeous. You should always dress like that."

She gave us a sassy grin. "Maybe I will. Up until the boys became teenagers this is how I normally used to dress around the house, and maybe I never should've stopped. Anyway, how did my dear hubby answer your little question, hmmm?"

Dad threw up his hands. "Hey, no fair! I never got a chance to answer her. She was already attacking me, plucking chest hairs and being a real imp. Then she starts giggling like a little devil, and the next thing I know it's Wrestlemania!"

I smiled at Mom. "He's so full of it. I was being perfectly sweet and innocent, then he just started throwing out all these 'hip' terms, and suddenly I was being attacked by Austin Powers! He was all, 'Groovy, baby!' C'mon, what woman could ever resist that?"

Dad stared at me in horror, and I stuck my tongue out at him. He looked over at Paul and Rick, who each handed him a pillow.

"Get her, Mister S," Rick said.

Mom grinned at me. "Sweetie, I don't think we believe you." Then she turned to Dad. "You heard the man. Get her."

When Dad began raining down pillow blows all over me, I squealed and tried to twist away. I was flailing my arms and kicking my legs, attempting to block him while bucking him off me. Mom and Paul joined in, beating me with their own pillows, and Rick was cheering them all on.

"OKAY, OKAY! MAYBE I FIBBED A LITTLE!" I shouted, and finally the pounding ceased.

Once Mom and the boys had returned to the couch, I quickly flashed my eyes at her while gesturing with my head. Peeking down, she saw her completely exposed breast. Giggling, she made an exaggerated "Oh my!" face, then she casually tucked herself away before anyone else saw it.

Well, maybe not. I'm pretty sure that Rick caught a good shot of it.

Grinning, she made the same gesture to me. I looked down and saw that my breasts had escaped my tiny bikini top, then I noticed Dad staring at them as he sat straddling my hips.

"Boys, could you go fix us all some sodas and snacks, please," Mom said, quickly taking control of the situation.

Laughing like baboons, Paul and Rick took off for the kitchen. Once they were gone, Mom threw a pillow to us. "Here, baby. I think you'll be needing this when the boys come back."

Watching in amusement as I made an awkward effort to cover my boobs with the pillow, she laughed, "Not you, silly! Him! He needs it way more than you do!"

I didn't understand. Handing Dad the pillow, I gave her a questioning look, and she made a wide-eyed smiley-face gesture. I followed her pointed gaze to...Dad's huge erection tenting his pants! Oh my god, she was right! I'd caused Dad to get a hard-on!

"Sweetie, you can simply pull your bikini top back in place, or just go ahead and take it off. It doesn't really matter now. Your adorable father, however, finds himself in a bit of a pickle. As you can clearly see…a very big pickle. That thing isn't going away anytime soon, so all he can do is try to hide it."

He gave her a sheepish smirk, and she made kissy lips at him.

Returning his gaze to my naked breasts, Dad smiled and said, "Sorry to tickle and run, sweetie, but I think I better get going while the going's still good."

After giving my tummy one last teasing tickle, he took off up the stairs, heading for safety.

"Coward! Stay and take your medicine!" Mom yelled after him while throwing a pillow at his butt, which made us all laugh.

"Discretion is the better part of valor, dear, and discretion just isn't possible right now if I stay down there, not with you two looking like that," he grinned, from the top of the stairs.

"Wimp!" she giggled.

"Cock blocker!" I added, pointing accusingly.

"Damn skippy!" he replied, heading for his bedroom.

Mom turned to me with a look of merriment in her bright, shining eyes. "Did you just call my husband a cock blocker?" Giggling again, she crossed her legs.

What could I say? I decided to opt for the direct approach. "He is. You saw what he did. He took it away from me, so that makes him a cock blocker."

She patted the spot next to her on the couch. "C'mere."

I joined her on the couch, and she looked into the kitchen. After confirming that the boys were still busy, she reached over and caressed my bare breast. "So do you believe me now?" she smiled, speaking quietly. "You saw how huge his erection was, and you know you're the reason he became so big and hard, right?"

I gave her a little grin. "Uh-huh, I saw it, but not until you pointed it out to me. I wasn't even looking before then."

She sighed in exasperation. "Sweetie, are you always this oblivious? How do you not see these things? How do you not feel these things? You had to feel it pressing against you. I could see it from up here on the couch, pushing into your bare tummy. Baby, he got that way when your beautiful breasts slipped out of your bikini top. God, he became erect so quickly that I half expected him to whip it out and titty-fu—…umm, I mean I just can't imagine how you haven't noticed all our boys getting hard-ons because of you, and I'm talking literally dozens of times. Before today in the pool with Rick, you've never noticed any of them getting hard? Not once?"

I debated whether to tell her about the wrestling match on my bed with Paul. I was thinking, 'Should I keep that a secret since she might get worried, or should I trust her enough to confide in her?'

Too easy. Of course I had to tell her. "Yes, once," I said. "Last night I saw and felt Paul's hard-on, when we were wrestling. God, he got really big. You saw it, too."

