Man Seeks Woman 1 - Chapters 1-3

Man Seeks Woman 1 - Chapters 1-3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Man seeks Woman for companionship and other work related activities for several days. Must be aged between twenty and twenty eight, not committed, able to attend black tie events and have appropriate etiquette. Call number along the bottom of the ad and enquire for 'Ralph'


Man seeks Woman for companionship and other work related activities for several days.
Must be aged between twenty and twenty eight, not committed, able to attend black tie events and have appropriate etiquette. Call number along the bottom of the ad and enquire for 'Ralph'

Chapter1 (v.1) - Man Seeks Woman 1 - Chapters 1-3

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Man seeks Woman for companionship and other work related activities for several days. Must be aged between twenty and twenty eight, not committed, able to attend black tie events and have appropriate etiquette. Call number along the bottom of the ad and enquire for 'Ralph'

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter One

Man seeks woman.

“So, how’s the job search going?”

I looked over at my best friend Jenna and shrugged. I’d been searching for a job for the last three months and every single one I’d gone for; I was in the line with thirty to forty other people who seemed to be more experienced than me.

“I don’t know.” I sighed, fiddling with the sweets in the little holders in front of me. “I just want a job that I can do and be happy about it but then I mean, even if I can’t be happy, I’ll still have a job, right?”

Jenna nodded, reached over and grabbed the local paper anyway and dumped that onto the counter. We planned on going over to Hyde Park for lunch, lunch that Jenna was buying. I couldn’t even do that anymore because I was saving every penny I had, not that I had very much of it anyway. I felt like a mooch pure and simple and that didn’t feel very nice especially being a mooch to my best friend.

“Stop pouting.” Jenna chuckled. “It doesn’t suit you.”

“When I get a job,” I said holding the bag open for her to dump everything into. “I’ll take you to that nice restaurant you like down in Soho, huh?”

Jenny paid for our food and walked out as she put her purse back into her bag. “you don’t need to do that.”

Yes, I did. If it wasn’t for Jenna and her boyfriend, Rick, I’d have been thrown out of my flat already. They’d come up with three months rent two months ago for me. That meant I had one more month left to find something that paid enough to not only pay my rent and utilities but to pay Jenna and Rick back as well.

I didn’t answer her, as we crossed the busy road and walked down alongside the fence to the entrance to the park. I slipped my sunglasses down onto my nose and glanced around the park. We were typical British people. The moment a bit of sunshine came out; we hit the parks shirtless or showing as much flesh as possible to burn our extremely white and pale pasty skin.

There were people everywhere with their sheets or blankets on the green grass with picnic baskets or bags full of food. There weren’t too many kids about because of school but there was the odd little one running around trying to kick a football.

We walked through and past the people eating their fancy lunches. They had bottles of wine with strawberry platters and fresh fruit. Who drunk wine for lunch in a park? I shook my head and watched the people running around throwing Frisbees to each other and some others who thought it was a good idea to get water pistols out and chase each other around.

We found a spot under a tree that hadn’t been taken and sat down. I settled in and rested my head back against the cool bark and sighed. It was nice to get out of the sun.

Jenna sat down cross legged across from me and immediately reached for the bag and pulled out her bottle of water and drunk half the thing down. “Damn, I needed that.”

“You looked like it too. Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” she turned her head. “I’m fine.”

Even with her sunglasses on, I could feel she was averting my gaze. Something was up with her and she wasn’t telling me about it. I tilted my head to the side and studied her. Jenna never worried about anything; she had no reason too really. She had money, a lovely gorgeous boyfriend that would do anything and everything for her, a job that was safe and paid well, a family and a real nice place to live. A pretty good life really, well, compared to me.

I sat forward and reached for the bag for my own bottle of water and took a sip. I hated water but Jenna was always on a diet and thought that if she drunk water, it would cancel out the fizzy drinks she drunk whilst sitting at her desk. No matter how much I tried to tell her that she was wrong, she would argue with me until the cows came home, so I didn’t bother anymore.

“So,” Jenna reached for our sandwiches and handed me mine. “Sorry about the salad, just pick it out.”

“It’s okay. Thanks.” I took the sandwich and ripped open the packaging and grimaced at the cucumber and tomatoes. I hated them with something fierce. I grabbed the carrier bag, took the paper out and laid that aside then spread the bag out and opened my sandwich and picked out the salad and dumped it on the bag now only leaving me a chicken and mayonnaise sandwich with a small amount of lettuce.

