Birthday Wish, Part 5

Birthday Wish, Part 5 Birthday Wish, Part 5

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sherri is relaxing in a bubble bath and enjoying a glass of wine. As Day Two of her birthday surprise goes into Day Three, what surprises could be waiting for her? And for Jake?


Sherri is relaxing in a bubble bath and enjoying a glass of wine. As Day Two of her birthday surprise goes into Day Three, what surprises could be waiting for her? And for Jake?


Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



Jake helped Sherri off the table. He removed the blindfold and carried her to the futon. 

"I can walk," she semi-protested. She loved the attention, loved him thinking so about taking care of her.

Then he unceremoniously dumped her onto the futon. She bounced. Jake laughed. He bent down and kissed her.

"Sweetie, that was the most incredible one yet! I thought my balls were going to burst before I could get inside you."

She rubbed her cheek against his. He needed a shave, but the stubble on his face excited her. It was so - elemental and primitive.

"I need a little time, love. How about a bubble bath for me?"

"Coming right up!"

Jake drew her a lovely bath. She stepped into the tub and sat. The bubbles came up practically to the lip of the tub and covered her breasts. They did bob a bit and now and again a nipple would poke through the bubbles. Jake came in with two glasses of white wine, handed her one and perched on the closed toilet. He raised the glass to her in a salute.

"To my incredibly sexy woman."

"And to my sweetie, who is giving me the birthday gift to end all gifts!" They clinked glasses and drank.

Sherri relaxed in the warm, warm water, the bubbles gently lapping at her. Jake enjoyed watching for a pink nipple to poke through as they chatted. When the water cooled, Sherri got out of the tub. Jake enveloped her in a huge, fluffy, soft bath towel and dried her.

"What now?" Sherri asked.

Jake went back into master mode. "Since you are such a saucy wench, you will dress as one and serve me."

He handed her the corset. "Put this on and come into the main room. I'll be waiting, so don't take too long."

"No, master, I shall hurry."

He paused at the door. "And there is this. Come here." He pushed the egg back inside her and turned it on.

She climbed into the garment. It pushed her breasts up and was cut to right underneath her nipples. The waist was heavily boned to hold the corset up and nipped in severely, accentuating the flare of her hips. The corset stopped level with her clit. Her pussy was uncovered. The back ended right above her ass, showing the swells of her cheeks and barely covering them. 

Sherri stepped into the room. Jake was sitting in the armchair, waiting. A light lunch had appeared and sat on the table across from him. 

Jake looked her up and down. "Turn around." She did. "Nice. Very nice." He gestured to the heels. "Put those on."

"Yes, master."

Sherri slipped her feet into the fuck-me shoes and teetered for a moment, getting her balance.

"Turn around." She turned in a slow circle. He nodded approval. "Bring me lunch."

She moved to the table, walking slowly so she wouldn't topple over. The food arrived safely at his chair. 

"Stand here while I eat it," he commanded. He took his time, eating slowly and admiring Sherri in the corset. Her nipples were tight and pink and he could see some wetness running down her leg. He turned the vibrations up higher and she made a soft sound of pleasure.

"You forgot my drink," he said, with a sigh. "Good serving wenches are hard to find. I thought that you would be different."

"I am so sorry, master." She hurried to the table and brought back his drink. As she approached the chair. she lost her balance and the drink spilled onto his shorts.

Jake leaped from the chair. "Look what you've done! This is unacceptable! Come here!"

Sherri moved closer and he tied the blindfold over her eyes. Her knees trembled with anticipation. He led her to the tubular stand and fastened her to it. "Now, you wait while I decide your punishment."

"Master, it was the shoes...."

"Be still!" Jake turned the egg up as high as it could go. "Now I must change. Enjoy this."

Sensations flooded her body as the egg not only vibrated but rolled inside her. She could feel it in her clit. She wanted to cum. She was about to when the vibrations died away. Jake had turned off the egg. She caught her breath and rested her head on one arm.

