Deceptions: The Finale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

As Eric Clapton's Layla, Jen sets the stage on fire.

"Jen...Dirk...this is Jeff, my dashing boyfriend, while this stunningly sexy creature is Carrie, my dearest friend in the whole wide world."

Katherine shared a secret smile with me as she introduced us to Carrie, her girlfriend. "Nobody here but you knows about us. Everyone else thinks she's just my friend," Katherine whispered to me, giggling as we all exchanged hugs.

"Your secret is safe with me!" I whispered back, grinning while playfully biting her ear.

After shaking Dirk's hand, Jeff was pretty obvious in the way he looked me over.

Carrie, though, wooo, she looked at me like, well, I'm not quite sure. Was her look that of the protective mother antelope who spies a hungry hyena trailing after her foal, or was it more the look of the hungry hyena? I couldn't read her, but she was definitely giving me an intense stare.

"So you're the gorgeous thing Katie keeps going on and on about," she finally said, her eyes conspicuously traveling up and down my body. "It's Jennifer, correct?"

I still couldn't tell. Was I the threat or the prey?

"Yes, it's Jennifer. Everyone just calls me Jen," I smiled.

'Madison Avenue blonde,' I thought, quickly pigeonholing her.

Carrie looked very high-dollar; slick and refined...unattainable. She seemed nine feet tall, all of it slim legs and golden blonde hair. She had small breasts and a tight, beautiful ass, with not an ounce of fat anywhere on her elegant body. Adding everything up, including her long, slender neck, she looked positively regal.

She also looked positively feral. I decided I'd need to watch myself around her, at least until I could read her intentions more clearly.

"I hear you and Dirk will be putting on quite a show for us tonight," she said, inscrutable as ever.

Going out of my way to look her over just as blatantly as she was appraising me, I gave her a coy smile. "It's mostly Dirk's show. He sings, he plays guitar, he makes love and war and chases after fire trucks. He carries everything. The show is named after my character, but I'm really more of a prop than anything."

" why do I have this feeling that you're being just a skosh overly modest?" Grinning mischievously, she took my hand and held it over my head, inviting me to spin for her.

'You really want to check me out? Fine, I'll show you all I have...' I decided, spinning for her as sexily as I could, provocatively thrusting my tits and ass out at the appropriate moments.

"Oh my! Katie certainly wasn't exaggerating," said Carrie, flashing an approving smile. "Darling, truly you're being entirely too modest. You are absolutely stunning, and our dear, sweet Katie doll has doubtless concocted a deliciously wicked scheme that will display each of your uniquely pleasing talents to the utmost effect."

Katherine and Carrie exchanged amused grins before Katherine laughed, "Jen, don't mind her. Believe it or not, she always talks that way. She's quite the flatterer."

After giving Jeff and Carrie each a warm kiss on the cheek, she led Dirk and me away, explaining, "I really need to get these two backstage now. It's time to start getting ready for the show!"

Carrie never took her eyes off me.

~ ~ ~

Opening Night was finally upon us. After what seemed like only the blink of an eye, all the long weeks of rehearsals were over. It was time to do this thing in front of a live audience.

Judging by the way Katherine came blustering excitedly into my dressing room to tell me the place was sold out, I guess the advance buzz must have been pretty good. The biggest thing to her was the fact that at least two major papers had sent reviewers to catch our show.

"I know you're gonna knock 'em dead, Jen," she enthused. "It's just Dirk's overly eager cock we've gotta worry about. Seriously, we should hire him a fluffer. Instead of having the girl blow him to keep him hard before his nude scenes, we'll have her blow him to make him cum. Maybe that way he won't have such a huge boner every second he's in front of the audience!"

"No!! Don't ruin my toy!" I whined, adding a dramatic pout. Laughing together, we hugged, and just as quickly as she'd blown into my room she was gone again.

Deciding I was as ready as I was ever going to be, I went to Dirk's dressing room to wish him good luck.

"So, are you all set for the night of your life?" he smiled, greeting me with a warm, friendly hug. The amazing thing about his hug was that it was probably the first completely innocent body-contact we'd ever shared.

"Yep! I'm like totally spazzing!" I exclaimed, squeezing him tight. "I can't believe it's finally here, our first professional Opening Night! What about you? Aren't you excited too?"

"Jen, I need to tell you something..." he said, pulling me by my hand to his sofa.

"What is it?" I asked, wondering why he'd suddenly become so serious.

"Okay, here's the deal. You know I took this thing on as kind of a joke, right? The only reason I signed up to do this was to be with you...well, okay, and also to piss off J.T."

I was about to respond when he cut me short.

"Just let me get this out before you say anything," he said, squeezing my hand.

Nodding, I let him go on.

