Her Professor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Laura finds her professor extremely attractive and her professor feels the same for her... What can happen between the teacher and his student.. Hot steamy passion in her near future.

The leaves on the huge English oak tree blew outside, Laura watched as other students rushed to their cars or to other buildings before their classes started.She was daydreaming wishing she could be some where other then in his class right then.She had ended their summer fling two week prior to school starting back again.

"Ms. Morgan, what did Marie Maynard Daly accomplish first as an African American woman?" came the voice she was trying to get out of her mind.She directed her attention back to the voice who had just spoken to her.  "She was the first African American woman to receive a PH.D in Chemistry in the United States, sir." She said with a sigh.

Professor Thomas smiled up at Laura and said "That's correct Ms. Morgan, she was the very first African American woman to achieve a PH. D in Chemistry."  Thomas looked at his watch and then raised his book in his hand and said firmly "Okay everyone needs to read chapters 53 and 54 tonight, there is going to be a test on Friday over what we have been talking about and the chapters you have read as well."

The bell rung and everyone started putting their books into their bags and heading out the door to enjoy the rest of their day.  "Ms. Morgan can you please stop by my desk before you leave." he said looking up at her as she was getting her things in order. 

Laura gathered the rest of her things and headed to his desk where he was seated looking at some paperwork.He waited patiently for the last student to leave the room before he spoke to her. "You've been very distant since we spoken last,  is everything okay Laura?"  Laura looked down at his desk as she spoke, "Yes everything is fine Ben, I've just been having a lot of things on my mind recently."

"Well if you need to talk, you know I'm here for you no matter what Laura." Ben said placing his hand over hers and smiling softly at her.  "I know Ben, I really do appreciate your concern for me and everything but I truly am fine." Laura said and walked away from his desk, and out the door before he could say anything else to her.

Professor Thomas was a very handsome man in his mid 30's, single and very muscular in all the right places.  He had ran into Laura at the local coffee shop on the campus where she worked as a waitress.  He watched her from a corner of the shop and would smile at her when she would look up at him.  One night her car had messed up and she couldn't teach anyone to come pick her up.  He saved her from having to call for a taxi, he took her to his house and they talked for hours about author's that they really liked. 

But things got really heated when he bent down to kiss her softly on the lips, she had never been with an older man before. She had only been with two men her whole life and they where big mistakes.  He smelled so good, she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him to reveal his muscular, non-hairy chest.  She ran her hands over his chest as they continued to kiss passionately.  He removed her uniform plain black t-shirt, and tried to undo her bra which he couldn't do without her help.

His skin felt so good on hers as they touched and felt each other, they had pure passion between each other like none before.  They enjoyed each other for the month that school wasn't in and it was such a amazing time. But she knew that it was a taboo situation she was in with him and she didn't know what to do, so she broke it off with him before they got any deeper then they already were.

Laura stopped down the hall from his room and took a deep breathe, she didn't know she had been holding her breathe at the end of their conversation a minute ago.She told herself to just relax and that she broke it off on good terms and it was for the very best.She had heard of teacher's getting into trouble for dating their student's, and she respected him. 

She started heading for the door to exit the building when she heard her name being called, she turned around and saw her best friend running towards her.  "Yo, Laura hold up a minute!" Skye screamed.  All Laura could do was smile at her friend trying to drag her book bag and purse down the hall behind her. "What are you doing Skye? Are you done for the day already?" Laura said laughing.

"Yes, I'm done with class already.  I'm heading to the football field to watch Dillon and Mark practice." Skye said out of breathe."Oh okay then, I'm heading home for the day, I got to study for this test on Friday in Professor Thomas's class." Laura said as she continued to walk to the door.Skye headed to the football field and Laura headed to her car in the parking lot.

She had just reached her Mustang and opened the door and tossed her stuff into the passenger side seat when her cell phone dinged.She climbed into the driver side seat and turned the car on, when her cell phone dinged again.  She reached over to her purse and grabbed her phone out and saw that their was a text message.  She opened it up and saw it was from a phone number she didn't recognize. 

