Deceptions: Ch. 02

Deceptions: Ch. 02

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Taking the plunge, Jen decides to become more adventurous.


Taking the plunge, Jen decides to become more adventurous.


Submitted: September 24, 2014

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Submitted: September 24, 2014



"Hey, Jen, I was meaning to give this to you. I thought of you when I saw it. I picked it up from the student union."

Ray was offering me a flyer, and I hopped up and went over to take it. I hadn't really tightened my robe from when I'd pulled it open before, so when I leaned down to him I felt it gaping everywhere. I saw his eyes bug out, but pretended not to notice.

I took the flyer from him, and instead of going back to my seat I just plopped myself flat on my back next to him on his bed. Having a pretty good idea of how much I was exposing, I held the flyer up and read it. Taking a quick glance down, I saw that my breasts were mostly still covered, but my little landing strip was peeking out. I think my pussy was covered, though...maybe.

"Wow, you thought of me when you saw this?" I asked, sitting up to hand the flyer to J.T., who read it aloud...

Auditions being held for a major new Off Broadway theatrical play. Very avant-garde and cutting edge. Professional pay and excellent exposure are guaranteed. Contact Katherine at (212) 555-5514 to schedule an audition.

I looked up at Ray.

"Hey, you've been in plays your whole life," he said. "You've whined forever about wanting to be on Broadway, and you're majoring in theater! Give it a shot. Call her. Why not?"

I glanced over at J.T., who was grinning like an idiot. He was ogling my bare breast, which had fallen out of my robe. I smiled while tucking myself back in, and both guys playfully booed me.

"Pervs," I smirked.

"Guilty as charged!" grinned Ray.

Getting up from his bed, I slipped off my robe. "Avant-garde and cutting edge, huh? Fine. I need to become those things. There's no time like the present, right?"

I stood stark naked in front of Ray. Smiling at his shocked expression, I added, "I'll call her today."

I draped the robe over his startled face before heading to my overnight bag to grab my bathroom things. Bending at the waist with my ass pointing directly at Ray, I pretended to search through my stuff, all the while moving my hips back and forth. When I finally stood again, bathroom items in hand, I felt their eyes burning into my bare bottom and naked pussy as I sauntered off to take a shower. Putting a little extra sway in my walk, I turned and went back to Ray. Startling him again, I kissed him on the lips.

"Thank you for thinking of me," I smiled, breathing it into his mouth.

Alone in the bathroom, I used their little hand mirror to check myself out. I was relieved to see that my recent waxing was still good. My pussy and asshole were completely hairless, and nothing looked red or irritated. Everything was smooth and even. J.T. loves to tell me how pretty my young pussy looks, and as I really studied it, I could see his point.

It is pretty. Even though I'm young, my pussy isn't like one of those you see on a nine-year-old girl. With mine there's a little lippage. It's not some nasty roast beef sandwich, like an old hooker's pussy, but it's not just a discreet slit either.

I think it looks sexy, like an elegant painting of a beautiful woman's pussy.

I could also see why J.T. seemed so obsessed with fucking my ass. Looking over my shoulder, I saw a very nice bottom. There wasn't a hint of cellulite, and my full cheeks sat high and firm. Very curvy. Spreading myself wide open, I took my first serious look at my tight little pucker. I'm glad I waxed there, too. It's a nice companion to my pussy. They're both pink; a pretty, matching set.

'If I were a guy, I'd definitely want to put my dick in there,' I decided, then I laughed. Jesus, I'm becoming terrible!

After I took my shower, I thought it would be fun to continue with the New Me. I wrapped my hair in a towel, but that was it. Naked, I padded back into the room. Smiling at J.T.'s stunned reaction, I returned to my seat at the computer and quickly wrote my girlfriend...

I'm now completely naked, sitting at the 'puter. I'm talking totally bare-ass naked. I just showed J.T. and Ray my pussy, and probably even my asshole too, before I took off to grab a shower. I didn't put anything on when I came back out.

