Deceptions: Ch. 06

Deceptions: Ch. 06

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lurid deceptions, sexy emotional tug-of-war.


Lurid deceptions, sexy emotional tug-of-war.


Submitted: October 02, 2014

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Submitted: October 02, 2014



Dirk and I were laughing as we hung out together backstage before the next rehearsal.

"I thought for sure you were going to make Katherine give you a blowjob!" I giggled, punching him in the side. "She would've done it, too, right in front of me! You almost had her!"

He smiled smugly. "Nah. Couldn't you see?"

"See what? I saw you waving your big cock in her face, totally tempting her to suck it! That's what I saw!"

"Jen, Jen, Jen..." he grinned, shaking his head. "For such a smart girl, sometimes you're a real dummy."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, becoming exasperated.

"Girl, can't you see it? Katherine doesn't want me, she wants you. She has a huge crush on you. Yeah, okay, she wants my dick, but that woman is totally in love with you. All I know is she better not get to fuck you before I do, you little slut!"

I thrilled to his every word. Each syllable shot straight through me, and he could see it in my eyes. "Aha! You know I'm right, don't you? So, Little Miss Innocent, exactly what happened last night after I left, hmmm? Did our sexy director treat herself to a bit more of this..." he grinned, slipping his hand beneath my robe to caress my bare bottom.

Flustered, I asked, "Do you really think so? No joking around now, do you seriously think she has a crush on me?" Then I thought, 'God, I hope so, because I sure do have one on her.'

Despite all the other crazy stuff that happened yesterday, it was mainly because of Katherine that I found myself tossing and turning in bed last night, unable to sleep. Thoughts of her being in love with me had managed to supplant thoughts of Dirk fucking me; even Dirk fucking me in the ass.

Then I remembered that soon Dirk would be fucking me, and my thoughts were at least equally split again! I could hardly wait for him to fuck me. I didn't care where. I just knew I wanted that beautiful cock inside me, filling me with cum.

'Maybe Katherine will lick Dirk's cum out of my pussy!' Pausing, I giggled to myself, 'Girl, you are in need of some serious mental help. Get a grip, Jen.'

Dirk jumped back in, saying, "Jen, we've all noticed how Katherine looks at you, how she totally dotes on you, and especially how she talks about you. She gets all starry-eyed anytime someone even mentions your name. If she's not already in love with you, she's well on her way. That woman has got it bad for you."

"You could just as easily be describing yourself there, champ..." grinned Mike the sound guy, walking by with a shoulder full of cables.

Once Mike was out of earshot, I snerked while beaming at Dirk, who gave me a warm grin. "No news there, Jen. You know how I feel about you. Everyone knows."

"Yeah, because you don't exactly hide your feelings very well!" I laughed, reaching inside his robe to give a tug on his seemingly constant erection. We were just standing there, and his dick was jutting straight out! God, I swear, it was like ten feet long!

"I'm not exactly trying to hide my feelings," he smirked, watching as I stroked him. I'd only meant to give it a single tug, but once I get my hands on that gorgeous dick of his I simply can't stop! He's well aware of it, too. "Jen, I want you to know how much you turn me on. Besides, it's not like I have a choice anyway. This always just happens. When I'm with you, I can't help it."

He gets so fucking impossibly long and thick; even if it's only to touch it and play with it, I feel like I'm already addicted to his cock. Smiling, I continued fondling him right out there in the open. "Speaking of Katherine, yes, she and I did talk last night after you went home. Dirk, she knows we want to fuck. She's worried we're going to be too obvious about it, and everyone will see that we really are having sex on stage."

"What did you tell her?"

"I wasn't going to lie, not to Katherine. What would be the point, anyway? She knows how badly we want each other. I admitted to her that yes, we're going to have sex."

Dirk was stunned. "You told her we're going to do it for real during the play?"

"No, not exactly. See, she basically said that she knows we're not going to be able to resist having sex, but we need to make sure the crew and the audience think we're only acting. I sort of teased her by pointing out that she wasn't actually saying we can't do it."

"So she's okay with it, as long as no one catches on?"

"I don't know that she's necessarily okay with it so much as she simply seems resigned to it. She says she can barely resist me, so she knows you won't be able to."

"See? She already told you she wants you! That's awesome! Plus she doesn't mind if we do it!"

"Dirk, we need to be careful, okay? She's trusting us not to blow it. Specifically, she's trusting me. I don't want to make her look bad for hiring us. We're only kids; we're nobodies, really, and she took a big chance on us. We can't mess this up for her. Seriously, we need to be professional. I told you, baby, you can fuck me anywhere you want, anytime you want. You know I want you, and all you have to do is take me. Just don't get us in trouble here. Promise?"

"Okay, okay," he said, chastened by how serious I was about it. "I'll be good, I promise."