She just tossed the phone back into her purse and drove out of the parking lot, she had reached her apartment 30 minutes later.  She didn't think about the text message again until she had tossed all her thing onto her desk in her room.She changed out of her school clothes and into some sweat pants and a old t-shirt.  When her phone dinged again, she remembered that there was a message from an unknown number.

She opened up the phone and saw it was from the same number, she opened them and was shocked to find out what it said.  "I WANT YOU" and  "YOU WILL BE MINE" she was freaked out and she wrote back to the number saying "I DON'T KNOW WHO THIS IS BUT YOU NEED TO STOP".  She went to her CD player and put in one of her favorite CD's.As the first song came on she heard a knock on the front door.

Laura went to the front door and there stood this man holding some red roses in a vase, he asked her if she was Laura Morgan and she said "Yes that's me".  He handed her the roses and smiled at her and walked back to his floral van.She shut the front door and placed the flowers on the kitchen table, she noticed a card in the flowers.  She opened the card and it simply said in big black letters...  I WILL SEE YOU SOON MY LOVE.

She had it with the cryptic text messages from a unknown number and now flowers with the freaky message, what else was going to happen to her?  She grabbed her cell phone in her room and dialed Skye's number.  "Hey chick, what's up?" Skye said loudly to speak over all the football team yelling and talking at once in the background.  "Did you text me from some weird number or send me some flowers as a prank?" Laura said kind of shaky.

"No sweetie I didn't do anything like that, who would do something like that to someone who lived by themselves especially that's freaky as shit." Skye said"Alright I know your busy and I don't want to keep you from hanging out with your old man, call me later please." Laura pleaded.  "I gottcha chick, talk to you later" Skye said and she disconnected the call.

Who else would be doing this to her?Ben maybe? No, he's not going to start stalking her after they had their little fling would he?  Laura locked all the doors and went to room to start studying for her history test on Friday.Two hours went by without any distractions from weird text messages or a flower guy, so she thought nothing more about it. 

She opened up her patio door to allow some cool air into the apartment, and she went into her bathroom to take a warm bath.She relaxed for a hour in the bathtub she started to get cold so she got out of the bathtub and wrapped her towel around her.She walked into her bedroom to get into her t-shirt she sleeps in when she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She swung around to see who could possibly be in her house without her knowledge.

Ben stood right there with a sexy smile on his face, he closed her door behind him and moved towards her.  "What in the world are you doing here Ben?" Laura said off guard.  He pushed her up against the wall and started to kiss her passionately, he started to try to remove the towel around her.  Her mind wasn't agreeing with her body at all, she allowed him to do so with no hesitation. 

He touched her all over, not roughly but in a gentle but hungry way.  She did miss the way he smelled and the way he made her feel, he caressed her breasts softly and tenderly.All she could do is moan softly, he picked her up and took her to her bed and laid her down softly.

What was he doing? Why wasn't he talking to her? Those questions kept popping up in her mind but was taken over by the wanting of him to continue with what he was doing to her body.  No other man could do what he has done to her, he was a real man and he knew what he wanted and how to treat her sexually.

He slowly kissed her from her breasts down her stomach all the way down to the top of her sweet mound, he spread her legs wide and took one leg and started at the top of her feet kissing and nibbling all the way too her extremely wet pussy.She was going crazy with lust begging him not to stop, so when he was done teasing her he went for the prize and he devoured her.

"Oh my God Ben!! I'm cumming!!" she screamed in pure bliss, he wouldn't stop until she told him to stop he held on to her hips as she wiggled around.He licked his lips afterwards and she got up off the bed and went to unbutton and unzip his pants and taking his muscle shirt off of him.She was still amazed at his body she loved every inch of it, at night she would dream about him and find herself masturbating.

He laid back in the bed and watched her caress his cock with her mouth,  he was extremely hard he didn't want her to spend too much time pleasuring him.  He spent weeks thinking about what he would do to her if he ever had a chance to pleasure her.  He wanted her to be pleased in so many ways so she knew that it wasn't just about him getting pleased.

He lifted her up and put her into the doggy style position, he pushed her head down onto the pillows and he pushed her legs farther apart so he could slid his cock right in without hurting her in any way.She inhaled deeply when he entered her for the first time, he loved hearing her moan and make noises.  He pulled out a little bit and she said "deeper please, mmmm...  fuck me deeper" with her face deep in the pillows. 

