Grand Slam!

Grand Slam! Grand Slam!

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Charlie needed a little spice in his life. Is he going to get it?


Charlie needed a little spice in his life. Is he going to get it?


Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 21, 2018



Homeruns were flying out of Citifield. Players were flying around the bases and scoring. Too bad it was the Dodgers and not the Mets.

Disgusted with the game, Charlie turned off the set and went to bed. Janey was already asleep. Of course she was. Not much seemed to interest her anymore, especially when it came to sex.

Charlie remembered sex. It used to be fun. Hot and nasty. She had loved it as much as he did. What happened?

Hs stripped down to his boxer briefs (the ones she used to say were so sexy, the way they hugged his ass and showed off his package and how he loved it when she slid them down to his ankles and made him step out of them so he'd be bare-assed and then knelt in front of him and got him semi-hard with her hands before she slipped the head of his cock into that warm wet mouth...), gave a sigh for all good things past and got into bed. Annoyed with the crummy game, annoyed with his job and annoyed with the woman next to him (who he had taken to calling "plain Jane" to himself), it took him a while to fall asleep.

He dimly remembered thinking how silky smooth the sheet under him felt. Smooth and cool...he guessed that Jane had splurged on some new ones....nice....

The sun coming in told him that he had woken up later than he had intended. Well, it was a day off, no big deal. He'd get up and......what the fuck....he couldn't move his arms. Or his legs. And what the hell was that around his neck?

And where had his briefs gone?

And who had spread-eagled him on the bed? The fuck......

"Jane? Janey? You here?"

"Right here, Charlie." Jane stood in the doorway. She was dressed in shorts that he had never seen before. They looked like the ones that girl wore on that show long ago, with the two guys and the cars....Daisy Duke's. That was the name.

He raised his head and said, "Where'd you get those?"

"Oh, there are places." She twirled in a slow circle. Stopped with her back to him and looked over one shoulder. "Like them?"

Jane worked out religiously. Her butt was round and firm. Charlie remembered holding it in his hands when they fucked. He could just see the bottoms of her ass cheeks hanging out. 

"Oh, yeah." His cock twitched. "Did you get that shirt in the same place?"

She laughed lazily. She wore a simple white buttoned shirt that grazed her navel at the bottom of that flat belly. The top three buttons were open and he could just see the swells of her breasts. She came over and bent over to give him a kiss. Her breasts bobbed practically in his face.

His cock got hard.

Jane put one knee on the bed. He could just see an edge of a pink pussy lip.

His cock got harder.

"How'd I get like this?" He pulled at the restraints.

"Oh, it wasn't hard," she replied. She looked down at his cock. "But that is. Yum."

"What's with the sheets?" He tried to keep his attention off his cock - for now.

"Specially made for a little B&D. Built-in restraints. Clever idea, I'd say. No need for a four-poster bed."

"Fuckin' ingenious.." He pulled against them, found he could hardly move. "Now untie me."

Jane sighed and shook her head. Her long blonde hair tumbled around her shoulders. "No, not yet." She stroked his cock and he groaned. "And we'll take care of this, too."

She went to the dresser and picked up a small box. Walking back, in no apparent hurry, he noticed, she opened it. "What have we here?" she mused.

A cage-like contraption dangled from her fingers. Those long slender fingers that he would like to feel wrapped around his rapidly-hardening and growing cock while she took the head in her mouth and.....

"My my my, what can this be? Oh, here's the little booklet that explains it." She pretended to read it. "Oh, a cock cage." She smiled at him over the pamphlet. "I wonder who this could be for?"

His cock was really hard. His balls were getting tight.

"Let's see if I bought the right size. You're really well-hung. And huge when you're turned on." 

It was exquisite torture as those slender, cool fingers held his dick with one hand and slipped the cage on it with the other. It was soft and pliable but thick enough to restrain his growing erection.

"There." Janey slid it all the way down to the base. "And the ball strap goes around the boys and holds everything in place. Supports them, too, when they get big and full. Like they're going to be." She licked her lips. "And this is just for more kicks." She picked up a length of braided leather, attached one end to the cage and the other to the ring on his collar. That pulled his dick up a little and he gasped. Fuck, it felt good. "Okay." She stepped back to admire her handiwork. "Nice. Ten inches that belong to me now. Very nice."

"How long do you intend to keep me like this? I feel like a turkey ready to go in the oven. And what the fuck am I wearing a dog collar for?"

