Birthday Wish, Part 3

Birthday Wish, Part 3 Birthday Wish, Part 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sherri's boyfriend has surprised her with a weekend of fantasy. Two long-held desires have been experienced; what's next?


Sherri's boyfriend has surprised her with a weekend of fantasy. Two long-held desires have been experienced; what's next?


Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



Jake suggested that they both shower and have something to eat. Sherri giggled. "I know what I'd like eaten. And what I'd like to eat."

He laughed, too. "We'll get to everything, sweetness. Now, shower, then lunch. Gotta keep our strength up! There's a lot of playtime ahead of us."

Sherri rubbed the length of her nakedness against his, felt him grow hard. "Ummmm...and I can barely wait....." She ended with a gasp as Jake fired up the egg to the max. He kept it there, enjoying seeing her shake in another cum. When she quieted, he kissed her quickly and dragged her off the bed, into the shower. Sherri had plans for that shower, but he wasn't spending any length of time there - yet. He had ordered a catered lunch and that had been delivered while the two of them were deep in the throes of intense orgasms. Jake was starving and the food was downstairs. 

They dried off quickly, he handed her a short, red silk robe. Sherri put it on and chuckled. "Short? I'll say! It barely covers my pussy!"

Jake was pulling on his work-out pants and grinned as he looked her over. "Just how I like you, my love." He took her hand and tugged her out of the room and down the stairs to the dining room, where the food was waiting on the table.

"And what do delights do you have planned for lunch?" she asked.

Jake shook his head, with a smile. "None. Just eating and enjoying this food." He had ordered from her favorite restaurant, things that he knew she truly enjoyed. Mushroom soup, small salads, shrimp with avocado and tomatoes and for dessert, a small array of puff pastries. Sherri was as hungry as he and they both ate with good appetite.

After, Sherri took an eclair and, holding his gaze, slowly and erotically brought it to her lips. Inch by inch, she delicately consumed it, beige cream oozing out and onto her lips. 

Jake was hard.

She finished the pastry and slowly licked the cream from her mouth, holding his gaze, noticing the flush on his cheeks and how his eyes glistened. "I really enjoyed that."

"I see that you did." His voice shook just the slightest bit. 

"The symbolism was hard to miss," she teased.

"Oh, yeah..."

In revenge, he picked up a small pastry shaped like a donut. He licked all around the edge, then around the hole in the middle, stuck his tongue in the hole, wiggled it at her, up and down, drew his tongue in and out, fucking the hole. He saw her eyes start to shine, saw her neck get pink and she shifted in her chair. She put one hand underneath the table and he caught it, held it, then quickly (and she hadn't realized that he had done this, too!) fastened it and her other hand to the chair. Then he went back to playing with the donut.

He swirled his tongue around the hole, letting her see it. He tongue-fucked it, licked it up and down, all around made appreciative noises as he did so, commented on how good it tasted, how sweet, how delicious. Sherri squirmed in her chair. Jake stopped his love-making with the donut.

"Stop moving or I'll have to restrain you," he warned, going back into domination mode. (Sherri loved it.)

"I can't, master." She was curious as to how he would do that. "Watching you making love to that pastry is making me wet and hot. My cunt is on fire again."

Jake put down the very small remains of the donut and came over to her. He unbound her hands. "Stand up. Behind the chair. Grab the top." She did. He fastened her hands to the top of the chair, her feet to the legs. "Now then, we will have no further disturbances while I finish dessert. Is that clear?" For emphasis, he ramped up the vibrations and she squealed.

"Yes, master."

"Very good." Jake sat down, pulled the fruit basket over to him and chose a banana. Sherri noticed that he picked the largest one. He slowly peeled it, keeping his eyes on hers. When it was peeled, he said, "You can imagine what this is, can you not?"


The egg vibrated wildly inside her. Her head fell back and her chest grew red.

"I didn't give you permission to speak. Nod your head only."

Sherri nodded. The vibrations eased. "Now, using this fruit as a teaching device, I am going to demonstrate how I want you to pleasure me later. Maybe today, maybe tonight, maybe at some time during the weekend. You will remember everything and when you have my beautifully hot steel rod in your gorgeous mouth, those pouty lips wrapped around me, you will do exactly what I have shown you. Or else."

Sherri nodded. Her pussy was wet again, her clit was starting to harden and throb.

Jake began with the banana, saying exactly what he wanted her to do when this was his hard cock. "Imagine, if you will, I am on my back on the futon, you are between my legs, admiring my very hard and large cock." He paused to kiss the tip of the banana. "And you do that." Sherri nodded, rapt. His tongue went down one side of the fruit, then up the other, then swirled around the tip. "Are you watching?" Sherri nodded again. Jake ran his tongue all the way to the base of the fruit, then wrapped it around and drew it up the length of the banana. He got to the tip and took it into his mouth, gently wrapped one hand around the shaft and pumped up and down.

"Of course, you will hold my hot, throbbing cock much more firmly and stroke much faster than this. Are you going to remember this?" Sherri nodded once again. "And you will not forget to pay attention - probably a lot of attention - to my balls."

Sherri nodded. She loved sucking on his balls. She loved taking one gently into her mouth, tongue bathing it, sucking it and listening to Jake's cries of pleasure. Sometimes he asked her to nibble them and sometimes to squeeze them. She had been afraid of hurting him, but he said it felt damn good.

"I know my balls get very large while we're making love, but you will have to get them into your mouth. I guess it will be one at a time, but both at once would be wild.": He paused and looked at her. "Do you think that is possible?"

