International Lovers

International Lovers

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Story of the sexual chemistry and attraction between a passenger and flight attendant on an international flight.


Story of the sexual chemistry and attraction between a passenger and flight attendant on an international flight.


Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



International Lovers




Do you remember where you were when you first heard Prince’s song, “International Lover”? I think we all remember where we were, what we were doing and who we were with when this song first hit the airwaves.

“Darling, it appears to me that you could use a date tonight. A body that’ll do you right. . . Tell me, am I qualified?”

What a great opening line! I was just a very young girl and wasn’t sure or perhaps didn’t quite understand the premise of the song, until I got older. As a young girl, I thought I wanted to be a flight attendant and a part of Prince’s flight staff. He announced he would take us around the world on a first class flight; WOW! It sounded so exciting!

Although I was too young to date, I still wanted to be on his plane. Fast forward thirty years later and this song is still the bomb dot com – and grown up me can really appreciate the song now, even more so than before. You see, I did become a flight attendant but had yet to find my Prince to take me around the world. That is until I met this mysterious stranger on an intercontinental flight from New York’s JFK airport to London’s Heathrow International airport. I was assigned to work the first class cabin. Always one for neatness and order, I liked to make sure my cabin was spotless as much as possible. I made sure there were enough pillows, blankets, earphones, and emergency cards. All seats and trays were in the upright positions. The liquor bar cart was well stocked. I and all the other flight attendants busied ourselves until we got the okay for passengers to board the plane and that’s when “Mr. Sexy Cool” walked in.

Our eyes met for a brief moment. We smiled. He spoke to me in passing; being the best at welcoming the passengers, I did my job and offered my assistance to Mr. Sexy Cool.

“Oh, I see you are in first class.”

“Yes, I am,” he responded.

“You are in row 4 seat C, next to the window,” I said.

“Thank you.”

“You are most welcome.”

We smiled as Mr. Sexy Cool walked away. I returned my attention back to the other boarding passengers. Feeling a sense that I was being watched, I looked in Mr. Sexy Cool’s general direction and gave a gentle nod. Gentle enough to acknowledge him watching me.

The other flight attendants took over the greeting duties and I went into the galley to retrieve the hot towels from the steamer. As I made my way down the aisle, I started feeling a bit nervous as I got closer to Mr. Sexy Cool’s aisle. The seat next to him was empty, so I didn’t have to reach over anyone to get near him. His baritone voice thanked me and then he asked for something to drink. I took his drink order which was Jack Daniels and Coke with little ice; then I continued on down to the last aisle.

Returning from the galley with his drink, I asked Mr. Sexy Cool if he had decided on his meal option. Being the man of class and style, or at least he appeared to be; he chose the prime rib with herb butter, baked potato, grilled asparagus, and a dinner roll. I continued taking the other passengers’ meal and drink orders. Out of my peripheral view, I could see he had not taken his eyes off of me. So, I glanced back, flashed a coy little smile, and he winked back. Okay, now was it just my imagination or was he trying to flirt with little ole me?

The captain turned off the seat belt sign. There was movement about the two cabins. Passengers got up to use the restrooms, some retrieving their electronic devices from the overhead compartments, while others were just stretching their legs, especially Mr. Sexy Cool. Again, from my peripheral view, I could see just how sexy, tall and built he really was. He stood about six feet seven inches, three hundred fifteen pounds, with a solid mass of upper body muscles. He was bald with a trimmed goatee, ivory colored skin, hazel green eyes and semi full lips. He was wearing a light grey thinly pinstriped dark grey Hugo Boss suit with matching dark grey spectator shoes. I looked his way as he was standing in line for the restroom. Again, we smiled at each other, but this time he asked if there was another restroom we flight attendants used and if I could sneak him into it.

We both chuckled. I commented on how I wished there was one but, unfortunately we all use the same one, even the pilots. We chuckled again. His baritone voice was smooth and easy on the ears.

“By the way, my name is Eric. . . Eric Chirardelli,” said Mr. Sexy Cool.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Natalia . . .  Natalia Rutherford.”

“Great to meet you.”

