Angelina: Ch. 02

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The art of the tease.

'She came back! Yes! And she wore the pink nightie!' thought Steve, silently exulting.

Had he really thought about it, he wouldn't have been the least bit surprised. Delighted, sure, and aroused, definitely, but not surprised, since Angelina often snuggled with him during movies, and she usually wore very little around the house anyway. This was particularly true during their evenings together, when she'd "change into something more comfortable" after coming home from work, or in the mornings, when she would make breakfast for them and hang around the house wearing the same types of skimpy things she'd worn to relax in the night before.

She usually wore as little as she could get away with, or so it seemed to him. She didn't walk around nude, though. It wasn't like that. 'She isn't just some hippie nudist chick,' he thought.

No, as far as he was concerned, she was much more amazing than that. She always wore something - something incredibly sexy.

Sometimes she would do what she called "dress-up sexy" for when they would all go out together, and she'd go out of her way to wear something for them that was intentionally sexy. It might be a short flippy skirt and heels, with a see-through stretch-lace top. Always braless, of course. Or it could be a t-shirt dress that had a wonderful habit of slipping off her shoulder, threatening to reveal her entire breast.

Other times it was "casual sexy" for when they were just hanging around the house. It might be a torn and frayed wife beater t-shirt, with some tiny panties. It could be a silky robe, or an old Pittsburgh Steelers mesh jersey, or a baby doll set of lingerie.

One way or the other, she was always dressed to kill. She exuded sex; she simply couldn't help it. The fact that she was so comfortable and carefree about displaying herself only made her that much sexier, even more so because she was never a drama queen about it. She was just...Angelina.

'She really is a gift to us,' he decided, watching her come back into the living room.

When he stayed overnight she often "tucked him in," as they liked to call it, yet that night was the first time he'd ever come right out and verbally requested it. That night was also the first time he had ever requested she wear a particular outfit. Even though he knew she loved to "dress up for her guys," he'd never had the nerve to ask for anything specific.

He could scarcely believe he had actually done it.

After Angelina and Dan had gone to their bedroom, Steve thought about what he had said to her. 'What an asshole, asking my best friend's wife to go put on an amazingly short see-through nightie to tuck me in. How lame is that? I'm twenty-three years old! Tuck me in? Jesus! They must think I'm an idiot!

'Still, that was pretty ballsy,' he grinned to himself.

Not that he really had any doubt she'd do it. She was so incredibly sweet and affectionate to him that he doubted she would ever say no to him about anything.

He knew he would never say no to her, no matter what. She was his fantasy woman. He was in love with her, as much as could have been possible considering their weird and somewhat limiting three-way relationship. He would do anything for her, without question. He was simply uncertain as to the etiquette issues. Never having been in such a situation before, from either side, he really didn't know what the rules were.

What would be...normal?

His one girlfriend had been way too shy and reserved to put him in the position he imagined his friend was in with Angelina. He had certainly never encountered any other couples that were so easygoing and even downright encouraging about such things.

Of course not.

'He's my best friend! They're both my best friends! How else would I have ever gotten involved in something like this?' he laughed to himself.

The three of them had developed such a close bond over the course of many years. In his experience, theirs was a unique situation. Nothing he had ever done could have possibly prepared him for such a complicated relationship. He decided he would just have to trust to their equal lack of experience, relying on their friendship to guide them through, whatever may come.

'Cum is more like it, knowing Angie,' he thought, intently studying her every movement as she came to him.

~ ~ ~

"Hi," she said softly. "What are you watching?"

Having returned to the living room, Angelina found Steve sitting up against the armrest of the couch, watching TV.

"Nothing special. Just some old movie," he deadpanned, wondering what was in store for him.

"Let me get you a blanket and a good pillow," she smiled.

"I'm okay for now. I'm not ready yet to go to sleep. I'm just going to stay up and watch TV for a while."

"Okay, but just let me know when you want me to tuck you in," she smirked, emphasizing the phrase. She was teasing him about his request to have her come back and watch TV with him while they lay together, usually beneath a blanket.

The three of them had an unspoken arrangement whereby she would always snuggle during movies with the one who grabbed the couch, leaving the other person the large recliner chair.

