Everyone Loves My Ass: Ch. 03

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A sheer bikini, and the inspection mirror...

Note: Please refer to the fifth sentence of chapter one. There is no incest in this story.

~ ~ ~

"Mom and Dad are in there having another talk about your 'sexy bikini,' you little slut!"

Having rejoined us in the pool, Paul was grinning over his little piece of news. Rick was in the deep end, we were at the shallow end, and even though I knew Rick always cheated like crazy we were playing Marco Polo anyway.

"How do you know?" I asked.

Holding up a hand to Rick, I motioned for him to give us a minute. Nodding, he moved to shallower water and jackknifed himself into a wobbly handstand before returning to the deep end.

"I was coming back from the bathroom, about to go through the living room, when I heard them talking. They were just around the corner from me, watching you through the patio door."

"You intentionally eavesdropped on their conversation? You sneaky rat!" I laughed, splashing him.

"Hey, look who's talking! I learned from the best!" he grinned, splashing me right back.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. So, what'd they say?"

"I heard Mom ask, 'Do you think she does it on purpose?'"

"Does what on purpose? Jeez, Mom!" I laughed, looking back into the house. Dad gave me a small wave, and I pretended to splash him too. He just chuckled.

"They were talking about the skimpy things you always wear around the house, like your bikini. Basically, they were wondering whether you're intentionally trying to show off and be a tease, I think."

"Okay, and what about you, my darling little brother? Do you think that, too?"

"I don't know. Are you?" he grinned.

"Paul! God, you're as bad as Mom! Now I can't even get my own brother to stick up for me? So, anyway, what did Dad say?"

Paul smirked. "Taking the Fifth, huh? Coward. Okay, Dad said something like, 'Honestly? I don't think she does it on purpose. She's just never been hung up on stuff like that. She still walks around the house in tiny see-through panties and tops like it's perfectly normal. It's almost as if she doesn't realize she's not twelve anymore, that she has full-sized breasts now, and we all can see them in those skimpy tops she always wears. Do you think she has any idea how her bottom looks these days in her little bikini, compared to when she was fourteen? I really doubt it.'"

Having finished telling his story, Paul gave me a dopey grin.

"Oh, you like that, huh?" With a coy smile I flipped a little splash at him.

"Yeah, I do, and I think Dad does too, you know."

"You never acted as if you liked it. You never even noticed before, so neither did I."

He offered me a shy smile. "Maybe I did, and just never said anything because I didn't want you to stop doing it."

"You really are a sneak, but I love you for it. So what else did they say?"

"Dad asked her, 'What else would she wear to go swimming, regardless of whether Paul and the boys are here? She always wears that same bikini. Does she even own any others?'"

I have to admit, I was really enjoying being in league with my brother. It was great to be talking and having fun with him again; just the two of us. He seemed to be enjoying it too, which made it feel even better. The flirting we were doing only made things that much more fun.

"What'd Mom say? She knows this is my only bikini. I don't understand why she's suddenly making such a big deal over it."

"Mom said, 'I don't think so. I know I haven't bought her another one, so unless she bought herself one without my being aware of it, probably not.'

"Dad said, 'See? What else is she supposed to wear? Would you prefer she swim with the boys in her even skimpier underwear?'"

"Dad really said that? Right on, Dad!"

"Yeah, and he was sort of laughing when he said it. But get this. You'll love what happened next. Mom actually laughed while saying, 'Oh, please, as if you'd really mind seeing that!' I'm telling you, Dad loves watching you, and Mom even kids him about it! Face it, girl, you're surrounded by a house full of people who think you're totally hot!"

"Including you?" I asked teasingly, giving him a quirky smile.

"Including me. Especially me." Grinning, he nailed me with a huge splash.

Still, I wanted to tease him some more. "You're such a liar. You're just saying that. I heard you in the kitchen with Rick. You don't think I'm anywhere near as hot as Rick does. You know what? I think I'll go be hot for him, and you and Dad can just eat your hearts out. If Mom's going to think I'm teasing everyone on purpose, even when I'm not, fine, I may as well have some fun and actually do it!"

I spun around and kicked the water, hitting him in the face with a killer splash as I swam away. "You're 'it' now, and try not to cheat like Rick always does!" I said, calling back to him loudly enough that Rick could hear me too.

I swam over to Rick, though not before taking another peek into the living room. Mom and Dad were still watching. Perfect.

'You think I was teasing before, Mom? Check out your teasing daughter now…' I thought, smiling to myself.

Once I'd made my way over to Rick, I lifted myself halfway out of the pool, raising my bottom above the water. I plopped down on my stomach, with my head resting in my folded arms. My bottom was sticking up, and my legs were hanging straight down as I lazily kicked my feet.

Rick was smiling at me, and because of what I overheard him say to Paul I was looking forward to watching how he looked at me. I wanted to see if he'd be obvious in checking me out. I'd already decided to flirt with him a little, just to see what he would do.

I also wanted to make Paul, Dad, and especially Mom a little crazy. She'd gotten so much glee out of watching Paul spank me, and I loved the way she'd stared and even grinned at his gigantic erection.

Yes, I really wanted to tease her.

So, keeping in mind what Rick had said he liked best on a girl, of course the first thing I did was let him fully enjoy my bottom. Pretty much, I put it right in his face. He was leaning back on his elbows, and I'd plopped down directly beside him, my dripping wet bottom pooched up high in the air. His face couldn't have been more than eight inches away, and judging from his expression he definitely wanted to take a bite out of me.

"Hey, cheater," I grinned.

"I don't consider looking at pretty girls 'cheating.' I consider it 'smart,' and 'impossible not to.' I bet everyone cheats, once they know it's you they're chasing."

"Paul doesn't. He always keeps his eyes closed."

"What can I say? Paul's a big, gay fag," he chuckled.

I guffawed, then I elbowed him. I also giggled over the way he ran that favorite saying of his together, like 'big-gay-fag' was all one word. Rick always did crack me up.

Still, I had to defend Paul. "He is not a fag! He likes girls. Look at his bedroom, with all those posters of blonde bimbos and their huge boobs."

"Those things?" he laughed. "C'mon, a blind man could see right through that act. That's just a beard for Paul. He only pretends to like slutty bimbos to hide the fact that all he really cares about are those super gay fantasy dweeb games he plays on the internet."

I smiled to myself, recalling how easily Paul got all big and hard just from wrestling with me and seeing my bottom in my tiny panties.

"You're wrong, Rick. Paul likes girls."

"Yeah, and how would you know? Have you ever seen him with a girl? I mean, literally…ever?"

