A Very Public Spanking

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sometimes I'm a bit too much of an exhibitionist -- so a few weeks ago, my Daddy decided to teach me a lesson.

My spankings always start the same way.

First there's corner time—I'm there now, stuck standing in the corner, with my pants down to reveal my naughty, bare bottom that I know will soon be bright red and sore. I want to reach my hands back to rub it, just in anticipation, but Daddy says there's no rubbing allowed, even before I've been spanked.

Then, all too soon, Daddy walks into the room. I'm not allowed to turn around and look until he says I can, but I hear his heavy footsteps, and I know he's looking at me, and more specifically, my bare bottom out on display. I try not to wiggle—wiggling earns more spanks.

He walks up behind me and puts a hand on my bottom, pats it. Then leans down and says in my ear: “Turn around now. Follow me and then bend over my knee.”

He turns away and walks over to his favourite, armless chair. I follow, a little reluctantly, and stand at his side. He gives me a look, and I lower myself over his lap.

He rests his hand on my bottom again, gently massaging both cheeks, and says: “You know why you're getting this spanking, right?”

I nod, my nose down near the carpet. “Yes, Daddy.”

“And why is that?”

I hang my head. “Because I told you a lie.”

“And . . . ?”

I squirm a bit on his lap. “Because I was looking up naughty things on the Internet, Daddy.”

I gasp, as his hand comes down and gives my left cheek a sharp spank. “And?

“And because I was posting naughty pictures of myself,” I say. Then, sensing another spank coming, I add quickly, “And video.”

“That's right.” He goes back to rubbing my bottom. “Masturbating in front of hundreds of people is very, very rude, my bad little boy. I think you know that.”

I nod. “Yes, Daddy.”

“And you know what happens to bad little boys?”

“They get spanked,” I mumble in response.

“Yes, they do. And now I'm going to spank your bad little bottom until it's bright red.”

I close my eyes, waiting for the spanking to begin.

“But first . . .” Daddy leans over to the end table, and drags it over in front of him, a few feet away.

I look, and realise his laptop is on it. It's already on, and so, I notice, is the webcam.

“Daddy . . .” I squirm a bit more, feeling suddenly very uncomfortable. He lands another spank on my bottom, and I'm still.

Without looking at me, he navigates over to a web page with a video player open. Apparently the web cam is already recording, because I can see myself, bent bare-bottomed over Daddy's lap in the corner of the screen. Daddy clicks a button, and suddenly, there are other video players open, dozens of them—and each one has a person, smiling and looking excited!

“Daddy, what's this?” I ask, my panic growing. “Who are all those people?”

“Hello, everyone,” Daddy says, facing the computer. “Here's that bad little boy who was playing with himself in front of all of you yesterday. He was very, very bad, and so now I'm going to punish him in front of all of you—all the same people he was so happy to show off in front of yesterday.”

“Daddy!” I shriek and try to stand up, but Daddy holds me down. All the people on the screen are laughing.

Then Daddy starts to spank me, and all I can do is lay there helplessly and try to hide my face in my hands. Then Daddy stops.

“While you're getting this bare-bottomed spanking,” he says to me, “I want you to look over at all those people watching your bad little bottom get spanked. You look at them while I'm spanking you. Understand?”

I swallow, knowing I have no choice but to obey. “Yes, Daddy.”

He starts spanking me again, and I can already feel my bottom (and my face!) heating up as I move my hands away from my eyes and look over at the computer screen. It takes all my willpower to keep looking—all of them have their eyes glued to my spanking. Some are laughing and cheering Daddy on, others are giggling behind their hands . . .

Daddy keeps on spanking me, setting my poor, bare bottom on fire with his hard hand. I try not to kick my feet too much, but I can't help gasping and yelping a little as the spanking goes on and on and on. And the whole time, I have to keep looking at all those people watching me get spanked.

After a while, I gasp louder as I realise that some of those people are getting a little overexcited! They're doing exactly what Daddy is punishing me for, and touching themselves right on screen as they watch my spanking continue!

“Daddy!” I whimper, but he just keeps spanking me.

Then, suddenly, he stops. I sigh, as it's finally over . . .

Then I yelp as a burning stripe sears across my already sore bottom!

“No, Daddy!” I cry out. “Not the belt!”

“Yes, the belt,” he replies, continuing to whip me with the thick piece of leather. “Bad little boys who don't remember their manners have to be spanked hard.”

I start to drop my head, but Daddy lands an extra hard spank across both cheeks and I remember that I have to keep looking at that screen!

I raise my eyes again, and look at all the people watching me get spanked. Between the embarrassment and the pain in my bottom I want to run away and go hide . . . but after a minute, I feel a tingling sensation, and realise it isn't just the people on screen who are getting turned on by this—I am too.

I kick my legs while Daddy keeps on spanking me with that wicked belt, hoping that he somehow won't feel the raging hard-on I've got. But of course he does.

After a few minutes, he lays the belt aside and starts spanking me with his hand again. “Are you learning your lesson, my bad little boy?” he asks.

“Yes, Daddy,” I gasp.

“Good . . . spread your legs. And keep looking at all those people watching your punishment.”

I do as I'm told and spread my legs apart, revealing my hard-on to full view.

Daddy keeps on spanking with his right hand, but reaches between my legs with his left and starts stroking my shaft, gently at first, then faster and faster.

I gasp and moan, trying not to move—but I wind up thrusting forward into his hand anyway, each spank sending a shock of pleasure through my body.

“Keep looking at the screen,” he reminds me, and I do.

Trying to keep my eyes open is hard, as I get more and more excited and my bottom turns a brighter and brighter shade of red, but I find that I don't even care about all the people watching anymore—they're not laughing anymore, but just staring with round eyes at my soundly spanked bottom, stroking themselves off in time to the spanks that keep on coming, and my own thrusting.

Suddenly I cry out, as I reach the edge and come all over Daddy's hand. He finishes me off with another stroke or two, and a few final spanks, and then he stops.

The people on the screen all burst into applause for the spanking they just witnessed. Daddy smiles at them, thanks them for watching, then turns off the webcam.

Then he helps me pull my pants up, and turns me over to sit on his lap. I cuddle against him, still gasping for breath, and he holds me close.

“Are you going to be good now?” he asks me.

I nod. “Yes, Daddy.”

But after a moment, I speak up again. “Daddy? I know I needed a spanking for masturbating in front of all those people . . . but wasn't I just doing the same thing now?”

“Hm . . . I suppose you were.” Daddy smiles down at me, then leans in and kisses my forehead. “I guess I'll just have to spank you again some other time.”

Submitted: July 22, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Stefan Dreaming. All rights reserved.

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