Man Seeks Woman 1 - Chapters 8-11

Man Seeks Woman 1 - Chapters 8-11

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Continuation of the classic novel, Chapters 8-11


Continuation of the classic novel, Chapters 8-11

Chapter1 (v.1) - Man Seeks Woman 1 - Chapters 8-11

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Continuation of the classic novel, Chapters 8-11

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 06, 2013



Chapter Eight


“Will you stop fidgeting?” Sebastian placed a hand on my leg to stop it tapping up and down.

At any other time, I’d have told him to go higher, for him to use those long fingers of his but now was not the time. I couldn’t help it if I was nervous. We were on our way to the charity event at a posh hotel on the other side of London.  The first of at least four, apparently.

Sebastian had been ready a long time before I had and he had done nothing but moan about me taking forever getting ready. Then just to piss him off even more, I’d made him sit through me trying out different hair styles until Ralph had stepped in and said to move my arse. That got me moving.

And only after we left as in sitting in the back of his big black shiny car did Sebastian tell me that there may be celebrities present because there were times when they were the face of the charity and had the name to back it. Well, that just tipped me over the tipping point of nervousness.

“I’ll be fine soon.” I told him, not feeling that at all.

He eyed me from his side of the car. “You told me the same thing fifteen minutes ago.”

I glared at him and adjusted my dress for the millionth time, not really needing to. “With you keeping tabs on me moving and what I’m saying, you’re just making me more nervous.” and he was too. The man didn’t seem to understand the meaning of nervous. Whenever I saw him or spoke with him, he was always calm and collected.

Sebastian sighed and folded his hands in his lap. I blew out a breath and took my mirror from my bag and checked my glossed lips again, then I checked my hair and then, I held the little silver mirror out in front of me to see what my boobs looked like in the dress.

The dress I wore was the purple silk one that I picked out of the mound of clothing that was in my closet already waiting for me. The moment I had put it on, I’d felt the softness against my body. It was excellently made and made me feel sexy well, when I wasn’t feeling overly nervous that was.

I’d worn a strapless matching bra and thong set that you couldn’t see under the fine silk garment. That would just be a fashion disaster if you could and a freak out moment. My boobs weren’t out and about or bouncing, they were tucked away leaving me looking like I had extremely big bosoms which to tell the truth, I did have. The dress tapered in at my waist making it look uber small even though I knew it really wasn’t and made my hips swell but it all looked right. The rest of the dress rained down my body and pooled around my feet, barely showing off my heels.

The shoes I had on were four inches, were platinum silver in colour and there was small diamantes across the strap that sat over my toes. They also had a small clasp that went around my ankle, clipping into place. My small handbag that carried my phone and make up matched them perfectly.

“Are you ready?” Sebastian asked as Ralph pulled the car to a stop.

I looked through the darkened window and saw lights everywhere and some press with cameras waiting at the entrance.

Taking a deep breath, I nodded and held out my hand for him to take as he climbed out but he didn’t. There he went with his touching thing again. God, you’d think I was asking him to hold my hand all night, not for two seconds. So, he waited to the side for Ralph. I shook my head in exasperation at him and held onto Ralph’s hand tight. If I admitted it to myself, I didn’t want to let his big paw go.

Ralph leaned into me; he looked nice in his black tux. “You look lovely, stop fidgeting. Just breathe and whatever you do, don’t touch anything.”

Don’t touch anything. I got it.

Wrapping my hand around Sebastian’s arm, he led us up the black carpeted path as flashes from the cameras nearly blinded me. Luckily I was holding on so tight because I would have tripped over my own feet with the white blotches in my eyes. I listened as a couple of paps called out Sebastian’s name. As soon as another car pulled up, the flashes stopped and we carried on through.

Even though I smiled, I couldn’t wait to get inside. I hated cameras and there was one reason for that, they never lied.

“Now breathe.” Sebastian whispered in my ear. It was only then I realised that I had in fact stopped breathing.

I inhaled deeply and smelled his light aftershave swimming around him. “You smell delicious.” I whispered back and bit my bottom lip. He did. He made my underwear wet with that smell of his and the way he looked. He hadn’t worn a tux like Ralph but a dark suit that looked incredible on him. It had to be designer, I’d bet money on it. The shirt he had was pearlescent grey, open at the collar showing off just a teaser of the chest I knew was sculptured, tanned and completely hairless. The shade of grey matched not only the cut and colour of the suit but his skin tone to the dot.

Sebastian’s blue eyes watched my mouth then he shook his head and pulled me along with him. “You are a bad girl, Victoria.” he cleared his throat as we approached a set of double doors that were wide and cream coloured and looked very grand. Sebastian stopped and turned to me. “Now tell me what ideas you came up with earlier.”

I almost asked him what he was talking about when I remembered. Because I didn’t know much about him other than the small bits, I Googled him on my new phone and found out quite a bit. I’d learned that Sebastian Blackwell had his fingers in a lot of pies. He owned Blackwell & Sims with a man named Garry Sims who not only was his business partner but a long term friend. This particular business of theirs in effect gave money to people who came to them with ideas for new concepts or creations. If they were happy with it, Blackwell & Sims got behind it. They then in turn earned not only a percentage of the new concepts turn out revenue but their name was slapped all over the place whilst the new concept or product or whatever the hell they backed worked it way up the ladder.

So my idea was for Blackwell & Sims to offer the lucky raffle winner or highest bidder, however they worked these events, the chance to come up with a new product or concept and have it backed by Sebastian’s company. The budget was unlimited and the advertising was also on them too. I thought that might get a lot of people interested and more money for the charity essentially.

Pulling out my ideas from a bit of paper I’d written them down on, I handed it to Sebastian. He looked at the paper with a raised a brow.


“Paper.” he huffed. “Really?”

I clucked my tongue and went to snatch it back but he held it out of reach. “You don’t have to read it.” I snapped. “Just give your normal money donation and forget about it.” God, he was ungrateful. He didn’t know how long that took me and how many headache pills I’d taken afterwards either.

