Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Teiliegh Delgato awakens on a warm summer's morning, to find that her family has gone on ahead to the family's lake cabin without her, to let her sleep in. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to 'test-drive' her new, state-of-the-art, mail order vibrator, which has been hidden deep in the back of her cluttered closet, away from her nosy, prudish mother's eyes for months. Determined to handle this mind-rattling, untamed, battery-operated, mega-speed mastodon, she vows not to stop until she's conquered the beast, even if she loses her sanity in the process. What happens, is far more than even she had ever imagine was possible.


Teiliegh Delgato awakens on a warm summer's morning, to find that her family has gone on ahead to the family's lake cabin without her, to let her sleep in.

She sees this as the perfect opportunity to 'test-drive' her new, state-of-the-art, mail order vibrator, which has been hidden deep in the back of her cluttered closet, away from her nosy, prudish mother's eyes for months.

Determined to handle this mind-rattling, untamed, battery-operated, mega-speed mastodon, she vows not to stop until she's conquered the beast, even if she loses her sanity in the process. What happens, is far more than even she had ever imagine was possible.


Submitted: February 08, 2010

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Submitted: February 08, 2010



It was a cozy, sunny day when her alarm went off at exactly 9 a.m.  The air throughout the house, was saturated with the familiar aroma of the traditional ‘Delgato family breakfast feast’ being prepared downstairs by the loving hands of grandma Jennaye Delgato.  

It was the same traditional Saturday breakfast feast, that had been handed down from her mother’s mother as a celebration of the three generations of family being able to gather together once a year as one big happy family.It consisted of specific dishes being served, using strict recipes, which had also been handed down through the generations, and prepared in the same way as when they had been done so long ago. Jennaye Delgato took great pride in preparing this ever so wonderful feast every year when she’d come to vacation with the family. She referred to it as, ‘her favorite week of the year’.  

No one ever had to guess from one day to the next, just what would be served on Saturday mornings when Grandma Jennaye came to visit, because breakfast always consisted of the same fare; warm buttered sough dough toast, toasted eggs, thick-cut hickory smoked country bacon, chicken-fried steak (made fresh herself, from scratch), homemade flapjacks  served with both, chocolate & raspberry syrup, fresh sausage links, which she had made herself the night before, an assortment of fresh fruits sliced into chunks that she had sprinkled lightly in sugar, and fresh squeezed orange juice from the tree in the back yard, and Noni juice and a jar of homemade peach marmalade, because Teileigh, her favorite grandchild, loved them so much. And everyone had their favorites somewhere on the table.  This was the way Jennaye Delgato did things.  

Standing sturdy and robust in stature at 5’7”, aged beautifully and tanned by the countless hours spent laboring in the sun while lovingly nurturing her garden back home, her spry frame was never one to sit still for very long. Her upbringing had mandated that she ‘do what needed doing’, and she was very efficient with her methods of doing whatever task she set out to accomplish.  She absolutely hated the idea of wasting energy, as was the lesson she learned from her father.  

Always a stern woman, and a very frugal homemaker when her husband and best friend was still alive, Jennaye knew how to ferret out a good bargain for just about anything.  She was truly a loving and remarkable woman.  However, her Achilles heel, if the woman had one, was her beloved, teen-aged granddaughter, Teileigh, whom she always looked forward to seeing most during these vacation visits.

On this particular morning, while other family members were wide awake and bustling about the house tending to their typical Saturday morning rituals as they always did during summertime family vacations, one body stirred only long enough to yawn and stretch, before rolling over and returning to sleep.  

Her rich, deeply toned, long dark Brunette hair glistened in the morning sunshine, which shone through the window beside her solid oak headboard, breaking the contrast of the din of her bedroom. The glow of her silky smooth, even toned, tanned skin was a picture of perfection. Her deep green eyes with their pronounced long, cold black eyelashes, had stolen the hearts more testosterone-driven boys at her school than she could recall.  

As she lay there, softly sleeping, her perfectly sculpted lips, deep pink in color and tender to the touch, seemed to yearn to unleash their sensually naughty talents at a moment’s opportunity. To anyone who seen her, she appeared to beautifully flawless. A goddess of sensuality, oozing with sexual prowess and intentions of iniquity.  After all, she had been born under the star sign of Scorpio, the sign of sexuality & sensuality, only nineteen years earlier.

Truly a unique and free spirit, it was safe to say Teileigh was not like most girls when growing up. In fact, she was very much unlike most women. Most women, with the exception of one. Grandma Jennaye.  The two shared what some would call, a kindred spirit. The two mirrored each other in numerous ways. Both were especially known to be very tactical in their methods of doing things, their ability to leave anyone and everyone they came into contact with, feeling better for having met them, and their frugal ability to get the most out of a dollar. This similarity between the two, had always brought great pride to Teileigh in the past, but lately things were so very different. She found herself desperately seeking to escape the rut she had been coping with for far
too long.

At some point, some how, Teileigh Delgato’s life had become the epitome of what one might consider when the word ‘mundane’ was mentioned.  That is, until today.  Although she lay there, sleeping soundly, oblivious that the wheels of fate that had, until now, been relentlessly weaving into the fabric of her life, the strands of the hum-drum, but were about to change, thrusting her and her life onto a course which would shape her future as a woman, for many years to come.

You see, for quite some time, she had always felt she was living her life as a spectator, somewhat.  As if she were sitting on the sidelines, watching as her life unfolded. Never really taking control and assuming an active participation in which direction her life would go.  For her, life seemed to dredge slowly onward, never really leading to much of anything in particular. She was lacking any true sense of purpose for her life.  