"I moved in next door at the dorm to be close to you, and I auditioned for this play to be with you. You already know that. The thing is, I never seriously thought I'd get the part. I mean, c'mon, I'm not even an actor. I figured nobody in their right mind would ever hire me to play the lead role in a professional play, much less the lead role as Eric fucking Clapton! That's insane!"

"But you're great, Dirk. You really are. Everyone says so," I said, squeezing his hand right back.

"Jen, I haven't even been trying! I've just been fucking around while enjoying my time with you. That's all it was ever about to me. I never cared about this play!"

"Dirk, okay, so your plan worked. You got me, didn't you? You should be happy now. Everything went exactly the way you wanted; the moving in next door, this play...all of it. What's the problem?"

"Jen, what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm scared shitless, okay?"

"Scared? About what? You know I'll do anything you want."

"That's not what I'm talking about. See, it suddenly dawned on me during my ride home after our first time, you know, when we finally did it on stage. I thought to myself, 'Holy fuck, dude, your whole life could change because of this play. More importantly, so could Jen's, and you better not screw it up for her. This could be the beginning of everything she ever dreamed about. It could put her on the road to stardom...and you too, you idiot! Did you even consider that?'

"Jen, now that this thing is really here, it's hitting me like a ton of bricks. I realize what's at stake, and I'm afraid I'll blow it. I'm afraid I'll blow it for you."

Kissing his hand, I said, "Dirk, you'll be great. You're always great. Just do what you do. You know the songs, you have a killer voice, and you could do your lines in your sleep. When we're together on stage, just look at me; remember who I am to you, and who you've become to me. I promise, everything will be fine.

"Besides, believe me, I'm nervous too! It's okay to be nervous. Nervous is good; that's what everyone always says."

Giving him a sexy look, I slid his hand up the back of my thigh and under my robe. "Baby, remember what you promised me. Tonight's the night, and J.T. will be in the audience. Focus on that. As long as you keep thinking about what you're going to do to me out there, you'll breeze right through this thing, just like you always do."

"I did promise you tonight would be the night, didn't I?" he grinned, cupping my bare ass.

I pressed myself hard against him, whispering in his ear, "Yes, you did, baby. Tonight I give my ass to you. For the first time ever a cock - your cock - will fuck me in my forbidden place. You will take my ass tonight, Dirk. I've saved it just for you, and I want you to keep thinking about how amazing it's going to feel when you slide your huge dick up my tiny, virgin hole. Before you know it, you'll have taken my final cherry, and we'll be cumming together...with J.T., Ray, Katherine, my parents, and all of New York City watching. We'll even get to read about it in the papers!"

Reaching down to squeeze his growing cock, I grinned, "You're gonna be awesome tonight. You are absolutely going to own."

"You're starting to sound like Katherine," he said, hugging me close. "And I mean that in the very best of ways. Thank you, Jen. I knew I needed to talk to you."

"Are we still good for tonight then?" I asked, trying to chirp as cheerfully as Katherine would. Glancing down, I saw that he had another enormous erection. "God, baby, look at you..." I said, going to my knees. Quickly undoing his pants, I pulled out his throbbing cock and brought it to my mouth. Moaning hungrily, I gave it a couple of long, delicious slurps and teasing nips before using two hands to feed it all the way into my throat. Savoring the intense pleasure, I hummed happily around his thick shaft, then I simply began bobbing my head, eagerly sucking every glorious inch. I didn't want him cumming just yet, though, so after giving his pee slit a final little lick I came to my feet again. Never releasing his insatiable hard-on, I returned to his warm embrace. "Mmmm...your dick is definitely ready for tonight," I purred, playfully biting his lip.

Damn, my heart was racing. My life was zooming, and I was loving every second of the ride.

"You just wait, little girl. You won't even be able to walk tomorrow," he breathed hotly, slipping a thick finger up my ass as his tongue slithered into my mouth.

"Promises, promises," I whispered, dancing my bottom while melting into his kiss.

~ ~ ~

The play was going along great, but then I had it easy since the early scenes were mostly all music pieces with Clapton and Harrison. My first appearance wasn't until a good twenty minutes in, so I was able to sit off to the side of the stage and watch Dirk belt out his songs.

Looking out at the audience, I noticed J.T., Ray, and Katherine's people were all in the second row. When Carrie spotted me, she blew me a kiss! Giggling, I blew one right back. Beaming brightly, she pretended to catch it before dropping it down the front of her dress! I laughed so hard that I had to cover my mouth, which made her laugh too.

Suddenly I was no longer nervous; I was just eager and excited. I wanted...everything. I wanted love and laughter and adulation. I wanted sex. I wanted hands and mouths, pussies and cocks. I wanted to cum for the world, and I wanted Dirk, Katherine and Carrie to cover me in kisses.

