The Other Eden

The Other Eden

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


The universal travels of two souls coming together after surving an armigedon, while fighting through the trails and tribulations of moral confusion, betrayal, and spiritual warefare. Through the mysterious bond of their love and the knowledge they gain through their unholy encounters, they can bring worlds together and start a new generation of humans who are all knowing, all seeing, all loving and all powerful. "The Other Eden" is a great escape and will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and self discovery. If you dare.


The universal travels of two souls coming together after surving an armigedon, while fighting through the trails and tribulations of moral confusion, betrayal, and spiritual warefare. Through the mysterious bond of their love and the knowledge they gain through their unholy encounters, they can bring worlds together and start a new generation of humans who are all knowing, all seeing, all loving and all powerful.

"The Other Eden" is a great escape and will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and self discovery. If you dare.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dear Diary

Author Chapter Note

"How is it that the end of the worlds arrival, while only taking away all we once depended on as a helpless civilization, can yet still hold its name even though the Earth will always pulse life through its veins?<br /> <br /> It is the end of Mankind that is near, not the end of the world. Or is it?"

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 27, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 27, 2012



Deep in the billowing darkness we call outer space, far, far into the enormous black abyss that tucks us in every night, much like a satin blanket wrapped in lightening and fireflies, was something humans of 2033 have never witnessed before.

Somewhere in that huge universal 3D painting we often refer to as Heaven, was a Hellish monstrosity big enough to swallow what was left of the Earth. All you had to do was look up from where ever you were standing and you could see itès wrath in full force. Some astronomers considered it to be the "Titanic" of black holes because it was growing faster than any other natural disaster known to man. Nothing that went in came back out, except for the hypersensitive micro- cam recording devices they would attach to the brave astronauts who had sacrificed themselves for further research, but the odd thing was that whatever cams managed to make it back to Earth still worked. When they checked to see if the evidence was erased all they heard was a strange distorted voice that was speaking in a language no one could decifer. They concidered it to be some sort of alien life form but no further evidence on that has been found to prove that thesis to be true.

No one knew how or where this monstrosity came from but there it was.

Anyways, the important thing right now isnt so much the black hole in the sky, the more important thing is whats happening to the Earth while this hole was accumulating.

By now technology was at its highest point. Paper was replaced with transparent sheets of plastic, gas was made water based and cars could fly - that is if you were wealthy enough to purchase one. There were oxygen tanks every 30 feet to help pedestrians from choking on the excessive exhaust fumes that plague the city streets, escalating side walks, buildings that nearly graced the sun and some even enjoyed talking long walks with their flealess and easily trained robotic dogs. This was an era of futuristic poverty. There was the rich and there was the poor, there wasnt much left in between as robots and automated ladies took most of the jobs that were once handled by the lower and middle class. but a little further down the line, far, far, away from the synthetic sea of distruction that consumed the city of Anvil, far away enough that not even the trends of flying cars and microboots was cool, somewhere where they still used real paper and real names was a town. A town called Crow Lake.

It was a nice place to live, pretty quiet for the most part. It was filled with many large victorian homes neary beautiful plantations that have been left to decay. Lushes trees went on for miles, most people spent their time fishing and working on their farms or automotive shops. Crow lake was neighbours with a handful of other towns, together each place held a responsibility for the uprise in Canadas economy of exporting goods. Crow Lake, Harley Achers, Odessa, Harvest and Sawridge.

Right before the comet hit Harvest ran dry. It was known for its corn and fields of wheat! Many legendary football games were held there over the years, it held alot of family tradition and festivals that brought everyone together the only thing was that it was the closest town to Anvil City. Some say the "bad city air" started to leak in and kill the town. The people grew sick, the crops dried out and the trees all looked like burnt sticks. Anyone who dared go travelling into Harvest would sure end up dead, Sawridge was completely destroyed aswell but it seemed to be more electrical issues where as Harvest was just dried right out. Odessa was already an eye sore to begin with and Harley Achers didn't hold much of a population but for some reason Crow Lake was the only place completely untouched by the armagedons after effects.