“Come to think of it, you should eat salad. It’s good for you.” Jenna commented before she bit into her tuna and mayonnaise sandwich.

“Hmmm.” this was another debate we’d had and she’d lost many times on but still, she had to comment.

We ate in silence, both of us watching the goings on around us. It was just approaching one o’clock so a lot of people were packing up their stuff and getting a move on back to work.

Jenna wrapped up our used rubbish and put the bag aside then stretched out on her side on the grass and laid the paper open in front of her. She glossed over the stories and articles then headed straight to the job section.

I slid down the tree and laid flat on my back, staring up at bright blue sky. The paper rustled next to me then Jenna’s phone landed against my arm. I picked it up and blew out a breath. That was another thing I couldn’t do. I couldn’t phone for jobs because I had no minutes left. I’d used them all being kept on hold for-like-ever. Companies didn’t understand with those on hold boring tunes that people ringing in were paying for the call and perhaps they couldn’t afford it. So, Jenna was paying for yet another thing I needed.

“How about this one,” Jenna asked, “a cleaner needed in a school, after school hours, part time, eight pounds fifty an hour.”

“Let me think.” I patted my lip with my finger, my eyes narrowed and my lips pursed. “Being in a school full of brats running around, puking and shitting everywhere and I’m the one that has to clean it up? Hmmm, sounds charming.”

Jenna looked at me over the top of her glasses. “I thought you weren’t fussy.”

I sighed and knocked my head back on the grass. “I’m not but I know what will happen Jen. I’ll phone, they’ll want to see my CV then I’ll get those famous four words of “we’ll let you know.” and then they won’t because they’d have already given the job to some other woman who’s been cleaning all of her life and thinks shit and piss are completely natural.”

“They are natural.” Jenna argued.

“Yeah when you clean up your own but other people’s,” I shook my head. “Not so much.”

“Right.” she twisted her lips to the side. “How about this one, it’s for a secretary at a building company. Full time, hours are eight till six, rates negotiable dependant on experience, not so far from where you live.”

“Again,” I played with her phone in my hands; letting it slip through my thumb and forefinger. “Someone slimmer and blonder than me will walk in with that look on her face and red pouty lips and get the job. Most of the time with those sorts, the men because they are men doing the choosing, see the smaller women and think affairs later on and with me, well being bigger than all of those type of girls, they are just not interested. I could have all the degrees and experience I wanted but it wouldn’t be enough.”

Jenna reached over and rubbed my shoulder. “Vic, you go on like you’re the size of an elephant.”

I snorted. “I’m not that far away. Remember that’s what Sean called me the night he left. I remember those famous last words “I’m sick of being tied down to a needy elephant!”.”

God that night was etched into my brain for eternity.

“Sean was a prick.”

He might have been but he spoke the truth. No matter how many diets I tried and I did try but my body just didn’t want to let lose its extra pounds. I didn’t join a gym or anything because I couldn’t afford that but I did have some gym equipment at home that I used and still, nothing. My body liked having boobs that didn’t fill bras I could get from supermarkets and didn’t mind having hips that when I wore white trousers, made me look even bigger and wider than I actually was.

“Hey.” Jenna nudged my arm with her Mary Jane covered foot. “What about this? It sounds a bit strange but it might work.”

That had my head turning towards her. “Shoot.”

“Man seeks woman-“

“No.” I interrupted.

“You didn’t even let me finish.”

“You didn’t need to.” I said incredulously. “And what type of ad is that, that someone placed it in the job section?”

“I don’t know.” she admitted quietly. “But let me read on.”

I huffed. “Go for it.”

“Okay.” she cleared her throat. “’man seeks woman for companionship and other work related activities for several days. Must be aged between twenty and twenty eight, not committed, able to attend black tie events and have appropriate etiquette. Call number along the bottom of the ad and enquire for Ralph.’.”

Oh yeah, because that so sounds like me, appropriate etiquette. I’m just bursting at the seams with the stuff...not.

Anyway, I frowned and turned my head to look at her. “That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“What.” I waved my hands around. “No rates or how much he’s willing to pay or anything like that?”

Jenna’s lips twisted to the side as she scanned the ad again. “Not that I can see.”