Relieved by his response, I giggled, "I didn't say we couldn't still do it! I'm just telling you, we need to make absolutely sure that we don't get caught. We have to follow every one of our cues, and we can't sound all retarded from trying to do our lines while we're in the middle of fucking. We've got to keep ourselves hidden when we're doing things, and we can't lose our minds and forget where we are, especially once we start cumming. I don't know about you, but I'm likely to lose consciousness the first time you cum inside me. You better not let me freak out, and you really better not let me pass out!"

"I'll try to make sure you only cum a little, okay?" he smiled, giving my hip a good-natured squeeze.

"Yeah, right!" I laughed. "Every night I hear how you make all those girls cum 'only a little,' as they're bashing in our dorm wall and screaming like wild Comanches!"

"Are you saying I can't be a gentle, sensitive lover?" he asked, feigning insult.

"When you put this inside my ass, you better be least the first time," I whispered, stroking his cock.

"I will, I promise," he said, becoming serious again. "I want you to enjoy it."

"If I enjoy it, I'll learn to love it, then I'll want to do it again and again, right?"


Wondering about that, I had to ask. "Why my ass so much, instead of my pussy?"

"Who said this is an either-or deal? When did I ever say anything about 'instead of'? I want all of you, not just your ass."

" better..." I smiled, leaning back to rub my deep split up and down his perfect erection.

"But I want your ass, too," he smirked.

"I know, and I can't wait for you to have it," I said, trying to keep my urgent whispers quiet. "Since I can barely fit little things in there, I can't even imagine how I'm ever going to take you in my ass, but I'm dying to feel you inside me. God, I wanted so badly for you to fuck me that night at the dorm. I was totally offering myself, and I couldn't believe it when you wouldn't take me."

"You know I wanted to, Jen. It wasn't that I didn't want you. I just think our first time should be truly epic, and I know you'll always remember it if it's on stage, in front of a live audience."

"Dirk, our first show is still weeks away. Seriously, I don't think I can wait that long. If I can't have you in my ass until then, you at least have to let me feel you inside my pussy."

He gave me this totally patronizing smile. After checking to make sure no one was looking, he reached inside my robe to caress my nipple, then he leaned down to kiss my ear. "Patience, beautiful girl, patience..." he whispered before heading off to his dressing room.

Now he was just taunting me.

~ ~ ~

"Guys, I wanna do one more little change to the bedroom scene," Katherine said, taking the two of us aside before the next day's rehearsal. "After talking with Jen the other night, I think there's a better, sexier way."

Biting suggestively on her pen, she flashed me a flirty grin.

I didn't quite know what she had in mind, but I sure liked the sound of it!

"Let's just say Jen inspired me," she added coyly, "and now I want a little more of her in this scene."

I laughed, "Katherine, I'm already going to be naked and having sex, so how much more could I possibly be in it?"

With the cutest little giggle she said, "Touché. Anyway, what I want to do is open this scene with you lying facedown on the bed, maybe reading a magazine, or just napping after your awesome sixty-nine. You're still nude, with the bed situated at an angle to the audience. Dirk comes in naked from the bathroom and sits beside you on the bed. He begins to stroke your legs, your back, and your ass. It's a really affectionate, loving moment. It will look so beautiful to the audience, Jen."

She gave me a warm, revealing smile. We both knew she was describing what she had done to me on that same bed, and she'd decided to add it to the play.

"After a little while, you'll start to respond to his caresses." Again she gave me a knowing look, which I returned with a happy smile. "You'll begin moving on the bed, writhing beneath his hands. Eventually you'll say, 'Look at my goose bumps. You're giving me chills. Let's get under the covers.' Then you'll both hop up and climb into bed.

"I want the audience to see you, Jen. I want them to see your nude body, all of it, and yours too, Dirk. Seeing you two will blow people away, and we're safe in doing it. I want you to go totally crazy on each other in bed, yet you still have to make absolutely, positively sure to keep the important stuff covered by the sheet."

Really wanting to drive home the message, she stared at us one at a time. I silently looked at Dirk, then we both nodded for her, indicating we understood.

"Just your lower bodies, though," she continued. "Remember, I want the audience to see you both from the waist up. Dirk, when you're on top of her, I want you to lock your arms and hold yourself steady above her. I want the audience to see Jen's breasts shudder with each powerful stroke you feed her."

"God, Katherine, you're killing me here..." I said, tightly crossing my legs to rub my clit. Listening to her, it took all my willpower not to reach down and stroke my pussy.

She saw how horny she was making me, which made her grin. "Good, Jen. That's the whole idea. I want you going out of your mind with lust. Now, Dirk, you really need to remember to keep at least the bottom of her ass covered when she gets on top and rides you. I want the audience to see your hands guiding her hips as you thrust deep inside her, and you can even show her ass grinding on you, but you cannot let that sheet fall completely away.