Jane laughed. "The oven comes later. Much later. You'll be like this the entire day. I'll let you off the bed. The collar is to remind you that you're mine today. Every part of you. Head to toe (and she ran her hand over his head down to his dick and on to his feet), front and back." She leaned over and kissed the tip of his cock, bright red by now.  She slipped a hand underneath him and tickled his ass. He jumped. He loved that. "We're going to have some fun, Charles."

"But to make sure that you can't touch yourself, there is this." And she untied his wrists, slipped on leather cuffs and with two more lengths of braided leather, attached them to the collar. They were short enough that he could move his arms, but couldn't touch his very hard and about to start throbbing dick. "You won't be able to jerk off and cum. Unless I give you permission." She loved how saying that to him made him so hot.

"Okaayy..." his breath was ragged. "How do I pee?"

"There's an opening in the top to accommodate that and other bodily fluids. I'll hold it for you. For today, you are totally dependent on me for just about everything. And, if I remember correctly from living with you for so long, you need to pee right now." 

She freed his legs, brought him into the bathroom and did indeed hold it while he relieved himself. She even shook off for him.

"All done?"

"Yeah...." He felt humiliated. He'd hadn't peed in front of someone since had been toilet-trained. Well, not a woman. Those pissing contests the guys had were something different.

He felt humiliated and totally excited.

They went back to the bedroom. "Lie down," she ordered, "on your stomach. Bend your knees and put your really cute butt in the air for me." 


He yelped as a sharp slap landed on his cheeks. "Okay, okay, you're in charge..."

"Remember it."

She left him on his knees while she opened another box. She came back to him and ordered, "Spread 'em. Wide. Relax. This'll feel wonderful. Once it's in."

He started quivering with excitement. He felt her cool hands on his ass, spreading his cheeks apart, smearing a cool lube on his asshole. "Push out when you feel this," she told him. He felt something hard nudge at his puckered hole and pushed out. She slid the object in and he felt something rest against his cheeks.

His butt felt full. The sensation was mind-blowing.


"A butt plug. You're to wear it for as long as I like. Stand up."

He stood, feeling the toy in his butt. How could he wear this for very long without cumming?

"And last - for now - is this." And Janey attached a leash to a ring on the cock cage. She tugged it gently. "This gives me total control over you., You will follow me and quickly, too." She pulled on it, a little harder. He gasped. "Understand?"


"Bottom line, you're mine all weekend. To use. To play with. To torment. To pleasure me in so many ways. To make a few of those wants that I know you have come true." She tugged on the leash again. "Follow me."

"I understand..."

She laughed and took a step back. "No, follow me. Really. Walk."

She started out of the room and he had no choice but to walk behind. They walked through the living room. He had never noticed how big that bay window was. It gave him a good view of the sidewalk and the street and anyone out there could easily see in. Janey had opened the drapes wide. 

She paused in the middle of the room, leaving him standing in the middle of the window.

"Ummm....Janey, anyone can see me...."

"Yeah, they can." Her eyes sparkled. "You're liking this, I know." She glanced down at his cock, huge, hard, dusky red at the tip, at his balls, equally hard and tight. "But I think I'd like your cock a little higher, so let's shorten this  braid....." And she pulled it through the ring on the collar. His dick rose up toward his chin. She walked in back of him. "This still in nice and snug?" And she wiggled the butt plug, pulled it out and shoved it firmly back in. He jumped and groaned. Janey stood and looked at him from the side, admiring the sight. 

"Janey, the windows..."

" Oh, yeah. I washed them yesterday so they're nice and clear. We can see out really good. Nice and sparkly clean, aren't they?"  She stepped closer in front of him and pinched both nipples He made a rough sound in his throat. She knew that he loved that. "We live here. We're inside. It's not like we're on the front porch." She laughed. "Now there's a thought! And it's only ten am, too. We have hours, so who knows, right?. Hungry?"

"I guess...."

"Come," she ordered. Charlie figured he didn't have much of a choice. She led him through the dining room and into the kitchen, made him sit in a chair. The butt plug pressed in and he moaned, shifted in the chair. His balls were huge.

"Feelin' good?" she purred.

"Yeah, fuckin' fabulous." He shifted some more. "How long do you intend to keep me like this?"

"Just through breakfast."

"And then you'll take these damn things off?"


"But you said...."

She reached down and teased the tip of his cock through the cage. He jerked and groaned. "I said I'm keeping you like this, here in this kitchen, in this chair, just like you are, through breakfast. And then," she twirled the head of his dick in her fingers and he cried out in pleasure, "we'll move on. But you will stay in those damn things until I decide to release you." Another twirl of the head, another cry, rougher this time. "Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"I like that. Ma'am. Call me that all day."