For many years Crow Lake was know for having the cleanest water and the freshest fish brought to you by my dads fishing company but right as soon as the buisness started booming my father disappeared. No one knew if he died at sea or if he just left my mother for another woman but my ma prefers to tell people hes dead, and well it would have worked out just the same anyways, she always told him if she caught him sleeping around it would be the end of him.

Even though most my my life events were pretty tradgic the one thing I was sure about is that we a pretty regular family before my dad disappeared and we all got along. We had alot of fun as a family but I guess that just wasnt good enough for him. Ive spent many nights crying about the whole thing, hoping he'd come back and save me from my moms new found boyfriend and alcohol problem.

When he disappeared the company completely fell apart, my mom couldnt do it on her own and her new boyfriend Roger just soaked her for all she was worth. He was a useless prick who did nothing for us except bitch and complain and make life a living hell for everyone else. I had no idea why my mother let him carry on like the way he did, I could here her cryin herself to sleep the nights he would take off on her. It broke my heart but there was nothing I could do about it. She never wanted to press charges on him and he never hit me so there was nothing really to be done. She gave up on herself and so did the rest of the family. They use to tell me my mother was a wild woman before she met my dad and that he tamed her and took care of her and turned her into a good person but I guess as soon as he dissappeared her old self started to come back and she felt comfort with Roger, it was almost like she was hollow inside. Her emotions were drained out of her and Roger got off on that.

The more he abused her, the less she was an attentive mother and the more I would run away and get into trouble. It was a vicious cycle always getting arrested and sent back home because I was too young at the time and too young to send to jail so they'd just take me home, give my mom and Roger shit, and then he'd beat her some more for having the cops show up at the house and nothing ever got better. I did everything in my power to not have to go home but eventually my rebellion got me sent away for good.

My life as a pre-teen had completely changed in my first year of highschool this one spring morning on the bus ride to school. We were driving through Odessa, a small hick-ass cross-burning town filled with nothing but racist "sons-a-bitches"and dry lawns where they butcher livestock and sold meat to the other surrounding towns and God only knows they probably all fuck eachother on weekends.

Each morning the bus would drive through each town and pick up kids for school but this particular day, after Odessa's most well known set of mischevious siblings the Curley Kids, got on the bus the one sister over heard me say questioning if God was real or not and when the bus driver stepped off the bus for a piss she grabbed me by my hair and dragged me off while her brothers and sisters cheered her on as she kicked the shit out of me. They were screaming things like "God Hates Half breeds!" and that my momma's the "town whore. They all stood atleast a foot taller than me, the whole family looked rabid. They'd always flock together picking on the other kids, and if you stood close enough you could see lice jumping from head to head, you could probably even hear the wind blowing between their ears.

I remember thinking as she broke my rib and cracked my head off the ground to just go limp and give into the pain, but today wasn't going to be that day. With the last bit of my strength I grabbed a near by metal shard that I saw shining in the sunlight and stabbed it into her eye, when she let go of my throat I stood up and started screaming that I was going to kill em' all if they didnt leave me and my family alone. There was blood all over me, it was disgusting, if I didnt still have that metal shard in my hand Im sure the brothers probably would have attacked me too. Rumors got around that I was possessed, they said I was screaming Satanic mumbo jumbo and casted some evil native magic on the ginger girl. I guess when I stabbed her in the eye it his a nerve in her brain that turned her into one of them retards.

Revenge felt nice but naturally after any incident I was sent to the hospital to heal and then straight to JUVI until I was 19.

Im sure in that time my moms new husband Roger was soooo glad I was gone, soooo glad that he cut off all contact between me and my mother. He basically took advantage of the fact that I stood up for myself and used it as a reason to get rid of me and at that point Im sure it was easier to have me gone then there since I was turning into to such a "hand ful" when really it was him who was the abusive prick and he had a control over my mom Ill never understand but what gets me most is that at the age of 16 I was left with no dad, no mom, and no place to call home all because of him. I hated him.

