Angelina: Ch. 04

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Angelina's sexy day at the swap meet. (Note: Since this chapter keeps getting cut off at the end, I'm reposting it in two parts.)

"Mmmm, there they are, my dashing men, all nice and ready for me. Let me just do this one thing, then I'm all yours...."

Flashing us a flirty smile, Angelina squeezed out a dollop of jasmine-scented glitter lotion and began smoothing it up and down her shining thighs.

Freshly showered and made up, she was absolutely radiant in her new stretch-cotton t-shirt dress. Simple yet sexy, it was solid black and whispery thin. That slinky little thing hugged her every curve, and the darkly exotic flair of her long raven hair complemented the black of the dress to give her an alluring, witchy look. Perched as she was on the edge of the bed, her supple legs extending to the floor, she was pure glowing desire.

Steve and I were standing directly before her, and she was treating us to a hypnotic view of her tantalizing pussy through her sheer g-string panties. Grinning mischievously as she raised one knee at a time to smooth the fragrant cream onto her calves, she showed us just how thoroughly see-through her black g-string really was.

Mesmerized, Steve stood transfixed by the sight of her tempting pussy.

Angelina's grin grew even sexier as she continued to paint creamy fingertips up and down her flawless legs, making her golden skin glisten. Slowly caressing all the way to the tops of her thighs, she lingered very near her warm, wet treasure. She was teasing his eyes, her bewitching smile an open invitation to savor the view between her partially spread legs.

I gave her a smirk and a questioning look, as if to ask, "Panties? Really?"

Parting her thighs in response to Steve's hungry gaze feasting on her gorgeous pussy, she laughed at my dubious expression. "Oh, waaah, you big baby! Jeez, I only wore these for trying on clothes today. You know the salesgirls will sometimes insist that customers wear panties to try on certain things. That's also why I wore this dress: easy access. It goes on and off in two seconds, and it won't leave any binding marks on my skin."

After brushing her hair a final time, she slid on a pair of strappy black heels. With the way the various straps snaked up and around her slender ankles, the effect was something akin to a really wicked Vestal Virgin.

Shooting us a provocative grin, she stood and did a captivating twirl. "See? No silly VPL's...."

No, there really weren't. With her tiny g-string making only the faintest of impressions well above her smooth bottom, she appeared to be naked beneath her dress. The soft, stretchy material beautifully described her lush curves, especially where it dipped into her deep split. Twirling for us in the morning sunlight, she certainly looked like she had no panties on. Her ass was covered, yet every detail was richly evident; no skin tone showed through, and still she seemed deliciously naked.

"Feel. It's really nice..." she grinned, setting our hands on her sexy bottom.

I immediately began to fondle her incredible ass, and Steve gave it a tentative squeeze before stroking down to her thighs.

Watching as we caressed her legs and ass, she fixed us with an accusing smile. "I meant the dress, not me, you goofs."

Steve blushed, but he didn't pull his hand away; looking up, he saw that she was still smiling, so he kept stroking her. I kept at it as well, lifting the hem on one side to where I could see and feel her bare ass while also fondling her covered cheek.

"Doesn't it feel like me?" she asked, flashing another sexy grin. Encouraging us to help ourselves to her beautiful bottom, she playfully wiggled her hips.

Yes, the fabric was so soft and fine that it truly was like touching her ass. I could feel her warmth through the thin material.

"Here, too. Feel..." she smiled, leaning back against me while bringing our hands to her breasts.

"God, that's awesome," Steve said, grinning as he hefted her amazing tits.

"This is a great dress, isn't it?" she purred. Cupping her hands over ours, she had us give her firm mounds a good squeeze. As she arched her back to push her erect tips into our palms, she moved her ass in slow figure-eights against my hardening cock. Following the rhythm of her circling hips, her unrestrained breasts danced freely beneath her modest neckline. Her dress wasn't low cut at all, yet it didn't matter. Her tits looked just as naked as her ass, her nipples every bit as obvious as they were in any of her thin t-shirts.

Laughing, she twirled again for us, making her perfect breasts sway and judder spectacularly.

She was absolutely stunning.

"So, what do you think?" she giggled.

Steve just blurted out, "My god, I love your breasts. In that dress they're just...and your legs...and your beautiful hair! Angie, look at you! Fuck!"

