Birthday Wish, Part 4

Birthday Wish, Part 4 Birthday Wish, Part 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jake is making Sherri's desires come true with a mind-blowing birthday weekend. What will Day Two bring?


Jake is making Sherri's desires come true with a mind-blowing birthday weekend. What will Day Two bring?


Submitted: August 19, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



Spooned on her bed, Jake's knee between Sherri's legs, his hands cupping her breasts, they slept. Sunlight coming in between the slats of the blinds woke Jake. She slept on, recovering from the delights of the day before. Jake smiled, thinking of what lay in store for her - and him - today., But first, Sherri needed to wake up.

So he hit the remote button.

Gentle vibrations traveled through Sherri's pussy, tickled and teased her clit, made her catch her breath. Jake wanted more. He turned the egg up higher and she moaned softly. He wanted still more.

He turned her onto her back and spread her legs. He laid his tongue against her clit and turned the egg up higher. The vibrations rocked through her as he sucked her clit. Sherri started to shake, her thighs tightened, Jake licked her faster, slid two fingers inside her now-wet cunt and finger-fucked her. 

Sherri's hips bucked, her legs went wider and she came in a delightful cum. 

Jake turned off the egg and moved up to lie full-length on Sherri. Her breasts felt wonderfully soft and warm under him, he twined his legs around hers and let his cock lay on her mound. He was semi-hard. She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"Nice way to wake up," she whispered.

"Very nice." He kissed her, hard and open-mouthed, moving gently back and forth so his cock touched her clit. She moaned, tried to move her legs to bend her knees. "Let me help," Jake said. He slid down her body, trailing his tongue over her now-rosy breasts, kissing each nipple, down her body and dipping briefly into her belly button and over her wet pussy. He pushed her knees apart and up, draped those shapely legs over his shoulders.

His cock was rock-hard. Drops of moisture were already on the bright-red tip. He held the shaft and ran the head over her, teasing her clit, making her squirm and beg, teasing the entrance to her cunt. He pushed inside her, all nine inches of hard, hot cock going into her wet, hot, streaming cunt. He reached down and twiddled her clit with two fingers as he started to thrust, gently at first, then more deeply and hard as she fucked him back. He grabbed her ankles, pushed her legs back and went in even deeper. Sherri felt the head of his cock hit her deep inside. Her hips arched up, she screamed in pleasure and met him, stroke for stroke.

Jake kept up a steady, pounding rhythm. He knew she liked it rough now and then and he gave it to her. He rode her until she dripped sweat her cunny ran with her juices and he was so hard and it felt so nasty and good being deep inside her hot silky wetness he wanted to stay there forever and just fuck her he kept thrusting she kept meeting him and grinding herself against him and all of a sudden Jake felt his balls tighten and he moved up on his knees her thighs right by his ears and pushed in as deep and as hard as he could and rubbed against her clit as he exploded into her a huge load shot deep inside her and she came with a long screaming wail as she bucked and spasmed and shook in one of most intense cums of her life.

Jake pulled out and laid next to her. Sherri opened her eyes, pushed her hair off her face and said, "Wow...."

"Yeah, wow!" he replied. He leaned over and kissed her softly and gently. "You are one incredible, amazingly hot and sexy woman and I'm so lucky to have you. Again and again and again...."

Sherri laughed. "And in such interesting ways!" She stretched. "What's the experience today?"

"You'll find out, my wanton wench." He tugged her off the bed. "Shower, then breakfast, then play time."

"And, sweetie, I want to take the egg out so I can refresh myself everywhere. It's been a really action-packed few hours and I want to feel clean."

"Right. Let me." He tugged gently on the mouse tail, all but invisible next to her leg. He purposefully let his fingers graze her clit and she shivered.

"Let me see this thing." He handed it to her and she looked at it, turning it around in those slender fingers (and he wanted them wrapped around his cock like right now.....). "Interesting that something so smooth can cause such feelings," she mused.

"Yep. It's German-made; they seem to excel at technology. But whatever." He took it from her and they went to shower.

Afterward, Sherri filled a small bag with a mild solution, attached a nozzle and propped one foot on the closed toilet. She was about to insert it when Jake stilled her hand. "Oh, let me." She handed it to him, thinking how many times would he take the opportunity to get inside her - and with what?

