Man Seeks Woman 1 - Chapters 4-7

Man Seeks Woman 1 - Chapters 4-7

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Continuation of the classic book, Chapters 4-7


Continuation of the classic book, Chapters 4-7

Chapter1 (v.1) - Man Seeks Woman 1 - Chapters 4-7

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Continuation of the classic book, Chapters 4-7

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 06, 2013




Chapter Four


The lift couldn’t come quick enough. My whole body felt like it was coiled too tight. My skin was hot and felt too tight for my body and my stomach, well that was another story altogether.

I watched from the corner of my eye another girl get called by Ralph’s deep voice. She walked from the stuffy room, along the length of the office like she was on a catwalk or something. I also didn’t fail to notice the subtle shift of her fake boobs in her crisp black shirt either.

I shook my head and jabbed the button again with annoyance at how long the lift was taking. I looked up to see the little red numbers lighting up. Finally, the doors opened and the same man from earlier who I’d poked my tongue out at was there.

Aint that just the way?

Stepping inside, I gave him my back and stabbed the ground floor button that was already lit. I stabbed it hard enough to bend my painted nail backwards. Pain shot through my long nail into my finger and knuckle.

Snatching my hand back, I stuck my finger in my mouth, sucking on my injured nail. I turned, leaning back against the cool panel and glanced over at the man across from me. I blatantly caught him checking me out. When his dark eyes met mine, he smiled.

His short dark cropped hair was shiny in a clean way and glinted off the overhead lighting. His eyes crinkled at the corners when he smiled and those dark eyes of his twinkled with merriment and mischief. Hmmm. I blew out a breath and noticed that he had an air about him that most men didn’t have. An air that screamed “I am businessman, I am important”. I wanted to snort.

When he shifted, his wide shoulders showed off the cut of his shirt. He wasn’t a bad looking guy all in all. He had nothing on Sebastian Blackwell though. Why was I even comparing them?

“You look like you’re just about ready to bust.” he commented once the doors had shut.

My eyes rolled to his again. “You’d be about right.”

“I see you stopped at the fourteenth floor and are now leaving that floor. Can I assume you met the infamous Sebastian Blackwell?”

Infamous huh, what kind of infamous was he talking about?

“Are you normally this smart or is it just today?”

He blinked at me before smiling. His cheeks turned ruddy before he looked away but I caught them. “You’re sharp, is that normal or just today?”

“It depends.” I answered and looked up at the little numbers again. I really didn’t want to be having small talk at the moment. I had a headache forming behind my eyes and my stomach had begun to growl.

“On what,”

I sighed heavily and slipped my glasses on my face. “On who’s bugging me and you currently are.”

“Oh.” he seemed taken aback by my comment, shocked. I wasn’t being nasty, I was just, God, I was pissed.

The doors opened, finally and I stepped out. The coldness that had bathed me when I first got here pissed me off even more. I marched through the lobby, darting past various hang-arounders. I pushed open one of the double glass doors only to walk into one of the Barbie’s from upstairs doing something with her phone.

I jogged down the steps until I stopped at the bottom. I glanced around at the busy London streets watching the taxi’s drive past me. I wished I had enough money for one of them instead of having to use the tube in this weather, in this mood of mine.

Pulling my phone out of my bag, I switched it on and waited for it to boot up. Maybe Jenna would be available to have a drink; I certainly needed one even though I couldn’t really afford it.

“Excuse me.” I heard from behind me.

I turned and saw lift man standing there shifting uncomfortably on the spot “uh...I want to apologise for my intrusiveness previously in the lift, it was very rude of me and I shouldn’t have done it.” he smiled a little and jiggled the keys in his pocket. “I know I’ve probably ruined everything but would you like to come for a drink with me, maybe get something to eat?”

“Well...” I didn’t even know his name.

“Jacob McKenzie.”

“Well, Jacob that’s very nice of you and all but I’d-“

“Victoria.” my name was shouted from somewhere. I turned around on the spot and looked around Jacob’s shoulder to see Ralph running through the lobby. He pushed the doors opened and ran down the steps only to stop when he saw Jacob with me. He glared at the man and put a hand on my shoulder “can I have a word with you?”

“Uh...sure,” I held a finger up to Jacob and stepped away with Ralph. “What is it?”

“Why did you leave?”

I scowled at him. “Are you serious?”


My chest rose and fell with a sigh. “Because I have stiff competition and sometimes it’s good to know when to just back out whilst you can.”

Ralph looked at me like I was mad. “What competition?”

“People like her.” I pointed to the stick still standing outside the glass doors. Her piranha eyes were now focused on Jacob’s back, already sizing him up for her snack. “She’s everything I’m not and everything Sebastian would want.”

“You know nothing.” Ralph snapped making me blanch back at his lethal tone. “I’d say you’ve got a pretty good chance amongst all those other women. The moment I walked into that room and saw you sitting on the floor with your iPod in your ears not bothering with a mirror or flicking that naturally blonde hair of yours, I knew you’d be in with a good shot.”

“Ralph.” I said slowly and leaned into him to emphasise my point. “I have womanly parts.” his eyes went wide with surprise. I nodded. “I have wobbly bits and a real stubborn butt and hips that no matter what I do, they refuse to leave. They have officially contracted themselves to my body without my permission.”

Ralph’s big lips twitched with barely contained laughter. He blinked and seemed to come back to focus. “I happen to know because I have been Sebastian’s driver and personal assistant for ten years that he likes natural boobs and you have a plenty of those. So,” he sighed. “Are you coming back in for the Nurse check?”

I shuffled on the spot clutching my bag in one hand and my phone in the other. “Is it really worth it?”

“Yes.” he smiled that smile that just not matter what you were doing had to smile back at. “Just give it a chance and I promise you everything will be okay.”

What to do, what not to do!

“Fine,” I said eventually and walked back over to Jacob, who was still standing where I had left him. Although I noticed he was sending serious glares to Ralph over my shoulder. What was that about? “Sorry about that but I’ve got to go back in. I’ll see you around then, yes?”

His eyes moved from Ralph to me, his eyes roaming my face. “Can I grab your number?”

My brows pulled together. “Why?”