Beaming as she stepped into his eager embrace, she brought his hands back to her ass. "I think that's your job, sweetie." Turning to give me a teasing kiss, she added a coy grin. "And what about you?"

Like some medieval lord passing judgment on a serf's request to marry off one of his daughters to the local blacksmith, I patted her dancing bottom and proclaimed, "This garment doth hereby meet my approval!"

~ ~ ~

It was late in the afternoon before the three of us finally arrived at our destination. Steve had located an unusual outdoor swap meet that specialized in all manner of theme-based clothing and accessories. There were various sombreros and ten-gallon hats on display, as well as armored suits, medieval swords, maces, shields and the like. Doing a quick scan of the place, we saw tents set up for Western wear, Goth fashions and Native American paraphernalia.

Offering something for everyone, there was an endless variety of wonderful, kitschy stuff.

"Since we're dressing me up for a Stevie Ray Vaughan concert, what do you think about maybe checking out some cowboy clothes?" she suggested.

"I don't know, baby," I said. "Stevie does blues rock, not Country and Western. He tends to dress more like Hendrix, not Hank Williams."

"Well, still, he always wears Texas things, like cowboy boots and big belt buckles. Let's at least see what we find."

"Fine by me," added Steve. "Maybe we could find you a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit!"

Laughing, we popped into the tent set up for Western wear, where right away we were pounced on by a comic-book character of a sales guy. He was dressed from head to toe in garish cowboy garb, and he made a beeline for us - well, for Angelina, anyway.

"Howdy, folks! What might you be looking to rustle up today?" he boomed, offering his hand in greeting. "Name's Hoss," he said, shaking my hand, and yeah, the name fit. He was a big guy, loud and friendly.

After Steve and I introduced ourselves, Angie offered her hand to him. "I'm Angelina," she smiled. Rather than shake her hand, he gently kissed it. Giggling, she curtsied for him, and we all got a kick out of the whole goofy charade.

"Charmed, lil' lady. So what can I do ya for?" he grinned, speaking to all of us at once.

"We're looking for something really cool and sexy she can wear to a concert tonight," I explained.

"Shy and demure soccer mom sexy? High class, formal affair sexy? Or maybe roadhouse sexy?" he asked.

Grinning like idiots, Steve and I were both about to say something but Angelina beat us to the punch. "Roadhouse sexy. Definitely roadhouse sexy. I'm thinking, oh, maybe something along the lines of Dukes of Hazzard sexy. I want something drop-dead amazing that might at least give me a chance of not being ignored all night at the concert."

"Dukes of Hazzard kinda stuff, you say? Yep, I reckon we can fix you right up. Darlin', you just follow me. I got a few ideas."

Leading her away, he seemed quite pleased with his sudden good fortune.

Most of the merchandise was in the middle of the tent, lined up in rows of wooden racks. Over in the corner, next to the cashier's table, was a little booth set up to serve as a changing room. It looked like a makeshift outdoor shower stall, with Texas flag 'drapes' offering only about the same coverage as a bath towel tied around a woman's chest. The insufficient width of those flags meant there was also a good three-inch gap on either side of each drape.

"I'm thinkin' this might be a good place to start," he said, handing her a pair of Daisy Duke cut-offs and a thin, red and white checkered long-sleeve blouse.

Holding it up, Angelina noticed the blouse had no length to it. Hoss told her it was designed to be tied together, not buttoned.

"Looks cute," she said, heading into the changing booth. Seeing her only from the shoulders up, we all watched as she peeled off her t-shirt dress and hung it over the railing. We saw her slip on the new top, then her hands started working below our line of sight.

"Where are your mirrors?" she asked.

"We've got just the one out here, over by the boots," said Hoss.

"Okay then, here I come...."

Sliding the drape aside, she stepped out.

Hoss let out a long whistle of approval. "Damn, darlin'!" he said, grinning from ear to ear.

Giving him a friendly smile, she went over to check herself out in the full-length mirror. As she stood stretching and turning, she wore a serious expression.

The top revealed a very nice expanse of smooth cleavage above the loosely tied knot, and it certainly showed off her tanned, perfect stomach. The Daisy Dukes were fairly revealing too, exposing a few inches of bare ass below the properly frayed edges. In addition to leaving two buttons undone she'd also folded the waistband over, making those tiny cut-offs ride enticingly low on her hips. With her g-string peeking out and her high heels showcasing her long legs, she looked absolutely incredible.