"Look, people are used to watching simulated sex. The girl grinds, the guy moans, and all anyone sees is maybe her pussy hair since she never lifts her hips enough to show anything major. That's how these things always go, and everyone's okay with it. With you two, though, I want more. I want Jen to move up and down on your breathtaking cock the way a woman really does when she's on top. I want everyone to see her incredible breasts bouncing on her chest. Dirk, I want it to look like she's really fucking you, but in order to do that you have to keep the important parts covered. You can't forget, and you can't slip up. Don't let us see your erection driving between her spread lips.

"Jen, when he's on top, I don't mind if the sheet slips down to show his ass pumping into you. That would be perfect, actually. Just don't let it fall so far that we can see between his legs. Don't let us see what his cock is doing to you. I mean definitely show us what his cock is doing to you, but don't literally show it.

"This is really important, guys, since the lights are going to be on during this one. You won't have the protection of darkness, like you will with the 'sixty-nine' scene. Can you both promise me that you'll make absolutely sure to keep the important stuff covered every single time? I'm talking no slip-ups. None."

When I nodded in agreement, Katherine took my hand and squeezed it.

Dirk also nodded, though he added a question. "Katherine, umm, what am I supposed to know...I mean, how am I supposed to deal with...." Glancing down, he gestured to his stiffening cock, every inch of which was clearly evident in his thin cargo pants.

Katherine said, "Oh, I'm glad you brought that up. This is going to be kind of tricky for you. Dirk, I don't mind if you're as hard as a rock during the sex scenes. Go ahead, let your cock become a foot long for those. My god, you'll have Jen spreading her legs for you, offering you her naked, gorgeous pussy. As beautiful as she is, you wouldn't be human if you didn't have a hard-on then. That's okay, though. She'll cover you with her upper body whenever she's giving you a blowjob, plus the lights will go down. When you're fucking her, the sheets will take care of it. The thing is, we just can't let the audience see you fully hard. That's the whole point. We cannot let them see you with an erection."

"Good luck with that," he answered.

Katherine grinned. "Honey, I wish we could. I really do. We'd sell a lot more tickets if we were allowed to show off your spectacular cock in all its mouthwatering glory."

"I know I'd come," I said, smiling sweetly.

"I'm sure you would, in more ways than one!" laughed Katherine. "Here's the tricky part, though. Dirk, when you first walk to the bed to start this scene, and again when you and Jen get up to climb under the covers, you two are going to be totally naked; we're talking full-frontal nudity. I want the audience to see how beautiful you both are. They'll see your cock then, and you can't be erect. Somehow you at least need to keep it soft enough that it's not throbbing hard and jutting out halfway across the stage, like it usually is. I don't mind if it's semi-erect. In fact I'd prefer it that way, because it would look awesome. Totally soft, maybe a little chubby, or hanging thick and partially erect, any of those are fine since they won't get us in trouble. You just cannot have a full-blown erection whenever the audience will be seeing your cock. It's too obvious with you, and we can't have you trying to hide it either. You two are supposed to be completely comfortable together, so you wouldn't try to hide it from her."

Giving him a teasing grin, I giggled, "I guess you better think of baseball, or maybe that hideously fat English teacher we had in high school! Just picture her totally butt-naked!"

"Yeah, yeah," he said, "laugh away, little girl. You have that luxury. When you get turned on during these scenes, it's never a problem. Meanwhile, I have to look at you and touch your naked body and somehow not get hard. Laugh all you want, but she's right, this won't be easy.

"Katherine, seriously, any suggestions? I know you don't care if I get hard when we're covered up, and you're right, I will, but what should I do to avoid getting hard those other times?"

"Believe it or not, Jen's right," she said. "Most actors will tell you they just try to think about things that aren't sexy, or they'll focus on their lines. Of course it doesn't always work. Sometimes a guy simply can't help it, and everyone understands that.

"Honestly, though, this comes up a lot more often in TV and film. Since there are so few plays that involve these types of situations, it usually isn't too much of an issue in live theater. Like I told you guys, this is fairly new ground for me, directing a play with full nudity and serious simulated sex."

I said, "Dirk, don't worry, it's not going to be a problem. The more we keep rehearsing these scenes, the less excited you'll get. Eventually all of this will become no big deal to you. Just watch, pretty soon here you won't even be able to get it up for me!"

"That'll never happen," he said, smiling confidently.

"No, I doubt it ever will," grinned Katherine. "Like she said, though, we'll just need to work on it. We still have time before the first live performance. Besides, it's not important that you get hard; it's only important for certain scenes that you don't get hard. If you never become erect, that would be fine."

"No it wouldn't!" I whined, making a pouty face while playfully slapping her on the shoulder.

"Sweetie, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Here, watch this...." She leaned over to Dirk and whispered, "Do you want to fuck Jen?"