He rammed it back inside of her as hard as she could handle it, they both were moaning in unison which turned them both on even more.  "Yes baby right there, my I love it when you do that to my wet pussy" she said trying to look back at him.  So he did what she asked him to which drove him insane, he was about to cum, "Baby I'm about to cum, do you want me to cum? I want to cum deep inside of you to make you mine forever" Ben whispered in her ear.

"Cum deep inside me baby, I wanna cum with you" she said moaning.  When she said that he got as deep as he could and he felt himself release, "I'm cumming Laura, OH.... MY..... God...." Ben moaned as he released his load deep inside of her.  Laura shook and as she felt him cum she hit her climax as well they where swimming in their climax as one.Laura never experienced anything of that nature and she loved the way it felt.



Laura was standing in her shower thinking about what had just taken place with Ben that night, she truly did care about him with all her heart. Could she be with him like she wanted to without messing up his career? Or is he going to be someone that she craved but she wouldn't be able to touch again?

She finished up showering and got out and put her robe on, it had been a hour since he left her to her own thoughts. He said he wanted to make this work between them and he would do anything to make her happy. But she didn't want to make him end up hating her in the end of it all. Her phone rang, she knew it was Skye, she answered it on the fourth ring. "Hello Skye, how is your night going?"

"I'm doing good as always, I got a call from David a minute ago. I told him I was worried about you and I asked him on his way home could he swing by your apartment for me." Skye said with a pause and then said "Well he told me he saw Professor Thomas's car in your driveway and he didn't want to stop and bother ya'll." Laura rolled her eyes, well David has a big mouth and the whole football team probably knows by now that she had him over at her house at night.

"Yes, Professor Thomas came over for a minute because I forgot some things in class earlier and I needed it for class in the morning since we have a test tomorrow" Laura said trying to figure out an excuse why he was at her house at night. " Oh ok I was just wondering what happened, if you got any more weird texts from that unknown number" Skye said in a defensive way.

"Nope, no more weird texts thank God for that, I'm still wondering who it could have been that was sending them" Laura said as she laid down on her bed. The comforter smelled of Ben's cologne, she took a deep breathe in, she already missed him. "I gotta get back to studying Skye, I'll catch up with you tomorrow at school" Laura shook her head as she ended the call.

Skye has been her best friend since middle school, when Laura and her parents moved to Summerville, South Carolina from Covington, Georgia. She was a bubbly, funny, outgoing, loving, goofball. She means well, but sometimes she can't keep things to herself without telling someone else. She's dating Dillon the amazing quarter back, they've been going strong since high school freshman year.

She laid her head on her pillows and closed her eyes, she must have drifted off to sleep. She didn't hear the front door open, but she heard the footsteps coming down the hall to her bedroom. She thought she had locked the doors after Ben had left, but she looked at the clock on the night stand it was 3:30am. Who in the hell was in her house at that time and why are they there?

She snuck out of her bed and turned the lock on her door so the person couldn't open the door.  She snuck into her closet and dialed Ben's cell. 

"Hello, Laura why are you calling me at this time? It's 3:30 in the morning babe." Ben said half asleep."Someone is in my house Ben, I don't know who it is. Help me please." She whispered into her cell phone. 

That was all it took, Ben jumped out of bed and grabbed his shoes and was out the door.  "I'm on my way Laura be there as soon as I can" he hung up and jumped into his car. 

Laura huddled on the back of her closet behind some clothes she had worn in years.  She heard someone going through her bookshelf in the next room.  They had started to throw stuff around, books and papers and odds and ends that where places in the shelves.

"I don't see it Joe, what dies it look like" she heard them speak for the first time.  It was a male for sure but what in the world where they looking for in a single woman's apartment? The only things that are expensive in her apartment was her tv and laptop. 

The man tried opening her bedroom door, she heard him cuss and sat "the bitch must be up. She locked the damn door!" Then all of a sudden the sound of someone trying to kick the door open.

She texted Ben: HE'S KICKING MY DOOR IN HURRY! Been turned his phone on while he flew around a corner and saw the text. He called 911 and pushed on the gas. "911 What Is Your Emergancy?" Said the operator.

