Birthday Wish, Part 6

Birthday Wish, Part 6 Birthday Wish, Part 6

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Day Two is about to turn into Day Three. What will Sherri's punishment be on Day Two and what will happen on Day Three? Will it end with a huge climax?


Day Two is about to turn into Day Three. What will Sherri's punishment be on Day Two and what will happen on Day Three? Will it end with a huge climax?


Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



After some sleep, Jake and Sherri showered again and were ready for dinner.

Sherri, loving the domination scenario, went back into submissive character. "May I dress, master?"

Jake loved it. "No, I prefer you naked. But you will wear....something interesting. And I will dress."

And he made her watch as he climbed into work-out pants and a t-shirt. 

"But you will wear this. Come here."

He slipped another egg inside her and turned it low. This one also rolled around, increasing her pleasure. Sherri rolled her hips, enjoying it.

"And you will wear this, too."

He took a box from the toy table and opened it. Sherri gasped in amazement and delight. Jake held a silver dog collar in his hands. A leash was attached and he removed it.

"This is to remind you that I am in charge at all times. That you are mine, to enjoy and to play with as I wish. And to remind you to follow my every command and desire, immediately, without question. Do you understand?"

Sherri bowed her head in fake submission as much as to hide her excitement. "I understand, master."

"Raise your head. I want to watch your face when I put this on you."

"Yes, master."

Sherri raised her head and Jake fastened the collar around her neck. In his natural voice, he asked, "Is this too tight? This should excite you and arouse you, not make you hurt."

She smiled at him, loving his thoughtfulness. "It's perfect, Jake."

They kissed softly, gently. Jake stepped back, admiring how the silver sparkled against her skin. 

"And one more.....interesting item." He went back to the toy table and took another box. "You need discipline - badly. This will help teach you."

Sherri's eyes widened and her heart thumped with anticipation when she saw what he held. It looked like a pair of panties, but none like she had ever seen before. The ass part was soft cotton, but the front had a firm shield that fit over her clit and, strategically placed, a small cock that would go right inside the most sensitive part of her cunt - just past the opening. That, she knew, would keep her aroused with no way to cum. When they made love, she would ask Jake to put his cock halfway inside her and hold it still as she enjoyed the feel of it before he pushed back past the muscles to fuck her deep and hard hard hard until her cunt streamed and her clit throbbed with need and she could feel him deep deep deep inside her.....

"Step into these," he ordered. Sherri blinked her eyes to clear her head and stepped into the garment. "Pull it up over your hips yourself. Make sure the cock is inside you. You are doing this willingly, as part of your punishment for sauciness." He watched as she pulled up the panties and the cock entered her pussy. He could see the look of delight cross her face when it was in place. He knew how much she loved feeling just part of his hard rod inside her before they started fucking hard and fast and nasty.

Jake swallowed hard. Sherri smirked. Jake saw it.

"Still not obeying. Still willful and pert. Still saucy. See how you like this, wench." And he turned up the egg. The vibrations and rolling inside her, coupled with the cock in just the right place, made her gasp and shudder. Her breasts turned rosy, the nipples hard and her clit strained against the shield.

It was excruciating.

It was wonderful.

"That was lesson one." Jake turned the vibrations down. "Dinner awaits." He smiled. "Walking downstairs will be a new adventure for you, I imagine. I can hardly wait to watch. In fact, I'm going down first so I can watch you from the front. I want to see the expressions cross your face with each step. I want to imagine how that little cock will feel inside you and how your clit will be rubbing against the shield. And," he held the leash, "I will attach this when you reach the bottom of the stairs. Let's go."

Jake was so hard himself that he had a little trouble walking down the stairs. At the bottom, he turned and told her to come down. She did, carefully placing each foot on the next step. Her clit slid a little against the shield, the cock inside her moved up and down and the egg vibrated and rolled.

Sherri loved it.

Jake loved watching her. He saw how red, round and swollen her breasts and nipples were, how her lips were swollen and more pouty, how her breath came quicker and wondered how wet she was. Thinking of how her juices would be trapped inside her, making her squirm even more, made him steely, made him want to touch himself and cum...