Jake put a couple of thick towels on the bathmat and she laid down. She bent her knees and spread them apart. He slipped the nozzle into the pretty pussy he saw before him, so open and inviting in its moistness, just about ready to clench around his cock and.....but he shook his head to clear it and started cleaning out the remains of their love-play. He directed the nozzle to every fold, all around the vault of her cunt, gently hitting her g-spot (and she gasped and bucked a little when he did) and thoroughly cleaned her out. 

He withdrew the nozzle, Sherri got into the tub and let the solution run out and down her legs as Jake watched, imagining that it was his cum and her juices, mingled together after a very intense session of play......

Sherri patted herself dry and got out of the tub. Jake drew her over to him and said, "Spread those stems, honey,  this goes back in." He spread a little gel on the egg, Sherri spread her legs and bent her knees a little and he slid the egg inside her squeaky-clean and empty pussy. He pushed it all way up and turned it on low. Sherri moaned. He turned it off and stood up.

"Later," he said. "Now we eat. Breakfast. Not each other. Not yet."

Sherry went to put on the robe but he stopped her. "NO. You will remain naked. I will be dressed." He slipped on gym shorts and a t-shirt. "This reminds you that I am in charge. This reminds you that you are mine. Every part of you belongs to me today."

Sherri played along."My body is mine." 

Jake shook his head. "No, wench. These breasts," and he took one in each hand, squeezed them, ran his thumbs over the nipples so they stood up, "are mine. And this," he ran his hand over her flat belly to her mound and rested it over her clit, "is mine to use," He applied a little pressure. He continued, "And this," he reached around to her ass and squeezed both round cheeks, hard, spread them apart and tickled the little puckered hole, "is all mine, to spank whenever I chose, to explore in every way. And this," he ran his hand back to front, over her cunt and slid a finger inside her. She was wet. "Is always mine. To play with. To use. To fuck." He put his hand around her mouth and pressed it open. "And this is mine, to take my cock in deep, to lick and suck it until you taste sweetness at the tip, to make it hard and red." He moved his hand down to her throat. "And this is mine, to swallow when I am cumming. Do you now understand?"

"Yes, master."

"And I will use all of these," he squeezed her breasts again, fingered her clit and put two fingers inside her, "until I am satisfied."

"But I have to be satisfied, too, master..."

"NO! Your satisfaction comes from making me hard, from making my balls big and tight, from sucking my cock until I cum, from watching you writhe and moan as I use the toys on you, from listening to your cries as I spank your round, rosy, tight ass and you try to grind your clit against the table to bring yourself off - do you understand?"

Jake was so hard. Sherri was woozy with lust. She managed to say, "Yes, master, I understand."

"Good. Tell me what belongs to me. NOW!"

"My mouth is yours to pleasure your cock. My tongue is yours to wrap around your cock and to enter the slit in the tip. My throat is yours to swallow your cum. My breasts are yours to squeeze and kiss. My ass is yours to squeeze and use however you like. My clit is yours to play with and make it hard. My cunt is yours to use the toys and to fuck it hard and fast when you are ready. I am here to satisfy you. Only you."

Sherri was flushed red down to her breasts. He turned the egg up higher and she let her head drop back. He turned the egg down.

"Very good. Remember that. Now, breakfast. And you walk down the stairs first. I want to be able to watch your ass move and be able to touch it whenever I chose."

"Yes, master."

Sherri smiled as she stepped around him and started down the stairs. She purposefully walked slowly and carefully, planting each foot on the step so her hips swayed. She got to the bottom and paused for a moment to wrap one hand around the large filial at the end of the bannister. She stroked it up and down, heard Jake swallow hard behind her, felt his hand come out and slide between her ass cheeks.

"Into the dining room." His voice was ragged. Sherri smiled wider.

Her favorite breakfast, the one she always ordered then they went out (and that hadn't happened in so long, either) sat on the table. They took opposite chairs and sat. Jake dropped the master persona and their conversation flowed to different subjects. Jake brought out his sense of humor and Sherri loved it all over again. Jake loved how she made him laugh and, surprisingly, made him think about things from different viewpoints.

He listened as she talked. He liked seeing how her breasts swayed when she reached for something, how the nipples peeked out from behind her arm as she raised the fork to her mouth. Liked how that fork slowly disappeared into her mouth, past those rosy, pouty lips....he shook himself a little and thought, "Never said I was a saint. Tough to not get hard when I'm looking at those pretty boobs and imagining that long hair wrapped around my cock before she starts blowing me." He shifted a little in his chair; things were getting hard and big. "And I love how she makes me laugh and how smart she is. Damn, do I have the whole package or what!"