Teileigh wanted and expected her life to be different. She wanted it to be as exciting and fulfilling as that of her beloved grandma, Jennaye.  She needed direction.  She needed purpose. What she desperately needed was an unforgettable adventure. Nothing dangerous or extreme, such as white water rafting, or bungee jumping. Oh no!  She was much too timid and conservative for such outlandish antics of play.  What she needed was something of a different sort, much like herself. Something she could truly call her own experience.  

She had always been one who was content to simply ‘go with the flow’, while never truly doing anything one would consider groundbreaking or bold. Even her grandma Jennaye use to tell her that she could tell there was a spirit of spontaneity behind her beautiful green eyes. So many times Teileigh wondered where it was hiding. All she was sure of, was that she was in a rut, and it had gone on for way too long. She needed to break free and it couldn't happen quick enough for her. Little did she know things we about to take on an adventurous change in ways she couldn't begin to imagine were ever possible.

However, as drab an seemingly boring on the outside that her life might have seemed up until this point, Teileigh knew she kept a deep, dark personal secret locked away from her family and friends who knew her all too well(or so they would like to believe.) She simply couldn't imagine that any of them could ever look at her in the same light if it were ever to come to light, that she was in fact, a genuine vixen on the inside. Often times, in an effort to conceal her dirty little secret, she often portrayed herself as an sometimes awkward duckling.  

Yes, this gorgeous, curvy, long-legged young woman even kept this masquerade going, even whenever around her beloved grandma Jennaye. This hurt her beyond all description, because, with exception of this secret, she had never hid anything from her, no matter how personal the topic. As far as she knew, her grandma had never hid anything from her either. They had always discussed everything openly among each other. But ever since the day Teileigh discovered that she was indeed, a sexual dynamo, she couldn't imagine her grandma would ever understand. She was absolutely sure of this.

See, with exception of the majority of the past year, of which, was her first year attending Drake University, she had always been what most parents would refer to as an ‘early bloomer’. Meaning, she had entered puberty much sooner than most girls her age had. She had never realized the difference between herself and other girls she associated with, and naturally, whenever nature began whispering in her ear, as grandma Jennaye liked to call her period, she simply assumed it was normal timing.  

By an early age, she had began exploring her body and learning more about her sexuality as each day passed.  By age nine, she had began to grow breasts.  She discovered her special love button was larger than normal, while riding a horse  on a family trail ride at the summer cabin retreat.  Atop that horse, she discovered when she had nearly passed out from the stimulation of her crotch, due to the animal’s massive body gyrating beneath her, as it slowly ground, swaggered, sometimes strolling, and other times galloping. All she knew was, she loved that feeling on her clit.  

It wasn't until Teileigh was eleven, that she experienced her very first full blown wet dream, which would be the catalyst for her new-found hobby, masturbating! Once she had experienced her first sweet, climactic nocturnal release that fateful night, she knew she had to feel that delicious feeling again!  Soon, and as often as humanly possible.  

In time, it was as if she had become a slave to her clitoris. With exception to extreme situational circumstances, she would find her compulsion to masturbate, often overwhelmed her almost anywhere at any given time.  The urges were so strong at times, that she would create a reason to seek privacy, just so she could 'Jill-off' in private.  

There was once a time when her father had fallen off the roof of their home while decorating the house with Christmas decorations, and needed to be rushed to the emergency room because of a broken collar bone and fractured ribs. The family and close relatives were there in the waiting room for nearly four hours. In that time, Teileigh had sneaked away to the second floor to find a secluded restroom just so she could masturbate, not once or even twice. She managed to masturbate secretly five glorious times before she and her family finally left the hospital with her father in his brand new cast and taped ribs.

She had even explored the bodies of a couple of her childhood girl friends, Deidre Millhouse and Stephanie Gilpatrick, during her tenth birthday sleep-over. She waited until everyone had fallen fast asleep, and took her time, as to not wake either girl up, as she had fingered their pussies and fondled their plump round preteen breasts as they slept. She had always suspected both girls had faked sleep, because each had really gotten into her penetrating antics, even long after reaching obvious individual orgasms. Why else would they begin wanting to sleep over as often as possible, she wondered.

This continued to escalate as she grew older. By the time she had been accepted into Drake College in Des Moines, Iowa right after high school, Teileigh had already went through all the phases of self- discovery and was well aware of her sexuality. Even the various ways that one could explore sexual stimulation, with exception of painful sex acts.  

However, last year, while attending college, Teileigh met a hot guy at a fraternity party, and eventually ended up slipping away to go to his room for a night of steamy hot sex.  His name was Todd Spencer, a handsome, Triple A jock, whose parents were loaded. He always had his choice of the prettiest of girls from every sorority, as most handsome jocks do.  That night, was Teileigh’s turn. But her own experience with Todd, was anything but exciting. He was so very inexperienced and viewed the whole event as just a conquest that was to be rushed for the sake of getting off and then returning to the party.  Teileigh’s experience never had the chance to be unveiled, because all that Todd had aspirations of, were the simplest of caveman basics, a few hurried kisses, a short period of fondling, and then, once they were undressed, WHAM! BAM, with no, ‘thank you ma’am’, and then it was over.