She stepped back, and we watched his thick cock rise to full erection in his cargo pants. Flourishing her hands like some hottie hostess on a TV game show, she presented it as if it were a grand prize vacation in Bora Bora. "See?" she giggled. "That's the least of our worries. Jen, his wonderful cock wants you in the worst way, and that's not about to change. Making him hard will never be a problem for you. The main thing is even though I can't have Dirk getting hard-ons at the wrong times, I still need his passion. Seriously, I wish I could show his enormous erections. I want the audience to see his crazy desire for you. The passion you two give me on stage is awesome. I need that, always; every scene, every show."

"Poor Dirk!" I said teasingly, reaching over to stroke his erection, and a giggling Katherine just shook her head. Her expression changed, though, when a small wet spot began forming over the tip of his pulsing cock. Looking Dirk straight in the eye, I continued stroking him, only much more sexily; as the wet spot grew, I cooed, "Poor, poor Dirk. Such a huge burden you carry...such a long, thick, delicious burden...." Kneeling before him, I took firm hold of his shaft and flicked my tongue all around the drooling crown.

'Two can play the taunting game,' I grinned to myself, sucking Dirk's silky pre-cum right through his pants.

Smiling softly, Katherine sighed, "You guys are killing me."

~ ~ ~

Our next rehearsal was an emotional tug-of-war, the two of us doing our best to tease and outright torture each other. During the 'pull down my panties' scene Dirk playfully bit my clit, literally making me jump. Looking up smugly from his knees, he gave me a "Gotcha!" smile. I got my revenge, though, during the 'sixty-nine' scene. After he rimmed my asshole and made me cum like crazy, I brought him to the very brink in my mouth. As he moaned for me to finish him, I squeezed the base of his cock really hard, preventing him from cumming. Over and over I walked him right to the very edge, only to leave him hanging every time.

"What's the matter, honeeey?" I grinned, sweetly singing it into his mouth after taking off my robe and spinning around to lie on top of him.

When we got to the scene on top of the sheets, Dirk couldn't stop himself from becoming totally hard. Looking over my shoulder while pressing my ass against him, I smiled at the sight of his huge erection. "Sweetie, your big, gorgeous cock is saying he wants to go inside me now. I think you should listen to him."

His dick visibly throbbed.

"Cut!" yelled Katherine, and the whole crew busted up when she added, "Medic! We've got definite wood!"

A few minutes later, after Dirk had gotten control of himself a bit better, we tried running through that same scene again. This time he went straight for my weak spot, penetrating my asshole with the tips of his ring and middle fingers. Staring between my legs, he teased me into a jumpy little orgasm, making me yelp as I squirted all over his hand.

"Clean up on aisle five!" a stagehand shouted.

I was totally mortified, yet I couldn't help but laugh along with everyone else.

Eventually we made it through that scene, then we got up to get into bed. Although Dirk's cock was jutting straight out, it was at least somewhat rubbery, so Katherine let us continue. When we climbed under the covers, Dirk leaned down to kiss me, whispering, "Now you're gonna pay, little girl."

He simply tormented me. That's all anyone could call it. I know Katherine wanted us to go crazy during the sex scenes, but he really was driving me insane with the way he kept dragging his fully erect cock through and over my grasping pussy. He would press the head against my clit, making my whole body spasm; then, while biting my nipples, he'd do these maddening little pokes between my wet a bit further...then right back out.

I finally just grabbed his ass and tried to pull him inside me, crying out, "Goddammit, fuck me!"

Katherine was ecstatic! "Yes! Perfect! Just like that!" she cheered, clapping and jumping up and down like a proud PTA mom.

Once we switched places and I was on top, I again got my revenge; that is, if cutting off my nose to spite my face can be considered revenge. Pressing my pussy all along the length of his shaft, I gave him the most blatant stripper-grind in the history of lap dance sluts. As I fully drenched his cock, he squeezed my hips so hard that I was certain it would leave bruises.

His breathing was becoming ragged when Katherine called out, "Sheets, guys! I can see pink!"

As Dirk quickly pulled the sheets over my ass, I leaned down to kiss him and whisper, "You're going to cum for me, aren't you, baby? Your cock desperately wants inside my pussy, but he's not allowed in right now. This is what you want to feel though, isn't it?" Nipping his lower lip, I slid up a bit to grasp his shaft with my ass. I flexed and flexed, continuing to drench him with my molten pussy; finally I could feel it in his cock and see it in his face that he was ready to cum, and I breathed into his mouth, "Always remember, your cock belongs in my pussy...and my ass."

I felt his shaft pulsing between my lips; when his hands clutched my hips in a sudden death-grip, I smiled smugly as he shot gobs and gobs of pearly white cum onto his stomach and chest. Extending a good eight inches, one rope shone conspicuously wet on his neck. I was sorely tempted to lick it all up, but after the way he'd been so cruel to me the entire day I decided to let him deal with it on his own. I was really hoping the whole crew would see it.