Another twirl and a pinch of his head sent him off the chair. 

"Ma'am! I meant, yes, ma'am."

"That's better. Sit. Eat."

After they were done, Janey said, "Wash the dishes.'

"We have a dishwasher..."

A slap on his butt quieted him. "I know. Wash the dishes in the sink. Now."

"Yes, ma'am."

He ran the water, added dish detergent and began his chore. She walked up behind him, fondled his cheeks with both hands, squeezing, rubbing, spread them apart and wiggled the butt plug. He dropped his head, enjoying the sensation.

"Did I give you permission to stop?"

"No, ma'am."

"Bet this felt good," she said and wiggled the plug again. It did feel good but he kept working. "That's more like it. This ass is mine. All day. Just like that big cock. To do whatever I desire."

She stayed behind him, fondling his ass, running her hand underneath him and squeezing his balls. He thought he would explode. She backed off just when he thought he would cum and finally stamped his feet in frustration.

"Damn it, Janey....."

"Oh no, no, no. It's ma'am, all day long. Finish the dishes and clean the window in the dining room while I pick your punishment for disobedience."

"Bob mows his lawn every Saturday," Charlie reminded her. She shrugged. "But he'll see me like this."

She shrugged again. "So? We're adults, in our own house. It's none of his business. And maybe," she smiled slyly, "he'd like to come play." She reached for his hard, tight balls and squeezed hard. "Would you like that? Hmmm?" 

Charlie wasn't sure how to answer her. He kept silent, finished the dishes and she led him into the dining room. Handed him the windex and paper towels. "Get crackin'. We have a full day ahead and you're not going to make us waste a minute."

She left the dining room and Charlie started on the window. He had to stretch to reach high up and when he did, he noticed Bob in his yard, holding onto the lawn mower, staring at him in opened-mouth amazement. Charlie waved his paper towel at him and finished the window.

She came back, took in the situation with a glance. She waved gaily at Bob, picked up the leash and tugged on it. "Come along, Charlie. Your punishment awaits."

She had partly closed the drapes in the living room, leaving a gap just wide enough for anyone who might be walking by to glimpse something.....but not be certain that they had seen what they thought they had. A large, inflated ball stood in the middle of the room. Charlie thought it was a balance ball and he wondered what she planned to do with that, then he heard a faint buzz coming from the ball. That's when he noticed the cock sticking up in the middle of it.

"The fuck...." he started.

"That gets you another minute of torment. Sit on this."  She put a small wooden stool down, easily seen through the window and he sat. She tied his hands and legs to it. "There. Now you watch. You won't be able to touch yourself or get up. You can just watch. And listen."

She slowly stripped off those shorts and laid them on his knees. He could smell her scent on them. His cock got harder. She stood in front of him, straddling his knees and said, "Lick me. Get me ready for that cock over there. Then you sit here like a good boy and watch me."

Charlie licked her cunt up to her clit. She held her lips apart and his tongue dove in between them. She was wet in no time, dripping onto his hands. His cock was hard, nearly straight up, his balls throbbed.

"Flick my clit with just the tip of your tongue," she ordered, breathless. Her head fell back as he pleasured her.

She pushed his head back. "That's enough." She walked to the sex machine, took some lube and slicked up the cock. She straddled it, watching Charlie as she very slowly rubbed the big knob over her clit and pussy. She drew circles around her clit with it. She saw him swallow hard and his hands twitched to touch his cock.

Very slowly, she put the head inside her. "Oh, that feels sooooo good," she purred. "Mmmm...I'm going to ride this like I rode you that time in that cabin. Remember how deep you got in and how wet I was.....oh yesssss...." She moved back and forth on it, feeling it caress her clit. Still very slowly, she slid her cunt over the hard shaft until she had it halfway into her wet, hot pussy. Then she picked up the remote and turned it up a little higher.

The cock vibrated and she moaned in pleasure. She took the rest of it inside her, turned up the vibrations and started to fuck it. The cock vibrated inside her, faster as she fucked it harder. Her nipples were hard and red, her breasts were swollen and hot, her hair fell over her face as she rode the toy.

He was in pleasant agony at the sight. He rocked back and forth on the stool, feeling the butt plug stroke his ass. He wanted to cum. He started fucking the plug by moving up and down as much as he could. It wasn't enough.

