Deceptions: Ch. 04

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The play is the thing...

The next rehearsal was amazing.

For starters, Katherine had us practice the first blowjob scene. It cracks me up just to say that!

The first blowjob scene.

I mean...really? The first blowjob scene? What, one wouldn't be enough?

God, Steph was going to die laughing.

Anyway, Katherine had us recite our lines, then she began positioning us to see how we would look to the audience. Trying different locations and body angles, she'd have me kneel before him and lean down over him; sometimes by the couch, other times beside the chair, or maybe next to the bed. Nothing seemed to work for her, so she kept moving us all around the stage.

"Guys, I want to try something," she finally said. "What's bothering me here is the obvious fakeness of this scene. We're not doing porn, so I can't have it look as real as I would like. Still, we can do this. I know it's different from what we talked about, but I really think it will work better. We need to use lighting to help us imply what we can't actually show."

She called out to the lighting guy, telling him to watch for her signal before gradually darkening the stage.

"Okay, Dirk, I want you on the couch, leaning back against the armrest. Jen, I need you kneeling beside him. I'm thinking you can start by kissing his chest and stomach. When he reaches over to turn off the lamp, slowly undo his pajamas. While you're doing that, the main lights will dim. You only need to make the initial motion, like you're undoing the snap. Once Dirk clicks off the lamp and the stage lights go down, you'll be in relative darkness; not complete darkness, though. I still want the audience to be able to make out your shapes. That's when you begin sucking his dick."

I laughed, and she did too. "Just use your body to shield what you're doing. Seriously, I need it to look like you're really sucking his dick. I want you to go totally crazy on it. I want to see your head and shoulders moving up and down, and I definitely want to hear your wet sucking sounds. This is an intense, sexy scene. It's going to last for at least a couple of minutes. Finally, with Dirk unable to take it any longer, he pulls you into the sixty-nine. Let your little robe hang down; once you're on top, it will cover most everything you do. The sixty-nine should last for another few minutes, and I want you both to have killer orgasms, especially you, Jen. You're being taken from your lover. You need to be overwhelmed. Dirk's gotta give you a damn good reason to leave your man, who's not just any man. He's a fucking Beatle! So, after you explode in a wild cum, you'll collapse on top of him before spinning around to kiss him again, then we'll completely darken the stage to end the scene. When the curtain drops, you guys go get ready for the next one."

She gave me a big grin. "Got all that? Again, I really need you to sell it. Passion, guys, passion. Make us believe it."

Yow. Dirk and I were blown away. This time he didn't even bother to be embarrassed; he simply let his cock grow until it was jutting out like a baseball bat as Katherine and I openly stared at it. Eventually dragging my protesting eyes back up to his face, I gave him a happy smile. Katherine, though, she just bopped the head of his insane erection with her clipboard, laughing, "That's the spirit! You desperately want to drive that huge dick inside this young, beautiful girl, and who could blame you? Now let's do this! I want it hot!"

After reciting our lines, we started kissing next to the couch, with the lights medium-dim. Dirk was so out-of-his-mind horny that he wasted no time in jamming his silk-covered cock straight into my pussy, then his tongue was in my mouth. I wasted no time either, immediately pressing my tits and pussy against him while sucking his tongue like it was a miniature cock. Right away his hands went beneath my robe, lifting it as he fondled my ass. All I had on were white bikini panties; when he slid his hands inside, fully cupping and squeezing my bare bottom, Katherine exclaimed, "Excellent! That looks fabulous! Awesome ass, Jen! Keep going!"

I couldn't help it. I giggled into Dirk's mouth at that "Awesome ass, Jen!" comment shouted across an auditorium. Everything with Katherine was "awesome," and she was such a nonstop cheerleader. I totally loved that about her.

Dirk let me finish giggling before whispering, "She's right, though, Jen. You do have an awesome ass." Nipping my bottom lip, he added, "And I can't wait to taste it."

That shocked me right back into the moment, and there was Katherine again, calling out, "That's good! Keep whispering to each other! We can't hear it, so it doesn't even matter what you're saying, but that's what real lovers do. The whispering is great, guys. It's the perfect touch!"

Giggling again, I whispered, "Who said anything about tasting my ass, hmmm? There's nothing in the script about eating my ass. You're only supposed to eat my pussy, and I'll always have panties on."

