The Key to Silence

The Key to Silence

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction


A night of boredom and curiosity can lead to naughty secrets, but can something this scandalous truly remain a secret? Devilish persuasion is the key, and one hell of a butler holds it...


A night of boredom and curiosity can lead to naughty secrets, but can something this scandalous truly remain a secret? Devilish persuasion is the key, and one hell of a butler holds it...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 23, 2017



(Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Fan Fiction)

Notice: I do not own any element of Black Butler that appears within this work. All credits and rights belong to Yana Toboso.


Sebastian X Reader Lemon


Sebastian leaned back in the overstuffed chair as he sat in front of the smoldering fireplace. He glanced out the window and narrowed his eyes at the starry sky glimmering back at him. He pulled out his silver pocket watch and sighed when he looked at the time.

"It's not even midnight and I've finished all the preparations for tomorrow."

He sighed in annoyance, he was truly bored out of his mind tonight. The mood struck every once in a blue moon during quiet nights such as this. The manor was dreadfully still as everyone else slept peacefully and blissfully unaware of the dullness that surrounded them.

Sebastian stood smoothly from the chair and straightened his tailcoat. There was one thing he could do to ease the mindless boredom. Lately, whenever he found himself feeling restless he'd taken to exploring the nightlife of London. Humans never ceased to fascinate him with their ideas of "fun" and the people of London were no exception.

He moved through the manor undetected and made his way outside where he chose his mode of transportation; air. He launched himself into the air, racing through the trees and using them as leverage to move even faster. When downtown London came into view he smiled as he heard the faint sounds of the underworld roaring to life. What interesting things would he find this evening?

Sebastian raced across several rooftops until he picked an alley to gracefully land in. Once on his feet he casually made his way onto the brightly lit streets. It was a Friday night and the city was alive with activity. Sebastian smiled as he made his way deeper into the swarms of people, he had a good feeling about tonight...

As the hours began to pass Sebastian found himself on a street with a very long line of people standing next to a rather large building flashing with lots of colorful lights. Loud music could be heard pumping from the building. He cocked his head, perhaps this was one of those 'dance clubs' Lau had mentioned in one of his pointless conversations.

Sebastian frowned at the line and headed around the side of the building to check for an alternate entrance. He easily found a black door on the side of the building and just as he touched the knob, it flung wide open. His brow raised as he came face to face with a short, round man wearing glasses. The man paused as he looked Sebastian up and down. He smiled suddenly and laughed happily as he pulled Sebastian inside, "Oh, there you are! I was worried you'd gotten lost!"

Sebastian frowned; he did not recognize this man, and he most certainly wasn't, ehem, lost. Sebastian pulled his arm free of the man's grasp as he continued to babble off nonsense.

"You're certainly a tall drink of water. The women are gonna go nuts for you!" The man reached forward and grabbed Sebastian's tailcoat, "And I'm loving the tailcoat look, very different, regal even!"

Sebastian's wine red eyes narrowed as he snatched the coat from the man's hands. The odd man didn't notice as he continued to babble on. Sebastian ignored him and looked around the room he'd been pulled into. There were men and woman at various vanities and wearing ridiculous costumes, some of them quite revealing.

The strange man grabbed Sebastian's arm, bringing his attention back to his small form, "I have a very special job for you, my boy. I know you've only just arrived but you look ready to perform to me!"

The man tightened his grip on Sebastian's arm and led him out through another door where the music became even louder. Sebastian looked around the giant space carefully. Flashing lights and smoke filled the air as they moved through the enormous sea of people. Sebastian cocked his head as he saw various small stages lined with lights scattered throughout the club. Some had poles on them... strange.

The round man pulled him to a stop outside another black door. He turned to Sebastian and pulled him down to his level as he whispered in his ear, "Now, make this customer happy you handsome devil! I heard a rumor that she's the daughter of a prominent official and she's here for her birthday. So do whatever she wants, no rules apply tonight."

The man ran off before Sebastian could say another word. He stood outside the door and looked around the club and that's when he realized something. This was indeed a 'dance club' but it was a rather scandalous one. He recognized some of the women and men that he'd seen in the first room on the stages. They were dancing in those costumes and... taking them off?

A smile formed on his lips as he realized just what he had found. Trouble for sure, but that just made things more fun. He did love to be in the spotlight after all...

He turned back to the black door and opened it slowly. He frowned when he saw that the room was empty. He cocked his head, how disappointing.

There was a soft couch that had been built into the wall and a curtain covered the back wall. He walked around the room and noticed that it was strangely quiet. The room had been soundproofed except for the pair of speakers that hung from the corners of the room. Sebastian followed the wires and saw they were connected to a digital music box of sorts. As he scrolled through the song choices he was suddenly distracted by the sound of voices and shuffling.

He turned and saw two women dragging another woman into the room from behind a curtained wall. They sat her down on the couch and gasped when they saw him. He flashed them a smile as leaned against the door. One of the woman bit her lip as the other shook her head and spoke, "We'll just be going now. She's all yours!"

The woman on the couch reached forward and tried to stop her friends but they ran past her and disappeared behind the curtain quickly. The timid woman turned to him and swallowed hard as she eyed him up and down.

All mine, huh?

Sebastian smirked wickedly as he looked at the woman before him. She was incredibly nervous for some reason but he sensed a hint of excitement emanating from her. He pushed himself away from the door and closed the distance between them. He knelt down on one knee before her and took her hand into his and placed a small kiss upon her knuckles, "Good evening, my lady."