When Steve stayed over, she would give him a big blanket and pillow so he could fall asleep watching TV on the couch. As part of her 'tucking him in' ritual, she would often slip beneath his blanket to snuggle with him for a bit before heading off to bed.

"Mind if I join you?" she grinned.

"No problem. Here..." he said, scooting up on the couch to give her room.

"You don't need to move. I know where I want to be, and you're fine right where you are," she grinned again. Moving into a position that would still allow her to see the TV while lying on her side, she turned her shoulders as she slid between his legs.

When her loose robe slipped away from her body on her way down, he caught a quick glimpse of her entire left breast. 'Jesus,' he thought, watching her climb on top of him.

Once she was settled in, she positioned herself with her head turned sideways on his lower chest, which meant that her breasts were pressed against the crotch of his jeans, his legs spread around her.

"Mmmmmm," she smiled, snuggling tightly, one arm tucked beneath her, the other extended up along his side. The arm that she had tucked was between his legs, her hand resting right on his crotch.

He draped his hands along her back, which felt amazing to him through her barely-there silk robe. She may as well have been nude when he caressed down her sides, up her spine and onto the sensitive skin of her neck beneath her thick, shining hair.

'This almost feels better than nude,' he thought, noticing that the ultra-thin silk actually enhanced the feel of her warm flesh.

Still, between the quick peek at her breast, the silky feel of her back, the sensation of her heavy mounds pressing against his balls, and her hand resting so perilously close to his cock, he didn't know what to do. He was as hard as a rock, his massive erection jutting straight towards his belly button. If she moved her fingertips forward just an inch or two, she would be touching his obvious hard-on.

He skootched down a little, trying to get her hand onto his stomach, away from his bulging erection.

"Ouch," she said, holding her breast. "Your jeans are so rough. You're not going to sleep in them, are you?" When he started to say something, she cut him short. "Let's just take them off," she smiled, moving her hands to the buttoned fly of his Levi's. "Ooh, that's right, you don't wear underwear..." she added teasingly, popping it open.

"Ummm, I'll go put on some sweats. They're a lot softer than these jeans," he stammered, as she undid the next button.

"Spoilsport," she said, giving him a cute pout. "Okay then, while you're off changing, I'll get a fire going. It's a little cold in here."

She let him up, and he went to go change. He thought about masturbating, figuring that by doing so he might stand a chance of not having a raging hard-on for her to discover the moment he came back into the living room. He seriously debated it before deciding he didn't want to return to her looking flushed and smelling of cum. No, he would just play it casual while trying not to stress too much.

When he returned to the living room, he nearly choked on his tongue, and his cock instantly tented his sweatpants.

Angelina was on her knees, stacking kindling in the fireplace. Her incredible ass was directly facing him, her silk wrap stretched so tightly across her curvy hips and bottom that the shadow of her deep split was clearly visible. The wrap was also so short that it hung only loosely over her pussy, just barely covering her moist lips.

As she sat leaning into the fireplace, he was mentally urging her flirty hemline to climb just that extra inch higher.

"God…" he groaned, watching as her thighs parted.

At the sound of his groan, she looked over her shoulder. Grinning to herself, she saw him trying to cover his obvious erection with his hands. "Well hello there, sexy," she purred, flashing a seductive smile. Swaying her ass back and forth for him, she was using the fireplace poker to shift a small log into position. "Sweetie, can you please grab me another book of matches from the kitchen? I'm all out down here," she continued, basking in the heat of his lustful stare.

When he returned from the kitchen, she was still leaning into the fireplace. While working at shaping a perfect little wood teepee atop her pile of kindling, she was offering him an incredible view of her ass, and it was driving him insane. Dragging out each step across the living room, reluctant to let such a stunning vision come to an end, he slowly went to her. Handing her the matches, he knelt beside her as she prepared to indulge her pyro-lust.

Angelina truly loved a good fire. Whether it was a roaring campfire or a warm, cozy blaze glowing in our living room, she could sit for hours on end happily tending to it; constantly stoking it, absentmindedly poking and shaping it.