"Who said I was talking about the play? You weren't wearing any panties the other night in the rec room," he grinned, pulling back to look me in the eye.

"Oh...god," I moaned.

Maybe I couldn't have everything I wanted just then, but I could at least have something, and I was determined to take it.

Totally spacing out on Katherine's directions, I whispered to Dirk, "Turn that damn light off already. I need to suck your cock."

After a brief hesitation, he reached over and clicked it off. Grinning, I went straight to my knees. The house lights dimmed, and boy did they dim! I wasn't expecting it to be so dark! I looked over to where I knew Katherine was sitting, and I couldn't even find her. Turning back to Dirk, I could see him easily enough from the little bit of ambient light coming from the side of the stage. He smiled as I ran my hands up his thighs and across his stomach before bringing them to his cock. I was supposed to have him lean back onto the couch, but first I wanted to enjoy a few moments of exploration, caressing and squeezing his to-die-for dick.

"Fantastic!" laughed Katherine. "Jen, I like your way even better. Keep going with it. Just do whatever comes naturally. You two look awesome!"

With my hands returning to Dirk's sexy stomach, I nuzzled my face against his erection. Brushing my cheeks and lips up and down his silky length, I paused to give it a playful growling bite.

"Hey! No teeth!" he hissed, grinning.

Giggling again, I bit a little harder. "Shhh! You just hush, cock boy! You're mine now!" I whispered, softly mouthing the tip through his pajamas. Knowing that I needed to get on with it, I positioned him lengthwise on the sofa.

The back and arms of the couch were so tall that nobody to the rear or on either side of the stage could really see him. Only the audience would be able to see him, and it was my job to shield his midsection while pretending to suck his cock.

Debating whether to go for it right away or keep teasing him, I ran my fingertips provocatively along his waistband.

Dirk made the decision for me by pulling my head down to his stomach, ostensibly to hide what we were supposed to be doing. Squeezing his hips, I began nuzzling his tightly muscled abdomen with my nose and lips. While moving my face in sensual circles, the thought occurred to me that I never should have cut my hair so short. I wanted to fan it out to help cover us, but my shoulder-length Goth cut wasn't nearly long enough.

No biggie. During the actual performances Dirk and I will be wearing "early '70s long hair" wigs, as Katherine describes them.

On the plus side, J.T. tells me he likes that he doesn't have to keep moving my hair away to watch my face when I suck his dick.

That thought made me giggle, which made me giggle even more over the realization that I'm really still just a goofball teenager who giggles at everything. I giggle at the silliest sex stuff, always at the dumbest times. It reminded me that Dirk's slutty girlfriends probably don't constantly giggle like nine-year-olds, the way I do. Well, too bad! I giggle a lot! So what?

"You are such a retard. What are you giggling over now?" Dirk whispered good-naturedly.

Being called a retard on stage by the guy whose dick I was about to suck made me giggle even more! 'God, this is so awesome!' I laughed to myself. "Sorry!" I finally whispered. I suppressed my giggling fit by planting my lips on his belly button. He groaned when I stuck my tongue inside and wiggled it around, then I slid my mouth all the way down his "happy trail" to his waistband. Using my teeth, I unsnapped the button before giving his cockhead a teasing nip. Once I had the pajamas undone, I just mashed my face into his pubic hair and nuzzled there for a while. His rock-hard cock was to the left of my face, between my head and the back of the sofa.

"Looks great, Jen! Love the nuzzling!"

Again Katherine's shout of encouragement made me crack up. This time I laughed out loud.

"Sorry!" she giggled from across the auditorium. "I'll try to shut up now!"

Dirk whispered, "Jen, stop giggling already, and suck my cock! Come on, I'm dying here!"

Grinning, I ran my face along his hard shaft, most of which was still covered by his pajamas. When I made it to the enormous mushroom tip, I nudged the jammies aside with my nose; after baring his huge dick, I pressed my cheek to it, savoring its warmth. Stroking my face back and forth along his pulsing length, I stopped to nip at the junction where the base of his shaft meets his lower abdomen. His cock sprang straight up alongside my jaw, so I turned to it while forming my mouth into an 'O' shape. Placing my lips on the hot flesh, I trailed all the way up and down one side of his thick pole before pressing it flat against his thigh with my cheek. Using my hand to hold it down, I planted a row of kisses on the other side of the shaft, right beneath the throbbing head.