"I couldn't exactly miss it, could I? As I stood there admiring it, I found myself wondering whether he'd gotten that excited simply from spanking you, or had something more been going on?"

Her sly grin made it obvious that she knew.

I couldn't help but smile. "There was more going on. We were wrestling, and he became totally hard. At first, I didn't feel it. I finally saw it when we sat up together, and later I felt it with my hand. Wanting to see it and touch it, I even took it out of his boxers. I also felt it pressing against me…you know, against my panties. Just like Dad, he initially tried to hide it with a pillow."

She giggled, "Yes, you'll find that most men are quite adept at the old 'cover the boner with a pillow' trick. Your father has it down to an art form, and Paul is becoming pretty slick with it too. Rick and Donny are way more obvious. Those two always seem to have raging hard-ons, especially when either of us wears a bikini in the house. As soon as they catch me looking, they simply grab the nearest pillow. They aren't the least bit subtle about it. In a pinch, guys will use anything that's handy. They'll try to hide it by raising their leg, or sometimes they just hunch themselves over. I think it's so cute.

"Anyway, tell me about this 'I felt it pressing against my panties' stuff."

She fingered the string tie to my bikini bottoms, and we exchanged knowing grins.

"I was sitting on him, and he was really hard. I could totally feel it. Last night was the first time I'd ever felt him when he was hard. At first it was just pressing against my ass, then it was rubbing directly against my pussy. I always had my panties on, but I could still feel every inch of it, especially after I took it out. Pushing between my legs, it felt so good, and I was dripping wet. Then we heard you coming up the stairs, and we instantly panicked. As quickly as we could, we scrambled to pull ourselves together."

Pausing for a moment, she gave me the sweetest, most loving smile. "I'm sorry I interrupted, baby. I didn't mean to, I promise. Had I known, I would have stayed downstairs.'' Looking deep into my eyes, she caressed my face. ''How far do you think you two would've gone?"

"I don't know. It wasn't like we planned it. I mean it just sort of happened, completely out of nowhere," I said, shrugging.

"You didn't care that it was your brother? What you and I did in your bedroom today…you don't mind, even though I'm your mother? Baby, I know you and your girlfriends enjoy playing sexy games with each other, but weren't you concerned that this time it was with me? You made me cum. Angel, you made your own mother cum."

After staring into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever, I finally said, "I was nearly bursting with happiness to have made you cum, and you were amazing. I know it's supposed to be wrong, but honestly, no, it never crossed my mind. It didn't feel wrong to me. All I was thinking was that I love you more than anything, and you're so beautiful. I don't mind it at all that you're my mother. I think that makes it even more beautiful. With Paul, I guess I feel the same way. I know it should bother me, but it just doesn't. Is that wrong?"

"No, baby, it's not wrong. It's beautiful, and you're absolutely wonderful."

"Does it bother you, what we did?"

"'We,' meaning you and Paul, or you and I?"


She looked at me with even softer eyes. Still caressing my face, she said, "No, honey, it doesn't. I know your heart is in the right place. I know Paul's is, too, and I know that I love you more than anything in this whole world."

After sitting quietly together for a few long moments, just holding each other's hand, she broke into a wide grin. "Was last night with Paul seriously the first time you ever noticed any of our boys getting hard because of you?" She pulled me closer; when I snuggled into her, she kissed the top of my head. "Tell me. It's okay."

I put my hand on her thigh, and it was all just so remarkable to me. Right there in our living room, even knowing that the boys would soon return, she was caressing my bare nipples, and her thighs were completely uncovered.

She was wearing a blood red kimono, and it was very short. Barely reaching the tops of her thighs as she'd descended the stairs, the silken hem had climbed to the beginning curves of her ass the moment she'd taken a seat on the couch. The robe was parted over her thighs, revealing warm, smooth skin all the way up to her pussy, which I couldn't see because of the way she had her legs crossed. Her awesome boobs were only partially covered, easily becoming exposed whenever she moved around at all. I was sure she was completely naked beneath her tiny kimono.

I found myself wanting to pull aside her robe and take her breast into my mouth. Needing only the slightest bit of encouragement, I was dying to go down on her. God, I wanted to taste her beautiful pussy again.

Tracing fingertip circles on her bare thigh, I said, "Yes, last night was the first time. This morning in the pool with Rick was the second time, or the first time with Rick, and just now was the first time I ever noticed it with Dad. Paul and I were wrestling on my bed when suddenly it just happened. He said he saw my ass in the mirror as we were hugging, and that got him going. Once he felt it with his hands, which was while we were wrestling, that really did it. He got totally hard. He tried to hide it, but I made him move his pillow, and he let me see. He's really big, like Dad."

"Yes, he is. So was that your first one?" she asked, caressing my hair.

Looking up, I noticed her robe had gapped. Her breast was completely exposed again.

She caught me looking and smiled, "You really like my breasts, don't you?"

"I love them. You know I do. They are just so beautiful…the prettiest breasts I've ever seen." With no hesitation, I leaned in to cup them and take one into my mouth. Moaning around her nipple, I devoured her gorgeous areola.