He pulled me to the side down a little hallway before the doors and started to read my ideas. I bit my lip and watched him at the same time as watching other couples walk down the black carpet and enter the room. I could hear the chatter and clinking of glasses coming from in there, sending my nerves into triple velocity.

I think I needed a drink. Yeah, the moment I got in there I wanted a glass on wine or something. I began to chew on my thumbnail.

“Stop biting.” Sebastian murmured absently.

I sighed heavily and went to stand next to him, looking down at the sheet of paper with my scribbled writing on it. “So?” I asked after he was silent for what seemed like forever, his face giving nothing away.

He brushed the paper back and fourth in his hands. “Did you come up with this yourself?”

I made a face and clucked my tongue. “I’m not stupid.”

He looked down at me with those eyes of his. I noticed immediately that they had darkened. I’d learned in only twenty four hours that when that happened, he was turned on. “I didn’t say you were. Honestly, did you come up with this yourself?”

“Yes.” I sighed. “I did. I searched your company on my phone because you are right.” I wrinkled my nose and pouted. “I should have read the paper Ralph gave to me but I didn’t but it worked out okay because you like it. Right?”

He crowded me up against the wall, his head going straight to my neck, whilst his hands slipped around my waist and dropped down to my bum giving it a squeeze. “I like it very much.” His teeth nipped at the tendon in my neck whilst his hot breath stirred my small hairs. I moaned out loud when he placed open mouthed kisses along my pulse, biting it then licking at the sting.

“Don’t.” I cleared my suddenly dry throat. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Sebastian pulled back enough to look down at me. “Who said I can’t finish?”

Oh really? That was a challenge if I ever heard one. I was ready to go right here, right now. In fact, that would probably help a lot with my nerves.

“Okay. Come on.” I said stepping out from between him and the wall and grabbed his arm. “Let’s go.”

“Alright, wait.” he chuckled showing that little dimple. “You win.”

I mentally pumped my arm in the air and did a little victory dance. I had a feeling that not many people won against Sebastian Blackwell. I just had.

“You owe me now.” I nodded and waggled my brows. “Believe me, I will come calling.”




Two hours later, I wasn’t nervous anymore because I’d had a couple of brandy’s and three glasses of some very nice white wine that not only tickled my nose but made my head fuzzy a little. I was pissed though and not in the alcoholic sense either.

We had eaten some posh food that I couldn’t pronounce to save my life and listened to various people get up on stage and go on and on and on about what charities do what and so on. Really, they blathered and begged shamelessly for rich people’s money.

When we had got through the double doors finally, my stomach had dropped the moment I saw how many people were present and how well dressed they looked. What was worse was that Sebastian had left me to go over to the donations table that had been set up near the bar and had reworked my idea, placing it amongst everyone else’s.

Whilst I had been waiting for him to come back, a woman had bumped into the back of me. I immediately spun around to apologise as you do but she wasn’t looking at me, no, her eyes were focused on Sebastian and not in a friendly way either.

I could see and feel the heat and venom all at the same time coming from them. I felt like jumping up and down in front of her and screaming “he’s with me” but in one way he was and in another he wasn’t. I mean what if she was the woman before me or something and they had a thing?

So I had scooted back into the darkened part of the room and watched it play out from afar. Eventually Sebastian was finished with the man at the charity table and he looked around for what I assumed was me but couldn’t see me. He buttoned his jacket back up and looked around casually. That’s when I saw his eyes land on the dark haired woman that had bumped into me.

His jaw ticked and his eyes flared but he approached her anyway, bending down to press a kiss to her cheek. Her hands grabbed his biceps and held on tight as she whispered something to him. That something she said made his face turn hard and pale a little bit. He pulled back with a severe frown and looked down at her.

I wished that I could have heard what she had said but I couldn’t.

After a while of them talking, she leaned up on her toes and pressed a kiss to his lips. That made me take a shuddering breath because I didn’t understand the intimacy thing last night with me and then letting her get that close. I guess they really were together in some way before some time.

I watched them walk off together, her hand wrapped around his arm much like mine had been. When the coast was clear, I made my way over to the bar and asked if it was free. When the bar tender told me it was, I let out a breath. I didn’t have any money with me and seriously needed a drink. I ordered a brandy that I seriously needed for not only seeing what I had but to calm my nerves.

Part of didn’t understand why I was pissed at seeing them together especially after what he’d picked me to do and was paying me to do but the other part of me was hurt that I’d had to bare myself to him virtually to get this far so far and yet I knew nothing about him. Maybe that was my own fault and that’s what I got for doing this stupid thing in the first place.

Maybe I should have gone home on Friday and done some research on him, found out about his family and past relationships before agreeing to anything.

End result though was that I agreed to be his...whatever I was for seven days in return for three thousand pounds. In agreeing to that I had no right to complain or get pissed about any woman before or potentially after me, I was only here for several days.

Still hurt though and really got on my nerves.

Now, I sat next to Sebastian at a big round table with various other people who were all different ages and mixture of creeds.

The woman sitting next to me for example was French. She kept trying to offer me her food. I think she was afraid to eat it just in case she put on weight. Yes, she was a beautiful woman with red hair and sparkling green eyes and very nicely shaped cheekbones. Actually, she looked like a model with her classic looks and with how thin she was.

The servers collected our empty plates so I had space to put my elbows on the table. Sebastian leaned over and spoke directly in my ear. “Are you okay?”

I think he sensed something was wrong with me but didn’t know what. Of course he didn’t, he didn’t see me see him kiss the brunette on the lips especially after refusing me last night.

“Dandy,” I smiled tightly. “What about you?”

He ignored my question and raised a brow. “Dandy?”

“What’s wrong with dandy?”

There were so many things wrong with dandy, it wasn’t even funny. I mean who used dandy anymore and where the hell did I get it from?

“It sounds strange coming from your mouth that’s all. How are your nerves?”

I nodded. “Good. They’ve gone. I’m fine.” I said through gritted teeth when I saw the brunette headed towards our table. God, I hated her and I didn’t even know her.

