Clearly Not Platonic

Clearly Not Platonic Clearly Not Platonic

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


A chat to open the eyes of a young woman. Being blind to not just things around her but some of her own feelings and desires.


A chat to open the eyes of a young woman. Being blind to not just things around her but some of her own feelings and desires.


Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



The television hums in the background, and her attention wavers to her computer screen as it says she has a message. She brushes her wavy dark hair out of her almond eyes excited to continue her conversation with Bella.

"I've missed you. Even when Evan comes back from a job it still feels lonely.

Shay's thoughts raced. She was saddened by the lack of romance her friend was having but at the same time it was like the holy gate opened up and dropped a few dozen blessings on her lap. It was an opening! One Shay had been wanting, but so nervous to act on. For weeks she'd been having a battle with herself for feeling guilty for subtlety flirting with her best friend who just got engaged.

"Bella probably hasn't picked up on that I've been trying to flirt with her."

Then another message popped up in the chat box.

"I had the craziest dream last night."

Curiosity sparked and wrote a message before Shay knew she pushed sent.

"Miss you too, sorry things are still awkward for you two. What's that?"

She glanced up at the television and noticed it was on and laughed at herself. Her sun-kissed cheeks flushed with excitement and hoping this conversation wasn't going to fade like the others. This time they weren't going to play this cat and mouse game. They were going to go somewhere with this, at least she wished.

"Please don't make fun?"


"Lol. Okay. So I had this dream you came over with Toby. It started off weird because you two were acting like a couple. More so than usual, like he'd come up behind you and slid his hands around your waste and he'd kiss your neck. I thought surely you were going to turn around and smack him but you just had one hand in his hair and the other running the length of his zipper."

A pause. Enough to tease Shay with this story and ask for more. This wasn't where she was wanting this to go but it was turning her on and she wanted to hear more. "Then what?"

"To be honest it turned me on. Watching the two of you, but then you'd stop. Not because of me. Then we'd all be sitting on the couch and loveseat watching a movie and out of no where your dress was pulled up and he was eating you out. No joke. He went back and forth between licking your clit and sucking on it.

"You were moaning softly, like if you were quiet enough we wouldn't see you right in front of us :) lol dork. Your top had come off but your bra was still on and I my head just begged for it to come off. As if you heard me you looked at me and smiled. Next thing I knew you were taking your bra off and your gorgeous boobs were exposed. Big and perky, I mean I know I've seen them but I'd never realized how amazing they were."

Shay let out a giggle as she noticed her friend had called her a dork between telling her that her strictly platonic best friend had played tonsil hockey with her clit and admitting her admiration for Shay's breast. "Lol why thank you. I didn't realize I was so hot."

"Lol. I said no making fun."

"Sorry, sorry. Not making fun. :) It's just I'm not use to feeling so...wanted. Makes me blush a little."

"I don't know why. If I thought you'd be willing I know both me and Toby would have already made a move on you. Whether either of us were in a relationship..."

Quickly she typed before either of them changed the subject. "I've always wanted to but I never wanted to lose you, either of you. The past few months I've been fantasying about it.

"Which part?"

"All of it. Sometimes with you. Some with him."

"Should I tell her that when we've been talking I fantasize about her changing the conversation to her playing with her pussy? I could. Then I might have to tell her how I get off at the thought of what Toby might do if he saw me playing with myself in his apartment. No, I think I'll keep that to myself for the moment."

"Shay? I'm sending you a video chat, if you don't open it I'll understand..."

Biting her bottom lip in antipation she pulled her hair down and clicked "Accept". A few seconds flashed by and Bella appeared on the screen. She had her big pouty lips in a sweet, seductive smile that made Shay's heart race. Her curly black hair was straight tonight, and flowing effortlessly around her angelic face. A face that completely belied the nature of this seductive creature whose breasts where only clothed with what appeared to be the top of a sheer teddy.

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