She continued stroking my hair, almost in a thoughtful way, before finally whispering, "Not here, baby. The boys will be back any moment now."

"So?" I asked, kissing her nipple, which responded by hardening in my mouth. As I hungrily sucked her amazing tits, I couldn't help but marvel over how incredible they looked.

Laughing gently, she went back to caressing my face. "In front of the boys? Baby, you'll need to let me work up to that, okay?"

Reluctantly pulling away from her wet tip, I snuggled more tightly against her. "'K," I grinned. "It's your fault, you know, for being so beautiful. Anyway, no, Paul's wasn't my first. I've held one other, but it wasn't nearly as big. I'm not even sure I could get Dad's or Paul's all the way inside my mouth."

"This other one you saw, you took it into your mouth?"

"Uh-huh. I loved sucking it. I did it for hecka long, too. It was fun, and it felt awesome to make him so happy. I totally loved it when he shot his cum in my mouth. That was my favorite part. I've only done it once, but I really liked it. He wasn't very big, I don't think, so it was easy."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, baby. You're right, boys are a lot of fun," she smiled, running her hand down my arm and over my back. Letting it come to rest at the top of my ass, she explored my exposed crack, lightly trailing her fingertips inside. She was teasing me, and I was loving it.

Stroking her thigh, I pulled it down off her other leg. Finally…there it was. I could see her pussy, and I skritched my fingertips through her small patch of soft black hair. She shifted, pressing her back into the corner of the couch. I tried to skootch my body between her legs, but she kept me on the outside of her right hip. "Sweetie, we can't, not right now. Be patient."

I kissed her thigh and brushed it with my cheek while making little whimpering puppy sounds. Peering up, I shot her a pouty-face look, and she laughed, "Fine, but only for a tiny bit, and the boys better not catch us!"

Nodding eagerly, I gave her a big, silly grin, which made her laugh again. I nudged her knees apart, and she caressed my hair as I kissed my way up the tempting warm flesh of her inner thigh. "Oh, god…" she moaned, closing her eyes and spreading her legs when I kissed her pussy. I untied her robe, pulling it open. Cupping her breast while sliding two fingers past her flowering lips and into her luscious honey pot, I lowered my mouth to her glistening wet slit and began kissing and licking everywhere. Slowly fucking her, I noticed her ass lifting from the couch, urging me to take her breathtaking sex. Using two hands to hold my face firmly to her pussy, she just writhed on my tongue; feeling it penetrating deep inside her, licking and stroking her soft, silky walls, she threw her head back and moaned, ''Mmmm…so good…fuck me, baby.''

Releasing her breast, I used both hands on her thighs to spread her all the way open. When I trailed my tongue from her pulsing clit down to her cute little pucker, she screamed into a pillow. Seeing her wild reaction, I stiffened my tongue and pressed inside; she let loose with a long shriek into the pillow, which made me indescribably happy.

As I licked her gorgeous asshole, she pushed back hard against my face, dislodging my mouth and making me giggle. I moved to her pussy, sliding my tongue inside while pressing a single finger into her ass. Her whole body began to tremble, and with a muffled shriek she came in my mouth.

I was ecstatically lapping away at her flowing pussy when she tossed the pillow and moaned, "'Nuff, baby…'nuff." Pulling me up by my shoulders into a tight hug, she shook in my arms. "Baby…baby…baby…" she whispered, kissing my neck, cheek and ear before turning my face to kiss me on the lips. "God, Dawn," she said, holding my face while staring into my eyes.

I was so happy, I started to cry. Seeing what she'd done to me, she kissed me again and hugged me like crazy. "I love you, angel," she whispered. Patting the spot beside her on the couch, she said, "Quick, before they come back.''

Returning to her side, I buried my face in the nape of her neck, nuzzling into her. ''Mmmm,'' I purred.

Smiling, she reached up to stroke my hair. "Did your sexy girlfriends teach you all those things?"

Grinning as I caressed her amazing legs, I nodded.

"Wow, baby," she sighed. "You're incredible, you know that?"

"All I know is that you are just too beautiful to resist," I whispered, nibbling on her long hair and nipping at her neck. When I breathed into her ear, I felt her body shiver, and I hugged her even more tightly.

Again, she turned my face to hers. "Honey, we need to slow down a little. You're about to drive me completely out of my mind, and they're going to catch us. C'mon, tell me more about the time you were with that one boy. Did you two also have sex?"

Pretending to pout, I molded myself into her side. Slipping my hand back onto her thigh, I said, "I can't help it. You're just too gorgeous. Anyway, no, we didn't have sex. I'm still a virgin. And like I said, I've only had just that one guy in my mouth. Including last night with Paul, that's all the experience I've had with boys, and cocks. I know they're fun, though. You sure like Dad's, right? I mean you like to have sex with him, don't you?"

She beamed in delight. "God, how did I ever get blessed with such a wonderful daughter? Yes, baby, I love your father's cock, and I love having sex with him. If it were up to me, we would do it every day. Still, you need to understand something. It's not just because of his cock, though he does have a really, really good one."