"Excellent!" Katherine shouted, ending the scene, and I got up to put my robe on. When she came to us and saw Dirk's thick cum glistening all over his body - and none dripping from my pussy - she giggled to me, "Good girl! That'll teach him!"

She went ahead and fetched him a small towel, then we left him there on the bed.

~ ~ ~

"Where's J.T.?" I asked Ray, later that night.

Something was obviously wrong. It was just the two of us sitting on Ray's bed, and he was clearly on edge.

"Uhhh...he went out," was all he would say.

Noticing his level of agitation, I decided not to push it. He quickly jumped into the shower before taking off, leaving me alone in their room.

Fine by me. I just wanted to Instant Message with Steph anyway, so that's what we did. E-mailing her is okay, but Instant Messaging is always a lot more fun. Since we live so far away from each other, the main way we communicate is through texting for short messages and the internet for longer things. Phone calls are just too expensive.

We had a total blast. After I told her all about Katherine, she said that had she known I was such a "raging dyke" she would have fucked me a long time ago!

"Better late than never!" I responded.

"Big talk, from 2,000 miles away!" she wrote back.

"You'll see! The next time you come home, maybe you and I can do a hot lesbo show for Ray and J.T.!"

"Screw that. You can keep J.T. If we're gonna have a threesome, I want it to be with Dirk...or Katherine!"

"Mmmm, me too."

Eventually we had to call it a night, and I went to bed...alone. That's when I discovered why Ray had been acting so squirrelly. Climbing into bed, I pulled back the covers, and there lay a wet, neon pink thong.

It wasn't mine.

~ ~ ~

"Jen, are we going to have a problem with J.T. being here? I mean, seriously, is he gonna freak out when he sees you and Dirk together?"

Katherine and I were speaking alone in my dressing room after J.T. had unexpectedly showed up for tonight's rehearsal. She was genuinely concerned for me, and for Dirk too. I'd already told her about their history, in particular J.T.'s near-obsession with Dirk, so she was a little worried.

When I asked J.T. what he was doing there, he said he wanted to watch one of my "crazy sex shows" in person, and I believed him. He wasn't looking to cause any trouble. If anything, he was just horny. He didn't want to have to wait for me to come by the dorm later before he could get his nightly fix of Jen's Sex News. For once he wanted to witness it firsthand, that's all, and that's what I told Katherine.

"You don't need to worry about him. He's fine. He just wants to check it out. I told you, he likes to watch me be sexy, so this will get him all excited. I didn't even know he was coming tonight, but now that he's here, hey, whatever. After that crap he pulled on me with Miss Pink Thong, I'm really looking forward to this."

"Okaaaay..." she said, sounding more than a little dubious. "Anyway, you're sure those panties weren't yours? There's absolutely no chance you left them in his bed?"

I just smirked.

"Okay, so it was a stupid question," she grinned, then she gave me a warm hug. Brushing my hair away, she kissed my ear and whispered, "He must be the biggest idiot in the world."

All throughout the rehearsal Dirk never mentioned a word about J.T. being there. Rather than say anything, he just laid it on extra thick during the make-out scenes, shooting me these fiery looks that sent awesome chills down my spine. He was fully hard the entire time, and Katherine totally let it slide.

God, it turned me on to see him being so competitive and...possessive?

That thought absolutely made me wet.

When we arrived at the scene where he was supposed to expose my ass and nuzzle my pussy, he bypassed my pussy lips and any real nuzzling. Instead he went straight for my cunt, spreading me open and jamming his tongue deep inside. There I was, standing with my bare ass facing the audience, and Dirk was fully eating me out. Since the first few rows of seats are beneath the stage, I'm sure everyone had to be able to see my pussy, so they also had to be able to see Dirk's tongue plunging into my pink depths.

Nobody said a word; except for the wet sounds of my pussy being licked and sucked, the auditorium was utterly silent. Katherine was letting him devour me, so I just went with it; draping my thigh over his shoulder, I spread myself open while wiggling my ass as sexily as possible. It wasn't like I had to fake it, either. My hips were going crazy from Dirk eating my pussy with all of them watching.

When we got to the 'sixty-nine' scene Dirk went straight for my ass, spreading my cheeks and tongue-fucking my tight little star. Moaning long and hard, I came almost instantly, and I couldn't believe he didn't empty his heavy balls right down my throat. He was just brutally fucking my face, driving his cock past my lips as I noisily sucked and slurped in a vain effort to keep up with his relentless pounding. I finally began begging out loud for his cum, but he wouldn't give it to me. He was being a real brat.

Once I'd spun back around to conclude the scene, I stayed right where I was, face to face on top of him. I was giving him time for his cock to go soft; at least that's what I was supposed to be doing. As the curtain descended, we lay grinning in each other's arms, and he followed Katherine's instructions to a tee by gently caressing my ass. I didn't quite play my part, though, choosing instead to drive him insane by clenching my wet pussy all over his pulsing cockhead.