At last she reached the bottom. "Turn around," he ordered, his voice raspy and ragged with lust. He felt her panties; they were wet. Soon it would be dripping down the backs of her thighs. He swallowed hard.

"And this...." He attached the leash and tugged gently. "Come." They went into the dining room. Jake said, "I imagine that the angle of that little cock won't let you sit comfortably."

"No, master, it won't."

"So you stand. Stand at the fireplace mantel so I can admire your ass." He turned her around. The panties had slipped into her crack and looked more like a thong, bisecting her cheeks and barely covering her little puckered hole. He ran his hands over the round, rosy mounds and between them. She drew in a shaky breath, moaned.

Sherri brought her dinner over to the mantel and stood, ready to eat. She was very hungry. "Hold your legs tight together, so you can feel that cock inside you,"  he commanded.

"Yes, master." This pressed the cock firmly inside her, right where it felt best. Her clit was held by the shield and the collar around her neck kept her aware of who was in charge. And she reveled in it. Domination was mind-blowing, she decided. And she loved how it made Jake so hard and thinking about how he used that made her wet made her clit tingle made her want to touch it to cum but she couldn't because of that damn shield and made her more aware of the cock part-way inside her pussy nestled right there where it felt really really really good and how Jake would hold his hard and hot nine inches right there just so she could enjoy how it felt before he pushed past the muscles deep deep deep into her and then....

A slap on the ass brought her out of her reverie and made her jump. Hands slid up the insides of her thighs, stopping right at the shield. Jake felt around until he found the base of the little cock and wiggled it. Sherri shivered and moaned with delight and desire. She felt him part her cheeks and tickle her little hole. She made a sound deep in her throat and her head fell back at the sensations flooding through her.

"What do I do with someone so saucy and unrepentant?" he murmured in her ear. His hand found her rosy breasts, rolled the nipples in his fingers. She gasped and pressed back against him. He was hard. Very hard. He pressed himself back, letting his dick poke at her little hole. 

"Want the real thing?" he whispered. "Me, not a hunk of plastic. Me, all hot and huge? Want to feel me plunging into your little secret place, not something phony? Hmmm? Do you?"

His hands squeezed and rubbed her breasts, tweaked the nipples until they stood up, hard and rosy. She squealed in pleasure. His dick nudged at her in the back and she spread her legs as far as she could.

"Little greedy hole," he whispered, "wants to be filled with a hot, throbbing cock, doesn't it? Hmmm? Wouldn't that feel soooo good right now? Feeling my hand slicking some lube around it? Feeling me maybe flinger-fuck it first? Would it? Answer me, you little saucy thing, or suffer the punishment I have in mind."

" would feel soooo good...."

Another slap on her ass and a nipple was pinched. "Too many words. You will never learn, will you? Not without more teaching."

Sherri felt a cool gel get smeared around her little hole. She tensed in happy anticipation. Jake ran his finger around the rim, briefly dipped it inside, took it out and teased her, right at the opening. She cried out.

" are so disrespectful to my wishes for silence. I wish I didn't have to punish you further, but I must - for your own good...." The finger rimmed her again. "This will continue for some time, my little plaything, and I know that you will be more and more aroused and want to moan and sigh. But when you do, I will add another minute to this very pleasant and enjoyable torment. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mast....."

Another pinch on the nipple. "That's one more minute that you have to endure this in silence. Now......" and the rimming continued as he played with one nipple with the other hand.

Sherri clamped her lips together to keep any sound from escaping. Her clit was stiff against the shield, the little cock inside her tormented her cunt, especially when Jake reached down and wiggled it against her. She was aware of the dog collar that told her that he was in charge.

"We have five minutes. Well, you have five minutes to enjoy this. Then we go back to the playroom"

Sherri somehow managed to keep the slightest squeak from escaping her lips. Jake continued to play with her ass, running his finger around her rim, sometimes gently putting it inside her and finger-fucking her for a few moments. Her nipples were gently pinched, her breasts rubbed. Her clit throbbed, the little cock inside her was sweet agony and she wanted to cum sooooo bad......