You were taken aback by his polite demeanor as he knelt in front of you. You swallowed hard as you finally managed to speak, "Good evening.. um, I'm afraid I don't know your name to greet you properly."

The man chuckled deeply sending shivers through your body. He leaned in close, "You don't need to know my name for this, now do you?"

Your eyes widened as he stepped away from you and headed back towards the music selection device. You heard him chuckle again as he seemed to find a song he liked. He turned back to you with a wickedly inviting smile, "It seems that I've been instructed to entertain you this evening. So tell me, Young Mistress, are you prepared?"

Your lips parted on a silent pant at his bold words. How did you get roped into this? You weren't supposed to be here, you were supposed to be at the family villa where your father was throwing you a birthday party. If your father were to discover that you were gone and went to a seedy night club of all places... if the press were to find out! They would have a field day with embarrassing your 'perfect' family...

Sure, you weren't as innocent as everyone believed but this was taking things a bit too far. Several of your father's important contacts had been known to frequent this particular club and if one of them saw you here and in a private room with one of the dancers... things would skyrocket from bad to worse in seconds flat.

Your thoughts suddenly paused as music filled the air. You recognized the song as a favorite of yours and it seemed quite fitting for this particular situation...

There's a party in your bedroom all night long
There's a lot of talk about you
Cause there's a party in your bedroom all night long
Pretty girl it's a show, let it go when you're alone
Lips sealed tight, don't say goodnight

The man stepped towards you as his tailcoat slowly slid off his shoulders and down to the floor. His fingers slid to the buttons on his vest...

Walkin' down the street, keepin' hush, hush on the scene
No one knows you, such a mystery

It was a total mystery as to why you hadn't run for the hills yet. But you seemed almost mesmerized as he parted his vest slowly, letting it fall away from him. Then he lifted his hand to his mouth and slowly began to remove the white gloves covering his hand with his teeth...

Opposite of fun 'til you turn the power on
Then you come out turnin' up the heat

Upstairs all alone, one click for a show
Your roof is on fire, you're losing control

 The gloves fell at his feet and the tie hung loosely around his neck as he moved to unbutton his shirt. He winked at you playfully and licked his lips as he opened his shirt slowly for you. Your lips parted at the erotic sight he made as he slowly made his way towards you. As he drew closer you noticed an ornate key around his neck and watched as it swayed to his movements.

There's a party in your bedroom all night long
There's a lot of talk about you
Cause there's a party in your bedroom all night long
Pretty girl it's a show, let it go when you're alone
Lips sealed tight don't say goodnight

The shirt slipped easily from his body as he loomed over your seated form. You swallowed hard as he straddled your hips and slid the tie from around his neck. He wrapped the ends around your own neck and tugged, pulling your face towards his until your lips were almost grazing. As he looked down at you with those ruby eyes, you noticed he was singing the song to you as he released the tie making your head fall back against the couch. He smiled as he took your hands and placed them on his chest. Your fingers lightly caressed the key around his neck and he leaned forward, softly singing into your ear...

Dancing with your hands turning strangers into friends

Touch the keys please and unlock my heart

The rest of the music faded as you lost yourself in his sinful gaze. His black tie still hung from around your neck as he moved against your body slowly, using the tie to tilt your head up. He leaned forward suddenly and brushed his lips against your neck and a loud gasp escaped you.

He chuckled darkly in your ear before sliding his tongue up the side of your throat. You slightly jumped underneath him and pushed at his chest in surprise. He caught your hands and slid them down his body, letting you feel every inch of his slender, muscular form.

Lost in his blood-red gaze your hands unconsciously moved their way to the front of his pants and lightly tugged on his belt. He made a sound low in his throat as he covered your hands with one of his, "Oh, my. It seems I've found a naughty little kitten."

You swallowed hard at his words, and your eyes widened when he reached forward and began to unbuckle his belt. Your hands dropped to your side and he caught one of them seconds later, leading you back to him. He placed your hand inside the front of his pants...

You both paused as the music stopped and silence filled the air once again. You looked up at him as if waking from a spell and swallowed hard at the look in his crimson eyes...


Sebastian looked down at the woman beneath him. Too bad the song ended, he was just starting to have fun with her. He smirked at her expression; she had desire dripping from her eyes as she stared up at him helplessly.

He leaned forward and ran his thumb over her bottom lip, "That's the most fun I've had in quite a while, Kitten."

Sebastian didn't wait for her to respond as he pulled back from her and began to gather his clothing. As he dressed he looked over to her as she stood from her seat. She hesitantly looked over at him and he flashed her a smile as pulled on his tailcoat and buttoned it.

Sebastian sauntered over to her and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "I hope you enjoyed your birthday present, Kitten."

With that Sebastian left her in the private room and headed back out into the club. He looked carefully for the babbling idiot, doing his best to avoid him at all costs. As he neared the exit of the club he saw the idiot... talking to his Kitten!

He looked incredibly happy as he spoke to her and her friends. He was positively gushing... what a fool. Sebastian shook his head as he took one last look at his Kitten. She seemed to be staying as far away from the conversation as possible and he smirked. What a shy, naughty kitty she was. He only wished he could have tasted her more thoroughly.

He sighed as he exited the club and pulled out his pocket watch. It was close to four a.m. He had plenty of time left to return to the manor at a leisurely pace and get breakfast ready, all before it was time to wake his Young Master. 

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