"So, what do you guys think?" she finally asked, turning to Steve and me.

"What do you think?" I responded.

Her slight frown indicated she wasn't entirely thrilled with the outfit, and sure enough she said, "It's definitely cute and everything, but I'm thinking it's maybe a little too generic, you know what I mean? This is kind of a clichéd look."

"I love it," grinned Steve.

"But you don't, obviously," I said to her.

Shaking her head, she started to scan the racks of clothes, and it wasn't long before she seemed to lock in on something.

"I think I have an idea. This oughtta drive you guys crazy," she grinned, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

I couldn't figure out what she'd discovered, and she told Steve and me to look away for a moment because she wanted it to be a surprise.

"Hoss, do you have these in my size?" she asked.

"Sure thing, darlin'. Let me just check these...and here you go..." he said, over the shuffling of clothes racks.

"Great. I'll be right out."

We heard her move back into the changing booth.

"You two can turn around again," she said, poking her head through the curtain. "Hoss, here, sweetie. I won't be needing these."

Though she was holding the drape in front of her, we could see her bare shoulder as she handed him the Daisy Duke outfit. She closed the drape again, but it swayed back and forth a bit before settling down. Through the opening on the right side of the drape I saw that she was completely nude except for her g-string and heels. With her back to us, she was taking something black and leathery off a hanger.

I could also see Hoss peeking in too. I didn't want to ruin his fun by letting him know that I was onto him, so I just watched him from the corner of my eye. Steve was on the other side of me, checking her out through the gap on the left side of the drape. He wasn't being the least bit subtle about it.

'Oh well, no biggie,' I thought. I knew she had to know that we could see her through those gaps, and I wanted to let her have her fun too.

I couldn't quite see what she was putting on; all I could tell was that it was solid black leather, it came down to the middle of her back, and it left her arms bare. She bent forward and began fiddling with something else; I could hear metal buckles jingling, then she called out, "Hoss, could you come in here, please? I need you to show me how this goes on."

"Be glad to," he grinned.

Eager as fuck to help, that guy! I just had to laugh, knowing Angelina had recognized and immediately pounced on a perfect opportunity to have some teasing fun with a total stranger.

Looking through the gap again, I couldn't see much since Hoss was in the way. I could only see his arms reaching around her waist and his forearms flexing, as if he was working with his hands at something in front of her. I couldn't make out what he was doing.

"Oh, so that's how it works. It goes together in the front," she said, amusement evident in her voice.

Hoss stepped out of the booth but continued to block my view of her, though I'm sure Steve must have gotten to see her since Hoss came out on my side of the drape. In fact, I know Steve saw her because he audibly gasped.

"Okay, close your eyes, I'm coming out," she giggled. We heard the drape swooshing, then the footfalls of her heels as she stepped onto the wooden flooring area that Hoss had set up in front of the full-length mirror.

"Yes, now this is more what I had in mind. Okay, boys, I'm ready for you. Go ahead, you can open your eyes now."

She was right. We definitely were no longer in Hazzard County.

"Like?" she asked disingenuously, beaming brightly. She knew damn well we would "like."

After taking a few moments to preen before the mirror, she started strutting back and forth, jingling and clackity-clacking on that wooden walkway as she checked out how the outfit moved on her.

"Now if that ain't the most beautiful sight I've ever come across...woo, lord, if you don't mind my saying so," Hoss said.

"I don't mind at all, and thank you. You done good with this one, Hoss," she grinned. Then she turned to Steve and me. "What about you two? No comments?"

"Once again, I think you rendered him utterly speechless," I said, looking towards Steve.

Like a puppy eagerly following a chew toy being waved in its face, he gave her a goofy nodding motion.

"That is completely awesome, Angie. You may have finally outdone yourself," I added.

"You really think so? I have to say, I do like this one. It's...different. It has a lot of sexy attitude, and it's really playful too." Sticking out her hip, she smacked her ass with one hand while blowing on the smoking barrel of an imaginary six-shooter in the other.

She had on exactly five items: her strappy high heels, a gold belly-chain, her sheer g-string, a black leather vest, and a set of black leather chaps!