Finally the time was up. Jake led her with the leash back to the stairs and up to the playroom. Walking upstairs made the cock shift inside her and made her want to rock back and forth on it, hoping to cum. Jake noticed.

"I believe this has done its work." He unclipped the leash. "Remove the panty. Do not touch yourself. Or else."

"Yes, master." Sherri slid the garment down over her legs, purposefully letting her fingers graze her clit. Jake saw. He sighed.

"Still naughty. Oh, well, come here." He led her to the spanking table and fastened her down, raising her ass higher in the air. He again applied gel to her little hole, some to his finger and resumed playing with her ass. As he did, spoke musingly: "Perhaps, my little, sexy playtoy, I'll do this and get you all hot and dripping. Perhaps then I'll spank you, would you like that? Or perhaps I'll torment you with the feathers. Or perhaps I'll put a vibrating dildo inside you, one in your cunt, one in your ass, turn them both up high and feed you my cock while they do their work. How does that sound, my pet?"

Sherri couldn't help it. She bucked as much as she could, his words had made her even hotter and the pictures of what all of that would look like just about made her cream and cum. Jake chuckled.

"I see you like that idea. Well, let's see...." He walked to the toy table and came back with the paddle. "Five should do it. Count them off for me, my wench."

The paddle hit her bare cheeks. "One..."

"Very good. Louder this time."


"Good. Even louder and say thank you, as well."

"THREE and thank you."

"Thank you, MASTER. That gets you another stroke."

"FOUR and thank you, master."



"FIVE and thank you, master."

"Last one. Loudly, now."


"Very good. Now then...." he went back to the play table and came back with a dildo and a vibrator. He removed the egg from her cunt, slicked lube on the dildo. "Spread your legs wider to make this easy for me." She did and he pushed the dildo into her. It was about as big as he was. He pushed it all the way in, picked up the slender vibrator, slicked more gel around her hole as well as on the toy. "Push out when you feel the head go in." Sherri did. He slid it all the way in. 

He turned on both toys to full speed. Sherri shrieked in pleasure. Jake sat in front of her, pulled out his already-erect cock and held it to her lips. 

"Suck me. Suck me hard. Make me cum. But not too fast. I want you spread open here, enjoying those toys inside of you while I watch. Suck the head. Now."

Sherri did. The sensations in her cunt and her ass traveled through her whole body, making her shake. Jake held his cock as she licked and sucked, groaning and gasping as the toys in her cunt and ass did their work. He would pull it back, taking a breath, spinning it out as she enjoyed the toys deep inside her. 

The head turned red, then a dusky plum as she licked, sucked and bathed it with her tongue. His balls got tight, his cock got steely hard. When he saw pre-cum on the top, he said hoarsely, "Stick your tongue into my slit....ahhhh.....bite it......oh, yessssss....suck it.....harder....harder...."

He suddenly seized her head and thrust nine inches of huge, hot cock into her mouth. "Yeah....oh yeahhh baby suck that cock make me cum ummmmm nasty love it bite it yeahhhhhh suck my cum right out of it....."

He thrust one more time, Sherri felt it hit the back of her throat and he came, thick hot cum flooding into her mouth and down her throat. "Swallow it baby swallow my spunk take it all you did this swallow all of it I want it inside you...."

Sherri swallowed his tremendous load, loving every drop. The toys were driving her mad with want and she needed to cum.

Jake finished and walked, cum still dripping from his cock, in back of her, took out the toys, unfastened her and turned her over. "Your turn," he said.

And he ate her like never before until she came, screaming, thrashing and spasming, shouting his name, her cunt flooding juice all over his face.

When she had quieted, he raised his head and asked, "Ready for another shower and bed, baby?"

Upstairs, they showered, Jake cleaned out her cunt with more solution and they fell into her king-sized bed and slept long and deeply.