“Because.” he shrugged his wide shoulders. “You’re a beautiful woman and if Sebastian doesn’t get to have you, I’d like a chance.”

Beautiful? He must be looking at someone else.

“Hi.” a sickly sweet voice said from behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see the stick approaching. I was expecting to hear the theme tune to Jaws suddenly playing...but I didn’t.

My brows shot up to my hairline when she not so subtly nudged me out of her way to move in front of me, her predator eyes zeroing in on Jacob. I bit my lip as I watched her flick her dyed blonde hair over her shoulder and thrust her chest out just that little bit more.

That was my cue to go.

I backed away and pointed to her whilst looking at Jacob from behind her “grab her number, she’s more suited to you.” then I turned and ran up the stairs to where Ralph was standing waiting.

“Victoria.” Jacob shouted but I ignored him and carried on.




Two hours later, I was finished with the nurse and forms and felt like I had exposed every part of my body to a completely stranger for nothing. Every one of my orifices had been checked with strange sticks and swabs and I now had a dozen extra holes in my body were blood had been taken from.

I don’t think I’d ever been so thoroughly checked out in my life. I felt like I was undergoing screening for some Government testing to send me up to the moon instead of possible spending the week with a very handsome man.

I left the building with a sheet of paper with information about Sebastian on it and a very heavy headache pounding behind my eyes.

My body felt heavy, tired and lethargic as I walked to the tube. I got there and realised I had to wait in a queue to put more money on my Oyster for the journey home. Unfortunately, because the Nurse had taken so long because there were five of us women that had been chosen out of twenty, I was now caught up in the rush hour in the middle of central London. So not a place to be at this time of the day.

Fifteen minutes later, I had more money on my Oyster. I walked through the machine and waited to hear the beep and for the little gray flaps to open but they didn’t. The man behind me assumed I would go straight through like I did because he was one of the people in the queue with me. He ended up walking into the back of me and pushing me against the flaps.

“Oh, God.” he backed away from me. “I’m sorry.”

“No worries.” I smiled a little and went over to the next machine and got through unhurt.

I took my time walking down the stairs because I could hear over the speakers that the trains were delayed due to the heat melting the tracks. So once I got onto the platform, I looked for a seat and saw none available, as per usual. I walked all the way to the end where the warning to ‘stop here’ was and sat down on the floor, pulling my iPod out. I slipped the buds in my ears and was immediately assaulted with “Go your own way” I startled at the thunderous music and quickly turned it down so I didn’t deafen myself just yet. I’d had enough of that today already.

Twenty five minutes later, the train arrived and was packed solid. I waited along with a bunch of other people for the train to empty partially before fighting our way on. By the time I got on, I was squished up against a rather smelly man who didn’t know what deodorant was or it seemed a bar of soap either and his breath, don’t even go there.

Fifteen stops later, when I finally got off the train, my lungs were burning for fresh air. I rushed up the steps, through the barriers and out of the station. I stopped and sucked in lungful after lungful of much needed air, feeling my lungs returning a somewhat normal state.

The walk home was sweaty and tiring. The streets around me were full of people hanging around and doing their own thing. I got to the stairs of my flat and looked up at my brown painted door with longing. I dug through my bag for my keys, listening to the jiggle once I found them. I climbed up the stairs, my legs hurting with every step and pushed the key in the lock and shuffled inside. The smell of the bin in the kitchen hit me first. Ugh!

 I walked through my living room and opened the two top windows. Then I went through to the kitchen and popped the window open, waving my hand over the bin as I stepped back. That needed to go out but not yet I was too tired.

I dropped my bag onto the counter and pulled my phone out, texting Jenna for her to call me back. She called back two minutes later.

“So?” she said the moment we connected.

“What, no how are you?” I joked.

“Please I know you’re probably tired. I’ve been sitting with the phone in my lap all freaking day waiting to hear back from you, so?”

I sighed and filled her in on everything that had happened, listening to her ohh’s and ahh’s and gags. “So now,” I walked over to the sofa and slumped down, kicking my tired feet up onto my pile of shit coffee table. “I’ve got to wait for a phone call which I know I’m not going to get.”

“Will you give it up?” Jenna snapped. “You are beautiful. Jacob was right about that and you never know, if nothing happens with Sebastian then maybe you could get Jacob’s number and give him a call.”

“I’d appear desperate.”

“Not as desperate as the blonde.” Jenna argued.

“True.” I sighed. “I’m sweaty and feel all icky so I’m going to get a shower and wondered if you wanted to come round for a drink?”

“Oh I’m sorry honey, Rick’s got tonight off and you know he barely has any time off. He’s taking me on a date.” she giggled.

I snorted. “How can he take you on a date when you’ve been together forever and live with each other for God’s sake?”

Jenna sobered. “It’s called date night. Maybe one day when you have your own Romeo, you will know what that is.”

“Maybe,” I admitted quietly.

We talked for another few minutes then I hung up and dropped the phone down on the table and sat back against the sofa and closed my eyes.




Chapter Five


My mobile rang from the living room.

I ran through from the kitchen and skidded to a stop, my foot catching the end of the coffee table. I cursed and bit my tongue to save screaming. I hopped up and down on my one foot as I picked up my phone and saw “Unknown Number.” flashing across the screen. It better be my landlord or I was gonna scream for real.

Friday night whilst I was in a much needed shower, the water went cold and refused to heat up again whilst I was in the middle of washing my long hair. I ended up getting out of the shower with a shampoo head and checked the boiler to see a red pilot light instead of a green one.  That meant that the gas had gone and the gas meter was outside next to the front door.

So I wrapped a towel around my hair and went into my bedroom and threw on my robe. I then grabbed my keys and gas card and opened the front door, stepping outside into the luckily mild night. I bent down, mindful of my robe and pressed the little red button on the meter. I waited for it to turn on and calibrate. When it did, I saw I was in credit and everything was fine.

I went back inside and stopped in front of the boiler. I tried turning the thing off, leaving it for ten minutes to reset or whatever and turned it back on only for it to try and fire and nothing happened.

