Cougar Fantasy

Cougar Fantasy Cougar Fantasy

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



A fantasy comes to life when a women meets two strangers on a island



A fantasy comes to life when a women meets two strangers on a island


Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




Cougar Life: Fantasy

I had never done this before and the excitement is already

building. I have been thinking about how I’m going to do this for weeks.

Just waiting for the right opportunity to be presented. Its finally here I’m

off on to my get away. My flight leaves for paradise at 7:15. I can’t wait

the ocean and sun will help me relax. My guest should be arriving soon.

I spent the day in the sun with the waves kissing my body. I smell like

coconut, and my hair is a wavy blonde mess from the breeze. I watch the

waves rush up my tan legs. I’m getting wet with excitement. I take

another drink while I wait I want to be completely relaxed for what’s to

come. As I lowered my fruity umbrella drink I see them for the first

time. They were both a sight to see walking down the beach with no

shirt on. We never meet in person. We have been planning this for

months online. It took a while for all three of us to get together. I’m 40

and there 27 and 28 and there all mine. We waste no time we are staying

on a private beach for a reason. No interruptions no one standing in our

way. I try and stand and greet them he pushes me back down in the sand.

I look up and he’s unbuttoning his pant. I smiled God he is perfect. I

take his hard dick in my mouth and we begin. It is salty like water. His

friend is behind me now rubbing on my ass.  I’m not sure what to expect

from him he placed his hard dick inside me and grabbed my hair and

started pulling it. I could feel his grip around my neck. It was turning me

on. He filled me up with his big dick it felt so good. I could feel every

thrust as he went back and forth. I’ve fantasized about a threesome since

forever. The thought of two young men in me at the same time was more

than I could imagine. They both craved all of my attention. I was flipped

over I could feel the sand between the creases of my ass. My friend

started kissing my stomach and slowly strolled down towards my pussy.

He started eating my pussy I could feel him grabbing my ass bringing

me more into his mouth. His friend placed his hard dick on my lips and  

gestured me to open my mouth. So I had a tongue in my pussy and a

dick in my mouth. Then they switched position. It’s like they were

having a pussy eating contest on me. I can’t you tell who was better in

eating my pussy. I just laid back and enjoyed.  It was very accelerating

my body shacked and shivered as I was being passed around I was

loving all the lust for me. I continue to cum I could feel the wetness fall

down my legs.  These guys were making me feel so alive and so good. I

was riding one guy as the other sucked on my nipples. The sun was

setting and our threesome was coming to a end. That was a memorable

moment for me. They had to get back and catch their flight. I had my

fantasy in paradise.

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