"I'm his sister. A sister knows her little brother. If he were as gay as you say he is, I'd know, and I know he's not." Then I did a lisping 'gay guy' voice. "Besides, sweetie, if he's such a raging fairy, why are you his best friend? Takes one to know one, maybe?"

Batting my eyes at him, I made a little kissy-face.

He elbowed me and laughed, "Hey, I'm not the one who keeps my eyes closed whenever you come near me in the pool, remember? Only a fag would try to avoid looking at you."

I giggled and elbowed him right back. "Good, you finally admit to being a big, fat cheater. Donny cheats just as much as you do, but he always denies it, even when I totally catch him doing it."

"So? All you're really saying is Donny is a pervert, and I'm a pervert too, but at least I'm an honest pervert. Paul is still just a big, gay fag."

"No, that's not what I'm saying, you jerk," I giggled. "Besides, how do I know you're not also opening your eyes when you chase after them? Maybe you're not really a perv so much as you're just a big, fat cheater."

"No, it's just you," he smiled, running his eyes up and down my body.

"No fair. You're not even 'it,' and here you are, cheating again. Okay, maybe you are just a perv," I grinned.

"If I am, it's your fault. What do you expect, with that bikini you're wearing."

"Again, with my bikini? God, what is it with you people? Why is everyone suddenly making such a big deal about this stupid bikini?" Arching my back, I leaned up on my elbows.

He laughed, yet he continued to stare at my body. "What are you talking about? Who else said something about your bikini?"

"Mom did! We had this big 'family talk' yesterday about it. She thinks I make you guys get all excited with what I wear...especially this bikini." Giving him a really flirty grin, I made a big show of conspicuously checking out his crotch. "Umm, never mind. I guess you do get all excited by seeing me in this bikini."

Rick blushed as I smiled happily at his obvious erection.

'This is getting to be so much fun!' I thought. While still grinning at the sight of his bobbing cock tenting his swim shorts, I said, "Also, Paul told me that he just overheard Mom asking Dad if he thinks I 'do it on purpose,' whatever that's supposed to mean. Now you're even bringing it up. My god, it's just a bikini. Why are you all suddenly making such a huge deal over nothing?"

I looked down my body, and...


...holy crap.

Rick was intently watching me as I sat there, frozen. I'm sure I was totally blushing.

"Still think we're all making a big deal over nothing? I mean, seriously, can you blame us? You're right, your bikini is almost nothing now," he said quietly, with a warm smile.

I was so glad that he smiled like a friend, not just a perv.

"I had no idea. I...I never realized. Oh, god. Has it always done that?"

"Uh-huh," he grinned, openly staring at my bottom.

Wanting to take a peek at my bikini top, I lifted even higher onto my elbows. He watched as I peered down at my breasts, then he laughed when he saw the full recognition finally dawning on me.

"I guess the, umm, front of...down there…you know, I mean my bikini bottom, in front. Same thing?" I stammered, almost unwilling to roll over and look down.

"Yep. Just as amazing as the rear or the top."

Paul swam up to us, asking if we were going to play or not?

I kicked my legs at him, splashing them both. "No wonder Mom said something! Why didn't you guys warn me, you pervs!"

"Warn her about what? What's she squawkin' about?" Paul asked, turning to Rick.

"Why didn't you warn me about what happens with my bikini, doofus! You didn't think you should maybe warn your own sister about this?" I dunked my bottom into the water, then I lifted it and wiggled it right in his face. Not only did I want to make him look at it, I also wanted him to acknowledge that he was looking at it.

"I...I mean, I..." he stumbled.

Laughing, Rick jumped in. "Yeah, right! And ruin our whole summer? What, do you think we're stupid? Why would we want to warn you?"

I frowned at him. "Oh, I get it. If you warned me, I might go and do something terrible, like buy a new bikini."

"Exactly. See, I always knew you were a smart girl!" he crowed, covering himself with his arms as I playfully slapped at him.

We all looked at my body. My bikini bottoms were so old, threadbare and thin that they'd become totally see-through. I could literally see my entire ass. I could see the smooth brown skin, including the tiny bumps from my little hairs. I could see the tan lines forming a slightly paler thong shape before disappearing into my deep crack. When I shifted and moved around, I could see my bouncing curves quiver, then quickly settle. Forming a beam of golden sparkles over the center of my left thigh, the sunlight danced up the gentle slope of my lower cheek, across the shadow of my crescent divide and onto the high peak of my right cheek, where it shined with a dazzling brilliance.

I reached back and slipped my fingers beneath the bikini, tugging it aside to press a finger into my naked bottom. The impression left by my fingertip was just that slight bit paler, but my golden brown curves looked nearly the same where I'd uncovered them.

Bursting from those tiny panties, my ass looked so round and full that it almost appeared...hungry.

I never realized my bikini completely disappeared once I got it wet. I guess I knew that it was becoming pretty see-through, but being in the pool made it totally transparent. We could see my deeply curved ass crack as clearly as if I were naked. From Paul's position directly behind me, I'm sure he could see my pussy, and probably even my asshole. All I had to do was spread my legs a little.

Except they were already spread. They were spread plenty wide enough, I realized.

Paul was staring between my legs. Even with Rick there, he wasn't trying to hide the fact that he was perving on me. He was looking right into my ass, studying my pussy, and his mouth fell open.

Just the thought of him staring at me like that made my nipples harden and my pussy become wet. Rick being there too, watching Paul drool over the sight of my spread-open ass and pussy, that made it even hotter for me. Knowing Mom and Dad were probably also watching, god, that just excited me to death.

Having gotten over the shock of discovering how naked I'd really been for them all those times we'd been in the pool together, I was feeling a growing horniness. Unable to stop myself, I spread my legs even more.

My bikini being so see-through wasn't the only thing, either.

"How long has my bikini been too tiny to cover me?" I asked, noticing that the bottoms were so small on me that three or four inches of my crack were completely uncovered. It looked like someone had pulled my bikini almost halfway down my bottom. On top of everything else, it had become so narrow that it was really just a thong, leaving most of my bare ass exposed.

"Probably for at least a year now. It just keeps getting smaller and thinner," grinned Rick.

I slid into the water, all the way above my head. Slicking back my long hair, I slid right back up onto the side of the pool. Rolling onto my back, I looked down my body.

I was naked. I could see the faint tan lines and goose bumps on my breasts, as well as the little bumps on my large, slightly raised areolas. Their light brown color was so obvious, it was like I was wearing cellophane. The water, the slight breeze, and especially the circumstance made my nipples grow fully hard. I could see their pebbly texture, and even the little indents on the tips. They were achingly erect turrets, standing tall above my rich, full mounds.

Since the boys were openly staring at my nipples, I shyly smiled first at Rick, then Paul. "Do you like them?" I asked quietly.

