It Started With A Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

If only our stories were reality.

Table of Contents

It Started With A Story

If only our stories were reality. Read Chapter


I rolled over and stretched. I curled up in the comforter comfortably and then I felt it. The head pounding headache assaulting my head. ... Read Chapter


I woke up slowly the next morning. I remember my eyes slowly opening first. I remembered what happened last night and why I was still ins... Read Chapter


"Can I touch it?"   "No" "Why?" "I want you to earn it." "What do I have to do?" "How about we....." He ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Two weeks passed. He didn't text me. He didn't call me. I tried texting him, i tried calling him but he ignored both. Fed up I went to hi... Read Chapter


Michael decided to go out to the movies after the park so we walked over to 42nd st. We went to the theater and got seats near the back. ... Read Chapter


Me: So how long are you going to keep this up? Michael: ? Me: The sending me home thing. Michael: As long as I want to. M... Read Chapter


"Undo my belt, button and zipper."   I looked at his crotch and did as told. The room was deathly silent. I became aware of ... Read Chapter


After relieving myself and showering I went to the kitchen. Michael had breakfast ready and my list on the table. He helped me back into ... Read Chapter


"Spread your legs, wider. Good now don't move I don't want to cut you." My whole body was tensed as I watched him. My arms had been t... Read Chapter


My legs were spread wide. Michael was between my thighs holding his length sliding it up and down my wet slit. "Oh please. I've waite... Read Chapter


I kneeled between his legs and unbuckled his pants. He lifted his hips helping me release him then scooted his chair forward so nothing w... Read Chapter


We stopped twice. Once to go to Forever 21 for an outfit, the second to stop at a sex shop. I was to wait outside as he made his purchase... Read Chapter


"How did we get here?" "What do you mean?" "Here." Michael stared at me as if I was crazy maybe I was. Daniel had left a whil... Read Chapter


He didn't text or call me for a week. I didn't either. I felt he was being childish. I shouldn't have to chase after him, I couldn't cont... Read Chapter


I'm restrained the way I had him moments ago. There is nothing but darkness because of a blindfold.  "Michael?"  He doe... Read Chapter


"I'm sorry Kia." I hadn't spoken to him for two hours. I was just to angry. "Please say something, anything." I was sitting o... Read Chapter


It took an hour to compose myself and stop crying. I couldn't find a solution that worked in our favor. When my mother was set on somethi... Read Chapter