Our Secret Sins

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: ROMANCE BOOK HOUSE

Wrath. Lust. Envy. Avarice... What's your Sinful Secret?

After surviving an attempt on her life that left her with little memory of her former life, Naiara finds herself in the safe arms of the kingdom of Voltaire. Several months after regaining her strength it is discovered that the Voltarian Princess has vanished! In an attempt to salvage strained relations with the imposing kingdom of Irenous, who had been promised the vanished princess, Naiara finds herself blackmailed into posing as the missing princess. She will have to fool entire countries if she is to be accepted amongst the nobility and take her place as queen of Irenous. She has few allies to help her through this deceitful endeavor, but with their help she could very well become the princess she is forced to become.

As she struggles with learning the ways of the nobility, the chance for forbidden romance blooms even as danger looms around every corner. Naiara's tormentor is still out there waiting for the right time to finish his most secret of sins. Everyone has a secret, but who's sin will match hers?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Naiara ran through the forest, rain pelting her body as she tried, desperately, to escape. She had to move faster, find a place to hide. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Naiara sighed as she wiped her brow with the back of her wrist. She was leaning over a hunk of dough attempting to make pastries for the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Naiara looked closely at herself in the mirror; she barely recognized the woman looking back at her. Her autumn hair had been curled and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Naiara fidgeted nervously on the plush cushion of the carriage. They had been travelling for over a full day now and were quickly approac... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

The next morning, Galien sat at the dining table in the main hall drinking a small cup of his favorite tea. His eyes closed as he savored... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

The next three months passed by in a blur for Naiara. The mild February winter present when she had arrived had quickly melted into the s... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Naiara drew in a deep breath as she sat at her vanity in the washroom trying to calm herself as she waited for Beatrice to return. Much t... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Naiara casually sipped her chamomile tea while she attempted to enjoy a moment of peace. The early summer wind caressed her as she sat at... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Galien rushed back towards the campfire as quickly as he could; he didn't want to leave Naiara alone for too long. He finally rounded the... Read Chapter


Entombed within a dimly lit room, two men sat together in silence. Their shadows dancing upon the red walls in the candlelight as they ey... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

The next day, around mid-afternoon, Naiara sat on the edge of the fountain near the gardens with her face buried deep inside a book. She ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Naiara stilled at Asher's sudden question. She swallowed hard at the mischievous glint in his eyes and hesitated to answer, "Well… um, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Naiara sat on the edge of one of the fountains in the garden. She wasn't sure how long she had been sitting there, but the sun had finall... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Naiara and Aeron sat contently on a small stone bench in the gardens amongst the rose bushes as they chatted softly. Aeron turned slightl... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Ewan rushed forward towards the shattered remains of the chandelier. He knelt down by Asher's side, who was now arm deep in the debris, â... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

The next several days passed by in a slow blur for Naiara. Galien and Beatrice had barred her from moving around too much given the recen... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Naiara sighed anxiously as she headed towards a room in the West Wing Galien had asked her to join him in. After her adventures yesterday... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Naiara's eyes widened as Galien's gloved fingers caressed the sensitive skin of her throat as he stood behind her. A soft gasp escaped he... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Naiara sighed blissfully as she sat at her vanity, hands folded neatly across her lap while Galien stood behind her, gently brushing her ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Galien strolled idly around the newly renovated library as he spoke matter-of-factly, "The kingdom of Delsia; a prosperous nation, albeit... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Naiara and Galien stood silently together on the stone staircase at the main entrance of the palace. She inhaled deeply as she took in th... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Naiara wrung her hands as she stood at Galien’s door. The look in his eyes at Brishare’s offer was… worrisome and now he wanted to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Galien sat at his desk with his head resting on his knuckles as he finished up yet another invitation. He and Asher had been working dili... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Ewan and Drake stood stoically outside Naiara’s chambers, patiently waiting for her emerge for the gala. They had all worked tirelessly... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

The next day, Naiara escorted Brishare back to his carriage in the early hours of the cold December morning. He took her hand and placed ... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

The next morning, Galien found himself alone in the dining hall, staring into the empty air before him. He sat motionless at the table, a... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Naiara strolled through the gardens, alone, under the evening sky. She pulled her shawl tighter around herself; the wind was particularly... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

y sweet Isabel.” The following morning, Naiara strolled into the library, determination spurring her to speak with Asher as soon as... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Ewan sighed contently, “She seems to be in good spirits. I think Duke Everette has been good for her over these last few weeks.” ... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

“Please… let me pass; I have urgent business with Chamberlain Christophe.” Ewan and Drake passed a look to each other, their br... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Naiara sat on the bay windowsill of Philip’s manor house with an open book on her lap. She sighed heavily as she stared listlessly out ... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Beatrice stood silently as she brushed out Naiara’s long, dark chestnut hair. She had been fighting the urge to voice her opinions all ... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

The next morning, Galien scanned the shelves of the library yet again, still searching for loopholes within the law that kept him apart f... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Galien took a deep breath; it was time. They had picked the perfect evening for such a dark purpose; it was well after midnight and the n... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

“Chamberlain Christophe be reasonable; he was more than just a noble of the court; need I remind you that he was your father? Surely ou... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Asher carefully made his way down the cold, dungeon stairs with Drake following close by. They walked in heavy silence, Asher continuing ... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Several days after speaking with Galien in the library, Ewan found himself walking stoically, and sluggishly, down the corridor to Asherâ... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

“Alright, spill it, Chamberlain.” Galien frowned at Brishare’s tone as he looked around his desk at the ambush party seated aro... Read Chapter