They woke later than Jake had intended. Sherri still slept, so he reached down and fondled her, sliding a finger into her hot box, That woke her. His finger stopped and she said "This is my birthday weekend. Don't stop that."

"As you wish, my love," Jake chuckled, He slid down and added his unique brand of mouth music. In no time, Sherri was spasming and shrieking with yet another hard, long cum. She loved it.

"And what do you have in mind for today?" she purred, rubbing against him. "I mean, you're hard. Want it taken care of?"

"This is absolutely your day," Jake replied. "Whatever you want to do, we'll do. Whatever you want done to you, I'll do my best to meet that desire. Your call, all day, babe."

Sherri stretched and smiled, a little wickedly. "Breakfast first. And I want that egg back in. The one that rotates as well as vibrates."

Jake laughed. "That appears to have been quite a hit! What have I started?"

"Well, for one thing, when we go out the next time, you bring the remote." Her smile got a little more wicked. "Understand?"

Jack got a little more hard. "Absolutely, babe. Saucy babe. My new name for you."

"Maybe I'll get license plates that say that!"

"Oh, no! You are my saucy babe. No advertising!"

Sherri laughed and ran her hands over his chest, tweaking his nipples til they stood up. "Understood. How about breakfast and then we'll take care of the rest of my fantasies." 

They got out of bed and Jake reached for his work-out pants. "No," said Sherri. He stopped and looked at her.

"No?" A smile played around his lips. She shook her head firmly and took the pants from him.

"Nope. No clothes for either of us. Not today. Not one stitch. Just my egg for me. And this." She put the collar around her neck. "I like this. I'll wear it when we play."

"Works for me, saucy."

They ate only because they were both very hungry. The sight of each of them naked across from one another, and the thoughts of how the day would spin out engrossed them both. Breakfast was eaten in record time and they were back upstairs.

"Now what?" Jake asked.

Sherri had adjusted the spanking table it lay flat. "How about a massage?" she suggested. Another evil smile lurked around her mouth. Jake played along.

"Sounds good, babe, but wouldn't you like me to give you one?"

"Not now. My day, remember? Now, lie face down."

Jake did. Sherri found something suitable for a massage and began on his shoulders and back. Jake was amazed at how good it felt and he was moaning with pleasure in no time. He was also getting hard.

Sherri knew this. It was what she wanted. She worked down his back to his butt, spent some time there, kneading the firm mounds of muscle. Jake had such a cute butt and he worked out so it stayed that way. Sherri loved it. She leaned over and put little nips all over it. Jake stirred and looked around.

"Hey, baby, I'm going to cum if you keep that up...."

"Not yet," she replied. She continued down his legs to his feet. Jake felt himself drift off, then fall asleep. Sherri kept stroking until she knew he was deep asleep.

Then she quickly fastened his wrists and ankles to the table and slanted it so his head was down, his ass up. Then she went back to working on his butt. She kneaded, stroked and kissed it. Jake slept on. Sherri spread his cheeks apart, put some lube on her finger and some on his little hole and rimmed him. 

That woke him up.

"Wha....what are you doing? Sherri?"

"Relax." She teased him a little by sliding the tip of her finger into him, took it out as he jerked in surprise and delight., She went to the head of the table and knelt in front of him. He tried to reach out to touch those pretty breasts and was surprised to find he couldn't.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Relax and enjoy." She kissed him. "Remember that movie we saw last year on pay-per-view?"

"Yeah, I do, you were really turned on with a couple of those scenes."

"And so were you. You thought I didn't notice. But I did." She stood up. "Your turn now."

"What...." Jake turned his head. She put the blindfold over his eyes and his cock sprang to life.

"Be still and enjoy."

She resumed playing with his ass. She stroked and kneaded, kissed it, bit it lightly, ran her hand under him and fondled his balls. She put the table flat and took off the restraints, led him to the futon. "On your chest and knees," she said. "Quickly!" And she spanked him once on the ass.