When I arrived at JUVI it didn't really seem all that bad at first, regular meals, no abuse and lots of time to read. The psychiatrists were pretty nice but It was hard to get along with the other kids sometimes so I'd usually keep to myself and dream about the day I could be out and free to live on my own in Anvil City. But each day that passed made me grow more and more spiteful about my family's betrayl that I started to hate it there too. I started to hate everything.

All we did was read versus from the bible, take funny pills, run laps and watch movie reruns. I tried to kill myself a few times but all they did was give me more meds and put me on lock down. I missed my mom and dad so much! And all I could think about was her being beat up by Roger and how much I wish my dad would come save me. I began to feel extremely trapped and alone, and it didnt help that the other kids weren't very bright. They were rude to eachother and didn't have any special talents.

When I came to the conclusion that there was no escape, and no where to go even If I did find a way, I gave up and spent most my time with my nose in a book. I loved reading, especially books about Kings and Queens and Knights rescuing princesses, stories about love over ruling all, stories about a love that lasts.

But in the end they were just stories and a story can be far from the truth.

Some nights Id have dreams about meeting a knight in shining armor who would come save me and take me away to a paradise for two but the closest thing I ever got to a knight and paradise was the semi- attractive ex wrestler who is now a janitor at my detention center and his oddly decorated love shack. Im pretty sure he was in his late 20's I think, maybe even early 30's. I remember when I bumped into him in the hall for the first time all my books fell and he saw my drawings of weird creatures and old band logos layed out on the floor. He told me they "kicked ass" and every once in awhile when we'd meet again in the hall way he'd tell me a fact about some band or give me a joint to smoke when I was having one of my anxiety attacks.

He was pretty cool dude and over time we ended up making a weekly arrangement where he'd get a hand job on Mondays and I'd get a handful of joints. By then I was 17 years young and surprisingly still a virgin, my life lead me to fall head over heels with this mysterious janitor who was way too old for me and kinda looked a little like a young version of Dee Snider without the Twisted Sister makup or maybe even a little like John Travlota from Pulp Fiction. I'd go from seeing him once a week in the hallway, to almost every night when he'd help me sneak out. He was a really nice guy, never hurt me or pressured me and never once did we ever have sex, we just talked and laughed and he'd let me slam back a couple of his beers while he played me some of his favourite songs. I actually think I loved him but it was hard to tell because he was so much older than me. He smelt a bit like whisky, B.O. and cologne, but I didn't mind. He wasn't all that bad to be honest, I wanted to be with him so bad my loins ached for him but he never made a move so most nights we'd end up falling asleep in eachothers arms and then he'd sneak me back into my room in the morning. I always thought If I had a big brother I'd want him something like this guy, his name was Chet.

Chet liked to play guitar, he also liked heroin. He told me lots about politics, Kurt Cobains death, and movies like SLC Punk and Pink Floyds: The Wall but he never once spoke about how good heroin was and he never offerd it too me, so I just watched as he told me all his crazy life stories and everything he knew about, well.. everything. He was one of those kind of guys you'd see at first glance and not think anything of him, but once you get to know him the beauty in him really stood out. Sadly I didn't get to admire that beauty for too long because he soon got caught trying to sneak me out of my room and was fired on the spot. Me on the other hand, I was punished.
Getting caught stealing, smoking, drinking, or sneaking out in a 2033 juvenial hall wasn't taken very lightly but sleeping with one of the staff was probably the worst thing anyone could do. I was quiet when I was amongst the other kids so I never drew any negative attention to myself but my love for Chet ended up getting me caught. He was my hero. The only one I could feel safe with. But my principal didn't understand, he said I was too young to be acting sexual and I needed to be taught a lesson.

"Young girls who try to attract older men attract the wrong attention", he told me as yanked me into his office.

