New World - Chapter Two

New World - Chapter Two New World - Chapter Two

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Chapter Two.


Chapter Two.

Chapter1 (v.1) - New World - Chapter Two

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Chapter Two.

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Submitted: July 09, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2013



Chapter Two.

Sunday afternoon I sit at a Italian restaurant with Mattie and I gulp down my food hungrily. I bite into the warm rolls until my hunger pains stopped and I it felt as though my belly would burst.

Sighing with delight, I take a huge gulp of the red wine and set the empty glass next to my empty plate and empty roll basket.

When I look up Mattie’s watching me with pain in his eyes. A lump settles in my throat.

“I’m fine,” I whisper to him. He blinks and a tear slips from his eye, he then grabs my hand and squeezes it reassuringly. I know he hates this, he always feels the need to protect me like a big brother. I smile at him to set him at ease, ironic that I have to comfort when I’m in need of comfort myself.

“I want you to come live with me.” I sigh and roll my eyes as this topic starts up again. “I’m serious, Tarryne.” “So am I when I tell you no thank you and to drop it.”

Before Mattie can open his mouth to protest I erupt. “Jesus, Matthew just drop it okay? You have enough trouble with your brother and I’m not in the mood to be one of the endless lists of your issues with each other. And I don’t want to be a pity case. I can handle my own shit I’m stronger than I look. This is my problem so I’ll handle it, you handle your shit.”

At my last words; Mattie winces and looks down. I fight the urge to comfort him, he has to hear it and sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind. A silence, full of tension stifles the air making it unbearable to even breathe.

Finally he nods and sits back and takes a gulp of his wine. I look at him and fish out some money in my jeans. God, this is so embarrassing I only have two dollars to my name and I blush a bright pink as I lay it down on the table.

“I’ll make it up next time.”

“No, lunch is on me. I still owe you five bucks and I invited you.”

He doesn’t have to tell me twice, I stuff the money back in my pocket and nod at him.

After another silence of staring at him and him looking inside of his wine glass as if all the answers of the world lie there, I spoke up.

“I have to get back-“

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to push you so far.” He interrupts me and looks into my eyes.

“Just don’t let it happen again.” This I say firmly.

He nods once, “I just hate seeing you like this.”

I clench my jaw and choose not to comment on that. Seriously, I can handle my situation and Mattie trying to be the hero and ‘save’ me kind of pisses me off. Not just that I want to be saved by the guy that actually loves me and Mattie’s definitely NOT that guy, but also I want to be proud of myself when I finally leave my house and knowing that I did it on my own.

This entire male protection thing just angers me.

“Mattie, just drop it please. It’s important to me for you to just let it go and support me emotionally because that’s what best friends do.”

Mattie takes my hand again and it feels good. “Anything.” His green eyes warm up.

I can’t seem to help the small smile that tilts my lips upward, I take my hand from under his and punch him playfully on the shoulder.

The next morning after getting off the buss, I walk the rest of the way toward CPPC, trying my best to avoid the cars as I wheedle from between them and cross streets.

The honking will never get old; I still throw my middle finger here and there for the usual jerks. I didn’t even bother to look up from my text book now and almost got run over twice.

I have to cram and crunch this numbers if I want to pass the test this morning. I study but I’m one of those girls who forget something right after I’d learned it. Right now I have to cram and refresh a lot of terms and definitions.

My nose tingled and got numb from the cold, my cheeks also stinging, but I can’t think of things like the cold now. I have to get this in my brain before my first class.

Another car screech and honk at me as I cross the road, I wave my hand nonchalantly and walk on until I feel a huge hand grip my arm and swing me into a hard body.

Shock rippled through my body making me look up into angry green eyes.

“Do you have a fucking death wish?” Jared growls at me.

After avoiding him for so long, my body ignores his anger and rather feels what it has longed to for, for years.

He probably got impatient with my dumbstruck expression and my drooling open mouth, because he suddenly shakes me.