Sherri could tell that his entire attention wasn't focused on what she was saying, but what she wasn't wearing. She deliberately dropped her napkin and had to bend to pick it up. When she sat up, her breasts bobbed and swayed. She saw his breath hitch.

Feeling evil, she dropped a blob of butter on her left breast, right where it swelled enticingly. "Opps! Clumsy me!" She dabbed it off with the napkin and sneaked a peek across the table. Little beads of sweat stood on Jake's forehead. She smothered a grin.

"That was delicious, honey. Now I think I'll finish off with a piece of this beautiful fruit." She picked one out of the bowl. "Ahh, a nice peach. Look how rosy it is, Jake. I bet it's really juicy, too! Bet it squirts when I bite it." And she bit into it. "Yum...."

The juice squirted onto the side of her mouth and she slowly licked it off with the tip of her tongue. She laughed softly. "This could be messy! It's so soft and juicy....." She took another bite, watching Jake out of the corner of one eye.

The peach disappeared, bite by bite. She licked the juice off her fingers. Sherri nibbled at the last bits of flesh around the pit, pulled it out of her mouth and leaned back in her chair. Peach juice was on her chin. She dabbed at it with the napkin. "Made my lips all sticky." She ran her pretty tongue over them and Jake squirmed in his chair. "Wow, that was a great peach! Rosy and soft and sooooo juicy." She smiled at him.

Jake said hoarsely, "Go upstairs, wench. See what teasing me gets you." 

Sherri rounded her eyes at him in fake surprise. "But, master, did you not enjoy the show I put on - just for you?"

Jake stood up. His erect cock strained at the shorts. "I did not ask for you to do that. Unless I ask, you do not tease me. UP!"

Sherri stood up, her chin held at a defiant angle. "I wanted only to excite you, master."

"Not for you do decide, wench. Upstairs!"

Sherri ran up the stairs, her heart hammering with excitement, Jake right behind her, slapping at her ass. They ran down the hall into the playroom. Jake grabbed her and led her to the tubular stand. "You need to be taught restraint. Grab those cuffs."

Sherri did and he fastened them around her wrists. "Spread those legs. Wider." She did and he fastened them to the bar.

"Now...." He removed the egg, went to the toy table and selected a large vibrating dildo. He slicked gel on it and came back to her. "Now you will be teased and taught restraint."

He held the tip barely touching her nipple on her right breast. She gasped, wanting more contact. Jake smiled and ran the toy down her body to her cunt. He teased her clit with it, then pushed it inside her and turned it up higher. Sherri squealed in surprise.

"Not done yet, wanton hussy." He went to the toy table and came back with the blindfold. He tied it around her eyes. Sherri went weak-kneed with excitement. She had long thought of this.

Jake came back in front of her. "Now you will stay like this for a space of time while I consider what to use next."

"Yes, master."

"The choice is not yours. But you will say, thank you for doing this."

"Thank you, master." The dildo vibrated deep inside her. Her cunt streamed.

"Now I'll sit in the very comfortable armchair and watch you, naked, bound, blindfolded - totally at my mercy. And I'll think of that plastic cock inside you, vibrating against your cunt walls. Can you feel it in your clit?"

Sherri whispered, "Yes, master, I can. OOOHHH!!!" He had turned it up higher.

"Good. It's enough to keep you on the edge. I will decide when to release you. This will teach you patience and restraint." He tweaked one nipple, then the other, ran his hand down her body to her clit and pinched it lightly. Sherri gasped.

Jake went to the armchair and sat, watching her. Sherri was able to move a little. She could raise and lower her arms and move her legs somewhat, but not much. The dildo vibrating inside her kept her aroused enough to be very wet. Her inner thighs glistened with her juices. Her upstretched arms raised her breasts and Jake admired the view. He loved her breasts. They were perfectly shaped and, for him, the perfect size. They each fit into his mouth and she loved it when he did that.

As the purpose of the blindfold was to make it impossible for her to anticipate what he was doing or even where he was, he got up and softly walked to her. She jerked in surprise when he took one of the rosy mounds into his mouth, flicking the nipple with his tongue. She moaned in delight, her head fell back, she felt moisture fall down her legs.

"Nice," Jake murmured, "very nice."

He stepped back. Sherri said, "But, master, the other one....."

