Online Show-Off

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Melody runs her own online service as a hobby, showing off her pride, aka her sexy body. Once she loses her job, now she must work twice as hard online to make a living, making situations desperate. Donors with tons of tokens become powerful in her online world.

I lost my job only a week ago, and already my website has consumed me. I'm on it a lot more, but that brings in more tokens, which is my income. It's not illegal. I'm only selling an online view. And you're warned before you enter. I've set up in the past week on my website journal logs, special requests, and a 'special' fan servace. The special thing about it is someone donates a large amount of points, sends me a clothing item, and I wear it for them. I set it up Wednesday, and today is a Saturday. I should get a few things in my PO box by now. I do journal logs whenever, which is a video thing. I'm doing one now, before I cast a live show at my regular time. I begin the recording with my new camera, which is better than my built in webcam:

"Hey, it's Melody! Jounral Log number something, hah! Well, today is Saturday! My live show starts in a few hours, so I wanted to do a webcast. But the next live show is gonna be super awesome. Why? Because I'm going to start my first ever Special Fan's one! If you aren't familliar with it, check it out, because I personally love it. So don't forget to tune in, and donate! Also, as a request of the user MasterEric, I will give you guys some information about me. Um, well, I've died my hair to a deep red recently, so that's cool. Also, I just lost my job, which sucks, but that means I'll be online more! I'm also trying to get a message system up where you can send me a message one on one, and not have to comment. So yeah, that's it. I'm not dating in one, but to be honest I'm not much of a dater." I wink and make cute faces with my speaching. "Well yeah, that's all. Don't forget to donate! I need some since of my job loss! Byes!" I wave as I turn the camera off, and upload the video. 

Within the next 30 minutes it takes me to go to my PO box, get the 4 packages, and return, over 250 users had viewed my journal upload. My website it quiet famous, really. I turn my computer on, and begin the live webcast, about 10 minutes early.

"Hey, it's Melody!" I start waving, even though people are just starting to click my live webcast. 10 online already. Ussually I get about 20-30. I smile, as the chats start pouring in. Its mostly just hellos by users. 

"Well, first Special Fan cast! Time to open packages!!" I smile, holding up two of the small packages. "Lets see, the first one is from.... KileMan24!" I open the package with my stumache filling with butterflies. 

"Oh wow." I say, seeing the clothing. It's a skimpy bikini. "brbs, gotta change!" Before I go, I see the donor on the chat, and much activity.

KileMan24: No, don't go! Change in front! 

ChatterDude: I'll donate tons of tokens for dat :P

BigDick101: hell yeah, fact I'll give all my tokens! You havent shown us those beautiful tits, and we wanna see

"Oh you guys, fine!" I am determined not to show everything and be a complete porn star, so I turn my back to the camera, and strip, putting on the tiny tiny tiny bikini. The patches barely cover my skin. I look over once I'm done to see the chats.

ChatterDude: Awewww no boobs.. :(

BigDick101: I'm only give 100 tokens, not 200

KileMan24: damn u look fine in my bikini i sent you. show us the completion!

200 tokens is only $200, and my rent is due in a few days. I'm still short of a lot of money, but I'm determined that I can earn it by now showing my tits. I turn around, my boob almost falling out of the tiny tiny tiny patch. I then do this with the other 2, seing how the chatters wanna see my everything. At first I get in the dumb maid costume, then another tiny bikini, then I see the final package. "From MelloMadness!" I open it up, and I don't see cloths. I see a big purple didlo with a small vibrator attached to it. I laugh like an idiot, and hold it up to the camera. I look at the chats as I hold it up.

BigDick101: omg shove it up ur pussy

KileMan24: wear that!!

DickeyButt: mmm damn fine I'd pay a lot to see that

Fucker: I wanna see u ride that dildo for all my tokens

I check out those willing to pay, and see DickeyButt has only 20 tokens, and Fucker only 342. "No thanks guys, not gonna ride this. Not now. It'll take more than 20 tokens from Dickey and 350 from Fucker. Sorry. Tune in next time. Maybe in a few hours! Oh, and I've set up the private fan mail servace thing!" I turn the cast off, and hold the dildo. It must be atleast 7 inches, but there's no way to turn it on. I look in the box again, and see a remote.

Just then, my computer dings, meaning I got a private message. I open it up, and it's from MelloMadness, the dildo donor:

I didn't spend 200 tokens and the cost of shipping that for you to turn it down. I want a refund, or for you to show me you use my gift.

I send back a message, responding:

Sorry, just not ready to do that so publicly online yet. :/ thanks for it though!!

I leave, make a sandwhich, and return to find another message from him.

Then we can have a private video chat, on your website. PS: you PO box is in my area. I've seen you at the post office. Not to creepy, because I have no intention of ever attempting to come so close to someone so beautiful. I'm sure I'd just melt into a puddle and evaporate.

Oddly enough, his message makes me blush. He seems sweet, but also creepy. He's seen me in real life! He could follow me home, but he says he's to scared. I check out his profile on my website. He's 24, and lives in my city! I look at his pictures, and all I can think is 'damnnn'. He's so beautiful and sexy, how could he be scared to talk to me? I send him a message back:

I don't have private webcams on my website sorry. And don't be scared to talk to me! How could you? You're so beautiful yourself!

A few hours has passed, me and him were messaging back and forth. I ignored other messages, since his were so poetic and sweet. Somehow we begin to talk about fetishes. 

Him: I've always had a tiny think for tieing a woman up.

Me: Bondage seems cool, but I've only done it once, and that was a year ago. My ex went to far with it, so I've decided to stay away.

Him: Yeah, if I did it, I'd make the woman feel so hummilated, but never to far. Just far enough, like when you go into a pool. You're in the deep end, but you can barely touch the bottom. You are barely staying up. That's how I'd do it.

Me: Wow. You make me crave it.

Him: Have you ever tried to fulfil it, like find someone to do it on you?

Me: No, I haven't found anyone.

I do something really stupid, and type something I didn't know I could type.

Me: You wanna tie me and make me wonder if I'd like bondage?

Him: Really? I don't know, I could be to ugly or stupid or suck at it.

Me: dude your fucking sexy. shut up, you should do it.

Him: fine. Meet me at your post office tommorow at 10. bye gtg

I log off, and it's late in the afternoon. I hold the dildo, and for some odd reason can't wait until tommorow. I take off my tiny shorts, and feel my shaved pussy. It's wet from talking to him, and him sending me some of his pictures and of his sexy body. God, my pussy begs for him. I rub my clit a little, and begin to slowly place the dildo in me. I moan loudly as it opens my tight pussy. I push it in only 6inches in, and I feel the cold vibrator numb. I grab the remote, spread my legs, and hit it up a little. It begins buzzing, which makes the dildo shake in my pussy. I moan, feeling it. I begin to pump it inside and out, going faster and faster. My legs tighten quickly, and I'm screaming as I feel myself about to cum. I stop, not actually doing it. I'm saving it for tommorow. 

Submitted: June 14, 2014

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