I laughed to myself when I realized I also wanted to make that sweet knucklehead Ray cum in his pants.

Finally my part came up, and I honestly don't even remember reciting my lines. I can't recall anything I did, at least not until our first make-out scene.

As Dirk and I were getting ready to head on out there, Katherine gave us each a big hug before offering her final words of encouragement. "Let's really turn up the heat, guys. Just totally go for it!"

To her great relief, I'm sure, Dirk managed not to be completely erect during our first hug, kiss and grope. I did my little ass-wiggle when his hands went to my bottom, then I giggled in his mouth at the sight of Katherine clapping excitedly offstage.

When Dirk stood me front and center and began running his hands up the backs of my thighs, I think I floated right out of my body.

I'll never forget the lone female gasp I heard from the otherwise strikingly silent audience when Dirk first pulled my robe over my ass. As he tugged my panties down, I had a wet, crashing orgasm that I thought would never end. To my everlasting gratitude, he quickly realized that at least on this night he had to do more than simply squeeze and cup my bare ass before nuzzling my pussy; he also literally had to hold me up, just to keep me from collapsing.

I barely had enough presence of mind to do my ass-wiggle before stepping out of my panties.

Dirk whispered, "Relax, Jen. This is just like that night at the dorm when you showed off your ass in your sexy robe, daring me to take you. You wanted me to fuck you right there on the couch, hoping someone would see us. That's all we're doing now. Knowing that people are watching, you're letting me touch your ass and eat your pussy, the same as we've been doing for weeks. No biggie, right?" Grinning, he made sure to show the audience every inch of my naked, trembling bottom, and with the way he hungrily licked my pussy I didn't need any reminders from Katherine to dance my hips and wiggle my ass.

His gentle words brought me back into the moment, and finally I was able to settle down.

Although Katherine couldn't have known what Dirk had said, she gave us a big thumbs-up when she saw me relax and mentally rejoin the scene. Once Dirk could tell that I was back on the same planet with him, he playfully nipped at my pussy while whispering, "Good girl! There's my beautiful slut!"

Smiling happily, I mouthed, "Yep! Here I am!" Grinding my hips, I pulled his head firmly between my legs, then I went that one step further again by draping my thigh over his shoulder. I wanted everyone in that audience to see his tongue lapping away at my wet pussy.

From off to the side Katherine stage-whispered, "Awesome!"

When we moved to the scene where I was to unsnap Dirk's silk pajamas, I heard another couple of gasps from the audience, including a seriously hot moan from Carrie. That wasn't designed to be one of Katherine's "show off Jen's ass" scenes, but I kind of spaced on where I was supposed to position myself. Katherine wanted me sitting up straight on my knees as I began to undo his pajamas. Instead I was leaning forward, and the gasps came in response to the spread-legged shot of my bare ass and pussy I was inadvertently offering the audience.

Nuzzling the front of Dirk's pajamas as I pulled them open, it was obvious he was fully hard. I knew we needed to get those house lights lowered, but I couldn't resist the temptation to run my lips over his crazy bulge, which made Katherine giggle. When Dirk reached to click off the little lamp on the end table, I made a sexy show of tugging his pajamas down and tossing them aside before nudging him onto the sofa.

What a relief, having the place go nearly dark. What a rush, too! A breathless hush fell over the audience, then a continuous murmuring began to build as I returned my lips to his rampant erection. "Here we go, baby!" I whispered excitedly. Moaning around the head, I slowly swallowed him all the way down, taking my sweet time to savor every last inch. Thrilled to be sucking his dick on stage, I was determined to perform the sexiest blowjob anyone in that audience had ever seen. Moving my bare ass in provocative circles, I arched my back and used both hands to pump him while slipping the tip of my tongue into his already-drooling slit. Also, instead of using my Layla wig's long hair to help keep him somewhat covered, I casually hooked it over my ear so everyone would be able to see the silhouette of my mouth traveling up and down his seemingly endless pole.

The way he kept thrusting his hips and tugging on my nipples told me he was growing impatient, though, which he confirmed by suddenly pulling me up into a sixty-nine.

I'm sure Katherine thought we went a little too fast there, but I think we more than made up for it once I was on top of him.

At first I thought Dirk was going to be content to lick my pussy as I hummed my throat around his pounding length, but it wasn't long before he buried his face in my ass, loudly slapping my cheeks with both hands. A startled squeal came from a woman in the audience; still we made no effort to quiet the passionate sounds of our oral sex display. In fact, I went out of my way to give him the wettest, slurpiest, noisiest blowjob ever. I didn't even try to use my upper body to shield what I was doing. No, I just trusted to the lighting while continuing to thrill to the thought of the silhouette I imagined we must have been making with my mouth hungrily moving up and down his towering erection. Letting out a deep moan, I realized that I wouldn't have minded at all if Katherine had left the house lights on. I wanted everyone there to watch me suck his beautiful dick.

