The Unforgettable Sex

The Unforgettable Sex

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Lust, sexual attraction for a co-worker.


Lust, sexual attraction for a co-worker.


Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



The Unforgettable Sex






When I first laid eyes on you, I thought you were very handsome and just the type of guy my close girlfriends always tease me about being attracted to. I had seen you several times around the office complex, but I never had the nerve to approach you. But I was a little curious as to what company you worked for and where your office was in the building.

You seemed to have this air of mystery about yourself that I just couldn’t help, but I wondered if you were attached and if she was treating you the way I would treat you. One day, while I was eating lunch in the food court, you and your lunch companion were sitting at a table not too far away from where I was sitting, but not close enough for me to hear your conversation.

I could see you were quite handsome with a hint of sexiness. You stood about six feet five inches tall. Pecan tan complexion, brown eyes. Close shaven haircut, neatly precise goatee. A chiseled upper body built like the biggest NFL football line blocker who could protect any quarterback on any given Sunday game. Your taste in wardrobe had a look of the top executives, but with a hint of a pimp daddy at his finest.

You glanced my way, but I pretended I didn’t notice. Even when you got up to leave the food court with your companion and again you glanced my way I still pretended not to notice you.

When I returned to my office, my assistant reminded me about my three o’clock meeting in the main boardroom on the tenth floor. Although, the meeting would be starting soon, I couldn’t help myself. I felt like a love-struck teenager. As I gathered all of my information for this meeting, I couldn’t help but think about how you looked earlier at the food court and how I wished I was your lunch companion. Just sitting there across from you, staring into those big brown eyes while eating lunch and playfully making sexual advances to make those beautiful eyes enlarge by the words I was speaking. Oh, how I wish I could see you again.

Just the sheer thought of seeing you again was making my body tingle with anticipation. Standing in the hall waiting for the elevator, my mind was racing with sexual thoughts a mile a minute. Suddenly the elevator doors opened and just as I was wishing to see you again, there you were standing before me looking as luscious as a fantasy lover should. You acknowledged my presence as I entered the elevator.

What floor?” you said to me.

Ten, please… thank you,” I said.

You’re welcome,” you said.

Your masculine voice was a deep husky baritone sound which sent shivers up and down my spine and when these shivers went down my spine it went straight to my G-spot. I struggled to compose my insides and not let any of my pussy juices go.

I noticed again you were staring at my reflection in the elevator doors. When the elevator reached the tenth floor, you gestured for my exit first then you got off as well. My insides were jumping up and down because I finally knew where you worked. As we both walked in the same direction of the main boardroom for the meeting, I walked slightly behind you so I could enjoy the view of you in all of its magnificent glory.  With the devilish thoughts of imagining you in the suit you were born in, I began to snicker with delight of my own amusement.

Are you okay?” you asked me in that sexy voice of yours.

Yes…I am, I was just clearing something out of my throat,” I said.

But what I really wanted to say was, “Yeah I would be okay if I had your masculine manhood tangled up with my tongue,” so I just kept that thought to myself.

Again, you held the door open for me as we both entered the room. I had a feeling you were the type of gentlemen, who was raised properly by southern Baptist parents who taught their male children how to be chivalrous towards women, so to me that stood out. I had to make note of in my mental rolodex.

Everyone who was to attend this meeting had already arrived and was sitting where they were most comfortable. So, there were only two seats left next to each other … one for me and one for “MR. SEXY ASS” .

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,” said Silas Highmarks who is the VP of Marketing and Communications Division as he entered the boardroom.

Let me start by making some introductions of our newest Sr. VP Robert A. Matthews,” Silas stated.

Okay…now we have a name to go with the body,” I thought to myself. So I leaned over and introduced myself to you.

Welcome to the firm, Mr. Matthews…My name is Samantha Clifford nice to make your acquaintance,” I said to you.

While Mr. Highmarks was conducting the meeting, I was conducting my own mack mama meeting in my head with you. In my mind, there were just a few things I would like to show our new Mister Senior VP that would blow your mind and let you see my skills are not just work related. There were different erotic scenes in my mind of the two of us intertwined in some sexy erotic position which would let me have the power of submission over you, where you would be begging me to stop, but not until after I had my way with you. The conversations of the meeting faded into the background while I enjoyed a tantalizing fantasy.

I pictured one scene, where we are together in my jet-black BMW convertible on a warm spring evening. As we drive down to the Jersey shore we are listening to a CD collection of soft sensual “turn-me-on…get-yourself-ready-to-be-royally-fucked” music. We are making idle chitchat as I drive. You reach over, gently caressing the sides of my right thigh and my pussy juices start to boil. I reach one hand over and start massaging your groin to the point, you are beginning to grow right out of the zipper.