We shook hands. His handshake was strong and firm. I prayed my hand wasn’t sweaty from being nervous with having any actual conversation with Mr. Sexy Cool – oops, I mean Eric. Well, he would always be Mr. Sexy Cool to me. Our exchange got interrupted when his turn for the restroom came. I stood there trying to compose myself as I prepared the drink cart for the other flight attendants as well as attended to the food service elevator for the first class passengers. Busying at my task, I could feel Eric staring at me.

“Why are you staring at me Eric?” I asked.

“Natalia, how did you know I was looking at you? I wasn’t staring, I was observing.”

“Oh, you were observing not staring?”

“Yes, madam, just observing the view in front of me,” Eric stated.

“Well, Eric, I hate to interrupt your observation, but you will need to get to your seat. I’ll be bringing your meal shortly.”

Eric gave me this look like a little kid, who had to put away his toys because it was quiet time. It was darling, if I must say so. I watched as he walked away. I never noticed before but Eric had a little swagger to his walk. It was flawless and suave, not quite like a model’s walk nor was it thuggish like the homeboys on the street corner. It was more of a combination of Ron O’Neil in Superfly and Billy Dee Williams in Lady Sings The Blues; yes I know Eric was bi-racial – Caucasian, Italian and Black; but it was the only way to describe his walk. Keeping my eyes on him, I also noticed his butt which was round and firm as well as muscular; it filled out his suit pants very nicely.

Rolling the cart down the aisle, I could see Eric in his seat, pouting at me. I reached his row. I handed him his food and drink.

“Well thank you, Natalia.”

“You are welcome. Now stop pouting,” I said.

We both snickered. Eric reached for the tray which was in my hand. Our fingers grazed each other. He smiled at me like it wasn’t an accident. The touch was purposeful, well at least on his end. I continued with my duties. I helped the other attendants with the first few rows after first class. On my way back into first class, Eric stopped me.

“Excuse me, Miss. May I have a bottle of water please?”

“Sure sir. Would you like some ice with it?” I asked.

“No thank you.”

I reached in the beverage cart to get a bottle. I reached over to hand it to Eric. Just then, he grabbed my hand and asked if I was allowed to sit with him later after meal time. I told him no, not really but I could stop by every once in a while to check on him. Eric looked up at me with a pout but this time he added sad puppy dog eyes, which made me stare into them. The hazel green color mixture of his eyes was slightly mesmerizing, but I resisted falling completely under his spell.

“Please come back and sit with me. London is a long flight and the thought of getting to know you would make this flight more enjoyable. I don’t want you to break any rules on my account, but I would like it, if you could,” he begged, pleading his case.

I wouldn’t give him a definite yes, but I did give him a maybe, as I rolled my cart along. Standing in the galley, I had to catch my bearings. It was just unbelievable how in just a short time, I found myself getting a little giddy over a passenger. Mr. Sexy Cool aka Eric Chirardelli was interested in getting to know me. I couldn’t believe it. This is so surreal what I was feeling. I continued on with my tasks, trying to get my mind off Eric, which would be hard to do on this flight. After tidying up the galley, it was time to go back out there to collect the trash. Making my way down the aisle, I noticed Eric wasn’t in his seat.

Perhaps he was in the bathroom, I thought to myself. Suddenly, I felt like someone was watching me. I turned slightly around and there was Eric waiting for the restroom. I smiled and mouthed to ask if he was done with his tray so I could collect the trash. He nodded and winked at me. All I could do was smile.

After collecting all trash from the passengers, I found myself standing in the galley waiting for Eric to walk by. Again, the giddy school girl in me was lightly pacing like the shy nerdy girl waiting for a glimpse of the popular good looking boy to walk pass her locker. The sound of the restroom door opening was my cue to position myself to stop Eric in his tracks.

“Psst. . . Psst. . . Come here,” I whispered.

“Yes, Miss. How can I help you?”

“Well, sir. I’m not exactly sure, but I do have a request.” I said.

“You do? What is the request?”

“Not sure, how to ask it.”

“Just say it fast,” Eric said.

“I’d rather just. . .”  I reached up, grabbed his face and seductively kissed him.