Until her disappointing sex-perience with Todd, she had never questioned her sexual know-how, or felt the slightest bit sexually inadequate. But thanks to her great expectations of what her first time with an actual sex partner would be like, and the dismal outcome of that first experience, Teileigh found herself slipping slowly into a deep-rooted depression, which grew even deeper with each new day that passed. And it didn’t help matters any, that Todd had been spreading rumors all over his frat house, that she was one of his wildest lays since the time he finally nailed the hottest girl in the Delta Delta sorority, Pansey Wooten, four times in one night. This left her shattered, because she knew she really cared deeply for him, and might even have begun to love him, and this was what she got for her troubles.  

By the time summer break had finally arrived, Teileigh had chalked up this terrible, and dissatisfying sexual fiasco as somehow being her fault. She took it to heart so badly, that she had developed an almost reflex action to divert any and all future advances by any guys who would express a sincere interest in getting to know her. It made no difference if they were in a fraternity or not. To her, all guys viewed her the same as Todd had, as just another conquest.

She had developed a fear of allowing herself to become emotionally attached to another ever again.  Her reasoning was simple and to the point.  She had come to conclude, that any pursuit of a romantic interest would ultimately lead to having an intimate encounter, thus further exposing just how truly sexually experienced she was for such a young age. This, in turn, would simultaneously have given Todd’s rumors about her and their night together, undue credibility.

For Teileigh, there was simply no way she could ever allow such a thing to happen. Even if that meant foregoing all sexual urges to sleep with any guys ever again, while attending Drake University.  She had become the object of rumor, and while Todd had embellished details about his sexual conquest the night of their encounter, her secret sex life became a sort of therapy for her. One she kept a locked away secret of which only she knew about. A secret she was in no hurry to unveil anytime soon.

Anyway, back to the present, where Teileigh now lay silently slumbering in her room at her folk’s house, she awoke to the wonderful aroma of grandma Jennaye’s annual breakfast feast, and an undeniable smile that could give the Mona Lisa a run for her money, immediately overtook her face.  Upon taking in a deep breath, and exhaling, she happily muttered the words,

"oh yeah, grandma", then her eyes remained closed.  

Then, as she took one last long stretch, to shrug off the deep sleep she had been immersed in only moments earlier, she noticed that something didn’t quite seem right.  She looked at the clock on her dresser and it read, 9:45 a.m. But it took a few moments spent in silence, before it dawned on her that the house was silent.  Too silent for a house with eight people dwelling under its roof.  With that now understood, she turned to look at her cell phone on the night stand beside her bed, and noticed a folded note laying on top of her phone.  She reached for it, and noticed it was from her grandma Jennaye. It read:

“Good morning, dear heart.  I told everyone to let you sleepin this morning, because I know it was late when you came in last night, and that you would need your rest.  Now remember, you’re expected to join the rest of the family at the lake today around noon, so  please don’t be late, dear.  You know how your mother loves to worry whenever one of her children is out of pocket too long. I hope you enjoy your morning.  - Love Granny J.

 Your breakfast is being kept warm in the oven. Be sure to remember to turn it off before you leave the house.  Drive careful darling. I’ll see you when you get to the lake.”

Teileigh felt a slight smile creep upon her face as she folded the note and returned it to its place on her night stand.  Then she
paused for a moment to listen to the house upon collapsing into her pillow once again.  Her eyes flashed across the room once more, to the clock on her chest of drawers across the room. Content that her family had indeed, all left for the cabin on the lake where they vacationed every year since she was a just nine years old.  She would never forget that year, because that was the year she first learned how much pleasure her pussy could provide her.  The memory made her smile.  

Just then, she got an idea and jumped up and out of bed, walked across the room to her antique dresser, opening the third drawer.  Reaching under a small stack of night shirts, a smile washed over her face as she felt around under the garments blindly for a few seconds, until she found what she was searching for.  Eagerly grabbing it with a child-like enthusiasm, she leaped back into bed clutching the object as though it were a treasure between her dainty fingers.  

Back under the sheets once again, she brought both hands out from under the sheets, revealing a small, bright pink tube of gel.  This was her personal source of redemption from the tragic humiliation she had suffered at the hands of Todd, Spencer, back at Drake University, just a few months ago.  It was a half used tube from many similar sessions like that which was about to take place.  The well worn label read: Pink Tiger Balm.  

It was a clitoris stimulation enhancing gel, designed to heighten the clit’s sensitivity to sensation, thus inducing mind-twisting, teeth-clenching climaxes for the user.  Teileigh had purchased it through a mail order ad from one of the numerous pornographic magazines she kept hidden away, deep in the back of her closet, from her mother’s prying eyes.  

Now, Teileigh was usually skeptical of the miraculous claims she read in those advertisements that promised their product was the end all, be all way to the most incredible sexual experience anyone ever had, which is why she found it astonishing that she had found herself dropping an envelope containing her order for Pink Tiger Balm, along with a money order for $19.99, into the corner mail collection box just two and a half months ago.  

She was sold on the company’s ironclad claims that their product realistically lasted no less than 30 minutes per application, and the fact that, upon researching the company’s record for customer satisfaction, with the Better Business Bureau, she learned they boasted a 94% satisfaction rating.

This was impressive in itself, but what really made her take notice, was the fact that 64% of those customers, were repeat customers.  This was all the proof she needed to convince her to place her order.  Upon using the product her very fist of numerous occasions, Teileigh had become a firm believer in the company’s product and would readily backup the claims the company made, regarding their product, to anyone who asked about it.