From that point, I had spent most of the weekend on the phone to my landlord reporting my failing boiler and paying for the calls because I had no minutes left. So not only did I have no hot water, a head of shampoo that needed to be rinsed out with cold water, I had a phone bill that was going to come in and be even more than usual because of the amount of voicemails I had to leave on a mobile.

Now, I looked down at my phone and pressed answer. “Hello?” I barked.

“Victoria?” it was Ralph.

“Uh...what can I do for you, Ralph?”

“I’m calling to let you know, you were the woman Sebastian picked.”

The throbbing in my toe was forgotten as my mouth gaped open. The phone slipped from my hand like a bar of soap. I was barely aware of the noise of it clattering on the table then the thump of it hitting the carpet.

There was no way that was true. Sebastian would never have picked me. He had to be winding me up. Surely, Sebastian wouldn’t have picked me out of all of those girls. All of them whether they were plastic or not were in a completely different category than me. Better than me.

I blinked when I heard my name being called. I came out of my daze and looked around, realising that it was Ralph’s voice coming through the phone. I picked it back up and put it to my ear.

“Are you there, Victoria?”

“I-I’m here.” I stuttered.

“Oh.” he laughed nervously. Why was he nervous? “I thought I lost you there for a minute.”

“You did.” I admitted. “Are you sure?” I asked quietly.

“I’m sure and so is Sebastian. I’m on my way to pick you up now.”

“Wait.” I shouted. “I’m not ready. I mean, I’ve got nothing ready, I haven’t packed anything and I just can’t leave.”

I had a faulty boiler, I was waiting for my illusive Landlord to get back to me, my shirt wasn’t back from the dry cleaners, and the dog ate my homework. 

“Then you better get something ready because I’m about twenty minutes from you.” then he hung up.

I stared at the phone for what felt like forever then I remembered I needed to get my bags packed. I knew I was only going for seven days but I was a woman and I knew if I didn’t pack all my stuff, I’d forget something and then I’d be stuffed.

I dialled Jenna’s number not caring about the cost as I ran through to my bedroom, getting down on my hands and knees, trying to pull out my very used and abused suitcase from under my bed.

My hand yanked on the handle, trying to get the blasted thing out but would it I dropped the phone on the phone and pressed speakerphone on, listening to my best friend’s phone continuing to ring, one after the other until the voicemail cut in.

Clucking my tongue, I pulled one of my hands back out and pressed end on the phone then went back to the case. My face was pressed into my floor, as my hands fought and struggled with the stupid case that seemed to be stuck for some inane reason.

In the end, thoroughly annoyed and sweaty, I got up on my feet and crouched down, pulling with all my strength and nothing happened.

“You’ve got to be shitting me.” I never knew I’d be fighting my bed over my case. This was just typical.

With a deep breath, I gritted my teeth, dug my feet into the floor and pulled. The stupid thing came out, sending me flying back. I landed half hazardly against the doorframe with my spine hitting the wood, hard.

My eyes squeezed closed as pain radiated through my body. God that hurt.

Hissing and pushing up from the doorframe, I put my hand to my back and saw it come away with blood. Just bloody great!

This could not be happening now. Well, I had no time to sort it now, Ralph was on his way and I didn’t want him coming into my shitty flat that was smelly and too small and a piece of shit.

With my suitcase spread out on my bed, I went over to my wardrobe and started going through it, pulling out dresses, trousers and tops. I threw them in the case then moved onto my underwear drawers. My hands rooted through them feeling the cotton granny warmers on top and the silk underneath. I picked out the cotton knickers first then changed my mind. My hands went to the thongs and barely-there-at-all knickers then I changed my mind again. I stood back and bit my lip deciding then waved my hand and rolled the drawer out until I held it in my hands then walked over to my case and tipped the whole freaking lot in.

 I moved onto my nightwear. Now, this is where it got picky because I liked sleeping naked. I got too hot at night and there was nothing grosser than sweat smelling covers. I bit my lip again and took out the two silky night dresses that Jenna had gotten me for Christmas just gone. It was better to have them then nothing. Just in case.

Then I added some of my shoes and a couple of bags, then my jewellery collection and makeup then went into the bathroom and pulled all my stuff out and dumped them into a carrier bag just in case they leaked.

I stood in the middle of my bedroom thinking about what else I would need but couldn’t think of anything. I shut the case and wheeled it to the front door and went back to my room, checking my reflection in the mirror. I had on little jean cut-offs that covered up my hips and sizeable backside and a yellow tank top that barely held my boobs in with diamantes around the collar and had a little pocket over the right breast with a silver insignia on it. My hair was done up in its usual messy bun with little strands of my dark blonde hair falling out at the sides.

Blowing a breath out, I slipped on my sandals and rubbed my hands up and down my face. I was going to do this. I could do this; everything was going to be fine. I wasn’t going to have a freak out session right now.

Not even two minutes later, the doorbell rung and there stood Ralph. He was wearing a different coloured suit than he had on on Friday. He smiled that smile of his making me smile and held out his hand for my case. He didn’t wheel it like I had to, he actually picked the thing up and carried it to a shiny black Land rover that had big chrome alloys and blacked out windows.

I grabbed my bag from the sofa and walked through my flat checking that all the windows were shut before stepping out and locking the place up tight. I climbed down steps and opened the back passenger door before Ralph could get it for me. He had to lift me up because the car was quite a way up.

My whole body was shaking, rendering me unable to sit still for neither love nor money. I watched London go past me as Ralph drove through the busy City, stopping and starting every couple of minutes. I watched the people out on the streets and the traffic go by instead of making small talk with Ralph. I was too worried that I would say something that would make me look stupid because I was so freaking nervous, it was unreal.

Nearly an hour later, Ralph pulled up outside a large brick built building. He got out and opened the door for me, helping me down. I licked my lips nervously and rubbed my hands together as I watched him walk around to the boot and lift my case out, setting it down next to the car. Now in the light, I could see how old and dirty it looked. I wasn’t going to be embarrassed, I didn’t do embarrassed.

Ralph took my elbow and led me to a set of glass doors. We didn’t get to open them because an old man with a black hat and suit appeared and held them open for us. He looked at me and winked before looking to Ralph for introduction.