“Typical. I bet you any money that he’s like some sixty year old guy that’s so tanned, his skin looks like a leather boot and he hasn’t got his own teeth.”

Jenna snorted out a laugh. “Trust you to come out with that. Now.” she stopped laughing. “Call this number and ask for Ralph.”

“Are you kidding?”

“No. I’m being deadly serious. This could be the thing that sorts you out for life.”

I blinked at my best friend and wondered whether the sun had frazzled her brain. “Jen,” I said calmly and albeit a bit slowly. “He could be a mass murderer and I’m stupid enough to walk straight into that trap or what if he really is an old man and he expects me to have sex with him?”

She shrugged. “Then you have sex with him.”

There was no way she had to be being serious?

I sat up quickly and popped my sunglasses off my face. “I can’t have sex with some stranger, who and what do you think I am?”

“Listen.” she raised a brow at me. “He might be loaded and leaves you everything in his will.”

“That’s just plain old mean; I’m shocked at you Jenna Baines. How dare you say something like that?”

“What if it’s true?”

I sighed heavily and pushed up from the grass and began to pace. When I got stressed or upset or just plain nervous, I fiddled, I paced, I jabbered on until someone shut me up or I just let rip. It all depended on the state of the situation I was in and what kind of shit I was facing.

What if she was right? What if he was some old boot and wanted company of some young woman who was free and single like me? Could I actually sit across from this man and agree to the terms in the ad and be okay with him telling me he wanted to sleep with me. I mean I loved sex and everything to do with it and I had had a dry spell since Sean leaving me. Could I put myself through that for a certain amount of money?

Sighing and shooting my friend the meanest glare ever, I asked for the number and picked up her phone and dialled.

God, what was I doing?



Chapter Two


I looked down at the bit of paper in my hand and then looked back up at the big brown glassed building wondering whether I had the right address or not?

My brows pulled together as I shook my head. “This can’t be right.” I mumbled to myself. The whole place was freaking huge.

After phoning the number on the ad yesterday and speaking to a rather nice man named Ralph, I’d been instructed to come here today to meet the man who had placed the ad. I didn’t know who he was or still, how old he was. I did ask Ralph but he wasn’t letting anything off.

All I was told was that if I was still interested, I was to turn up between the hours of one and three at this address, the very huge place in front of me and head to floor fourteen. From there, I would be seen by this man.

And here I was.

I bit my lip and scanned the paper again. I had to have written the address down correctly, I wouldn’t have muddled it up. Taking a deep breath, I climbed the stone steps and pushed the heavy door open and sighed when a blast of coldness hit me. The air conditioning was a godsend. The British weather had chosen another day to roast everyone and having been stuck on the underground with a load of sweaty people, I was glad of the chill.

I scanned the lobby and saw a posh looking woman sitting behind a high brown shiny desk with a phone stuck to her ear. My eyes scanned over sparse seating, a couple of pictures on the wall of London landscapes then my gaze fell on a plaque on the wall with a list of names and numbers on it. I walked over to the gold and black marble thing and looked for floor fourteen and saw Blackwell & Sims next to the number. That gave a lot away, not.

Nodding to myself, I walked over to the lifts and jabbed the button. I looked up and saw the little numbers were illuminated with red and going down one by one. When the lift opened, I stepped aside for the people to exit and waited then stepped inside and felt my eyes flare at the red shiny buttons; there were a multitude of them. I bent over and pressed number fourteen and watched the doors close. The man behind me cleared his throat and I moved aside “sorry.” I mumbled and watched him press button twenty.

I could see from the corner of my eye, him checking me out and not like he fancied a bit of me either. He was looking at my torn jeans and top that had rips in the shoulder with silver rings through them and probably at my messy bun and oversized bright orange sunglasses.

No, I wasn’t a tramp, I was grunge and

He was bugging me so much, I wanted to turn around and stick my hands on my hips and ask him what his problem was. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do that because the lift opened on floor fourteen. I stepped outside and turned around just as the doors went to close and stuck my tongue out at him before running off down the hall to another set of double glass doors.

I pushed against the doors and frowned when they wouldn’t open. They seemed locked. I pushed against them again. They didn’t even wobble. Looking around, I raised my foot to kick them when the door opened and I nearly fell inside.