Eagerly opening the tube, her elegantly sleek fingers twisted the top off, and her anticipation grew to maximum levels as she slowly gave the pink tube a gentle squeeze.  Now smiling uncontrollably, knowing from her previous experiences, what was next, she generously applied the small dab of gel to her now, fully engorged clit and pussy lips, then replaced the cap on the tube.  She placed the tube on her night stand and lay her head back into her soft, thick pillows, waiting patiently for the tingling to begin.  

Her wait'wouldn’t be long, because within moments, Teileigh’s patience soon began to payoff.  Her low moaning and groaning was testimony of this fact.  As the moments passed, she found herself betrayed by the moans escaping her lips, as they became louder, indicating she was now practically going out of her mind with horniness, because of the tingling sensation.

No longer to deny the feelings that her wonder gel was conjuring, Teileigh was unable to resist the temptation to ease one hand back underneath the sheets, and down her slender tanned tummy, then on to her soaked nether region while the other caressed her neckline and breasts, eventually joining the other below, zeroing-in on her, now, quivering crotch.  Once there, she began to massage, stroke and manipulate herself, coaxing her love button to become fully engorged until hard and sensitive to the touch.  

It wasn’t long before her fingers were completely drenched from stimulating herself.  Her masterful strokes with either hand helped to put her in a rare state of mind. Usually, at this point, she would have rushed to get herself off, enjoying the arrival of completion as she bask in total relaxation and the heavy afterglow which always followed her auto-erotic sessions such as this.  However, this was anything but a normal session. In fact, Teileigh was moments away from learning just how unlike any of her usual sessions, it truly was.

Enjoying the gentle, yet pronounced, throbbing in her loins, she teased and toyed with her labia continuously, gently stroking away at her labia with just enough pressure to bring herself to the threshold of climaxing, only to ease off completely, losing the sensation.  Allowing her body to calm down once again.  Only then, would she resume her stimulation once again.  Each time, increasing her body’s overall stimulation as well as her pussy’s sensitivity to touch.  This continued on until finally she couldn't fight it any longer.  It was time she took things to the next step.

Teileigh took a couple of slow, deep breaths in a futile attempt to relax her building anxiety, and then closed her eyes as she pondered the sweet realization of what was to come next.  Exhaling heavily one last time, she then inserted her long, slender two middle fingers slowly into her now drenched opening, which was quivering with sensitivity around them.  

She smiled as her vaginal muscles seemed to clench the two digits as though attempting to prevent their escape.  Once inside as far as she could go, she began moving them in and out of herself, exploring a little deeper with each new thrust.  By the way she taunted and teased herself, there was no doubt that she had learned a great deal from all those erotic novels and porn videos she had been secretly collecting since shortly after puberty, because she was now performing with the timing and precision of a seasoned veteran porn star. This couldn't be more evident than the way she knew how to prolong the pleasure of her manipulations while simultaneously avoiding climaxing prematurely.

The Pink Tiger Balm, was now working in full effect, causing Teileigh to moan much louder and more frequently as a direct result of her fingers thrusting frantically inside her throbbing pussy.

Occasionally, by sheer accident, her soft palm would graze her swollen love button, causing a volcanic eruption of sensation to catapult her into the stratosphere of ecstasy she loved so much.  She was rapidly growing too heated to avoid exploding in orgasmic bliss, and with good reason.  She had already been denying herself a healthy release of all this built up sexual tension, for more than twenty-five minutes of vigorous, start-and-stop stimulation.

The only difference now, was that the Pink Tiger Balm’s full effect was taking things to a whole new level for her that she had never experienced before.  She was now on foreign ground and there was no way she was going to back down.  Not as hot and bothered as she was at this point.  She had no intention of bringing this newly discovered experience to a premature end, by any means.

For nearly a half an hour, these feelings had been driving her crazy with an unbridled, animal lust, but now she needed more. Much more!  She had reached the point of craving a string of mind-bending orgasms, much like those which she read in the magazine ad for Pink Tiger Balm’s gel.  Normally, shwasn'tsn’t one to be swayed by gimmicky product ads that made enormously 'to-good-to-be-true'claims, but there was something different about their ad, which compelled her to order a tube, if for no other reason than to see just how accurate the claims were... that, and the fact that she was curious to see if there was any way she could liven up her auto-erotic sessions, because lately, they had gotten kind of boring, to say the least.

At any rate, she had high hopes for the product upon placing her order, and shwasn'tsn’t going to settle for anything less than what the ad claimed it would do for her. Her desires would soon become a reality with her next actions.

Completely consumed with erotic awareness, and enslaved in her own lustful passion, Teileigh slowly removed her long, slender, fingers, now drenched completely with her sweet nectar, from deep within her slick wet pussy, and brought it out from underneath the sheets to her waiting lips in anticipation of their taste.  She loved the salty, sugary sweet taste of her pussy nectar.  So much so, that every time she masturbated, she always licked and suckled her juices from each and every finger, as she softly groaned in utter delight.  Today would be no exception.  

As she parted her lips, thoughts of having to meet her family at the cabin began to seem so much farther away, taking on less importance.  Her current undertakings were now her top priority. One that she wasn't about to deny for anyone, nor anything.  She had come too far to stop now!  Slowly, in almost a seductively teasing motion, Teileigh slurped and sucked each finger until there was no traces of them having ever explored her love canal. Once Convinced that she had done an expert job of cleaning her fingers, she jumped out of bed, quickly moving to her walk-in closet, where she began laying out a change of clothes.  

Next, she removed a key from her jewelry box, which was on the top shelf in her closet, and returned removed a small wooden box from the back of her closet floor. This box resembled one of the many shoe boxes, which camouflaged it from the prying eyes of her mother, who failed to understand that she was no longer a little girl anymore, and therefore, needed her privacy.