In the meantime Dirk just kept laving and deep-tonguing my asshole, making me smile around his shaft. Normally he devoted most of that scene to eating my pussy; this time he spent nearly all of it prepping my ass for what we both knew would be happening in the very next act.

'What a considerate guy!' I thought, laughing to myself at the absurdity of it all.

I wasn't about to let him shoot his initial huge load of cum down my throat, though...not this time. I knew he could get it up and cum again after intermission, no problem; that wasn't the issue. No, I simply wanted to save his biggest eruption for my very first ass-fucking. By giving the base of his pulsing shaft a firm squeeze every time I felt him approaching blast-off, I let him know that he wasn't going to be allowed to cum just yet. Fortunately, it didn't take him long to pick up on what I wanted. Knowing Katherine was still waiting for our "massive orgasms," Dirk and I actually went into full-on acting mode! Yep, we faked the loudest, wildest mutual-cums ever! It was hella fun!

Finally, following another loud smacking of my bottom from Dirk - which had become our usual cue - I got up from the couch. With my body turned sidelong to the audience I slipped my robe over my shoulders, letting it fall to the stage. Arching my back and cupping my breasts, I was happy to see my fully erect nipples standing out nicely in profile. I held that pose for a few beats before slowly bending at the waist to climb down on top of Dirk.

"No cumming for you yet, mister," I whispered once we were pressed together, face to face. Giving the audience another sexy silhouette, I pooched my wiggling ass way up high, right into Dirk's welcoming hands, then I teased my full breasts with their erect tips back and forth over his lips.

"Holy fucking god..." came a male voice from the audience, just before the stage went completely dark.

Utter silence...then an explosion of raucous cheers, whistles and applause.

"I think we done good!" smiled Dirk as the curtain slowly descended.

Nodding happily, I kissed him on the lips. "C'mon, let's go!" I said, pulling him up once the curtain had lowered all the way. He made a move to grab my robe and his pajamas, until I whispered, "No, those still need to be here at the beginning of the next scene. We never do put them back on, remember?"

We dashed naked off the stage, and Katherine was right there to meet us with two plush robes before hurrying us away. Finally stopping to pull us into a group hug near our dressing rooms, she was literally jumping up and down with joy!

"Did you hear that? Did you guys fucking hear that?! They went crazy for you! They loved it! You were absolutely incredible! Jen, that was the hottest thing ever, the way you moaned and made all those slurping sounds as you sucked his dick! God, you did such long, sexy strokes, letting us see the silhouette of your mouth moving up and down his huge cock! Then there was that killer kitty-stretch you added at the end, when you arched your back and thrust out your erect nipples! Damn, girl, that was awesome! Where did you come up with that? And oh my god, you had like a five-minute orgasm when Dirk lifted your robe and pulled down your panties! I about died, watching you cum and cum and cum!

"Dirk, what did you do to calm her down there? Before you somehow pulled her back together, she looked like she was about to dissolve into a puddle right in front of you! Seriously, what did you say to her?"

Grinning, Dirk took my hands. "I told her to relax; that it was no biggie. She's used to having me show off that perfect ass of hers, so let's just do what we always do."

I smiled to Katherine. "He said exactly the right thing, in exactly the right way, at exactly the right time." Then I turned back to Dirk. "Thank you so much, baby. You totally saved me out there." Giving him a big hug, I smothered his face with smacking wet kisses.

"That's awesome, Dirk...really awesome," Katherine said, taking his hands after we'd finished hugging. "You guys are just amazing. I still can't believe you haven't been doing this for years. You two have the poise of people who've performed on stage their entire lives."

"Hey, what can I say?" smiled Dirk, without a hint of sarcasm. "I love this girl. I'll do anything for her. You guys oughtta know that by now."

My hands went to my mouth in shock. Blinking through my tears, I could only whisper, "Oh, Dirk...."

He gave me a deeply penetrating stare. "Jen, you know I love you. Whatever happens out there, I am not going to let you down."

With her big, gorgeous eyes filled to overflowing, Katherine moved me into Dirk's arms for the warmest, sexiest, most erotic kiss of my young life. As she hugged me from behind, I felt her beautiful tears on my neck.

Just wanting to touch her, I reached back to caress her face. After kissing my shoulder, she brought my hand to her lips. One by one she kissed my fingers, then, as suddenly as she does everything else, she ran off behind some heavy curtains, leaving the two of us alone backstage.

"You know what this means," I said, looking up starry-eyed at Dirk.

"What does this mean?" he asked, giving me a sweet, wonderful smile.

"It means no refunds, and no returns. Now you have to take my ass in this next scene. You wouldn't dare turn me down again, like you did at the dorm...not if you love me."