“Bruce, this is Miss. Victoria Jennings. She’s going to be staying with Sebastian for the week.”

“Very nice,” Bruce said holding out his hand. I placed my hand in his and was shocked when he lifted it, pressing my knuckles to his wrinkled lips. “Always a pleasure to meet a beautiful lady,”

“Lady,” I scoffed. “Can anyone see a lady?”

Bruce frowned, the action made his weathered face look even more worn.

Ralph clucked his tongue and gently pushed me inside. “She’s got a strange sense of humour.” I heard him tell Bruce behind me.

I stopped dead which caused Ralph to run into the back of me sending me shuffling forward a few steps. My mouth dropped open in absolute freaking shock. “Holy shit,” I said and listened to it echo through the wide marble floored lobby and bounce back at me. “Ralph.” I whispered. “Who lives here?”


I spun around and shoved his shoulder. “Shut up.” again that echoed.

Ralph’s lips twitched. “I think you better come with me before we make a scene.”

Make a scene; I’d make a freaking scene by throwing myself on the floor just to feel the marble underneath me. I’d never felt marble before. Ralph led me over to the gold fronted lifts. I stared at my reflection first then noticed how clean the surface was. Nothing was ever this clean; I had to dirty it up a little bit. I leaned forward and pressed my sweaty palm to the gold surface and watched my print form.

“What are you doing?” Ralph asked, frowning.

I shook my head and made another print with my hand. “It’s too clean.”

Ralph pulled my hand down and held it at my side, stopping me from touching anymore. “Are you nervous?”

A snorted laugh left me. “Yes. I’m so freaking nervous I could pee myself.”

He leaned into me, his voice a bit apprehensive, “you’re not going to are you?”

That I wasn’t so sure of, so I shrugged. When the lift finally came, it was empty and just like the floors, marble. I stepped inside, looked around and slipped my shoes off, feeling the silky coldness under my feet and sighed.  Poor Ralph looked like he was going to have a heart attack when he watched me. I think he was wondering what I was going to do next. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to do next because when I was nervous, anything could happen.

The lift opened again and I stepped out realising that I hadn’t paid attention to what floor we were on. I glanced around for some sign that told me but there was nothing. I followed him down the hall and stopped, slapping my hand over my mouth.

I turned around and ran back to the lift shouting at it to stay where it was. I slammed my hand on the clean gold surface making it stop and open wide again. I ran into the lift and snatched my shoes up off the floor. I turned back and ran to Ralph who was now standing inside the open door to wherever we were going.

He frowned questioningly at me, so I held up my shoes and walked in, dropping them on the floor and kicking them aside. I’d grab them later. “Ralph.” I whispered again, mindful of the echo this time. “Does Sebastian actually live here as in, in here?”

Ralph chuckled and pushed me forward from behind. “Yes, its nice isn’t it?”

“Nice.” I shouted then slapped a hand over my mouth. Okay forget about echoing.

Nice didn’t even cover it. The hallway where we stood was painted in a maroon colour and there were various prints on the wall of women but they weren’t dirty or anything like that. They were clean cut lines of women’s backs or sides. My mouth gaped open as I followed them down until doors came into view.

I liked painting and drawing myself and appreciated art. I didn’t have much time to do it and supplies cost a whack especially the good kind. I stopped at a particular picture of a pregnant woman where she stood in the moonlight on what looked like a balcony. From the artists view, you could see her very round bump and the curve of her breast and the elegant joint of her shoulder. It was beautiful.

“That one is my favourite too.” Sebastian said from behind me.

I jumped, pressing my hand to my chest as I licked my lips and turned around. I sucked in a breath at his form as he stood there with those blue eyes of his watching me. He was taller than I would have imagined and wider shouldered. The suit he had on the other day had no match on this one. This one was grey with subtle white pinstripes going through it with a blue shirt that matched the colour of his eyes.

“It’s.” I cleared my throat and pointed to the picture over my shoulder. “It’s beautiful.”

He stepped up so he was at my side. I could smell his manly aftershave; it wasn’t too strong or spicy. He looked down at me. “What do you like about it?”

I raised my hand and stepped even closer to it, my fingers hovering just over the glass protection. “I like the lines the artist caught in the light and also the moonlight that streamed through the balcony catching her silhouette.”

“You like art?” he seemed shocked.

“I do.” I nodded. “I’ve been to the Tate gallery and Madam Tussand’s loads of times with my best friend Jenna and sometimes when she’s not feeling too self conscious, she lets me draw her.”

“I’ll have to see some of your work.”

I waved my hand. “I’m not that good, not compared to these.” I pointed to the pictures hung on his wall. “They are incredible.” The awe in my voice didn’t go unnoticed.

“Victoria.” Ralph called. I turned and saw him standing aside with my case in his hand. “I’ll show you to your room, now.”

My own room? “Okay.” I walked over and grabbed the handle of my case off him. He held onto it but I raised a brow. He sighed and let it go. “Thanks.” I followed him down the hall to one of the doors that I had passed and continued to follow him inside. I stopped the case at the side of the bed and flopped down onto it. It was a huge white Victorian framed four poster bed with a white silk covered duvet with a great big picture of a rose printed in the middle. The room was decorated with the same reds that the rose print was. There was a closet over to one side already full of clothing and two side tables either side of the bed, a vanity with a silk covered stool and a set of chest of drawers.

“Your bathroom is through here.” Ralph said leading me to another door in my room that held a shower big enough for four people and a nice again, Victorian bathtub that sat by itself in the middle of the room on gold feet.

The sink unit took up one whole wall, with cupboards underneath and a wall length mirror with mini lights underneath it.

“Everything’s so nice.” I said in awe because it was but it was also too clean. I couldn’t help myself. I stepped up to the sink and leaned over, pressing my lips to the mirror. My gloss lips left a print.

“Why do you do that?” Ralph asked from behind me.

“I get nervous and when I’m nervous I do these things and plus.” I shrugged. “I put my stamp on a few things.” I smiled.

“Okay.” he nodded slowly. “Are you hungry?”

“I am as a matter of fact. Food would be good.”