We reach the Jersey shore. I park the car near the boardwalk. You pull out the checkered blanket and lay it out on the hood of the car while I grab the picnic basket with all of the romantic goodies we would need tonight. You extend your hand to ask me for a dance. We dance until we can’t dance anymore. You help me onto the hood of the car where we talk and talk until you lean over, gently kissing the back of my neck with incredible sensualness. It’s getting me even hotter than the car engine I am sitting on. Then you pull me closer; close enough to nibble on me, all over my neck and earlobes. Anybody who knows me, knows that my earlobes are one of my erogenous zones and sucking on them will get me off or at least to the starting gate, if you know what I mean.

So the longer the meeting went on, the longer Samantha’s thoughts continued to conspire on how she was going to ask him out on a date or at least see what other woman was on the playing field known as Robert Matthews.

The meeting ended and Robert looked over at her. He asked her if she had a free moment to talk further about the project Silas just volunteered them to handle for the Division. Knowing they had a deadline of a few weeks, it was in their best interest to do just that.

Robert, I have time now if you are free,” Samantha answered him.

Sure, just let me check my voicemail to see if I have any urgent messages needing my attention before we get started,” he said.

Hum, urgent messages that need your attention. I got something in need of your urgent attention,” Samantha thought to herself.

Robert hung up the phone. He walked back over to the table and sat right back beside Samantha. It seemed he moved his chair closer to her. He smelled so damn good; his cologne had a hypnotic spell on her senses. She couldn’t help but pull her chair closer to him just to get a better smell. Robert wanted to know if Samantha could get the Division figures from last quarter and the general ledger report as well, they could compile an estimated report to begin their project. Samantha told him she could and would have it the next time they met. He agreed to it, but he had to check with his assistant to see when next he had free time to spend with Samantha. If he only knew Samantha wanted all of his free daytime as well as his free nighttime. She wanted to tell him to just throw away his appointment book.

Hello Erica, this is Bob. Would you please look on my calendar and let me know what days I’m free the rest of this week?” Robert asked his assistant.

Sure, Bob…hold on one minute let me check the calendar…you are free on Thursday at two o’clock and Friday your whole day is free of appointments,” explained Erica.

 “Okay hold one second Erica … which day would be okay for you Samantha?” he asked.

Well, I am available Friday all day as well, so why don’t we make it for then. This way we could spend the entire day on this and have a jumpstart on the project,” Samantha answered.

Erica, did you get that? Please pencil Ms. Clifford and the Marketing Project for the entire day. Thank you Erica. I will be here in the conference room with Ms. Clifford for the rest of the afternoon, so if you have any urgent calls before you leave for the day just send them here. And again, thank you and have a good evening. See you in the morning,” Robert said to Erica as he hung up the phone.

Again, he sat back in the chair next to Samantha who just couldn’t contain the horny feelings she was experiencing at the moment. They talked business all afternoon until his cell phone started vibrating around five o’clock. He ignored the buzzes he was receiving until they started getting on his nerves.

Excuse me Samantha, I need to return this call,” Robert said.

If I don’t, she will keep doing it until I call her.  She doesn’t like to be ignored for too long and if I am late for our date it will be my head,” he continued to say.

Oh and what a sexy head it is,” Samantha thought to herself.

That’s okay Bob, I don’t want you to get in trouble with your wife for working so late at the office,” she said.

No, it’s not my wife who’s calling me,” he answered with a chuckle in his voice.

Well, then perhaps it’s your girlfriend wondering where you are.

Actually, it is my mother and she is expecting me at her house for dinner. And if I’m late there will be hell to pay,” he said.

Yeah, I know how it can be. Well go ahead and call her back. Our meeting can use a little break and I’ll step out so you can have some privacy,” Samantha said trying to laugh so hard at his comment about his mother.

No, it’s okay … this won’t take too long,” Robert joked.

He reached for the phone and dialed his mother’s number. Robert explained to his mother how he would not be late for their special date and that he was just finishing up here at work. He told her he’d be on his way soon to eat with his favorite lady.  

A smile came over Samantha’s face as she sat there listening to him talk to his mother with such warmth and affection. But inside Samantha was jumping up and down because he wasn’t calling a wife or a girlfriend to tell them he was on his way home. She wanted to be the one he went home to.

So Bob, you’re not married?” Samantha asked him as he was hanging up the phone.