Never taking his eyes off my breasts, Paul just gulped. Rick tried to hide his erection by pressing his body against the side of the pool.

Giving him an inviting grin, I let the tip of my tongue play between my teeth. "Rick, I know you have a big hard-on right now. You don't have to hide it from me."

"You're…perfect," he whispered.

If possible, my nipples grew even harder.

The way I was sitting, my flat tummy tapered down into the valley between my hip bones. I could see my little black bush equally well either by looking in the open space beneath my faded pink and white bikini or by looking straight through it. I shave my pussy completely bare, leaving only a small rectangle above my slit, and I have a really prominent clit, at least according to Trish and Michelle. I guess I do, because mine is a lot easier to see than the ones on most of the other girls, even when my face is right there at their pussies.

Sitting with Paul and Rick by the pool, my face was nowhere near my pussy, and still I could easily see my clit; we all could. The bikini was so thoroughly transparent that the large dome shape, smooth texture and vibrant pink color of my swollen nub were as obvious to us as the noses on our faces. I was totally turned on; if my nipples hadn't already betrayed my horniness, my erect clit was screaming it loud and clear.

I wanted to touch it. I wanted Paul or Rick to touch it. I would have shot off like a rocket had either of them even slightly grazed it with their fingertips. 'God, I wish Michelle was here right now. She would touch it, and then some,' I thought.

Spreading my legs, I brought my knees up. I didn't lift them too high, though, since I didn't want to block Rick's view. He was just off to my side, while Paul was directly between my thighs. They each had a front row seat to what I was willingly showing them.

Following Rick's pointed gaze, then Paul's too, I joined them in staring between my spread legs.

Lips. Beautiful, glistening wet, deep pink lips. We were all thoroughly checking out my bare pussy lips, which were pressed into a crinkly smirk by the sheer bikini.

I spread my legs a little wider, and we watched as my fine petals moistly separated, revealing a blush of brighter pink. I was offering them a point-blank view of my pouting, virgin pussy.

With that thought burning in my mind, we all watched my pussy spasm. "Mmmmmm, see? She loves the way you're looking at her...the way you want her…" I said, smiling softly.

"That's good, because I love to look at her, and I definitely want her," said Rick, staring hungrily between my legs.

"Isn't she beautiful? I love my pussy. I'm glad you love her too," I purred, reaching down to caress my lips through the effectively invisible material.

Touching myself for them, god, I was so turned on.

Then it hit me. Mom and Dad were probably still watching.

I looked over to the patio door, and yep, there was Mom, sort of biting her pinky. Dad was no longer by her side.

'Oh, god,' I moaned inside my head, my thighs trembling. I was cumming! Just knowing that Mom was watching me touch my pussy for the boys totally set me off! Even better, it seemed to be turning her on, too! Mom always bites her pinky whenever she's "the good kind of nervous, or really excited," as she puts it, and I could see her eyes shining as she traced her pinky over her bottom lip, sometimes nipping at it with her brilliant white teeth.

That's when it also hit me that I had apparently been running around completely naked in front of all my family and friends for god knows how long. Years, probably. At least the past couple of summers, definitely.

Returning to earth following my sudden orgasm, I was still caressing my pussy as I gave Paul a slow, teasing smile. "So, little brother, what about you? Were you ever going to tell me about my invisible bikini, or were you, Rick and Donny just going to perv over my bare breasts and naked pussy all summer long? I know your eyes work, Paul. You see everything they see."

He started to stammer an explanation, but I cut him off. "Mom was apparently the only one who was ever going to say a word, so this is obviously how you all want to see me. At least now I'm aware of it, and you know what? You heard her, Paul. 'Wear or even don't wear whatever you want, Dawn. If you make the guys crazy, that's their problem. You can all deal with it on your own.'"

Rick had a look of surprise, and also of admiration. "Wow, your mom actually said that?"

"Yep. Paul heard her, and Dad was there, too. Everyone agreed to it," I grinned. "The thing is, I never even knew what was going on. You guys sure did, though, and since you all like it so much, I guess she figures she's outvoted."

"Or maybe she likes it too," said Paul, with a little grin.

"You guys have the coolest mom ever," Rick said, shaking his head and high-fiving Paul.

"She really is. She even teases Dad about how he'd love to see Dawn wearing only her tiny panties to go swimming!" laughed Paul.

Wide-eyed and slack-jawed, Rick just stared at us.

"Like it would really matter," I giggled. "The only difference would be my panties are smaller, but I can hardly imagine how they could be any more see-through than this bikini. Paul, you see me in my panties all the time, so—"

"Dude! You do?" exclaimed Rick, interrupting me to guffaw at Paul. "Dawn walks around wearing nothing but panties in front of you? Oh my god! That'd be awesome!" Then he turned to me. "You gotta do that when I'm here!"

We all laughed as Rick again high-fived Paul, who sheepishly returned it with a really weak effort before giving his friend an embarrassed little grin. "Yeah, she does that almost every night, and usually at breakfast too. A lot of times she'll wear nothing but panties the whole day."

Despite Rick's head looking like it was about to explode, Paul turned back to me. "Dawn, what were you about to say?"

I just smiled at him. "I was saying you've seen me in lots of my panties. I know they're mostly smaller than these bikini bottoms, so they probably show more of my ass, but are any of them more see-through? And does my naked crack stick out on top this much?"

"I dunno, Dawn," Rick said, cutting in with a laugh. "That bikini is getting to be really see-through. If you never got it wet, I would still know exactly how your nipples, ass and pussy look. We can see right through your bikini, even when you're just standing around in the kitchen or whatever."

Shaking my head, I smiled and turned back to Paul.

He gave me a small grin, then turned serious. "When they're both dry, yeah, some of your panties are more see-through than your bikini. So are some of your tops. Dawn, a lot of your panties and tops are totally sheer. Rick's right, though. Even dry your bikini is really see-through now. Only a couple of your panties show as much of your crack as your bikini does, but most of 'em show way more of your ass. If you were to wear your panties to go swimming, it'd be about the same as wearing your bikini. Either way, you might as well go naked. Just hanging around the house? Your panties usually show more than your bikini."

"Okay, so even when dry, wearing my bikini is about the same as wearing panties. Once I go swimming there's no difference at all, since my panties and tops couldn't be any more see-through than this bikini. Right?"

When Paul just shyly nodded, I grinned triumphantly at Rick. "See? You're not missing anything. You've already seen me a million times in my panties and didn't even know it!"

"Okay, then there's no reason you can't hang around the house in your panties when I'm here," he countered, with a big, goofy grin.