All conversation around our particular table stopped when she bent down next to Sebastian placing her ultra thin hand on his leg and not near his knee either. If she moved up a tad, she’d be grabbing hold of his cock and screaming: look what I found.


I sighed and turned my back to them, smiling at the men and women who seemed to be watching my reaction. The French woman sitting next to me leaned into me, placing a hand on my hand. “I see you with the bachelor Sebastian.” she said in her thick French accent.

“That’s right.”

“Ah, you are lucky.” she smiled then looked around my shoulder at the brunette. I watched as her full upper lip, which if I tilted my head to the side looked real, not enhanced. Her lip now curled up a little. “You know woman with him?”

Hell, no. “No, do you?”

Oui.” she nodded. “His ex wife,”

Wow. That was a shock. Sebastian was married. Sebastian had been married to the brunette? To that? Damn. I couldn’t help but look back over my shoulder at them to see their heads together talking quietly. They didn’t look like a couple. I mean Sebastian would look right with anyone because he was pure gorgeousness but there was something about her that I couldn’t see Sebastian settling with. Okay I didn’t know him well but I knew that much about him. And maybe if I admitted it, I didn’t like seeing them together, something about it bugged me.

I turned back to the French woman. “I think I need a drink.”

Moi aussi.” she stood up, taking her bag with her and took my hand, pulling me up. I stood and pushed my chair out then put it back.

Sebastian looked up at me with a frown on his face. “Where are you going?”

My eyes went to the brunette’s hand still on his leg, her little finger had moved to the crease in his trousers where the side of his balls were. That close I knew she’d be able to feel those tight boxers of his. “This.” I jabbed a thumb over my shoulder. “Is...” hell, what was her name?

“Juliet.” she held out her hand to Sebastian. “But you already know me.” she smiled at him then took my hand again.

“I’ll give you a couple of minutes alone.” I said as I gestured between him and the snake at his side. I smiled tightly and walked off hearing him call after me.

Nope, he obviously had unfinished business with her that no-one at the table including me had any privy to.


Chapter Nine

Bitch brunette.

“You want to tell me what that was about?” Sebastian whispered in my ear from behind me.

“No.” I answered honestly and climbed off the stool that I was sat on at the bar. I’d managed to finish off a beer before he found me. Juliet had left me a couple of minutes before saying she had to go and say hello to a few people.

“It’s rude to just get up from the table during a meal.” there was no whispering now; it was more of a hiss and an annoyed one at that.

My mouth opened to tell him just what I though of what my concept of rude was when I realised that we would gather a following if I started here. Sebastian had warned me earlier that no matter that this was a charity event; there would be potential clients and other businesses that would be watching not only him but him representing his company too.

Grabbing my bag, I marched past him and looked around for the toilets not really giving a fuck whether he followed me or not.

I found the toilets at the same time that he caught up with me. Instead of going to the toilets, Sebastian grabbed my arm tight, his fingers biting into my flesh. So much for no contact. He led me down a darkened corridor, his head darting back and fourth at the doors as we passed. Finally happy with a door, he opened it and pulled me into a room that was so dark I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.

The moment the door closed I let rip. “Rude.” I shouted, hopefully in the direction he was in. “I’ll tell you what’s rude and insulting is you and your ex Wife whispering at a table where your date for the night namely me is sitting on the other side of you like a spare prick at a wedding watching you two get all up in your business.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” he shouted back. He was on my right side. That helped, not.

“I’m not doing this with you.” I said throwing my hands up in the air. I came here with him tonight as company and not to argue. I reached for the handle only to have Sebastian grab me and push me back against the wall. He crowded me against it, his chest pressing against mine. I squeaked when I was lifted up in the air and his warm breath covered my breasts. “What are you doing?”

“I want you. Right here, right now.” his tongue darted out, licking at my flesh.

I held back the groan that so wanted to escape. “Just like that," I clicked my fingers.

“Yes.” he answered blankly and let me slide down his body till my feet hit the floor. “Take your dress off.”

I made a face. “I can’t just take it off now.” he was off his freaking rocker if he thought I was getting naked now.

“Then lift it up out of the way.”

He had to be joking.  “Seriously,”

“Yes, hurry.”

Why was I doing this?

Shaking my head and sighing, I pulled my dress up around my hips, making sure not to scrunch the material in my hands and turned around so my face was up against the wall. There was no way if we were going to do this that I was going to face him.

He didn’t seem to mind though.

That belt buckle of his clanged and banged against something solid, echoing loudly in the darkened room. Then I heard shuffle and sighs of his clothing being removed. Before I felt his hands stroking my bare arse cheeks, I felt his heat engulf my back, his warm breath against my neck, his tongue dipping out for a taste.

As his finger dipped in between my legs from behind me, his warm, wet tongue licked from one shoulder blade to the other. I pushed my hips out when I felt his fingers slip further between my legs and flick my clit through the lace.

I knew I was wet seeing as I was in a perpetual state of arousal around him.

I was wet from watching him earlier and whether I liked it or not now, I was wet from doing it right here, right now. With the worry and thought about someone coming in, about getting caught, my juices flowed from me in a never ending drip. My body knew there was a whole hotel of people just past those doors and yet we were here doing this.

Sebastian nibbled on my ear lobe before letting it pop from his mouth. “I’m sorry this is going to be quick.” he whispered against the side of my face as his fingers, now coated in my juices moved back and fourth between my legs. He pressed one finger into my entrance, the lace rubbing against me made me squirm. His chuckle rumbled against my back as his finger left me and slid back up my backside, pulling my thong out of the way.

The taught lace pulled against my engorged clit making my hips buck. I flicked my hips backwards, gasping and cringing a little at the pain that burst inside me when Sebastian pushed in to the hilt. He shouted and placed a hand on my shoulder and his other one on my waist.

“Oh, you feel so good. So warm and so tight. You grip my cock like a fist.”

Once the pain subsided, I sighed at the fullness. I felt the worth of his thickness rubbing against my inner walls, sending pleasure tingles wiggling through my body. I’d been with plenty of other people but I’d never felt like this. I wanted more. I pushed out more, moving my hands down the wall and groaned when his thick full length pulled out and pushed all the way back in again, nudging my cervix.