"Ooooh, fuck, Jen! What are you doing?" he grimaced.

Giggling, I got up to grab my robe. Carrying it instead of putting it on, I headed naked to my dressing room. A few moments later there was a knock on my door, then J.T. came in.

"So, what did you think?" I asked, grinning in my vanity mirror.

"'re a great actress, Jen. You were just awesome. Damn, it looked so real!" was all he managed to splutter out.

"Did it? Did you enjoy seeing me do those things...with Dirk?" Still grinning, I turned to him. "C'mere."

His hard-on was obvious, and I stroked him through his pants. "I guess you did..." I purred. "Mmmm, you're really going to like this next scene. You'll get to watch Dirk fuck me. Will that turn you on even more, baby? Are you looking forward to seeing me naked with him, my legs spread, my dripping wet pussy being pounded by his huge cock? Do you think you'll cum from watching me, the way you do when I suck Ray's dick?"

I was really laying it on thick. I was enjoying it, and he deserved every bit of it.

Before the next scene was about to begin, I positioned myself diagonally on the bed, making sure to point my ass directly towards the audience. Again Dirk came out with an enormous erection; again Katherine let it slide. Undulating my hips in rhythm with Dirk's exploring hands, I did my slutty best to expose my wet pussy to J.T. I was praying Dirk would finger-fuck me, and not just my pussy. I wanted him to jam his fingers deep in my ass. Instead he just kept spreading me, opening me wide with outward caressing motions.

"You have such a gorgeous pussy," he whispered.

"Mmmmmm...touch it," I whispered back.

Teasing me instead of touching me, he again pulled my ass open. "You have the cutest little asshole."

"It's yours, but you better take it soon, before I get tired of waiting and give it to someone else," I smiled, turning my head to look at him.

"Someone else like J.T., or someone else like Katherine?" he grinned.

I just wiggled my bottom again. "Mmmm-hmmm! I bet she would know exactly what to do with my ass...."

It's a good thing we weren't mic'd! We were whispering to each other, and Katherine always loves when we do that. She thinks it adds to the realism of the scene, so she never stops us. She just lets us roll in and out of the script.

"Awesome, Dirk!" she called out. "That's an amazing shot of her! Jen, you can't imagine how gorgeous you look!"

Since Katherine seemed to be letting everything go, Dirk went ahead and slid two fingers inside my pussy, deeply fucking me. Moaning, I tilted my hips and spread my legs, totally showing myself to the audience.

"Okay, I think you guys are more than ready to move on to the next scene!" laughed Katherine, but only after she'd let him openly fuck me for a good thirty seconds! Dirk was still completely hard when we hopped up, and all she did was laugh again. "Jesus, Dirk, is that a cock, or a flagpole at the United Nations? Would you get that thing beneath the covers already, you big show-off!"

Once we'd climbed into bed, Dirk finally broached the subject of J.T. being at the rehearsal.

"Why did you bring him here?" he whispered.

I jumped when he slapped his cockhead against my clit. "I didn't," I said, my breathing becoming ragged. "I had no idea he would be here tonight. He just decided to show up on his own."

Dirk leered evilly. "Jen, take it in your hand. You know what to do."

"Oh, you really are cruel," I grinned, reaching down to grasp his steely length. With my other hand I spread my lips while guiding his large flared crown inside the drenched mouth of my pussy. "Maybe with him here you'll finally do more than just tease me...." Smiling sexily, I slid my hips forward, taking a good three inches of cock-perfection into my warm, wet embrace...then I suddenly gasped.

He'd dropped his hips, sinking his thick slab all the way inside me.

"Ohhh god!" I moaned, wrapping my arms and legs around him. He leaned down to kiss me, then it was just wild tongue-wrestling for a solid couple of minutes as his ravenous cock pounded my pussy. Pulling the sheet down, I grabbed his bare ass and drove him into me hard and fast. He was going so deep that it felt like he was bombing my throat, and still I wanted more. Our bodies were loudly smacking together, his huge balls slapping against my ass. I raised my legs higher, draping them on his shoulders; I could hear our wet sluicing sounds, which drove me even crazier. His cock completely filled me, and it was...perfect. It was fucking perfect. I only wished I also had it in my mouth at the same time it was gloriously ransacking my cunt.

Finally I screamed, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Dirk! Fuck me!"

"It's 'Eric,' you nitwit!" came a stagehand's voice. "What are you, blonde? You're being fucked by Eric Clapton, not Dirk, remember?"

I laughed, Dirk laughed, and suddenly the whole theater was busting up! Looking past Dirk's arm, I saw Katherine laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face, and even J.T. was laughing into his cell phone.

"FINE!" I shouted, still laughing along with everyone else. "Fuck me, ERIC! Oh god, ERIC! Keep fucking me with your huge ERIC cock! Fill my wet pussy with your ERIC cum!"