I gave him a sexy smile. "No, there isn't, and who says I won't? It's what everyone wants, right?"

"You won't hear any complaints from me," Paul smirked.

"Really? You seriously wouldn't mind if I hung around with you, Rick and Donny wearing what I wore last night, or something even skimpier?"

"What'd you wear last night?" asked Rick, his excitement plainly evident.

'God, this is fun,' I again thought to myself before saying, "Just some little panties and my Kansas Jayhawks top, same as always when it's hot. We were on my bed, wrestling and fooling around. Those panties are a lot smaller than this bikini, and Paul ended up spanking my bare bottom right in front of Mom! She was even cheering him on!"

"So? You loved it!" laughed Paul.

"We both loved it," I smiled, splashing him. "I'm just saying, in those panties my ass was basically naked, and you whacked it over and over, with Mom egging you on. Paul, for real, you wouldn't mind if I wore those panties around your friends? You'd spank my bare ass right in front of them? I mean like when we're watching movies, and I'm lying on the floor with you guys?"

"Why would I mind? It's not like Rick or Donny is going to do anything. They're not gonna flip out and attack you, or anything stupid like that. Besides, they've basically already seen you naked. What difference does it make now if they also get to see you in your panties and see-through tops? Heck, Rick is always going to think you're the hottest girl on the planet anyway, no matter what you wear."

Rick punched him, which made me laugh. "Oh, is that so, Rick?" I cooed, teasing him.

"Dude, don't let her pull that innocent crap on you. She already knows what you think of her. She overheard us talking, that day in the kitchen," Paul said, smirking at me.

Rick blushed scarlet, then turned away. He started to stammer an apology, but I stopped him. "You don't need to apologize. C'mon, what girl doesn't want to hear what you said about me that day? I was flattered. Besides, if anything, it's Paul who should apologize for what I overheard. He's the one who prefers blonde bimbos to his 'invisible' sister."

I grinned at Paul. I was having fun driving the teasing knife in a little deeper.

"Yeah, I know. I told you, he's just a big, gay fag," Rick crowed again.

I thought it was about time to let Paul off the hook. "Okay, knock it off with that 'fag' stuff. I was just teasing him. Paul already explained everything to me last night. He didn't need to apologize, at least no more than I did. It's more my fault than his that we've been 'invisible' to each other. Besides, I know he's not a fag, you big butthole."

I reached out to squeeze Paul's forearm, and he smiled in appreciation. Feeling mischievous, I grinned at them. "So would you rather I wear this bikini, or my panties and tops?"

"Here in the pool, or just for hanging around, like watching TV with us and wrestling on the bed?" asked Paul.

"Either. Both…" I said, still grinning.

Rick gently elbowed me in the arm. "Before I could make an informed decision, I'd need to see you in those panties and tops. Also, what about Option C? Maybe sometimes you could go completely naked? I mean why not, since you're basically naked now anyway."

I smiled at Paul. "What about it, big boy? Would you all just freak if I started going totally naked? I know Rick would love it, but what about you, and could Mom and Dad handle that?"

"Dad? Probably. Yeah, no problem. Mom? I might not have thought so before, but now I think she'd be fine with it. She gave you her blessing to wear as little as you want around us, or even nothing at all.

"You wouldn't really do it, though, would you?"

"I don't know…maybe. I bet it sure would be fun. If going naked with you guys would make your dicks get nice and hard for me, especially when we wrestle on my bed or watch movies together, mmmm, I just might. I think that would be awesome. I'd love it if you all gave me your big, hard cocks every time you saw me.

"The main thing is I just wanted to see what you'd say, Paul. I know Perv Boy over here would love it if I ran around naked in front of him, but I wanted to see if you'd admit it too. Would you admit you want me naked, and would you admit you don't even care if Rick also sees me naked?"

I kicked the water, splashing him. Splashing me back, he gave me his most evil grin. "Okay, hot shot, you think you're so tough? You think I won't have the balls to admit anything to you, especially in front of Rick? Well, you can just blow me. Yeah, I admit it, I'd love it if you ran around naked in front of me. Who wouldn't? You're fucking gorgeous. You're totally perfect, just like Rick said. You want me to admit something else? Fine, no problem. I love it when your bikini gets wet and disappears, and I love seeing you in your see-through panties. You're hot as hell, and seeing you like that drives me insane. If it were up to me, you'd always be nude. If Rick or Dad or even the Man in the Moon also get to see you naked, good for them. All I care about is that I get to see you, too. How's that? Is there anything else you want me to admit?"

"See?" I said, grinning at Rick. "Not only does he want me naked, he says I can blow him. I told you he's no fag." I gave Paul the warmest smile, and rather than splash him again I raised my foot to caress his chest. I was totally spreading myself open for them, and their eyes feasted on my pink lips.

Dumbfounded, Rick was just staring at my pussy, until finally he turned to my smug little brother. "Dude, who are you, and what did you do with Paul?"

Giving his best friend a look of serious determination, Paul grinned, "You know what? Screw all those blonde bimbos and their fake tits. I'm done with that phony crap. Megan Fox rules, and I'm never going to ignore my sister again."

By then we were no longer in the mood to play Marco Polo, so we got out of the pool. As we toweled off together, I felt their eyes roaming over me. Knowing that Mom and maybe even Dad might also still be watching, I stood straight and tall, letting them all look at me.

"Enjoying the view?" I asked, trying to fake a confident smirk, which wasn't easy since my heart was racing like crazy.

"I don't know how it could possibly get any better," Rick said, nearly drooling.

Deciding I may as well go all in, I turned and began slowly walking away. Without stopping, I looked back over my shoulder. "Maybe like this? Isn't my ass what you said you like best about me?" Swinging my hips, I walked as sexily as I could before pausing to retrieve my sunglasses from the grass. Bending at the waist with my legs straight, I lingered in that position a beat or two longer than was absolutely necessary. While still bent over, I slid two fingers into my bikini, ostensibly to slip it out of my deep split. Tugging the sheer strip aside before repositioning it, I felt the sudden kiss of cool air on my exposed pussy.

I heard a low whistle from Rick.

'I could really learn to love this,' I thought with a smile.

Back in the house, Dad was in the den watching TV. While the boys made a beeline for Paul's bedroom, I went to Mom, who was in the kitchen. Hugging her from behind as she stood over the sink, I whispered, "I swear I didn't know. You were right, but I just didn't know."

She stopped what she was doing to cross her hands over mine atop her stomach; leaning her head back, she brought our faces cheek to cheek. "It's okay, sweetie. I know you didn't know, and you're not hurting anyone anyway. I meant what I told you yesterday. This is your home, so if you want to wear that tiny thing until it literally falls apart, go ahead. Enjoy it." Turning within my embrace, she cupped my face and kissed me. "You are the most wonderful daughter and sister anyone could ever hope for, and you don't need to change a thing. You're perfect, just the way you are."