J.T. and Ray are right here behind me, watching me type this. They have no idea what I'm typing. All they know is this seems to be the New Jen! I think they like it!

Talkatcha some more later! Bye!

I sent it, then deleted everything again. I didn't want the guys snooping around, reading what I say to my girlfriends.

Turning back to them, I saw that they were both still just sitting there, slack-jawed and unblinking...utterly dumbfounded.

I felt like Wonder Woman.

"So..." I began, turning directly towards Ray. I got up and went over to sit next to him on his bed. Leaning back on my hands, my legs bent at the knees, I was showing him every inch of my body. "Tell me why you thought of me for this, for real. You know they're probably looking for a professional actress with actual Broadway stage experience. I'm still just a kid, barely out of high school. All I've ever acted in are some lame school plays, plus a few commercials when I was little.

"Oh, and yes, I realize I'm suddenly allowing myself to be naked in front of you. I'm guessing you must be wondering why I'm doing this, completely out of the blue?"

Ray could only nod. Okay, he gurgled and drooled, too. He gurgled, nodded and drooled.

Setting my knees to a subtle in-and-out swinging motion, I was showing him my pussy while thinking, 'I really want to become good at this teasing stuff. I need to learn how to be just as hot as anyone Dirk is fucking.'

Continuing on, I said, "Ray, J.T. wants me to be a really sexy slut. It doesn't matter whether it's his girlfriend or any of the other girls he's fucking, that's just what he likes. See, you two probably think I don't know that he cheats on me, but I do. Here's the thing, though. He enjoys showing me off to other guys, and I need to become more daring and worldly anyway, especially if I'm to compete for things like the role in this play, so this works out great."

I grinned at J.T. His mouth fell open, but nothing came out.

Awesome! I was feeling more worldly already!

"So that's why I'm doing this..." I smiled, spreading my legs for Ray. "I'm letting you see my pussy, my breasts...everything. I consider it practice. Training. Acting. Also, yes, it totally turns me on. I love being a slut for you.

"Okay, now it's your turn. Tell me."

Though he tried to keep his eyes locked on my face, he couldn't stop slobbering over my tits, and I knew the thought of my naked pussy being right there was just torturing him. He blushed when I caught him staring.

"Ray, alright, let's try this. I want you to forget about proper etiquette for now, and just enjoy my body. It's totally okay if you don't look me in the eyes. I won't mind. I know you want to check out my pussy, so go ahead. Stare at my ass and pussy all you want, then maybe you can talk to me."

Flipping onto my stomach, I lifted my hips, offering him my ass and pussy. Rising to the doggie position, I reached back to pull my bottom all the way open. "It's okay. Look at my virgin asshole. Stare at my wet, naked pussy," I said, moving my ass in seductive figure-eights. Rolling onto my back again, I spread my legs wide and cupped my breasts. "Is this sexy enough? Will men - not just boys - want to fuck me?"

"Yes," Ray finally said.

"Yes, what?" I asked, sitting up Indian-style again. My back was to J.T.

"Yes, men will want you. Everyone wants you. You were the hottest girl at our high school, and you're the hottest girl here. All the guys already know it. Everybody wants to fuck you, Jen, even our teachers.

"Look, okay, this is why I showed you the flyer. It's like you were telling me about your drama teacher."

"You mean when he said he wants me to branch out and take some chances, and quit limiting myself to safe, boring plays at school?"

"Yeah, exactly. You told me he said you need to do some really heavy stuff, some uncomfortable stuff. If you're going to be serious about this, you have to take some chances. You gotta do some professional theater, where things aren't always so neat and safe."

"Something 'avant-garde and cutting edge,' you mean?" I smiled, leaning back on my hands again to show him my body.


Openly staring at my wet pussy, he really was drooling. God, I loved it.