Jake was on his knees. Sherri shoved a couple of pillows under him for comfort and went to the toy table. Jake was quivering with anticipation. She knew this.

She came back, knelt behind him and squeezed his balls - hard. He let out a shout. She ran her hand the length of his awesomely hard dick and pumped him, hard and fast. She stopped when she felt drops on the head. She applied a generous amount of lube to his little hole and just as much on the slender dildo on the strap-on. She circled his hole a few more times. He was hot and gasping.

"I think you're ready, sweetie. Just push out when you feel this go in..." On her knees behind him, she inserted the toy.

Jake pushed out and it slid all the way in. He shouted and she turned it on, low at first.

Jake went wild. "Fuck me with that baby fuck me in the ass and make me cum fuck me deep and hard I want to feel every inch inside me fuck me til I shoot my load fuck me fuck me fuck meeeeee...."

Sherri did. She turned it up higher and fucked him hard and deep. He felt her knees against his butt and the realization that she had a strap-on and was actually fucking him instead of just holding a vibrator sent him into moaning, howling fits of delight. "Yesssss fuck me hard ooooohhhhh use it turn it up all the way and fuck me goooood make me cummmmm yessss fuck me...."

His balls were huge, his cock impossibly hard, she reached under and found that little depression and sunk a finger into it. He exploded. His cum shot out onto the sheets, he roared with the release, his cock spasming and shot still more, his hips thrust wildly.

Sherri had never been so aroused.

Finally it was over. Jake collapsed on the futon, breathing hard, cum everywhere. Sherri pulled out the dildo and took off the strap-on, laid next to him. He rolled his head to look at her.

"This was supposed to be your day, babe."

"It is. And I wanted to give you that. I knew how that scene of the woman fucking her boyfriend with that vibrator made you horny. I wanted to recreate it."

He pushed up on one elbow and kissed her. "And did you ever," he said softly. "That was wild, when I realized that it was you with a strap-on, fucking my ass." He kissed her roughly on the mouth. "Babe, you are so sexy....."

When Jake had somewhat recovered, they showered and changed the sheets. 

"What now?" Sherri asked.

"Well, I have a surprise that I think you might like." Jake flopped down next to her on the futon and turned on the 55"  tv. "Remember that movie you were inspired by? I thought you might like to see it again. Sort of the climax of our weekend."

She nestled close to him. "That's pretty corny, but let's watch."

"As you say."

The scene that Jake knew had gotten her so hot involved two women, friends, who each secretly had wanted to try sex with another woman. They felt safe with each other, so one afternoon, husbands at work, nothing much to do, they met at a nice hotel and......

Sherri sat up when the scene ended and pushed her hair off her hot face. "Wow.....that was something. I didn't remember it quite that hot."

"I knew that turned you on."

"That was the surprise?" Sherri asked, a little disappointed.

"No," came a voice from the door to the hallway, "I'm the surprise." and in stepped her friend Kitty, naked and glorious.

Sherri gaped, speechless, then a smile spread over her face.

Kitty spread her arms and said, "What, no hello hug for your bestie?"

Sherri jumped off the bed and ran to her friend, grabbing her in a close embrace. "But how...."

Kitty and Jake laughed. "We set this up a couple of weeks ago. Jake had an idea you wanted to try girl on girl and I've always wanted to and we're friends, we are!"

Sherri squealed and leaped at Jake, hugging him hard. "You (kiss) are (kiss) the (kiss) sweetest (kiss) thing (kiss) EVER!!! (Punctuated with a quick, hard stroke to his cock. Which got him - you guessed it - hard.)

"And one requirement," he said.

Sherri finished it for him. "You get to watch."


Sherri brought her friend over to the toy table. "We have quite a selection here."

"We do," Kity replied, "but know how I've always dreamed of starting?"

Sherri laughed. "You've been thinking of this, too?"

"Yes. Ever since we met at the pool." Kitty took Sherri's head in her hands and kissed her hard on the mouth. Sherr's hands cupped Kitty's breasts and she felt the nipples pucker.