Hugging me again, she whispered in my ear, "Just try not to break too many hearts, okay?"

"Mom, what you and Dad were trying to tell me yesterday, after Paul left the table…." I gave her a curious look.

"Yes, sweetie? What about it?"

"How did you know? I mean he never said a peep to me, so how did you know? Did he tell you something?"

"Yes, he did; a thousand times, in a thousand ways. Honey, your brother thinks you're the most beautiful girl in the world. And you know what?"

"What?" I whispered, wondering what she would drop on me next.

"He's right. You are the most beautiful girl in the world, inside and out, only now your outside is really distracting everyone. Sometimes even I catch myself looking at you, and I can't help but stare in amazement. I don't merely mean with the pride of a mother, either. I mean just as a person, admiring a beautiful woman...an exceptionally beautiful woman."

I sighed, then she blushed as she said, "Baby, I know this is not something a mother is ever supposed to ask her own daughter, but I have to ask anyway, okay?"

Again, I looked at her in wonder. "What is it? You know you can ask me anything."

"We'll see about that, after I ask you this one," she grinned.

"Go ahead. This is fun. It's like playing Truth or Dare with you. So, okay, I pick truth. Ask away."

Pausing, she gave me a thousand-watt smile. "Baby, do you have any idea how incredible your ass is?"

"Mom! Oh my god!" I exclaimed, shrieking with laughter. I couldn't stop laughing, and neither could she, then we fell into another hug.

"I'm serious! I get the feeling you're truly not aware that you have the most amazing ass any of us will ever see," she said, holding me tight.

"I must take after you," I purred, softly kissing her neck.

"Don't I wish!" she said, with a pretty laugh. "Mine was never quite that good. I would kill to have an ass like yours. I swear, your ass is so perfect that it almost makes a person forget how beautifully you've filled out everywhere else, too. Baby, you're pin-up girl material, top to bottom…especially that bottom!"

Giggling, she pinched my bare ass!

Laughing while swatting at her hand, I said, "Oh, please, who do you think you're kidding? You have an absolutely perfect bottom. Even Trish and Michelle say it looks just like mine." I pinched her ass, then we got into a full-on ass-pinching battle, laughing like crazy as we tried to fight off each other's attack. When we were done, and had gone back to hugging, I said, "Seriously, though, can I ask you something? What is it about my bottom? To me it's just like any other girl's, yet you're not the first person to say what you're saying about it."

Pulling back for a moment to bask in her warm, loving smile, I made a decision. "C'mere…" I grinned. Taking her by the hand, I tugged her along behind me up the stairs and into my bedroom.

I'd hidden my pink and blue toys inside a box, deep in my closet. She never went through my stuff, so I felt safe hiding them there.

"Look what the girls gave me…" I said, handing her my trophy. I'd originally planned to keep that hidden from her too, but suddenly it just seemed right to talk to her about it.

"Why, Mom? Why is everyone saying these things about my…you know.…"

"Your ass, dear. It even says so, right here on your trophy!" Beaming, she giggled, then started laughing again.

God, it was so nice to be with her that way. Hugging her again, I kissed her beautiful face over and over, and she couldn't stop laughing. She wasn't laughing at me, though; she was just happy because of my reaction, as I was over hers.

"Honey, you are a full-grown girl now. It's okay to say 'ass,' and even to think of it that way sometimes. Sweetie, believe me, you don't have a 'butt,' not anymore. You most definitely have an ass; a flawless, incredible, world-class ass."

I sat her on the bed, then I stood in profile in front of my mirror, where we could both see my ass. Studying my body, I ran my hand over my bottom and down my thighs. Sure, it all looked perfectly okay to me, but so what? I asked her, "Why, though? What's the big deal about my ass? People keep making such a huge fuss over it, and to me it's just my bottom; the same bottom I've always had. It's no different than yours, Michelle's or Lisa's. I mean, except that I'm a girl, so I have hips, it's no different than Paul's either, right? Seriously, I don't get it."

Sighing, she smiled. "You really don't, do you?"

"No, I don't. I mean, okay, I know I don't have a big, ugly butt. I exercise too much to be fat. Still, lots of girls my age don't have fat butts, and neither do you." I took her by the hand and made her stand in front of me, facing away. Turning us sidelong to the mirror so we could compare our bottoms, I ran my fingertips along her back, down her ass and over her thighs. She was wearing a sundress, not a bikini, but that didn't stop her from looking absolutely fantastic.

Her ass definitely looked fantastic, and it felt even better. "Wow! You don't wear panties!" I exclaimed. Totally jazzed at my discovery, I ran my hands more playfully over her smooth bottom, cupping and squeezing it. "Bad mommy!" I giggled.

She turned cherry red, and it felt like her whole body tensed up.

Reacting quickly, I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. It just surprised me, is all. I promise, I don't think you're bad. Actually, I think it's one hundred percent awesome that you don't wear panties."

She slowly turned to face me. Sighing again, she put her hands on my shoulders. "Don't mind me. It's not your fault, honey. I just didn't know you were going to touch me like that. I'm fine, baby. Okay, now check this out…." She stepped closer, until our breasts were touching.

"Your boobs feel really nice," I said, and I truly meant it. Her boobs are simply spectacular. Even compared to my girlfriends, she has outrageously awesome breasts.

"Never mind that right now. Look…" she grinned, reaching around me to put her hands on the backs of my thighs. "Two things, sweetie. It starts off with two things that are just flawless with your body. The first one is this line, here...." She slowly trailed her fingernails over my hamstrings; up, down and across. She turned my body a little left, then a little right, showing me my thighs from different angles.

Touching me that way, she was giving me the tingles, and she smiled when she noticed my reaction.

"See how your lines curve so perfectly, without a single interruption? Your thighs have such a beautiful sweep. They're not too straight, and they're not too thick…just a graceful, wonderful arcing before they dip inward, right...here." Turning me to where I could see my bottom from behind, she traced her fingernails across the tops of my thighs, then into the triangular opening between my legs, directly below my pussy. "You have a perfect gap, baby. It really is perfect. Your thighs are formed so well there, it's like a work of art."

Fascinated, I watched her demonstration in the reflection of the mirror. "Don't all girls have that? I know some of the girls on my team have it."

"Yes, sweetie, many girls do, but few are blessed with what you have there…such a well-developed diamond shape. Many girls' thighs just go straight up, without your inward sweep at the top. It's the overall line, honey. It's the way everything is so perfect on you. See, you also have this…." She traced her fingertips across the bottom of my...well, the bottom of my bottom!