"FUUUCCKKK!!!" he yelled. 

Janey laughed. She turned the vibrations all the way up. The cock churned inside her. She reached down, touched her clit and came with a shriek.

Charlie nearly wept.

She came over to him. "That was your punishment," she said softly.

"Please, ma'am, let me cum..." he gasped.

"Not quite yet." 

She untied him from the stool and grabbed the leash, made him follow her down the hall and into the dining room. There was a large slanted cushion on the table, right in front of the window. Bob was nowhere to be seen, but Charlie noticed that the lawn was mowed in a rather haphazard pattern. 

"Remember that ass is mine, to use as I like. Up on the table and lie face-down on the cushion." He hesitated and she slapped his ass. He got onto the cushion, his ass in the air. She spread his legs apart and put a spacer bar between them. She pulled his hands in front of him on the cushion. "Comfy?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am."

He heard the front door open. Janey said, "Hi, Sam!"

"Am I in time for the fun?" It was Samantha, Janey's friend from the gym. 

"Oh, lord...." Charlie thought. "I am fucked."

Sam had made it very clear that she wanted him and he thought about her, too. Thought what it would be like to have her naked in bed with that long red hair spread on the pillow those big breasts pink and hot the nipples swollen and soooo hard her legs spread wide open and her knees bent and him between them holding her pussy lips apart as he licked her cunt and sucked her clit and put one finger in her ass and made her so wet that the bed under her was soaked and then he would climb on top and.....

A sharp slap on his ass brought his attention back to the room.

"Charlie has been a bad boy," Jane said, "and this is part of his punishment." 

Sam walked in front of him. "And what else do you have planned?"

Janey said, "A good spanking would help." She held a whip in her hands. the strands were very soft leather. She trailed it over his butt, tickling him, ran it underneath and teased his balls. "Bad boys get spanked, Charlie, and you have been bad, haven't you?"

"Yes, ma'am." He shook with excitement.

Janey said to Sam, "Shall we do this as we planned?" 

"Oh yeah." Sam was wearing a short sundress with buttons. She started with the first button. Charlie's eyes were glued to those large breasts that were going to spring out of that dress. He waited. Second button. His cock was harder. Third button. He took a sharp breath.

And there was a slap on his ass. His hips jumped. His cock was completely hard. His balls hurt.

Fourth button. Another slap. Another jump. And a moan.

Fifth button. The soft leather strands trailed over his back and ass. Slap.

Last button. Sam slipped the dress off her shoulders. She was naked. Her nipples were already tight rosebuds and she ran her hands over them, over her full breasts and down her flat belly to her mound. She was bare. Charlie could see her pretty pussy lips, turning dusky pink, the little nub above them starting to stick out.

Three quick slaps on his ass re-directed his attention. He heard Janey chuckle behind him. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Janey came around the table. She had removed the shirt and was now as naked as Sam was. "Thanks for coming to help," she said. 

"My pleasure. Or it will be." Sam reached out and grabbed Jane's butt cheeks in both hands, pulled her in tight so their breasts met and they were full-length against each other. Jane also had her mound clean-shaven and Charlie nearly exploded when he saw those bare mounds touch each other. Jane ran her hands over Sam's ass, slid between her cheeks and stroked her.

Charlie was on fire. His cock was fully erect, hard, hot and he could feel little drops of pre-cum on the tip. His balls were full and huge. His ass throbbed pleasantly from the spanking and the butt plug pleasantly tormented him. He needed to cum.

"But not yet," Janey said. She walked in back of him and took out the plug. He felt curiously empty. "Let's try this one..." and she greased another one, a longer one and put it up his ass. And turned it on. He felt the vibrations in his cock and he shouted a rough, deep shout. "Too much, Charlie?" and she turned down the speed to a low thrum. He could breathe again. She took the spacer bar away.

"Off the table," Jane commanded. His legs shaky, he slid off the cushion and stood up. Sam came over and tweaked his hard nipples.

"I love how men's nips get hard. And I love to suck them when they are." And she leaned in, taking one in her mouth, nibbling on it, sucking it, tongue-bathing it. "Janey, he has two, you know."

Jane moved to the other one and they both feasted, sucking, biting, twirling their tongues around them. Charlie was about to cum. Jane noticed and stepped back.

"Let's give him a rest while we get ready for the next event."

"Aw..." Sam joked, "I wanted him to have a nipple cum. I know that I can, I wonder if men can, too..."

"Maybe we can find out sometime," Charlie said.