Having removed the box from the closet, Teileigh placed it on the foot of her bed with all the eagerness and excitement of a child on Christmas day.  Oozing with anticipation, as well as a growing amount of sexual excitement, she unlocked the box, revealing the contents as a bold smile washed over her face.  Inside, was a glistening, massive, gold-laden vibrator with multiple speeds. At first glance, it was easy to see that this was anything but your ‘typical’ toy.  Far from it, to say the least. This was the top of the line. The ‘crème de la crème, of all vibrator technology!  Teileigh had spared no expense on her new toy.  She had chosen the
largest, and assuredly the most intimidating model available, that money could buy.  She was the proud new owner of 'The Gold Maximus Spartan'. The company hailed it as their, “most powerful model to date!” And with good reason, considering it had and intimidating 3” bulbous head, and a pulsating shaft consisting of 13” long and the diameter of a good sized cucumber!  That’s not including the patented 2.5” long easy grip speed control at the bottom of its massive length.  

Yes, these were the visual features that sold her immediately, upon laying her eyes on this wonderful toy in the store, but what sealed the deal for Teileigh, was what she read on the package.  

This model had: an innovative motor, which was guaranteed to be the fasted vibrating, smoothest operating, quietest running technology on the market, complete with an internal micro-thin insulation barrier to prevent overheating due  to prolonged usage at high speeds. And unlike other multi-speed models, the Maximus Spartan’s advanced motor technology made it 3 times more powerful than its leading competitor. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee never to burnout!”  It was because of this, Teileigh jokingly nicknamed it her, 'Jill-Hammer'!

Upon slowly removing it from the wooden box, she began to imagine the feeling her golden scepter of pleasure power could inflict inside her.  The image of an egg beater quickly planted itself deep within her thoughts.  She couldn’t explain why, but the thought warmed her just the same.  Now pushing the empty box underneath her bed, as she slid her nakedness back into position under the covers, she suddenly realized just how wet she had previously made herself, upon finding the large wet spot on the right side of her bed. The reality of her discovery made her blush momentarily.  But quickly, her focus returned to the monumental moment at hand.  She was focused on taking her brand new sexual experiences a step further.  

Teileigh, was about to let her Golden Maximus Spartan, take her on a journey unlike any other she had ever embarked upon.  Her legs began to tremble at the very thought of the unheard of pleasures her new ‘mail-order’ lover would soon introduce her to... Or split her in two while trying.

Her fear of ‘impaling herself on such a Mastodon of a toy, was quickly quelled by her sheer horniness and unrestrained excitement of trying out its innovative, multiple speed motor.  She only wondered whether or not she could fit it inside her, not to mention, if she was up for the challenge of its many mind-twisting speeds. As she pondered these questions silently within her mind, she began unwrapping a fresh set of Lithium batteries she had purchased specifically for this new ‘love god’ she was now staring at with wanton lust and amazement.  

Batteries now in place, she couldn't help marvel at the fact that it required four C sized batteries.  Another, shocking new discovery she had made, upon removing it from its thin packaging, was the fact that the three inch neck under its bulbous head, was designed to rotate in a swiveling, circular motion, creating dizzying added pleasure, which further guaranteed orgasmic bliss for the user’s pleasure. Upon discovering this, the very anticipation of inserting this amazing new toy inside her, gave Teileigh a new surge of tingly sensations all up and down her inner thighs, which began to christen her pussy, which was beginning to pulsate all over again, only much stronger than before.  She was now feeling even wetter than before. Her antici-pation of climactic release was now becoming almost painful. She needed to cum and cum repeatedly! She could tell that this was going to be the greatest sex session of her life so far, by the realization that she could feel her nectar beginning to flow down towards the crack of her asshole, and hadn’t even touched herself .

The sensation of her juices flowing across her ass hole turned her on even more than she had expected it could, and was more than enough to wash away any anxiety she previously had about the notion of using her ‘Spartan’ for the first time.  

Yes, this was its ‘maiden voyage’, so to speak. She had kept this new toy hidden deep within the confines of her closet since it first arrived, some three weeks earlier.  She had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to finally unwrap it.  In actuality, she had been waiting all this time for the day when she could muster up the bravery to actually take it for a test drive.  As hot and horny as she was at this point, Teileigh had deter mined. (THAT DAY WAS TODAY!!)

Laying back once again, with her legs splayed wide open, She quietly lay there, trembling with excitement, knowing she would be able to indulge herself fully, without fear of family overhearing her heated screams of passionate bliss.  Almost in a trance-like state, she began admiring her soon-to-be assassin, fondling it from one end to the other, taking notice of its every contour.  She paused moment-arily, astonished by its magnificently sculpted, bulbous soft head and then its colossal shaft’s dimensions.  She whispered under her breath,

“What amazing craftsmanship you are made of, my beloved lover. You’re absolute PERFECTION,” she whispered, rubbing the long shaft against her face.

Then, she could wait not longer! Her body was through waiting in eager anticipation.  Every fiber of her being screamed out with the demand for satisfaction!  Her pussy yearned for the swollen head that sat majestically atop the thick, hearty shaft of this new assault weapon, that the manufacturers had disguised and labeled as a sex toy. No longer would her body wait for its final, yet pronounced penetration to eventually come. The time was NOW! There would be no greater opportunity than this moment.  Teileigh agreed silently with her body’s frantic decree, knowing full well, her body could take no more anticipation.  