"Yes someone broke into my girls apartment, they are kicking in her bedroom door where she is at right now please send someone there." Ben screamed into the phone.

He was a mile away, "Come on, Come on!!" Ben said talking to his car. "Sir we have someone on the way now" the operator said. "Thank you" Ben yelled. 

He slid into her drive way, he jumped out of his car and flung open the front door.  He saw the disaster the intruder left on the floor in the livingroom.

"Laura!! It's me Ben I'm here babe where are you?" He screamed. Nothing... He ran to her bedroom and saw the busted door on the floor and the closet in shambles.

"Where did you go Laura? What the hell is going on?" Ben looked in every room, but no Laura to be found.  He heard the siren getting closer so he headed out to the front yard to meet them. 

Ben explained what happened to the officer's and let them go look inside.  Her car was in the garage where she park it last, one officer came out with a plastic bag with something in it.

He held it up when he got closer to Ben and the other officer, it was her cell phone.  The officer opened the bag and pulled out her phone.  The last call was made to Ben.. but the last text was from an unknown number...


Ben's face was bright red with anger, who the hell is this person and what did they want with Laura.  Laura couldn't harm a fly, she's a good student, never been arrested. 

Ben got Skye's number from Laura's phone and dialed it in his phone.  "Hello?" Said a sleeping woman.  "Hey Skye this is Professor Thomas... but you can call me Ben, I'm calling because something happened to Laura."

Ben explained to Skye what happened and tried to see if she knew anything.  Skye was a dead end,  She even said the Laura was a straight laced girl, she never did wrong. 

Skye sat up in her bed after she had spoken to Ben on the phone.  She racked her brain to figure out what was going on with her best friend. 

She went online to see if anyone posted anything in her Livebook account. Nothing but a dead end there as well.  She called her boyfriend Dillon and he came over to help her.

She went through all of Laura's friends on Livebook to figure out of whoever took her was someone she knew.  She ran across Ken, Laura's boyfriend from high school.  They had a rocky relationship all through high school.

He had anger issues big time, she had come to school with a black eye a few times because of him.  But she thought she loved him so she stated with him.  He supposedly changed for the better a year ago.

So she stayed in contact with him through Livebook.  She pulled his page up and he had posted three hours ago on his page:

"She never loved me, she used me and now she will pay"

No one on his friend's list knew anything about what he was talking about.  Earlier that day he posted up on his page:

"This ALL ends tonight!"

She ran and grabbed her phone and called Ben.  She told him about Men and what he had posted in his Livebook account.  He ran and told the cops what she found.

They locked up her house and Ben went to look for her.  He stopped at has stations and stores that where open at that time and asked if they saw anything weird.

No one saw anything, it was as if they dropped off the earth.  He was worried sick about this woman.  He has never felt this way for any woman besides his mother.

He knew he was talking in love with her, and this shows that she means a whole lot to him.  If he ever saw her again he was not gonna let her go.  He vowed to God to please let them find her safe.

There wasn't anything else he could do it was already yam and his first class started at 9am.  He called up his sub and told them he wasn't feeling very well and they knew what to do in all his classes.

He pulled into his drive way, and turned his car off. He beat his steering wheel and yelled "DAMN IT!!" He wasn't going to give up on finding her. 

He opened his kitchen door and went to his fridge and grabbed a budlight out, and opened it.  He had her in his arms not even 7 hours earlier.  He shouldn't have left her alone, he had a feeling something was up when he was driving back home. 


Laura knew who the man was in her house, by the sound of his voice closer to her.  It was her ex boyfriend Ken from high school.

He had wrote her on Livebook a year ago telling her how his life has changed and he's a better man now.  So she accepted his friend request, and they would speak off and in over the months.

She heard the door crash to the floor, she tried to shrink into the darkness of the closet as much as she could.  And then the door swing open and there he stood massive in the light.

He grabbed her up and she dropped her phone in the closet.  "I called the police Ken, they are on their way!" She said with tears running down her face.

Man just laughed and picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes.  He tossed her to the floor in the living room, and proceeded to the her feet and her hands up.