"I agree. That's why I'm going to do it. I have a confession to make, alright? My drama teacher already told me about the flyer. He's the one who posted it. He knows about the audition, the role, the whole play. He said that all I have to do is give him the okay and he'll put in a good word for me with Katherine, who's an old friend of his. There's no guarantee I'll get the part, but I'll definitely get an audition. Professor Keener thinks I'm perfect for the role. He says I have a good chance at landing it if I just throw myself in headfirst, without fear. He also says he has a lot of pull with Katherine. Although he was only joking, I could tell he kind of meant it."

"This must be the same Professor Keener who used to show up at your old school plays," said J.T.

"Yep. Same guy. He's friends with my parents. They go way back together. That's why Mom and Dad sent me here, so I could study under Professor Keener. They told me he thinks I have a lot of potential, but I need to loosen up. He says I'm too self-conscious on stage, which is common for actresses my age. Talking to Professor Keener, he thinks this role would be perfect for me. He's saying it would do me a world of good as an actress. Even if I don't get the part, he thinks it would be great for me just to audition for it because it's such a scary role."

"What is this play, anyway?" asked Ray.

I was suddenly aware that he was looking me in the eyes. Here I was, naked on his bed, and he was looking me in the eyes without even having to force himself.

'Very good, Jennifer, very good,' I thought. Smiling, I said, "It's a very sexy play about Eric Clapton and George Harrison. It's called 'Layla.' Are you familiar with the story?"

"I know who Eric Clapton is, and I know the song 'Layla.' That's about it. I don't really know the words."

"What about you, Mister Guitar Player?" I asked J.T.

For as long as I'd known J.T. he was always in rock bands, playing guitar. I guess that was just one more reason why so many sluts around here drooled over him. In fact, come to think of it, J.T.'s band beat Dirk's in some "Battle of the Bands" competition back in high school. It suddenly dawned on me that Dirk was also a guitar player. Between his football stardom, his guitar player status and that big cock of his, no wonder girls were leaving their wet panties on his face!

"Yeah, I know the story," J.T. said. "We covered a few Clapton songs. We used to do the first part of 'Layla' all the time. Layla was George Harrison's wife, and—"

"Who's George Harrison again?" interrupted Ray.

J.T. laughed, "He was in The Beatles, you retard!"

"Excuuuuuuuse me! I'm eighteen fucking years old! How am I supposed to know who was in The Beatles? They had John Lennon and Mick Jagger, right?"

"You're cute, Ray, but completely hopeless!" I giggled, grabbing his pillow to smother his face. We battled for a few minutes, and what a trip that was, wrestling naked in front of my boyfriend with his roommate. Finally I let up on poor Ray, who wasn't exactly fighting very hard anyway. He pulled me close, then we just lay together, with my head on his chest. He even put his arm around me. Nothing sexual, just warm and friendly. It was really nice.

"Okay, whatever. Continue," Ray said to J.T. Ray was looking up at the ceiling, and I snuck a glance over at J.T. Haaa! He was fully hard! He was totally getting off on seeing me naked with his roommate!

Gesturing with my eyes, I pointed out his obvious erection. Grinning sheepishly, he just shrugged and gave me a look that pretty much said, "What do you want me to say? Fine, I'm excited. So?"

I sucked on my finger for him, simulating a blowjob, and he groaned.


"So...anyway," he continued, holding a pillow over his hard-on, "George Harrison was the guitarist for The Beatles, and his wife was called Layla. Harrison and Clapton were best friends. Clapton helped Harrison with 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps,' and Harrison gave Clapton 'Badge.' 'Layla' is about Clapton falling in love with and wanting to steal Layla from his best friend, which he ultimately did. The crazy thing is Clapton and Harrison remained friends. Clapton had a serious heroin addiction at the time of the 'Layla' recording sessions, and Harrison was one of the people who helped him beat it."

"Okay," said Ray, looking at me. "You're gonna be Layla?"