A drop of pre-cum dribbled from the slit. Delighted, I licked his flared crown. "Yummy," I whispered, smiling over the torture I was giving him.

"Jen, please! Put it in your mouth!" he hissed in desperation.

I took that opportunity to spin around, placing my panties-covered bottom right over his face. Leaning down, I buried my mouth in his smooth, hairless balls; gently biting them, I tugged on the bare skin.

I let out a shriek when I felt his teeth latch on to my pussy through my panties. He simply took my entire sex into his mouth and began sucking on it! I was so excited that I came almost instantly, completely drenching my panties. I heard him sputtering, trying to find his breath as I humped my trembling pussy against his face. With my ass wildly hopping up and down, he pulled my panties aside to jam two fingers deep into my hot cunt. Once he started fucking me, I flopped my upper body onto his legs, positioning my face and shoulders between his cock and the audience.

Grabbing his dick at the base, I brought it to my mouth; feeding it inside, I took as much as I could and began giving him a thoroughly wet, noisy blowjob.

'Finally, I'm sucking your cock,' I thought triumphantly. When his satisfied groans joined mine within the echoing auditorium, I grinned around his thick dick and sucked even harder.

Katherine clapped excitedly, but for once she managed not to say anything.

I treated myself to two long passes before relaxing my throat and taking his cock all the way down. When I buried my nose in his balls, showing him that I'd taken every inch, I felt his entire body spasm. I held that position, moaning happily as he poured his enormous load into my tummy. Though I wanted to pull back and taste his cum, I just kept my head still, letting him fully enjoy his orgasm.

There would be other times, I knew. Besides, by swallowing every last drop I left no evidence that we'd really done it, right?

When he was finished cumming, I discreetly tucked him away and snapped his jammies closed before spinning around again to stretch out on top of him. Immediately he slid his hands beneath my robe, cupping my ass. I loved the feeling of his big hands on my bare bottom, and I told him so. "Mmmm, I finally got to suck your gorgeous cock, and your hands feel so perfect on my ass. I think I'm really going to like doing this play," I whispered.

"Me too," he grinned between kisses. "You have an incredibly great ass."

"Oh yeah? Well you have an incredibly awesome cock...maybe even too awesome. I'm going to have a tough time hiding what we're really doing if I suck your beautiful dick every time I see it, which is exactly what I always want to do. We're gonna get busted for sure!"

The house lights dimmed to pitch-black. When they came back on, an applauding Katherine shouted, "Yes! That was excellent! You guys are just awesome together!"

After we were dressed and done for the day, Katherine took us aside for another of her little pow-wows. Grinning, she said, "Look, guys, I've been thinking. I know, scary, right? Anyway, Jen, that scene was super hot, but realistically any man who was in Dirk's position would want your panties off."

"Definitely," Dirk said, nodding sagely.

I just had to laugh. "Jeez, Katherine! So now you want me to go pantiless, too?"

"Well...yes, I do," she answered, smiling sweetly. "In fact, I think I'm also just going to have you take Dirk's pajamas all the way off in this scene. It makes sense for the flow of the story, since the next scene has you both naked in bed. The audience will see Dirk fully nude at the beginning of that one. There's no way you'd put your panties back on after doing a sixty-nine, not when you two are headed to bed to make love. The question is how to do it? Do we have you take your panties off as part of the make-out scene, making a big production of it, or are you simply not wearing anything beneath your robe in the first place? Maybe we get you completely naked during the sixty-nine scene, like Dirk's going to be."

"Don't we still need my robe to help hide what we're supposed to be doing? Dirk has a really big cock, so it's going to be difficult enough as it is to keep the audience from seeing it if he keeps getting hard like this..." I said, reaching down to grasp his erection, which she could clearly see for herself anyway.