Adjusting my dress in my hands, I bent down even further, so I was folded at the waist. Sebastian’s hand drifted round to my dress and struggled to get my breast free. I dropped one side of my silk dress, popping my boob out and bit my lip when his nimble fingers found my very hard nipple and began to squeeze and pinch it as his thrusts became harder.

I felt my hair lose some of its pins when his hips thrust with renewed vigour and pushed me into the wall. I re-gathered my dress and held it in one hand whilst the other crept through my legs as I opened them wider. I wiggled my fingers until I felt his slightly furred balls in my grasp and gave them a squeeze.

Sebastian shouted and jerked his hips into me, his hot length pushing against my cervix. I sucked my bottom lip into my mouth and pushed back against him. “Fuck me, Sebastian.”

“You want me to fuck you, Victoria?”

“Fuck me.” I growled. If he was gonna do it, do it properly.

Pushing myself back against him again, I felt his hands grip onto my waist tightly as his hips pounded into me. The sounds of our flesh slapping filled the quiet room. Our breathing came out in pants, the slurping noises of my pussy eating his cock reverberating against the walls.

With every faster stroke, my orgasm danced in the vicinity, just waiting for that one perfect stroke to fly off. I went up on my tiptoes and felt him beginning to tickle that spot just inside of me. I fidgeted around, feeling the intense pressure building. A flush stole out over my skin as my blood bubbled and my stomach contracted. I screamed out loud as my orgasm tore through me. Sebastian’s hand left my hip and found my clit quickly, with enough time to last out my orgasm.

“Good girl.” he crooned as my ears popped and my eyes watered and my legs threatened to give way. Sebastian’s hand left my clit and went back to grip my hip. His thrusts became even harder and more uncontrolled. His cock, now coated in my juices slipped in and out easier than before, creating louder slurping sounds.

“I’m gonna shoot.” he panted out as he reached forward and slapped a hand against the wall. “I’m gonna cum inside you, Victoria. Feel it.” he pounded harder, his cock not nudging my cervix anymore, more like pushing it out of the God damned way. “Take it.” he shouted and stilled, his hips fused to mine.

I felt the first jerk of his cock, his seed spurting, jetting inside my cavern of space. His breath whooshed out of him as wave after wave of his cum sprayed itself against my walls.

“Fuck.” he gasped. He went to pull out but pushed in again and stood up on his toes, flicking his hips in little ticks, making sure to leave his essence behind. His hands left my hips and rubbed up and down my back as if he were petting me.

Finally, his flaccid penis slipped out of me and we both sighed. I stood up feeling my back aching and my chest rising and falling. I leaned against the wall and waited for my breathing to even out.

I turned in the darkness hearing Sebastian behind me somewhere. I still couldn’t see him but I could hear the hush and rustle of his clothing so I knew he was getting dressed again. He never even said anything. I mean, we’d just had brilliant quick sex, sex where we both come our lots and he hadn’t even said anything.

I waited for what seemed like forever but he kept quiet. With a sigh, I straightened out my dress and felt his load beginning to seep down my legs. I knew I had no tissues in my bag and I doubted Sebastian had any. So I moved along the wall in the direction of the door, or what I hoped was the door. It was. I opened the thick wooded, panelled door allowing the hallway light to seep through.

“Where are you going?” he finally asked. Not, “are you okay?” or “did I go a bit rough?” or even “damn, if I went any faster and further, I’d have pushed through to your throat.”

“I need to clean up.”

I walked out without waiting for his reply and went back down the hall to where I’d seen the bathroom and pushed the heavy door open. Once it closed, I leaned against it, closing my eyes. I listened for any movement and found none, so I was alone. I stood there for five minutes letting my breathing return to normal and the sweat coating my skin to dry.

I moved to the sink and stared at myself in the mirror, seeing that my cheeks were flushed with arousal and my lips were rd through biting them so much. My eyes though were the startling thing. Normally they were hazel, bright hazel, alert, fun, even teasing at times but now, they were dull and a look I’d never seen before lay in their depths.

With a shake of my head, I freshened myself up best I could and re-applied my ruined make up.  When I was happy with my makeup, I left the toilet to see Sebastian waiting outside. He was stood leaning up against the wall, his hands casually in his trouser pockets. His head snapped up when he saw it was me, a shy smile spreading against his face as he stepped forward into my space. His blue eyes scanned my face; I don’t know what he was looking for. Obviously content with what he saw, he let out a deep breath through his lips and pressed his finger against them then gently touched my nose. “Thank you.” he whispered tenderly then held out his arm for me to take.

I smiled a little, not trusting myself to say anything and wrapped my hand around his arm.



“You know, when I heard about Sebastian’s female companion tonight, I didn’t believe all what people were telling me but now I know they were telling me the truth.”

I had a feeling I knew who it was before I turned in my chair.

When Sebastian had led us back to the table, he’d leaned into me and told me to calm down, giving me another glass of wine to help settle me. 

Now, as he was called to the stage to announce his part in the bidding, the voice appeared behind me.

Turning in my seat, I looked up into the dark eyes of the brunette. She pulled out Julia’s empty chair and sat down in it, rearranging the elegant red dress she was wearing. The whole room was in darkness apart from the candles in the centre of the table and the stage lights.

 “Can I help you?” I said my voice almost too sweet.

“You can stay away from my Sebastian, is what you can help me with.”

My Sebastian!

I smiled, licking my lips at the same time. “Now, why would I do that?”

“Because.” she smiled evilly and leaned into me so she spoke for my ears only. “You are not worthy of him. Look at you.” she sneered. “You’re fat, you’re ugly and I’d bet my first child that the only reason he is with you is because you give a good blow job.”

Same old shit. You’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re arrogant and you’re rude. Yada, yada, yada. I’d heard it my entire life, not going to change now.

I laughed. “probably.” even though I knew the truth; I had to play with her a little. “Your right, I do give good head. Plenty of men including Sebastian have told me so.”