Righting myself, I stood up to my full height then tilted my head back to look into the eyes of the snootiest woman I’d ever seen and she hadn’t even spoken yet. You just knew those sorts of people before they said anything.

Said snooty woman looked down at me though her thin silver rimmed glasses, her light eyes narrowing as her lip curled up at the corner. “Can I help you?”

“Uh...I’m here for the ad.”

She made a rude noise in her throat and shook her head and mumbled something under her breath. “What was that?” seeing as I didn’t quite catch it.

“Nothing.” she huffed and waved a hand, quite rudely I might add. “What is your name?”

“Victoria Jennings.”

“Well, Miss. Jennings, if you would go and sit in that room.” she pointed behind her. “And wait for your name to be called.”

“Thanks.” I mumbled hesitantly and walked past her shiny desk and stopped at the door to the room and sucked in a sharp breath. It was packed with nothing but blonde bimbos.

Barbie Convention.

There had to be at least twenty of them. I blinked behind my glasses, my eyes automatically scanning my competition so to speak. I just couldn’t help it. I noticed like immediately that none of them were over a size eight, none had white pasty skin or were red from being out in the surprising British weather and lastly and most importantly, none of them were wearing jeans.

They all stopped what they were doing which was fluffing their hair and checking their reflections in their small, compact, black mirrors and stared at me with disgust written on their faces. Various puckered lips curled into sneers, various adjusted noises tried to move but couldn’t. It was the same with their eyebrows.

I could feel embarrassment trying to claw its way through my body. I wasn’t normally embarrassed about anything I said or did or what I looked like but these women in front of me were making that incredibly hard for me to ignore.

This was such a bad idea. It was a waste of my time and my money. I shouldn’t’ have let Jenna talk me into it. But come to think about it, I was here now and I had to give it a shot.

I tried not to look at their faces, see the sneers and smirks and knowing smiles that I had no chance against them. I looked for a seat and saw none.


I even looked for some floor space and saw none except for the middle of the room. That was better than standing when I was sweating like a pig and trying not to shift uncomfortably which was becoming difficult. So I walked over to the middle of the floor where there was a small coffee table, yanked my jeans up and plopped down on the nice carpet, crossing my legs.

The gasps from their mouths filled the sudden silence. I wouldn’t be able to sit there and listen to their whispers without saying something, so I pulled my iPod out and put my earphones in and turned the volume up to maximum. Yes, I was damaging my ears probably but it was better than listening to the Barbie’s horrible and snarky comments that I knew would come eventually.

I dug through my rugged bag for a tissue and found an old snot rag, my lips twisted to the side as I debated about using it but I couldn’t exactly go into wherever I was going with a sweaty, red face, could I? So I grabbed it and wiped at my face with it and hoped I didn’t have little bits of tissue struck to my skin.

My converse covered foot tapped against the grey carpeted floor to The Verve, my head bopping in time with the beat. On the very rare occasion that I did look up, I saw a very tall and very wide black man come into the room. He stared down at me, tilted his head to the side and smiled. I couldn’t help it; I found myself smiling back at him. His smile was contagious and warm. I wondered if this was Ralph.

His eyes left mine and scanned the room as he spoke. Because I had my ear phones in, I didn’t hear what he said. I looked around and saw a blonde get up from one of the black leather chairs and saunter her way over to him. I couldn’t help but watch her bum sway. I wasn’t a lesbian neither did I swing that way either but as a bigger girl I always watched those girls and tried to picture my head on their bodies to see what I would look like if my hips would shrink and my boobs would suddenly drop off or something.

I noticed immediately that she had no hips and her arse was non existent under that peach coloured dress of hers. I caught a quick glimpse of her boobs and saw that not only were her nipples hard and pointed through the thin material of her dress, her boobs stood up straight. Now, again, I wasn’t a lesbian but I noticed these things. No real boobs did that. No matter how small or how big your boobs were, no boobs stood directly up and out. They had to be fake.

An hour later, I was bored and my ears were nearly bleeding from having my music up so loud. My bum was numb but I refused to get up and sit in one of the empty chairs next to those girls. I wasn’t stuck up, far from it but knowing me, I’d probably get up and the amount of perfume one of them wore would make me sneeze and I wouldn’t stop and then I’d snot all over the place and it would be a whole world of hurt.