Jane jerked the leash hard enough to make him gasp. "Quiet! You will pay for that."

Sam said, "Janey, I love doggy, don't you?"

"My favorite. Charlie's, too. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"I want to see Charlie crawl into the living room like a doggy."

Jane smiled. "Me, too. Charlie, hand and knees." He hesitated. The vibrator stopped. "I know you like that in your ass. If you want to feel it again, you'll get on your hands and knees. And you'll stay like that in the living room while you eat both of our pussies."

Charles dropped to his knees. Sam got behind him. "I want to watch that fine ass move." She reached out and used the toy to fuck him a few times. He groaned. She reached under him and squeezed his balls. He moaned a long, drawn-out moan.

"Let's go." Janey tugged on the cock leash and he had to start crawling. Sam walked behind him, patting his ass and crooning, "Good doggy. I bet lapping at my cunt with your tongue will make me all wet....."

The drapes were still partly open. Janey made him stop in between them. "Sam, you're company, you go first." 

Sam laid in front of Charlie, her legs spread wide, her knees raised. Jane said, "Tell him how you want him to eat you. And you'd better do exactly as she says, Or else."

"Lick me, Charlie. Lick me from my cunny to my clit. Suck on my clit. Tease it. Hold my pussy open and lick everywhere....make me wet and then stick your tongue inside my cunt. Tongue fuck me while you play with my clit." He started following instructions. In no time she was beyond coherent speech, moaning, writhing in front of him, gasping, her cunt flowing, her clit hard. Charlie feasted, licked her up and down, sucked her clit, made it harder, held her lips open and thoroughly tongue-bathed her. He nipped at her clit and she screamed. He pushed two fingers inside her, sucked her clit hard and she came, grinding herself against his face, her juices smeared all over it.

Charlie was hard. His cock throbbed. His balls hurt. He wanted to cum.

Sam rolled to one side. Janey knelt in front of Charlie, doggy-style. She smiled at him over her shoulder. "Eat me like this," she ordered.

"Yes, ma'am." He dove in, licked her cunt from back to front, nipped at the clit that was hard and hung down like a little cock. He held her pussy lips open - they were dark pink and so juicy and sweet - and ran the tip of his tongue into every fold. She shook and screamed in pleasure. He wet his finger with her juices and slipped it into her ass. She shrieked and started fucking his finger. He met her, stroke for stroke while he nibbled on her clit and tongue-fucked her cunt. Janey came in a long, screaming wail, flooding his face with wetness.

Charlie was desperate to cum. "Fuck me, suck me off, let me touch my cock but let me cum!" he begged.

His cock was enormous and red at the tip, pre-cum dripped, his balls were huge and tight. Janey turned up the vibrator and he shook and roared. 

"Room for one more?" a voice said. 

"Hi, Bob!" Janey caroled. "About time you showed up!"

"I had that lawn to mow." Bob regarded Charlie, taking in the cock cage, the collar, the leather strips that kept his hands from touching himself, the vibrator in his butt, the sweat on his body and, bending down, the drops on the hot red head of his cock. "You look in need of some attention, buddy," he said sympathetically. "That dick of yours looks like it's 'bout to explode."

"What the hell can you do?" Charlie demanded, his voice shaky.

Bob pulled his t-shirt over his head, stripped off his jeans and shorts. His own cock was impressively large and stiff. "This." He walked in front of Charlie and knelt, held his cock out. "Suck it. You're a man, you know how we like it. Suck it." He chuckled. "Won't help you any, but it'll sure make me feel good. Suck me, bitch."

Charlie froze a moment in surprise, then his lips wrapped around Bob's rod. He took the head between his teeth and nipped at it gently. Bob groaned. Charlie ran his tongue down the shaft, wrapped it around and pulled it back up. He kissed the tip of Bob's cock and slid his tongue into the slit. Bob threw back his head and groaned a rough sound of delight.