At first, I could feel Eric’s expression of surprise, but then he quickly got over it. I could feel Eric’s hands on my back pulling me in closer to feel his manhood bulging. His lips were soft and airy like cotton candy. I couldn’t get enough. The more we kissed, the more I wanted. Just then, the airplane hit some turbulence and I was thrown even more into Eric and his bulging manhood. Being this close, I couldn’t resist slipping my hand to the expanding area. Eric slightly moaned then he pulled away to whisper in my ear, “Don’t go there, if you’re not ready for the ride.”

I smiled, then I whispered back, “Oh you have no idea, how ready I am.”  I took his hand and slid it under my skirt to let him feel how really ready I was. We kissed some more as we playfully fondled each other. Again, the plane hit some turbulence. The pilot turned on the seat belt sign and asked for everyone to return to their seats. It was our cue to break apart for the moment. Eric kissed me on my forehead as he turned to walk away.  I composed myself and got back into professional mode. I checked on the passengers to make sure everyone was secure and safely in their seatbelts. The pilot told the flight attendants to do the same. I couldn’t see Eric from where I was sitting and it was a good thing because I had the biggest grin and shameful look on my face. I couldn’t believe just how bold I was, and with a passenger no less.

“What the heck am I doing?” I asked myself.

The turbulence lasted about twenty minutes. It was the longest twenty minutes I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t believe I was sitting here, counting the actual minutes. Finally, the pilot announced the turbulence was over. The passengers had to stay seated a while longer but the attendants could move about. The feeling of not finishing what I started with Eric was starting to feel a little disheartening because I had to remain professional and do my duties.

I made my way down the aisle, one by one, checking on the passengers. I reached Eric’s row. He had a sad look on his face. He winked at me, then he handed me a note. I slipped it in to my pocket for later. The turbulence was back again for a third time. Once again, all flight attendants had to take a seat. Waiting out the turbulence, I read Eric’s note.


Sweet Natalia,

WOW!! That was some kiss you planted on me. You really surprised me. It must have taken a lot of courage for you to do it. I really enjoyed our kiss and I’m looking forward to the next one. What luscious, sweet and juicy lips you have? Just wickedly delicious. I appreciate you making the first move, but if you don’t mind, I’ll take it from here. When we land in London, I would be honored if you would have a drink with me. Really would like to know more about you and finish what we started. Let me know your answer before we land and decide where to meet up in the airport.

Smiling from ear to ear!



Here comes that school girl giddiness again. He was smiling from ear to ear, I’m sure I was wearing a smile as big as Minnie Mouse. I wasn’t sure how to respond to his note but I thought, it would be nice to have a great evening. I hadn’t been out on a date in a great while, especially with an attractive drop dead sexy man. I decided to meet him after we landed in London. When it was safe to move about the airplane, I planned make my way over to Eric on the sly to let him know.

But the turbulence lasted until the plane started to make its decent towards the airport. Somehow, I had to let Eric know my response. I didn’t want to break airline regulations, so I was afraid I’d have to wait until the plane landed and unloaded the passengers. Starting to feel nervous, my hands were getting sweaty, my legs were shaking and my heart was beating a little faster. The pilot made the announcement that we were approaching the airport and that the flight attendants could move about while the passengers stayed in their seats.

I made my way down the aisle to make sure all seats were in their upright positions, tray tables were secure, and any lingering trash was collected, quickly. One by one I checked each passenger until I got to Eric’s row. Giving me a come to big daddy look, Eric had a huge smile on his face. I reached down to whisper my response in his ear and before I could say anything, Eric kissed me square on the lips. To say I wasn’t expecting it would be an understatement.

“I will meet you for a drink when we land,” I whispered.

“I kinda figured you would.”

“How were you so certain I would accept?”

“Let’s just say I had a feeling,” he said sarcastically.

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really. Why else would I have kissed you a moment ago?”

I had no response to his smart aleck comment. I did have to admit I really enjoyed kissing him, which was making this evening’s encounter even more intriguing. I smiled at him as I walked away to finish my task at hand. Helping the other attendants made everything get done much faster. The pilot once more made an announcement for us to be seated and to prepare for landing.