I looked down at my watch and sighed. I’d give it another ten minutes and if they still hadn’t called my name, I was out of here. Didn’t they realise people had things to do, other than sit in a stuffy room full of plastic figures?

Ten minutes later, I got up and walked out to the snooty woman’s desk. “Excuse me.”

She took her time looking up at me from something she was reading on her computer screen.  Rude. Her lip curled. “Yes?”

Bitch. “I was wondering where my name was on the list because I’ve been waiting over an hour.”

“Well-“she said but was interrupted by the office door opening and another blonde coming out. I watched as she laughed at something someone said, her face split into a sensuous smile. My eyes dropped down to her hands which were pulling her dress down her legs, very thin fake tanned legs. I felt my eyes go wide and my lungs suck in a breath. Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?

The snooty woman looked back at me with a smirk on her face. “What were you saying?”

“That I’ve been waiting over-“

“Victoria Jennings.” a deep voice called.

I looked around for it and frowned, I recognised that voice. The big black man came into view and was smiling at me, again. So that was Ralph? He walked towards me with that contagious smile of his. “Are you Victoria?”

“No, well, yes.” I stuttered.

His dark brows pulled together. “Yes or no,”

“Yes I am but you don’t need to worry about that because I’m going.”

There was no way I was going into that office where that Barbie just came from and doing what she had been doing which was probably something to do with her mouth and knees. No, thank you.

“You’re going?”

“Yep, I made a mistake coming here and well.” I waved a hand towards the room still half full of women. “I’m out voted and have been pitted at the post.”

He crossed his massive arms across his chest, making him look very menacing all of a sudden. “Come again.”

I sighed and rubbed my forehead with the tips of my fingers. “Look. I came here after phoning yesterday and assumed that there would be girls like me here but instead I was met with plastic Barbie’s who when they died wouldn’t be able to be cremated because they’re biodegradable and the mess that would cause.” I grimaced. “And I saw that last woman coming out pulling her dress down. Now,” I put my hands on my hips “I’m not a prude but come on. If I wanted to put a cock in my mouth then I’ve got to know the guy first, you know what I’m saying?”

Ralph stared at me, I don’t’ think he even blinked. The whole office had gone quiet, even snooty behind her desk had her mouth gaping open.

Oh crap! There went me and my mouth again. Jenna was always telling me it would get me into trouble or very deep shit one day.

Then Ralph did something that I wasn’t expecting, he threw his head back and let out a booming laugh. He bent over and wiped at his dark eyes. “ohh.” he groaned and rubbed his stomach as he stood back up. “I haven’t met a girl like you in a long time. Come with me.”

I didn’t have time to open my mouth because Ralph took my elbow and began to pull me along with him in the direction of the office. I tried to dig my feet in but he was so strong. I had a feeling that if I did manage to stop him from moving forward, he would turn around and throw me over his shoulder with no problem whatsoever no matter how much I weighed.

The door opened and the first thing I saw or who I saw was a very handsome, not sixty year old man at all. In fact he had to be at least thirty maximum. His light brown hair was long enough to be tied up at the back of his neck and the suit he had on looked very expensive and very well cut. My eyes scanned his face and noticed that his brows had been plucked or teased to a precise arch to match the almond shape set of his eyes. His nose wasn’t too big and actually matched his symmetrical face. His cheekbones were not too high but just right and those sloped down to nice cheeks that looked to be as smooth as a babies bottom. His jaw was wide and pronounced like a man’s should be and matched his full pouty lips perfectly. What I liked the most about his face was his chin. There was a slight cleft to it but it wasn’t too defined but enough that you could feel the bump if you ran your finger or maybe tongue over it.

I’d stopped next to Ralph initially but now crept behind him a tad, peeking around his wide suit covered shoulder.

“Sebastian, this is Victoria Jennings.” Ralph said turning to me. He snorted out a laugh when he noticed where I was no standing. He grabbed my hand and thrust me forward. “Victoria, this is Sebastian Blackwell.” then he turned and left me standing there with Mr. Hotness.

“Hi.” I waved lamely. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Sebastian tilted his head to the side, his face a blank mask. “Likewise,”



Chapter Three


I fidgeted on the spot, biting my lip as I blinked at those blue eyes. Even from behind my glasses I could see they were the colour of the ocean.

Was it hot in here or was it just me?

