Lustful Dreams

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A young woman named Cherise has sex with her newly wed husband but wake up to find herself old, winkly and still married to the weirdo.

In my dream we are alone at Preston’s pool party, everyone else has left for whatever reasons they had come up with. And I’m admiring his chiseled features when he starts making his way over to me smiling broadly. Not even bothering to hide the bulge in his shorts as he sits on my sun tanning chair beside me. He looks over at me and smiles broadly placing his hand on top of mine and lacing his fingers through mine. I’m glad that I just got out of the pool a few minutes ago because my bikini bottom is still wet and hides my own wetness at his being so close and near. But I almost immediately regret getting into the pool, because now he can’t tell just how aroused he’s making me.

“What do you think of the view?” He asks as he looks around the woods surrounding his backyard, but it isn’t what I’m looking at.

“It looks really thick and hard,” I reply. Which makes him turn his piercing gaze on me, then he flicks his eyes down my body.

“I suppose I could say the same about those pebbles you’ve got in your bikini top.” He replies with a smirk and he scooches closer, making me even wetter than I already was. My breathing starts to escalate when he reaches his hand over towards my bikini top and slowly rubs his thumb over my rock hard nipple through the taut fabric. A soft moan escapes me as he does this, and he smiles with satisfaction.

“Sounds like my wife has the hots for me.” Then he leans forward and downward towards my hips and takes a deep breath of air as he moves, before jerking straight back up. A new glint in his eyes as he looks into mine, his gaze searing my flesh with the heat of his.

“-Or just horny.” He adds huskily. And then leans in and closes his lips over the fabric covering the nipple he’s been rubbing. The moment his mouth closes around my nipple I cry out from the wet heat that matches my own lower wet heat. At least until he starts swirling his tongue around my nipple, making me cry out his name this time. I clutch his head against my breast and he pulls me against him, never losing his torturous grip on my nipple. My cunt pulses and throbs with each swirl of his tongue, and when he flicks his tongue against it, sucking gently after he tugs it softly with his teeth. My thighs clench and unclench trying to ease the painful tension coiling in my womb. “Please!” I cry out. And he responds by reaching his hand down between my legs, sliding it into my thong and cupping his hand against the apex of my thighs.

After what seems like forever he pulls his mouth away from my nipple, trying to catch his breath. Once he does he starts all over again but this time with my other nipple. And I spasm as what he’s doing to my nipples sends blazing heat right down a cord that goes immediately down to my pussy.

But just when I didn’t think he could add any more wood to the flames he’s started since we were teens, he pushes his fingers into my soaking wet cleft and curls them inside of me as he slides them as deep as he can go. At the same time circling his thumb against my clitoris, my body ignites with an inferno so hot, I feel like I’m burning from the inside out. I scream his name so loud it echoes through the woods around us while my climax explodes within me like an atomic bomb splitting the atoms within my body.

My cunt floods with my cum juices and my body vibrates powerfully as he pulls his lips from my nipple finally and kisses me on the lips, nibbling my bottom lip, asking me for entrance. Which I slam the door open to when I slide my tongue into his mouth taking him by surprise and making him groan with restraint. He slides his tongue into my mouth covering my lips with his, swallowing my cries of pleasure and need. Even as he takes thing a step further by curling his fingers inside my cunt faster and faster, rubbing his thumb demandingly against my clitoris, eliciting my second orgasm from me. And when it hits, it has the impact force of a meteor striking the earth at a thousand miles an hour. My body convulses violently like I’m having a stroke or some kind of seizure.

Knowing that he should give me a chance to calm down before he starts the process over again but in a new way. He picks me up in his arms and carries me into the arctic cool air conditioning of his house. And sits with me curled against his chest like a child as my orgasms last for what seems like an eternity. But eventually they do die down and I come slowly back down to earth. Finding him singing softly a song that he must have wrote specifically for me, rubbing my back soothingly. His eyes closed, his face tight but relaxed and happy from the pent up lust he’s holding back and keeping locked up inside himself. I shift against him and feel his slightly limp cock pressing against the curves of my ass. Yet it’s the kind of limp that I’ve come to know occurs when he becomes so horny that he penis just can’t handle the force of the blood pumping through it in an attempt to climax. It just goes limp, until it’s needed again.

I shift against him again as he finishes my song, and I whisper his name. He opens his eyes and looks me in mine. The searing heat of the unquenched desire in his gaze makes my cunt clench with renewed lust.


“Was that okay for you?” He asks with worry. I raise my hand, the outside sunlight glinting off the wedding ring he bought me when we got married.

“I’ll always be okay with anything you do with me so long as this remains on my finger.”


I wake with a start finding the bed beside me empty, the morning sunlight shining through the curtained windows. I hear clinking glasses and china along with the smell of freshly made food, as the bedroom door opens. Revealing my husband Preston walking into the bedroom with a tray of food in his hands.

He smiles his usual sweet smile at me as he sees that I’m awake. He sets the tray on the bedside table beside me and sits next to me, his smile fading slightly with worry, when he finds that I’m slightly sweaty and my skin is a little feverish.

“Are you okay Cherise?” He asks with concern clear in his voice and the wrinkles in his face deepening as his eyebrows furrow. The usual worry line creasing his forehead when he starts getting stressed.

He takes my hand gently in his and squeezes it, while I look down at our wrinkled and old age spotted intertwining hands. The wedding ring he had bought me so long ago, still shining and glinting in the morning sunlight on my finger in between our hands as it did on that wonderful day.

I smile back up at him and squeeze his hand in return. “I’m fine Preston, I just had a very exciting dream.” I reply as he frowns.

“What was the dream about if you don’t mind me inquiring?” He asks while he raises his arm and cups my wrinkled cheek and runs his thumb over it softly.  With obvious love and affection contained in his gesture. But the real sign of his love is in his eyes, most people don’t pay attention to other people’s eyes but inside them you can see an entire universe within them, you can see whether they are sad, whether they are angry, but right now I see only see the unconditional love of a man who has spent his whole life making sure I was happy and that we wouldn’t have to worry about anything when we got old. I think to myself.

I lift our entwined hands and look at the ring on my finger closely, looking for something within it that only I can see. When he asks me another question.

“Have you ever regretted marrying me Cherise?” He asks me suddenly and takes me by surprise.

“No, Preston. I have never regretted marrying you, not even for a single second.” I lean forward and kiss him softly on the lips for a few seconds then pull back smiling in the way only he can make me smile.

“Happy 85th anniversary honey.” I congratulate him quietly. He smiles and just like it always has, it makes my heart melt. Then he leans forward and kisses me gently on the forehead, before pulling back and grabbing the tray of food. Then setting it on my lap, he says with more love than any other man in my life has been able to conjure for me.

“Come on honey, eat up. The kids are going to be here in a couple of hours and we have to get ready to pack everything we need for the yearly family picnic with our grandkids.” He says as he squeezes my knee slightly before he gets up and heads out the bedroom door to go clean up the kitchen.

I watch him walk out the door and stare at the empty hallway while the sounds of clinking dishes, splashing dishwater and Preston singing the full version of the song American Pie that came out almost a hundred years ago as he cleans the mess he had made filter in softly.

After a few minutes of staring, I look at the tray of food and start to eat eagerly.

Happiness and contentment fills my heart as I thank whatever higher power there is that brought Preston into my life like this.

Another great day. And I smile at that, because it’s always been true.

Submitted: December 17, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Spyro the Eternal. All rights reserved.

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If only this could be my story... That life would be my glory!!!

Tue, March 3rd, 2020 10:09am

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