Watching me stroke his firm length, she smiled. "Sweetie, as long as you're in this show, I'm sure he'll be constantly hard. Okay, you're right, I think we ought to start off by keeping the robe, at least until you're done with the sixty-nine. Here's what we'll do. This will be much sexier. Next time, Dirk, when you're kissing Jen in front of the sofa, reach up beneath her robe and pull her panties down. This is before she gives you the blowjob. We'll go ahead and make it a big production. Nothing's sexier than watching a woman take her panties off, especially when a man does it for her while she's still standing. That one little part, when the woman wiggles her hips to help the panties slide over her ass and down her thighs, then that last part, as she gingerly steps out of them? There is nothing hotter. It's like the dropping of the flag at a car race. It's the final barrier removed...permission granted. Complete surrender. I'm telling you, it's the hottest fucking thing on the planet. It always is. And with Jen's perfect, amazing ass? That would just be super incredibly, awesomely hot!"

"Okay, okay!" I said, laughing again. "We'll have him take off my panties!"

Katherine is just a total crack-up, the way she talks a mile a minute like that. She is such a spaz. God, I love her.

Still zipping along at warp speed, she said, "You have to make absolutely, positively sure to show the audience her ass, Dirk. After she steps out of her panties, slowly run your hands up the backs of her thighs and over that stunning bottom of hers, lifting her robe above her ass with your wrists. Cup it, squeeze it...caress every supple inch. I mean really savor it. Show it off. Let's make her ass a star too. When you pull up her robe, do it like a museum unveiling, super slow and sexy. I want the audience to die from that first glimpse of perfection. Jen, as he's fondling you, make sure to do that awesome little ass-wiggle you always do. Then, Dirk, allow the robe to slip back down, covering her again. Just give us a tease, a tantalizing taste of why you're so fucking insane over this woman."

I couldn't believe her! "Katherine! That awesome little ass-wiggle I always do? What?! I do no such thing!" I said, completely busting up.

"Yes, you most certainly do!" she said, laughing right along with me. "You know, that awesome little wiggle you do whenever your ass is really happy! When Dirk puts his hands on your hips or ass, you do this mouthwatering little ass-wiggle every time! I swear, it's almost as if your gorgeous bottom just can't help but celebrate his hands being back where they belong. Girl, it's so outrageously sexy, I thought for sure you were doing it on purpose."

"On purpose?! I'm not even aware I'm doing it!" I said, giggling again like an imbecile.

"Well, whatever you do, don't stop doing it. Every time you dance your ass that way, I'm seriously tempted to jump out of my seat and run up onto the stage to take a big bite out of your pretty little bottom. Dirk, can you imagine how the audience is going to react when they see it?"

"Yes, I can," he said, shooting me a knowing leer.

"Exactly!" laughed Katherine. Giggling up a storm, she gave me a good swat on the bottom.

"Fine!" I shouted, jumping away while laughing like crazy. Holding my hands over my ass as protection, I giggled right back, "So Dirk takes off my panties, he shows everyone my ass, and whenever possible I should do some sort of little ass-wiggle to make all the pervs like you two happy. Is that about it?"

"So far, yep, you've got it," she grinned happily. "Now, Jen, like we said, you can keep your robe on all through the sixty-nine scene if you think it'll help hide Dirk's erection. Otherwise, if you want to take it off, go ahead. I won't mind. It's not that big of a deal either way, since we're mainly counting on the lighting for coverage. Somewhere during that scene, though, maybe after you've both cum, I want you to pull your robe off as slowly and sexily as possible before you turn to stretch back down onto Dirk, face to face. The side-shot silhouette of you taking off your robe will look miraculous with your succulent tits and smooth, round ass, plus I want you both nude in the next scene anyway."

With a glowing smile she kissed me on the cheek. "Sweetie, of course we still have lots more of these exquisite little tortures planned for you later!" Pulling me close for a warm, playful hug, she kissed me a dozen more times while laughing every bit as much as I was.

God, even for Katherine this was way up there on the good-mood scale. She had me completely giddy, again just totally flying.

I swear, if she ever told me to split an atom, I would probably figure out a way to do it.

~ ~ ~

Dear Steph,

You won't believe it. Or maybe you will, you little slut! Anyway, last night I finally let J.T. fuck me with Ray right there watching. Ray even spanked his monkey while perving over us! I made J.T. cum inside me, then I scooted over to Ray and sucked his cock! I gave Ray a blowjob! And check this out. He came, like instantly. I didn't even have time to get his dick all the way in my mouth before he totally blew his load!