The vest had button closures yet she'd only buttoned the very bottom one, allowing it to gape open above her sexy navel. She was showing amazing cleavage, particularly whenever she bent forward at all. After initially trying it with just the single button closed she soon unfastened that one too, letting the vest hang wide open over her gorgeous breasts as she strutted around the room.

The leather chaps had a buckle in the front that sat about six inches above her tiny panties. From behind, all we saw was black leather framing her bare ass and thighs, with only the g-string bisecting the very top of her ass before disappearing into her deep divide. Otherwise, it was nothing but smooth, golden brown skin.

She turned again to check out how it looked in the mirror. Spreading her legs, she bent at the waist and wiggled her ass the way she would when dancing. With her legs set well apart, we were treated to the sight of the g-string splitting her pretty little asshole. We could see the olive-toned crinkle on either side, but the center of her winking aperture was hidden by the narrow string. Trailing down, the string widened to where it became a totally sheer two-inch veil over her picture-perfect pussy.

As she was checking out her ass in the mirror, her firm, heavy breasts were swaying freely in her open vest; somehow, her nipples managed to remain barely covered.

Apparently satisfied, she stood and faced the mirror.

From the front the view was less shocking, yet probably even more revealing. Her breasts were mostly out in the open, and the sight of exposed flesh included everything down to the top of her g-string. Her gold belly-chain caught the light, accentuating her bare stomach and the sensual curves of her hips. Though the chaps covered her legs and most of her hips too, they did an amazing job of framing her pussy. The stark contrast of the black leather, her tanned skin and the black of the g-string was a real eye-catcher.

Hoss, Steve and I enjoyed a clear view of her small strip of pubic hair and moist slit, both of which were plain to see through her transparent panties. We all just stood there, marveling at the sight.

"I think you can wrap this set up, Hoss. We'll take it," she grinned.

Always the queen of the understatement, our Angie!

Still grinning, she added, "I think I'll need you to help me out of these pants, though, if you wouldn't mind."

I'm fairly certain she meant for him to assist her back in the changing room, but he seemed so overcome by the entire series of events that perhaps he momentarily lost his mind. Whatever the case, he simply knelt before her right there in the middle of the tent. She looked over her shoulder at me, and with her shining eyes opened wide she brought her hand up to cover her delighted smile, as if to say, "Oh my!"

Hoss was quite understandably too busy to notice, what with his face practically buried in her pussy. After unhooking the buckles, he unzipped the legs; as she gingerly stepped out of the chaps, he slid his hands up her thighs, all the way to her ass.

'Nice move,' I thought, chuckling to myself. 'The consummate professional, always ready to assist a damsel in distress....'

So there she stood before us, posing in her sexy high heels, bottomless except for a sheer g-string.

She looked into the mirror at me, a pleased little grin playing on her lips.

Surprising us even further, Hoss stood and casually pulled the vest from her shoulders, baring her breasts as he removed her only covering.

Angelina was now almost completely nude, wearing nothing but high heels and a totally sheer g-string. For a few electric moments she allowed us all to drink in her stunning naked breasts before finally covering her nipples with her forearm. "This is certainly interesting," she said, giving us a wry grin.

A couple in their thirties walked into the tent, where they were met by the sight of my naked, grinning wife. Like a pair of deer caught in her headlights, they froze.

Rather than speak, which would have only heightened the tension, Angie just gave them a beguiling smile while sauntering back to the changing booth. Damn, her luscious ass and long, sleek legs looked amazing. After closing the drape behind her, she reached up to grab her t-shirt dress. She returned a moment later wearing that little dress...and a huge grin.

As I paid for the items, she smiled, "Thank you for everything, Hoss."

He just chuckled, "Mi casa es su casa! You folks are welcome here any ol' time!"

Once we were outside, I gave her a big, dopey grin and a warm hug. "Baby, that was incredible! Did you have even half as much fun as we did?"

Pulling us both in for a three-way Angelina sandwich hug, she laughed, "More, would be my guess! Call me crazy, but I highly doubt that either of you just had a total stranger run his fingers through your pussy as you were trying to figure out how to get into a pair of leather chaps!"

"He rubbed your pussy?" laughed Steve.