The plane landed at Heathrow Airport. The pilot turned the seatbelt sign off. It was everyone’s cue to get up, gather their belongings, and for the flight attendants to open the plane doors. Passengers moved about to get their things and open up overhead compartments as well as turn on their cellphones to call their loved ones. I was busy pulling out the bulky items out of the closets and placing them on the walkway. I was so busy handling my tasks, I didn’t notice if Eric had gotten off the plane. Returning back to the plane to collect my belongings, I was surprised to see Eric was amongst them. As I said my goodbyes to my colleagues, Eric had reached for my wheeled suitcase as well as my hand. To say it was unexpected wouldn’t begin to describe the look on my face.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Eric asked.

“No, I don’t. It was just unexpected.”

“Oh, I thought holding hands is what people do when they like each other, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but I really wasn’t expecting it.”

We smiled at each other as we walked through the airport, hand in hand. We chatted about our respective agendas as well as how long we both would be in London. Although, I would only be in London for one day, Eric’s stay would be longer.

Knowing our time together would be limited, we’ve decided to make the most of it. We found this quaint little airport pub. We walked in, found a nice corner booth in the back. Getting ourselves comfortably seated, Eric put his arm around me and pulled me close for what I would describe as a thong wetting kiss. We kissed like we were about to get busy right there on the table, but the waitress interrupted our momentum. We placed our order for drinks and a light appetizer. Eric slipped the waitress a ten spot and told her to take her time coming back with our order.

“What?” he asked me.

“What. . . What?”

“What’s that look for?”

“I don’t have a look.”

“Yes, you do. You wanted her to come right back?” questioned Eric.

“Honestly, no, she could take her time, but you didn’t have to give her such a big tip ahead of the bill,” I said.

“Well beautiful, sometimes you have to give a little incentive.”

“Hmmmm . . .  I guess you are right. So stop talking and kiss me you sexy hunk of a man.”

Eric smiled at me. Pulling me closer into his arms, he slowly kissed my forehead, my eyes, the top of my nose, my right cheek, next my left cheek, and finally my lips. The soft sensualness of his kisses had me feeling sexy, desirable, feverish, and flustered all at the same time. The longer our lips were connected, the more I felt like this would be a night we both would never forget.

 “You have the softest lips for a man.”

"Well, thank you, I guess.”

“I didn’t mean to offend. I just meant . . . you are a new experience for me.”

“New experience? You’ll have to explain,” said Eric.

“By new experience, I mean . . . this is my first time seeing a passenger after hours and not to be insensitive, but you are the first non-black man I’ve . . . “

“Oh really?”

“Yes, you are. I’ve never thought . . .”  I was unable to complete my response Eric put his lips on mine then whispered it was okay and that he understood what I was going to say.

The waitress returned with our drinks and appetizer. Eric and I talked, ate, drank, talked, laughed, ate, drank and talked. In between all of it, we kissed, laughed and talked. But then, we started fondling each other. The growth of his manhood was not surprising to me. Most men I’ve gone out with who stood over six feet tall, had large penises that were usually long, thick, and somewhat of a wide girth. Eric seemed like he would definitely fill me up completely. Unzipping Eric’s pants, I ran my hand alongside his penis through the zipper. The tip was a little moist. It was a clear sign to me he was ready to let loose his man juice. A smile came across my face while my lips and Eric’s lips were enjoying their own fun.

"Why are you smiling?” he asked.

“I’m smiling because it feels like someone wants out of their restraints.”

Eric laughed at my sarcastic comment. “Guess we should pay the check and go then, huh?”

“Go? Go where?” I asked.

“Well, we could go to your hotel room or we could go to my hotel suite,” said Eric.

“Hmmm . . . seeing how I’m leaving in twenty four hours, my hotel is close by,” I commented.

“Your place it is then.”

I zipped up his pants. Eric motioned for the waitress. He paid the bill. We left our cozy booth. Walking towards the door, Eric and I held hands and laughed like a real couple on a date, not like two people who just met and were about to engage in a one night stand. We hailed a cab at the airport taxicab stand. Giving the driver the name of my hotel, Eric and I sat back and stared at each other. Eric brushed his hand across my knee. I took his hand and slid it up my skirt. He could feel the warmth and moistness of my lace thong. The expression on Eric’s face was one of astonishment.