Unfortunately, no I am not married nor do I have a girlfriend in my life right now and knowing my mother, she will have some of her special young ladies from her church over for dinner tonight … it’s her way of helping me with my dating situation or the lack there of,” Robert said chuckling.

It was all Samantha needed to hear, because now she knew the playing field was clear for her to step up her mack to get a taste of this man. All she knew was that somehow, some way, she was going to have her some of “Mr. Robert” or her name wasn’t Samantha Raye Clifford.

The next morning Samantha was up early thinking of how her dreams the night before had her in a cold sweat over the sensualness of the erotic scenes of her fuck fest with Robert.  She wanted to do so many things with him; she didn’t know where to begin or how to even approach it. When she got to her office she dialed into her voicemail to check her messages. She knew there were quite a few from the afternoon before because she hadn’t checked them before she left the office for the day. After going through several of them, she had a message from Robert.

Now you know this is a damn shame, this man can get me this moist so freakin’ early in the damn morning,” she said to herself as she adjusted her thong underwear.

His voice is out of control … I don’t know how I am going to get anything done … It is a damn shame he has this effect on my gurl like this,” she thought as she continued to listen to his message.

Robert was explaining how he was not going to be in the office that morning. He would be traveling and he hoped to be back there sometime in the afternoon. There were some folders he had left with his assistant, Erica to give to Samantha with a checklist to go over anything they didn’t need for their project. He also wanted Samantha to hold on to it until Friday and if she had any questions, she could just reach out to Erica. If not he would see her first thing Friday morning in the boardroom.

WOW!! I can’t believe the sexiness of his voice and I know it’s wrong to sit here and play this message over and over again just to hear his voice,” she thought to herself.

All Samantha knew was from that moment on was that she wouldn’t be able to contain her lustful feelings for him. In the back of her mind, she knew that these feelings were nothing more and nothing less than lust and not of love but she couldn’t help it, she just wanted to taste him. No one for solo sexual satisfaction, she weighed the option of manual stimulation for an orgasmic release, but she decided to forego it for the moment.

The rest of her day was shot to hell anyway because her mind wasn’t focus nor was it on top of its game as normal as it should be. Her mind was on what she was going to wear on Friday and how much of a mack she was going to dish out to Robert without being too overly aggressive. She wanted him to know she was interested but she didn’t want to scare him off. Anyone could tell it had been a while for her since she herself was royally fucked. The last man she was intimate with dumped her over some bullshit issues he was going through. He felt he wasn’t man enough for her and the best thing was to end their three year relationship. So sex for her hadn’t been an issue until now. She spent most of her time working and before she knew it, it was three years later. Then here comes this man who has awakened all of her sexual senses. She felt like her gurl was about to explode if she didn’t get this man inside of her and soon.

By three o’clock, Samantha had enough of work and knew her mind wasn’t at the office anyway. She stopped by Erica’s desk to let her know if Robert called, to give him her cell phone number if he needed to contact her for any reason.

Then Samantha told her assistant she was going home early and gave her the same instructions as well, in case Robert happened to call her office. She got into her car. Just when she was starting to pull out of the parking lot her cell phone rang. It was Robert calling her and so soon.

Hello,” she said.

Hello Samantha … this is Robert Matthews, how are you doing today?” he questioned.

Oh hello, Robert … I’m doing well today and how are you doing?” she responded.

Busy … I am here at the company’s other office in Rockford checking on some issues their Division manager was having but I am done now and I’m driving back to the office. Erica told me you left to go work at home for the rest of the afternoon, so you can be ready for our ‘date’ on Friday. I hope you don’t think you are going to do all the work by yourself? I am going to do my part and we will work as a team,” he commented.

Well, actually I just couldn’t concentrate in my office with all the phone calls and associates dropping by to discuss this or to discuss that … I really didn’t get a chance to look at the folders you left for me,” she said to him with a hint of exhaustion in her voice.

You really sound like you had an even busier day than me,” Robert stated as if he was showing some kind of loving concern for his project partner.

Not really that busy, maybe just a little out of sorts is all.

Well, you are doing the right thing by going home … maybe you should just relax a minute and then start to look at the folders for our project,” he said, again sounding like he was showing some kind of boyfriend concern for her.

Okay, I will do that Robert,” she said with a chuckle in her voice.

Samantha, I tell you what…in the morning I will buy us breakfast before we get started working … okay?

That would be nice, Robert … okay well, I am about to enter into a tunnel, so I will see you in the morning, but if anything should come up between now and then, you can reach me on my cell phone - - it will be on… See you in the morning,” she said before the phone went dead.