Hugging me close, Dirk whispered in my ear, "I do love you, Jen, and I don't want any refunds. I only want you."

"So no more of our little deceptions? Awww, and just when I was starting to get the hang of it," I teased.

We knew we only had a few minutes before the start of the next scene; not that we really had anything major to do in order to get ready for it. I mean it wasn't like we had to do any big wardrobe or make-up changes. We were going to be fully nude. All we had to do was take our positions and wait.

Finally, it was time. I was led to the bed, and Dirk went into the little ersatz bathroom the crew had included for the hotel room scenes. Feeling truly liberated - or was it truly wicked? - I positioned myself atop the covers with my leg fully bent at the hip, spreading myself wide open. A lot of people in that audience were going to get a clear view between my legs; in particular, those who were sitting stage-left would have a perfect shot of my naked pussy.

Then I remembered that Carrie was sitting over there! 'Amazing,' I thought. 'J.T. and Ray are also there, yet I'm more excited about Carrie seeing me!'

The house lights blinked, letting everyone know that the play was about to resume.

When the curtain rose, there I was, facedown naked on the bed, illuminated by a lamp on the nightstand plus some ambient stage lighting. I had my head turned toward the bathroom. I wasn't about to miss Dirk's first full-frontal display before a live audience!

I was supposed to be asleep, the two of us having moved over to the bed following our sixty-nine on the sofa. Exiting the bathroom, Dirk would join me on the bed, gently waking me so we could slip under the covers and make love.

I giggled to myself when I noticed that I'd happened to lay right on top of Katherine's ever-present, thick and fluffy "clean-up" towel hidden beneath the covers.

That Katherine, she never misses a thing. I swear, she really is the best woman I've ever met.

'Here he comes!' I thought excitedly, watching the phony bathroom door swing open. When I heard the first gasps, whistles and catcalls from the audience, I grinned to myself, 'That's right, ladies, eat him up!' His cock was by no means soft, that's for damn sure! He wasn't fully erect, but he was nothing like flaccid either. As he bounced his way over to me, god, he was absolutely ginormous! His swaying shaft was just outrageously long and mouthwateringly thick, and only a little rubbery. Totally thrilled for him, I giggled into my pillow, "Yeah, you show 'em, baby!"

With his awesome dick bobbing crazily, he knee-walked across the bed before settling in beside my hip. Gently stroking my lower back to wake me, he leaned down to nuzzle my neck, giving me sweet little kisses just below the ear.

I whispered, "Well hi there! It looks like someone was maybe a little too happy to see me laid out like this, huh?"

He whispered back, "I tried to think of baseball, but I just kept imagining you as the ball girl! You were showing the crowd your ass every time you bent over to grab a foul ball!"

"Be happy, baby, your cock looked amazing. I'm so proud of the way you showed it off, and I bet Katherine totally loved it. Now say something to me, silly!"

After sitting up to caress my legs, he recited his 'wake-up' line. That was my cue to stir and do my little part there, which consisted of a happy purr, an ass-wiggle, then a warm and breathy, "Mmmm, that feels good."

Leaning forward, he began kissing and stroking me everywhere. He must have really been into it because he kissed me a lot more than we'd ever rehearsed it for that scene. Starting between my shoulder blades, he trailed his lips down my spine and all the way through my ass crack, eventually slowing to linger over my tingling little star.

A woman in the audience let out a low, sexy moan.

"Look at my goose bumps. Baby, you're giving me chills. Let's get under the covers," I said, finally reciting the long-awaited passport to heaven.

I stood and stretched at the foot of the bed, and that was another thing I just added out of the blue. Stretching way up high on my tiptoes, I raised my arms above my head, clasping my hands together at the very top. It was a move that tightened my abdomen and arched my back, forcing my breasts to thrust out as far they would go while also giving the audience a great look at my flexing calves and thighs. By spreading my legs shoulder-width apart, I offered another perfect shot of my glistening pussy.

Anyone in the first few rows definitely had a clear view of my wet lips, and I'm sure the light shining through my bare split must have made for one sexy silhouette. When I was done stretching, I bounced down onto my heels, making my full, heavy breasts judder.

Turning to walk around the bed, I heard a female voice from the audience moan, "My lord...."

Once I'd made my way over to my side of the bed, I bent at the waist to fluff my pillow before pulling back the covers, knowing full well I was wagging my naked pussy directly at the audience.

I was about to cum again, and we hadn't even started yet!

When I climbed into bed, I wasted no time in spreading my legs and pulling Dirk on top of me. Grinning in anticipation, he moved between my wide-open thighs while leaning down to kiss me. I knew I needed to keep at least some of his ass covered, so I raised my knees to form a tent with the sheet.