I giggled, and she giggled at my giggling. "Well, he does! You saw it! But honey, that's not it. What I'm trying to say is that I thoroughly enjoy making love with him; the whole man, not just his cock. If your father's lovely cock was on some other man, sure, it would still give me tremendous pleasure, but it wouldn't be the same. Not at all."

"Because you love him. That makes everything way better, right?"

"Yes, very much so. Pardon my French, but when we make love, it's not just fucking. Don't get me wrong, a lot of times that's what I really want. I love to be wildly fucked. See, that's my point. I want it all. I want to make love, I want to fuck, and I want to cuddle. When we have sex, I want to do more than just take his cock and his cum in my pussy. I want him everywhere inside me, and all over me."

"You mean in your mouth too, and your ass?" I grinned.

Taking my hand, she returned my grin. "Absolutely, baby. I love oral sex, both giving and receiving, and I just adore being fucked in my ass. I almost can't get enough of it. You saw how easily you made me cum from only a little bit of ass-play, so imagine how crazy I get when a well-endowed man is pounding deep inside me. I truly love the feeling of a long, hard cock fucking me, whether it's in my pussy or my ass. When your father and I have sex, god, I want him to do everything imaginable to me. What I'm trying to tell you is there's more to a boy than just his cock, and there's more to sex than simply having vaginal intercourse. All sex is wonderful. Sex is like pizza!"

I laughed, and she smacked my bottom. "You know what I mean! Even 'okay' pizza is still better than no pizza, right? Sex is like that too. You'll end up having your favorite things, but you'll enjoy all sex. I just don't want you to view men as nothing more than cocks to be used for brief enjoyment. I want you to find deeper fulfillment than that. I hope you'll be able to make love, as well as fuck, and I hope you'll learn to enjoy the entire man - or men, for that matter. I know you'll have many lovers, both men and women, and I want you to experience the utmost pleasure from every one of them. I want you to go for the whole enchilada, including, yes, all sorts of wonderful cocks."

We were sitting quietly together when Dad came back down the stairs, followed shortly by the boys returning from the kitchen carrying trays of cheese and crackers, with sodas for everyone. Giving Paul and Rick a smirk, Dad sat on the arm of the love seat and said, "Don't trust 'em, boys. They may look harmless now, but beneath those peaches-and-cream exteriors beat hearts of trouble." Then he turned to Mom and me. "Just look at you two, thick as thieves. Whose imminent destruction are we plotting now?"

After checking to see that my bikini top was at least semi-covering my nipples, I got up and climbed into his lap.

Paul and Rick sat beside Mom, who leaned into the arm of the couch, curling her legs beneath her as she pulled her untied robe partially closed.

Dad picked me up and sat us on the ottoman facing the couch, my arms around his neck, my ass in his lap. I offered him a sweet smile. "Nobody's imminent destruction, not just yet, although we may have to put you on the list since you still haven't answered my question," I said, adopting a stern tone.

He looked at all of us. Mom smiled gamely. Rick was smirking. Paul was a blank.

"She's still waiting to hear your answer to her question about whether you think Missus S is beautiful," Rick grinned, then he turned to Mom. "Personally, I think that one's a total no-brainer, and I'm not even some super-genius college professor."

She laughed and threw a pillow at him. "Good answer! Keep it up, and while you may never be a college professor, no one will ever doubt your genius. Oh, and for god's sake, would you knock it off already with the 'Missus S' and 'Mister S' stuff? This isn't Happy Days, you're not Fonzie, and we both have names. Call me Samantha, or Sam, and call him Doug. If you'd prefer, call us Mom and Dad, at least when it's just our little group here. Now that you're eighteen, though, I'd really prefer it if you called me Samantha or Sam."

Dad fidgeted beneath me, so I fidgeted right back, just to tease him. I could feel him beginning to harden between my legs. "Well?" I asked, waiting for his answer. Leaning into him, I brought my lips to his ear. "It feels really good when you press it against me like that," I whispered, and he flinched. His cock and his whole body twitched, including his facial expression. I giggled and turned in his lap to face the others again.

With a crooked smile he looked at me, then Mom. "Well, Missus S," he began - earning him a swift pillow launching from Mom - "in answer to our scamp of a daughter's question, allow me to respond thusly: Along with certain present company," - at which point he held me up, presenting me like a prized rainbow trout - "you are the single most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on...or anything else on, for that matter. You were stunning, the first time I ever saw you. You were even more beautiful on our wedding night. You were a vision of loveliness when you delivered this pretty sack of flour here, and you were glowing radiance when you blessed us with that silent hump sitting next to you on the couch. As beautiful as you've always been, however, you still looked like one of Rick's old sweat socks compared to how devastating you look right this very moment in your fetching little ninja courtesan's ensemble."

I clapped in approval, Paul saluted Dad with a manly knuckle bump, and Rick went to his knees in the "We're not worthy!" bow. Mom? She pretended to be unimpressed. Though her eyes fairly sparkled, her arms remained crossed. "Nice effort. Maybe a B-plus, but I'm sorry, you lose a point for saying I look like a Japanese hooker. Want to try that one again?"