"Saucy women who talk back are disciplined," Jake said. He pinched her nipples. Sheri gasped; she could feel it in her clit. Nipple play could make her cum. Jake knew that.

She felt the feathers brush against her very sensitive nipples, making them hard. She moaned. 

"You will be still. Not a sound."

"But, master, I can't help it..."

"Not. A. Sound." A pinch of one nipple almost made her squeal, but she clamped her lips tightly together. "Better. You must learn. Now, then...."

The feathers traveled slowly across her nipples, very lightly. Sherri had never dreamed that something so light and airy could make her so hot, make her nips turn into tight, hard, bright pink nubs. Never thought she would feel that direct line of sensation down in her clit. She bit back moans as Jake continued.

He took one in his mouth, twirled his tongue around it, sucked it gently, then harder. Sherri had to hold her breath to keep from screaming. The feathers trickled sensation across them. Then he took the other in his mouth, bit it gently, sucked it, tongue-bathed it. Sherri twisted in pleasant agony. She hadn't so much as squeaked since that pinch.

Jake went to the toy table and came back with a clit stimulator. He held it to her nipple, turned it on and she almost screamed as the sensation ripped through her breast. Her legs started to shake and Jake knew she was close to cumming. He turned off the stimulator.

"Not yet, my saucy little girl. Not. quite. yet."

Sherri took a breath. Both nipples were on fire, her clit throbbed. 

Jake knelt in front of her, his breath hot on her clit and pussy. Sherri held her breath in anticipation; she loved being eaten and Jake knew just how she liked it. She knew it would be impossible for her to keep silent, once he started swirling that very talented tongue around her clit and stuck it into her cunny.....

Jake drew careful circles around her clit. It was erect, like a small cock. He avoided touching it, kept drawing those maddening circles with the tip of his tongue. One hand cupped her pussy, a fingertip teased her opening. Sherri hardly dared breathe. She felt her juices run out of her cunt, over his hand. That tongue kept moving in slow circles around her clit, keeping it hard and needy.

Jake slid one finger inside her, high up, by her most sensitive inside spot. She tensed. He chuckled. The circles continued. He rocked his hand back and forth, making his finger travel inside of her. He was very close to her g-spot.

When he gently nipped her clit, she moaned. The finger was withdrawn and he stood up.

"How disappointing. I thought you had better control than that, my dear." He shook his head. "Let me go think about what will be next."

Sherri heard him walk to the chair and sit down. She took some deep breaths to steady herself. Everything was aroused and on fire. Her nipples screamed to be sucked, her clit begged to be eaten and her cunt desperately wanted a cock stuffed inside.

She heard him walk to the toy table. He came over, stood behind her and she suddenly felt the soft slap of the whip on the undersides of her ass cheeks. She moaned with pleasure and relief.

"Like this, do you?" Jake slapped her again, just a little harder and she twisted as much as she could. Naked, bound and blindfolded and being spanked - she could hardly imagine how exciting this was and how much she was enjoying it. Jake was being very careful to take things just so far and keep it pleasurable. She felt wetness gush down her leg as the soft whip tickled her rosy flesh again. She moaned louder.

Jake ran the whip between her legs, tickling her with the strips of incredibly soft leather. She groaned louder. She wanted him to touch her clit with it.

"I know you want to feel this on that needy clit of yours," he said from behind her. "I know you want to feel this softness gliding across that hard nub that must be so sensitive right now. Maybe you will. And maybe not." He slapped her cheeks again and she moaned louder. 

He turned up the egg to a higher vibration and it spun inside her. Now she did scream. She wanted so badly to cum. She was almost ready to use their safe word when he walked in front of her and gently - so very gently  - laid the whip across her clit.

Sherri's head fell back as a long wail came from her lips. He stroked softly across it again and she shuddered and twisted, cried out again.