Jake settled himself in the armchair.

They spent some minutes kissing before moving to the futon. Lying on their sides, facing one another. Kitty murmured, "I want to touch you everywhere. Get to know this body as I know my own. And if I think you think like I do, you're going to love how I explore."

Sherri's breath quivered and she nodded. "On your back," Kitty said. Sherri turned over and Kitty straddled her, her cunt resting on Sherri's abs. She began tracing her friend's head and face, down her neck, lingering at the collar. "Pretty," she murmured. "Maybe we could get matching ones."

Sherri had to laugh.

Kitty continued on, over Sherri's chest, onto her breasts. Sherri caught her breath as Kitty grazed her nipples, pinched them lightly, leaned over and kissed them. She slid further down, her tongue trailing over Sherri's flat stomach, teasing her belly button with the tip and stopping at her mound.

"Hmmm....nice and plump. Let's see what's here, shall we..."

And she slipped lower. Sherri gasped, her hands twined in her friend's hair. Kitty took her time. She licked and rubbed all over Sherri's outer lips, drew circles around her little nub and made it stand up, held her lips open and licked inside them. Then she licked the opening to Sherri's pussy, loving hearing her friend gasp and moan with delight. She stuck her tongue inside and tongue-fucked her, tasting her juice, enjoying her scent. 

Sherri went wild. She bucked and spasmed, opened her legs wider, begged to have her cllt sucked and made to cum. "Not yet." Kitty stroked broad strokes all over her cunny and clit; Sherri wanted harder, more direct contact on her clit but Kitty wanted to spin it out. She began licking and biting down her inside thighs. Sherri reached for her head to pull her back up, but Kitty calmly said, "Jake, hold her hands."

Jake got behind her and held her hands over her head so Kitty could continue her erotic plan. down Sherri's legs she went, all the way to her feet, sucked each toe, then trailed her hands back up to her clit and cunt.

"Now...." Kitty regarded Sherri, rosy red with excitement, her chest heaving, her clit hard and her cunt wet, "what I've fantasized about is this: you sit on my face while I eat you and make you cum."

"Yes,....oh yes.....I've thought of how that would feel....."

Kitty laid down and Sherri straddled her head, positioning herself over Kitty's nose and mouth, holding Jake's hands for support. Kitty grabbed her hips and brought her down close enough to pleasure her with her tongue. She bathed Sherri's cunt with broad strokes, tongue-fucked her until her juice ran onto Kitty's face, rubbed her nose against Sherri's clit and the other woman screamed and lowered herself until she was sitting right on her friend's face.

Kitty sucked Sherri's clit into her mouth and spun her tongue around it. She put her arms between Sheri's legs, opened her wide and held her ass firmly as she fucked her with her tongue, long and deep.

Sherri was hot with desire. She gasped, "oh yes oh yes yesssssssssss eat me suck my clit hard oooohhhhh soooo good stick your tongue right there yessssssssssss fuck my cunt bite my clit yessssssssssss ooooohhhh wanna cum yessssssssssss suck my clit baby lick me oooooohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss oh girl you make me soooooo hot yesssssssssssss....."

Sherri came. She came grinding her hips onto Kitty and spasming wildly. Her cunt streamed. Kitty held her clit in her mouth and sucked it while she came, stopping only when Sherri flopped forward onto Jake, spent.

"Yum....." said Kitty.

She stayed the rest of the afternoon.

Later that night, having showered, eaten and snuggled into Sherri's big bed, Jake asked, "Did you enjoy your birthday surprises, babe?"

She reached up and kissed him. "Ummmm....every bit of it. Thank you so much for setting this up and taking such effort to make sure I had fun. I want to remember every moment."

He kissed her back. "You, my saucy wench, are very welcome. And I think you'll have no trouble remembering."

"I hope not!" Sherri laughed.

"I made certain that you won't." Jake clicked on the television.

Sherri saw..... her bedroom. Saw Jake standing in the doorway, dressed as he had been that first morning.

"I recorded it, babe."









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