One of the great things about that scene is there's no scripted dialogue. Katherine just wants us to fuck. As long as we remain in character, whatever we say while we're having sex is fine by her. We don't need to fake anything.

"Remember to call me 'Eric' this time, doofus," Dirk whispered.

I laughed out loud, which probably would have seemed oddly inappropriate to the audience were it not for the fact that Dirk chose that moment to make it look like he was very obviously pushing inside me. The timing of his first hip-thrust made it seem like I was laughing with joy as he drove between my legs, and that's exactly what he was doing. His incredible cock was smoothly penetrating my welcoming pussy. As it so happened, I was laughing more and more with every amazing inch that kissed my hot depths. My pussy was so wet, I was sure everyone in the building could hear it. I was literally dripping down my ass, and I had my first big orgasm of the scene when he whispered, "Here it is, baby...this is where we go for it. Finally, we're going to fuck the way we've always wanted to."

I creamed all over his balls, and that was it; I completely threw myself into fucking him.

"Take me! Fuck my pussy!" I cried, and Dirk drilled me like a man on a mission. Slam! Slam! Slam! For god knows how long, we were just this unceasing pagan cacophony of grunts, moans and unintelligible panted commands and exclamations.

He at least had the presence of mind to whisper, "The sheet! Remember my sheet!" I pulled him into me by his ass, using the sheet to help drive him home; matching the rhythm of his powerful thrusts were my crazily bouncing breasts, shuddering hips and wild animal moans.

I happened to glance past his arm into the crowd, where I noticed a middle-aged woman simply touching her fingertips to her throat. Unblinking, her expression frozen, she looked like she was in a trance. Quickly scanning down the row, I spotted Ray elbowing J.T. in the ribs, goading him over and over. Again I laughed out loud, even as Dirk continued to devastate me with his incessant pounding.

I heard our bodies slapping together, accompanied by the deliciously wet sluicing sounds of my pussy clutching his shaft on every stroke.

My glance landed next on Carrie, whose face was a total blank; as if in a daze, almost spellbound, she was absentmindedly sucking her middle finger.

'Yes, watch me, Carrie. Watch how I take this huge cock,' I thought. Throwing caution to the wind, I let the sheet slip below my hands clutching Dirk's ass, further revealing his unrelenting assault on my joyful pussy.

Moments later I came again, drenching us both, as well as the towel beneath us. When Dirk felt me cumming, he slid two thick fingers up my ass, making me jerk spasmodically through an endless screaming orgasm. That was the longest one ever! Jesus, I just could not stop cumming. Gushing out a torrent of clear juice, my pussy completely soaked us. There was so much hot, slippery cum on our slightly scratchy towel that it felt like we were fucking atop a huge slice of warm buttered toast.

"Oh my god...oh my god...oh my god..." I kept babbling, wondering when my crashing orgasm would ever release me. Finally, as I felt it cresting, I pulled Dirk down and tightly hugged him while crying out, "I love you!!"

Once I'd regained some semblance of awareness, I rolled him onto his back, making sure to keep his granite cock inside me. Straddling him, I felt my entire upper body and most of my ass become exposed to the audience. He grasped my bottom through the sheet and just kept fucking me and fucking me, stretching my tiny pussy to the limit. I was bombing his cock, my breasts bouncing even more crazily as my ass shuddered with each pounding stroke from his mile-long dick. Slowing to grind on him, I lost my mind over the feeling of his enormous spongy crown kissing my cervix. I started up a loud moaning, shamelessly begging for his promise to never stop fucking me. Pulling me close, he brought my breast to his mouth; I screamed when he took my entire areola between his teeth and bit down hard. Capturing the aching nipple, he began giving it little nips, making me yelp like a bitch in heat with each bite.

When he finally released my pulsing tip, I sat up nice and high again, lifting until he popped out of me. Grinning triumphantly, I took hold of that gorgeous fucking billy club of his and positioned it at my tight little pucker. "Now you're going to give it to me!" I growled, releasing my thighs and pressing my ass down...down...down. Trying to impale myself, I literally howled from the exquisite pain, and Dirk laughed in astonishment at my wild banshee cry. I'd only taken the head and maybe the first couple of inches inside me, and already it was the fullest I had ever felt.

Dirk laughed deliriously, matching the manic rhythm of my howls as I kept pushing. I didn't care how much it hurt; I wasn't going to stop until I'd taken that entire battering ram all the way up my ass.

"GODDAMMIT! FUCK MY ASS!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, and Dirk cried out right along with me when I drove myself down as hard as I could.

My brain melted, and I probably broke a window somewhere. Feeling his balls slam into my quivering bottom, knowing I'd done it, I had finally taken a cock all the way up my tight, sexy ass - and not just any cock, either, but Dirk's massive pole - that realization set me off; I started launching myself up and down, fucking him in an out-of-control frenzy. Howling in a consistent guttural pitch, I was cumming so much that I don't think it ever really stopped.