“What’s wrong with you?” he eyes me up and down; taking in my scuffed black ankle boots, black leggings and black coat. My hair is pulled up in a high pony tail with a blue ribbon.

His green gaze came back to meet my glazed brown ones and after searching it briefly, he smacks my cheek softly. The warm slap on my cold skin stung.

I immediately snap out of my trance and glare at him.

“What was that for?”

He gave me a ‘duh’ look, which looks so hot on him I almost slip back into gawking at him.

“Did you take a hit this morning?”

His question astonishes me. “I’m not high!”

“You never know with you college kids,” he says, looking skeptic.

“I can assure you I didn’t take a ‘hit’ this morning,” I say with vehemence.

If it were any other guy, even Mattie, who asked and humiliate me like this I would tear my body out of their grip. But I can’t with Jared. That’s why I always avoid him because of his hold on my body. He could turn my mind into mush by just being in the same room as me. And I curse the Goddesses for making him my kryptonite in stead of someone sweeter and far less violent; like Mattie.

“Then why are you walking into cars as if you’re invincible?” his growl like voice send frissons down my spine. Some guys just have it and Jared definitely does.

Hard, growl-like manly voices is a major turn on!

“I was studying,” I try to sound angry and snappy. But instead I sound like a breathless fool.

He looks at my calculus book and then glares at me.

“So, you put yourself in harms way because you were too lazy to study?” I snap out of the love struck spell at his words.

“Lazy? I spent my entire weekend studying for this test; I was just doing a revision.”

“You do revisions after you study and then in the morning at the breakfast table not the freeway!”

“One, I don’t have a car to drive to school so I have a lot of walking to do. Two, I don’t have the luxury of doing a revision at my breakfast table. And three, stop giving me bullshit about it because I’m the one who’s going to write the test, not you!” I shout at him.

And I can’t miss the fact that although I’m pissed at him, my body is still glued to his.

“You wouldn’t even be writing that test if I hadn’t kept under the speed limit and narrowly missed running you over. You would be in a hospital right now or a morgue!” he shouted right back at me.

His eyes are spitting fire at me now.

Inwardly I shrink away from his brooding frown, but outwardly I stand my ground. No way am I going to show any sign of weakness.

“You’re such a pain in the ass. Now I know how Mattie feels,”

It left my mouth before I could stop it.

His eyes narrow on me. “Why didn’t my baby brother pick you up?”

“Because he’s at campus and I don’t want him to go through any trouble-“

“It shouldn’t be any trouble,” he cuts through me. “You’re his girlfriend. He should be here to pick you up.”

I almost tell him that we’re not a couple but I hold my tongue. Something just tells me to bite it and go along with this.

“It’s none of your business.”

His eyes narrows again on me, he scratches the back of his head. Making me look up at his beautiful gold-brown hair; unlike Mattie who kept his hair long, Jared kept his short. And he swept his hair up from his forehead. Not one lock of hair on or around his face. It would’ve messed with his Greek good looks. I prefer it this way.

My eyes trail back to his and my gaze melts at the sight of those light green pools.

“Don’t look at me like that!” he snaps at me.

“Like what?” I ask breathless.

“Like you want to fuck me,” he says bluntly. No sugar coating it. “I don’t think my brother will appreciate it.” I blush a deep red at his words.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

His strong jaw clenches and he looks down and after a few seconds he pushes me away from his body.

I stumble back, but regain my footing. I clench my book to my chest and grip my bag more tightly. Why I’m holding them like shields, I don’t know. What I do know is that I have to get away from this kryptonite.

“So, see you when I see you.” I rush to get as far away from him as I possibly can. Something that feels so good like Jared and turns you into a sexual mess has to be bad. And since I’ve never experienced this kind of horny with any other guy, I’m scared of what it can do to me.

“I can give you a lift.” I pause after taking a few steps away from him, and turn to look at him. I look back at his parked white Jaguar 2013 and then back at him.

Oh, dear Goddesses does he look good!