"That's the idea. It's a good thing Layla never was in the band because I can't sing or play an instrument. This will be a weird play, since it's part musical, part real-life erotic fable. The hook, the thing the producers and director think will draw people, is the Clapton-Harrison musical angle. There are going to be live song performances. Someone's got to play Clapton, someone's got to play Harrison, and I know the Clapton character is going to be playing real guitar with a live band, like it's Derek and the Dominoes. He's got to be able to sing like Clapton, and at least look a little like him too. The hard part for me is this will be a seriously erotic play. There's real nudity plus a lot of simulated sex. According to Professor Keener, this play is going to be a very big deal. The Clapton part is the starring role, obviously, but the girl who gets the Layla role will also receive tons of notoriety."

"I believe the word was 'exposure,' not 'notoriety,'" laughed Ray. "Man, they weren't kidding with that, were they? So just how much 'real nudity' and 'simulated sex' are we talking here? You don't mean X-rated, do you?"

"No, I don't think so. I know there are such things as X-rated live theater, but I don't think this one goes quite that far. It's supposed to be simulated sex, whatever that means. Nudity-wise, I'm pretty sure it will at least involve topless scenes for me. I'm not sure about fully nude. Full-frontal nudity might be a bit much to ask of the poor guy!"

"So you're going to do it? You've already decided?" grinned J.T., suddenly seeming to become quite enthusiastic about the whole thing once he heard about all the nudity and sex stuff.

Jeez, what a horndog!

"Yeah, I have," I said, giggling over his excited expression. "I haven't told Professor Keener yet, but I will when I see him in class. He said he'd set up the audition for me with Katherine once I give him the okay. I agree with him, this would be good for me to try. In the meantime, it looks like you two will reap the benefits, since I need to practice being less self-conscious about my 'performances.' So, J.T., you'll probably end up getting your wish.''

''My wish? What's my wish?''

''To fuck me in front of your roommate."

Poor Ray, he about swallowed his own head. God, I was learning to love this new power.

Wanting to see how far I could go with it, I spent the rest of the morning naked with them. I learned that while it was important in terms of my acting to become comfortable in my own skin, being completely nude all the time isn't nearly as exciting or titillating to guys as when I'm only partially exposed. Or partially covered. Whatever. The point being, Ray and J.T. soon got used to my nudity, yet they would stay excited every time I wore something really skimpy and revealing. If there was a chance that I might pop out of my top, or maybe they could get a peek up my skirt, it actually was more of a consistent turn-on for them than having me totally naked.

Later that night Ray was out again, and J.T. was working on some homework. I was feeling bored, and still a bit mischievous, so I threw on my tiniest nylon short-shorts and a tight, belly-baring spaghetti-strap tank top. No panties or bra.

I was beginning to doubt that I would ever wear a bra again, and the only reason I could think of to keep wearing panties would be for the same reason it's sometimes sexier to be partially clothed than fully naked. There might be occasions when it could be hotter to give someone an upskirt peek at my panties, as opposed to a full-on beaver shot. Then again they're both still upskirt shots, so maybe the analogy isn't valid. I don't think anybody is ever going to get bored with upskirt pussy shots!

So, yeah, most of the time I'm probably going to be naked beneath whatever I'm wearing.

I'd already talked to Professor Keener. He was delighted when I told him that I wanted to audition for the play. He said he'd set it up right away. We both laughed when I suggested my boyfriend for the part of George Harrison. I'm sure J.T. would rather play Eric Clapton, but he sure looked a whole lot more like George Harrison. Besides, he really doesn't have all that much acting experience. The Clapton role would likely be way too much to entrust to someone who'd only ever acted in "West Side Story" once in his life, in eleventh grade.

We laughed about it, but he said to bring him along anyway. "It might be fun, and he really ought to see what his girlfriend is getting herself into!"

So like I said, it was late at night, and even though I was excited about what was coming up in my life, I was bored that particular evening. I told J.T. I would be back in a bit, as I wanted to give him some quiet time to study. He said he appreciated it, then he looked at my outfit. He smacked my bare ass, most of which was showing in my obscenely tiny shorts. "Whoa, look at you! You're going out dressed like that?"