Dad laughed, "Shit. You caught that, huh? I thought I'd slipped it by you."

She just smirked at him. "Slip something by me? Darling, if you really want to score points with me, try a more pleasurable preposition."

It took me a moment to catch her meaning, then I silently guffawed. Dad certainly caught it right away, as evidenced by the obvious twitch I felt against my ass, but before the boys could noodle it through she quickly went for the diversion by asking Paul to hand her the crackers.

As Paul reached over to grab them for her, she smiled at Dad, who responded by shifting me in his lap. He was definitely becoming hard again, and I loved Rick's sudden look of excitement when Mom intentionally leaned way forward, baring her breasts to him while accepting the plate of crackers from Paul.

Having sat beside her just a few moments earlier, I knew the view Rick was enjoying. Even from my perch atop Dad's lap I noticed that her robe had separated quite a bit. I could see the inner halves of both breasts, which was just a mind-blowing thing to me, the idea that Mom was allowing herself to be so exposed in front of the boys. My suspicions were confirmed when Paul sat up straight, blocking Rick's view of her. Rick's immediate response was to lean back further into the couch in an effort to see around Paul.

"Good crackers, Mom?" I smirked.

"I know I certainly wouldn't throw her out of bed for eating 'em," Dad replied, causing Mom to laugh and cough up some crackers. Although she made a bit of a mess of herself, I thought she recovered really well, what with the way she brushed away the crumbs from her breasts and thighs. Sweeping her hands back and forth over her boobs seemed to make her nipples harden, while brushing her thighs managed to separate her kimono a little further. Without a doubt just the mere act of brushing her breasts drew our attention, then we all watched them jiggle and bounce as she kept touching herself. Her nipples were poking long and beautifully thick into the thin silk, and I could feel mine hardening too.

The phone rang, and Paul went to get it. When he disappeared into the kitchen, she shifted again on the couch, drawing her legs up closer to her body.

Dad's enormous shaft throbbed in the split of my ass, and I knew why. Mom had pointed her perfect ass directly towards Rick, and her shifting had pulled up her kimono. It was stretched even more tightly across her hips, exposing the very tops of her thighs and the beginning curves of her beautiful bottom. More importantly, she'd moved her knees and feet forward to where I could see...everything. If I could see her, then so could Rick and Dad, which meant that we were all savoring the sight of her bare pussy lips pressed neatly together between her delicious thighs.

"Dad, it's for you," Paul called out from the kitchen.

"Excuse me, honey," Dad said. Rather than just letting me get up, he stood and deposited me on the broad arm of the end chair; using me as his 'hide the boner' pillow, he'd made sure to hold me in front of his crazy erection until he was well beyond Rick's line of sight.

With Mom grinning at us, I reached out and grabbed Dad's dick, which was visibly straining against his slacks. Running my hand all along the thick length, feeling its warmth, I eventually grasped the bulbous head.

"Hold on, Paul, I'll take it upstairs," he called out, smirking first at Mom, then me. I squeezed his cock, giving him an exaggerated pouty face for wanting to bail on me again. Shooting me a sheepish smile, he ran up the stairs and into his office. "Okay, you can hang up now," he shouted to Paul, before closing the door.

Coming back from the kitchen, Paul took my spot on the ottoman directly in front of Mom, and I got up to go use the bathroom.

When I returned to the living room, I grabbed my drink and flopped down on the love seat. Mom was sitting up, grinning at the boys while leaning back against the corner of the couch. They were talking about Rick's old girlfriend, and she'd positioned herself diagonally between Rick and Paul. She had her knees pressed together and raised to her chest, her arms hooked around them.

"So neither of you is seeing a girl right now?" she asked.

I snerked so hard, Dr Pepper shot straight out of my nose!

"Are you okay, dear?" she asked, smiling innocently. While I wiped my face, she just continued to smile like an angel. When the boys weren't looking, she stuck her tongue out before blowing me a kiss.

Dear god. With the way she had her knees raised, we could see the entire backs of her thighs; I'm talking all the way down to her completely exposed pussy, and even her pretty asshole. It was wonderfully pink, without a hint of a darker surrounding ring, and I was sorely tempted to dive right back between her legs. Ogling her pussy, I could see moisture on her bright cherry lips. Her outer labia were pressed together by her thighs, forming two sweet, puffy crescents. Her silky inner lips were flowering, extending beyond the taut, rich curves of her luscious ass, just above her cute crinkle. A shaft of light shone on one crimson petal, catching and highlighting the growing dew.

No mistake. She was intentionally showing Paul and Rick her beautiful naked pussy. Oh yes, they were definitely "seeing a girl right now," an incredibly sexy girl, and that girl was reveling in teasing them.

Rick suddenly said that he needed to use the bathroom too. When he got up, I made a point of checking out the front of his shorts.

Sure enough, he had an obvious erection.