"Yes, he did, when we were in the changing room together. Remember when he took my pants off and slid his hands up my bare thighs, all the way to my ass? He tried to make it seem like it was an innocent part of helping me, but he was really just copping a feel. Well, when he was kneeling behind me in the changing room he did the same thing, only he also stroked my pussy. He was pretty obvious about it, too. Using two fingers, he gave my lips a couple of long caresses, front to back, right through my panties. While helping me with the vest, he also seemed quite happy to help himself to my naked breasts. One time, he even ran his fingertips over my nipples."

Steve guffawed, "Jesus, Angie!"

"Then there's the fact that I ended up naked in front of everyone, including two more total strangers. Yes, all in all, I think I probably had way more fun than you two did."

"What did you do when he touched you?" asked Steve, excitement bubbling in his voice.

"To be honest, I almost came on his fingers. I definitely became wet. I didn't say or do anything, though. I was having fun, so I just let him continue his little game."

I grinned, "Okay, now that you've had your sneaky little fun and scored yourself a killer outfit for tonight, do you want to keep looking?"

"We just got here, and we've only checked out one place. I say we walk around some more," she smiled.

"Yeah, let's see what these guys have..." Steve said, leading us into the Native American tent.

~ ~ ~

"Hey," said the young, beautiful Goth girl.

Odd, to see a Goth working the Native American tent. Maybe nineteen, she had jet black hair streaked with electric blue. She looked eastern European, with the long limbs, high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes of a runway model from Prague or Bucharest. She also wasn't wearing anything even remotely Native American. Instead she sported Doc Marten boots, a skintight black t-shirt, and a red and black tartan miniskirt that showed off her dangling belly-piercing.

"Whatcha guys looking for?" she asked. No introductions.

"We're going to a concert tonight, and I'm looking for something sexy to wear," said Angie.

"What show are you going to?"

"Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck," Steve said.

"Cool! My boyfriend really wanted to go to that show, but he had to work tonight. Pretty fucked up, huh? So, anyway, you wanna look sexy or full-on slutty?"

"A little of both would be good," Steve grinned.

Angie punched him in the shoulder before asking the girl whether she had any suggestions.

"Yeah, maybe. Depends on how slutty you wanna go, I guess. Most people who come here, they're looking for stupid silver bracelets and shit, or maybe some Indian coffee mugs. Whatever. We haven't sold a lot of clothes since we opened this place, but we got this one outfit in the other day that kind of intrigued me. I'm thinking there aren't too many girls who would have the balls to wear it, though maybe you might."

"Now I'm intrigued too," Angie said. "Can I see it?"

"Sure, let me go grab it. I haven't even put it out for display yet. I was thinking of maybe trying it on first myself and blowing away my boyfriend with it, but now I really have to see it on you. With your amazing tits, you're perfect for this thing. C'mon, follow me."

While following her past a row of wire display racks, Angie looked back at us to giggle over the girl's bluntness.

"Here, use this, and I'll be right with you," she said, gesturing for Angie to step behind the little privacy screen she had in lieu of a changing room. It was just an opaque screen set to the rear of the tent. Anyone using it would be visible to onlookers on either side.

When the girl returned, she handed Angie a small wooden box. "Check this out."

Opening the box and peering curiously inside, Angelina plucked out what looked to be a few strips of tan lace done up in a vaguely southwestern-themed pattern. As she held it up to stretch it between her fingers, we all saw that it was see-through. It wasn't totally sheer like her g-string or the fuchsia lingerie top she'd worn that morning, but it was nowhere near opaque either. It was definitely sheer. We could see her fingers through the material, including the deep scarlet of her polished nails.

"What is it?" she asked, clearly intrigued.

"It's this wicked little top and skirt combo. You gotta see it. C'mon, let's get you undressed," the girl said, then she turned to Steve and me. "You two, stay in front of the privacy screen. If I catch you trying to check us out from the sides, I'll kick your ass!"

She was smiling as she said it, but man, who really knew with her?

Okay, so Angie and Eastern Euro Goth Chick went behind the screen. Actually, only Angie went behind the screen, as there really was only room for one person there.

"I'm Angelina, by the way," she said, offering the girl her hand. I guess she at least wanted to break down whatever little barriers she could.

"Oh, shit, sorry. I'm such a retard. Hi, Angelina. Pleased to meet you. I'm Mariska."