Unable to bare the sudden rise in heat, I took my eyes away from him and glanced around his sparsely decorated office. I gazed at the pictures on his wall; it looked like a collage of images all gathered together. My head tilted to the side trying to figure out what it actually was.

“Have a seat.” His deep voice made me jump.

I didn’t walk, I shuffled over to the chair across from his desk and held my breath as I sat down or tried to at least. My breath left me with a whoosh when I sunk into the betraying seat with no grace whatsoever. My body just plopped down into the thing.

I placed my bag on my lap and realised that in the silence around us, I could hear my iPod still on and playing “Black Betty.” loud enough that I could sing along to it.

“Sorry.” I murmured and dug through my bag for it. I ended up tipping the contents of my bag on my lap then I watched with horror as they rolled off my thick legs and dropped to the floor, like little plops of cubed sugar. One plop, two plop, three plop.

Inwardly groaning, I excused myself and slipped off the chair, my knees hitting his form fitted carpet. I quickly stuffed everything into my bag, not caring where it was going belongs it was going away. I found my iPod and ear phones strewn across his floor and snatched it up. Switching it off, I placed it in my bag then readied myself to get back up but then I saw a tampon had rolled under Sebastian’s chair.

Way to freaking go!

I closed my eyes and refused to be embarrassed. I didn’t do embarrassed.

Blowing out a breath, I stood up and smiled at Sebastian who was sitting behind his desk still with a blank face. I’d just blown it whatever it was that I was being interviewed for.

Sitting back down in the chair, my foot tapped against the edge of Sebastian’s desk as I waited for him to speak, which he never did. The silence was a killer. People like him made me nervous. I could feel the sweat building at the back of my neck the more the silence descended.

Finally getting pissed with it, I leaned forward and looked at him through my orange sunglasses. “Can you say something because you staring at me is really bothering me.”

Those pouty lips of his, twitched. “Can you remove your glasses?”


“Because one, it’s rude to still have them on when talking to someone and two, I’d like to see your eyes.”


I sighed and pulled them off, dumped them on the desk and opened my eyes wide and even batted my lashes at him. “See, normal hazel coloured eyes. Happy?”

“Immensely, now tell me about yourself?”

“What do you want to know?”

He sat back in his chair, the leather sighing with the movement. “Tell me about Victoria.”

“Well I’ll tell you one thing; I don’t like actually being called Victoria. I’ll take Vic, or Tor or even Ria. I’ve been called a lot worse than that but one of those three would be good.”

“Why’s that?”

“Why’s what?”

“Why don’t you like being called Victoria? It’s a very conservative name.”

I snorted and sat back in my seat, my toes clicking back and fourth in my trainers. “It makes me feel like I’m ten years old again and I’m heading to the headmasters office ready to be told off again for something I didn’t do.”

“I like it.”

“Good for you. What else?”

“Tell me more.”

“Listen.” I was getting annoyed. I was hungry and being made to wait in that stuffy room with all those plastics gave me hives. “How about you ask me a question and I’ll answer it?”

“Okay.” he nodded slowly, those blue eyes of his still watching me. “How old are you?”

“Twenty four,”

“Do you have family?”

My eyes narrowed. “Define family.”

His head tilted to the side, his eyes inquisitive. “Mother, Father, Siblings etcetera?”

Only in my dreams, “None, Next,”

A light pulling marred his brows. “Why?”

That was easy. “Not your business. Next.”


“Nope, Next,” If these were his questions then hopefully this would be a short interview.

“Why?” he asked again.

I rolled my eyes. “It’s not your business. Your ad said for the woman to be not committed, the very reason for that is exactly none of your business. She falls into your criteria, live with it.” I shrugged.

His eyes widened a little, his nostrils flaring before he nodded slightly. “That’s a good observation but what if said woman was in a relationship previously with a male who she wanted something from that he didn’t want to give, what about that?”

My brows pulled together. “Are you asking my personal opinion or just in general?”

“Do you not answer a straight question?”

“Do you?”

“Touché,” Sebastian nodded, smiling a little even which showed off a little dimple to the left of his mouth.


“Okay, let’s get down to business. I’ve got a couple of black tie events coming up on the calendar and need a woman on my arm. Now, I will tell you that that’s not all she would be needed for. I’m here in London for a week and a half before I fly back to New York on business. I want that week to be filled with me and the woman of my choosing.”