I shivered, and she gave my ass a gentle squeeze. When I let out a small moan, she flashed a beautiful smile. She squeezed again, longer and more firmly, before switching to sexy caresses. "You feel incredible, baby. Your bottom is like the most luscious fruit, covered in pure silk," she said, stroking a little lower. "Anyway, most girls have a crease here. They have a very definite line where their thigh joins their ass. You don't. You have no crease at all. Really, it's quite remarkable. Honey, your ass is like your breasts."

She untied my bikini top and tossed it on the bed. Grinning, she reached over to grab a pencil from my table.

"Watch, sweetie…." She held the pencil sideways beneath my left breast, then she slowly rolled it down my ribcage. Bringing it back up and over the lower swell, she teased the pouting curve, making me giggle. "Shhhh. Just watch…" she whispered. Pressing the pencil to the base of my breast, she smiled when it immediately fell to the carpet.

"Stay still. Don't move," she said, kneeling to retrieve the pencil. "Look…." She repeated her pencil trick, only this time she pressed it to the bottom of my ass. Again it fell immediately to the floor.

After giving each rounded cheek a sweet kiss, she stood and slipped off her shoulder straps. With a subtle shake of her slinky hips her sundress fell to the floor, and suddenly she was naked.

"God, you're beautiful," I gasped in wonder, and I wasn't just trying to be nice. She was a total hottie!

She started to say something, but I interrupted her. "I always knew you had an amazing body, but my god, you are just breathtaking. You have the most incredible body I've ever seen. Seriously, you have to let Paul, Rick and Donny see you naked. They will completely lose their minds."

Grinning, I caressed her bare, sexy hips.

"Oh, I think they've got more than enough on their plates already, what with you running around the house, but we'll see. Thank you, though, honey. That's really sweet of you." Taking an appraising glance in the mirror, she smiled. "I suppose I'm doing okay for a mom."

"C'mon, you're only thirty-seven, and you are not just doing okay 'for a mom.' You are so gorgeous, you could easily be one of our cheerleaders, and you'd be the hottest one. I'm not exaggerating, either. On top of being much prettier, you have a way better body than most of the girls on the team. Michelle, Trish and Lisa are the only ones who are even in your league."

Suddenly shivering beneath my hands, she stared into my eyes in the mirror. Finally pulling me to her for another big hug, she kissed the nape of my neck. "Thank you, baby. You are just so sweet to me. Still, I didn't get naked for you just to fish for compliments, no matter how much I do appreciate them. Okay, sweetie, watch...."

She did the pencil trick on herself.

Her breasts are much bigger than mine; easily full D-cups, compared to my large C's or small D's. The pencil below her breast stuck for a moment, then a beat longer, before falling to the floor.

She quickly knelt to retrieve it. Handing me the pencil, she stood and turned her back to the mirror. "See? Now do my ass."

"Mom!" I guffawed, laughing in shock.

"Oh, hush. You know what I mean," she said, laughing too. Wiggling her hips, she cooed in an intentionally slutty voice, "C'mon, baby, do my ass…." She stood straight and tall, and I couldn't help but run my hands up her thighs, onto her luscious ass. Kneeling to look between her legs, I noticed she was shaved like me. She was also temptingly wet, with full, gorgeous lips. I smiled and gave her beautiful bottom a kiss, right next to her pussy.

"Mmmmmm," she breathed, so I kissed her again and again, squeezing her ass with both hands while pressing my lips to her soft skin, and her hips went into a sensual little rolling motion. "Use the pencil, baby. As wonderful as your kisses feel, do my ass with the pencil, not your gorgeous lips," she said, turning to give me a warm smile.

'You are the most beautiful woman ever,' I thought, shifting my gaze from her glistening pussy to her shining eyes. Still smiling, I rolled the pencil back and forth over her ass before trailing it down her thigh.

"Quit playing! You're making me horny!" she laughed.

"Okay, okay! So pushy…" I grinned, tickling her sexy curves.

Giggling, she swished her bottom for me.

After kissing her again, I trailed my tongue up her thigh, into her wide split. "I'm not sure what your point is with this pencil thing, but every inch of you looks absolutely perfect to me," I smiled, giving her innermost contours a couple of teasing nips.

"The pencil, sweetie…the pencil. And no funny stuff with it, either," she said, flashing an adorable smile. She looked twenty years old. Oh, was she pretty.

I slid the pencil beneath her ass, where her smooth curve joined her thigh, then I released it. The pencil immediately fell to the floor.

"Do it again, and don't cheat," she giggled, playfully wiggling her ass.

"I didn't cheat. It just wouldn't stay."

"Do it again."

Grinning in anticipation, I pressed the pencil firmly to her soft flesh before letting go. It stuck for a second, then it peeled away and fell to the floor. Holding her thighs with both hands, my face nuzzling her ass, I smiled happily. "The only reason it stayed at all was the moisture of your skin sort of made it stick a little. Honest. You don't have even a hint of a crease there to grab it, and the only reason the pencil hung for a second before falling from your breasts is they're just so big. No one with real breasts the size of yours would ever do any better."

Still holding her in place, I kissed the beginning slope of her ass. Thrilled that she wasn't trying to stop me, I rained kisses all over her beautiful bottom. She moved her hips in small, sexy undulations, drawing my lips into contact with her gorgeous pussy. Gently kissing her moist flower, I said, "You're perfect." She moaned a little, trembling in my hands as I gave her soft, pouting lips a dozen tender licks and kisses. I loved her sweet taste, and her breathy moans had me on cloud nine.

"These too…they're just as perfect," I said, standing to kiss her breasts. She let me cup and kiss them, and I was overjoyed to be the one to prove to her that she could pass her own tests.

She seemed a bit embarrassed, but I think it was the good kind of embarrassment. "Okay, maybe your mom still has it," she giggled, holding my face to her breast as I nibbled on her erect nipple.

"You definitely still have it," I said, playfully slapping her bare bottom.

With another cute giggle she jumped, grinning, "Baby, it's not just the pencil test. Many girls your age can pass the pencil test. Most can't, but yes, some smaller-breasted girls can, and so can girls with barely any ass at all. You're not small-breasted, sweetie, and you definitely have a woman's full, sexy ass." She ran her hands down my bottom. "That's the other thing about you. Look…." Firmly pressing her hands into the backs of my thighs, she slowly moved them over my ass.

I watched in the mirror as she demonstrated her next test.

"Now do that to me. Press really hard," she said, so I did.

Okay, I saw what she was getting at there, but it was barely noticeable.

