Caught in the Middle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Inside a members only club my curiosity with BDSM and the D's lifestyle was answered. Somewhere in the evenings activity I learned to respect dominant women.

~Caught  in the Middle
Michael Nesbitt


  It was late Thursday Night when my wife suggested we go to the club. I had never heard of the club she recommended . She explained the club was Private for members only. Martha was sure she knew someone who would get us in.

  When we arrived  Martha whispered something to the doorman and within seconds we were in and seated at our table. For one AM; I thought the club seemed packed. My wife explained “ There is a two drink minimum here. We ordered the first drinks of the evening.

 As I sipped my drink slowly I became conscious of the sounds of someone being spanked and someone crying . Call me an idiot , I could not help but be nosey . Curiosity was killing me ; I had to see what was going on. I Followed the sounds to a black door , a side entrance clearly marked “ MEMBERS  ONLY” This restriction only fueled my curiosity. I cracked the door, hoping I would see but not be seen.

I saw a tall well muscled woman she had this man, over her knee whacking his bare  buttocks with her hair brush. I’m  guessing, I would say he was about my height and build six feet and moderately toned . At first I thought they were engaged in some form of erotic role play until I Saw the tears in his eyes. I was so mesmerized that I did not see the female bouncer who shoved me through the open door. She stepped into the room behind me and locked the door. I was trapped . And the  women were about to educate me on BDSM club etiquette.

Martha watched as Michael was shoved into the punishment room . She was unsympathetic. This night , This time spent in the punishment room was what he deserved . She was ordered to bring Michael here tonight. Her hands shook uncontrollably as Martha continued sipping her drink.

She secretly hoped Michael would not fight to much . She knew the Mistress here and the lady could be quite cruel when she wanted too. Martha, told herself Michael was not a bad man . He was crude and stuck on stupid . Her husband made the mistake of calling Mistress a Dime Store hooker.

Martha knew Mistress had every intent to bring this man around to her way of thinking . Michael had no idea his sweet petite wife was enslaved to another woman . Martha had hoped her husband would never find out. After his insult , secrets were no longer possible.

Reluctantly, Martha agreed , Michael, had to be broken ; it was the only way for Mistress to regain control of the situation . The two women decided the best place to break Michael was in the club. Under the training of her Mentor Mistress and Martha had taken many men to task her husband would be no different. As owner of the club Mistress could select any man and punish him for whatever reason or for no reason at all,

 I stumbled blindly upon this particular club. As they say , Everything has it’s price and I am the one who is destined to pay for the mistake of stumbling blindly into an unfamiliar club.

Michael could not hide how enthralling it was for him to watch this man being severely punished . His admiration of Mistress’s technique was impossible for him to hide. The man’s bottom was red from top to bottom and from side to side.  Michael could not stop watching as the man lay there crying like a naughty child.

Mistress looked up  Dianne, you may strip him and begin introducing him to his new life. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that  I would soon pay for my curiosity and the mistake of stumbling across this club.

the woman had my pants and underwear down around my ankles. Before, I knew it
I went into shock as a powerful arm held me firmly beneath the impact of a powerful large hand . I thought each lick was all my poor bottom would stand. I cried out in pain . I wanted my wife , my mother, someone to rescue me .

I struggled to no avail , Soon I accepted the futility of resistance and submissively  lay there allowing myself to think of nothing but the stinging in my bottom . I felt only the sting .

I was over her knee squirming and crying like an infant . Michael screamed in pain as Dianne brought her hand down across his bare buns leaving welts where her hand and fingers landed . I tell you each lick landed with the sting and burn of a branding iron . There was no doubt  Dianne, enjoyed was enjoying her work tonight .

I pleaded with her to stop. I promised to be good if she would stop. I was pleading for mercy from this woman. Dianne stopped the spanking just long enough to scold me fo being so pathetic  and for being such a whinny little beggar. Then she took the bath brush and  the punishment began all over again. I did not know what to do; There was nothing I could do . I had to accept it .

Finally, the spanking came to an end by this time my bottom was burning stinging so bad It took a few seconds for me to realize the spanking had stopped. I realized the spanking was over when someone yanked me to my feet .

Deep in her heart she felt empathy for the submissive beneath her. She knew each lick felt worse than the one before. Every lick felt and sounded like wood exploding as it landed . She was empathetic and yet, she enjoyed the warm sensation of absolute power . She felt the man’s will surrender to her dominance as his will broke surrendering to her will.  The punishment she was laying across his buttocks would be rough on any man . Michael was completely new This had  to be especially hard on him . Dianne , would continue to hide her empathy behind her mask and push herself to be a bit more sadistic with each new submissive. Dianne wanted to be a Mistress .

Submitted: February 05, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Slave Michael. All rights reserved.

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