“Why?” I just couldn’t stop it from coming out of my mouth.

His brows now pulled together. “Elaborate.”

“I mean.” I rolled my hand. “Why do all this for a woman? I can see you’re a handsome man and obviously have money. You could find a million girls that would be willing to be on your arm, why this?”

“Those girls you talk about are not the ones I want on my arm this week. I’ve had those girls on my arms plenty of times and ninety percent of the time, they are with me for one reason and one reason only.”

“Money,” I guessed.


I stopped tapping my foot and began to tap my fingers on the arm of the chair instead. “What would this woman of your choosing need to do other than attend these events?”

His eyes focused in on my fingers and he raised a brow. I rolled my eyes and placed my hands down on the arms, stopping my tapping. He nodded in acknowledgement. “There would be sexual encounters involved. Yes.”

Interesting, “what kind,”

A small smile played at those pouty lips, a light switching on in his eyes. “How did I know you were going to ask that?”

“Are you going to answer or am I going to be playing the guessing game?”

“There would be a form that would be completed. The form would list both of our limits in the intimacy department.”

So he was evading answering that. Okay, I moved on. “So what you’re doing is buying a woman to have sex with, effectively.”

Something flickered in his eyes. I could see he tried to hide it but I caught it. He shifted in his seat, leaning into the desk. “I’m not doing that at all. The principal reason for paying this woman would be to have her company. The sexual encounters and intimacy would come as a latter subject therefore, not buying anything.”

“How much are we talking about?”

“Are you interested?”

God he was annoying!

I twisted my lips to the side. Was I interested? I had to say yes, I was interested. There was something about him that pulled at me, something that I wanted to spend time discovering but at the same time my mind was screaming at me that this was a sort of prostitution because of the money involved.

He was a handsome bastard and I bet he was well endowed down there. I liked a nice sized cock but for what price?

I didn’t know whether I would be able to perform if I knew it was for money and what about all those girls out there? I wasn’t like any of them. He’d probably take one look at my naked body and want me to leave.

If I left this interview with nothing, which was on my side at the moment, then I had to go back to trolling the net for jobs, sending even more CV’s into potential employers and playing the waiting game. If I agreed to his terms, agreed to do this and was put in the running with the chance of winning a spot for the next week, could I still do it?

“I’m interested.” I admitted.

“The week is worth three grand.”

Whoa. Okay. That answered a few questions that I had inside my head.

So the major question was now, could I sleep with him and do other things to and with him for a week for three grand?

But that three grand would not only pay off Jenna and Rick, it would pay a lot of my rent and most of my utilities and leave me with enough to tide me over until I found myself a job.

But again, could I do it for money? Would I be able to get out of my head that this deal, arrangement whatever it was classed as was for money? That was the one thing that was bugging me but on the other hand the one thing pulling me in.

I found myself nodding. “Okay.”

“Good. I’m happy you made the decision you have. I like you, Victoria.” he smirked.

I ignored his smirk and the way my name rolled off his tongue. “What do I do now?”

“You need to take a form that Ralph will give you, fill it in and then go see the Nurse that I have provided in the next room over.”

My brows rose high. “Nurse,”

“Yes.” he nodded. His face went back to that blankness again. “I would like the selected woman to be checked out just to make sure everything is okay.”

I couldn’t help the snort that thrust from my nose. “You mean just in case you’re getting yourself involved with a disease ridden hooker?”

There was no smile this time because he laughed and it sounded rusty like he didn’t do it very often. “Yes, that’s exactly the reason.”

That meant that I didn’t have a chance in hell and that wasn’t because I was a disease ridden hooker. In fact, I was in perfect health and had my own check ups done once I broke up with Sean just to make sure he didn’t leave me with a nasty surprise, which he didn’t. No, I didn’t have a chance because of all of those other girls that would look better on his arm and he didn’t ask me to get down on my knees, not that I would have liked it if he had asked me but obviously, the other girls did it.

I got up out of the chair and grasped my bag in one hand whilst leaning over the desk offering him my other hand. “Thanks for your time and it was nice meeting you, Seb.” I nodded. “I’ll probably never see you again so have a nice life.”

He shook my hand slowly as his brows pulled together. “I don’t understand.”

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.” I took my hand back and walked to the door, grasping the handle in my hand and pulled it open. The quicker I got out of here, the better.



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