Striking a match, she leaned into the fireplace to light her kindling. Steve tried - and failed - not to be too obvious about watching her breasts bounce and sway as they attempted to escape her little wrap. When she sat up, he noticed that her loosely tied robe had fallen almost all the way open, exposing her gorgeous tapered tummy. She was poking at the growing fire, and with her every movement he could see the full globes of her firm breasts. Even her belly button was driving him to distraction with the way it kept temptingly slipping in and out of view behind her slack belt.

Just when he was certain that he was about to see her neatly trimmed strip of pussy hair, she lifted the leg closest to him and knelt on one knee; her raised thigh denied him a view of his Holy Grail.

'No! Move your leg!' he screamed in his head.

The way she was sitting afforded him other advantages, though, which he quickly discovered.

She was sitting up on one knee, her posture erect. That position forced her breasts to jut out spectacularly, and he became aware of her fully aroused nipples pressing against the thin silk. The smooth olive skin of her breasts was even more visible, and as the flickering firelight began to fill the room with dancing shadows he could also see her delectable areolas through the sheer material. Even the bumps on her perfect circles were showing clear through.

What he liked best was that he could see her entire breast through the widened gap. She was still covered, barely, and that slight covering made her the most beautiful vision he'd ever imagined.

Her smoky eyes reflected the dancing firelight, and her luscious red lips parted as she watched the growing flames. Looking up, she followed his gaze, which was fixed on her bare breasts. Peering down her body, she fingered the lower hem of her robe; flipping it teasingly, she stared into his hungry eyes. "This really doesn't cover me, does it? It always wants to come open," she said, smiling sexily.

She came to her feet, halfheartedly cinching her belt. Turning her back to the fire, she stood gently swaying before the soothing flames with her hands clasped above her ass.

Returning to his spot on the couch, ostensibly to watch his movie, Steve noticed that Angelina kept her eyes closed while luxuriating in front of the fire. She was moving her ass back and forth, soaking up the fire's comforting warmth. He was spellbound, watching the light play in the open spaces within her silk wrap. In silhouette, he saw the elegant crescents of her ass peeking through the gap at the top of her thighs; the outer curves of her heavy breasts shone beautifully between her upper torso and outstretched arms. He thought he could also make out the enticing split of her bare pussy, though he wasn't entirely sure that it hadn't merely been the firelight playing tricks on him.

"Enjoying the show?" she asked, a soft, beguiling smile playing on her ruby lips.

"I…it's…uhh..." he sputtered.

"Your TV show," she said, turning to face the fire. "Is it good?"

"Oh! Yeah, I love this part."

His eyes were riveted to the backs of her bare legs. She was still moving her hips back and forth, and he remained spellbound as he watched her deep divide dance so sensually. The glow from the fire provided a perfect silhouette of her amazing ass, while the wide gap at the top of her thighs presented him with a dream-come-true view of her mouthwatering pussy. He could see her naked slit; no way was it the firelight playing tricks on him. Her delicate, sexy labia were opening and closing, moving in rhythm with the rest of her bewitching body.

As he stared at her gorgeous sex, he thanked his lucky stars that Angelina had a real woman's full, pouting pussy lips.

Looking over her shoulder, she grinned when she saw him staring as if in a daze at her lush, tantalizing bottom, which she was moving in maddeningly slow figure-eights. "Okay, I'll go grab the blanket and pillow. Let's snuggle some more," she said, snapping him out of his trance. She darted across the living room to the hallway, mesmerizing him with her dancing breasts.

Returning with the bedding, she dumped it on the recliner chair before climbing down into her usual snuggling position between his spread legs. "Mmmmmm, good, sweetie, no more scratchy jeans. This feels much nicer…" she grinned, firmly pressing her breasts and hand to the crotch of his sweatpants.

Since Steve had sat up a little higher against the armrest of the couch, Angelina had landed a bit lower on his body. The result was that her hand was palming his aching balls while her face rested just below his belly button. His cloth-covered erection was pressing between her bare breasts and the soft hollow at the base of her neck, her robe having parted again on her way down to her snuggling position. Her lips were only a breath away from the head of his cock.

'I'm dead meat!' he thought, nearly in a panic. He knew she could feel his hard cock between her breasts.