"No, not 'out.' I'm just going to crash in the game room and maybe watch TV for a while. I won't be gone too long."

"Okay, sweetie. Thanks. By the way, I think your boobs are getting bigger!"

Grinning, I jiggled my tits for him, then I cupped them. I was sort of measuring my boobs, weighing them. Hmmm. They did feel really big.


I pulled up my shirt to flash him my naked breasts, making us both laugh. He said, "You're getting to be a total flirt, you know that?"

"Maybe, but I still have a long way to go before I'll be anywhere near as bad as you are," I said, smiling sweetly.

Squeezing my ass with both hands, he pulled my shorts up even higher. "No panties either?" he grinned.

I gave him a sly smile. "No panties either. Just my naked bottom beneath these tiny shorts."

So what did he do? With a playful growl, he leaned over and chomped down on my bare ass!

"Owww! Hey! That's gonna leave a big bite mark!" I laughed.

"So? It'll be your fault if anyone sees it. Are you planning on showing off that much of your ass in the game room?" He was laughing too, big time.

"Girlfriend abuser!" I giggled, rubbing the bite mark. Grinning, I slipped the shorts off and wriggled my bare bottom in his face. ''Maybe I'll just go like this? I bet you would love that!'' When he made a move to give me another chomp, I jumped forward and quickly pulled my tiny shorts back on. Tugging them all the way up into my crack, I turned those things into a thong. "You know what? I should show people my ass, the same way your slutty fuck-toy girlfriends always do! You know what else? I think I will! Catch you later, sweetie!" I giggled again, strutting right out the door.

Except for two mousy girls who were studying together over at the kitchen table, the game room was empty and silent when I got there. Plopping myself down into the beat up old love seat, I sat sideways across the chair. With my back to one armrest, my legs draped over the other, I settled in to read my trashy little vampire novel.

I was just beginning to drift off when I felt the air in the room change. Opening my eyes, I saw Dirk sitting on the sofa directly adjacent to me.

"Will it disturb your reading if I watch some TV? I'd watch it in my room except our cable is all jacked up right now," he smiled.

Setting down my book, I returned his smile. "Not at all. I am surprised, though."

"About what?"

I just smirked. "Is your watch broken?"

Looking down to check it, he realized he wasn't wearing one. "Huh?" he asked, confused.

"It's almost 1:00 a.m. The train that comes rumbling through my walls each night usually arrives right about now."

"Train?" he repeated, even more confused. Getting up from the couch, he looked out the window to see if our dorm was located near any train tracks.

Trying to be somewhat gentle, I said, "Okay, I see it's definitely not your witty repartee that draws all the girls to you like bees to honey. The Dirk Train, sweetie. I'm talking about the 1:00 a.m. Dirk Train that keeps me awake most every night."

I smiled patiently, waiting.

When it finally dawned on him what I was talking about, he grinned happily. "Oh, that! Nope, not tonight. Struck out again, I'm afraid. What about you, Jen? What are you doing out here, all by yourself? Did you and that dork J.T. have another fight?"

"You can hear those?" I asked, embarrassed.

"Now who's being a dummy? Sound travels in both directions, Jen. If you can hear what goes on in my room, don't you figure I can probably hear what goes on in yours?"

I'd actually never even considered that possibility. I had just figured we weren't loud like Dirk and his women.

As I mulled it over, he returned to his spot on the couch. After studying me for a few moments, he gave me a little smile. "You're not the same Jen I always had such a huge crush on back in high school."

Oh, fuck. Dirk had a crush on me? Swear to god, I never knew.

"What do you mean? How am I different now?" I asked, nervously swinging the knee closest to him open and closed.