The time for serious penetration was now at hand. With that realiza- tion, She took a couple of deep, slow breaths, and decided there was no reason to delay any longer.  She was soaked and worked up more than she had ever remembered being before. She was absolutely positive that she was ready to become very well acquainted with her new battery-operated lover.

The next motion she made, left her giggling like a school girl, upon discovering she no longer had reason to be concerned about initial penetration or lubrication being a factor, because she felt her snatch and was a little surprised at just how excessively slippery her prolonged anticipation had made her throbbing pussy. A smile had graced her face, as an overwhelming sense of confidence had began to glow in her eyes as she moaned, “I can definitely handle this.”

She loved to tease herself, in an effective effort to ‘build the level of her anticipation’, which she learned long ago, from her very first porn magazines and erotic novels she had ever read, but this was one of those times where she was way past the point of simply ‘wanting’ penetration.  Now, she craved it!  After all the teasing and playing she had done with her fingers over the past fifty-five minutes, she desperately needed a damned good fucking! And she wasn’t going to stand for some gently, romantic, slow grind either. Oh no!  She wanted the full throttled, deep impact explosiveness that would shake her like a depth charge!

So, holding the Spartan in hand, upside down, Teileigh lowered the covers, exposing her lower  body’s bareness, she the bulbous head to the opening of her labia and paused.  Remaining motionless as she began to breath deeply in preparation for the initial penetration, she closed her eyes, exhaled one last time, as she swirled the Spartan’s bulbous head all over her wetness, lubricating it for the big moment.  Once it was well lubed with her juices, it was time for the moment of truth.  

Without thinking about it, she bit down on her lower lip, eyes cinched shut, and then she gave a firm push!

“Oooooh”, She gasped, as she gently and slowly guided the massive head past the outer labia’s folds, then she paused, inhaling big gulps of air as she attempted to relax her pussy muscles again. She realized she had tensed up so much upon partial entry of the head, that she had caused her vaginal walls to constrict, making it further entry somewhat painful. Too painful to continue pushing for the moment.  But not so painful, that she would give up.

Realizing she was still more than wet enough to accommodate her golden lover, Teileigh slowed down her breathing, making sure to focus on taking slower, deeper calculated breaths.  Within moments, she was able to continue. Only this time, she understood she needed to carefully regulate each push, limiting insertion to half an inch or less each thrust.  This would allow her to relax her muscles in between thrusts, giving her walls a chance to expand gradually to the girth of her colossal new toy.One thing remained evident, she was determined she would not give up!

After twenty minutes or so, of slow, yet determined effort and countless short, gentle pushing and pulling in and out, the ‘Spartan’ began to glide in and out of Teileigh’s snatch with practically no pain at all.  It wasn’t long before she found the girth of her new mechanized stud to be very enjoyable, even though she absolutely refused to turn it on. At least, not until she was able to find out exactly how much of its shaft she could manage to get inside of herself.

Her slow pushing and pulling had soon became moderately paced, steady strokes, which escalated into actual thrusts, which had eventually grew to almost hyper-pumping, each finding itself submerging a little deeper with every couple of moments.  Soon, she found herself sheathing a little more than nine and three-quarter inches of her ‘golden stud’, and still not having reached her maximum limit, yet she was approaching the threshold of climaxing for the first time since having inserting it.  She could feel its smallest clues creeping up on her as the sensations tickled her belly, as well as that all too familiar weakness forming all around her loin and inner thigh area. Oh yes, she was feeling the pleasures splashing away at her inner sanctum now.

Already stimulated many times beyond her wildest imagination, she was now driven close to the gates of ecstasy, but she still refused to turn the massive lover on.  She was determined to find out exactly how much of this incredibly endowed gift of pleasure, she could handle first.  Her pussy yearned to know just what its limitations were, and Teileigh was determined to find out!

“Unnngh", she began to gasp!  

"Ooh my god!  Ooo...yeah!  Ooo...yeah!  That feels sooo ....(Unnngh!) ...gooood”, came a series of moans and groans. She was now unaware that she had now passed the ten inch point.  A few more good thrusts, and she began to feel a bit of tension on the roof of her vaginal canal, indicating that it wouldn't be much longer before she had encroached upon her limit of how much she could handle.  She finally had to concede at just under eleven inches.

Struggling to fight-off her approaching first orgasm for just a little longer, the pressure and excitement had been building up to explosive proportions, unlike anything she had ever experienced before.  She knew she couldn't hold it back much longer, and so she decided that there was only one way to usher in her ultimate release of tension.  While her right hand continued to deliver thrust after wild thrust deep inside her pulsating pussy, her left hand began fumbling around blindly for the bottom of the ‘Spartan’s shaft, until finally, both her hands had found the same rhythm.  

With all her might, Teileigh struggled to concentrate on controlling her hands as wave after wave of pure bliss washed over her with each new thrust.  At last, she had managed to give the knob a twist, stop- ping the dial on the second click.  As the motor kicked-on, so did Teileigh’s amazement in how truly euphoric she suddenly felt.  She couldn't have imagined she was capable of feeling any better than she had felt right before turning that knob, but now, she just felt like she would melt away in the sea of her pleasure, as she felt her long awaited orgasm beginning to crash, deep, inside her pulsating crotch.

“Ohhhhh..... Ohhhhh yeah! Mmmmm....this feels so unbelievable”, she groaned as she began to squirm as she continued to thrust the gold ‘Spartan’ in and out of her drenched, well stretched pussy.  While caught up in the throws of her loins passionate thrusting, it finally happened!  Her ability to resist the pulsating throbs of her rapidly approaching orgasm any longer.  With the strength of a Tsunami, she found herself struggling to keep from passing out from the intensity of sudden pleasure that was now slamming into her body from the inside out. Determined she could subdue her moans and groans, she would quickly found her lust was about to betray her.