You would have been so proud of me. :giggles:

I still wanted to get the whole thing inside my mouth, though, so I kept sucking him. He never went soft!

Now, as great as all that was, here is the part that will really make you freak. See, since I hadn't cum yet, I went ahead and fucked him! I had sex with Ray, right in front of J.T.! God, we fucked like crazy. We went at it for the longest time, and yep, we both came! Even though he'd already shot this massive load in my mouth, he still gave me another incredible load in my pussy, and I had a killer cum!

I didn't make some huge deal about it, either. Can you believe it? It was seriously no biggie for me. It was just fun, casual sex. Your sweet, innocent little Jennifer having casual sex, and loving it?

Pretty cool, huh?

Also, during rehearsals tonight I sucked Dirk's ginormous cock on stage, with Katherine and the lights guy watching us! It was kind of dark, so they couldn't see too well, but I'm pretty sure Katherine suspected we did it for real. I deep-throated him, and he came in buckets! It was awesome! He wouldn't let me off the hook, either. Eating my pussy and fucking me with his fingers, he made me cum all over his face!

Steph, Dirk told me tonight that he can't wait to taste my ass. He even hinted that we might do it right here in the rec room. Not just my pussy, but my ass too!

I'm almost getting to be as bad as you, beautiful girl.

Love ya!


Ray was gone, and J.T. was asleep. The TV was still on, so I knew I wouldn't disturb him just by typing Steph our nightly e-mail. Besides the fact that I was way too wound up to go to bed, I also didn't have any classes in the morning. No noises were coming from Dirk's place next door.

'Hmmm,' I thought.

Still buzzing like crazy from everything that had happened during rehearsals, I decided I wanted to be crazy some more. Since I was already sitting nude at the computer table, I eagerly grabbed my little kimono, which is much smaller than the one Katherine has me wear. That one comes to mid-thigh, and it covers me completely up top once I cinch it tight. The one I wear at home just barely covers my ass, and even when it's tied up nice and tight it still leaves most of my boobs exposed.

I slipped it on, tying it only loosely. I grabbed my vampire book and room key, and out the door I went. As I passed a couple in the hallway going the opposite direction, they did a serious double-take, their heads spinning to watch me strut on by.

God, this exhibitionism stuff is getting to be so much fun. Can someone become addicted to something in just a few weeks? I'm beginning to think so. I know I'm already finding myself looking for any opportunity to let people see me.

The rec room was sadly empty when I plopped myself down sideways again into the love seat.

I wasn't alone for long, though.

"I was wondering when you'd make an appearance," Dirk said, entering the room.

Glancing down, I noticed that my little robe had slipped off my thighs. When I saw Dirk, I scooted my hips forward and leaned all the way back, letting my legs fall open. I was hoping my pussy was showing. I was sure my pussy was showing.

"I was beginning to think you wouldn't come," he continued, moving towards me. Slowing, he sat directly in front of me on the adjacent sofa.

"Oh, I came alright. You were there," I smiled, tracing a polished fingernail up the inside of my thigh. 'Jesus, I really am becoming bad,' I grinned to myself.

"Yes, I was, and it was awesome," he smiled. "Too bad you had panties on, huh?"

"Well, that's not going to be a problem for you anymore, is it? You and Katherine have me completely naked now."

"Yes, but I'll be naked too, remember?"

"Mmmm-hmmm," I purred. "I definitely remember. We're going to be naked in bed together, pretending to fuck."

"Pretending to fuck..." Dirk repeated.

I said it again, sultrily drawing out each word. " We'll be naked in bed together...really naked. I'll have no panties on. There won't be anything at all protecting my tight, wet pussy. It'll just be your hard spread legs...and we'll be pretending to fuck. That's what the lady said."

Dirk smiled wickedly. "We pretended to do a sixty-nine tonight."

"Yes, we did, and while I was pretending to suck your huge cock you went ahead and shot a gallon of cum down my throat. I can only imagine what will happen when we're completely naked under the covers, pretending to fuck."

"Do you like what you're imagining?"

