Merry Christmas Declan

Merry Christmas Declan

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Declan comes home from work on Christmas Eve to find an erotic surprise waiting for him.


Declan comes home from work on Christmas Eve to find an erotic surprise waiting for him.


Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



Declan entered the house as quite as he could, for it was late and he didn’t want to wake Tilly. He shut the door behind him with a small click and tiptoed slowly to the living room. It was Christmas Eve and his boss had made him work regardless, and work late into the night at that. He knew Tilly would be asleep by now, and didn’t want to wake her. In his hands he held two presents. One in a small box wrapped in red and green wrapping paper, and the other much bigger present that was wrapped in a elegant golden paper with shimmering white designs.

With great caution he snuck his way over to the Christmas tree in the corner of the living room where he stuffed the golden present behind the pile of gifts overflowing from under the tree. Then he placed the small box on a tree branch near the top of the tree hoping it would go unnoticed.

Turning slowly he made his way out of the living room and started to sneak up the stairs. They creaked in protest and he cursed under his breath. When he made it to the top of the stairs he let out a sigh of relief and made his way down the small hall to the bedroom.

As he went to turn the handle, he noticed light flickering from under the door. Perhaps Tilly had fallen asleep with the T.V on again. But when he pressed his ear against the door he didn’t hear a sound. What were the flickering lights from?

Declan turned the handle and opened the door, holding his breath. His mouth dropped at what he saw in the room. Candles were lit, spread all over the room, their flames flickering in the night’s darkness. Tilly was laying on the bed. Her golden hair was curled around her delicate shoulders her legs crossed behind her in the air. She was posed in a provocative school girl position that showed off her petite body, but hid all the goodies from view. She was wearing a see-through red lingerie with a red thong underneath.

He wasn’t sure how long he stared at her. She was regarding him with lust filled eyes. Her blue orbs effecting him on a whole other level.  Already he could feel the fabric of his slacks stretching with his growing erection. Never before had he seen her like this.

With a slight smirk, she rolled onto her back, never breaking eye contact, and slowly, sensually, ran her fingers down her body. They traced a path over her plump breasts, over her flat stomach, over to her hip and came to rest on her thigh.  Her lips parted and she let out a soft, feminine moan. Declan couldn’t move, frozen with his lust for this women. She had waited all night for him, planned this whole thing.

His eyes caught something off to the side on the nightstand, and with much regret he pulled his eyes away from his goddess. Setting on the table were three objects that nearly floored him; a pink vibrator, a blindfold, and a pair of handcuffs. He gasped at the sight of them, but his cock pulsed with need.

He motioned to her for a moment as he walked into the bathroom to clean up. His mind was racing with thoughts, images of him pleasuring her with the new toys. She had never been adventurous, but it was always enough for him. He always knew just how to please her. But this, this was something new and exciting, a darker side to his innocent beauty.

Once he was cleaned up and ready to go he walked out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. The whole place was aglow with the sensual, flickering candles and soft rose petals that he didn’t notice before. As he looked back up at the bed, he noticed Tilly wasn’t there. Where had she gone to?

Suddenly he felt soft fabric brush his naked back and then gentle arms wrap around his waist. Her breasts pressed against his back as her hands found his hard prick. She let her fingers trace up and down the length of him, feeling himself pulse under her touch. He moaned and leaned back so that she was fully pressed against him.

Declan was blown away by the sensation and excitement he was feeling. She was grabbing his balls now, kneading them, before grabbing his cock again. This time she began to pump, hard, fast, and he almost fell to his knees. He tried to stop her, he didn’t want to come yet. But oh, he was so close. She continued ignoring his failing attempts to grab her hand. She took that as her cue to go faster, and she felt him jerk in response. A smile graced her lips as she pumped him over and over again. She knew he was close.

A few more pumps and she felt his balls lift, his body tighten, and then he was coming. He moaned loud, grunted as she milked his seed from his shaft. His breathing began to even out as his body calmed. His cock stayed hard, and she realized just how much she had truly affected him.

She pulled away from him and walked to the sink to wash the evidence of his desire off her hands. When she turned around he was staring at her, his eyes glazed over with need. He walked over to her, his towering height looming over her small form, and then he grabbed her hand. With much urgency he led her to the bed, and pushed her down roughly. She bounced softly on the bed, but her lips curved in a knowing smile.

Without breaking eye contact he grabbed the blindfold off the nightstand to the right. With shaking hands he leaned forward and tide the blindfold around her eyes. She sat perfectly still, not daring to move. Declan Put his hands on her hips and scooted her up the bed to the headboard. Hastily he grabbed the handcuffs and looped them through a bar on the rod iron headboard. Then he took her hands and cuffed them so she couldn’t move them from above her head.