Even as I began to ask him that, I realized the absurdity of it. My bare legs were propped up on the loveseat, my excited nipples were poking through my skintight tank top, and my ass was almost fully exposed. It was 1:00 a.m. and I was hanging out in a college dorm, flirting with the very Fuck Demon who'd invaded all my thoughts over the past few weeks.

Yeah, this was just a wee bit different.

My eighteen-year-old incubus smiled again. "Well, like I said, it's not as if I can't hear you through these thin walls, and it sure sounds to me like you're not the same shy, inhibited little Jen who had barely even gotten to second base. Besides, damn, just look at you. You never used to dress this hot. Don't get me wrong, you were the most gorgeous girl in our whole school, but you were always so...god, how should I say this? I mean, you were so—"

"Boring," I said, finishing it for him.

"I wasn't going to say boring. Maybe just...young? Yeah, that's what it was. You always seemed so young and inexperienced. You were still totally gorgeous, though.'' Grinning, he added, ''And it looks like you've already grown up quite a bit since we started college."

"Well, thank you for sugarcoating it, anyway. That's sweet of you. What about you, though? Seriously! When did you become the world's greatest stud? I mean, okay, I'll admit it, I always thought you were insanely hot. Big deal. You knew every girl in school was drooling over you. Now? Jesus, Dirk. You're fucking a different wild slut practically every night!"

I could not believe I had just blurted all that out. Swear to god, I about died.

I would have died with a very wet pussy, though, I noticed. Trying not to be too obvious about it, I rubbed my thighs together to double-check. Yep. My slit was drenched. I just hoped I wasn't forming a huge wet spot in my barely-there shorts. My legs and pussy were pointed right at him, so he would surely see it.

The two mousy girls gathered up their things and left the room together, leaving me and my rapidly moistening sex alone with Dirk. Holy fuck.

"Well, what else am I supposed to do?" he smiled in answer. "The girl I always wanted never gave me the time of day."

I was about to ask him who, when his piercing stare broke it down for me.

I think my pussy literally went into spasms. I had to be soaking right through my shorts. Christ, I could totally smell my cum.

Still, I steeled my nerves and pressed onward. "Me? I'm the girl you always wanted? Since when? You never even talked to me before. You've been busy fucking every girl I know, and not once did you ever come up to me and say, 'Hi, Jen. You look nice today. Let's see if we can fit you into my busy schedule, and I'll fuck you next.' Nothing. All that time we practiced across from each other on the same football field; all those bus rides together to away games; all those classes we shared, and even the plays we were in...nothing. Not a peep from you. I didn't think you knew I was alive. What, were you going to fuck every last girl in the world before you even said hello to me? What if I hadn't come out here tonight?"

"I would have talked to you, Jen."

I was really becoming flustered. Again, I just blurted it out. "How? When? The only reason I came out here tonight was because of last night, and—"

'Goddammit!' I screamed inside my head. I knew I'd royally screwed up.

Sure enough...

"Last night? What about last night?" he grinned.

I was hoping he might have figured I was only referring to the noises he'd been making with that girl, but I think he suspected there was something more.

"I just thought maybe you might be out here tonight," I said, lamely.

"So you were hoping to see me," he added, his countenance rising. Panning up my legs and over my bare stomach, his hungry gaze came to rest on my aching breasts. I felt naked, and regretted that I wasn't. I wanted to tear off my clothes, and I really wanted to suck his cock.

"Umm, yes, I was," I answered meekly.

Without even meaning to, I let my legs fall open. Risking a quick glance down, I saw that I had a very noticeable wet spot, and one of my pink lips was showing! In addition to giving me the most obvious camel toe ever, my tiny shorts weren't even covering my whole pussy!

I didn't know whether he saw it or not, but I hastily closed my legs. When I looked up at him again, he smiled knowingly.

Yes, he definitely saw. Of course he did. He's a guy. There was no way he wasn't going to look. He saw my wet pussy, and he had to know I was wet because of him. He also had to think I came out there just to show him my pussy! Fuck!

Suddenly, though, it hit me! A face-saving way out!