"Hmmm, let me think..." I said, slowly stroking my fingertips up my bare thighs, all the way to the moistening delta at the top. "What's an innocent girl like me to imagine, if not your big, hungry cock sliding deep inside my welcoming pussy...mmmm...fucking me long and hard, until you fill me to overflowing with your delicious cum. Mmmm-hmmm, I definitely like what I'm imagining. Then again, I believe you also warned me that you would soon be tasting my ass."

"That was a promise, not a warning," he said, watching intently as I caressed my glistening lips.

"Same difference," I smiled. "You also implied that we wouldn't necessarily be at rehearsals when you fulfilled that promise. I think you even mentioned something about this rec room, didn't you?"

Grinning, Dirk reached down to adjust his dick. All he had on was a thin pair of Puma sweat pants - the cool, shiny kind. When he got up and went to go grab something from the kitchen, it was obvious he was wearing no underwear. His amazing cock was just obscene.

"Want anything?" he asked, leaning into the fridge.

"Sure," I said, getting up to go to him. My robe was so loosely tied that on my way there it managed to fall open. The air felt amazing on my naked pussy.

"Looks like you again don't have any wet panties to leave on my face while I sleep," he said, still grinning.

"Sorry. Perhaps another night?"

I slid my hand down his smooth, sculpted stomach as he offered me a Sprite. Accepting the soda, I kissed his shoulder before turning to go back to the love seat. I knew he was watching my every move. With each step, I could feel his eyes on my swaying hips. I made a show of pulling my robe together, as if to close it, yet I merely drew it higher, revealing the beginning swells of my naked bottom. When I stood over the love seat, I leaned at the waist, baring the rest of my ass and my pussy too while setting my drink on an end table. Recalling what Katherine had said, I did a little ass-wiggle.

Looking back over my shoulder, I gave him a coy smile. "You don't mind that I came out here with no panties on, do you? I was kind of hoping I'd have other things besides wet panties that might interest you."

He put his soda back in the fridge.

"By the way, is this what Katherine meant?" I asked, continuing to move my hips while spreading my legs.

I turned away from him. Facing forward, I kept wiggling my ass...waiting. I couldn't see him. I couldn't hear him. My heart was pounding. Still I waited.

Wetness...a single kiss at the base of my spine. A trailing tongue, followed by strong hands taking hold of my hips. Teasing nips in my deep cleft, as my cheeks were spread apart. A gentle nudge in the lower back, urging me to lean over the love seat. A caress of warm air...soft breath on my pussy.

Tingling. Exciting.

A low moan escaped my lips when a flattened tongue began a slow journey from the top of my left thigh to the initial curve of my ass, across the gap between my thighs, over to my other cheek. A light nibble there, before the tongue trailed down my right thigh.

Hands grasped my ass...searing breath poured into my spreading pussy. A tongue separated my lips...a wet finger grazed my aching clit.

Electric. Intense.

As the tongue stabbed deep into my pussy, the mouth enveloped me, sucking in everything from the shroud over my scarlet bud to the beginning split of my sex. Scratchy whiskers scored my tender flesh at the tops of my thighs, then the tongue was knocking at my back door.

I spread my legs and arched up onto the balls of my feet, inviting entry. The tongue dripped moisture into my tight ring, hot breath combining with warm saliva to soften my sensitive pucker. A thick finger slid effortlessly into my steaming slit, making my legs tremble, and I cried out when the tongue pierced my tiny star.

My naked breasts rejoiced when that strong hand returned to cup them and tug on the wanting nipples, even as the slippery tongue began a slow, thorough penetration of my hot core. Now the tongue was fucking me...fucking my asshole. The finger in my pussy was joined by a second, then a third, and again I cried out.

I'm a small girl, and a young girl. My pussy is petite and still very tight, so it was stuffed nearly to the point of pain by those three large fingers, yet it was the tongue spearing my ass that bored straight through my soul.

When my legs began to buckle, the strong hand released my breasts to hold me up by my thighs, gently steadying me as the tongue laved all throughout my deep split. The probing tongue seemed to sense my approaching crisis; the fingers quickly withdrew, and the slithering serpent in my ass was replaced by a single long finger that drilled me to the root in smooth sync with a hot mouth clamping down over my pussy. I felt the mouth opening wide, then the tongue reentering my pink embrace.

As the most perfect orgasm I'd ever experienced crashed through my pussy, I couldn't stop creaming into that thirsting mouth.