When his dam finally burst, and I felt the eruption of hot cum jetting deep inside my tremulous clutch, my mind completely snapped. All hell broke loose, and I had to throw myself down against his chest as my pussy began squirting and squirting and squirting! I was going off like a busted sprinkler head, just gushing all over us, making a wet, sopping mess everywhere. I had to stay down; if I'd sat up at all, everyone in that theater would have seen a fountain of clear cum arcing out of me!

"Oh my fucking god," I panted as my insane orgasm kept washing over me, thoroughly wiping me out. I had never gushed like that before, and it just wouldn't stop! What in the hell was happening?

Though Dirk was holding me tight, his manic laughter also never stopped. He just kept laughing and laughing, like he was being tickled by a thousand wet-nosed puppies! "I can't believe it! I can't believe it!" he kept panting between rapid bursts of laughter. "God, I love you! You are so incredible!! I love you!!"

I totally rag-dolled; there were no bones in my body, other than the colossal one still pounding its way up my ass. I was nothing but a gelatinous blob of utterly satiated girl-flesh.

Finally his tireless cock began to soften, and with an audible 'plop' my ass squeezed him out. Holding each other, we trembled together, our breathing eventually finding a shared rhythm.

"I can't believe you did that!" he whispered, still laughing a little.

"Me either! I've never done that before!"

"Jen, that was awesome! That was the greatest thing ever!"

"Oh god, it really really was...." Smiling serenely, I punched him in the chest, making the audience laugh.

"Oww! Jesus! What was that for?" he whispered, holding his chest.

I giggled, "That was for making me wait so long, you big jerk!"

~ ~ ~

Having made it through Opening Night, we were all standing around together afterwards in the lobby. I pretty much had no choice but to join everyone, since my dressing room was filled to bursting with about a million red roses. There wasn't any room left for me!

Katherine was beaming as she spoke with all her various well-wishers, and she made a point of introducing me to everyone. Saying that it was tradition, she insisted I hold a large bunch of long-stemmed roses while taking pictures and accepting congratulations, then she had me speak with the small gathering of media that appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

My parents were never going to miss my first professional show, not in New York City, and they were standing with Professor Keener and Katherine. Dirk was understandably concerned about what they would say, but I knew there was no reason to worry. They were dyed-in-the-wool theater people who weren't the least bit uptight about nudity or sex.

After Dad shook Dirk's hand and congratulated him on his fine performance, my parents held me at arm's length while Mom declared that her little girl had really grown up. They hugged me and told me how proud they were, then Mom began crying when Professor Keener joined our hug.

"I hate to be the kind of guy who says, 'I told ya so!'" he grinned to Mom. Laughing heartily, he went ahead and said it anyway.

When Katherine literally jumped into his arms, he twirled her round and round as if she were a little girl. She was certainly laughing like one. God, she was so gorgeous. In Katherine's never-ending world of happiness this was the most joyous moment yet, especially with all her friends there to share it with her.

Once things had quieted down a bit, Ray and J.T. made an appearance. Standing at Dirk's side, I was quietly talking with my parents when Ray came up to me and blurted excitedly, "Jen, I had no idea you could be that good! You were totally awesome! Girl, I'm serious, you're gonna be a star!"

Thanking him, I gave him a big hug. It really felt great to know that he was so genuinely excited for me. Ray was always such a sweetheart.

After J.T. said hello to my parents, he gave Dirk a grudging nod before turning to ask me if we could have a quick moment alone.

Excusing myself, we moved to a quiet alcove.

"Jen, first I just want to say how awesome you were. Seriously, congratulations, you were incredible. You really are a great actress, and Ray is right, you're gonna be a big star."

Grateful for his encouragement, I gave him a warm hug, only to have him pull away. Visibly distraught, he couldn't bring himself to look at me as he continued, "I also wanted to say I'm sorry. I know you found those panties in my bed, and...fuck. Jen, I don't deserve you. I'm not smart enough or mature enough to be with someone as amazing as you. I swear, you've always been nothing but awesome to me, and I've been a total asshole. I know I have a lot of growing up to do, and all I can say is I'm sorry I'm still such an immature idiot that I couldn't treat you the way you deserve to be treated."

Handing me my overnight bag I'd left in his room, he kissed me on the cheek before nodding toward the group. "Here's your stuff. Go, Jen. Go be with people who deserve you."

"Thank you for not making this difficult," I said, returning his kiss.

He was crying. I had never seen J.T. cry, and his face was pure sadness as he turned and walked away.

By the time I returned to the group, everyone was making plans to go celebrate. Katherine's boyfriend said he regretted being unable to come along, explaining that he needed to be at JFK within the hour to catch a red-eye flight, and Carrie said she also had to get going. They offered their final congratulations, with Carrie blowing me another kiss, and Katherine saw them out.