“Why do you look surprised?” I asked.

“Because I . . . actually I don’t know myself,” he stated.

I gave him a sly grin as I crossed my legs with his hand still between them. I whispered in his ear and told him it was okay to play I’d been waiting patiently until now. Eric slid two of his fingers underneath my thong. One finger found my already protruding clit, while the other one found its way in my pleasure chest. Eric had very large masculine hands with long strong fingers. The finger playing with my clit had me wanting to explode right there in the cab while the other finger slid up and down until I almost exploded again but I controlled myself. Eric saw on my face how much I was enjoying myself. He moved closer to me so his finger could go deeper into the pleasure chest. Soon the one finger somehow became two fingers playing in the pleasure chest and his thumb was playing with my clit. I could feel myself wanting to get excited but I let my facial expression tell the feeling.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the cab driver trying to see what was going on.

“Eric, I think we need to stop,” I whispered.


“Cause the driver is trying to be nosey and I don’t want him to think I’m some kind of perverted American in his cab,” I said.

“Well, he can think the same about me as well. We’ll be two perverted Americans enjoying a little sexual play in his cab.”

“Maybe so, but I still think we should stop. Plus, we are almost at the hotel after we go through this stop light.”

“Okay, Natalia. I’ll stop for now, but later, I don’t know . . .” Eric whispered back.

I uncrossed my legs to released Eric’s hand. He gave me his pouting look again. I blew him a kiss. He smiled as he put the two fingers that were in my pleasure chest into his mouth. He sucked on them like they were lollipops with one last lick left before the end. I found myself smiling at his gesture I was turned on by this man I barely knew, who was appreciating my juicy goodness. The cab pulled up in front of my hotel. Eric paid the fare. He helped me out of the car like you would see in those old black and white movies on TCM. Eric got our bags from the driver. We proceeded into the hotel. As we walked through the lobby, I felt Eric’s arm around my waist. Standing this close to him made me feel hot, risqué, and turned on as well as any other descriptive adjectives likely to come to mind.

We were standing at the front desk, waiting my turn to be checked in. Eric, who was still holding me by my waist, excused himself to make a phone call. Watching him walk away gave me a great opportunity to take him in full open view. Yeah, I know I saw him walk before on the plane but it was just a short walk. This walk was a little longer and he definitely had some kind of swagger. It was a walk of confidence, leadership, and taking charge; stealthy and manly. It looked like he was conducting business. The front desk agent handled my check in. The agent also gave me a message the airline left for me. It looked like my flight out was changed. Instead of me leaving in twenty four hours, I was leaving in forty eight hours, which meant I could extend my one night with Eric if he was up for it.

I stood off to the side, waiting for Eric to finish his phone call. I couldn’t believe I was about to have crazy sex with this sexy white guy. Noticing I was watching him, Eric started blowing air kisses to me like a kid blowing bubbles in the air. I couldn’t help myself but to join in on the fun. If you were sitting in the lobby, it would have looked like imaginary volleyball but it was kisses. Yep, people were staring and grinning at us. It was fun and silly. Eric walked over to me with a huge smile on his face. The lights in the lobby made his hazel green eyes shimmer with sultriness. Standing in front of each other, Eric reached out to hug me. We hugged for a brief moment.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yes, everything is good now. I changed my check in date and time at my hotel, so I wouldn’t lose my reservation,” he answered.

“I know this is probably the weirdest time to ask you again, but are you being straight with me about you being single? Most men who are away from home a lot like you mentioned, do have affairs, one night stands, and anonymous sex and such. I just don’t want the morning after to be regrettable.”

"Listen beautiful, for the millionth time. I’m single. No kids. I live alone. I own my own global security software business. I fly around the world to conduct business and to see my global clients. Have had some relationships but none of them were long lasting because of my traveling and when I do have downtime, I am usually working, sleeping or at the gym,” Eric explained.

I shook my head as I was listening to Eric give me the rundown of who he was again.

“Natalia, if you don’t want to go through with this I’ll understand. We can hang out here in the lobby or go over there to the hotel’s pub until the morning, grab some breakfast, then you can be on your way back to the States and I’ll go to my hotel.”