Once he'd hurried out of the room, Mom turned back to us and smiled. "Hmmm, I wonder what got into him? Anyway, Paul, throw me that pillow, please." When he tossed it to her, she stretched out on her stomach, resting her head on the pillow. Right away, her kimono slipped all the way up to her hips. The view she presented us with was just an endless expanse of long, smooth legs and heavenly ass, including her beautiful pussy peeking out invitingly from the gap at the top of her bare thighs. Wiggling into a comfortable position, she tugged her kimono down to where the hem was kissing the elegant rise that defines the beginning of her ass. The short robe slipped into her crack, perfectly separating and highlighting each cheek, and still we were spellbound by the visual rumor of her enchanting pussy.

"You're amazing," I said, grinning with pride.

"Damn, Mom…fuck…" added Paul, which I thought constituted a pretty stellar effort on his part.

She gave him a serene smile. "Are we enjoying the official new dress code we discussed yesterday? I know we only defined it in terms of Dawn having our blessings to wear as little as she wants in front of the men of this house, but for the life of me I couldn't come up with a reason why I shouldn't also enjoy that same freedom. I really think I've been missing out here. I should relax and have some fun with you boys, too. I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do."

"Oh, absolutely. You look incredible in that kimono. Dad just has to be thrilled," I said, getting up to go to her. Running my fingertips over her ass, I began to caress her bare legs.

She grinned, "Oh, I certainly don't think he'll complain. And you, Paul? What do you think about us girls wearing whatever we want around the house?"

I laughed, "I can already tell that Rick is loving it!"

She just chuckled. "I figured he would. He's a teenage boy, and he's not my son. Again, what about you, Paul? You're a teenage boy, and you are my son."

Seemingly trying to steel his nerves, Paul just stared at her. "I'll tell you the same thing I told Dawn when she asked me that question earlier today in the pool. Yes, I'd love it if you started wearing the kinds of things Dawn always wears. You look outrageously hot in your little robe, and I'd much rather see you in something like that than in your boring 'soccer mom' clothes. If you two want to run around here with nothing on, that would be totally great with me. I'm not stupid, you know. I'll take whatever I can get from the two most beautiful girls I've ever seen. And before you ask, no, I don't mind if Rick and Donny also see you barely dressed, or even naked. As long as you don't mind, and Dad doesn't mind, I say go for it."

She gave us an appraising look. "I certainly can't say you're being perverted or hypocritical. Mornings and evenings, and sometimes even all day long, you both wear nothing but skimpy underwear. Dawn, your brother bounces around almost obscenely in his boxers. Paul, your sister is basically naked half the time, what with her itty-bitty panties and tops, and everything being completely see-through. So how can I doubt what you're telling me now?"

"You can't, so don't. Just be happy," I said, stroking her smooth thighs.

"I am happy, baby, and thank you." She reached back to caress my forearm as I stroked her leg.

"It's too bad you're not in your skimpy boxers right now. With me in my bikini and Mom in this awesome robe, we'd be a matching set," I grinned, turning to Paul, who stared wide-eyed as I caressed Mom's amazing ass through the kimono, then beneath it.

"Mmmm, baby, that feels so good. You have wonderful hands," she said, wiggling her bottom in appreciation. Reaching out to caress the back of my thigh, she grazed my ass. After giving it a gentle squeeze, she left her hand there, lightly stroking up and down.

Rejoining us following his frantic escape to the bathroom, Rick hopped over the back of the couch before settling in near Mom's feet. When he turned to her, his eyes instantly went big.

I stood directly in front of him, and she was still caressing the exposed part of my ass, only inches from his face. I was stroking her completely bare bottom, making wider and wider circles. Slipping my hand further beneath her robe, I drew it higher, treating him to a clear view of her flawless nudity; from her pretty feet and sleek legs, all the way to the forbidden magic of her succulent pussy and the perfect curves of her soft, smooth, supple cheeks.

She was moving her ass in a sensual dance beneath my hand, making her blushing pink petals flower open in response to my gentle caresses. Stroking her gorgeous sex, I couldn't help but linger in her silken heat, and my fingers came up glistening.

Rick gasped, and she flashed me a sexy grin before sliding her hand inside my bikini bottoms to squeeze my ass.

Suddenly a cell phone went off, startling everyone. Laughing nervously, Rick read his text message, and his shoulders slumped. "Awww, crap. I gotta head on home. We have family coming over for the weekend."

Mom got up to give him a goodbye hug, which was so cute to watch. Rick didn't know where to put his hands, especially once her breasts slipped out from behind her open kimono. Glancing down at her exposed nipples, she smiled while demurely tying the sash. "Just hug me like you always do," she said quietly, moving into his tentative embrace. As they stood hugging, his hands eventually came to rest on her gently swaying hips. When he pressed his erection to her pussy, she grinned, "You've been hard nearly this entire day, sweetie. Doesn't that thing ever go soft?" With her arms draped around his neck, she sexily rubbed her pussy against the bulging tent in his shorts. ''Not that I'm complaining. It feels absolutely wonderful,'' she said, giving him a warm kiss before releasing him.

