John,Glenys and Bill

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Bill is married to Glenys but unfortunately he has a weak heart so he has become incapable of having sex with Glenys.
Bill tries to find a way for his darling wife to have the sexual satisfaction she craves.

~~John Glenys & Bill,

I’m John a travelling salesman and last week I was in Christchurch attending a meeting and as that finished about 4 O'clock each afternoon I called in to say hello to my cyber friend Bill.  We had never met before although we had been cyber friends and wanked on Skype together almost every second day for a long time.
He knew that I was coming to Christchurch and was expecting me.  So when he answered the door we  greeted each other as longtime friends.  Bill was obviously pleased to see me and I was just as pleased to finally see him in person.
After introducing me to his lovely wife Glenys the three of us had a good chat. As I was about to leave  Glenys invited me to stay for tea.  I suggested we go to a restaurant. I thought that would save all the work for her and it would be a pleasant change for us all.  So after Glenys put on her coat and attended her make up we set off.  I cannot remember the name of the restaurant but it served Chinese food that was delicious. After we all had a glass of wine we began to talk more freely.
Bill had often told me Glenys had beautiful breasts and I found myself staring at her.  I suspected she realised that I was facinated by how lovely they looked because she would breathe deeply making them rise and fall.After dinner Bill asked if I would like to see some of the cities earth quake damage and when we got to where he had parked their car he suggested I ride in the back with Glenys. His reason at the time was that we would see better in the back as neither myself or Glenys had seen the most damaged areas.
For a while we drove around the streets of Bexley while Bill pointed out sites of interest.As time passed I became aware Glenys had moved close to me in pretence of looking out the window on my side of the car.  Feeling her touch against me and the aroma of the perfume she was wearing was rather delightful. I wasn't sure if her closeness was intended to make me notice her so I said nothing. 
We probably spent about an hour driving around before returning to their place. Again it was Glenys who invited me stay a while and have supper with them.  I wasn't in any hurry as I had another day in Christchurch so I accepted and while Bill parked the car Glenys and I went inside. I followed her  carrying a bottle of wine that I brought in the restaurant. 
Bill soon joined us and suggested we go into their lounge and watch a video or just have a catch up chat.  Glenys produced three glasses and I popped the cork and poured some wine into each glass.
After a few moments silence Bill said there was something on his mind that he would like to discuss with me.  I had some idea of what he was going to say but nothing prepared me for what was about to happen. 
Bill began by saying that because of his heart condition he was no longer able to have sex with Glenys.  He went on explaining that he and Glenys had talked about how his inability affected her as she still had plenty of desire for sex with her husband.  Bill went on to say he felt it a duty to find a way for Glenys to have the real sex she craved .  The best he could think of was to buy a Dil- Doll and pleasure his beloved Glenys with it.  This was some help but it wasn't the real thing and he came to realise that only a man with a cock similar to his could give her complete satisfaction.
Bill was silent for a while letting me take all this in.  The silence was broken by Glenys asking me if I would be the man.Bill added that he would be so grateful and it would please him so much to see the look in Glenys’s eyes speak heavenly rapture once again. 
I felt it would be wrong to refuse such a request from a man and woman who so clearly loved each other so much.  All I could think of saying was "what do you want me to do next"? Glenys in a soft pleading voice said that she wanted to see both me and Bill together nude. By this time we had emptied the bottle of wine and the effect it was having on us must explain what we did next.
 I stood up and motioned to Bill to stand also and we silently began taking of our clothes.  Soon we both stood naked with a pile of clothing around our feet.Seeing Bills splendid cock for real instead of when we were having a cam session made my pulse begin to go thump thump and I could feel the pressure causing my cock to rise.  We stood like that for what seemed like an hour but it could only have been a minute or so.  Glenys in a husky voice asked us to stand together so we did and then Glenys stood up and walked over to us. She stood very close to Bill and I.  Her closeness provided me with a look down her cleverage at her well developed breasts.  I tried to control my desire for her but I was loosing the struggle to keep my cock down. Glenys, with an impish look in her eyes reached down and held onto our cocks one in each hand.Bills cock was fully erect and his breathing was raspy.  I felt Glenys squeeze my cock and gave it a playful tug.  Now I was really aroused wondering what was going to happen now.  I must have passed her inspection because Glenys let go of Bill, put her other hand on my shoulder, moved closer to me so that we had full body contact.  With a captivating smile she said to me in an ever so sexy whisper "follow me John" and still holding me by my swollen cock, lead me to another room that had a single bed with a towel spread out over the blankets.  On the dresser beside the bed was a bedside lamp that lit the room with a romantic glow.