“No, it’s not that Eric. I guess I am just trying to keep myself from getting caught up in the clouds.” I said.

Eric hugged me tightly and smooched me lightly on the forehead.

“I don’t want to get lost in the clouds either, but honestly, I do like you and know that sometimes in life you have to take a risk or miss out with lifetime of regrets hanging around your neck. Believe me I didn’t get this far in business by playing it safe.”

“Yes Eric, that’s business – this is something . . .  not exactly sure what this is. I know it’s not business,” I said.

“True. But nonetheless Natalia the same rules apply don’t you think?” Eric questioned.

“Yes, I guess, so.”

“Okay cool . . . so?”

“So, hurry up and kiss me before I talk myself out of it.”

“Yes, madam.”

Eric pulled me close to him and he did just what he was told to do. He kissed me exactly like he did on the plane. I was starting to feel the feverish sensation again. The closer Eric held me to him, I could sense his manhood growing. Our magnetic lips couldn’t help themselves. Their connection was so passionate and sexy; I could imagine the eyes of the people who were grinning at us earlier, staring at the end result of the kissing game. We stopped long enough to walk over to the elevators. Waiting for one to come, I started rubbing Eric’s manhood with my hand.

“Looks like someone is trying to start the party a little early,” Eric whispered.

All I could do was look back at him with a devilish grin. The elevator doors opened. The chime of the elevator was like the ringing of the bell at the start of a wrestling match, because as soon as these doors close, we would be picking up where we left off in the cab. Fortunately we were alone for the ride up to the eighteenth floor.

 As soon as the doors closed, I unzipped Eric’s pants. Then I slid my hand inside. I began massaging his manhood through his underwear. Eric held me close as he lifted me up. I straddled him around his waist. He pinned me against the wall as he started to unbutton my blouse. I licked his neck. I sucked on his earlobe, while Eric nibbled on my neck. His hands were squeezing my ass. Gnawing on each other, it was no denying the lustful steam we were building up in each other.

Eric lowered me down off his waist. He ran his hands up my legs, pushing up my skirt. He bent down to take in the hypnotic fragrance of my pleasure chest. He pulled off my thong. He licked the inside of my thighs. Lifting my right leg on his shoulder, Eric licked all around my Brazilian waxed pleasure chest until finally his tongue found the double walls. Using only his tongue, Eric broke through the double walls until he found the swollen doorbell. It was waiting to be rung or in this case, sucked to no end.

Flickering his tongue on my swollen clit, I could feel my inner juice starting to run, which I guess Eric figured out because I felt two of his fingers moving in and out until a rhythm began to form. Being pinned to the wall was coming to an end because of my one leg balancing act. I didn’t have a grip on anything except for Eric’s bald head.

“Hmmm, Eric. . . Eric. . . Eric. . . Uhhhh, Eric. . . I’m slipping,”  I said.

Paying me no attention, Eric continued sucking on my clit and finger fucking me until I orgasmically exploded, right at the same time the elevator reached my floor. The elevator chimed, the doors began to open. Eric stopped just short of the doors fully opening and not a moment too soon, because there was a couple with their children waiting to enter the elevator. We gathered ourselves and our belongings. Stepping off the elevator, we smiled at each other.

“You taste delicious my dear,” Eric commented.

“Oh really? How delicious am I?” I asked.

“You tasted so delicious; I could develop a sweet tooth. I just couldn’t get enough,” he said with a smile on his face.

“Come here . . .” I reached for his face and I licked his lips.

“Hmmm . . . yeah you are right. I do taste delicious.”

“Hey. . .  Hey, that was mine. I was saving it for later,” Eric childishly stated.

“Awww, don’t get upset. You still have the two fingers.”

“Oh, yeah! That’s right I do and you can’t have any.” Eric took his two fingers he had inside me and licked them as well as the palm of his hand. Then he stuck out his tongue at me as if to say how about them apples – none for you. All I could do was laugh at him while we walked down the hall towards my room.

“That’s okay, Eric. You’ll want some more later . . . and I won’t share any with you,” I said.