Her drive home was too much for her gurl to handle. Samantha never thought Robert would actually call her on her cell phone so quickly. She had to admit, she secretly hoped he would call her. While she was driving, she was thinking of what to wear in the morning, especially since he offered to take her to breakfast before they start their day. All she kept thinking about was if her new black Donna Karan skirt suit would be suitable. But her lustful thoughts crept in to remind her how semen and cum can stain her skirt especially on anything black, because when semen and cum dries, it dries white. That was all she need - - a dried white substance all on her new suit. Then she thought about the multi-colored Armani skirt suit with the slit on the side. The slit on this skirt lay partially high on her thigh.

Then there was always her favorite suit of all time, this suit is what she is most comfortable in … her birthday suit … (okay for all of you who are not following along) … showing him her naked body in all its glory. Okay, yes it would be just a tad bit much for the office especially since it was dress down Friday. All her thoughts were just on how soon and when she would make her move on Robert.

Maybe I could say something that would make him blush while we are eating breakfast or maybe I will let him tell me how I could be the one sleeping next to him in his bed.” These were the thoughts she was thinking aloud while driving home.

Nah, I will just let breakfast be breakfast and then when we are back in the conference room is when I’ll sneak a hug or maybe a little lick of his earlobe … oh, what to do . . . what to do.”

On Friday morning, Samantha was in her office gathering all of her completed information for her meeting with Robert. She also checked herself in her full-length mirror to see if everything was in its place. Everything was smooth and she had no panty lines showing. She had three buttons on her shirt that she made sure to open just enough to draw attention to her cleavage.

Just then, her assistant buzzed to let her know Robert had called and wanted to know if she was in yet. Samantha was wondering how Robert would react to seeing her in this fashion of sexiness and not in her normal business casual.

Gathering all her files, she left her office and headed towards the elevators. As she entered the elevator, there stood two well-dressed male executives, who were falling all over each other to make room on the not so crowded elevator. Samantha thought to herself, “Damn, if this is the reaction I’m receiving from strangers, I can’t wait to see Robert’s reaction.

As she stepped off the elevator, she walked down the hallway with her mack mama s on a mission strutting towards the boardroom. The cafeteria caterers were entering and leaving with trays. Samantha walked in and saw that Robert had breakfast brought up for them.

Good morning Ms. Clifford, damn you look sexy as hell. Wow! I’ve heard there was a sexy kitten on the loose, but I had no idea it was you. You are absolutely stunning,” stated Robert.

Well, good morning to you too, Mr. Matthews … Thank you for your compliments, they are really sweet and thoughtful of you to say,” Samantha acknowledged. But in the back of her mind she was saying, “Yeeeesssss, I got his damn attention now, now it is just a matter of time before I reel him in for the kill.

Should we sit down and enjoy this lovely breakfast? I took the liberty of ordering all that I thought would be enjoyable for us this morning, seeing how we will probably work almost through lunch today,” he said.

Everything looks delicious, I can’t wait to eat,” Samantha said excitedly.

As they sat down to eat, Robert couldn’t take his eyes off of Samantha. The whole time they were eating, Robert wanted to touch her but he wanted to keep everything strictly professional or at least get through breakfast. The whole time, they sat there making small talk, trying not to ask anything too personal that would make each other uncomfortable. Nonetheless their conversations were enjoyable enough for them and they even shared a few laughing moments.

Samantha was wondering to herself, how much longer she could she keep up her mack mama routine without blowing her cover. Robert smelled even more tasty than usual today and the more she smelled him the more she wanted him right then and there.

How can we even attempt to try to make any moves on each other without thinking of the office politics or the water – cooler gossip,” they both thought to themselves.

They both wanted to know what the other one was thinking, but neither was willing to make the first move. At least not yet.

During the next several hours, Samantha and Robert worked through their strong physical attraction while trying to keep it professional. By 1:30 p.m., Erica, Robert’s assistant, called the boardroom to see if they wanted her to order lunch. Robert told her he would have to think about it, but in the meantime, he did need her to make copies of the Paterson & Richardson merger file which was on his desk.  He asked her to bring it to him; hopefully he would have an answer about lunch by then.

While he was talking on the phone, Samantha wondered what it would be like, captivated in the throes of passion with him right then and there. All sorts of images distracted her from hearing him call her name.

Samantha, would you like to order in lunch or go out to eat?” Robert asked.