As soon as she came back inside, she affectionately snuggled in against my arm. Dirk and I ended up catching a ride with her to Professor Keener's "Opening Night celebration bacchanal!" at his favorite Italian restaurant, where we all laughed and carried on until finally we closed down the place.

When it was time to call it an evening, I hugged my parents goodbye after thanking them for coming. Professor Keener laughed, "Are you kidding me? They wouldn't have missed this for all the tea in China! For that matter, did you think there was any chance whatsoever that I might have permitted their absence here tonight? Noooo, darling, none of us were ever going to miss our sexy little Jennifer's scintillating, sensational, spectacular Broadway debut!" Lifting me into a bear hug, he grinned that he couldn't wait to brag about me in class come Monday morning.

Moving the party outside following a final round of farewells, he and his friends informed my laughing parents that they were kidnapping them, and together they all headed off carousing into the night.

Rejoining Dirk and Katherine, I told them about my break-up with J.T. They understood that for obvious reasons I didn't want to go back to the dorm. Dirk said it would be no problem to call his brother and get another room assignment, and he hoped I would come stay with him once he found a new place. Then he mentioned how late it was, saying it was time for him to head on home.

"Dirk, of course I'll come stay with you," I said, taking his hands. "You know I will...and I can't wait for our next show."

We shared a warm hug, and he gave my bottom a couple of teasing pats while whispering, "Speaking of which...are you okay?"

Happily wiggling my ass, I breathed into his mouth, "Mmmmmm-hmmm...never better. Have I told you how awesome you were tonight? Thank you, baby. You were right, you know. As long as I live, I'll never forget my first ass-fuck."

"As long as I live, I'll never forget your first ass-fuck either!" he laughed. "I love you, Jen, and you were absolutely incredible tonight. You gotta do that squirting thing again for me, too!"

"Oh god!" I squealed, burying my face in his shoulder. "I can't believe I did that!"

"Neither could I, but I totally loved it!"

"Seriously? You're not just saying that to be polite?"

"Jen, god no! That was the hottest thing I've ever seen! I wanna make you do that every time!"

I giggled, "If that's your plan, then you better get us some rubber sheets for our new place!"

After we enjoyed a long, steamy kiss, I stepped aside so Katherine could give him a hug goodbye. Grinning mischievously as she moved into his warm embrace, she whispered something in his ear that made them both laugh, then she reached down and started squeezing and fondling his cock! Making a really sexy show of it, she was totally feeling him up! She even put his hands on her bottom and did a killer ass-wiggle for him!

We were all still laughing when Dirk's taxi rolled up to the curb. Loading him inside, Katherine and I took turns leaning in to give him our final kisses goodbye, then we watched together as his cab drove off into the million-watt kaleidoscope of Times Square.

Once he'd disappeared amid the swirling sea of crimson tail lights, Katherine took my hands and held me at arm's length, just the way my parents had. Spinning me like a fairy princess, she laughed, "So where does the most beautiful girl in the world go to celebrate her smashing Opening Night performance at the theater?"

Continuing to twirl on my own with my arms spread wide, I giggled, "You tell me! You're the most beautiful girl in the world!"

When I twirled my way back to her, she pulled me close for a wonderful hug. Right there on the sidewalk she gave me a long, tender kiss that turned my heart to pudding, then she took me by the hands again. "Seriously, Jen, where will you go tonight?"

Grinning, I kissed her on the nose. "I guess I'll go back to my own dorm. Hopefully my roommate hasn't already replaced me."

Holding my gaze, she brought her hands up to cradle my chin. "Jen, come stay with me, at least until Dirk gets his new place together."

"Oh god, Katherine, really, you've already done so much for me. I wouldn't want to be an imposition."

"Nonsense, baby, it's no imposition at all. I would love to have you. Besides, I still want to celebrate some more!"

Squealing with joy, I gave her a wildly excited hug, then we shared the hottest kiss I ever could have imagined. With my head still spinning, I panted, "Are you sure? You really wouldn't mind having me stay with you?"

She kissed me again, moaning as our tongues danced together. Pulling back to look into my eyes, she brushed a hand across my cheek; lingering there, making subtle circles, she traced delicate patterns along my jawline and down my neck before bringing a single fingertip to rest between my breasts. Following an electrifying pause, she slowly drew the words 'I love you' over my heart.

I gasped, and she returned her hand to my face. Like the first drops of a gentle spring rain, her fingertips caressed my lips. Leaning in to give me the softest, sexiest kiss, she whispered into my mouth, "Yes, baby, I'm absolutely certain. Please be with me tonight."

~the end~

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Submitted: October 04, 2014

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