I followed Ralph out of the bedroom and back past my favourite picture down to the kitchen which was huge and painted white with stainless steel appliances everywhere. Sebastian had taken off his suit jacket and hung it over the back of the chair and was sitting at the bar reading the paper. There was also a woman behind the bar chopping something. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Hi.” I waved. “I’m Vic.” I said as I walked around the bar to greet her.

“I’m Rosa.” she shook my hand. Her thick Spanish accent rolled over me. She looked like a nana that you would find baking cakes and cookies. She had to be at least sixty with jet black hair tied on a bun at her nape and streaks of grey running through it.

I bit my lip. “Hola, ¿como estas?”

Rosa smiled and patted my hand. “fina y bien, gracias.

“You know Spanish?” Sebastian asked from his seat.

“A little bit, not much.”

“You go sit.” Rosa shoved me from behind the bar. I walked around and climbed up on a stool, the one next to Sebastian and leaned over to see what he was reading. It was the pink/peach coloured one, I was sure that was the financial paper, but I had no clue. I sighed loudly and swung my legs and began to tap my fingers to a beat in my head.

Sebastian pressed his hand over mine to stop me. “You are always moving something, why is that?”

“I’m just nervous, is all.”


I snorted. “Are you serious?”

He folded his paper and put it aside. He then turned on his stool so he faced me and crossed his arms over his chest. “Deadly.”

“This situation is weird and unexpected and you.” I waved my hands around him. “Are you,”

“Is that a good or bad thing?” Sebastian asked as his eyes narrowed slightly.

“I’m not sure, yet.” I admitted. “But don’t worry.” I slapped his shoulder. “We’ve got a whole week to find out.”

And that would just about kill me.

He shrugged my hand off his shoulder, like he didn’t like the weight of it there and frowned, his jaw ticking. “Did you read the information sheet that Ralph gave you?”

My leg jumped up and down on the stool. Sebastian raised a brow at it making me stop. I crossed my arms over my chest and tapped my foot instead. “No. why?”

“You were supposed to.” He said almost chiding me.

“Listen.” I scratched my chin. “What I’m supposed to do and what I do actually do are two completely different things. This you will learn and on Friday.” I snorted. “I didn’t even have a chance. I mean to be honest with you, I don’t even know what I’m doing here because those girls were something else and I saw a couple of them and those couple didn’t look like the gold diggers you were telling-“

“Victoria.” he interrupted holding a hand up.


“You’re rambling.”

“Oh.” I laughed and bit the inside of my mouth. “I do that when I’m nervous, don’t worry about it.”

His eyes narrowed as they scanned my face, making me shift in my seat. “Have you had any caffeine?”

“No.” I shook my head. “This is all me but I could do with a coffee though, come to think of it. A coffee would be good.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”




By the end of having something to eat, I was sure Sebastian wanted to throttle me. The more silent he was, the more nervous he made me. I had to do something to calm myself before I did something that really pissed him off.

I thanked Rosa for my food and asked for some water. It was then that Sebastian told me to help myself to anything so I went over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and an apple and left the kitchen. I could hear all three of their whispers and knew they were talking about me.

Instead of going snooping which is what I really wanted to do, I went to my room and pulled my case up onto the bed. Surely if my stuff was around me, it would settle me down a little.

I walked into my closet where there was a multitude of clothing hanging up and frowned. Was it someone else’s clothing? I bit my lip and scratched my head as pulled a purple silk dress of the rail. I sucked in a breath when my fingers trailed over the material, it felt like heaven. I pushed the door closed and held up the dress to me; it seemed to be my size.

Frowning more, I opened the door again and walked out of my bedroom down to the kitchen where I could still hear talks coming from and held the dress in my hands so it wouldn’t scrape along the floor.

All three of them stopped speaking when I came in. Sebastian turned around on his stool, eying the dress then me. “Is there a problem?”

“Yeah, uh...I’m going to put my clothes away and just wondered whose this and the other clothes belonged to?”

“You.” he said simply.

My brows shot up to my hairline. “Me?”

Surely he was mistaken.

“Yes. When you had your sizes taken on Friday and you were picked afterwards, I had a stylist go out and pick you up a whole new wardrobe. Do you not like the clothing?”

That was nice and all and by the looks of the clothing, they were very expensive and very designer.

“Yes, no,” I stuttered and shook my head. “Why?”

“What do you mean, why? I don’t understand.”

“I mean.” I said licking my bottom lip. “I get that I would need dresses to attend those events you talked about but a whole new wardrobe? Is there something wrong with my current one?”

His eyes scanned me from top to bottom, stopping at my breasts for a little longer than was necessary but eventually, his gaze went to the rest of me and his lip curled up a little at the corner. “Well, yes, there is, it’s...common.”

Rosa’s and Ralph’s heads snapped up at that last word before both subtly shook them and lowered them again.

Whoa, common wasn’t something that I’d ever been called. I was sure it was an insult. That knocked the wind right out of my sails and really sucked my nervousness away by about seventy percent.

“Okay.” I said slowly and cleared my throat, choosing to ignore his comments. “Thank you but I’ll pay you for them.”

“You couldn’t afford them.” he came back with.

Was he purposely trying to start a fight or was this the real Sebastian Blackwell?

I leaned forward into his space, my hand gripping the dress saving me from raising it to his face, popping his eye out. “Listen here Sebastian. I don’t take charity, never have, and never will. Whether or not I can, I will pay you back.” I nodded to myself and quickly turned around. I needed to get away from him before I lost it and shoved the hanger so far up his tight arse that I was liable to do some damage.

Pompous prick!

I closed the door to my bedroom quietly and hung the dress back up on the rail. I went over to my case and looked through my clothing and wondered if it was actually common? I would need to phone Jenna for that one, get her opinion.

Ignoring his comments for now, I got the rest of my stuff packed away laid down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling and wondered whether I could do this for seven days.

Chapter Six

Strawberries & Chocolate.

“Are we going out tonight?” I asked, pushing my empty plate away from me. Rosa had cooked a lovely Spanish chicken dish that made my mouth water just smelling it cooking let alone eating it.

Sebastian wiped his mouth on a napkin then dumped it on his barely eaten plate. He rested his elbows on the edge of the table. “No, not tonight. Tomorrow we’ve got a hotel function, nothing too special.”