Before I could even consider the possible ramifications, I jumped on it...

"Dirk, I was hoping to catch you out here to see if you might like to try out with me for a play?"

Okay, that sure slowed him down. 'Good job, Jen! Stick to your story, and you'll survive this night yet!' I thought.

"A play?" he asked, clearly dubious. "You came out here to invite me to join you in a play? You mean like in high school? 'Guys and Dolls,' stuff like that?"

I pulled out the flyer, which I was using as a book mark. Handing it to him, I watched as he read it. When he was finished, I said, "My drama teacher is recommending me to the director for the lead role. It's not just any old play, either. We're talking an actual Broadway show. Okay, it's Off Broadway, but it's still a professional production, with real pay and a six-week run. I just thought you might want to get in on it too."

"Do you even know what the play is about?"

I spent the next ten minutes explaining everything. I told him about my family, including their history with both the director and the professor. Although Dirk was reticent at first, he was obviously warming up to the idea once he realized this wasn't just some big joke.

"Now hold on a second," he finally said. "You mean to tell me that there's going to be full-on nudity before a live audience, and that you and I will be naked together, performing simulated sex? And your dork of a boyfriend is trying out for this thing, too?"

Realizing I hadn't even mentioned that part yet to J.T., I couldn't help but laugh. "Well, I'm sure he will at least want to try out. I know he'll want the Clapton role, but I just can't see it."

"Neither can I," he chuckled. "J.T. can't do Clapton to save his life. He could play the songs decently enough, but he used to sound horrible when he tried to sing like Clapton. Fuck it. If he's trying out, then so am I. You do realize, though, that seeing me there will piss him off to no end, right?"


"Jen, you really don't know about J.T. and me?"

"I know he wasn't thrilled when he found out you were going to be his neighbor here, but that's about it."

"Jen, look, let me be straight with you. J.T. hates me. He always has. During our junior year I stole his girlfriend from him, or at least that's what he says. The truth is, he never really had that girl. Once she and I hooked up, she didn't want anything more to do with him. Then I beat him out for the starting position on the football team. After that, he quit. That's why it was such a huge deal to him when his group won that 'Battle of the Bands' competition. He figured he'd finally beaten me at something.

"You think I don't notice you? You think I haven't been paying attention to you? Jen, why do you think J.T. and I are neighbors now? You know he was here long before I was, right?"

"Yeah, your room was empty when he first moved in. The first month I used to come here, we actually had some peace and quiet at night!"

He laughed good-naturedly. "Yeah, whatever. Here's the thing, though. I'm friends with the rooming committee here. Or, rather, my older brother is. He pulled some strings to get me assigned to that room."

"He did? Why? If you hate J.T. so much, why would you do that?"

"Jen, you're not listening. I don't hate J.T. I think he's kind of a dork, and I'm jealous as fuck that he has you, but I don't hate him. He hates me. There's a difference."

"Okay, fine. Still, why go out of your way to move next to someone who hates you?"

"Why do you think, Jen?"

He wasn't smiling. In fact, he was staring a hole right through my brain. I couldn't wrap my head around it, so finally he just said it. "You, Jen. It was all you. I pulled some strings to put myself here, knowing I'd be your neighbor. If I was next door to J.T., of course you and I would eventually run into each other. Voilà. Here we are, and it's not high school anymore. There are no parents, curfews or chaperones, and our sweet little Jen is all grown up now. Pretty brilliant plan, don't you think?"

"You're saying you did all this just to be with me? Dirk, I don't get it. If you wanted me that badly, why didn't you ever say anything? You had a million opportunities to let me know. God, why didn't you just take me? You took everyone else!''

''Because I was an idiot, that's why. You're Jennifer Crawford, the straight-A student, the perfect cheerleader, the amazing actress...the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I was afraid you would shoot me down.''

''Dirk, I don't know what to say. I'm not even sure I believe you, knowing the way you manipulate girls into your bed, but even if I did, I just don't know what to say."