"Please Ken don't hurt me, I'm sorry for whatever I did to you. I never ment to hurt you" she muffled through sobs. He wasn't buying it and he placed a bag in her mouth.

He picked her up again and headed out the front door, to his black Dodge Ram truck. He opened the passenger door and tossed her into the seat. 

And he ran to the drivers side and jumped in and started the truck up and he was gone. The truck had tinted windows so she couldn't see exactly where they were going.

"Your a bitch Laura, a cock tease. You made me think over the year that we talked that we had something again and you lied!" Ken yelled.

"You wanna be a slut, fucking this older man now? How could you do this to me?" He said as he reached over and smacked her across the face.

"Your gonna pay but time for this bitch, if I can't have you then he sure the hell isn't going to have you." He flew around the curb as another car was flying past him he almost guy the car head on.

He drove in quiet for the longest time, until his phone dinged.  It was a text from his buddy in Georgia.


Ken ignored the text and continued to drive.  He turned on the radio and "Broken" by Seether and Any Lee was playing, he turned it up.

Fourty five minutes flew by with no talking when his phone dinged again this time a message from Skye on Livebook.


"That bitch is on my heels damn it, how did she know you where with me?" He yelled. Slapped Laura again leaving welts across her cheeks.

He was flipping out thinking the cops were on them, he pulled over into a rest area to gather his thoughts.  He grabbed his phone and write Skye back:


"Stupid bitch, I bet she will buy that, I couldn't stand her in high school Miss. Slutbag.  She slept with half the football team through high school. Did you know that?" He said looking at Laura.

He removed the gag for a moment, "why did you lie to me Laura?" he said looking heartbroken. "I didn't lie to you Ken, I cared about you all these years. I did, but we are two different people now." Laura said as she took gasps of air.

SMACK he hit her again across the face, "all you bitches are the same when it comes to new dick.  Well today's your day Laura, you're gonna die." Ken said as he laughed.


(Ding) Skye ran to her computer, Ken wrote her back.  She read what he wrote shaking her head as she read it.  "He's lying through his teeth, she might have added him on here but she would never meet up with him again. She knows how dangerous he was back then." 

She dialed Ben and told him she knows Ken has her. But doesn't know where, yet...  She hung up with Ben and she called her brother Nate and asked him to see if he could track Ken's call phone. 

He told her give him 30 minutes and he can find where his cell signal is hitting off of.  He called her back and told her he was heading towards Atlanta.

Skye stands up gets dressed and is out the door she calls Ben back and tells him where they where heading.  He says "Your not going stay here, I can't take care of both of you if you come with me."

Ben's heading onto the hwy towards the Georgia line, he remembered he almost had said "I love you" to Laura the other night when he held her after they had sex.

He smiled and he knew he was going to tell her that when he got her back from that jackass.  The GPS said 5 hours to go before he got to the address Skye have him. 

The time is going by slowly....

Will he save Laura or is he walking into a trap set by Skye?



Ben had been driving for 7 and half hours, praying all the way down to Covington, Georgia that she was safe and not hurt.

It was 3pm when he arrived at the address that Skye gave him earlier that day.  It was Ken's address, his mom left him the house before she passed away give years earlier.

Ben saw a black Dodge Ram pulled up in front of the house. He knew that was him and the live of his life was in his grasp.  He drove past the house a little, and parked his car. 

He had never done anything like this in his life, but she was in danger and he had to save her. He ran up around the tree line of the property, to the front of the house.

He didn't hear anything in the front rooms of the house but he knew she was in there.  He pulled his .45 out to check and make sure it was loaded properly.

The front door was cracked so he slowly opened the door and snuck in.  He heard what sounded like music softly playing in the back rooms of the house. 

The house smelled of nasty feet and old cigarettes.  The floors were litered with pop bottles and crumpled Newport packs.

He walked slowly to the kitchen and it was empty, he went to the hallway and the music for a little louder.  He was going on the right direction, he checked ever room he passed but she wasn't there.

There more rooms to go, he heard a man cough and open a door. Ben jumped into one of the abandoned rooms and hid behind the door.

"Stupid bitch, your going to pay for the lies you told me over the years. I can't believe I trusted you your a amazing lier!" Ken said as he went into the kitchen.