"See, sweetie? I admit it, I'm in pretty good shape. I don't have any visible cottage cheese, and while my lines aren't as tautly defined as yours are, they're still smooth, with no interruptions. Look what happens, though, when we press really hard into each other's thighs and ass. There's no hiding it. Your thighs and ass simply resist, firmly. They spread out, but that's it. My thighs and ass look super smooth too, at least until you really press into them, then they soften and pucker just that little bit. Baby, you have amazing skin texture, and you're perfectly toned. You're not overly hard and ripped. Somehow, even with such a soft, lush, curvy ass, you still manage to be lithe and supple. It's truly remarkable, honey, and incredibly sexy. Your ass is literally mouthwatering, especially with this golden tan that outlines your gorgeous divide."

Turning me away from the mirror, she said, "Look at that…." Using her hands to describe my shape, she was showing me the tapering of my waist and the gentle flaring of my hips. "Perfect symmetry…" she smiled, painting caresses along the outside of my ass and down my thighs, then back over my cheeks.

"You even have an incredibly deep and beautiful cleft," she whispered, trailing her fingertips into my exposed crack above my bikini bottoms. "You just have it all, baby. Everything that could possibly make for a prettier, sexier ass, a more perfect ass, you have it."

She continued whispering as she studied me in the mirror. "Along with some of those sheer tops and panties you love to wear, this bikini looks absolutely amazing on you. We can always see the top of your ass, and you may as well be naked once you get it wet. I can't imagine why you would even bother to wear it in the pool anymore, unless you simply enjoy the tease factor. Otherwise, you should just swim in the nude."

Giving her another happy smile, I slipped off my panties. "I know. I just discovered how see-through it really is," I said, turning to look again in the mirror. Spreading my ass, I ran my fingertips through the deep split, and her hands joined mine in exploring every inch of my naked bottom.

"I know, baby. I was watching the entire time. I know you didn't realize until today how sexy you've become in that bikini," she said, pressing her lips to my neck as she squeezed and fondled my bare ass.

"You really wouldn't mind if I started swimming in the nude? God, that sounds awesome."

Caressing my hips, she smiled. "I wouldn't mind at all. If that's what you want to do, then go for it. You'll love the feeling."

"What if I'm with the boys, or Dad?"

"Baby, of course I'm not just talking about when you're alone. I'm saying you can do it with the boys too, including your father. Sweetie, I won't mind. Whether you guys are fooling around in the pool, watching movies in the den or hanging out together in your bedrooms, you can be as naked as you please, and I'll have no problem with it. In fact, I think it would be really fun for you. Honey, I want you to enjoy your beautiful body.''

Leaning down to give my ass a playful bite, she came back up flashing a bright smile. "If you do start running around here naked, though, don't be surprised by all the hard cocks you'll be seeing."

"I think I would come to enjoy that!" I laughed.

"I'm sure you will," she said, with a knowing grin.

"Could you blame me?" I giggled.

"No, sweetie, of course not. You are your mother's daughter, after all."

Still grinning, she gave me another big hug.

"Okay, speaking of being my mother, not to mention getting to see all sorts of hard cocks, I just thought of something. As beautiful and sexy as you are, why haven't you been wearing whatever you want around the house? All we ever talk about is what I'm free to do, but what about you?"

"I know, baby, and you're right. I used to do it all the time, remember? Believe me, I miss those days of wearing next to nothing around the house, the way you always do. Now that the boys are all grown up, I'd love to start doing it again.''

Pausing, her grin grew mischievous. ''That is, as long as you don't mind seeing your mother running around naked in a house full of hard cocks."

"Mind? Are you kidding me? Like I said, you have to let Paul and his friends see you like this! As awesome as you look naked, they'll have nonstop hard-ons for sure, and I'll absolutely love it."

"Thank you, baby. Let me finish though, okay? This is very difficult for me to say to you."

Smiling nervously, I nodded.

"Sweetie, I've been noticing your tiny panties and barely-there bikini for a long time now. I've watched them slip further and further down your ass, exposing more and more of you even as they keep becoming more see-through. So has your father, and you can just imagine how crazy it makes him. 'Dad' or not, he's still a man, and you're just incredibly beautiful. I've noticed how much you've been showing, and do you know why I haven't insisted that you start wearing less revealing things around the house, at least in front of your father and the boys?"

Waiting, I followed her hands in the mirror. We were each painting slow, meandering circles all over my ass. I was slipping my fingertips into my deep split while she teasingly traced along the lowermost curves, coming agonizingly close to my wet pussy.

With a sweet blush coloring her glowing cheeks, she offered me a shy smile. "I didn't want to, baby, that's why. It's as simple as that. Angel, you're too pretty to cover up. The way you move, the way you're so carefree and innocent, it'd be a shame to make you become self-conscious just because you drive us all crazy. Also, if I'm being completely honest, I love seeing your beautiful body. Watching you dance through the living room in your tiny bikini fills my heart with joy, and I never want to lose that feeling. I mean, so what if Rick is totally erect every second he's here? It's good for him."

Trying not to giggle, she gave my bare cheeks a firm two-hand squeeze.

"Mom! Rick is not totally erect every second he's here! God!" I said, laughing while swatting at those greedy little mitts of hers just freely helping themselves to my poor, vulnerable bottom. Crazily forgetting that we were both stark naked, I playfully smacked her breast. Going all bug-eyed, she laughed and smacked me right back, nailing me with a solid whack on the ass.

We were both laughing, and she was gently rubbing where she'd spanked me. "Okay, maybe not every second, but don't tell me you didn't notice his huge erection today. For that matter, I'm sure you saw Paul's, too. When you rolled onto your back and showed them your gorgeous pussy, you had to have seen how hard you'd made them. C'mon, I could see the tents in their shorts all the way from the kitchen," she grinned.

"Well, maybe a little. I saw that Rick had one," I admitted, smiling happily.

"Sweetie, I promise you, that was not the first erection you've ever given Rick or Paul. Honey, you've done it to every man in this house a million times, and again that includes your father. In my ever-so-suave husband's case, it's usually while he and I are on the couch watching movies with you and Paul. He tries to act like I'm the one who's causing it, but he isn't fooling anybody. I see him glancing down at you in your sexy panties, and he's already hard when I reach into his lap. Baby, you do it to all of us."

"Does that ever bother you? If it does, I won't do it anymore," I said, hugging her.

She just smiled. "Does it bother you that you have that effect on him?"

I thought about it for a moment. "No, not at all, just as long as you don't mind. If I knew it was upsetting you, then yes, it would bother me. For myself, I've never even noticed it before."

"And now that you know?"