Blocking out his question, she thought to herself, “eating out was putting it mildly.  If only he knew what I wanted. To be the one he was eating out instead of some sit down lunch with waiters, bartenders, and crowds of people sitting around, but then again that could be very erotic. To be spread eagle on the restaurant table with a variety of hors d'oeuvre covering my body, while he’s devouring every bite until I beg for mercy from the pinnacle orgasm happening to my body.

Samantha … Samantha … hello, Sam … earth to Samantha. Are you okay? What’s wrong? Do you need the staff nurse? Is there someone or something that I need to get for you?” he questioned with concern in his voice. Samantha’s thoughts had her staring blankly at him with wickedness in mind.

Huh … ooh I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you,” she said finally. “What did you say? Ooh lunch, right. I would like to go out to eat, if that’s okay with you, Robert. I think the fresh air will do me, I mean us . . . the air would do us some good.

Yes, I think we should go out to get some air. It looks like you could use some fresh air. Besides, we have been in this room since early this morning so maybe it’s best that we are around other people and then we can engage in conversations other than work related. Seeing how I am new to the area, are there any interesting places where we can sit, relax, and share a laugh or two over lunch?” he asked.

Before she had time to even think about it, Samantha shouted excitedly that her place would be perfect for them to have lunch.

Ooh, my goodness … I apologize I didn’t mean to say that. I can’t believe I just said that out loud to you,” she said, blushing. “There are lots of places to go around here. It all depends on what you are in the mood to eat.

She quickly gave him a list of places they could go. “In this building, you know there is the cafeteria. Next door there is a food court with all different types of fast food restaurants. Across the street in the Lincoln Financial Building; there is a restaurant on the 33rd floor. I’ve heard they have a great view of the New York skyline. Then, a mile down the road there are three more, unfortunately I really don’t know too much about them, so I guess today could be the day we try them together,” Samantha said breathlessly.

Well, maybe we can go to the restaurant across the street for today and try the others some other time,” suggested Robert.

When Robert said “some other time,” Samantha took it as an open invitation that he was interested in seeing her again sometime soon; hopefully in the near future. Samantha excused herself from the boardroom, so she could go to her office, check in with her assistant, freshen up in the ladies room and grab her purse so she could meet him downstairs in the front lobby.

They walked across the street to the Lincoln Building. As they entered the building, Robert did his gentlemanly gesture of letting Samantha pass through the glass doors first. This gave him a chance to closely smell the sweet scent of her perfume. It sent hypnotic waves to his brain, but it wasn’t the brain sitting on top of his body. The brain of his manhood was signaling that it was starting to grow.

Good thing my suit jacket was buttoned or else it would have been very embarrassing” he thought to himself.

When they reached the elevators, again he allowed her to enter first after letting the other passengers off the elevator. Standing in an already crowded elevator, Samantha and Robert were standing somewhat side-by-side. Their fingertips lightly brushed up against each other’s. As passengers were exiting the elevator, Robert moved behind Samantha which made his manhood grow even more. An elderly gentleman, who was part of the crowd getting off, was standing in back of Robert. He pushed pass Robert which sent him into Samantha’s back. She noticed Robert had a hard-on which put a smile on her face; never mind the fact the elderly gentleman pushed Robert. She briefly got to feel something she had only imagined several times.

Before they knew it, they were alone in the elevator. Samantha’s mind was working overtime. Robert’s manhood was beginning to throb at the anticipation of anything happening between them right at that moment. This could be a moment neither one would ever get back, if they weren’t bold enough to take advantage of it. Samantha was just that bold to do such a thing. She turned and looked at Robert. Then she pressed the elevator stop button. Slowly, she started unbuttoning his suit jacket. Robert looked at her as if he was reading her mind. He too began slowly unbuttoning her few remaining buttons on her blouse, exposing her 42DD breasts which were softly covered behind her newly purchased Victoria Secrets bra. Kissing her neck ever so softly, Robert’s manhood was at its point and Samantha could feel it more as he drew her closer to him.

Samantha closed her eyes to revel in the ecstasy she was feeling. She wanted Robert to take her now. She unzipped his pants. Then she pulled up her skirt. Guiding his hands to feel her thighs and her ample ass and then she guided his hands in between her thighs to her gurl which was getting wet. The more Robert’s hands were touching her body, the wetter Samantha was getting.

She whispered in his ear, “See how wet I get when I’m around you.

Much to his surprise, he never imagined he had this kind of effect on her.

Well, see what you are doing to my boy below,” he gleefully said while licking the outline of her cleavage.

So what do you propose we do about it?” Samantha asked wickedly.