She shifted again, curling a bit more sideways. The hand trapped beneath her was suddenly pressing not only against his balls but also on the first few inches of his solid shaft. "Mmmmmm-hmmm, definitely much nicer…" she grinned, giving his erection a gentle squeeze.

Her other hand had landed directly in front of her mouth, right alongside the head of his cock. With her first hand resting on the base of his shaft and her mouth poised so close to the tip, it looked to him like she was about to suck his dick.

When she was finished shifting around, she ended up with one leg curled beneath her, the other extended straight back. Her shifting had pulled her robe's already short hemline all the way above her bare hip, leaving her completely nude below the waist.

His breath caught. Looking down her back, he could see one entirely exposed leg and hip, and the smooth curves of her ass. If she turned at all, he would see everything; as it was, her bare crack was arcing into his line of sight.

Having no idea what else to do, feeling like a condemned man about to walk the most pleasurable plank, he leaned back and once again began to stroke along her ribs. While caressing her naked hip on his way over to the small of her back, his fingertips brushed across her warm, bare divide.

Jolted by his touch, she looked up at him. "Oops," she smiled, and she shifted onto her back. As she was turning, however, her robe caught beneath her before she lifted enough to release it.

She was certain that her entire right breast along with her pretty pelt of dark brown pubic hair had popped into the open, and she wondered whether he'd caught it. Lifting again, she pulled her wrap together, but only so that her nipples were marginally covered.

Her ass was still completely bare, but since she was on her back it didn't matter. At least her pussy was covered, though the gap in her robe had grown so large that the flap on one side protected only a small portion of her naked sex. Her loosely tied belt was also resting across her little strip of soft hair.

Steve was still fixated on the thought of touching her bare bottom. When she turned over onto her back, suddenly he was assaulted by too many visual targets, and he simply didn't know where to look! 'Was that her bare ass? Did her breast come out? Did I just see her pussy? Which...what? Wait…what did I see? Damn it!'

Once Angelina settled back down, Steve noticed that her head was in the crook of his crotch. Her face was again turned towards the TV, only this time it was right next to his hard cock rather than above it, the way it'd been before. Her entire body was otherwise between his legs, so her hands had landed on his thighs, near his knees.

For twenty minutes they watched the movie in silence; the entire time, Steve was focused solely on her warm breath kissing his cock. He was lightly stroking her shoulders, and she was caressing his lower thighs and knees, but it was the way she was hotly breathing on his dick that was driving him insane.

He couldn't take it any longer. He was going to blow.

He made a gesture to indicate discomfort; she lifted a bit to allow him to reposition himself. When he shifted, he also gently tugged on her arms, letting her know that he wanted her to move higher up his body.

Planting her feet on the couch, she pushed up to where she was lying directly on top of him, her back to his front. Her face was just below his ear, her body pressing against him everywhere.

"Better?" she smiled, squirming into a more comfortable position.

"Much," he said, happy that her line of sight no longer included a straight shot across the length of his full erection. "You?"

"Give me a second…" she breathed, and she literally breathed it into his ear, touching her lips to his earlobe while lifting to make her final adjustments. She ended up still on top of him, though slightly skewed to his left side. When he went to place his arms around her waist, she arched her back and raised her arms above her head, making it easy for him. After he'd set his arms where he wanted them, she kept her arms above their heads, curling her hands together in his hair.

She noticed that when she arched her back, her excited breasts thrust into the open from beneath her robe. The belt tie of her little wrap also fell away, uncovering her pussy. Feeling her exposure, she glanced down to confirm it; rather than adjust her robe, though, which might alert him to her new development, she opted instead to distract him.

"Mmmmmm, it's not just me, you know, about what you said earlier. You smell really nice too," she purred in his ear. Reaching down, she clasped her hands over his atop her stomach. She knew that with their hands in the way he wouldn't be able to see her pussy, and by moving her arms closer together she at least kept her nipples covered beneath her open robe.

She hadn't considered that moving her arms closer together would also have the effect of pressing her breasts together, making them sit straight up, round, tanned and gorgeous, her beautiful areolas peeking out in stark contrast to the smooth, taut skin of her full mounds.