When I went over and hugged him too, he whispered with a little laugh, "I cannot believe everything that's happened today! God, I'm gonna die if you really do start hanging around with us in your panties, or even naked. That would just be totally awesome."

"Patience, young Jedi! Still, okay, since you pretty much already got to see my stunningly gorgeous mother naked, consider this a sneak preview of what I'll probably be wearing the next time you come over…." Grinning, I pulled off my bikini top and tossed it on the couch. Standing topless before him, I raised my arms above my head, and we all laughed when I shook my breasts like a stripper.

"So you're telling me there's a chance!" Rick crowed, whooping it up all the way out to his car. "Later, Paul! Thanks for everything, Missus...umm, Samantha! See ya, even hotter Megan Fox!" he shouted, then he was gone.

It was just the three of us again, and Mom said, "I need to go check on your father here pretty soon." Giving Paul another sweet grin, she moved into his arms. "Before I go, though, I suppose you'll feel cheated if you don't get what Rick got."

"Wouldn't you, if you were me?" he chuckled, then they both laughed.

"Yes, I probably would. In fact, I'd probably want a little more." Offering him a painfully sexy smile, she undid the sash that was only loosely holding her robe together. Resting her hands on his shoulders, she stuck her tongue out again at me. "I'm not quite as brave as your sister. If you want to see me, you have to finish undressing me." She guided his arms around her waist before pulling him in for a close hug. Her robe had separated when she'd released the sash, and she pressed her plush breasts to his bare chest.

He was as stiff as a board. He had no clue what to do.

"It's okay. Go ahead," she whispered, and he slowly reached up to slip her robe off her shoulders. She lowered her arms, letting the red kimono fall to the carpet. Stepping back into his hug, she smiled while staring into his eyes. "Is this what you wanted? I'm wearing even less than your gorgeous sister is now, since she still has those silly bottoms on."

Looking over his shoulder, she grinned wickedly at me. I returned her grin and brought my hands together, quietly applauding her.

Paul's fingers seemed frozen on her hips, until finally she began to sway against him the same way she had during her hug with Rick. Her swaying motion seemed to unlock his hands, which soon found their way onto her soft, beautiful ass.

"Very nice," she breathed into his chest, and I could see that she was rubbing her pussy against the amazing erection tenting his board shorts, just as she had with Rick.

He suddenly tensed up, and we all laughed when he darted out of the room, heading straight for the bathroom.

Still giggling, she turned her attention to me. "Baby, I really do need to get going," she said, as we stepped into each other's arms. Knowing we wanted to press our breasts together, we wasted no time in doing so. "You were very bad, touching me like that in front of the boys," she grinned, rubbing her nipples against mine.

"And you were very bad, showing off your impossibly sexy body in that killer kimono. I couldn't believe it when I saw you teasing them with your gorgeous pussy," I said, returning her grin.

"Me? Would your mother do such a thing?" she smiled, innocently batting her eyes.

"You know, I think she just might. She's very beautiful, and guys go insane over her."

"Sounds like quite the crazy mom. I wonder where she would ever get such wild ideas?" She lowered her head, taking my breast into her mouth. "Baby, you're not the only one who's been dying all night to have a taste." Cupping me, then squeezing gently, she began to kiss and suck my breasts.

Caressing her face, I moaned, "Mmmm, I love the way you do that…." I moaned even more when she bit my nipple.

She sucked on my tip for a few moments before pausing to look up. "Now what was that trick you did on me?" She grabbed my ass and pulled our hips together, holding me tight. "Bwwwwooooooarrrr!!" she growled playfully, rubbing her face back and forth between my breasts until I was losing my mind from laughing so hard.

"See, sweetie, you're supposed to make the sound of a motor boat. You're not razzing an umpire," she grinned, and we hugged again.

When we finished our hug, she bent at the waist to grab her robe, and of course I just had to smack her on the ass. "Like I didn't know that was coming!" she giggled. "You two have a wonderful night, baby. I sure intend to."

Giving me a sexy smile, she took off like a deer, giggling while darting up the stairs. I'm sure she could feel my eyes on her dancing bottom, and she stopped halfway to the top to pose for me, hotly grinding her ass on the banister. Thrusting her hip out, she reached back and ran her fingers through her shining wet sex. With another giggle she slapped her ass, then she was gone.

A few minutes later Paul returned, looking thoroughly flushed and more than a little embarrassed. He'd obviously just finished masturbating.

"Mom's upstairs with Dad," I said.

He looked around the room, as if searching for clues. "Wanna watch TV or something?" he finally asked.

I grabbed my soda and some crackers. "Sure. Here, or my room?"

He thought about it for a moment. "Do you think they're done for the night, or will they come back down again?"

Looking towards their bedroom, I smiled to myself, imagining all the sexy things that had to be going on up there. "Do you really think it matters?" I grinned.

"Nah, I guess not. Okay, pick a movie, and I'll meet you back here."

"Meet me? Where are you going?"

"To go get undressed."

"Yeah, I guess that would only be fair, seeing as how I've been mostly naked all day. Still, I don't see why you need to go anywhere just to get undressed."