"Mariska! What a beautiful name," smiled Angie, shaking the young girl's hand.

"Yeah, what can you do? My parents are weird. It's a cool name, I guess. Okay, let's get this show on the road. Girl, I'm dying to see you in this thing."

We all laughed at that.

"Here, let me help you with this..." she said, not even waiting for Angie to slip out of her little t-shirt dress. She just reached down and grabbed the lower hem. "Lift..." she grinned.

Angie raised her arms, and Mariska quickly whisked the dress off. Tossing it to Steve, she made him blush when she smiled, "You look like you really want this. Can't say that I blame you."

While we could see all of Mariska, we could only make out the outline of Angie's body below her shoulders. We couldn't see any actual skin. Still, her sexy silhouette was clear as day.

Turning back to Angie, the young girl stopped short. "Jesus, Angelina, you're fucking gorgeous!" she blurted out, drinking in Angie's almost completely nude body.

"May I?" she asked, adopting an air of cloying politeness. Without bothering to wait for a response, she reached out to cup Angie's breasts. Just like petting a puppy on the nose, it was that easy for her. Amazing.

"Baby, you have the most perfect tits ever," she said, blatantly fondling Angie's bare breasts.

Angie looked like she didn't know what to do, so she just smiled and said, "Thank you. You're very pretty too."

Sliding her hands down to Angie's hips, Mariska moved into a squatting position. "Let me see the rest of you. Turn...." Just a soft command.

Angie began to turn, showing the girl her body.

"Wait. Stop..." she said, once Angie had completed a half-turn. "I just have to..." she grinned. Leaning in, she licked Angie's thigh, beginning a trail of sensual licks, bites and kisses all the way up to her curvy bottom. After thoroughly licking through her deep crack, she took her by the ass and turned her back around, to where her gorgeous pussy was staring the sexy teen right in the face.

"These are definitely some wicked panties, but they have to go..." she said, reaching up with both hands to tug the tiny g-string down. "Girl, you smell really good," she grinned, nuzzling her face in Angie's bare pussy. "Mmmm, you're totally wet, too," she moaned playfully, using her lips and cheeks to caress the beautiful slit.

Stepping out of her panties, Angie laughed, "Of course I'm wet! What do you expect? I just met you, and you're practically fucking me already!"

"Sorry. I couldn't help myself," Mariska smirked, kissing Angie's pussy again. Slipping her tongue inside, she treated herself to a long, slow taste. When she finally pulled away, she smiled, "It's your fault, though."

Angie gave her a heedless grin. "All I did was walk in here. Three minutes later, your tongue is in my ass, you're taking my panties off, and now you're licking my naked pussy. How is this my fault?"

The young girl returned the grin. "It's your fault for being so fucking hot. What was I supposed to do?" Cupping Angie's ass, she brought her mouth back to the tempting slit.

Taking Mariska's face in both hands, my bemused wife draped a thigh over the sexy Goth's shoulder. Moaning a little as the young girl hungrily ate her pussy, Angie eventually answered, "Mmmmmm...maybe take me out to dinner first? Seduce me with champagne, sweet words and a dozen roses, then go down on me?"

She was really enjoying her new game with the beautiful teen.

Giving Angelina's divine pussy a lingering final lick, Mariska asked with a wry smile, "Do I look like the kind of girl who offers people flowers?"

Angie got a kick out of that. "No, I guess not," she laughed. "Okay, you're forgiven. Now show me how this outfit works."

Mariska stood and took the scraps of lace from Angie. "It's pretty simple. See, this is the top, and this is the bottom. You just put it on like a bikini or whatever."

"Where's the rest of the top? It looks like it's missing something," Angie said, curiously fingering the smaller piece.

"Nope. That's how it's supposed to be. You'll see, once you try it on."

As Angie studied the two pieces, a couple of teenaged boys came into the tent.

"Shit...damn it, not now..." Mariska said in a low voice, though she did go over to help them.

Angie was still playing with her little outfit, bending every which way as she tried to sort out where each piece was supposed to go. Finally, her head popped back up. "You guys are not going to believe this thing. It's just insane." Wriggling her hips, she reached down and made one last adjustment. "Okay, ready or not, here I come..." she smiled, stepping out from behind the screen.