He was making lazy circles on her sexy tummy; in doing so he was separating the folds of her robe to such an extent that anyone sitting at the other end of the couch would have had a clear shot of her bare pussy. She knew he could see all of her breasts except the raised points formed by her screaming nipples pressing against their thin covering, and she was okay with that. When she lifted her knees, he could also see her bare thighs, all the way to her pussy. From his angle, though, she knew their arms were blocking the uncovered view of her dark landing strip and wet lips.

For the moment, they were all safe and set; or so she thought, at least until she settled in with a final playful wriggle of her gorgeous bottom.

Instantly, they both felt it. The full length of his rock-hard erection had perfectly split her bare ass.

'Oh, fuck…this can't be happening,' he said to himself. 'She landed her ass right on it! Why didn't she shift to the left, the way she did with her upper body? There's no way she isn't feeling this!'

She was definitely feeling it. She slowly moved her ass up and down his granite shaft, confirming what she was feeling. 'Oh…god,' she thought. 'His cock is in my ass...his totally hard cock. It's right in my ass, spreading me open.'

She hadn't realized that she'd excited him quite that much. She knew she had probably made for a fairly fetching vision when she'd put herself on vivid display for him in the firelight. She also knew that he'd felt stiff when her breasts and hand were pressed around his cock. She was even fairly certain that in their last position she'd been looking at and breathing on the full length of his dick; he seemed to be tenting his sweats directly before her face, but she hadn't been completely sure. While nuzzling her mouth against it, she'd thought, 'This may not all be his cock. Some of it could just be his sweats bunching up.'

There on her back, though, as she lay on him body to body, she had no doubts. 'There's no mistaking this. That's his hard cock in my ass, and he's hard because of me. If it weren't for his sweatpants being in the way, god, he could easily fuck me right now.'

Thrilling at the thought, she smiled to herself while grinding her bare ass on his cock. "I love that you asked me to wear this robe to come tuck you in," she whispered in his ear. "You could have asked before, you know. I wish you would've asked for this a long time ago."

"I didn't know..." he started to say, hesitantly.

"Here, let's do this. Let's do what we normally do," she whispered, lifting herself. "Slide over, baby." She moved into a spoons position with him, which was their favorite way to watch movies together.

'Oh, god, Angie, thank you for moving and not saying anything! That could have been really bad,' he thought, silently rejoicing.

For her part, Angelina quietly congratulated herself on smoothly saving them the embarrassment of having to acknowledge their mutual excitement. Since she'd extricated them in such a stylish manner, she took his hand and happily placed it back on her stomach.

Steve noticed that his mouth was near her ear, and his crotch was again nestled in her deep divide. He was okay with it, though, since he was at least able to move back a bit and lessen the prodding his rampant cock was giving her amazing ass.

When he pulled away from her, there it was, her completely bare bottom. She was stretched out on her side, totally nude below the waist, and he could see everything.

"God, Angie," he quietly moaned, staring at her naked perfection.

She grinned, knowing what he was seeing, but she already missed the feeling of his hard cock pushing into her. "Get back here. Quit running away," she whispered, pressing her ass right back onto his steely hard-on. "Snuggle me," she whispered again, playfully moving her hips.

Being the much taller of the two, his head was a little above hers, so she guessed that he was also getting a fairly good view down the front of her loosely hanging robe. Checking her coverage, she noticed her breasts had in fact slipped into the open. They were completely uncovered, including her erect nipples. She wasn't certain he could see them since her head was possibly in the way, but he was sure going to catch them at their excited best if he did manage to see them. Standing out a full three-quarters of an inch, she thought they looked really sexy. She truly did love her breasts, and she was becoming turned on by the thought of letting him see them, naked and beautiful in the flickering firelight.

'Besides,' she grinned to herself, 'we just managed to avert a major disaster, and he's been such a perfect gentleman. I don't mind if my breasts are exposed. If he sees, he sees.'

He hadn't, not yet. He was too preoccupied with thoughts of how his throbbing hard cock was again pushing into her bare ass. He thought he'd managed the situation respectably enough by pulling away from her, but when she took his arm and placed it around her hip while pressing her incredible ass right back onto his dick, he'd lost his comfort zone.