How awesome! How totally, amazingly awesome! Dirk was finally fucking me, the whole crew plus my boyfriend were watching, and we were all having the best laugh ever!

"I mean it," I said, whispering to Dirk. "Fill me with cum. I've waited so long to feel your cock inside me, and all I want now is to feel it explode. Fill my pussy with your biggest load ever...."

Changing things up, he started fucking me slowly and deeply. I was finally getting to experience the feeling of his massive cock taking my pussy, and it was everything I had ever imagined. It was so big that it literally stretched me open; I felt totally stuffed with warm, hard cock. On every upstroke I jumped at the electric sensation of his silky shaft dragging deliciously along my clit...on every downstroke I moaned when his cockhead kissed my cervix. Each time he hit bottom, his balls slapping against my wet ass cheeks, I cried out with joy.

"God, it's splitting me deep inside my pussy...mmmm, baby...I love your cock...your huge, pounding cock...ooh, yes, fuck my pussy!" I moaned, loudly enough for the janitor to hear me!

That's when Dirk rolled me up on top of him. It was just awesome, too, the way he stayed buried inside me the whole time!

"Sheets! Sheets!" shouted Katherine.

"Sorry!" Dirk shouted back. "Won't happen again! Promise!"

"Better not!" she laughed. "I saw more than just pink that time, you mule!"

The crew loved that one, and I loved watching Dirk's face as I sat up and reached back between my legs to stroke his cock. I loved it even more when I slowly slid down, fully impaling myself on his long, thick shaft.

"Keep my pussy covered, but make sure to let my ass show. I want you to squeeze it like crazy while we fuck our brains out. I'm not going to stop fucking you until we both cum," I whispered.

"You know J.T. is watching. Do you think he realizes?"

" let the sheet drop...dunno...don't you?" I grinned, panting each set of words in short bursts as I rode up and down his thrill-ride cock.

"Not really," he said, pulling me down for a hot kiss.

"Good, then fuck me better than you've ever fucked anyone. Let J.T. watch as you take me from him," I moaned, cumming on his cock just from saying it.

Arching my back, I reached up to cup my breasts and pinch my nipples. Dirk began a ferocious slamming deep inside my pussy, making me cry out in sheer delirium. I was sure everyone could hear our bodies smacking together, but I guess that's what Katherine wanted because she shouted, "Perfect! This is the perfect fuck!"

"Jen, where do you want it? I'm getting close!" hissed Dirk, and I had to reach back to hold the sheet when he let go of it to mash my breasts with both hands. I knew my ass was showing, so I started squeezing it myself while bouncing up and down on his magical dick.

"Awesome move, Jen! Love the ass squeezing!" cheered Katherine.

Leaning down, I whispered to Dirk, "Definitely in my pussy. I want all of it, as much as you can give me." Then I gave his lip a little bite. "Now get your hands back on my ass, and remember the sheet!"

He returned his frantic paws to my ass, but I think he was past the point of paying much attention to the sheet. It sure felt like it had slipped below his hands, which were spreading my cheeks wide open as he mauled them, just squeezing and smacking them in a glorious frenzy. All he wanted was to cum. He was in a wild sprint to the finish line, and nothing else mattered except his majestic cock pounding into my ecstatic pussy at a redline-crashing pace.

When he finally exploded inside me, I screamed, "YESSSS! FUUUUUCK MEEEE!" I think I shocked Dirk with how loud I was, and I know I startled Katherine because she literally shrieked! God, I came hard. There was so much cum dripping from both of us, we couldn't risk getting up from the bed.

Applauding with even more crazy enthusiasm than usual, Katherine exclaimed, "Now THAT is how I want you two to fuck for me, every time!" When I just dropped in a heap onto Dirk's chest, Katherine dashed backstage to grab us a couple of towels. "I'm guessing you guys will need these..." she whispered, grinning brightly as she tossed them on the bed. "Just stay here and catch your breath. I'll cover for you."

From then on, Katherine always made sure there was a big towel hidden beneath the sheets for us.

Knowing I had about an hour before my next scene, I went back to my dressing room. After checking my messages, I turned the lights off and curled up on my little couch to take a quick catnap.

A few minutes later there was a knock at my door. "Jen, it's me. Can I come in?" asked J.T.

I was only wearing a short robe, and my pussy was still leaking cum. I knew I had to reek of sex.

'So? I just did a sex scene! Of course I'm all sweaty, and why wouldn't my pussy be wet?' I thought, trying to rationalize it.

"Come on in," I said, leaning over to adjust the dimmer switch. I was about to ask him what he thought of the scene when he just launched himself on top of me! Before I even knew what was happening, he was thrusting his erection inside my cum-filled pussy!

"Oh, fuck, Jen! That was the most awesome thing I have ever seen! You made it look so real!" Railing me like a madman, he laughed, "Jesus, your pussy is totally drenched! I've never felt it this wet before! God, you are so fucking hot!"