"I decide, not you." Jake went to the table and picked up the feathers. Sherri was taut with excitement, trying to figure out what he had planned next.

He came back and stroked the feathers over the front of her body, from her neck down to her mound and over her clit. He ran it underneath her and tickled her cunt with it. The dildo hummed and vibrated. Sherri shook with the sensations. Jake was hard. His balls were tight and full.

He stroked around her breast a few more times. She quivered. "Tsk, tsk," Jake said, "I seem to have forgotten your very pretty butt. How uncaring of me."

He walked in back of her. Taking her cheeks in both hands, he squeezed and stroked, held them apart, tickled her little puckered hole, slipped the tip of his little finger inside. Sherri gasped in absolute surprise. She had wanted to try ass play, but had been reluctant to talk with him about it. How did he know? she wondered.

Jake moved his finger in and out, gently. She moaned. He smiled; he had somehow figured that she had wanted to explore. Now was her chance - and his. He stepped to the toy table and picked up a lubricant. He generously applied it to his index finger and came back to Sherri. She was still, listening, trying to figure out where he was and what he was thinking.

"When you feel this, just push out, wench," he ordered. He slowly and gently started sliding his finger into her. Sherri tensed for a moment. "Push out." She did and his finger slipped in easily. He held it still, letting her get accustomed to the feel of it. "Now, then...." he began finger-fucking her ass.

Sherri loved it. She was surprised at herself, but she did. She could feel his finger moving in and out as the dildo vibrated. The sensations were incredible. Sherri felt as if she could cum. 

Then Jake took his finger out. Sherri said, "Noooooo....." and was met with a brisk spank on her fanny.

"Silence. I decide what to do with your body - every part of it. We will have no more of that. Understood?"

"But it felt so good...." 

Another spank silenced her. "Quiet." Jake came around and took the dildo out of her hot, wet pussy. He went to the toys and selected another one. He smeared a lot of lubricant on it and came back to her. To her surprise, he unfastened her from the stand and led her to the spanking table.

"Lie down," he ordered. She did and he fasted her at wrists and ankles. He raised the back of the table so her ass was higher in the air. She was still blindfolded. Jake smeared more lubricant around her little puckered hole and played with it for a few seconds, until Sherri was writhing and moaning with excitement and anticipation. Being blindfolded added so much to the experience.

"Now, just push out when you feel this, like you did with my finger. You like it nasty, try this." He picked up the dildo, a long and very slender one, just a little thicker than his index finger. He held it at the opening, turned it on and ran it over her hole. Then he put the head inside her. Sherri gasped in delight and pushed out. The dildo slid in and she cried out with pleasure.

"So wanton," he murmured, "you will take this as long as I want you to."

"Yes, master..." her voice was shaky.

Jake began fucking her ass with the dildo. Sherri loved it. He turned it up higher, held it still while the vibrations spread through her body and she shook and cried out. She could feel it in her clit, which was hard and on fire. Her cunt streamed and begged for something to be shoved into it. Jake left the dildo in place, all the way inside her, vibrating at a high speed. He went to the toys and chose another egg, one a little bigger than the first. As she was wide open and very wet, he didn't bother with gel, but just shoved it inside her and turned it up high.

Sherri screamed louder than she had since the sex play began. The egg not only vibrated but rolled inside her - an entirely new set of sensations! Jake seized the dildo and fucked her fast and deep. Sherri shrieked and writhed on the table, trying to cum. 

Jake reached underneath her and fingered her clit. She exploded into a long, intense cum, her juices flooding down onto the table, spasming, shaking, screaming his name - she came.

Jake nearly came himself. He stripped off his shorts and his cock, huge, red, wet at the tip, sprang free. His balls were huge and tight and full. He took the dildo from her ass. He took the egg out of Sherri's cunt and slid himself inside. She was so wet, so hot and so ready for him. She screamed with delight when she realized that it was his cock and not a toy.

She met him thrust for thrust as he plowed into her. His cock went all the way up, it felt like it was in her throat. His balls slapped against her ass and she jammed back against him. Jake couldn't hold back.

He thrust very deeply, roared a deep, primitive, guttural sound and flooded her with ropes of hot, thick cum. His cock pulsed for what seemed like forever. Sherri came with a high scream when he reached under her and fingered her clit. She exploded against him, bucking, shaking, shouting his name.

They collapsed on the table. Jake spoke first.

"So much for restraint...."






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