“Yes, I do want some more.  . . a lot more.”

“And if I don’t feel like sharing, what’s going to happen? You going to pout and hold your breath like a spoiled child?” I asked sarcastically.

“Nope, I’ll just leave. You won’t see me again,” Eric said with a straight face.

“WOW!! You’ll leave. Seriously?”

“Yes, I will. Bye – bye,” he said playfully waving.

We approached my room. I opened the door to let us in. Standing in the little hallway, Eric put our bags down in one corner. I walked over to the windows to close the curtains and to turn on the table lamps.

“Don’t move. Stand right there,” Eric instructed me.

“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing’s wrong. I was just taken a back at how very beautiful you look in the light.”

“Awwww! You are just saying that caused you want back in my panties . . .  speaking of . . . where are my thongs, sir?” I asked.

“In my pocket. I’m keeping them as a souvenir, do you mind?”

I shook my head and told him to keep them. Eric walked over to me. He looked deeply into my eyes. We stood like this for about two minutes. Eric reached for my hands. He kissed them both. Then he started to undress me.

“Don’t move. . . I want to enjoy this moment.” he whispered.

I did as I was instructed. I didn’t move. Eric unbuttoned my blouse. Turning me around, he unhooked and unzipped my skirt. Letting the skirt fall to the floor, Eric peeled me out of my blouse. His hands slid down my shoulders, down my waist, over my ass, and finally down my legs. Standing behind me, I could feel his warm breath on my neck. His tongue traced down the back of my neck then down my spine. He unhooked my bra and continued kissing until he reached the top of my ass. I felt his tongue sliding down the crack of my ass. Standing there I thought to myself, how uninhibited this all felt. I had never been treated this way, let alone sexually appreciated like this before.

 “Natalia . . .”

"Yes, Eric.”

“You are so beautiful. May I have you now?” he asked.

“Do you really want me now?”

“Yes, I do. Please, may I have you?”

“Well, okay. Yes, you may. No need to beg,” I said.

Eric turned me around to face him once again. We kissed. He lifted me up in his arms and carried me over to the bed. Seductively, he laid me down. I began to take off my thigh high stocking and shoes.

“Didn’t I tell you not to move? If I wanted those off, I would have taken them off of you,” he said sternly.

I lay back down after I gave him a look of defiance. He started to undress himself, never breaking the gaze we had. Standing at the foot of the bed, Eric smiled while putting on a condom. He climbed onto the bed. Still not breaking our gaze, Eric playfully rubbed my legs.

“Your skin is so smooth and soft. I have a confession to make to you. You know how earlier you asked me about other women or if there was someone else?”

“Oh hell!! There is someone, isn’t there?”

“No. . . no . . . no one, for the millionth and one time.”

“Then, what is it?” I asked.

“Well . . . like you, I’ve never been with anyone outside my race before either. You are my first,” he stated. “Guess you can say we are both virgins at this.”

I chuckled. “Yes, you can say so. . .”

“So technically this will be our first.”

“Not technically. Actually it is our first time, Eric.”

Chuckling, he agreed it was indeed our first time. He leaned down so his lips could lovingly make contact with my stomach.

“You smell scrumptious. What fragrance are you wearing?”

“I think I’m wearing Heavenly Dream Angel by Victoria Secrets.”

“I like it.”

“Glad you like it. So do I.”

Shifting his position from hovering over me to lying next to me, Eric started fondling and massaging my breasts. One at a time. To say he was taking his time would be an inaccurate description. Eric explored just about every inch of my body with his hands. Then he whispered to me how he was ready and asked if I was too. I said that I was. Shifting his position again, Eric was back at the bottom of the bed. Gently, he moved my legs apart. He licked and kissed my thighs from the top of the stockings until he got to the pleasure chest. He looked up at me and instructed me to tell him how and what would bring me the most satisfaction. In the back of my mind, I could hear Prince saying, “You are flying aboard the Seduction 747. This plane is fully equipped with anything your body desires.”

I said “Can you do what you did to me in the elevator? I rather enjoyed that. Start with that and go from there?”