"In college (he paused to gasp as Charlie raked his teeth across the head) one night, bunch of us smoked a little weed (and he paused again as Charlie ran his teeth down the shaft), you're killin' me, buddy, anyway, we got sorta high and silly and the talk started. (The wet tongue on his balls made him groan.) When young guys get together and get lit, well, we're always walkin' around half-hard, playin' pocket pool and ready to jump just about any girl we see. (Charlie stuck his tongue into Bob's slit and he roared and shook, little drops came onto the head.) Anyway, we started talkin' about how did it feel to a girl when we'd eat her out and one thing led to another and one sentence to another and - well, how would it feel when a guy jacked off another guy.  I volunteered to go into the field and find out. (Charlie grabbed the head in his teeth and bit. Bob arched his back and a primitive roar came from his lips.) So my good buddy said he'd help me out. The other guys stripped me buck-naked and laid me flat. My buddy grabbed my dick and started stroking me and got me so hard so fast and it felt so damn wonderful and I told him to suck me and he did and by all the angels in heaven, did that make me even harder! Before I knew it, the other guys grabbed him, got him bare-assed and put his cock over my mouth, his legs straddling my head. (He pushed deeper into Charlie's mouth. Charlie sucked hard. Bob fucked softly.) One guy took my buddy's hot steel rod and pushed it against my lips. And there I was, getting sucked off while I sucked him off. And it felt damn good. And the funniest thing (Charlie began mouth-fucking him faster and sucking him harder. Bob panted and groaned. "Hold up a minute, buddy, I don't intend on cumming just yet. Damn, you give great head. You and I'll have to do this again." He took Charlie's head in his hands and guided his cock back into his mouth.)  "Okay, got my breath back. Fuck, Charlie, no wonder that fine filly stays with you if you eat that pretty pussy good as you're doing my schlong - where was I? Oh, yeah, the funniest thing was that all the other guys got bare-assed, too and went to town on each other. We wound up in a daisy chain with a cock in everyone's mouth. Then one guy wet his finger and rimmed the guy in front of him and we all started doing it. Well, you know how that goes. Soon (and he shuddered and bellowed as Sam slid a greased vibrator into his ass and turned it on. damn, girl! he shouted) we were all finger-fucking each other and damn if we didn't all cum at the same time. Man! What a night." He looked at Charlie's face, his mouth busy at Bob's cock, his eyes shut as he feasted. "Open your eyes so you can see my rod fucking your mouth. That's better. Ahhhh....ummmm.....holy fuck, buddy." Bob took a deep breath, blew it out."Then you two moved in and I'd see Charlie here clipping the hedges out back, mowing the grass - I see you've gotten rid of the grass on your infield, Janey; bet Charlie loves that, not having to work through the patch to get to that fine clit of yours and he has a good view when he shoves that hard bat of his into your cunt and when he looks down he can see his cock moving in and out all wet with your juice - and I'd see you come out with a cold beer for him, rubbing against his leg and I'd see him gettin' hard and wonder, how would it feel to do him?"

He moved closer to Charlie and shoved all of his cock into Charlie's mouth and he took it. His spit ran down the shaft and made it slick, Bob fucked Charlie's mouth deeper and harder, the head hit his throat and Bob pulled out. 

"Dang, not ready to cum  - yet. Got another idea, Charlie."

Janey had been slowly fucking herself with the cock on the sex pillow. Bob took the remote from her and turned it all the way up. She screamed in pleasure as the rotating and vibrating cock pounded her pussy. Bob lifted her up, let the head of the toy just graze her clit and she screamed again, clutched at him for support. He moved her in slow circles and the head buzzed around her clit. Janey's head fell back. Bob loved the sight of her slender, white throat, mottled with excitement and he kissed it, trailed his tongue down it to the swells of her rosy breasts, over one nipple, then the other. Janey let out a high, rough cry and tried to jam herself back onto the cock, wanting it all inside her.

"Oh damn fuck me Bob fuck me hard stick it inside me deep fuck me fuck that cunt fuck meeeeee....."

He held her where she was, the head of the cock rotating around her clit. "Charlie," he said over his shoulder to the other man, "this is some state of affairs. Here's your woman, all hot and wet, got that clit all hard and wantin' a mouth to suck it, she wants some real hard dick shoved inside her and she wants to be fucked til she cums so hard against whoever owns that cock." He lifted Janey off the cushion and turned to Charlie. "And there you are, trussed up like a turkey, that big ole cock of yours in that cage, your hands fixed to those straps so you can't touch it and make it shoot the load that's in those big tight balls of yours and I figure you must want to cum so damn bad. Am I right?"

"Fuck....." Charlie could barely speak.

Behind him, Sam fucked him a few strokes with the butt plug. "Be nice," she warned. "How do you address Bob?"

"Fuck Bob....gotta cum....."

Bob shook his head in pretend disgust and disappointment. "Damn, Charlie, wrong words." Heavy sigh. He reached down and diddled Janey. She screamed again. "This needy woman in my arms, she's dripping down my legs, she's so wet. I'd say she's about ready to be plowed. Whatcha think, Charlie, my man?"