Bill followed us and helped Glenys undress and lie down on the bed then spread her feet wide apart.I couldn't help admiring Glenys lying on the bed naked with her legs apart so inviting.  She looked so seductive with big lovely breasts made so desirable by her pert nipples pointing straight out.I knew then that this was going to be a life long memory for all three of us as I gazed in wonder at her hairy pussy and fleshy thighs.
Silent signals bade me lie beside Glenys and slowly without bearing any of my weigh down on her I rolled on top with my legs between hers.  For a while we just lay there, my lips and tongue teasing each nipple in turn. I can’t really describe the fantastic feeling when her naked body trembled beneath me.  I will remember forever the sensational feeling it gave me when I felt her nipples extend and harden between my lips.  Bill and I had often discussed our sexual experiences.  Now I wished I had asked Bill how he made union with her. I was wondering whether I should let her guide my cock with her hand into her pussy, or will she hold her pussy lips apart or should I reach down and slide my cock up and down her slit then push down so as to make my blood gorged cock pop in.
I felt it would be important to Glenys to do her with the same tenderness and technique as Bill had in the past. Glenys must have guessed why I hesitated because she arched her back with arms wrapped around me, her fingernails digging into my shoulders and at the same time pulled me down on her causing my cock to enter and slide in one long luxurious sensuous journey until all my cocks length was into her. The sensation and the sharp cry of her breath had me in such a euphoric state that I almost allowed my passion for her climb to orgasmic heights.  Only by biting hard on my tongue till it almost bled was I able to avoid all our pleasure coming to a premature end.
Glenys’s gasping breath and the warmth of her vagina dispelled any doubts that I had in my ability to arouse her.  We lay still as my passion subsided sufficiently for me to risk giving her a long slow pull followed by another sensuous plunge into her hot welcoming pussy.  My first stroke and her eagerness for more completely took me by surprise. The intensity of her passion, the way she brought her thighs together and at the same time arched her back.  Bill in a quiet voice was heard saying “John do that again”.  “When you make Glenys cry out in ecstasy I enjoy what you are doing to Glenys as if I was doing her myself”.  Give her all you have John, fuck her hard and make her cry and wriggle like that again.
Something told me this moment was special to Glenys and Bill therefore this musn’t be hurried. For a while I just lay on top of her enjoying the awareness of the full contact of our naked bodies and savoring the sensational pleasure of feeling my fully extended cock bathed in Glenys’s wet and hairy pussy.
We lay there in silence until Glenys whispered “John please suck on my nipples again”.
As gently as sigh I licked and sucked.  Closing my lips hard around her nipple I pulled up stretching her breast while sucking harder to keep her nipple in my mouth. Once more she wriggled, arched and pressed her thighs together even harder than before.  The sensations made my penis take control of my mind causing me to plunge hard and deep in such a fury that I had no means of preventing my cock  shooting off.  Somehow I resisted her until I felt her vaginal contractions and her fingernails tearing into my back. My state of arousal rose to such heights it almost made me faint.  I had such passionate feelings then that I pushed my hands under the small of her back and pulled our sweating bodies together with all my strength until we lay together naked and exhausted.We must have fallen asleep until the sun shone through the window.  I woke first and had an overwhelming feeling of love looking down at Glenys’s large sexy breasts.
What had passed between us was such a pleasure I hoped it wouldn’t be very long before we would be doing it all over again.


Submitted: March 09, 2015

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This was a very sweet tribute to love!

Tue, March 10th, 2015 10:02am


Tank you spyguy for reading and commenting I must read some of your stories now.

Tue, March 10th, 2015 7:19pm



Sun, March 15th, 2015 9:30pm

Alyson Williams

I can see why some may ask if your stories are true. As I was reading it I felt like I was sitting at your kitchen table with a glass of wine and you were telling me of this great adventure in your life. I love it. I will read your other stories already posted (think I have read some already) but hope you continue having these great adventures that you share with us.

Fri, March 27th, 2015 9:44pm

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