My eyes were focused on the way the muscles in his forearms flexed, the way the veins widened and thickened ever so slightly. He’d rolled up the sleeves just before dinner to reveal a lovely pair of arms coated with a dusting of light brown hair.

“Okay, so I’m free to do my thing?

His eyes flickered to mine, his brows pulling together slightly. “Thing?”

“Oh you know.” I waved my hand. “What I would normally do at home.”


Good because if I sat there any longer, I’d break a nail with how hard they were digging into my palms.

I excused myself from the table and carried my plate to the kitchen. I rinsed it off then found the dishwater, slipping it inside before I left the kitchen to go to my room. Monday nights at home were facial and pamper night. Because it was the start of the week and the roughest, I’d moved it from Friday nights to Monday’s to make me feel better.

I grabbed my little box of stuff, which was really a small wicker basket filled with my nail polishes, face masks, creams and girly stuff. I swiped my iPod off the side and carried them back out. I walked past the dining room we’d just eaten in and found my way to the living room.

Earlier on, Ralph had found me in my room and offered to show me around. The living room was next to the spare room that was apparently empty because Sebastian hadn’t decided what he wanted to do with it, yet.

The living room wasn’t badly decorated but you could tell a male lived here by himself because it was dark and full of block furniture. The sofas looked comfortable and probably were but they were a thick and heavy dark chocolate colour. The wooden furniture was the same, dark and heavy. There was a fireplace which I found odd being in a flat but hey ho. The TV that hung on the wall took up one side of that wall along with a window at the side of it that looked out onto London.

Across the other wall was a bar with a shit load of drinks behind it was a couple of stools and a welsh dresser type thing, I think with glass ornaments inside.

I closed the thick, heavy curtains and flicked on the lamps then pulled the coffee table over and turned on the TV. I found Predator on a film channel and left it there.

Putting my earphones in my ears, I switched on my iPod and heard “She’s the one” playing. I left Bruce singing in my ear as I rifled through my little box of tricks. I found my favourite scrub, an apricot and banana mix that I was nearly out of. I’d have to make a mental note to remember to get some more. I applied the face mask then searched for a nail polish. Seeing as tomorrow night we had the function to go, I really liked the idea of wearing the purple dress, so I went with a silver to paint my nails with.

I found a silver that I was satisfied with and set that aside. I began to buffer and cleanse my nails as my head bopped to the music sounding in my ears. When I was finished, I applied the base coat, nearly missing my nail when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to see Sebastian sitting on one of the stools at the bar watching me.

His brows pulled together as he said something but I couldn’t hear what he was saying because of my ear phones and I couldn’t pull them out because my nails were wet. I shook my head and pointed to my ears.

He hopped off the stool and walked over to me, pulling out my ear bud. “Can you hear me now?”

“No.” I lied.

“You can’t?” he asked confused.

“Yeah, I can.” I laughed, letting my head drop back against the cushion. “I’m just fucking with you. Anyway, what were you saying?”

He walked back to the bar and picked up his glass which had amber coloured liquid in it and went to sit in one of the arm chairs across from me. “I’ve come to apologise.”

“For what?” I asked, playing dumb.

“For my comments earlier, they were uncalled for and out of place and for my silence during dinner. I was rude.”

“No worries. Thanks for apologising. Now can you stop making me talk because you’re cracking my mask?”

He tilted his head to the side and did that thing where his eyes were watching me, boring into me at the same time.

“Will you stop it?” I snapped.

A little smile pulled at his lips. “Stop what?” he asked, deceptively innocently.

I narrowed my eyes at him but said nothing. Ten minutes later, I got up and went to my bathroom to clean off my face and applied a moisturiser. Then I went back to the living room and saw that Sebastian had left. Shame, it would have been nice to chat to him now I had my face mask off. I shrugged and sat back down again, put in my ear phones and started painting my nails.

Halfway through as I was leaning my foot against the edge of the coffee table, Sebastian came back in with a plate of something and sat down on the sofa placing the plate in between us. I looked down at it and bit my lip, feeling my mouth beginning to water. There were loads of little chocolates and fresh strawberries and marshmallows; really it was like a platter.

He started speaking again but I pointed to my ears and got him to pull my bud out, again. “I asked if you wanted some.”

I looked at my nails and saw they were wet. I pouted. “I can’t.”


I wiggled my fingers. “Because of my nails,”

“I’ll feed you.” Sebastian said and winked.  He shifted a little on the sofa, bringing his leg up and leaning into me. He picked up a strawberry and lifted it to my mouth, resting it on my bottom lip. “Lick it first.”

Okay, so this was a kind of foreplay thing. I could do this.

I let my tongue come out and lick around the pointed edge of the strawberry; all the while my eyes watched him. I saw the pulse in his neck pound and his pupils flare. I opened my mouth even more and bit down on the strawberry, letting my lips curl around the edge.

Sebastian cleared his throat, shifting again in his seat. “I didn’t tell you to bite it.”

“But I did.” My tongue flicked out to lick up the strawberry juice but instead, I leaned forward and offered it to him “do you want it?”

“I don’t kiss on the lips.”

Oh, okay. I liked kissing so it was a shame. “That’s okay; just lick it away from my lip.”

He sucked in a breath and leaned into me, his hand going around my waist as his tongue darted out and licked the juice that had now dripped off my bottom lip and slid down my chin. I tilted my head to the side and let him lick the rest up but he didn’t stop. He carried on and pressed open mouthed kisses to my neck and down to my collarbone.

A moan escaped my mouth when he slightly bit down on the hollow part of my throat then laved his tongue, so it licked up the sting.

I leaned back against the arm of the sofa and watched as his lips worked their way down to my cleavage. His sea blue eyes looked up at me as he licked a trail of hotness over one mound of breast then did the same to the other. My chest was rising and falling fast, my breath coming out in little pants.

Sebastian’s hand around my waist slid back and cupped a breast through my top, his thumb flicking over my hard, turned on nipple that was thick enough to feel through my bra. His other hand cupped my other breast; his finger slipping down underneath my top and pulling it down to expose my daisy yellow bra. His fingers traced the laced edge of the bra from one side to another then he pulled the cup down too, all the way, letting my boob explode out into his face.