She leaned away from me, enough for me to see her eyes narrow and her lips press into a hard line. “I will have him back one day, in my bed and in my life.”

A snort left me. “You keep telling yourself that. Get in line because I had him about forty five minutes ago in that room down the hall and as far as I knew, he divorced your skinny arse time ago.”

Well I didn’t know that, I was just playing along.

“You.” her voice shook with anger and frustration. She picked up her drink and threw it in my face making me gasp. “You slapper, I will kill you if I see you with him again.”

“Fuck you, bitch.” I stood up and reached for her hair. I grabbed the strands in my hand and yanked hard, hearing her screeching ear piercing scream. She started it with throwing her drink in my face. Her hair was too silky for my hands and kept on sliding out of them so I fisted one of my hands in her dress and pulled on it, hearing the material rip, right from her body.

I stepped back, pulling her with me only to trip on my chair. I wind milled my arm out trying to keep my balance but I fell. The chairs around went flying along with us, causing all sorts of commotions.

My body hit the floor with a thud, the bitch landing on top of me. Her hands scraped and scratched at me trying to get me to let her go, but it wasn’t happening. I rolled taking her with me, trying to wrap my legs around her skinny body but my legs were encased in my purple dress.

I managed to get up on my knees, pulling her against me, her back to my front. I slipped my hand around her neck, squeezing her larynx. Her high pitched banshee scream made my ears want to bleed as I dragged her around the room. My chest was rising and falling and her drink was dripping off my nose and chin, having completely ruined my dress in the meantime.

The bitch had a bout of strength come to her and she pushed herself upwards, dislodging my hands from her throat. Her head slammed into the bottom of my chin, nearly splitting my freaking tongue in half if it had been in between my teeth.

My ivories crashed together and a pain shot through my jaw. I stumbled back and cradled my face in my hands, trying to get over the pain that was making my eyes water. My breath whooshed out of me when the bitch charged at me like a bull. Her shoulder hit my stomach, taking me back down to the floor.

Again, we landed in a big heap of silk dresses and hair. My hands scrambled to contain her but she was like a cat thrown in water with the hisses included. I did a double take when I caught Sebastian standing off to the side with the most murderous face I’d ever seen.

My eyes followed him as he stalked to where we were. I raised my hand waiting for him to grasp it and help me up--but instead; he gripped the bitch’s hand and pulled her up. He held her seemingly fragile form in his arms and even kissed the top of her head, which he glared at me over the top of. I continued to watch as he picked her up swiftly in his arms and cradled her to his chest, her sobbing head resting on his wide shoulder. Then they were gone, as in left.

He had to be fucking kidding me!

That surely wasn’t right. Surely my eyes were deceiving me.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I shook my head in disbelief and tried to get my gaping mouth to close but it wouldn’t. I tried to get myself up but my dress was stuck to me in all different places and had ripped so it was a bit awkward. Unless I wanted to just get up and let a boob pop free that is.

Shaking my head, I tried to wrap my dress around me at the same time as getting up. Julia rushed through the crowd of people and bless her with her tiny frame managed to get me up. She tucked her small arms around my one arm whilst my hands held onto the fabric of my dress. She cleared a path through the hordes of people watching, fascinated by what just happened. Some of them even had their freaking phones out recording the whole thing...probably for YouTube.

The French woman’s arms kept hold of me as she led me out into the night, the cold air blasting the both of us. Great, I grimaced when I saw the paps waiting at the edges of the black carpet.

I frantically looked around for Ralph and saw him approaching me. I would have collapsed in relief if I didn’t need to get out here quickly. He thanked Julia quickly and curtly and nearly carried me to the car. He opened the back door and all but threw me in the back, slamming the door after me.

I pushed up from the leather seat where I landed and noticed immediately that Sebastian wasn’t in said car. Ralph got into the driving seat and started the car then pulled away.

My hands were shaking and I was pissed beyond belief. That dirty scumbag of a handsome man just basically screwed me over in front of all of them people and for what? For that skinny little bitch. Oh I was fuming!

I moved to the centre seat then turned my body so I could lean through the gap sideways. I looked sat Ralph seeing his jaw set into a tight hard line, same with his lips. I tapped him on the shoulder even though he knew I was there anyway.  “Where is he?”

Ralph’s jaw ticked but he said nothing. He knew who I was fucking talking about. “Ralph.”

“He’s with Naomi.”

Firstly, who the hell was Naomi? “Who’s Naomi?”

“His ex wife,”

“Ah.” I laughed, almost bitterly. “The brunette,”

So the fucker not only embarrassed me in front of all of those people, me, Victoria Jennings, she who does not get embarrassed ever then his ex wife attacks me and we brawl in front of everyone, he then takes the bitch home leaving me with Ralph who no doubt would have come in and got me eventually if at all.

“Yes.” he nodded and continued to drive. Then he said, “Sebastian saw me when he came out and told me you would be coming out soon enough and to take you home and he’ll meet us there.”

“She started it.” I shouted and wiped a hand down my face and stared at the ruined make up smudged on the tips of my fingers.

Ralph’s big lips thinned. “I believe you.”

I was shocked and did a double take. “You do?”

The big man nodded and turned the steering wheel. “I know what she’s like. She is not a nice woman. I could just imagine she said some really nasty things to you and you gave it back to her like no-one else would have dared that’s why she threw the drink in your face.”

“Your bang on, friend,” I said, shaking my head still not believing what happened not even half an hour ago. “That bitch started saying some shit. She even threatened me saying that if she saw me with him again, she was going to kill me. I mean, that’s like fucked up on a whole different level. Am I gonna see a dead rabbit in the kitchen stewing next?”

Ralph snorted but said nothing so I guess that meant yes.

I climbed back to my seat, my weight slumping down into the leather. I bit the whole inside of my mouth as I watched the darkened London streets pass me by. Twenty minutes later, we pulled up outside Sebastian’s building. I clasped the door ready to open it when Bruce beat me to it. The old man looked up at me, gasping. His poor face a mask of pure horror at my state.