'Okay, she's cool with it. We've sorta done this before, right? Just go with it,' he thought. Relaxing his body, he felt her hand caressing his forearm as his fingertips made circles on her bare stomach. 'Her bare stomach! Her robe must be open! Sweet! She's letting me touch her bare tummy, right below her...bare breasts?'

Wanting to see, he looked past her head, down her body.

Angels sang.

There they were, the object of so many of his fantasies, her bare breasts! They were out in the open, the firelight flickering off her raised areolas...and her amazingly erect nipples!

'I knew it! Her breasts are absolutely perfect! I knew they would be! God, she has the most perfect tits ever!'

When he again started stroking subtle circles on her stomach, she responded with small circles of her own, sexily moving her ass up and down his cock. "Mmmmmm, here we are again," she purred. "You feel so good, baby. Doesn't this feel nice?"

"Sure does," he said, leaning down to nuzzle her forehead with his nose and lips. "You know how much I love it when you tuck me in," he quipped.

She gave him a warm smile. "I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it too, you know. You're so sweet to me, plus you're such a great snuggler. I love your touch on my skin…mmmm, I love how you feel, pressing against me like this. I just wish you'd take off your pants, baby, then you could properly snuggle me."

With her stomach writhing against his hand, she moved her smooth, naked bottom in sensual undulations on his enormous erection.

Sensing that it was an extraordinary night, he took a huge leap of faith. He slowly slid his hand up her stomach, inch by mind-numbing inch, until he was cupping her bare breast. "What are you thinking right now?" he whispered, giving her gorgeous treasure a gentle squeeze.

Gasping at his touch, she pressed her breast to his hand, delighting in the feel of his palm brushing her erect nipple. While letting him explore, she leaned up to kiss him; moaning into his mouth, the smile in her voice was obvious. "I'm thinking that you've been wonderfully forward with me tonight, and I absolutely love it. I'm also really wondering, what are you thinking, baby? What's gotten into you this evening?"

He gave her a shy smile. "I'm thinking about whether you mind, you know, what you're wearing…and what we're doing? I asked you to wear this little robe, and to do this with me, so I was just wondering, you know, if you mind?"

Repeating himself, he was stumbling, worried that he might have overstepped his bounds.

"Sweetie, no, I definitely don't mind. I don't mind anything we do. I love you, and I love what we're doing. I told you, I wish you had asked for this a long time ago. I just want to know what suddenly brought all this on tonight."

Turning in his arms, she pressed him onto his back, then she lay on top of him. She felt her robe come open, and didn't care. Propping her face in her hands, she touched noses with him while looking deep into his eyes.

He blanched, crumbling beneath the weight of her penetrating stare. 'Too much…too beautiful…can't handle it…cannot handle the way she's looking at me….'

Kissing him on the nose, she whispered, "Shhhh…it's okay. Come back, baby. Talk to me."

It took a great effort of will for him to look into her magical eyes again. Sighing anxiously, he tried to hold steady. "I don't know, exactly. Like we told you earlier, okay, yes, I felt it was at least time for you to know that I really love…you know...god, Angie…the way you are. I mean with me."

"Honey, I've always been this way with you. What's so different now?"

"Nothing's different. Maybe I'm just different, or maybe I'm at least trying to be different. Come on, you have to know how beautiful you are, how gorgeous you are..."

"Baby, I—"

" sexy you are. Not just in general, either. I mean you are the sexiest woman in the world to me. You're just…Angie. Everything you do is amazing."

She gave him a warm smile. "Does my being so affectionate to you make you uncomfortable?"

As she stared into his eyes, she realized that her silk wrap was resting high above her hips. It had flipped up onto her lower back when she'd turned to climb on top of him. Everything from her waist down was fully exposed, where he could easily see it. All he had to do was look.

She noticed his hands had started doing swirling circles on her lower back, directly above her bare bottom. The thought made her tingle all over.

"No, Angie, you don't make me feel uncomfortable. Don't ever think that. I love that you're so fucking hot."

Giggling, she kissed him. He had never cursed in her presence. The fact that he was finally able to relax with her made Angelina genuinely happy.