Eric proceeded to repeat our moment in the elevator, but with a twist. My clit wasn’t quite swollen like it was in the elevator, so Eric didn’t touch it; he lightly blew on it while his tongue and fingers were going in and out of me. I could feel my clit swelling up, the more Eric blew on it, along with the in and out of his fingers. The rhythm we once had begun again but this time it was different; it was great, but different nonetheless. I could feel my juices starting to boil. I think Eric could feel it too, but before I could explode, Eric inserted his massive cock inside me. I flinched a little because I wasn’t expecting it so soon. I felt the fullness of him.

Slowly, we moved together. Concentrating on our breathing, we had an unbreakable rhythm. Eric licked his thumb then placed his wet member on the head of my swollen clit. Gently, rubbing the wetness on the tip, again, I flinched from the unexpectedness of that move. We both started moaning sounds of pleasure. He lifted my left leg onto his shoulder. The depths were definitely felt within me. Eric raised my hips while my leg was still on his shoulder, and I felt an overwhelming rush of explosion coming over me. In the back of my mind, I knew what was happening, but had a hard time believing it. No man had ever done this. Could it be? It couldn’t be! Eric had found my G-spot and it was ready to explode.

Eric wrapped my right leg around his waist. It made our bodies connect deeper. It looked like I was stuck to him but I wasn’t. Our rhythm was reaching the peak of performance until I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to. . . I just had to explode and man when I did, Eric didn’t stop stroking, he kept going. He smiled down at me. He mouthed for me to let go, it was okay. I came so hard my G-spot exploded as well. I squirted so much, it ran down us. For a moment there, I thought I had peed on myself. I felt embarrassed, but it didn’t stop Eric. He used the wetness to rub my clit until it was swollen again. And once again, I was primed to cum again . . . this time Eric orgasmed as well. To say what just happened between us was incredible would be a big fat understatement. I had never felt what I just felt.

To express what I just encountered was inexpressible. Eric reached down and gently placed his lips on mine.

“Thank you Natalia!”

“You are welcome! But why are you thanking me?”

"Because it is the gentlemanly thing to do when someone does something incredible for you. What we just did was just that. . .  Incredible. So thank you,” he said as he lightly touched his lips on my forehead.

“Okay, you are welcome again.”

“I don’t want to move from you. You are glowing.”

“I am?” I asked.

“Yes you are. Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

Eric slowly got up off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. After a few seconds, I heard the water running. Eric came back in the room. He came over to me, scooped me up and carried me into the bathroom. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I laid my head on his shoulder. The mixture of my perfume and his body sweat was indescribable in every way imaginable. All I knew was it felt like I could live in his arms forever.  He had the shower going. He placed me on the sink counter. Then he took off my stockings and shoes.

“Now my dear, you are completely undressed.”  We laughed as he led me into the steamy shower. The still and quietness between us was euphoric. We lathered and bathed each other, then we toweled off each other slowly and seductively. Eric wrapped me in the bathrobe compliments of the hotel and then wrapped himself in a towel. He carried me back into the room.

“How do you feel?” he asked. 

I answered that I was okay. We smiled at each other. He stated he was hungry and I giggled because I was too. Eric called down for room service for two. While we waited, we talked, we laughed, we made out, and then we talked some more. For a few moments, we sat in silence. The room had a unique stillness to it as we sat and stared at each other.

Gently we touched each other. Each touch had something to it, some type of meaning but neither of us spoke until there was a knock at the door. Room service broke the mood but only temporary. The waiter set up our dinner on the table and opened the wine bottle, so the wine could breathe. Eric paid the waiter, then closed the door behind him.

We ate, talked, laughed, and really enjoyed each other’s company. Eric and I had a lot in common and some slightly different world views. The next few hours flew by and before we knew it, it was early morning. Sitting on the sofa, Eric put his arm around my shoulder. I moved closer to him, so we could cuddle.

Again, the room had a quiet stillness. I could hear Eric’s heartbeat. The rhythm was soothing, it made me feel comfortable and safe. We both drifted off to sleep. As I floated into slumber, I could hear Prince saying. . . “Welcome to satisfaction, please remain awake until the aircraft has come to a complete stop. Thank you for flying Prince International. . .”

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