“Yessss...Ooooh  yesssss”, Teileigh cried out!!  “That’s it!  Like that! Oooo...yesssss!  Oooooh. yeah!  Ummmm!!  God Yesssss!!  I’m gonna ...Oh my god, I’m gonna ....Oh yeah! I’m coming!!!! Ooooooooh myyyy........GOD!!!”

Wave after mind-bending wave of orgasmic release began to slam into her body, with such great force, much like an ocean tide, crashing into an island’s rocky shoreline.  She had masturbated countless times before, but she had never been rewarded anything like this.

Minutes later, as her climax had begun to quell, Teileigh had to have more.  And as soon as she had fully recovered, she quickly resumed her thrusting with one hand, and massaging and manipulating her breasts until she soon began to feel herself beginning to tingle once again.  This was when, for the second time, she began fumbling around for the speed control, turning it yet again, this time, to its next notch.  The sudden explosive increase of vibration speed was so intense, that it caused her thrusting hand to go insane, inducing wave after wave of heavenly sensations to wash over her entire body, from head to toe, as she furiously thrust her hips upward with reckless abandon, to meet the Spartan’s relentless assault, which eventually whisked her into three more, consecutive orgasms, as a result.  

She was truly caught up in the throws of raw, primal lust, thrusting vigorously now, and noticeably fatigued from her multiple orgasms, and nearly out of her mind with pleasure.  By now, Teileigh had lost any and all inhibitions, as she reached for the shaft’s speed control one last time.  This time, turning it all the way up to its highest setting, launching her into her most intense climax ever! Unable to combat the powerful waves of sweet release, which had her on the verge of blacking out, all she could manage to do was moan in barely legible English, “ Oh my god!  Nothing ....could ever top thisssss!!!

At this point, completely diluted in her orgasmic euphoria, without shame and completely blind with pure lust, she realizes the Pink Tiger Balm’s effects have now become almost unnoticeable. Calling on her remaining strength, Teileigh managed to reach for the tube of Balm on the night stand beside her bed, just half a foot away from her head.  

Once in hand, she gathers enough of her faculties about her, to apply a second application, only this time, knowing she may not be able to apply a third later.  Accidentally, she squeezes more than enough onto her finger for several applications and begins to spread it liberally all over her now, painfully engorged labia and clit (this would soon prove to be overkill, by far).  

Once she had worked it in, it dawned on her that there was a glowing red lighted button on the speed dial.  That’s when she remembered it was the ‘wobble shaft’ button.  Soon, the balm was starting to take effect with a vengeance.  It wasn't long before she began riding the wave of yet another climax.  

She was determined to do everything in her power to make this the experience of a lifetime.  After all, she wasn't able to remember the last time when she had the whole house to herself, and didn't have to suppress her orgasmic screams, gasps and moans, out of fear that a family member might overhear her.  The very thought made her face go flush with a lustful desire so defiant, that it almost scared her.  She realized that she was not only in uncharted territory now, but she also no longer recognized the out-of-control, ‘auto-erotic' slut, she had now become.  Her loins were on fire with lustful desire mixed with fatigue, although she had reached a point where she simply could not stop!

Moments after applying nearly triple the amount of Pink Tiger Balm recommended to her clit and labia, Teileigh soon began to feel an undeniably overwhelming throbbing, tingling sensation soon caused her to quiver at the slightest touch of her mound.

Now smiling sheepishly, knowing she was about to launch herself past the point of no return, light years above and beyond any realm of sexual gratification she had ever known before, as she slowly inserted her massive Spartan, and then turned it on, changing speeds with the subsiding of each new orgasm’s passing.  She continued to do this, until she reached speed seven.  Any higher and she would probably never return from her new world of ‘Spartan-induced euphoria.

She would love to allow herself to become completely lost in this newly discovered world of unbridled pleasure. A greater pleasure than she had ever known before.  However, to do so, would mean subjecting herself to further unknown consequences. Consequences which were a commodity suddenly not worth the risks involved.  So for now at least, she concluded that speed number seven felt pretty damned good.

Her next orgasm, while still moments away, was now, rapidly approach-ing the point of no return. Then, without warning, it hit with all it’s intensity!  Upon the first wave, Teileigh can no longer battle the urge to give into her new battery operated master as her orgasm catapults her into a series of mind-bending orgasms, each one ushering in the next with almost no indication where one ends and the next begins.

Completely at the mercy of pure climactic bliss, Teileigh’s thoughts of having abandoned all desire to fight-off the raw force of pleasure, urged her on, as she activated the ‘wobble shaft’ button. What happened next, defied any and all explanation she could ever imagine.

Without warning, everything she’s ever known before today about ‘pleasure’, suddenly became a mere watered-down mockery of the word itself.  What she was now experiencing had to be the very epitome of true pleasure ...of raw ecstasy.  Her vaginal walls were now being gently scrubbed by the textured head and the first three inches of its soft latex covered shaft.  First, from the left side, then from the right.  From her lower wall parallel to her anus, and finally, to her frontal wall, just under her pubic bone, as it repeatedly rotated in blissful 360° rotation after rotation inside her, causing her to become increasingly lost in her own rapture.