Finally my orgasm was ebbing, and careful hands lifted my upper body from the back of the love seat.

Dirk carried me to the sofa, where he gently laid me on my back.

His cock was rampant in his silky track pants. I reached for his hips and pulled down on the waistband, freeing him to my hungry gaze.

"I want to be able to taste it this time..." I said, sitting up. He stood between my spread legs as I slipped my lips over the head, and there was nothing else in the world for me but that glorious cock in my mouth. I pulled him in deeper by his smooth, taut ass, then I pulled back to scrape my teeth over his pulsing shaft.

"Don't make me wait," I said. When he nodded, I took him down my throat, until I was humming in his pubic hair.

"Oh, fuck, Jen, where did you learn to do that? God, you take me so easily."

He was right, I did take him easily. I don't know why, but I was able to do that almost straight from the start. The second time I ever sucked J.T., I took him down my throat. He's not as big as Dirk, but still he was surprised by how effortlessly I did it.

I pulled back to show Dirk my tongue before sliding my mouth all the way down his cock, until he was again buried in my throat.

Wanting to try something Steph had recommended, I pressed my finger to Dirk's asshole while humming around his dick. He tensed up, but I held him in place, breathing through my nose. I pulled back only long enough to say, "Relax for me."

Finally, after enough bobbing of my head up and down his shaft, he unclenched his ass, and I slowly slid my middle finger inside. I got as far as the second knuckle before he moaned, "Oh, god, Jen! Now! Now!"

I pulled back to place the tip of his cock on my tongue, resting it just inside my mouth. He began firing away; one, two, three, four heavy strands of hot, thick cum onto my tongue. When his jerking spasms made me momentarily lose containment, I was treated to a long rope across my cheek and nose. Wanting not to miss another drop, I gobbled his shooting cock back into my mouth in time to enjoy the rest of his awesome load.

When he was finally done cumming, I popped him out, making sure to keep my lips tightly sealed. Using his cock as a paintbrush, I spread the cum that was on my nose and cheek all over the rest of my face while happily thinking, 'Thanks for the tip, Steph!'

Dirk had this cool faraway gleam in his eyes. "You're incredible, Jen," he said softly, looking like he was going to float right off to heaven.

Opening my mouth to show him his cum, I slowly swallowed twice, taking it all down. "Mmmm, so are you," I purred, stretching out flat on my back. After gathering the remaining cum on my face, I popped my fingers one by one into my mouth, savoring the rest of the sweet gift he'd given me.

With a happy sigh, I raised my knees and spread my legs. My shining wet pussy smiled in open invitation.

Kneeling to kiss me, Dirk cupped my face with one hand while touching my soft pussy lips with the other. "Jen, it's not just your mouth that will taste my cock. You know I'm going to fuck you here, too," he said quietly, caressing my pussy. The way he said it, damn, it was the sexiest thing I'd ever heard. I was liquid on his fingertips.

"Yes, I do know, and I want you to fuck me," I whispered, spreading my legs wider.

He slipped two fingers into my pussy and began tenderly stroking. After maybe thirty seconds of gentle fucking, he pulled out to caress my lips again before sliding his fingertips down to my moist, pliant asshole. "I'm also going to fuck you here," he said, even more quietly.

"Baby, yes, fuck my ass. I'm still a virgin there, and I want you to be the one to take me," I said, breathing it in his ear.

That made him smile. "I will, though not tonight, and not in this rec room."

He was going to make me wait.

Arching my back, I moaned, "Take me now. Fuck me right here, where anyone could come in and see us. You can have my pussy...and my ass. You can have me...all of me...everything you said you ever wanted. I need you, Dirk. I need you to fuck me." I reached out to stroke his thick, heavy cock. "Please, baby, let me feel you sliding deep inside my pussy tonight. Don't make me wait."

"Now is not the time, Jen," he said, whispering it in my mouth.

"The play?"

"The play."

"So the play is the thing," I said, finally understanding.

"Yes, beautiful. For us, the play is the thing."

~to be continued~

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Submitted: September 28, 2014

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Absolutely LOVING this story!! Keep em coming!!

Mon, September 29th, 2014 10:05am


Will do...and the best is definitely yet to come.

Mon, September 29th, 2014 8:07am

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