God, he looked like he was ready to have a heart attack. I put my hand on his shoulder. “This is usual Bruce; little rumble in the jungle.” I waved a hand dismissively. “Nothing,” I then leaned forward and kissed his wrinkled cheek. “Have a nice night.”

Poor bloke didn’t know what to say by the look of it. I stalked into the building and headed for the lift ignoring the looks from other residents and people hanging around the lobby. I rolled my eyes at their gasps and waited for the lift. Whilst I waited I took my shoes off because they were killing me and leaned back against the wall. The coldness soaked into my back cooling me down a little.

The lift dinged open and was empty again. I stepped in and waited for Ralph. He looked down at my shoes in my hand and shook his head. Minutes later, we arrived on what I now knew was the tenth floor. I waited as Ralph let us in and dropped my shoes next to the door, kicking them aside; I’d pick them up later. I headed straight to the kitchen, grabbing a cold beer from the ready stocked fridge. I popped the top and sucked half of it down before taking a breath. God I needed that.

I set the beer on the counter and held my hand out in front of me. Damn, I still had the shakes. Clenching my fingers in a fist, I blew out a breath and wondered whether it was too late to phone Jenna or not. I glanced over at the microwave and saw the time illuminated in green telling me it was too late, she got up for work early in the mornings and seeing as it was just after twelve, she’d have been in bed for an hour or two already.

Sighing, I carried my beer on through to my bedroom, flicking my lights on as I went by. I set my beer aside on the vanity and stripped off my now ruined dress. I held the torn material up and shook my head. God, how much had that had to have cost? And now it was a pile of shitty material. I should just slap that bitch for marking it, let alone ruining it.

Dumping it in the wash basket in the corner of my room, I headed to the bathroom and started the shower. Now I was semi acquainted with it, I didn’t receive any problems.

Ten minutes later, I was out and feeling a little calmer. I checked my hands before I dried off but there was still a shake to them. I wrapped my hair up, Carmen Miranda style and dressed in one of the silk night dresses Jenna had gotten me for Christmas just gone. It was black with a little red bow at the neckline and came down to my knees.

Grabbing my beer I walked out of my bedroom and down to the kitchen to get another beer to take into the living room with me. Tonight, I summarised with a drink filled night where I planned to get obliterated. I carried them both and stopped at the living room door, nearly choking on beer in my mouth. I stared, unblinking at the play by play before me.

Naomi was sitting at the bar with Sebastian.

As in, the bitch that attacked me in front of a hall full of people was now less than ten feet away from me, perched on a stool with Sebastian less than two feet from her.

“You have got to be shitting me.” I whispered, stepping into the room.

Naomi looked up at me from under her lashes. That evil smile of hers crept up her face, parading itself at me but quickly disappeared to be replaced by hurt wife, traumatized wife the moment Sebastian turned from grabbing his own drink at the bar. She even whimpered like a wounded animal for Pete’s sake.

My eyes flicked to Sebastian’s to see the mean glare he was shooting me. His blue eyes were light, lighter than I’d ever seen before. It was clear that he had fallen for whatever bullshit she had spouted.

Two can play at that game!

I tilted my head to the side, my eyes refusing to leave his. It was bad enough that she started this between us and now it was even worse with him backing her. “What is she doing here?”

Sebastian’s perfect brows rose. “She as you call her is here because I wanted her to be.”


I nodded and walked over to the sofa, letting myself slump down into the oversized cushions. My eyes never left his at all. “Am I interrupting something?”

Sebastian didn’t answer but Naomi did. “Yes, my Husband and I were having a chat.”

“Ex husband,” I murmured, sucking down the rest of my first beer. I set the bottle on the table and reached for the other one.

“You know nothing.” she whispered fiercely.

I wondered how long I could wind her up before the real Naomi came out and Sebastian realised. By the sound of her hissing at me, not too long.

“Enough.” I sung.

“I think its best you go to your room, Victoria.” Sebastian’s voice was so freaking cold; I almost felt the chills as if I were blasted by them.

My head span around so fast, I think I gave myself whiplash. “Excuse me?”

Surely I didn’t hear him right.

“I think you should go to your room.”

So I did hear him right the first time.

I got up off the sofa, making my way over to them slowly as I laughed. “You’re funny.” I tipped my unopened bottle of beer at him. “For one moment there you sounded like my Dad.” if I knew what one of those sounded like that is.

“I think we’ve all had a long night.” he looked at me pointedly. “We’ll talk in the morning.”

Oh no, there was no freaking way he was dismissing me like a scolded child. Like hell!

Nah, I wasn’t sleeping in the same flat as her. She’d probably stab me in my sleep. I shook my head, leaning in between them sliding my beer onto the bar. I turned a little so my face was mere inches away from Sebastian’s. “No talking.” I said just a hair away from his lips, staring into those blue eyes. “You made your decision earlier on and now clearly. I’ll get Ralph to take me home and you can have...her.” I smiled and licked at his bottom lip before I threw myself backwards and stalked out of the room.

“Ralph.” I shouted, walking through the flat looking for him. I knew he was around here somewhere.

“Victoria.” Sebastian thundered behind me.

I carried on walking and calling out for Ralph. Finally he appeared from one of the rooms alongside mine. He’d changed out of his tux to a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. I smiled at him. “Sorry to bother you, can you take me home?”

He opened his mouth but Sebastian had caught up and stopped in between us, his face held barely contained anger. “Don’t answer Ralph.” he barked.

“Fine,” I threw my hands up. “I’ll get a cab.”

Sure Bruce would sort me out downstairs; he’d get me one of those black cab thingies.

“No you will not.” Sebastian said, his face drawn into fierce lines.

“Whatever.” I mumbled and walked into my room, slamming the door shut behind me.

Sebastian stalked in a minute later, slamming the door after him and flicking the lock into place. I looked up at him from where I was in the closet ready to gather my clothing. “What do you want?”

“I want you to calm down.”

Wrong thing to say. I charged at him. “Are you fucking serious?” I yelled and pointed a finger in the direction of the living room. “She started it. She threw the drink in my face and then you had the audacity to help her up and left me in a room full of people and for what?”