"I can only try, master."

Jake nodded. "True, that.": He returned to the banana and continued with this demonstration. It ended, unfortunately, when the banana fell apart. They both burst out laughing. "Damn!" Jake said. "Hope that doesn't happen when you're blowing me for real!" 

He came over and released her, kissed the back of her neck, which made her shiver delightfully. He took her hand and led her upstairs.

Jake led her to the table where the costumes were laid out. He stood there, considering which one he wanted her to wear. Sherri stood by quietly. She was imaging scenarios for each one. He picked the maid costume.

"Put this on."

It was a very short white apron over an equally short black skirt. The top was a narrow band of black and white fabric which came from the waistband, over her breasts (barely) and hooked around her neck. Her back was totally bare. It wasn't until she put on the skirt that she realized it had no back, either. Her entire back, from neck to heels, was totally naked and open. She knew he wanted her to object.

"But, master, how can I serve you in this..."

"SILENCE! I said wear it, so you WILL wear it!" And the egg vibrated inside her, making her gasp. Then he turned it down.


"WHAT? You are defying me? Come here!"

He seized her arm and brought her to the spanking table. "Lie down on the table, face down. You need discipline."

Sherri's heart hammered with anticipation. She played along. "No, master, no! Not more spanking! No, I won't!"

"You will!" Jake walked in front of her, grabbed her hands and fastened them to the cuffs. Sherri ducked her head, pretending to cry. He spread her legs and fastened them to the spacer bar. He went to the table and picked up one of the soft paddles. Coming back to her, he said, "Three smacks will do it."

"With your bare hand?" she whispered.

"No. With this." The paddle made contact with her soft, still sore ass. Sherri did jump a little, but didn't say the safe word. Jake administered two more soft blows, then released her. Sherri pretended to wipe tears from her face.

"Now the heels," he said calmly. 

Sherri slid her feet into them. There weren't any backs, they were what they used to call "fuck me" shoes. And that was exactly what she hoped would happen.

Jake sat in the armchair, crossed his legs. "Dust the room," he commanded. "Use the feathers I used on you earlier. And be sure to dust down low."

"But, master, it's hard to bend in these shoes and my entire pussy and ass will be open to you..."

"Yes. It will be. And don't fall off those heels. You may start."

Sherri picked up the feathers and, stepping carefully (the heels were very, very high), started dusting the legs of the furniture. She had to bend practically double and usually in front of Jake. He had a great view of her pink ass and pussy. He and his cock enjoyed it. He kept the egg vibrating at different speeds and when it was high, she had trouble staying upright as her body responded.

Sherri worked her way around to the chair. She paused. He said, "Why are you stopping? Keep dusting."

"But you're in the chair, master."

He shrugged. "So? Dust the legs."

She had to bend over, her ass right in his face. As she dusted, she felt the egg vibrate more strongly. She wobbled on the heels and caught the arm of the chair to steady herself. The vibrations eased a little and she felt a finger, slick with gel, slide into her cunt. She gasped in total surprise. It moved around, touching the walls, traveling up to her g-spot and back down, another finger was put inside and he finger-fucked her pussy as she moaned, on the verge of cumming. He pulled both fingers out before she could and she pouted in frustration.

Jake stood up from the chair. "I do what I want and you accept it! No defiance!" He took the feathers from her and led her to the wooden armchair, leaving on the maid's uniform and heels. "Sit." She said in the chair. He draped one of her legs over an arm, then the other. He pulled her down to the very edge of the seat so she was spread wide and totally exposed.

Sherri was extremely excited. Her chest heaved with short, shallow breaths, her chest was mottled red, her cunt was wet and the lips dusky red. He tied her heels to the chair, as well as her arms. He went back to the table of toys.

He chose a vibrator.

He picked a lubricant and applied it to the shaft and head of the toy. He came back to Sherri.

"Now, the punishment for defiance is this." The egg was turned up higher. He turned on the vibrator and held it barely touching her clit. The faint but delicious sensations traveled through her body, made her squirm as much as she could. She tried to move her hips to touch the vibrator, but she was too tightly bound.

Jake ripped the top of the maid's outfit down. Her breasts tumbled out, swollen, hot and pink. The nipples were already hard nubs. He gently touched the tip of the vibrator to them and Sherri screamed with pleasure. He moved it back and forth between the nipples, then ran it down her body to her clit and pussy. He held it a little more firmly against her clit and she screamed again, tried to push against it but he held it just out of reach.

"Loving this?" he asked.

Sherri gasped. "Yes....oh, Jake.....oooooohhhh....please make me cum......"

"Not yet." He turned the vibrator speed down and held it right at the opening to her cunt. Her juices streamed out, making the toy wetter. He gently put the head inside her and turned it up. He turned up the egg and she nearly came off the chair in response. She screamed.

He turned it up higher and suddenly plunged it into her, fucking her long and hard. Sherri bucked and thrust, unable to really fuck it back. He reached down and released her legs and she moved more freely, fucking furiously and he slid it all the way into her hot, silky wetness, turned it up as high as it could go, reached down and flicked at her clit.

She screamed a high-pitched scream and came, bucking and spasming in the chair. She came and came, juices streaming from her cunt, her body on fire.

Finally it was over. Jake unfastened her arms and scooped her up, carried her to the futon and laid her down. He removed the remnants of the costume and laid next to her, her head on his shoulder. She eventually opened her eyes and met his.

Sherri smiled. "Wow...."

"Enough?" he asked.

She shook her head firmly. "Never!'

And wondered what was next....


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