He stood back up and admired his work. He could see her plump breast rising and falling with her breath. The skimpy lingerie was see through and he felt his cock twitch when he noticed how pebbled her nipples were.  She squirmed under his stare, and it was then he noticed just how quite the room was, how she was listening to his every move. An idea struck him then.

Without saying a word he exited the room and went to grab a few things. When he came back his hands were full, and Tilly could hear him struggling to keep from dropping things. She heard several things being placed on the unoccupied nightstand, and shivers ran through her whole body as she tried to imagine what he had planned for her.

A soft, feather light touch ran across her stomach, and she felt her belly quiver in response. She felt it run up her sides, back to her middle, and straight up to her chest where he played with her cleavage. Oh how she wished she would have taken her lingerie off before he tied her up. The handcuffs where actually meant to be used on him, but this was much more erotic than what she had planned. She had never been the adventurous type, but God he was making her feel things she had never felt before.

With a careful hand, Declan slowly ran the feather down her body. He watched as she quivered under his touch, how her back arched just slightly, and how her lips parted begging to let out a sigh. After playing with her cleavage he moved the feather down to her luscious thighs. She moaned and raised her back off the bed, trying to move into his touch. He smirked as he elicited that reaction from her.

He decided that was enough of the feather and he tossed it on the floor. He leaned over to the nightstand and grabbed his IPod and earphones. He scrolled through the device looking for the perfect song, and when he found it he stuck the earphones in her ears. She tried to protest but he turned the music on and let her get lost in the words.

When he was sure she couldn’t hear him, he slowly lifted the lingerie up, revealing the smooth skin of her belly, and the round plumpness of her breasts. God how he wanted those luscious breasts in his mouth, his tongue tracing the hardness of those nipples. But he had other plans for her. He flicked her nipples hard with his fingers, and she gasped. He let his hands caress her body. His fingers ran over her silky skin, stopping to massage her breasts, before making his way down to her hips. He pulled the strings of her thong down and ran his fingers across her bare hips. She squirmed under his touch.

Her breathing was already ragged, and Declan knew it wouldn’t take much to make her come. He backed off a little. He wasn’t ready for her to come just yet. He grabbed a cup full of ice from the nightstand, and picked out a smaller piece. With a wicked smile he ran the cold ice over her skin. She wiggled and cried out, but that passion filled smile still played on her lips.

Her blonde hair was spread out all around her, making her look even more goddess like. She was exquisite in every way, and it took everything Declan had not to ravish her body right then and there. No, he wouldn’t allow himself to do that. He wanted to truly show her passion, pleasure, and ecstasy.

He grabbed another piece of ice and popped it into his mouth, leaning down to her exposed breasts. He took one of her nipples into his mouth and placed the piece of ice directly on it. She cried out at the coldness of it, but thrust her chest up higher into his face. Declan swirled the ice around her nipple several times before biting down gently, enjoying the moans Tilly was giving him. His cock was aching again, wanting to be inside her.

He took another piece of ice and gave the other breast the same treatment. By the time he was done, her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. She was still moaning softly, his name passing through her parted lips.

He leaned back over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of chocolate syrup. He had made sure to heat it first, so it was still warm when he got to it. He lifted the bottle up and drizzled it onto Tilly’s chest and stomach. She squirmed under its warmth, and Declan was delighted when he saw her lick her lips hungrily. At once he went to town, licking slowly, teasing her. All the while she was moaning his name, begging him for more. He covered her breasts in chocolate, making sure to lick every bit of it off her before shifting up and kissing her passionately.

Then he backed away from her completely. He stood at the end of the bed, taking her in. She was completely exposed now, and he was beyond excited. Her exposed sex was dripping with her desire, the nectar of the gods. He watched her chest rise and fall again, just enjoying the sight of her breasts. She was perfect in every way, and he couldn’t believe she was his.

Finally after several long moments, he grabbed the vibrator off the nightstand and twisted it, testing the different speeds. He turned it off then sat back down on the bed. With gentle hands, he spread her legs wide. He laid down, and buried his face in her sex. His tongue going straight for her swollen little bud. She gasped out, thrusting her hips upwards. He smirked against her and held her hips steady with his strong hands. Getting her off was going to be easy, she was so turned on.

He feasted upon her, sucking, licking, biting, until she was begging for release. With one hand he grabbed the vibrator and gently pushed it inside her then turned it on full blast. She rocked her hips again, and with one hand he tried to hold her down. He knew she was close, so he pumped the vibrator in and out of her as fast as he could, angling it up to hit just the right spot. His tongue was still playing with her clit, rolling around the bud with the tip. She was rocking her hips to meet the vibrator, her breath coming in small gasps.