His jaw ticked and he crossed his arms over his chest. “I had my reasons.” he said quietly.


“Will you just sit down?”

I gritted my teeth. “I don’t want to sit down.”

The next thing I knew I was flying through the air then I landed on my bed hard making me bounce three times before I actually settled. I scrambled to get up only to have Sebastian straddle my legs and climb his way up my body. He strapped himself over my hips whilst his big hands captured my arms and held them up over my head. He gripped both my wrists in one hand whilst the other brushed the hair out of my face. “Get off me Sebastian.”

I tried bucking him off but damn, was he heavy. My chest heaved as I fought him, my arms trying to get out of his hold but I just ended up wearing myself out.

“I said get off me, Sebastian.” I said, this time quietly.

He stared down at me, his eyes scanning my face. “Just listen.” his voice pleaded. “You’ll understand once I tell you.”

I didn’t want to listen to anything he had to say. I didn’t want to stick around to be humiliated. If I wanted to be called names and taken the piss out of, I’d go back to school, thanks.

Looking up into his face, it was obvious there was something he wanted to tell me and by the looks of it he wasn’t going anywhere until I listened.

I sighed and let my arms lose their tension. “Fine,”

“Thank you.” he let go of my arms but made no move to get up off me. He stared down at me as he spoke, his eyes not sea blue and not denim either but different from them being light. “I was married to Naomi for little over a year before the marriage fell apart. Not only did it fall apart for a number of reasons that are not important right but the main reason was that I found her in bed with one of my best friends. I told her to leave and I initiated the divorce immediately. That was a year ago. Since then she has done nothing but hound me and beg for my forgiveness but I work on a system where I give you one chance and you blow it, then it’s gone.

“One night a couple of months ago, I was invited to Garry’s wedding. You know Garry is my partner at Blackwell & Sims.” he said and I nodded. “He married Callie in a lovely ceremony but it was in Barbados so not many people attended, only people closest to them. After a long flight, I arrived and saw that Naomi was there. Now, Garry nor Carrie would ever have invited her so we didn’t know how she got an invite but she had one. Anyway.” he sighed tiredly. “On the night of the wedding, they were whisked away by boat to their own shack an island away. I had a bit too much to drink seeing as I wasn’t working and next thing I knew, I woke up in bed with a naked Naomi draped across my chest.

“I got out of that hotel room as quickly as I could and booked a flight home. I left a message for Garry and Callie and told them what happened and apologised. When I got back I didn’t hear anything from Naomi until tonight. Tonight.” he sat up, his knees pressing into the sides of my boobs as he rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands. “She told me she’s pregnant.”

I didn’t know what to say to any of that. I thought he was going to say something else but not that.

“So,” I licked my lips and put my hands on his thighs, gently. He tensed but said nothing so I left them in place. “Let me get this straight, you married her and everything was so, so?” he nodded. “then you catch her in the act with your best mate buddy pal and dump her arse and say hit the road Jack, you got to get your own.” he frowned and his lips twitched but he nodded. “You go through with the big D and she gets a shit load of your money and assets probably because she looks like that type and then you go to Garry’s wedding that sounded the shit by the way. You think to yourself, I’m gonna get me a few drinks because this monkey which is your work has been riding you hard then you just managed to get so plastered that you don’t remember where you are or who your kicking it with and wake up next to a birthday clown Naomi. Now plastic fantastic Naomi is now saying that you are going to be a Daddy and I’m feeling that you do not believe that for one minute. Did I get it right?”

Sebastian stared at me wide eyed before nodding slowly. “You got it right.”

“That is fucked up.”

“That is seriously fucked up.” he agreed and dropped down so his elbows were either side of my head. His face was now inches away from me. I shifted a little when I felt his erection digging into my lower belly. “When she told me earlier that I was going to be a dad in the middle of the hall, it was the last thing I expected.” he shook his head. I wanted to stroke his face with my hand and hold him close but I didn’t. So I laid there and listened instead. “I’ve always wanted children with someone I loved, with someone that loved me back because they loved me not what I have and am capable of having. I wanted children to be brought into a life where love stood above everything else.”

“You will have that one day.” I told him quietly with meaning behind my words.

He laughed without humour. “I have three brothers, Victoria and all are younger than me. You’d think that our home would have been filled with love but it wasn’t. We grew up with expectances put at our feet and goals made for us that none of us wanted or needed. We grew up by ourselves, there was no love.”

Little did he know I knew exactly how he felt. I’d been born to a teenage girl who’d been attacked and raped in a park one night. Nine months later, here I was. Apparently, I was too much to look at. My Mum couldn’t stomach seeing her attackers face looking back at her so she placed me up for adoption. Three weeks old I was when she took me to the offices and left me there on the doorstep.

I was found by one of the social workers and placed with a family who wanted to keep me but there was a problem with one of the children they already had so therefore I was placed in a temporary home. That temporary home lasted for three years then I was moved again to a care home until I was eight and then I was placed in another care home until I was twelve then I was placed in a all girls home until I was eighteen then I was kicked out and left to fend for myself.

“So,” I blew out a breath and rubbed my hands up and down his thighs feeling his tight muscles under my hands. “Do you believe it’s yours?”

He looked me square in the eye. “No.”

“What are you going to do?”

“That’s where I am now.”

Okay I didn’t understand that. “Say again.”

He sighed heavily, his breath ruffling the small hairs on my face. “Ever since she told me, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get her to confess about the baby not being mine because I know I couldn’t have gotten her pregnant. No way,”

“So what, you think you leading her on letting her think that you believed her over me and then bringing her here is going to get her to commit that to you?” because if he believed that, he was away with the freaking fairies.

He clucked his tongue and feathered his fingers through my hair, his eyes tracking the silky movement. I don’t even think he knew he was doing it. “No I’m not stupid and neither is she. I know she’s planned this because she wants me back but it’s not happening. I’d rather give up my precious businesses and all of my worth than sleep in bed next to her again.”

“So,” I rubbed his thighs again, my nails subtly scraping against his expensive material. I was strangely turned on by him being this close to me. Feeling his erection through the silk of my nightdress was doing funny things to my body. “What are you going to do?”