I tried to tell him that Chet was just like a big brother, he was kind to me and that it was never sexual. I tried to explain we were friends and we liked the same music but he wouldn't listen, he told me the bands I listened were the works of the Devil as he grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into his wooden desk. He said God didn't trust me and he was going to find out for him self how well me and Chet got to know eachother. When he put on oh his hands over my mouth I could smell an aroma of rubber or some sort of latex but it was dark and I couldn't see anything in his chamber, he grinded the side of my face into the table even more while he ripped down my panties and pushed his hips into me - breaking my pride, and my hymen.

I screamed out for Chet but he just tightened his hand around my mouth and kept tearing me from the inside. It was horrible. I could never imagine any other pain to be that bad.

When he was done he threw me on the floor and said, "Thats what a whore gets for attracting men that are too old for her" and walked out. I fell to the floor crying in pain when one of the female counsellors came in and wrapped me up in a blanket. My knees were weak and I was covered in blood again. She tried to get me to stand up but every movement sent a wretched pain up my abdomen. I felt dead inside, just like my mom did.

"Young girl what were you thinking sneaking out like that, you know there are punishments around here. You must learn to obey otherwise you will suffer the conciquences."

My legs buckled and I fell down to the floor, looking up at her with tears in my eyes and an expression of pure fear that not only was the man running this jvenial hall was a rapist but the women working here defended it. I was horrified. I could do nothing but cry, no words. Just tears.

I never saw Chet again. God only knows what they did to him, if there even is a God.

After I was raped by Principal Calhoun I swore Id never speak another word to anyone, I lived in silence most of the time. I read and drew pictures, and rarely came out of my room. I was one of the only kids at JUVI that was given their own room and the only time I talked was when the Principal came to visit me at night. I'd make him promise to bring me nice things, like good food and warm clothes, candy, clean water, music, and drawing supplies. I told him if he didn't bring me what I wanted I would kill myself or escape with one of the other counsellors who would sneak in my room at night behind his back. He was so mad that someone else had tried to play with his secret flower that he ended up murdering one of them. I was a virgin when he found me, he was the first one to penetrate me and he wanted to keep it that way. Chet never got a chance and he loved that. So I used his jelousy and theyre obsession with me to my advantage and I told him I would escape with one of the other counsellors if he didnt give me what I wanted. I told him I loved him too but he couldnt keep hurting me otherwise I would resent him. Which I already did, I hated the prick and wanted him dead more than anything. I wanted them all dead but I had to play things smart.

I was basically the staffs fuck toy off and on for 2 years , theyd each take turns flipping the coin as to who was going to have their way with me that night, I was lucky they adored me in some strange way because it kept them from bruising my skin. They said I was to precious to be beaten and they would protect me and get me whatever I wanted as long as I was sweet to them and made them feel good. Over time there ended up being 4 different counsellors including Principal Calhoun who would come visit me and bring me but eventually the Principal was the only one who left who would sneak in my room and he would tell me that the others had apparently "quit" or "moved away" but I really think he killed them. His temper was one I'd never want to see again in my life and I did everything I could to keep him happy when he was around.

I never really wanted to have sex with any of them but it sure helped me get what I wanted. I learned that through a mans heart and his penis, I could rule. So I made them all fall in love me, and then I gained control. It was the only way to keep them from hurting me and since I couldnt trust the women who worked there either I had to find some way to protect myself.

I couldnt understand Calhoun's facination with me or any mans facination with whatever he finds beautiful but for some reason they saw an angel when they looked at me but inside I just wanted to die. It took awhile to get the hang of mind manipulation and seduction but it came at ease when I noticed that the more I pretended to love Calhoun the easier it was for me. So thats what I did, I pretended. None of it made sense, it all seemed so pointless to me. I wasn't learning much about being a good girl, or much about school and I always wondered if we were all treated like this and just made to think otherwise. Id watch the other kids outside my window living a more plain existence, playing soccer and hop scotch. But me, I was different and often at times I wished I wasn't.