He groaned when he licked like a cat with cream at my nipple. I sucked in a breath then as he sucked that nipple into his mouth. His hot, moist cavern covered my nipple and made it feel like heaven. Forgetting about my nails, I pulled his head to my breast and felt him suck harder on my tight, hard nub. God, I was sure I could just come with him doing that.

His other hand was still fondling my enclosed nipple as his tongue and mouth explored my breast, placing little bites along my sensitive skin then licking the stings to make them better.

I pushed him away from me because I wanted to play now. He let my nipple pop from his mouth and sat back watching it pucker right in front of him. I looked into his eyes to see they had turned to the colour of denim rather than the sea blue they normally were.

“I love you breasts.” He croaked his voice full of sexual need and want.

“Good but it’s my turn now.”

He sat back against the sofa and waved a hand for me to go. I got up and licked my lips as I chose a chocolate from the plate and popped it in my mouth to suck on, making it all gooey.

Getting down onto my knees in front of him, I slid my hands up from his calves and rested them on his knees and pushed slightly for him to part them. When he did, I slid in between them and pulled him down, so his groin was against my chest.

Reaching up, my fingers went to his first button of his soft blue shirt but I was stopped by his hand capturing my wrist. “No touching.”

“What, ever?”

“Yes, I don’t do intimate touching or really much touching in general. You would have known this if you would have read the sheet Ralph gave to you.” There was that chiding tone again.

Now wasn’t he a fascinating piece of work? No kissing and no intimate touching but yet clearly wanted sex and foreplay.

“Can I touch your cock?”

“You can.” he nodded, letting my wrist go.

Because I wasn’t allowed to touch, my hands ghosted over his chest and stomach until I reached his trousers. His black leather belt was thick and the silver clasp clanged loudly in the now muted room. I slid the belt out of the loops, watching the thickness flail through the air as I threw it across the room, listening to it land with a thump.

My thumb and index finger grasped his button and popped it through the hole. Then those same two fingers of mine clasped his zipper, the tiny piece of metal feeling cold against my skin.  I listened to the teeth hiss and flicker lightly as I pulled the zipper down until it wouldn’t go anymore.

I slid my hand into the flaps of his trousers, careful not to touch any of his bare skin. My hands moved to his sides where I gripped the material in my fingers, my nails scraping against the fabric as I pulled them down his hips. I let one side go and patted his cotton covered hip for him to lift up. His hand gripped the arm of the sofa, as he lifted himself. I pulled off his trousers, listening to the rich material slither against the light brown hair on his legs and watched as they sailed through the air, landing behind us somewhere with a soft swoosh.

The rich, dark chocolate in my mouth was melting too quickly, so quickly I could feel it wanting to leak from the side of my mouth. So I yanked on Sebastian’s thick cottoned white boxers, sucking in a breath as his impressive erection sprung free of its confines and bounced back against his blue shirt covered torso.

When his cock stopped bouncing, I leaned forward placing my hands on either side of him, positioning my mouth over the hot throbbing length and let the luxurious chocolate drip from my mouth. The silky now melted chocolate dripped and dribbled out of my mouth and onto his hot thick length, coating it. I watched fascinated as the chocolate rolled down the sides, the glossiness glinting against the subtle light pouring from the lamps.

Sebastian sucked in a breath and hissed making his cock bounce back to his bellybutton, enabling the velvety chocolate to roll down his hard length even more. I grabbed his cock in my hand, holding onto it in a firm grip, feeling his hot steel pulse and jump in my palm.

Tilting his cock into position, I looked up at him from under my lashes and lowered my still chocolate coated mouth over the tip of his hot cock immediately tasting his own leakage over the sweet, dark mixture already in my mouth.

Sucking on the tip, licking up all of his leaked juice, the sweetness exploding in my mouth, I licked up the sides, my tongue laving back and fourth, finding those precious veins of his that pumped the red stuff around his body, feeling them pulse and pound under my tongue.

I pulled back and looked at his gorgeous cock, all stiff and needy. I smiled up at him seeing his now denim coloured eyes glazed over with lust and vicious want. I licked my lips feeling not only the rich chocolate still present but Sebastian’s own sweetness sticking itself to my lips.

Lowering my head, I sucked him back into my hot cavern took him all the way to the back of my throat. I felt his crown nudge the back making my gag reflex kick in. Before I choked, I closed my eyes and sucked in deep breaths through my nose, telling myself not to panic or worry.

When I felt my throat begin to open and my gag reflex back off, I swallowed around him, reminding myself to calm down. He was so big that I had a bit of trouble.

Sebastian’s hips jerked off the sofa, stuffing his hot cock even more down my throat. My eyes snapped closed again, as his hand fisted in my hair. “Fuck me.” he gasped out as I listened to his breathing come in sharp pants, his hand in my hair clenching and unclenching. I bobbed my head up and down on his length, my tongue finding every vein and ridge.

Pulling back, I let my tongue scrape across the tip of his cock, tasting even more of his leakage. Chocolate and pre-cum mixed together gathered with my saliva and created a fascinating mix. Instead of swallowing the personal mix, I rolled my tongue and coated his cock with it and pulled it out of my mouth, watching the lines of my saliva leave with it.

I looked up at Sebastian, biting my lip, smiling wickedly. His eyes were still glazed, his lips were now red from where he’d been biting them and his cheeks were flushed ruddy. Seeing just that reaction pleased me to no end.

Reaching over to the plate of chocolates, marshmallows and strawberries, I licked my top lip and then twisted them to the side as I sought out a chocolate. Deciding on a little square one with what looked like a burst printed on the top, I stuck it in my mouth and bit down feeling the chocolate cube break and the inside juice leak and drip down my chin.

I liked a tad up from the corner of my lips, revealing the taste of caramel. Instead of licking up the rest myself, I placed my hands back on either side of him and leaned into his chest, our faces just inches apart.

“Lick it.” I said, moving my face closer a little more, daring him.