He widened his swirl pattern on her lower back, first touching her naked hips, then the top of her warm, silky bottom. Teasing her with light caresses, his touch became more provocative.

An electric jolt shot through her when his fingertips whispered across her bare ass. Flinching, she thought about saying something, anything, maybe to try to distract him again, but she didn't say or do a thing. She just continued to stare into his eyes while kissing him. She was becoming very turned on by the feeling of his hands exploring her naked curves.

Gathering her courage, she asked, "Does this make you uncomfortable, my letting you touch me there?" Grinning, she wriggled her ass in his hands to punctuate her point.

She loved what he was doing, and didn't want him to stop. She was trying to avoid scaring him away, even as she realized she was more than a little nervous herself.

He gave her another shy smile. "No, it doesn't, not if you're letting me touch you. What about Dan, though? What would he think about this?" He demonstrated his point by squeezing her ass.

Moaning in response, she moved enticingly in his hands, encouraging him to enjoy her naked, sexy body. Her invitation made clear, she nuzzled his lips and said in a breathy whisper, "Sweetie, he's fine with it. You know he never minds when I'm affectionate with you. Don't worry, he would love seeing me like this. He's always saying, 'I want you to be happy, excited and full of life, and not just when you and I are alone together. You're a beautiful gift to the world, Angie. Everyone should get to enjoy you.'"

Steve grinned. "You should listen to him. He's right."

"Sweetie, I'm being serious. I know it sounds conceited to repeat all that, but that's really what he says to me. When the three of us were getting ready to go to the movies the other night, he said, 'I want you to blow people's minds and make their day, every day.' He tells me that I should never feel guilty about it. He wants me to get off on it, to have fun with 'my power,' as he calls it."

"I'm being serious too," Steve said, no longer quite so nervous. "He's right. You are a beautiful gift to the world, and you should get off on how hot you are. You're not being conceited, and you never hurt anyone, so don't stop being the way you are. You're a miracle…an angel."

"Baby, I'm just me," she whispered. "I'm yours. I'm here for both of you...anything you ever want. If you weren't so wonderful to me, I wouldn't be the way I am with you. You let me be myself, and you never guilt-trip me. I love what you do. I love everything we do."

Leaning down, she began whispering into his mouth between kisses…

"Never be embarrassed to look at me. You don't have to hide it. I want you to look at me. I love when your eyes roam all over my body….

"Don't be afraid to touch me. Take what you want, and let me touch you, too. Let me feel your excitement….

"It turns me on like crazy, knowing you want me. Go ahead…show me how much you want me…."

He pulled back from her kisses and grinned, "Hey, it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it."

Caressing her warm, silky back, he managed to draw her robe all the way up to her shoulder blades. She was fully nude, enjoying his caresses while pressing herself against him. When she leaned in to kiss him again, he slid his hands down and firmly squeezed her gorgeous ass, making her moan into his mouth.

Though she wasn't entirely sure how far she wanted to let herself go, she couldn't deny that she loved the honesty of the moment. After nervously biting her lip while touching their noses together, she gave him a softer, deeper, sexier kiss. Melting in his arms, she committed her body and her growing passion. Still moaning into his mouth, she slid her tongue inside and began hungrily devouring him.

Her ass was on fire. Her pussy was dripping. She was certain that he had to be feeling her wetness in her moistening crack, and she knew she would be in trouble if he pressed his fingers into her drenched slit or tingling asshole. She also knew she was leaving a definite wet spot on his sweats, especially once she started feeling the head of his cock bumping her naked pussy each time he nudged her ass downward with his urgent hands.

She moved her hips against him, letting him feel her hot pussy pressing directly onto his cock. "Mmmmmm, I love how you do your job. You should start putting in for some overtime," she said, giving him a sexy smile. Raising her hips, she brought her ass to his hands, imploring him to touch her even more.

Returning her smile, he caressed and cupped her bottom, making her purr, then he smacked her ass!

Yelping, her eyes wild, she gave him a huge guffaw before biting his nose. After feigning a playful look of shock, he attempted to bite her nose right back. They mouth-wrestled, laughing crazily while trying to fend off every new attack, until finally he hugged her to his chest.