"Fuck.....yesss....." He was desperately trying to reach his cock. Sam shortened the straps and drew his hands up to mid-chest. There was no way he would be able to touch that huge steely rod, pre-cum dripping.

Bob continued lazily and Janey squirmed in his arms as one hand laid gently across her clit, "When you were clipping that hedge last week, you and I had quite the conversation. Remember?"

"Yes, sir."

"That's better. More respectful to the man who's holding your lady in his arms and touching her where I know you'd be lovin' to right now." And he pressed a little more firmly on her clit. Janey's breath shuddered and her hips pumped. "Easy now, honey. Charlie, want to tell us some of that conversation?"

Charlie swallowed and in a hoarse voice said, "I said that I'd love to watch another man fuck Janey."

Bob nodded. His own cock was huge and straight up. Janey could just feel the head poking at her. She whimpered and tried to lower herself to feel more. Bob shifted her up in his arms. "Not right now, honey. Charlie and I aren't done remembering yet. What else did you say, buddy?"

Charlie swallowed again. "I said I wanted to watch her get eaten before some other guy's rod plowed into her cunt." 

Bob nodded approval. "And?"

"And I wanted to see her legs draped over his shoulders while he fucked her really deep and she screamed."



"You said you want to see her cum. You said you want to see her shake and buck and pound her mound against him. You want to see his balls slap her ass and watch him slip a finger inside that little asshole." He looked at Charlie, wet with sweat, his cock huge and incredibly hard, hot red at the tip.

"FUCK, YESSSSS!!!!" Charlie shouted.

"OK, then," Bob calmly said. Sam laid thick towels on the rug and Bob gently placed Janey on them. Sam slipped a pillow under her hips, raising them a little. She stroked Bob's huge, hot steely flesh until he grunted and then stepped out of the way.

Janey spread her legs wide apart. Bob moved between them, rubbed the hot, red head over her hard clit and she screamed and bucked. "Nice. Going to be fun, Janey. I've wanted to do you for a long time. Ever since I saw you out there in that little bikini, watering the flowers. And you'd bend over to pick some, lettin' me see that cute ass and sometimes I could see a little of your pussy. And you looked over your shoulder at me once and smiled. You knew what you were up to." He rubbed her clit with the flat of his hand. She bucked and thrust. He took his hand away. "Thought about it a lot. And I saw you looking at me, too, while I pushed that mower around." He touched her again with his cock. "I wore those shorts on purpose. You can see when I'm hard when I wear them and you were looking at that. When you went in the house the last time," and he dipped his head to lick her cunt, she reached to hold his ears and he backed away, "not yet, honey. I heard you calling to Charlie here. I figure I know what you two did. Now it's my turn." He covered her clit with his mouth and sucked, released it."Beg. Tell me how you want it."

"Yessssss fuck me Bob I want your cock inside me it's going to feel sooooo good when you fuck me hard shove that meat deep inside me put my legs over your shoulders plow me hard make my juice flood your rod pound against my clit make me cum  .."

Bob shoved the head of his rod into her steaming hot and dripping cunt. Janey screamed. He grabbed her ankles and raised her hips even further up in the air. Her ass was off the floor. He plunged deeper, she screamed on a long, high wail. Bob put her legs over his shoulders, the tops of her thighs right by his ears as he fucked her long and deep. 

"Sam," he panted, "my hands are both sorta busy. Help me out, here."

"You got it." Sam moved closer. 

"You mean, Janey's got it," Bob joked.

Sam slicked up a thin vibrator and teased Janey's puckered hole with it. Jane screamed and bucked higher, grabbed Bob's ass and drew him in deeper. Sam slid the vibrator into her and turned it up high. Janey shrieked.

Bob plunged his hot steel in and out of her. Sam fucked her ass with the toy and Janey came, screaming, spasming, slamming herself against Bob, her pussy juice drenching his rod, running down his thighs.

Bob pulled out before he came. (Bob had incredible control.) He looked over at Charlie, who was just about crazy with lust. "Like seeing that?" he asked.

Charlie just panted.

Bob came over and looked carefully at him. He shook his head in pretend empathy. "Man oh man, you need to be taken care of, buddy. Let's see what we can do to help the situation."

Sam laid in front of Charlie, spread her legs wide again and purred, "Extra innings, champ."

Janey laughed. "Looks like the bases are loaded!"  She took the cage off his cock and freed his hands. She left the collar on and attached the leash to it, handing the end to Bob. She laid under him and grabbed his cock. Charlie nearly came.