Robert looked into her eyes. He grabbed her by the waist and picked her up off the floor so she was up in the air. Robert told her to place her feet on the railing behind him and hold onto the wall. He then moved her thong to one side and proceeded to orally stimulate her already wet, throbbing gurl. Samantha let out a sound of pure, uninhibited ecstasy from what Robert was performing on her. Robert’s tongue was treating her gurl to some long overdue stimulation, but her feet were starting to slip off the railing.

Robert continued wickedly sucking on her clit. Samantha continued letting out sounds which only instigated more intense oral stimulation from Robert. He used his tongue as a battering ram inside her gurl. It was causing her to really lose her grip on the elevator’s wall.

Robert, I can’t hold on any longer,” she said with the sound of exhausted pleasure.

Ignoring her pleas, Robert asked, “Do you want me to stop?

I didn’t say all that … now did I?” she responded.

It’s just that my feet are slipping off the railing, these shoes weren’t made for climbing walls,” she continued.

Fearing for her safety and not to mention the possible scandal it would cause them both if something were to happen, Robert gently let her down off the railing. They adjusted their clothing and starting the elevator again. He gently kissed her on her forehead as a sign he enjoyed his appetizer before their lunch.

They arrived at their floor. The elevator doors open to an elegant restaurant that was surrounded by an incredible view of the Hudson. The maître d checked their reservation. He informed them it would only be a few minutes before they are seated.

As they stood there waiting to be seated, Robert stroked Samantha’s back as a sign he wasn’t through with her yet. Not by a long shot. Samantha turned around to look into his eyes as if to say, she wasn’t through with him yet either.

The maître d seated them at their table which had a view of the World Trade Center Towers as well as the waterfront of the Hudson. Maddie the waitress came over to their table to see if they would like a cocktail while they looked over the menus. Robert order mimosas for the both of them. When Maddie asked if they would like an appetizer with their entrée, Robert and Samantha laughed.

No thank you,” they both said.

They both thought to themselves, “If she only knew what kind of appetizer we already had.

Do you see anything on the menu that looks good to eat?” Samantha asked seductively. Knowing full well she was teasing him with that question.

Yes I do, but you are not on the menu,” Robert commented with a blushing smile on his face.

Samantha slid off her right shoe. Her toes made their way up to his cock. Robert had a surprised and stunned look on his face. He didn’t expect a move like that from her, but given the moment and the mood they had in the elevator, he gladly welcomed her foot.

Samantha, you have a beautiful foot … I can only imagine what the rest of you looks like. Is there any chance of me seeing the rest of you?” he asked.

I don’t know … do you have plans for after work tonight?” Samantha questioned.

Well, I was hoping to finish what I started in the elevator, if you don’t mind?” Robert commented.

No, I don’t mind … I was also hoping you would finish what you started,” she continued to say.

I would very much like for you and I to do some damage together.

Your place or mine?” he asked.

Hmmmm … let’s see…why don’t we go to this little bed and breakfast inn which is in the next town over. It would be wonderful seeing how this would be our first time together. We won’t know where the other one lives if this goes wrong. Hey, who’s to say what I have to offer you maybe you couldn’t handle it and vise-versa,” Samantha said.

Yes you are absolutely right, who knows what can happen between us from this moment on. I do know I am very attracted to you and I would like for us to . . . if nothing more than to be really good friends,” Robert stated.

The waitress came back over to their table with their drinks. She asked if they were ready to order from the menu. First she took Robert’s order then Samantha’s. After the waitress walked away, an elderly lady walked over to their table with a basket of single red roses for sale. She asked Robert if he would like to buy one for his lunch companion. He asked how much they cost. The lady responded by saying they were $6.00 each. Robert told Samantha to pick which one she wanted as he paid for it.

As the classical music was playing in the background, the waiter came over to their table with the waitress to serve them their lunch. Robert and Samantha enjoyed idle conversation as they ate. Noticing how their extended lunchtime was closing near. Samantha suggested they quickly hurry so they could finish their work back in the boardroom. That way they could continue with their evening. Robert paid the check. They walked towards the elevator. He looked at Samantha with wicked intentions.

Robert, don’t think you are going to finish me off in this elevator like I was dessert. This time you will be the one holding on for dear life,” Samantha said with a wicked smile.

Ooh really? And what makes you think that, Ms. Clifford?” he said with a smile.

Just wait until we get together tonight … payback is somethin’.

The elevator doors opened. Robert and Samantha stepped inside along with two other couples. The other couple was standing in front of them, holding hands and whispering secrets only they knew. Samantha placed her arm around Robert’s waist. Her hand slid down to his ass. She started squeezing it and Robert gave her a look of astonishment. Samantha gave him a wink and a nod. The other couple turned to Robert and Samantha to beg their pardon. It was their anniversary, so they were recapturing their sparks for one another.