That was the moment when they knew they would be fine. Where it mattered most, nothing had changed between them. They were free to be together, and it wasn't necessary to map out where it all might lead.

"Baby, it's time for me to go to bed," she said, leaning in for the second time that evening to give him an official kiss goodnight on the lips. He hotly returned her kiss, even pressing his tongue into her mouth, which made her eyes shoot open in happy surprise. Softening in his arms, she melted within their kiss, and he let out a loud moan when she blatantly rubbed her pussy on his cock while attacking his mouth. Moaning over and over, he began hunching his erection into her wet slit, and she absolutely loved it. Reveling in his passion, she was feeding it, encouraging it with her own.

Wildly excited to be making out so intensely with his dream girl, he took her ass in both hands and gave it a good squeeze before pulling down hard.

He could not have aimed it any better. Pulling her ass directly down onto his erection, he drove a solid few inches of swollen cock into her very wet pussy.

Gasping again, she playfully bit his lip; then, beaming brightly, she pushed down harder, trying to force more of his shaft inside. He held her by her hips as she did her best to take him, but his sweatpants prevented any deeper penetration.

"See? You can't properly snuggle me with pants on," she grinned, slipping her tongue back into his mouth.

Grinding inside her, he smiled knowingly, the same way she was smiling, then he released her.

Affecting a beautiful pout, she slowly lifted herself away before moving over to the recliner chair. While holding her robe together with one hand, she threw the blanket and pillow at him. "Just for that, you can tuck yourself in now, you brat!" Grinning, she leaned down to give him a wet, lingering kiss, letting him know she was only teasing. "Baby, if only you would have listened to me…" she whispered, slipping her tongue in his ear.

He started to stammer his defense, only to be stopped cold when she reached down to fondle his huge bulge. Stroking it through his sweats, she gave him a wicked grin. "Sweetie, when a beautiful woman with no panties on asks you to take off your pants and properly snuggle her, you should probably listen to her."

Giving his aching erection a final longing squeeze, she released him.

He thought she was going to turn and leave, but she surprised him by quickly dropping straight onto his cock. Sitting up to straddle him, she returned his hands to her bare hips. After tossing her head back with a sexy laugh, she had him guide her sumptuous ass and hot, clenching pussy all along the full length of his hard shaft.

Then, just as suddenly as she had jumped on him, she climbed right back off. Clasping her hands well above her head, she stood on tiptoes while stretching to her full height before the glowing fireplace. Arching her back and jutting her ass out, she bounced up and down, faking a big yawn. Finally, with her arms raised high to display every inch of her perfect body in the warm firelight, she performed a slow, seductive pirouette for him.

Stunned, he could only watch in awed silence.

Dancing right out of the living room, she grinned when she saw that he was again staring as if in a daze at her gorgeous ass flitting into view beneath her pink nightie.

"Sweet dreams, baby," she whispered, flashing another sexy smile before blowing him a final kiss goodnight.

~to be continued~

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Submitted: June 24, 2014

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I was sure there was going to be a geyser... Would have been at my house... What a dream come true she was for him... Well written story.

Tue, June 24th, 2014 8:53pm


Thank you. Oh, and the geysers come a bit later. ~evil grin~

Btw, I went ahead and resubmitted the chapters that got cut off at the end, including the finale to this series, as well as chapter one of "Sisters." I also tried to PM you, but I don't see any method on this site to contact other members.

Wed, July 2nd, 2014 8:51am


Wow.......loved it! Such goodness!!!

Wed, June 25th, 2014 3:00am

Mabry Michaels

Brilliant! Absolutely hot-as-balls brilliant.

Thu, August 7th, 2014 9:13am


Always wondered about that phrase. What if the balls aren't that particularly hot? Like, say, after a long day of ice fishing, or surfing in the Arctic Ocean, or editing one too many horribly written stories at Lush?


Thu, August 7th, 2014 7:50am


That got me all hot and stuff! ;)

Tue, November 25th, 2014 9:43am


Well, that was sort of the idea. Especially the "and stuff."

Tue, November 25th, 2014 8:29am

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