"Beg me."

"Please oh please master make me cum please please suck my clit stick something in my cunt please please master...."

"If you get what you want, then I get what I want," Jake said.

"Yes, master. ANYTHING!"

"What I want is this: I am on the futon, comfortably arranged on pillows. You, still in that very fetching corset, are kneeling between my legs. You will wrap that beautiful hair around my cock and stroke it so it gets hard." He stroked her clit again with the leather and she groaned. "And when I am hard, not ready to cum, but hard, you will start giving me a marvelous blowjob." He caressed one nipple. "And you will swallow. I want to see that pretty throat working to swallow my load. That is what I will get for giving you this."

He knelt, slid two fingers inside her and sucked on her clit. Sherri shrieked with pleasure and relief, her hips pumped as much as they could and she came on a long scream, her cunt flooding juice over his hand. 

Sherri sighed with absolute satisfaction. Jake stayed in character as he unfastened her and led her to the armchair. He left her blindfolded.

"Sit." Sherri sat. Jake tied her wrists and ankles, spreading her wide, to the chair with soft silk scarves. He put a pillow behind her neck. "I'm going to lie on the futon for a while. No talking from you. When I am ready, I will untie you, but you will stay seated until I tell you to approach me. And you will be blindfolded until then. Do you understand?"

Sherri nodded.

He tweaked a nipple. She jumped; it was very sensitive.

"Say you understand."

"Yes, master."

He tweaked the other nipple.

"Do you understand that you must say that and only that? Must you be disciplined yet again?"

"I understand."

"Good. But you will still be taught a lesson later." Jake laid on the futon. He had to stop gazing at Sherri, wearing that cock-hardening corset, unable to see where he was and what he was doing, her wrists tied so she couldn't touch herself, her legs spread open and restrained so she couldn't rub them together to get herself off - he could barely think about it without feeling his dick get hard and his balls tighten. He shut his eyes and tried his old trick that, when he had started fucking at a young age, kept him from cumming too soon. Long division always worked.

Sherri was hyper-alert, waiting to see if he would get quietly off the futon, select a toy and sweetly torment her with it. After some minutes had passed, she dozed lightly. Her cunt still throbbed with the vibrations and rolling of the egg deep inside her.

Jake had managed to get his nine inches softer and his balls less tight. He glanced over at Sherri, who appeared to be napping. He went over and untied her wrists, released her ankles, took off the blindfold. She blinked up at him. 

"It's time for your end of the bargain. Sit here until I tell you to approach. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master."

He frowned. "Your sauciness and inability to obey will cost you later."

Jake went to the futon and arranged himself on the pillows. He beckoned her over with a crooked finger.

"Between my legs," he ordered, spreading them wide. "And start by wrapping that beautiful hair around my cock. It feels so soft and silky at the tip. And then stroke me."

"Yes, master."

Sherri knelt. She took her long, chestnut hair and took his dick in her hand. She wrapped that silkiness around his rod, which was half-hard. She wrapped from base to the tip, already turning a dusky red. She wanted badly to put the head in her mouth and suck. She knew he wanted her to wait. She wrapped that tip in her hair and he groaned and shifted a little on the pillows.

"Stroke it." His voice was already shaky.

Sherri pumped up and down, holding his cock firmly and slowly stroking. She felt it harden under her hand. That excited her and she felt herself grow wet. The egg still rolled and hummed inside her.

For some minutes, she stroked his dick, covered by her hair. It slid deliciously over his hardness, tickling the tip. Little drops of pre-cum sparkled on the hair.

"Enough," he rasped. "Blow me like I showed you this morning."

"Yes, master."

Sherri unwrapped his hot, hard rod and swept her hair up and back. Jake said, "Put your hair in a knot. I want to see your face while you pleasure me."

"Yes, master."