"Still the same. It doesn't bother me, not unless it bothers you. As far as I'm concerned, I love the idea that Dad, Paul and the boys get hard simply from looking at me. I just need to see it! I want to check out all these hard cocks you say I keep missing!" I said, laughing.

"Well, baby, then there's your answer. If you're not bothered by it, I have no problem whatsoever with your father getting hard from looking at you. Since you say you really enjoy the idea, go ahead, indulge yourself. Be as sexy as you want with him."

Pausing, she gave me a wry grin. "Believe me, I definitely won't mind. Every time you turn him on, I get the benefit of it."

"You mean..." I said, giggling.

She was beaming again. "Yes, honey. We don't always go to sleep just because we tell you it's time for us to go to bed. Sweetie, your ass is like instant Viagra."

"Oh god," I said, blushing into her shoulder.

She laughed, "Baby, I shouldn't be putting you up to this, but seriously, just you watch! The next time you're lying on the floor in some hot little panties or your bikini during Movie Night, take a peek at your father whenever he gets up, and especially when we head off to bed."

"You mean, check out his…."

Grinning, I didn't finish the sentence, and she rolled her eyes before returning my grin. "Yes, honey, that's exactly what I mean. When he gets up from the couch, turn around and check out his bulging cock. I want you to see it, sweetie. After staring at your ass all night, he's usually as hard as a rock, and baby, your father is extremely well-endowed. Even in his pajamas or slacks, there is no way you'll miss it. I can only imagine how big and hard he and the boys would be if you were to do Movie Night without any panties on. It'd just be Erection City!

"God, you really have no idea how many hard-ons you cause around this house, do you? Well, I sure do. I've watched you make Paul's enormous dick get hard more times than I can count. Seriously, as if I'm not going to notice when my baby boy has a huge erection, and he's staring at my baby girl's perfect ass. C'mon, I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night!"

She laughed so hard, her breasts were shaking against me.

"Now you're just making fun of me!" I whined, giggling at her laughter. She kept laughing, and I kept pouting, then she actually stuck her lower lip out. She was making a boo-boo face at me!

"Grrrrr!" Growling playfully, I bit her breast.

"Ooooh!" she exclaimed. "You did not just bite my boob!"

"Oh yeah? Want me to do it again? Keep teasing me, and see what happens."

Grinning, she stared at me, measuring my resolve. We were both still panting from all the laughing we'd been doing. Watching her face, waiting for the slightest provocation, I was poised to pounce on that perfect breast.

Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, her teasing lower lip began to sneak forward. Her eyes were shining with mirth.

"Don't do it…" I growled. Lowering my head, I brought my mouth menacingly close to her breast. I hovered my hands over her ass, readying them to latch on and secure her into position.

"Boner causer!" she whispered gleefully.



Like a pit bull attacking a car tire, I'd clamped down on her left areola. Squeezing her ass with both hands, I flung us onto the bed and simply mauled her glorious boobs. She was laughing hysterically, which made me remember my cake party. "Motor boat! Motor boat!" I shouted, pulling my hands out from beneath her ass to cup her breasts. I buried my face in her giggling cleavage, making a huge 'thhhhhhppppthhhhhhhh' sound against her chest.

Okay, so it was more of a raspberry than a motor boat sound, but that's what I did. Regardless, I had my head buried in her breasts, squeezing them around my face while tugging on her nipples. Making it even better, she was thrashing and wailing beneath me, with frantic tears streaming down her cheeks. I'd never seen her laugh so hard or buck so wildly in my whole life.

It was awesome!

I finally lifted my head, though I didn't stop tugging on her nipples. They'd become just as big as mine were when I was showing them to Rick and Paul in the pool.

"Gonna stop teasing me? I know a whole bunch of other fun tricks," I said, giving her a comically sinister look. While still tugging on her nipples, I started to slide down her chest, over her stomach; slowly, inexorably...down.

We both knew where I was headed.

"Okay, okay! Uncle! I give up!" she cried, laughing as she wrapped her arms around me. She pulled me back up to her face and hugged me against her chest, breasts to breasts.

I rubbed noses with her and giggled, "I still don't think my ass is any better than yours."

"Silly girl," she grinned, staring into my eyes.

That singular moment - the two of us alone in my bedroom, hugging and simply breathing together - god, it was the nicest feeling I'd ever experienced.

"I love you so much," I whispered, nuzzling her neck.

She caressed my face and smiled. "I love you even more."

Basking in the sensations of her warm breath brushing my hair and her soft hands stroking my back, I lay in total bliss between her spread legs. Our pussies were touching, and so were our breasts. I moved down a bit, grinning when her tiny patch of fur tickled my tummy, then I slid back up her body, making our pussies kiss. Tilting her hips for me, she let out a small, sexy moan as we gently rubbed our wet lips together.

"Thank you," I purred in her ear.

"For what, baby?" she whispered.

I gave her earlobe a tender nip. "Thank you for making me feel so good…for being so beautiful…for letting us be together this way. This is wonderful.''

"Mmmm, it really is," she breathed. Taking my hand, she placed it between her breasts, making me feel her rapid beat. "Darling, this is what I meant earlier. Just try not to break too many hearts, okay?"

"You too," I whispered, kissing her on the lips. She had the softest, sweetest lips I'd ever tasted. She hungrily returned my kiss, so I did it again, giving her my tongue. Moaning, she offered me hers, and before long our naked bodies were writhing together as we made love with our mouths.

When we finally came up for air, her face glowed with happiness. She was absolutely radiant, and I stared in wonder.

Caressing my cheek with the back of her hand, she gave me a warm smile. "What is it, baby?"

I hugged her again, and wouldn't let go. "It's you. Just…you. I love you so much, I want to scream. Everything you do is perfect. You have the softest lips, and the voice of an angel. Your touch is like heaven. God, I bet Dad must love you to death. You are the most wonderful, beautiful woman in the whole world."

"Oh, honey," she whispered, her joyous eyes glistening. My god, she had the most heartbreakingly pretty smile. Pressing her face to my neck, she quietly trembled beneath me, and my heart burst into a thousand pieces.

My beautiful mother was crying.

~to be continued~

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You didn't keep us updated we had no idea you updated to chapter 12 already but that just gives me something to do for the remainder of my day. By the way this family is pretty interesting I love the characters so much. ~Asa

Thu, October 30th, 2014 5:26pm


Hmm. I thought that people who "favor" or "friend" me or whatever it's called automatically receive a notification when I post something new. No?

Thu, October 30th, 2014 11:34am


holy cow, this is so hot! XD great work.

Tue, January 6th, 2015 12:52am


Keep reading. I promise you, it gets much hotter. :-)

Mon, January 5th, 2015 10:01pm

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