He came back through the hallway, pack a new pack of Newports.  This guy is nasty Ben thought to himself.

Ben came out from where he was hiding and he slowly crept up to the room where Ken want back into.He had Laura in that room, God only knows what he has been doing to her.


Ken pulled up to the house, Laura recognized the house from when they had dated.  He opened his door and got her out of the passenger side.  And climbed up the front steps, he opened the front door.

He tried to shut the front door but didn't realize that it was cracked. He took Laura to one of the farthest rooms in the house.  Tied her up around the chair, he took her bag off and turned the radio up loud.

"Please Ken let me go, I promise I won't say anything to anyone I promise." Laura pleaded with her kidnapper. Ken ignored her pleas for her release. So she started to scream for help, that made him listen then. He placed the bag back in her mouth and slapped the hell out of her.

He pulled out his Newport pack and opened it, but there wasn't anything in it.  So he got up and left the room to get another pack from the frezzer.

He thought he saw something out of the corner of his vision but he didn't pay any attention. He went back into the room with Laura, and started listening to the news.


Ben looked into the room from the crack in the door, he saw his love that up and she had a huge bruise on her face. That pissed Ben off even more, he planned on giving Ken the same punishment when he rescued his love.

Ken had turned around with his back to the door to watch the news on the small box tv with rabbit ears. Ben took that as his advantage, he opened the door a little more.

Waited to see if Ken would notice it moving in the reflection but he was more interested in his cigarette then the door.  So Ben snuck into the room and hid behind a broken couch in the corner.

Laura saw him, she was so relieved that he came after her.  She thought she was gonna die, because no one knew about Ken and her talking on Livebook.  But she was so wrong about that, her heart pounded with the anticipation of her rescue. 

Ben stood up and pointed his gun at Ken's back and he said "alright you piece of shot on the ground now!" Ken turned around and faces Ben for the very first time and he said "and what army do you have to stop me from killing this cunt?"

He grabbed a hunting knife from the table and went to Laura's knack and half it there.  Ben froze a moment because he didn't know how sick Ken was, or if this was a trick.

Laura looked at Ben with her eyes and that look told him to shoot Ken. So Ben pulled the trigger and the bullet hit Ken in his shoulder, knocking the psycho off his balance.

He shoot the gun again at Ken hitting him in the other shoulder and then his leg. So he couldn't harm her any more, he dro port the gun and ran to Laura and untied her.  She kissed him quickly and removed the rest of the restraints and stood up by the door away from Ken.

Ben went over to Ken and hit him in the face a few times so he felt the pain that he put Laura through.  And he stood up, picked up his gun and took his girls hand and walked out of the room.

"You bitch! I will still come after you until you are dead in the ground. Do you hear me!" Ken yelled after them. "I'm going to kill you bitch!"

Laura limped to Ben's car with him right next to her. He wasn't going to leave her side ever again. They climbed into his car and dialed the South Carolina Police and told them where to find the kidnapper.

Before they left Ben looked into Laura's eyes and told her... "I love you Laura, and I want you in my life right beside me. No matter what I'll never leave you again." She was so happy he rescued her she told him "I love you too Ben, I'm not going any where". 

He drove away from her hell, with her right beside him and never looked back again.  She knew what her choice was and that is to be happy with the man she truly loved and that was Ben.


Ben opened his eyes and looked down at the angel of his dreams sleeping naked in his arms.  He was truly a blessed man to have her in his life and to call her his. 

Two years later they had gotten married, she was now Mrs. Laura Thomas. And she was going to be a mommy in a few months.  Her life was changed for the better in more ways than one.

The End

(Hope you enjoyed this short story, this is the very first story I've ever written. Let me know what ya think) 

Submitted: August 01, 2017

© Copyright 2021 skye211983. All rights reserved.

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Aurora M. Soleado

Forbidden relationships, jealousy, a little from behind action...seductive! :)

Wed, August 2nd, 2017 4:07pm


I missed this somehow before, but as soon as I saw "Ben" in the story, I couldn't drop out. Very detailed emotional story, but it was very good. As I read the part when Ben was eating her, I thought you might have read some of my stories on the site.

Sat, August 26th, 2017 8:08pm

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