His perfect black designer suit is just perfect on him. And the normal white shirt and red tie…

I watched as he stuffed his big colossal hands into his suit pants’ pockets, stretching the material taut.

Oh God it’s happening again!

“No!” I shout and run away from him.

I can just imagine what a hot mess I would be in that car, within touching distance of his body. I could get a stroke or worse give in to my body’s pleas and jump him. And I have this big test this morning and all I can think of now is how strong his body is and how good his voice sounds. What if I actually took a ride with him? Classes not to mention my test will be a vague and distant memory! And who can blame my reaction?

The man oozed sex; in fact I bet he’s a sex slave- no! god. He’s a sex god sent to please all women and shame all men. That has to be it; I mean come on all women always fell at his feet. I mean that’s what I saw when I was younger. A fifteen year old developing a huge crush on her best friend’s older brother and in Mattie’s case, also legal guardian. The normal and embarrassing story of the average teen life; I can remember in excruciating detail.

All the damn times I’d tried and failed to even grab his attention. Of course I’d been hurt, because I’d fancied myself to be in love with him. I’d get so jealous at Parent Night in Middle school with all the female population fawning over him.

Over the years as reality set in and I’d stopped making a fool out of myself and embarrassing Mattie, I finally gave up on my fantasies. And I have avoided Jared ever since.

I sigh with relief as I hear no car following or running footsteps after me. Jared is definitely not the kind of guy to run after the girl.

As I reach the gates of Cal Poly Pomona College or CPP College for short. After a short bus drive and a lot of walking, I don’t need exercise; my body is as fit from all the years of walking to my destinations. And since I have no other choice but to walk, I hate it when the brats at CPPC bragged with they’re rich, sporty cars.

I think I need a bike. Maybe the scrap yard at home has some decent ones.

I ignore all the eyes and slap one guy’s hand as it spanked my ass.

“Look, but no touch.” I call over my shoulder and brush and push people out of my way.

When I reach Mattie’s locker I wait for him there while flashing through my chapters again.

“Hey, what’s up?” Mattie ask, as he approaches me with his cocky but handsome football jocks.

Although Mattie is studying for his Doctorate in Biological Sciences he still plays football for the love of it and to keep up the pretence. He’s busy grinning and texting on his phone.

“I have to ask you something.”

He looks up sharply at my tone. He knows the tone I use when I’m either really angry or when he did something.

“Catch you guys later,” he dismisses his friends and gives me his full attention as he pockets his Iphone.

“I ran into Jared this morning,” I say as if that explains everything.

“And…” Mattie prods.

“And you told him we’re dating!” I snap at him in a hush voice.

Mattie looks bewildered, his green eyes searching my face. “And…” he says again.

“And?” I ask, disbelief making me sound breathless. “Why did you tell him that?”

“I didn’t. I noticed that he’d made a kind of link or something. I mean I never have any girls over, but you. And you never have a guy or something except for me.” His words mortify me.

“In fact everybody thinks so, even the professors.”

“Oh, God…” I groan and bang my head on a random locker.

“It’s not like I want to use you or anything, but you’re the perfect cover for me. And it’s not like you’re dating or something.”

“God, you don’t need a cover up Matthew! The sooner you realize that the better. And I don’t like being used, when I get a boyfriend…” my voice dies away as I realize something. “Is that why no ones asked me out?”

Mattie looks uncomfortable, his eyes wouldn’t meet mine. “Kinda.”

Both shock and fury makes me immobile and then I punch him on his shoulder.

“Owe! What was that for?” I can see he’s trying not to laugh.

“Don’t you dare laugh right now, I’m angry at you.”

He turns his puppy dog eyes on me, his bottom lip pouting. “C’mon Tarryne, its a little white lie.”

I take a deep breath as students start to leave for class. “I’m warning you if I get asked out… or something, I’m going to tell the truth and say we’re not dating.” I warn him.

Mattie smirks. “Or something…”

I punch him again and run down to my first class.

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