Sebastian’s eyes flared as his pink tongue came out and licked in little increments, sucking on my chin. He licked away the caramel until there was none left then kissed the area. I so badly wanted to turn my head, kiss those pouty lips of his, feel them squished against my own, feel his silky tongue tangling with mine but he didn’t want that.

 Whilst he sucked on my chin, I held the chocolate in my hand feeling it melt. When the goo threatened to pour through my fingers, I reached up to his hot length and fisted him, covering him with the dark stuff. He jerked in my hand, a moan wrangling its way out of his throat. I bit my lip and pulled back from his face, lowering my head again, sucking his thick cock back into the recess of my mouth.

My chocolate covered hand left his cock, moving slowly down to his balls. I cupped the heavy weights in my hands, feeling them move subtly in my palm. I brought my mouth back off his cock, licking at the heavy vein that ran underneath it and then down to his balls that I was holding. I sucked each one into my mouth, feeling the thin hairs on my tongue. I laved at the round weights before biting them softly.

One of his hands fisted in my hair whilst the other reached down and fondled with my exposed nipple, pinching it as I sucked him back down my throat, swallowing around him. His wiry pubes tickled my nose as they rubbed against one another. “Oh.” he moaned. “Oh yeah, you’re so good at that.”

I smiled around his cock as I continued to suck him down. My head and hand pumped up and down on his cock whilst my tongue darted into the small eye at the tip of his cock and caressed it with a touch of force. He continued to jerk in my mouth as more of his pre cum escaped. The sweetness compared to the richness of the chocolate was turning me on.

Suddenly, Sebastian pushed me back. I wind milled my arms out and caught myself before I fell back against the floor. I was just about to ask him what the hell he was doing when he began to undo his shirt, revealing golden skin stretched over tight muscles. He threw the shirt off, not seeming to care where it landed. He wasn’t huge in muscle mass but he was packed and ripped. My eyes took in everything as he stood there now naked.

And what a fucking specimen of a man he was. Totally freaking delicious!

The muscles in his thighs bunched as his hand gripped his shaft, beginning to pump himself. My mouth watered as a stream of pre cum leaked from his tip. I darted forward, pushing his hand out of the way, catching the clear liquid before it hit the floor then sucked his cock back into my mouth, paying special attention to the tip, wanting, and quietly begging for more of his mixture to come fourth.

Sebastian’s legs began to shake and his hands fisted at his sides. His chest was rising and falling. He blew out breaths as he went up on his tip toes then sailed back down again. Groans forced themselves from his throat.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and felt his pre cum and my saliva drip down my chin and land on my bare breast. I reached around him for another chocolate and grabbed a strawberry this time as well. I placed the chocolate in my mouth to melt and stuck the end of the strawberry in my mouth and bit the tip off then placed the exposed fruit to my nipple and rubbed feeling strawberry juice drip down my nipple onto my stomach.

Reaching down, I pushed my top off past my boobs and let it sit on my waist then reached around for the clasp to my bra and flicked it open and pulled the straps down my arms letting the bra fall off and my boobs bounce free.

“Damn.” Sebastian whispered as one of his hands came out to pinch my nipple, rolling the tight bud between his thumb and forefinger. I grabbed the strawberry, stuck it into my mouth and coated the end with the melted chocolate then rubbed that over my other nipple and stood up gathering both boobs in my hands, offering him my treasure.

Sebastian dived down onto them, sucking the first nipple in to his mouth. I moaned and went back a step feeling his cock jab into my stomach. His hand went around my waist and pulled me to him, so my body was pressed against his. I wanted to wrap my arms around his wide shoulders and feel all of him against me but I didn’t. I let go of one of my breasts and took the tip of the strawberry I had bitten off out of my mouth and held it out to him when he came up for air. He sucked the strawberry from my fingers and then sucked my fingers into his mouth. His tongue darted all over them stripping the remains of the juice, chocolate and my saliva off them.

I took my fingers back and sucked them into my mouth, his eyes watching every one of my movements. I stuck my tongue out to show him that it was covered in chocolate. I could see he wanted to come forward and suck it into his mouth but he didn’t.

Because I couldn’t touch him, I stepped back and dropped back down onto my knees. Holding his cock in my fist, I went back to sucking him down, letting the strawberry drop from my fingers at the same time.

I did this for a couple of minutes more before I felt the jerky movements of his hips and the copious amounts of pre cum that he was leaking told me that he was close to coming. I pulled off his cock and jerked him off.

I looked up at him from under my lashes and licked my lips. “You gonna put all your cream in my mouth?”

Sebastian’s eyes widened. He was surprised, I think. His breath left him in a whoosh. “Do you want it?”

“Give it to me.”

I held my tongue out as I continued to jerk him off. He pushed my hand away and took over the job, his fist jerking tightly around his solid velvety length. His other hand fisted in my hair tilting my head back.

His face morphed into tight lines as he stopped jerking. “Are you ready for my cum?” he groaned out, letting go of my hair. He pushed my mouth open wider with his thumb then laid the crown of his throbbing cock on my bottom lip. “Let me cum into your mouth, keep it open maximum.” then he put his hand back in my hair, gathering it in his fist.

I nodded a little, continuing to hold my tongue out and mouth open whilst I waited for his cum to hit my tongue. I didn’t have to wait long. He stood up on his toes when the first jet sprayed into my mouth. “Oh fuck. Victoria.” he shouted, jerking his cock again against my bottom lip. Jet after jet landed in my mouth and gathered under my tongue. His thick, creamy juice coated the inside of my mouth with every squirt, spit and piston.

As more thick, white cum landed on my tongue, his fist changed to his two fingers, his foreskin slipping over the end forcing the last of his cum out. He pulled away and a little bit dribbled down my chin. I closed my mouth to swallow it but he held his thumb at my chin. “Don’t swallow it yet. Let me see, tilt your head back. Let me see my cum in your mouth.”

I tilted my head back and wiggled my tongue letting him see his cum swimming in my depths. “Good girl.” he commented and traced a finger down my face, scooping up the drip that had dropped and wiped it on my bottom lip.

“Now swallow it down the hatch and let me see.”

Closing my eyes, I lolled my head to the side and swallowed his thick creamy juice then opened my eyes and wiggled my tongue. “All gone'' I s

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