Bob chuckled, "More than the bases are loaded, honey." He ran his hands under Charlie and grabbed his balls, squeezed. "Looks like we got two high, hard and tight ones here. I'm pitchin' relief and you're catchin', buddy."

Janey giggled and ran her tongue into Charlie's slit. He made a deep, muffled sound in his throat.

 "Get rid of this toy.," Bob said. "You'll have somethin' a whole lot better in there soon." He pulled the vibrator out of Charlie, rubbed gel on his hands, smeared some around Charlie's asshole, some inside. He ran his finger over Charlie's hole, down under him and slid the tip into the little depression there. He moved his finger back and forth, finding that little sweet spot each time. Charlie's hips began to thrust and he groaned. "Look at him, dancing around third base," Bob laughed. "No tryin' to steal home, buddy. We all move on the full count." He pulled gently on the leash. Charlie's head moved back toward him and Bob leaned over and said softly, "Your ass is mine now." He shoved a finger in and Charlie howled. "My bitch."

Janey said, "Batter up!"

Charlie's cock went into her mouth. Charlie's mouth and tongue danced and darted over Sam's pussy and clit. And Bob said, "Push out, buddy. Take the head in. (Bob shoved the head of his cock into Charlie.) Ahhh, yeah, fuck yeah hot tight fuck yeah gonna fuck you good deep (Bob plowed all the way in) and hard holy fuck you're tight ahhhhh gonna put all of this steel inside you you likin' this bitch fuck yeah slam you good slap this fine ass I own this ass gonna shoot my load inside fuck you're so tight on my cock you're gonna have cum drippin' all night fuck yeah spread 'em wider fuck yeah fuck yeah ahhh ahhh fuck me bitch... "  Bob fucked him deep. Charlie screamed a muffled yell. as eleven inches of hot, steely cock plunged in and out of him.

Bob plowed him faster and faster. He went as deep as he could, fucking fast and hard, slapping Charlie's ass with one hand. Janey worked on his cock, reaching to squeeze his balls, nipping at the head, tasting him. Charlie's roars and moans of delight were muffled at he ate Sam. She held her pussy lips open for him, he tongue-fucked her cunt, stiffened his tongue and teased her clit, ran that stiff tongue all over inside her pussy lips. She screamed in delight.

Bob reached down between Charlie's legs and touched Janey's clit. She screamed a muffled scream and bucked and shook as he stroked and pinched. She took Charlie very deep and he came with a roar, flooding her mouth with ropes of thick, hot cum. She came, swallowing his load, some dripping out of her mouth, Bob strumming her clit as he fucked Charlie deep, hard and furious. Charlie's tongue deep in her pussy pushed Sam over the edge and she came, grinding her cunt and clit against his face, shrieking a high wail.

Bob, up on his knees, tight against Charlie's ass, fucked him deep, Janey reached up and squeezed his balls sooooo hard, he roared and went deeper, holding Charlie's hips and banging his balls against his ass and erupted into Charlie, shooting his load deep inside him. He shook and spasmed as his balls emptied. His cum dripped onto Janey's belly. He fell forward onto Charlie. Everyone was happy.

Especially Charlie.

Charlie came home from work a couple of weeks later. That hot, nasty day of sex was still clear in his mind. All he had to do was remember one piece of it and he got hard. He wondered if he would ever be at that level of excitement and sexual tension again. To say nothing of the ultimate release.....his cock had throbbed for a few days.

"Janey," he called as he stepped inside, "want to go out for dinner? I'm up for tasting a nice piece of prime rib right now."

"Oh, dang, Charlie, I wish you'd called. Dinner's all ready. We're eating in the dining room tonight. I thought it would be a nice change."

"Let me wash my hands."

"At least come and kiss me," Janey said.

Charlie stumbled to a halt at the dining room door. Janey was on the table, bare-assed naked, on her knees, her beautiful tight ass in the air, her legs spread wide and one hand on her clit, rubbing it softly. He could see she was already wet. She smiled at him.

"It's all prime, Charlie." 

Charlie kicked off his sneakers. He tugged down the zipper on his jeans and slid them off. Janey's eyes twinkled when she saw the bulge in his briefs. 

"Looks like you're on deck, champ." Her hand moved faster over her clit.

Charlie slid his briefs off. He stood between her legs and slid two fingers inside her. Her head dropped and her hips thrust back at him.

"Batter up!" Charlie said.













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