"Is your audition offer still good? Can you at least say that?"

"Yes, I can say my offer is still good, you goof. I have no idea whether we'll get the parts, but I think you should audition too. You'd be great as Clapton, even though it would absolutely kill J.T. to see you land that role."

"Especially since that would mean you and I would be getting naked together and having sex on stage every night," he grinned.

"We'll be getting naked together and having 'simulated' sex on stage every night," I said, playfully correcting him. "Simulated. We won't actually be fucking, or whatever. You'll still have to call up all your other little sluts for that."

"Other little sluts?" he smiled. "So are you saying you're a little slut too?"

Oh yes, he was definitely enjoying our little game every bit as much as I was.

"Maybe I am," I said, returning his smile with what I hoped was a really sexy grin. "Even you said I'm all grown up now. If you weren't so busy fucking anything with a pulse, you might have discovered that there's a lot more to your sweet little Jen than you ever imagined."

"Yeah, whatever," he laughed. "This is perfect. I'm in. I'll definitely audition with you. By the way, just how nude will we be, and are we going to have to get naked even for the auditions?"

"Professor Keener told me there won't be any nudity during the initial auditions. He did recommend that I at least wear something to show off my figure, so Katherine and the producers will know that I'll look good in the nude. The only thing he said was that I'll need to let them know if I have any big scars, tattoos, or anything else that would look bad on stage. I told him, 'Other than my piercings, no.' He was glad about that. He said I should be fine then."

Even though I already knew the answer, I grinned and asked anyway. "So what about you, Mister Sexy? Anything weird about your body that they would need to know?"

Giving him a flirty smile, I was thinking that they probably wouldn't consider his big, gorgeous cock to be a problem.

"Nope, I'm good," he said, smugly returning my smile. "Jen, you never answered my other question. Just how nude are we going to be on stage? Will I get to see what's inside those amazing little shorts of yours, or will I only get to see what's hiding beneath that incredible top?"

"Only?" I grinned, feigning offense.

"You know what I mean," he said, openly leering at my tits.

Laughing, I cupped and shook them for his benefit.

"You know you have incredible breasts, Jen. You know it, I know it, and you know I know it. Seeing your tits would be more than enough reason to try out for this play. Fuck, girl, seeing your tits would be more than enough reason to cut off my right arm. You know how awesome they are, but still...there's all the rest of you."

Yes, I was flying.

Wanting to tease him a little, I squeezed my breasts and smiled. "I really don't know how much nudity there will be, or how much sex either, but I'll go as far as they want. If we play our cards right, who knows, maybe they'll have you ravaging these every night...."

I lifted my shirt to the bottom of my tits...over the rounded swells...higher...until he was staring at my bare nipples.

"And this too..." I added, spreading my legs while slowly trailing a fingertip through my growing wet spot. Slipping aside the narrow strip of nylon that was only barely covering my drenched slit, I showed him my naked pussy. Gently caressing my soft, glistening lips, I gave him my most seductive grin. "Who knows what you might get?"

"I know what I hope I get," he said, with a wicked leer.

"Let me guess," I smirked, rising from the loveseat and making ready to leave. With my tiny shorts wedged deep into my bare ass and my top still resting above my naked breasts, I slowly strutted away, swaying my hips with every feline step.

I wanted that to be the final, lasting vision of me he would take with him to bed.

Deciding to shoot for the moon, I turned back to him with another seductive smile. "My guess is you want to wake up to the scent and taste of my hot pussy, with my wet panties draped over your face...just like you did last night."

Stunned, he simply stared.

"There's just one problem, though," I continued, grinning as I offered my parting shot. "I'm not wearing any panties, but then you already knew that, didn't you? I'd give you these tiny shorts, except I would hate to have to explain to J.T. why his innocent little girlfriend is returning from the game room completely naked, with a dripping wet pussy."

The look on his face was priceless.

"See you at the audition, Dirk."

~to be continued~

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