This strange give-and-take relationship I had with Principal Calhoun went on up until I finally turned 19. I learned how to play guitar and paint with oils in that time, I knew every impressive Shakespearean quote known to man and had a knack for astrology, even though the Prinicpal was religious he had no problem bringing me books about the stars, aslong as I didn't read them in his presence and take any attention away from him. By then I grew a nice set of tits, my hormones were raging and I knew every way to please a man. My lips were more lush, my hips more curvy, my eyes more bright. The men there treated me like a princess, and at times it seemed that all the books I read became true. I had princes crawling up my tower just to take a look but the only thing missing was the love part.

At times I did think I was in love with those men because I had to fake it so much, but inside I knew there was so much more missing and I needed to find it. I never had many friends when I was in the facility or even before highschool, my only friends at that time were those men and my room filled with all my little hearts desires. The other kids would act out in jealousy when I was around and ridicule me about getting my own room but none of them really knew what was going on inside that room. Lucky.

But the day Calhoun gave me the key out was the happiest day of my life. I thought I would have been stuck there forever, I really did! But he kept his promise. Calhoun offered me a place to stay in his home with his wife, he wanted to have me as his mistress now that I was of proper age to marry but I had to regretfully decline. As scary as the outside world seemed I was not that far from it. I still remember what it was like to play in the rain, and hold hands with a cute boy, I remember swimming in the lake and laughing til I couldnt breathe. I remember feeling loved and I wanted it all back. Calhoun protected me and gave me everything I wanted, but I wanted nothing more but true love!

So I packed my things and I headed to Anvil City to find it, and boy did I find it..... How come no body told me love was really a migrane in disguise?

When I got to Anvil City the first thing I did was head to a strip club called Roxanne's and got myself a beer. I was finally of age and more than ready to take on the world even though each step nearly made me want to shit myself. at times I blamed that on the pollution. All the people, the lights, the action, it was so much to take in. Thank god for those oxygen tanks. The air in Anvil was horrible. When I arrived at Roxannes I ended up talking to the bar owner and he offered me a job on the spot as a dancer. Good pay, flexible shifts, and all the protection a girl needs in this city so I started that night and they set me up in a room that was attached to the club. It was hard to make friends at first, since I was so use to keeping to myself, the men were easy to win over but the women on the other hand were straight up bitches for the most part.

One of my favourite dancers was Mariah not sure of her real name though, she was one of the top show girls at Roxannes, no one ever wanted to get on her bad side but she was surprisingly nice to me and gave me helpful tips from time to time. There was a pain in her eyes that matched mine, I think she could see that too.

I worked there for awhile and took up a few bartending shifts til I could afford my own apartment, but within that time I ended up meeting a new man. He kind of reminded me of Chet but he owned a trucking company rather than sweeped floors for a living and had a 4 bedroom house on the outskirts of Anvil.

After a few months I ended up moving in with him and he asked me to marry him. We were happily engaged for a few months, that was up until the night I came home after working my night shit and found him and one of the dancers bare ass naked on the kitchen counter. By this point I was so use to feeling betrayed and alone that the whole ordeal didn't affect me as much as you'd think it would, I use to reply this scenerio over and over and over again in my head, pretending to be a stronger version of my mom and beating the shit out of any many who broke my trust but I frankly I was just too exhausted to give a shit, so I left.

It took me awhile to track down my family but when I finally did my mother told me she got rid of Roger and is now dating one of the head bikers from Harley Achers named Daryl. Guess he heard about how much fun Roger was having knocking my ma around that he too dissappeared not long after the bikers arrival.

Mom told me about how much fun they've been having together and how sorry she is to let Roger get rid of me like that. She told me she tried to get me out of JUVI but they wouldn't let her. With the way Prinicipal Calhoun was with me I didn't doubt that. I didn't want to tell her anything about what happened to me in JUVI with all those men, she sounded like she was finally enjoying her self again and I wasn't going to be the one to destroy a good thing but I did tell her about my short lived engagment to a two timing jackass from Texas and she invited me back to live with her as long as I wanted.

So thats what I did, and here I am. Back at the house my daddy left us writing out all my lifes tragedies in this diary, while trying to sleep away the guilt of being a 21 year old washed up stripper with a really, really bad hang over.

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