A few seconds later he heard her breath hitch in her throat and a low moan escape her lips and he knew she was on the edge. He looked up at her the best he could and saw her throw her head back.

“Declan,” she moaned, “I’m going to cum.” And with the next lick of his tongue she was writing underneath him. Her loud moans filled his ears as he continued his assault on her, riding out her orgasm into a second one. As she came for a second time, he pulled away from her, taking the vibrator out of her and sticking it firmly on her clit. She screamed out with the sensation. Her hips rocking wildly, but Declan was sitting up now, holding her steady. She would not escape his grasp. He moved to sit lightly on her torso so she couldn’t move, never taking the toy away from her throbbing clit. With his other hand he inserted two fingers deep into her, finding her sweet spot, and rubbing hard.

She cried out begging him for more. His cock was throbbing, needing to be touched so badly, but he would deny himself as long as he could. Hell he wasn’t sure he even needed to touch himself to get off at this point; she had him so worked up.

She came again, this time it was a whole body orgasm, and she shook underneath him, gasping and grunting. He wished he could see her face right now, but he was satisfied knowing she was having the time of her life. He rode out the orgasm then removed the toy and his fingers from her letting her catch her breath. Her legs were still shaking, as he spread them wide again and lifted her body up so he could finally enter her. With desperation, he entered her, and she moaned again, loud and long, ready for him. He began to pump into her slow, teasing both himself and her. She tried to move her hips in rhythm with his, but the position he had her in made it difficult for her to move. With each rock of his hips, the handcuffs clanged against the headboard, turning him on even more.

He grabbed the toy again and turned it back on to full blast. He put it back on her swollen bud while still pumping in and out. He could feel the muscles tighten around him, which brought him more pleasure. He moved faster, knowing he wouldn’t last much longer, he was far too excited to last any appreciable length of time. Her moaning began again, signaling her oncoming orgasm. He thrust into her as fast as he could now, feeling himself about to cum.

She screamed out again, her body shaking with a second full body orgasm. The muscles in her sex tightened around him again, making him cum, hard. He grunted as he filled her with his seed. When they had both calmed down, he pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed next to her. He removed her blindfold and the handcuffs and pulled her close to him, enjoying her soft sent and the feeling of her skin on his.

They lay like that for a long time, lost in thought before Declan finally spoke. “I don’t want to wait till tomorrow to give you your presents. Let’s do it tonight.”

She rolled over to look at him, a mischievous smile on her face. “I suppose we could.”

They walked down the stairs into the living room, still naked. He dug out the bigger of the two gifts and handed it to her. She handed him one of his. “You go first” he told her.

She ripped the paper open to see a big box. With excitement she tore the box open and inside she found a picture of them together on the beach. One of their photographer friends had taken it on a group vacation. It was a very passionate moment between them as they stood in the water embracing each other, sharing a sweet kiss as the sun was setting in the background. Tilly had never seen this picture, and she was stunned at the beauty of it. She looked up at Declan with tears in her eyes and thanked him, hugging him tightly.

It was his turn to open his gift. It was a shoebox that had been wrapped in a beautiful snowflake paper. In the box was an assortment of things along with a note. There were his favorite candies, and a few small books on love that Tilly had personalized. He couldn’t wait to sit down and read all her words in the books and get a glimpse inside that wonderful mind of hers.

He walked back over to the tree to grab her other present and handed it to her. She ripped it open to find a box from a jewelry store. He often got her beautiful jewelry, as she adored earrings and dressing up, so why it wasn’t a huge surprise to her, she was excited to see what it was. She popped open the box to see a note inside. She read it out loud, “Will you marry me?”

She dropped the box and looked up to see Declan down on one knee holding a gorgeous diamond ring. Declan watched as tears ran down her face and she screamed yes before jumping into his arms. He collapsed onto the floor taking her with him, tears in his own eyes. He was beyond happy that he would be spending the rest of his life with this woman. He wouldn’t want it any other way really.

“Wait you have one present left to open,” Tilly said then got up and went to retrieve it from under the tree. He got up and took his seat back on the couch, loving to see that ring on her finger as she handed him the gift.

He examined the present; it was long and skinny, like a watch box. He had told her he needed a new watch. He could feel her watching him, her eyes still damp from his proposal. He unwrapped the present and opened the unmarked box, and stared at what was inside. Under the tissue paper lay a pregnancy test. He looked up at Tilly who was crying again, and he realized he was crying too. She nodded her head, confirming what he saw was real.

He pulled her into a tight embrace and they cried together, filled with happiness and joy. “This is the best Christmas ever.” They said in unison. 

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