Congratulations on your anniversary,” said Robert and Samantha.

How long have you been married?” Samantha asked.

We have been married for twelve years,” the lady said.

“Are you two married?” the gentleman asked.

No, we are not married. I’m hoping one day soon she will make an honest man of me,” a smiling Robert commented.

Well young lady, what are you waiting for? He seems to be ready for that commitment,” said the gentlemen.

Ooh yes, sweetie girl you shouldn’t wait to much longer, he might change his mind. That’s what happened to us in the beginning. He asked me to marry him and I kept saying no I’m not ready. Then two years went by before he asked me again and when he did asked again, finally, I was ready. Ever since then I have been the luckiest woman around,” the lady told Samantha.

Samantha was so flabbergasted; she didn’t know what to say to the couple or how to respond to Robert’s statement.  She just stood there listening to everyone talking. The elevator stopped at the couple’s floor. Samantha looked at Robert as if to say she wasn’t going to let the couple distract her from what she had in mind for him for their ride down the elevator, seeing how their ride up was just as enjoyable.

Samantha, what’s on your mind?” Robert asked, then realized he had just asked a stupid question.

What’s on my mind you ask?” Samantha said as she stopped the elevator.

I want you to know something. I want to have hot, passionate sex with you and I’m looking forward to tonight.

Well with that said, Robert pulled Samantha closer to him. He kissed her gently on her forehead and then slowly on the lips. His kiss was so passionate she felt her knees buckling.

I too, want to get this hotness building between us started but right now all I want to do is finish tasting something delicious I had been feigning for ever since we got on this damn thing,” Robert said with a wicked grin on his face.

They stood in the middle of the elevator looking at each other. Robert unbuttoned Samantha’s blouse then he unhooked her bra. Her breast gently tumbled out. Her nipples were hard and erect. Robert grabbed the left one. He placed his lips on it then he gently sucked on the nipple as he fondled and squeezed the right one. Samantha couldn’t believe how soothing and adoring he was towards her.

She delighted at the mere touch of his hands all over her body. Then he unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor. Now Samantha stood in front of him with almost nothing on but a smile and her thong. Robert fervently licked her from the tip of her nose, down her neck, the middle of her cleavage to her belly button. Then he stopped at the place he had been feigning for. Samantha slowly slid her hands down her sides to remove her thong, but Robert stopped her. He wanted to do it himself; he didn’t want her to move.

Robert kneeled down in front of Samantha. He smelled her sweet juices in between her thighs as if he was a crack addict feeling the effects of the methadone and he needed to suck on her clit to get the hit he was craving.

If I lose control with this woman, she will have my ass walking up and down the New Jersey Turnpike naked in broad daylight looking for her sweet ass with a flashlight,” he thought to himself. “Damn, baby you smell and taste so damn good that I don’t know if I will ever get enough of you.  Hum, the more I sniff the more I know I will . . .” he said.

“You’ll what?” Samantha asked.

The more I’ll know I want to have non-stop sex with you until you beg for mercy,” Robert said.

Samantha laughed at his comment although she knew better. He didn’t have any idea who he had just made that statement to. Samantha was the last one to be intimidated by any man when it came to sex. Little did he know that she had been taught by the best at their game and she was a quick study. So now she was able to drive men wild to the point upon occasion that some of her exes still came sniffing around to see if they could get a quick fix of her gurl.

She thought to herself, “Maybe one day I’ll tell him … Nah, I’ll just let him encounter the experience of me for himself.”

Robert, you know what? I think we should leave and get back to work. The sooner we finish work the sooner we can get together tonight and …” Samantha said.

He was still sniffing her gurl when he responded, “Uh, yeah I think you’re right. Cause if I start eating now, I’ll never stop.” Robert stood up and dressed Samantha.

They kissed as the elevator started again. By the time it reached the lobby, she was fully dressed and Robert was satisfied for now.

They stepped off the elevator hand in hand. Walking through the lobby, they started whispering and laughing at little private sexual innuendos. They got back to the office. Robert went to his office to check in with his assistant as well as check his emails. Samantha went to her office to do the same. About an hour later, they met back in the boardroom. Although they tried their best to get through work, they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Robert leaned over and whispered that he was ready to go and sex her all night. She started giggling at the thought of her body in his arms all night and starring in their own fuck fest until they passed out. So, Robert called the bed & breakfast inn Samantha had discussed earlier; he made a reservation for that night t at nine. They both wrapped up the meeting and headed back to their respective offices. Before departing, they quickly gave each other something to think about as well as a peck on the cheek. Then they wished the other safe travels up to the inn.