Grasping his hips to pull him into me, I urged him on. "Hurry, baby," I whispered. "We don't have much time, so cum for me."

I wanted him to add his cum to Dirk's, just to make sure.

As J.T. was pouring his load inside me, I heard another knock on my door. Before I could say anything, Katherine popped into the room.

"Oh! Sorry!" she said, quickly ducking back out.

"You gotta get out of here!" I giggled to J.T., pushing him off of me and out the door.

A few moments later I was lying back on my little sofa, laughing to myself over how crazy things had gotten lately. The knock on the door came again, and this time Katherine asked, "Jen? May I come in?"

"Come on in. Everyone else does!" I laughed.

She came in and sat down beside me on the sofa. "Sorry about that. I didn't know you had company," she smiled, caressing my face. "Sweetie, you should probably lock the door when you're entertaining guests."

"I'm sorry about that, too. I swear I didn't know he was going to come to my dressing room, then he just went crazy. God, I've never seen him so horny. He was inside me before I even had a chance to say anything. The next thing I knew, there you were, watching him fuck me like a maniac...."

"Can't exactly say I blame him," she grinned. Taking my hand, she laughed, "For as long as he lives, I bet the image of you fucking Dirk like that will forever be burned into his brain!"

I squeezed her hand and held it to my chest. My robe was open, I was lying on my back with two full loads of cum inside my pussy, and my favorite person in the whole world was smiling at me. I didn't know what to say, so I just kissed her hand before bringing it back to my chest.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

I'd already gotten over J.T.'s clumsy horndog attack. Honestly, it barely even registered with me. I was still replaying in my mind the epic fucking Dirk had given me, and I was also enjoying lurid visions starring my sexy Katherine.

"Oh, believe me, I'm just fine," I said, smiling softly. "And thank you...thank you soooo much." I kissed her hand again before laying it on my bare stomach.

"What are you thanking me for?" she asked, returning my smile while gently rubbing my warm tummy.

"I'm thanking you for everything you've done for me, and for the way you always make me feel so beautiful. Katherine, it's everything you do, and every word you say. I love every moment I'm with you. I swear, I love every single thing about you."

Katherine started crying! Oh god! I sat up and hugged her, frantically kissing her beautiful, glimmering eyes. Then I started crying too!

" amazing, wonderful have no idea what you're doing to me," she said, brushing away our tears.

As she touched my face, I basked in the warmth of her radiant smile. "Katherine, all I know is that for the first time in my life I'm feeling what other people feel. I've never felt any truly intense emotions before, and now you're making me feel them every day. Because of you, I'm becoming a real woman. This time you've given me - this time with you, and with Dirk - it's like a godsend."

"What about J.T.?" she asked, seductively running her fingertips through my soft little landing strip of pubic hair.

"Mmmm, you have the best touch in the whole world, you know that?"

"If that's true, it's only because I'm touching the most beautiful girl in the whole world," she said, smiling sweetly. "So, what about J.T.?"

"This will sound cruel, but I think I'm pretty much done with him. He cheats way too much, plus he's just know...."

"He's just not what, baby?" she asked, caressing my wet pussy lips.

"He's just He doesn't make me feel the way you do. No one ever has. Katherine, I've never been in love before, not until I fell in love with you."

Her bottom lip trembling, she tried to respond, but her voice caught in her throat. I spread my legs for her, and she let out a sexy gasp.

"Are you going to make me cum again?" I asked, reaching out to touch her shimmering tears.

"Yes, I will...if you want me to," she whispered, her steady gaze fixed on my delicate pink petals.

"You know I do."

Smiling happily, she spread my lips with her fingertips, and a new thought instantly overwhelmed me.

"Katherine, will you let me make you cum too? Please?"

Hopping up to lock my door, she purred, "Mmmm, I've got news for you, baby...." Returning to my side, she reached beneath her skirt to slip off her panties. "You already have...many, many times."

When she leaned down to kiss me, I knew my wildest dreams were coming true. She pressed her tongue between my lips, making me moan her name. Grasping my breast, she pinched the nipple before lightly nipping at it with her teeth, and I nearly passed out.

"Then let me do it again. God, I want to see you cum," I managed to whisper between ragged breaths, as I began turning her hips.

"Oh, Jen..." she moaned.

I felt warm breath on my tender labia, then a soft, feminine kiss. 'Oh my god,' I thought, realizing she was going to eat my pussy full of cum; clutching her beautiful bottom, I shuddered through a sudden, delicious orgasm.

"Oh god...oh fuck!" she yelped when I pressed my mouth to her silky slit. As I slithered my tongue inside, I felt her pussy spasm. It was just amazing, the way her entire body quivered.

Damn, I wanted her more than anything. Burying my face in her gorgeous sex, I spread her open and attacked her shining wet flower with a hunger I'd never known. When she cried my name, moaning it deep inside my pussy, I came and came and came....

~to be continued~

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