Again, she'd understated it; what she had on was even hotter than the open vest with the bare-assed chaps.

Thoroughly enjoying our dumbfounded reactions, she gave us a sexy smile. "Guys, I know you liked the last outfit, and I love it too, but this is the one."

"Absolutely," I said.

Steve's only response was a strangled choking sound.

Laughing, she took his hand. "Sweetie, if I wear this for you tonight, especially like this, with no panties, that should more than make up for not getting to take me to the show in those old threadbare panties and see-through top you saw me in this morning, don't you think?"

When all he could do was nod, she grinned, "I think this might even be more revealing than what you wanted me to wear. I feel naked in this."

I just gawped at her, although I did manage to speak. "Totally sexy yet still stylish, that's how you wanted us to dress you," I said, amazed at what I was seeing.

"This is exactly what I had in mind. God, you would not believe how turned on I am right wet I am," she said, crossing her legs as she caressed her erect nipples.

Apparently overhearing us, one of the teenagers popped his head out from behind a rack. When he saw Angelina, he called to his buddy, "Dude! Dude! Look! You gotta look!"

"Fuck this. You guys better not steal anything," Mariska said to them before abruptly dashing out of the tent. Moments later she returned with a full-length mirror, which she set down directly in front of Angelina. "Girl, you thought I was exaggerating? Check for yourself. I swear, you're going to make me cum just from looking at you. Angelina, you're a walking orgasm."

That she was.

Still wearing her gold belly-chain and strappy heels, Angelina studied herself in the mirror. Her top, if that's what it could be called, consisted of a leather string that went around her chest, above her breasts. Secured by a tan clasp in the back, the leather string was so thin and its color matched her skin tone so well that from behind she appeared to be topless. At a quick glance, there was nothing but perfect golden skin and long, silky hair.

The front view, god. If I live to be a hundred, I'll never forget that front view.

Attached to the tiny string, two lace curtains floated elegantly atop her breasts. Because they were so brief, each sheer rectangle merely draped over her nipples, reaching yet not fully covering her majestic lower swells. Their narrow width meant that they were only able to shade the center of each breast, leaving the sides completely exposed. Curving out from her chest high above her trim tummy, Angelina's perfect tits were truly bare.

Again the tan color of the curtains blended with her skin tone to make them even less noticeable. Her brownish-pink coronas showed clearly through the gossamer lace, her long, thick tips forcing the wispy material to hang even further off her breasts. The eight-inch gap between her tapered stomach and the light coverlets was just impossibly sexy.

So sweet yet brazen, those floating whispers of delicate lace were the most amazing things ever created for covering - while artfully revealing - Angelina's gorgeous breasts.

The matching lace bottoms were more of the same. Continuing the Native American theme, they were a loincloth design, with the front and back curtains floating down from another leather string encircling her waist. The front coverlet was sinfully short, extending but a scant few inches below her naked pussy. Though the rear coverlet was similar in length, it had to drape over the full sweep of her curvy bottom, so it only barely covered her ass.

At her height of a very leggy five-seven, our view was one of a seemingly endless expanse of smooth, shining thighs.

Adding to the bare skin quotient were her naked hips exposed between the front and back panels; her hips, thighs and beginning curves of her ass were all totally bare. With her high heels forcing her toned thighs to tighten and her taut, round bottom to thrust out, there was again the effect of a sheer lace curtain merely floating over the apex of her ass. Combined with her barely-there top, the overall look when viewed from the side was that other than for a tiny leather string running across her waist she was completely nude.

From the rear, her smooth heart-shaped ass and succulent pussy were easily discernible through the finely-woven lace, while the front view offered teasing glimpses of her small strip of pubic hair and glistening wet lips.

"Walk..." I said. "Let's see how it moves."

And that's what she did. She walked back and forth for a few moments, noting her exposure with each practiced step. "Okay, I want to see how well this will work in the real world," she grinned, strutting right on past the stunned teens as she exited the tent.

Once she was outside, it didn't take ten seconds before a puff of breeze lifted her weightless coverlets, baring her immaculate charms to all and sundry.

"Not very well!" she laughed, after hurrying back inside. "This one is definitely an indoors-only outfit!"

"Why? It seemed to work just fine outside," smiled Mariska.