His eyes flared as he pressed into me a little. “I don’t know yet. I’ve got a couple of calls to make tomorrow to a few people I know and I’ll go from there.”

Well that was good news for him but there was another problem and that was me. I wasn’t some flower in a vase that he could put aside or someone that would shut up and put up. “What about us?”

His brows pulled together. “Us?”

“Yeah,” I nodded once. “You’ve hired me for the week and I’m not happy about sleeping down the hall from a bunny boiler. No way,”

“I understand that but that’s why I had to explain this to you so you understand.” he nuzzled his face in my neck, his nose softly rubbing against my pulse, his tongue just dipping out that little bit for a lick. “I don’t want you to go.” he said so quietly, almost as if he didn’t want to say those words out loud.

I curled my fingers into fists to stop from reaching out and grasping my hands around his shoulders and pulling him to me. “I don’t want to go either.” I admitted just as quietly.

Sebastian licked my neck again then sat up, staring down at me with those blue eyes of his. “Then don’t.”

Chapter Ten

The brown envelope.

My head pounded from the bright sunlight streaming through my expansive window. Every time I rolled my eyes, the tops of them throbbed.

The moment my feet touched the soft, thick cream carpet beneath my soles, my eyes went straight to the door and I breathed out a sigh of relief at what I saw. After last night with the bitch from hell, I’d said goodnight to Sebastian, gutted that I still didn’t get a goodnight kiss from those lips of his or anything else and locked my door. To be even safer, I’d grabbed the chair from the corner that looked like it had never been used and stuffed it under the door handle.

So thanks to my thinking, I was alive and kicking and relatively unharmed. I was sure that bitch was having thoughts of maiming me in my sleep.

Quickly grabbing a shower, luckily avoiding all the shit I went through with it yesterday, I washed and conditioned my hair again, wrapped it up in a towel and stood in front of the closet full of clothing. I picked out some of my own clothing but quickly put them aside when I saw a nude coloured top hanging up. I’d never worn the colour before because it seemed bland but this one was nice and simple. The top had short ruffled cupped sleeves and a large V shaped into the front of it and the material was like water under my fingers.

I grabbed that hanger and searched for some trousers or a skirt. What I found made me nibble my thumb nail. Every other time I’d worn white in anything on the bottom, it made me look like I’d doubled in size. The shorts I picked up were long, not the short kind that let my arse hang out, no these stopped at the knee. I rubbed my thumb and forefinger against the material and felt linen. Hmmm, I’d never been a big linen fan before either.

Deciding to go with something new, I grabbed the hanger and hung them over my arm. I bent down so I was on my knees in front of the racks of shoes at the bottom of the closet. There were so many heels. Again, I was never a fan of heels. Slap me with a pair of trainers and I was made.

Thinking about it, I didn’t do too badly with the heels I had on last night. Twisting my lips to the side I searched through the racks of shoes and found a pair of nude chunky soled leather patent heels that went well with the top. Who knew me, Victoria Jennings, who owned bright orange sunglasses and more pink that a fourteen year old girl would be combining colours, nude of all colours?

Forty minutes later, I was dressed and ready to go. The heels I wore were a bit on the heavy side but comfortable all at the same time. I changed my bag and grabbed my sunglasses, which I needed a new pair of if I was going to be wearing Sebastian’s clothing.

I was meeting with Jenna today. I’d texted her late last night so a message was waiting when she got up for work. I received a text back confirming our meet just before getting into the shower.

Making sure I had everything I needed, I moved the chair out of the way and opened the door. I stuck my head out to make sure the coast was clear and left my room in search for some food, I was starving.

My nose wrinkled and my hackles rose when I entered the kitchen seeing Naomi sitting so close to Sebastian, she was practically sitting in his lap.


All eyes turned to me as I walked over to where Ralph was standing, my solid heels clicking against the floor. The big man whistled low and nodded, his eyes roaming over me. “Love the outfit.” he murmured giving me that smile of his that in turn made my cheeks bunch and my lips lift upwards.

“Thanks, dude.” I slapped him on the shoulder as I walked around him to the fridge. I stopped on my way, peeking over Rosa’s shoulder, inhaling the smell of scrambled eggs but they weren’t just normal scrambled eggs. No, she’d put her own spin on the dish that made my mouth water and my stomach growl. “Can I have some?” I whispered.

“Uh-huh.” she nodded and grabbed another plate from the cupboard.

I carried onto the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and an apple for my journey on the bus later on and stuffed them into my handbag.

Turning around, I scanned the bar seeing plenty of space for me but I debated about going to sit alone in the dining room, I wasn’t sure I could stomach eating that lovely smelling food Rosa was cooking in front of the bitch but thought better of it when I saw the desperate way Naomi’s hand latched onto Sebastian’s thigh.

Oh no, I wasn’t subjecting myself to sitting alone for the sake of her, what was I thinking?

Pulling out a stool, I rested my bag beside me and plonked myself down. The gorgeous man looked up at me from his paper and smirked. My eyes focused on that mouth of his as I licked my own lips and slowly bit down on my lower full lip. Sebastian snorted out a laugh and shifted in his seat, dislodging the hand that was on his leg.

Smirking to myself, I jumped a little when my phone rang in my bag. I reached over and grabbed my phone from the side pocket and flipped open the white leather case seeing Jenna’s name on the screen.

“Hello you,”

“Do you want me to pick you up?” I knew when Jen was on a gossip hunt because she never said hello or asked if I was okay, she jumped straight to the goss.

I rolled my eyes and clucked my tongue. “You just want to be nosy so no, you’re just going to have to wait to hear what I have to tell you.” and trust me, I had lots. I added that part in my mind.

She sighed and huffed into the phone. “Spoilsport,”

“I’ll give you a picture.”

“I can Google him.” she said petulantly.

That was right but I’d seen the Google pictures and the real version was so much better. I looked over at Sebastian as I answered her. “He’s better in the flesh, so much more...hotter.” certain parts of him were better than others.


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