"No?" he asked, with a lopsided grin.

I dropped to my knees in front of him. "Nope. Right here is just fine," I said, smiling as I pulled his shorts down and off. His cock lobbed towards me, and I didn't care that he wasn't totally hard. I just wanted to see it again in the flesh. Besides, I was pretty confident that I could make him get another erection.

I slowly stroked it, marveling at its sheer size and rubbery texture. "It's absolutely gorgeous," I said, looking up into his eyes. "Mmmm, it's just perfect. God, it's so sexy. You have an awesome cock, Paul. You're not even hard, and look how huge you are. I really want it."

He smiled happily, obviously quite pleased and justifiably proud that his older sister found his cock so appealing.

Gazing worshipfully at his bobbing length, I just had to see if I could get it all inside. Taking a deep breath, I grasped it with both hands and fed it into my mouth.

"God! Fuck!" Paul exclaimed, and I giggled around his cock.

I knew then that I would always love to suck cock, and as it turned out, I was right. I love it more and more all the time. I love how guys seem to become like putty in my hands when their cocks are in my mouth. I also just enjoy doing it. I love the feel and the very idea of having a cock in my mouth. I love everything about taking a guy's cum, and I especially love swallowing it.

From being in the pool, Paul mostly tasted like chlorine. I was hoping his cum would taste as good as it had with my first guy, and I was going to find out very soon. He was growing hard inside my mouth, and I already knew that I wouldn't be able to take the whole thing, not without some practice. That was okay, I decided. I never did mind practicing things I enjoyed, or things I was good at, and I was planning on becoming an expert at sucking his big cock.

'Mmmmmm-hmmm, I'm going to be practicing this as often as I can,' I thought, happily moving my head up and down his huge dick.

"Dawn, you better stop! I'm gonna…you know..." he grunted.

"Not on your life," I giggled, pulling off.

"S'what I figured. That's why I warned you, so hand me my shorts! Hurry!"

I grinned in triumph. "Baby brother, you misunderstood me. Not on your life will I let you shoot your cum anywhere but on my tongue. I want to taste you. I want you to do it in my mouth."

He looked at me like I was a goddess, and that's exactly how I felt as I stuck out my tongue and fed his cock back inside. "Thoood id!" I giggled, my words a thick jumble. He laughed, but he also groaned, then he was doing it! He was shooting his hot cum right into my mouth! My cheeks were billowing because I didn't want to swallow any of it until he was finished, and I also didn't want to let a single drop drip down my chin.

When he was finally done, his cock made a funny 'thwop' sound as he pulled out. Quickly closing my mouth, I used my finger to clean my lips and chin before giving him a big smile. I opened wide, showing him that I still had it all inside.

"Are…are you going to…or do you need something to spit it into?" he stammered.

I'm sure that I had a totally blissed-out expression as I swished his cum around in my mouth. Grinning from ear to ear, I gulped it down, one slow swallow at a time. Once I'd swallowed every drop, I again opened wide, showing him that it was all gone. "Ahhhhh!!" I said, smiling happily.

He just stared, with a look of pure worship.

"Yummy!" I grinned, rubbing my tummy for effect. Staying on my knees, I asked brightly, "How soon can you do that again?"

"Almost right away, with the proper motivation," he laughed, pulling me up into a hug.

"Okay, how's this for motivation?" I answered, shooting him a flirty grin while reaching for my bikini bottoms. Never taking my eyes off of him, I slid my little panties ever so slowly down my thighs. When they were at my knees, I spread my legs, trapping them. Cupping my naked breast with one hand, I trailed the other over my stomach, lingering to trace teasing circles around my belly button before sliding my fingers straight through my tiny patch of hair and into my dripping wet slit.

"You should have stuck around a little longer, little brother. You missed seeing what Mom did with her ass, and it was amaaaaazing," I purred. Seductively fucking myself, I moved my hips in slow undulations, enjoying the moist sounds of my pussy.

Paul couldn't move, or even blink, and it didn't look like he was breathing either. He was just gawking at my brazen display.

I brought my knees together, letting my panties fall to my feet. Facing away while bending from the waist, I invited him to feast his eyes on my swaying breasts and bare lips as I scooped up my little bottoms. Noticing that his bobbing cock was already beginning to rise again, I hooked the tiny scrap of cotton over my finger and twirled it near his chin. I teased my wet panties across his lips, offering him a taste, then I used that same finger to give him the "C'mere…" gesture. Doing my best imitation of Mom's sexy strut, I moved past him and headed towards the stairs.

I was finally showing Paul my completely naked body, and his amazing cock just kept growing…and growing…and growing.

Slowly, smoothly, I swung my hips up those stairs. "Coming?" I smiled, looking back over my shoulder.

He still couldn't move. He was frozen in place…staring at my ass.

~to be continued~

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Yes... I think we are all CUMMING... After that sweet little story.

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Spyguy is back! And now I know how to post a response to your comments! :-)

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I love it, this was the best chapter so far. I can't wait to keep reading.

Sat, November 5th, 2022 6:41am

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