Angie responded with a cute smirk and a flirty flipping up of her skirt.

"So, what do you think? Is it still the one for tonight?" I asked.

"Let me check one last thing..." she grinned, turning her back to the mirror while bending at the waist. With her hands on her thighs, she spread her legs and wiggled her ass, putting her wondrous little loincloth to the same dance test she'd given the chaps outfit at Hoss's place.

The thing is, unless she stood straight and tall, her lace skirt simply wasn't long enough in the back to cover her. As she leaned forward and danced for us, her shining wet pussy was on vivid display between her naked thighs and the fully exposed lower half of her mouthwatering bottom.

She was intentionally showing us her bare sex. Then, by adding just the slightest arch to her back, she showed us her inviting little pucker. Looking over her shoulder into the mirror, she cupped her ass and spread herself open all the way. Offering us everything, she let out a breathy moan.

One of the teenage boys gasped, and Steve made another strangled sound in his throat.

Standing again, she raised her arms above her head and gyrated in a circle; her moist, pouting lips and silky pubic hair were maddening to behold as they danced beneath the flitty lace.

We were all under her spell, frozen in place...hopelessly enthralled.

Well, not all of us. Mariska was still able to manage motor skills, which she proved when she moved behind Angie gyrating before the mirror. Wasting no time, she slid her hands up Angie's stomach and onto her breasts, cupping them beneath their tiny coverlets.

Angie didn't stop dancing; as the Goth beauty openly fondled her, she just covered the young girl's hands with her own. When Mariska pinched and tugged on her nipples, a moaning Angie pushed her ass against the sexy brunette, who responded by kissing her on the lips. Looping her arms around Mariska's head, Angie sucked the amazing girl's tongue deep into her mouth in a hot, furious kiss. They were simply making out in the center of the tent, wantonly groping each other while wetly smacking their lips together between bouts of frantic tongue-wrestling.

With one hand Mariska mauled Angie's breasts; the other snaked beneath her lace skirt to claim her pussy.

"Oh god..." Angie moaned when three urgent fingers slid inside and began deeply fucking her super-heated cunt.

"Cum for me...cum for me...cum for me..." implored the knowing young girl, chanting it between kisses on the mouth and hungry bites of Angie's slender neck. Angie pulled her closer by clutching the back of her head and tugging on her hair, and Mariska purred, "Mmmmmm,'re almost there, want to cum...let it go for me...."

When her orgasm hit, Angie let out a long, low moan; her eyes fluttering, her stomach and thighs shuddering, she trembled in the young girl's arms. Overwhelmed by the waves of intense pleasure crashing through her body, she writhed in ecstasy, completely letting go.

She was spellbindingly beautiful.

Once she finally stopped cumming, they gently kissed, and Mariska cooed to her while carefully walking her over to us. "Here, hold her up. Don't let her fall," said the sexy imp, handing Angie back to me. "As amazing as she is, you guys can keep the outfit, no charge. Consider it my version of giving her flowers."

Angie gazed at her with soft, dreamy eyes. "God, that was incredible, and thank you for the flowers," she grinned. Turning in my arms to face the hot little minx, she gave her a warm kiss, which soon melted into a long, tender make-out kiss. As their tongues danced together, Angie lifted Mariska's tartan miniskirt to squeeze her ass and stroke her pussy, and our playful Goth's sparkling blue eyes glowed with mirth at our discovery of her bare bottom and naked, hairless slit.

Slipping two fingers inside, Angie grinned, "Mmmm, no panties, and you're as wet as I am." She made Mariska's knees buckle by driving deep into her sweet young pussy; thrusting hard, corkscrewing in and out, simply ravaging that gorgeous little honey pot, she fucked the lissome teen for a solid couple of minutes before bringing her glistening fingers to their mouths so they could both enjoy a taste.

"Anytime, Angelina...anytime..." breathed the exotic beauty, once they were done.

Still holding Angie's black dress, Steve went to retrieve her panties from behind the privacy screen. He brought the clothes to Mariska, who folded them in the small wooden box that came with the lace outfit. Handing it to him, she wrote something on a piece of scratch paper and slipped it inside the box, making sure that Angie saw her do it.

After a final hot kiss goodbye, Mariska whispered in her ear, "Call me."

~to be continued~

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Submitted: July 02, 2014

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