She tied her hair into a quick knot. Bending over Jake, she took firm hold of his steely dick and wrapped her lips around the head, kissing it, tasting him. She ran her tongue all around the mushroom head, underneath and into the slit. His head fell back and he groaned loudly. Sherri loved hearing him.

She sucked the head into her mouth, blowing her hot breath over it. He got harder. She pumped him firmly and fast, feeling the shaft thicken and harden in her hand. She ran her tongue up and down the sides, down to the base, then wrapped it around his rod and drew it up to the head.

Jake shouted in pleasant torment. 

Sherri nibbled her way down his cock to his balls. She spread his legs further apart and laid between them. She tongue-bathed each hard, round orb, then sucked one into her mouth. Jake made a rough sound, deep in his throat. Sherri moved on to the other ball, licked it until it was tight and hot, wet from her mouth, slid it into that warm, wet, inviting mouth and tongue-lashed it. She nipped gently at it and Jake cried out again.

His hands opened and closed on the sheets in ecstasy. His cock was hard - so hard and his balls were tight and full and his woman kept sucking one then the other into her mouth and then she started pumping his dick up and down up and down and very fast and all he could think of was how it would feel when she let him cum....

Sherri licked and bit her way back up to the tip. It was deep plum and hot, pre-cum dripped from his slit and she licked it off, stuck her tongue in the slit and squeezed his balls, hard. He roared another rough sound and his hips rose off the bed. She laid one arm across them to keep him still.

"Be still," she commanded. Jake suddenly discovered that he loved being dominated by her.

She continued pumping, licking and nipping at his cock. She squeezed his balls again and he tried to draw up his knees. "Move off the pillows," she ordered. He laid flatter on the futon. She squeezed his balls again, then reached between the base of his cock and his balls and found that little depression that made him crazy when she touched it. She slid the tip of her index finger into it and he arched off the bed, another rough cry wrung from him. 

Sherri took him fully into her mouth. Jake always marveled at that; he was nine inches at rest and more when stiff, thicker, too. She felt his cock hit the back of her throat, enjoyed feeling the soft, hot tip tickle her. Her head bobbed up and down as wetness ran down his cock onto his belly. She slid her finger back into that little depression and he shook all over.

Sherri knew he was just about there. Keeping his cock in her hot, wet mouth, she reached up with one hand and let her hair fall free. It tickled his rod and thighs and he shouted with surprised pleasure. She slid her mouth up his rod and ran her tongue quickly over the tip.

That did it for Jake. She saw him draw up his knees and she knew he was about to cum. When they made love, he would be on his knees, pushing as deep into her as he could right before he shot his cum into her. She knew he was there.

Sherri squeezed his balls, heard him yell and took him very deeply into that hot wetness. He fucked her mouth, his cries filled the room as he thrust, she sucked hard and squeezed both tight, full sacs between his legs, ran her finger into that little depression and he exploded, his huge load shot into her mouth and her throat worked to swallow it as Jake managed to open his eyes to watch. He throbbed and pulsed, his cum leaked out of the corners of her mouth onto the sheets. He fucked her mouth for an endless time, it seemed, until his balls finally emptied and his cock quieted.

Sherri swept her hair back from her face and sat up.

"Did I pleasure you properly, master?" Her eyes twinkled and a small evil smile was on her lips.

Jake nodded weakly. "And then some, wench. Come here."

She crawled up the futon next to him. "Take off that corset. I want to see you." She stripped off the garment and tossed it on the floor. "Get a wet cloth and clean me," he ordered.

"Yes, master." Sherri, naked again, padded to the bathroom and came back with a warm washcloth. "My cock and balls, you saucy woman. And gently. Things are rather sensitive right now."

"Yes, master. I understand. As they are for me after you have played."

Sherri gently cleaned him, gave him a soft kiss on the tip of his cock and sat, waiting for orders.

"Lie next to me. Soon we'll shower and dine."

"My punishment for earlier, master."

"I'll think of something," Jake promised.





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