As she continues to launch farther into her string of her climactic universe where each one is more debilitating than the previous one, she subconsciously pushes the Spartan inside a little further,causing the wobbling head to come into contact with yet another new and never before discovered ‘pleasure zone’ she never knew she had ...her own G-spot!

Now almost completely powerless to resist her encroaching ecstasy, Teileigh is now being tossed back and forth, convulsing involuntarily, as she rides the sea of untold nirvana, while in the back of her mind, a tiny part of her battles on, unsure whether to fight harder to resist, or simply give in once and for all.  To give in at this point, would be so simple for her to do.  However, she realized, to do so, could cause her to end up mentally disconnected from everything she deems worthy of keeping.

Her thoughts suddenly shift back to her pussy, as she feels around on the end of the Spartan’s shaft, contemplating the notion of twisting it to its maximum setting, but then she pauses.  In that very moment, her thoughts spin back to her family, whom are all at the lake. Then, to the note her granny, Jennaye had left her.

She finds herself now conflicted about which decision is the right one to make. This decision was now becoming even more complicated, as wave after wave of pulsating pleasure was once again, wracking her entire body. The inner conflict, combined with the blissful attack on her womanhood, has her weakened spiritually, and virtually devoid of the ability to resist the hypnotic ecstasy that her Spartan lover and Pink Tiger Balm have been administering so lavishly.

Minutes later, Teileigh can no longer restrain herself! The stimulation was simply too irresistible to deny.  She was now past the point of quitting now.  Turning back was no longer an option.  She had to see just how much more intense this heavenly experience could become.  Her orgasms are no longer an occasional reward for all her rhythmic thrusting, but instead, were now virtually nonstop, overpowering her as they repeatedly crashed deep within the very core of her femininity.

It wasn't long before her climaxes had washed away any lingering remnants of her family’s get together at the lake taking place just 33 miles away.  With trembling fingers, and clenched teeth, Teileigh tightened her grip on the end of the Spartan’s shaft, and with one last sigh of determination, proceeded to give it one last twist, turning it the remaining quarter way around.  In doing so, she felt herself immediately stiffen, involuntarily, much like she had been suddenly electrocuted.  Wave after wave of intense, orgasmic release electrified her from her toes up!

The new sensations that were now fully overpowering her. With no more reservations, she was now completely at the mercy of her shiny, oscillating love machine.  She felt kind of ashamed that she was now powerless to abandon her toy, as it continued to force its nasty desire deeply inside her as it began to tickle even her psyche. The blinding pace at which the oscillating head was now whirling around within her, had fully enslaved Teileigh’s will, leaving her barren of any sense of responsibility.  She was not perfectly content to bask in the throws of its rhythmic, climactic bliss. Now oblivious to reality’s hold on her, she is now a minion to her Spartan love god, as it continues to beckon her.

Gasping and occasionally allowing a brief scream to betray her lips, her breathing pattern had become such, that merely holding onto a lung full of air, had become all but impossible. So much was her struggle to keep enough within her lungs, that she collapsed and passed completely out, upon her next orgasm, from hyperventilation.

While she lay unconscious in the middle of her bed, which now looked as if a Decathlon had taken place in it, the vibrator continued to ‘bang about’, while still lodged no less than 9 & ½ inches inside her pink palace of pleasure. The bulbous head, whirling about counter-clockwise was repeatedly causing her beautiful, sweat-drenched body to buck wildly with involuntary spasms with each new rotation as it brushed against her G-spot.

It would be nearly two hours later, before she would awaken from her trance-like, climax-induced sleep, and possibly well into nightfall after her ordeal, had it not been for her cell phone blaring out its Nickel Back ringtone.

Still somewhat fuzzy-headed and utterly limp with fatigue now, Teileigh could do little more than lay non-responsive and spread-eagled in the middle of her bed, which was saturated by a slippery sea of her own nectar, completely through to the other side. As she lay there, desperately trying to will her limbs to reach for her cell phone on the night table, the call went to voicemail.  It was her grandmother Jennaye.

“Teileigh?  Teileigh, darling? This is grandma 'J'. I suppose you’re still sleeping.  Sweetie, I hope you aren’t too disappointed when you awaken and receive this message, but the reason I am calling you, is to warn you that there’s a flash-flood thunderstorm approaching us here at the cabin. Its coming in from out of the southeast.  The Weather Channel says winds will reach 75 to 90 mph in the next hour or so.  You know how your loves to worry about every little thing.  She’s a frazzled, nervous wreck, which is why I’m the one calling you, hon.

She wanted me to tell you not to head up here until maybe tomorrow, around mid-day or so.  I told her you’d be fine there alone. I think she forgets altogether too often, that you’re a young woman now, and no longer her little baby girl. Anyways, there’s still a large amount of breakfast in tin foil, left in the oven for you.  So just fix yourself something simple to have for dinner and supper. I left $30 under the fruit bowl on the table, in case of an emergency. Oh sweet Lord, it’s beginning to lightening something awful here! I’m gonna get off this phone.  We love you darling.  Be safe and we’ll see you soon. (Click!)”

She felt a  numbing throbbing between her legs, as she tried unsuccessfully to reposition herself onto her side. Too weak to move, her only option was to listen to the message later, as she drifted back into the abyss of desired slumber. Her eyelids, now as heavy as haystacks,  as the last thing she hears, is the slight humming of her Spartan Maximus multi-speed vibrator, continuing to enslave her, as deep sleep overtakes her.  


This story is from S. R. Strong's upcoming 2010 debut novel,


© Copyright 2018 srstrong. All rights reserved.

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