“Until tonight at nine.” they both said.

Samantha left the office to go home to change and to grab a few things for the evening ahead. At home she grabbed a few scented candles, a bottle of scented massage oil, a bottle of champagne, a few CDs, and the most important item of all … the black lace thong teddy with her thigh hi-stockings & garter as well as anything else she might need. Samantha packed everything into an overnight bag.

Robert went to an all-night flower shop to get some rose petals. He too went home to get a few toys himself. Robert grabbed a few CDs, a book of erotic poetry, condoms, a pair of handcuffs, a vibrator, a tube of KY Jelly lubrication, a few bottles of massage oils in various scents, and his favorite pair of silk pajama bottoms as well as a change of clothing.

They met at Blue Heaven Inn. Samantha arrived first. The clerk at the front desk checked her into the suite Robert reserved. The suite was actually the honeymoon suite; it looked like a huge studio apartment. It was laid out with a sectional sofa, fireplace, and a California style king size bed with a wrought iron headboard.

Ooh shit, I forgot the damn handcuffs,” she said to herself.

There was a Jacuzzi bath, mini fridge, and microwave. Samantha asked the bellhop for a bucket of ice and two glass flutes. She unpacked. She put the CDs into the stereo CD changer. Then she started lighting the candles and placing them sporadically throughout the suite including the bathroom.  She placed the bottle of massage oil into a cup of hot water, so it would be warm for later.

She made sure everything was arranged just the way she liked it. She laid out her lingerie, then she sat on the sofa waiting for Robert to arrive. The bellhop knocked on the door with the ice bucket and glasses she ordered. Shortly thereafter Robert arrived. He was surprised to see she had beaten him to the inn. They hugged and kissed as they walked into the suite. Robert couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

WOW!! We were thinking on the same wave length,” he said to Samantha.

They had packed almost the same exact toys for their romantic evening.

Samantha, I wanted to set the mood for you, but I had a slight delay.

Ahhh, poor baby. I’m sorry if I got here before you. What kind of delay did you have?” she asked while kissing on his neck.

I had a flat tire then the spare had a slow leak so I had to stop at a gas station to put air in the tires and also full up my gas tank,” Robert commented.

“Well I brought everything we need,” said Samantha.

Yeah, but I bet you didn’t bring these.” He pulled out a bag of rose petal along with three single yellow roses for Samantha. She was so in awe he would bring rose petals. She thought maybe she miss calculated his level of romance in her mind.

Robert took Samantha by the hand as he walked her to the middle of the room. They slow danced to the tunes playing on the stereo. The music put them in a hypnotic trance. At first they didn’t hear the knock on the door. Robert stopped dancing so he could answer it. It was the bellhop with the tray of goodies Robert pre-ordered before he came up to the room. The bellhop wheeled in the food tray of strawberries with whipped cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup, an assorted tray of freshly sliced fruit, a cup of honey and two bowls of vanilla ice cream. Samantha thought to herself how wonderful it was that he had ordered all the fixings for an erotic evening of romance and sex.

Robert, I can’t believe you did all this. You were not joking about how you wanted this evening to go,” Samantha said.

Now why would you think I was joking? I never joke when it comes to hot romance and even hotter sex,” he commented.

So what else do you have in store for us tonight in the romance department?” she asked.

He smiled wickedly at her at the thought of all the surprises he did indeed have in store for her. But what he didn’t know was Samantha herself, had some tricks of her own up her sleeve for him as well.

Samantha excused herself to the bathroom. She started the Jacuzzi bath; and then she came back out to the living room and grabbed the fruit tray. Robert wondered what she was going to do with the fruit. But then again he didn’t want to assume anything when it came to Samantha, especially after what they did in the elevator this afternoon. In the back of his mind he knew she would be a force to be reckoned with.

As he sat there watching her feverishly run around the suite, he knew they were getting ready to do some damage in the bathroom and it was a good thing he brought his credit cards to cover any damages they might do. Samantha called out to him from the bathroom. Robert walked into the bathroom and to his surprise, Samantha was sitting in the Jacuzzi with bubbles overflowing.

Candlelight served as the sexy, exotic backdrop to bathe each other by. With one champagne glass in her hand, Samantha slyly asked Robert if he would like to join her. The water was nice and steamy hot for two.

 “Well, are you going to just stand there or are you going to join me?” she asked seductively.

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